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04/20/2005 11:44 AM

ok, this is one of my forst rp ideas from a few years ago, hope you like it ^_^

character sheet
Physical Description:
Alignment(i.e. Chaotic Good):

your race choices are human elf dwarf orc etc.

Story line:
It starts in the middle of a large war between the council(every one but the orcs or any other evil creature) and the vampires. Mangled bodies lay scattered about. The vampires are feeding on their blood and looking for new hosts. more and more die evey second. finally the lord of the vampires approches the battlefield, Lord Kroc. a rather large man. 6' and 10" tall, slicked back short black hair. the most devilish armour ever and a long silk cape. also equiped with the devil's own sword he begins to devour anyone in his path. finally coming to one of the royal knights of the council. knocking him off his feet with one mighty swing of his arm he creeps closer. One of the generals lights an arrow ablaze launching it right before the lord vampire's feet. he is quickly engolfed in a ring of fire. quickly thinking, Kroc unfolds his wings and takes flight. with one swift move a knight reaches for a wooden knife and briefley aims. he swiftly throws it and it srikes the vampire right through the heart. with a spray of blood Kroc begins to divebomb towards the ground. as he hit the dust his neck cracked with a large echoing noise. from the sound everyone was petrafied. then all at once th evampire minions flew away in fright. with your king dead and hardley any surivors you must find a way to protect yourselves and rebuild your once mighty kingdom. or take the side of the evil forces and try to ruin the council forever. on your way you will learn spells and battle tactics through the side of the good and through the side of darkness become the new ruler of the world.

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