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04/21/2005 6:02 PM

The year is 2367, 60 years after the end of World War III. Although the war lasted only twelve weeks, it's repurcussions would stretch on for centuries. Nuclear fires and radiation have rendered a third of the world an uninhabitable wasteland and poisoned a third of the world's water supply.
The United States of America emerged from the conflict relatively unscathed. However, during the war, emergency powers were granted to the President, and he has not yet laid them down. These facts along with the Presidents unnaturally long lifespan has led many conspiracy theorists to yell "foul play"
The truth is far more sinister than any of them could know. The President, and by extension the entire US government, is under the control of a supernatural faction known as "The Fallen". These beings are commonly called demons by those of the Judeo-Christian faiths.
The board is set, and the human pawns are in play. Only a few key players will be able to determine the fate of the world.

To play, simply create a physical description, personality, and backround for your desired character.

FACTIONS: "The Fallen" -Demons. Humanoid with black or gray wings spreading from beneath the shoulder blade. Average Height of 2.7m, average weight of 80 kg. Contrary to popular belief, Fallen and Celestials are not androgynous or hermaphroditic, they have two clearly defined genders just as humans do. Outlook and personality tend to be as stereotyped in popular media
"Celestial"-Angels. Rival faction to the Fallen. Similar physical description to the Fallen, with the exception of wing color, Celestial wings are always white or gray. Outlook tends to be as stereotyped in popular media
"Nephilim"-Half-Breeds. Born to a union of either a Fallen and a human or a Celestial and a human. They appear human on the outside with a few exceptions. They do not age once they reach maturity. They have two hearts and three lungs. They also have extra-ordinary recuperative abilities. Their personality types vary as widely as those of humans, however they tend to be aware of the suoernatural conflicts occuring in the war, and are rarely able to maintain their neutrality.
"Vampires"-Vampires. All natural vampires died out years ago, the only ones existing now are artificial vampires created by the government by infecting chosen individuals with the vampire retrovirus. They are usually grafted with beneficial cybernetics such as shielding around their heart, artificial blood circulators to stop there bodies from appearing so pale, and even soundwave producers to create an artificial heartbeat. The appear human with the exception of elongated canines. They have supernatural strength and agility. Most myths regarding ways to repel vampires are false with the exception of the following: Stake through the heart, Natural Sunlight, Silver, Crosses(must be blessed by a Celestial". Decapitation will also terminate a vampire. Their recuperative abilities even surpass those of the Nephilim. Their aging process stops when they are infected. They CAN transmit the vampiric retro-virus if they choose too. They do not require food or water, only blood.
"Lycanthropes"-Werewolves. The classic werewolves of legend.

"Humans"-Mankind. With the exception of a few notable individuals, they are all unwitting pawns in the supernatural wars.

04/21/2005 6:07 PM

I'm looking for three or four players before I start. After we start, more players are welcome to join if they so choose. Also, there will be no GM in this game. I will subtly manipulate the storyline in the direction I want it to go, otherwise, you are free to control your characters actions and NPC responses as you choose. As for love/romance, if two (or one) of the players feels it necessary, have as much as you want. Combat-Same thing, I know I will enjoy decapitating a few vamps :). Just post a character here when you are ready.

04/21/2005 10:11 PM

Definitely interesting, and I'll post my character later. I'll probably play Celestial or Fallen.

04/25/2005 5:38 PM

I'll be happy to have you aboard. Remember, the choice between Celestial and Fallen will greatly influence your experience.

04/25/2005 6:20 PM

I wanna be a celestial(sp?) ill post char bio laters


04/29/2005 7:40 PM

Name: Ayase Nimuura

Age: the appearance of a young girl, of about 18-25

Race: Fallen

Eyes: tri-colored, with a rings of green & blue around the pupil, and gold streaked through the colors, lightning kissed as it is referred to

Hair: Scarlet red, so deep and true that it cannot be matched by any human dye

Height: 6"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Wings: Span of 18 ft., from wingtip to wingtip, and so black that it blots out even the night sky. Her wings are uniquely tinged with red, as if the tips had been dipped in blood

Skin: Pale and very white

History: Being a Fallen, she is bitter and cynical, of Celestials and Fallen alike, not having trust in anyone. She plays a large part in controlling the President, a second-hand to the leader of the Fallen, in other words. She enjoys her job immensely, finding much pleasure in causing the pathetic humans to tremble and shake at just a flick of her finger.

Personality: Cold and distant professionally, she rarely lets her more carnal side control her, beliving that that is the reason so many Fallen have died at the hands of the Celestial. To act on one's emotion is a weakness, a trait that indicates you have lost control, in her opinion.

Powers: something that could be mildly termed as lightning bolts, though definitely different from the actual natural annomaly, and great powers of persuasion that more often than not works quite well. This is her main power that guaranteed her place in manipulating the President behind the curtain, though her own rank was pushed back by her leader...Whether she is bitter about that is unknown. Ayase considers her physical beauty a power as well...Seduction is a power, in her opinion. Also, despite her delicate exterior, she is a fierce fighter, with or without her lightning bolts.

Is there any powers that Fallen are supposed to have? And do they eat flesh or something? o.O Also, if there's anything you think I should edit in the profile, please tell me. Otherwise, here is my character! ^^ Since someone else is doing Celestial, I might as well do Fallen =D

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05/01/2005 11:47 AM


-Name:Gabriel Ricci

-Age:Appears 25 but real age is unknown, could possiably anywhere from 25-225

-Apperance-Gabriel is 6'6'' & weighs 220 lbs.. He has a musclear(sp i suck at spelling lol) & blonde curly hair(like his last name applys "curly"). His eyes are stong cold grey but you can tell he has a soul. His skin is not like most celestials, his is normal human skin tone. His wings are snow white in apperance & the wingspan is about 22 feet from tip to tip, they are feathered like a birds wings.There is a scar going down the middle of his left wing. The part of the wing that was intact was almost nothing so with technology they where able to put a metal wing(on the part he lost) & luckily he was still able to fly

-Clothing:He wears a white toga, with brown sandals. Around his waist is a belt made of gold silk.

-Powers:He can manifest light orbs & when thrown & hits somthing the explode on contact & can possiably cause major damage. He also carries around a rod known to many fallen & celestails alike as LUMEN VIRGA(Light Rod).

-Personality:Gabriel is very brave after what happend to him.But is very hard headed at times. That is what cost him his left wing. But despit all he has been through still wishes to restore order in the world w/o much violence.

-History/Background:Even though Gabriel does not like talking about his past about almost evrey one knows his battle between a fallen & him.It started out him tying to save his brother, but by the time he got there it was to late. His brother had been killed. He attack the fallen but he did almost the same hing to him....but instead of cutting him down the middle he cut his left wing down the middle. Gabriel grabbed the fallen by his skull & smashed it un his hands. And then past out. When he woke up his wing which had been "clipped" sode o' speak was wrapped up on a table beside him & in its place on his body was a metal synthtic wing. That is pretty much all that is known. We do know he had a wife & a son but they where both slane(sp?)that is most likley the reason he is fighting the fallens.

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05/03/2005 11:34 AM

Is there any powers that Fallen are supposed to have?

For powers, have whatever you want. They can be as powerful as you want, but if i think they will unbalance the game then i might have to alter/disallow them.

do they eat flesh or something? o.O

Lol, no. Normal food will sustain them, however, they can go months without eating anything at all.

05/10/2005 12:13 PM

Name: Michael Cross
Apparent Age: 25
Actual age: 40
Race: Nephilim (1/2 Fallen)
Eyes: Green (reflective like a cat at night)
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180
Skin tone: Fair/Pale

Cross wasnt so much as born as he was bred. The government and its Fallen masters began to fear their Vampire agents. What happens when you give a person the powers of an immortal? They begin to think, then plot as immortals. This is when the government began the program of finding runaways, prostitutes, inmates or whatever female riffraff they could find for breeding stock. The idea of DNA spliceing and embryonic implantation did not appeal to the Fallen.They prefered a more natural..ie lustfull solution.

Bred in secret facilities, then trained in cadres from childhood in military tactics. The program was far from being a sucess due to monetary requirements, length of training and high mortality rates. The program was eventually scrapped as common military and police can slow and eventually lead to the death of Vampires. Of the programs cadre's only a few survived. Cross is one of them.

Cross survived because of his unique abilities, one of which is his appearance. Cross can pass himself off as a Vamp. His strength isnt as powerful but his agility and speed are a match to any vamp.

05/11/2005 10:53 AM

OK guys, I think we are ready to begin. One everyone sounds off here so I know they are still interested, we can start.

05/11/2005 11:27 AM

Here. And thinking of going in another direction for this character...the ability to use magic. Under the premise that only Fallen decendants can use it. That being said through out history only those with Fallen blood have been able to use magic which is the opposite of Divine miracles/powers. Let me know what you think.

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05/11/2005 6:27 PM

It sounds like a good idea. It makes sense to have an equal and opposite to divine miracles. My question is, would this magic require chanting incantations or performing rituals or waving your hands or would it be instantaneous? Can they improvise magic on the spot or do they have to follow strict formulaic spell effects? Either way is completely fine with me, just as long as we have some sort of concrete idea of what form the magic will take.

05/11/2005 6:41 PM

heeeere ^^

05/12/2005 7:18 AM

I'm under the inclination that ritual magic for powerful spells and incantations for normal "everyday" magic.

05/17/2005 5:10 PM

sounds good to me. im gonna go ahead and post the topic in general roleplaying, as soon as i wake up....*looks longingly at the caffeine pills

07/18/2005 6:39 PM

I am so sorry guys. My computer died. I just got one working again. Is anyone still interested in this idea?

07/18/2005 9:34 PM

sounds like a cool idea, i guess im in. ill post my bio and what not tomorrow...hopfully

07/25/2005 1:27 AM

Wow, sounds like we have a competant newbie here for once. I'm interested.

-Name: Vasago
Age: He looks about 30, but hes been kicking around for centuries
-Race: Fallen
-Appearance: Vasago is about 6'2 and quite well muscled. While he doesn't look like a body builder, he does look fairly tough and ready to fight almost all the time. His eyes are a deep maroon, and flicker with occasional orange sparks. The hair on his head is so dark that some people belive they are staring into a void when they see the demon's back. It is held in a very short cut style, refered to as a number two ceaser cut, and rests in a permanent ski jump. He looks like he gets some sun, maybe a few minutes a day and just enought to keep his skin looking like skin, but hes usually in the stuff for hours at a time.
-Wings: 16 foot wing span. Black with a strange white pattern that resembles the tactics of most moths. His back looks like he has a skull on it when his wings are resting.

History: Vasago is named after Vassago, one of the princes of hell. When he fell he became hostile and anti social even to his own kind. He is a misfitt, disbelieving all of the doctrine hurled his way and he only tries to survive in the new world to come, yet even he feels a time is coming when he will be sweapt into the stream of things once more.

Personality: Cold, cunning, and totally anti-social. He is more likely to ignore you then talk to you despite the fact that he is quite strong and can hold his own in a fight. His idea is to hide in the shadows and as such will do anything to further himself, provided it doesn't bring too much attention to him.

-Pyro-kinesis, the ability to project, manipulate, create, and otherwise control fire
-Illusionry, Vasago can create a few harmless yet identical copies of himself relatively easily. They cannot sustain any physical damage as their presence is in the mind of the beholder.
-Martial artist, Vasago trained in both judo and Taekwan-do under the guise of a human and is quite proficient with both the weaponry involved and the raw technique.
-Disguise, Vasago kinda pulled this off the shelf of his Illusionry skill, merely altering his physical appearance in the minds of others. He can project this to entire city blocks, making him look like a human to anyone in eye sight.

Hope thats good enough for you.

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08/04/2005 6:24 PM

That looks great. Since it looks like my other players on this site have died (-_-) and I have a few other people interested from other communities, would you be interested in doing this perhaps on a yahoo board or chat sessions?

08/04/2005 8:05 PM

yahoo board sounds not bad. send me an email or something. ocarion62@hotmail.com

08/12/2005 7:06 AM

I will join if allowed.

Name: Sakura Tenshi

Age: 119, looks 19. Was frozen for 100 years and was released from energy build up within her.

Eye color :Light Red when using energy or pissed off :P. Brown on steady energy.

Hair color: Pitch Black

Race: Human/Wood Elf/Fallen angel.

**Will Post Bio On Saturday Or Saturday.**
I hope you Find my Character Aval. I dident have much time to put this together. This Is the character I use for My other... roleplaying perfomances :P.
I will post Bio on The regular thread. :) If i can join.

// Sakura Tenshi //

10/03/2005 12:45 AM

I would love to join, But what are the powers of the "vampires"?

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