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04/20/2005 11:17 AM

hey all, I'm KJax, I'm new to the sitebut not new to forum RPG's. I am also part of Fated-Circle, and I am full of RP ideas. uhhh, yeah, if anyone can help me with this site i would appeciate it. Thanks ^_^

04/20/2005 1:47 PM

Hey KJax - welcome to the Consortium! You've found your way to the RP section, so you're already on the right track. :) We have RPs set up here according to setting (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.) as well as some General RPs that have a theme of "anything goes." You should be able to find something here that strikes your fancy - and if not, well you can always suggest a new thread.

Thread suggestions are in the RP Ideas Interest Query section. Actual RPs are in the divided sections below the Support Forums. If you see a thread already in process that's interesting, check the OOC/RECR pages to see if new characters are welcome. If so, that's where you post your info, and once approved by the GM, can jump into the RP section.

If you have any other questions just ask - we're Newbie Friendly! :D


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