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04/19/2005 5:12 PM

It was a cool and foggy morning in the Land of Terris. Many slept until the afternoon came, all except the Princess; Christine. Walking out of the castle to a readied carriage, she was dressed in a black velvet dress holding yellow roses under her dark blue cape with the symbol of a phoenix (the Kingdoms emblem); showing her royalty. “To my father’s grave.” She said under her breath as she was helped stepped up into the carriage by a tall thin man with brown hair and a black outfit.

White and black horses were quickly slapped with a whip to move on. Her green eyes stared at her father’s kingdom as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her mother was dying each day as the new husband, King Damis was a power hungry man. The song she and her father had sung ran through her mind. The wind seemed to pick up the closer they reached the graveyard. She could already see the miles of tombstones but it would be a short time before they reached the royal court yard.

Iron gates squeaked as the bitter wind had kicked up. The man stepped down from the coach and opened the door to hold his hand out. Taking it, she stepped down and walked to a large tombstone with fresh covered snow on the steps. Church bells started to ring in the background as she set down the yellow roses and kneeled down, praying.

In her prayers she said in a low whisper, “You were my one and only. You were all that mattered. You were once my friend and father. Then my world was shattered.” Tears started rolling down her flushed face as she sang in a whispered soprano voice. “Wishing you were here. Sometimes it seemed if I could dream and you would be here. Wishing I could hear your voice again. You were all that I knew and loved. Time to forgive…”

“You dwell too much sister.” A voice came from behind her. His brown curly hair and green eyes matched her. It was Christine’s brother, Prince Matthew who was Christine’s half brother. He cared nothing of her duties but only of the throne, much like his father King Damis. “Shouldn’t you be boasting about?” Her voice was low as Matthew chuckled. “Granted I am older and wiser dear sister, but I just realized something. Once mother dies the sooner I can become King, but-,” Christine wanted to cry, “Please, I’m at my father’s grave! Just leave and discuss elsewhere.” Walking around her, Matthew said in a low tone, “In order for me to become King, you have to die. Since I like you, you just have to be exiled.” He grinned. “Or married off; now. I shall see you at dinner tonight.”

She could hear the footsteps of her brother jumped on his horse and ride off with a haunting laugh. Christine cried solemnly to herself before she couldn’t stand it anymore. Getting up, she kissed her ring finger and said goodbye to her father’s grave watching the yellow roses sway with the wind. The coach had been prepared once more for the princess as she got in and was set off back to her home…of hell.

04/21/2005 12:56 PM

Keseyo stood alone amongst the shadows of the dead. Though the weather was cool he gave an involuntary shudder and hugged his cloak to his chest. He wipped the dirt and grime of the small child’s grave, and till the markings engraved could be seen clearly. He read it again, he knew it off by heart, he should he wrote it.

Alyza Moonraider
1394 - 1400
Beloved sister
A thousand tears I’ve shed
And a thousand tears I’ll cry
But life goes on ever after
For time waits for no man
For the child who wanted to fly may the
Goddess lift you in her arms and let
You soar free

Keseyo could feel the salty tears begin to trickle down his face but he brushed them aside roughly refusing to cry. He reached into his pockets and drew out a round green stone and placed it besides the blue silverdews. They were her favorite flowers, it had only been three weeks since her death but it still hurt, she was all he had left. His father had died before he was born and his mother during childbirth giving birth to Alyza. He remembered beautiful Ali with her midnight black and blue hair and eyes that contained all the colors of the forest, so like his own. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe. Relax, calm, she would not want to see you cry over. She was a strange one, his sister, wise beyond her six years. He remembered the last time he had cried over the death of someone. His best friend had died in a horse accident two years ago, he had been 15 and he had been crying in the tree outside his foster home when Alyza had come up to him….
‘Why are you crying Keo?’
‘It’s Daidro, he’s dead’
‘Oh…so is that why your crying?’
‘That’s stupid! You shouldn’t cry for the dead because there dead and there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead you should cherish those still left alive. Comme on you’ve still got me’….

And now…. Now that little Ali had died he had no one. He was a curse everyone that had ever loved him had died. He bowed his head again and began to walk away when he suddenly heard voices. He turned round in time to catch a glimpse of a girl with curly brown hair dressed all in black stepped back into a carriage.
‘Princess!’ Keo called out, grabbing the green stone and running towards her.
‘Princess please stop I have something to give you!’ He had to reach her that had been Ali’s last whish to pass on the strange green stone to the Princess. He just had to…for Ali!

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04/22/2005 3:51 PM

She could hear voices running through her head as if someone called her name. Blinking from her trans, she looked over to see a strange man with green eyes chase after to coach. “Stop please.” She said quickly, brushing her eyes from tears. The man jumped down once again and opened the door, extending a hand. Holding her hems up until she walked on the ground, she removed her hood to reveal the natural curls and flushed cheeks. “Can I help you?” She said sweetly, raising a brow and sniffling. Pushing out everything her brother had said, she still was a Princess; at least for now as she waited for this man to catch his breath.

04/23/2005 10:41 AM

Keo watched as the princess stepped out of the carriage. He was doubled over and breathing heavily.
‘Can I help you?’ she said and all of a sudden he felt very stupid. What could he say, oh yeah I’ve been chasing your carriage for the past five minutes, interrupted you in the midst of an undoubtedly important task to give you this strange green stone that my 6 year old sister – who’s dead by the way – gave to me to give to you.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.
‘Princess’ he said, ok good start, ‘I’m sorry to interrupt you and I know that you probably have very important things to be doing right now but I have to give you this’ he ran a hand threw his spiky black hair and cast his eyes down. Slowly he reached into his pocket and drew out the green stone. It was small no bigger than a coin and flat with strange marking etched into its surfaced, they gleamed brilliant white when he touched the stone. He passed it to her watching her expression, expecting her to be annoyed. Though he knew nothing of her he had always expected her to be like her brother, who he had grown to hate. And he expected her to be spoilt and full of herself like most royals were now-a-days.

‘It was my sisters I think. She wanted me to give it to you…it was her last wish…’his breathe caught in his throat and he coughed slightly tears beginning to prick at the corner of his eyes ‘….she died a few weeks ago. Maybe you knew her….Alyza Moonraider….i know that she admired you a great deal though she never spoke to me of you I could she it in her eyes everytime our foster parents mentioned your name in accordance with your brother…and I don’t know if you wouldn’t mind taking it…I mean you don’t have to like it….just promise that you’ll look at it and keep it’ he flushed beginning to feel embarrassed, the princess didn’t need to know this. He smiled weakly at her watching her reaction.

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04/23/2005 11:55 AM

Christine blinked trying to catch up to the heavy breathing and quick wording. “Moonraider…” She pondered in her thoughts before realizing the strange man’s hand was extended, opened with a gift. “Would you mind joining me for breakfast?” As her breath puffed out small clouds from her heat, the driver turned on his heels abruptly, digging in gravel. “Your highness, you are needed. Surely-,” Christine’s hand came up behind her back as the driver in a fist. He nodded and continued to hold the door open. Taking the stone from the man, she smiled. “I will be honored; my, what did you say your name was?”

The only thing Christine could think of was the name Moonraider. “If I may inquire, I have many questions to ask, if you will be willing to join me.” Today was not the best of days, but she could always enjoy a company of her people. After all, it wasn’t just her ruling the lands; everybody had a part. She looked around to see the cold dead morning as the snow started falling. As her teeth wanted to chatter, she clenched her jaw tightly, hoping her looking didn’t offend the poor man.

04/23/2005 12:24 PM

‘Would you mind joining me for breakfast?’ The princess asked, and Keo stared at her in astonishment. This was unexpected. The princess wanted to have breakfast with him, why? He smiled at her slightly as she continued, ‘I will be honored; my, what did you say your name was?’ taking the stone from him. At that moment he felt funny almost empty. This was the last thing of hers she had and it took every ounce of his strength not to reach back and grab it from her. As his foster family was very poor they had, had few possessions of their own and even those few things that Alyza had owned had been sold to pay for her funeral and burial.

‘If I may inquire, I have many questions to ask, if you will be willing to join me.’ The princess said and Keo realized that she was still waiting for an answer.
He smiled at her, and nodded his head. ‘Thank- you milady. I would be honored to join you. And my name is Keseyo Moonraider,’ before stepping into the carriage. It was warm inside and he relaxed slightly.

04/23/2005 12:34 PM

As the carriage closed, the whips on the horses were herd. Christine sat at the other end, looking out the window, thinking of her father and how it connected with the name Moonraider. “You’re family, Moonraider; what do they do? I know of Duke Moonraider but I do not know of him having a family.” Striking up a conversation, she couldn’t help but notice a lack of emotion in the man’s eyes. “You seem…dazed. Have I done something?” She thought in her mind.

04/23/2005 12:50 PM

‘You’re family, Moonraider; what do they do? I know of Duke Moonraider but I do not know of him having a family.’ The Princess said, and Keo sat up straight. She knew of her father? He looked at her immediately interested but noticed a strange expression on her face, and he cursed silently.
‘ I’m sorry, if I offended you. You look kind of I don’t know, insulted. I’m sorry it’s the warmth of the carriage. I’m not used to this sort of warmth. My foster family is kind of…..well…not so well off. I was just thinking, I’m sorry. I am interested in what you have to say, really I am….’ He ran his hand threw his hair again looking slightly embarrassed.
‘But you say that you knew of my father or at least someone of the same name. But I don’t understand how that is possible my father died 17 years ago, before I was born.’ He lowered his eyes for a moment before looking back at her and saying, ‘But a duke you say. I fear that you honor me too much by saying that. I doubt that I could come from such a rich family. You see before my mother died we lived….not poorly…but it was more of middle class standard. She sold herbs and scented candles and things like that at the market place, so I doubt that this Duke could be related to us. Mother never spoke of such a man and when Alyza and I were orphaned no such man came forward to care for us.’ He sighed at the painful memories.

04/24/2005 10:25 AM

Christine shook her head. “That’s impossible. I had company with the Duke last week. I’ve never herd of him having children after that. All I know is that his children died years ago.” She shook her brown curly hair. “Warmth you say you never had, how strange and yet sad.” She thought to herself. “You must stay at my family’s house for a while.” She insisted, not taking no as an answer.

When they reached the castle, guards were moved back promptly, making way for the Princess but not for her guest. Her temper flickered slightly in irritation. “I’m sorry for their rudeness. Lately my father has been…”

04/24/2005 10:41 AM

‘That’s impossible. I had company with the Duke last week. I’ve never herd of him having children after that. All I know is that his children died years ago.’ The princess said and Keo shrugged looking confused. Maybe the Duke and he shared the same surname but were of no relation…or maybe his father hadn’t really died…or maybe…this thinking made his head hurt and once again he realized just how much he missed his sister.

‘Warmth you say you never had, how strange and yet sad. You must stay at my family’s house for a while.’ She said and Keo looked at her shocked, he opened his mouth to say something but at that moment the carriage stopped, they had arrived. The princess got out and Keo ran after her only to find the guards baring his way. He sighed I should have known this was too good to be true…me entering the castle, it was almost unheard of. ‘I’m sorry for their rudeness. Lately my father has been…’ she said and Keo smiled at her looking confused.
‘Why are you doing this?’ he asked. ‘You are royalty and I am….i am…no one. I did not think that one of your position would do something like this though I confess to knowing little of you.’ He said meaning no offence. ‘Even if you are willing to let me in I couldn’t say the same of these men here’ he said gesturing at the guards.

04/24/2005 12:30 PM

Christine stopped at long hallways with maids coming in and out. Reaching near the end of the room, she stood outside and waited patiently, raising her brow. “Here is your room for tonight.” She didn’t want to respond to his questions. “There are clothes stocked up, they should fit you nicely. I will be by in a little while. I have…matters to attend to.” Her complexion seemed to pale a little after she saw her brother walk by, giving an exile signal. She sighed. “Excuse me.”

04/24/2005 12:45 PM

Keo followed the Princess along the corridor, finally they stopped and she showed him his rooms, ‘Here is your room for tonight. There are clothes stocked up, they should fit you nicely. I will be by in a little while. I have…matters to attend to.’ Keo could not help notice the hesitation in her voice as she said this and but he thought it best not to say anything and he noticed they way she had suddenly started acting colder towards him after he asked her why she let him stay. So he thought it best to keep himself to himself after all he had his own thoughts to attend to and if she wanted to talk to him about it…well she knew where he was.

Suddenly he noticed a figure walk by who could only be the princesses brother, he turned to the princess waiting for her face to light up like Ali’s used to when she saw him coming, but there was nothing instead she paled slightly and her brother gave her a strange signal which he could not quite see. Keo stared at her in bewilderment but said nothing of it. Instead he said, ‘thank-you Princess for your hospitality. If there is anything I can do in return you need only ask.’

He then walked into the room, in awe, it was beautiful. His window looked over the countryside and in the pale light it looked like some sort of fairytale village. He smiled softly, then noticing the bed he raced towards it and lay down on it’s soft covers and closed his eyes lazily. Realizing that the maids were still coming in and out he sat upright and grinned sheepishly, like a young child.

04/25/2005 2:02 PM

It took Christine moments to reach her favorite maid, Elmire. “Take in good hands my dear Elmire. A guess lies in the back room towards the stefford hallways.” She inhaled as the maid raised her grey brow. Her blue eyes glittered and nodded. “I will be with you shortly but your have lessons to attend to.” Christine forgot about her lessons as she turned to run down the halls, running towards her room.

It was large, white, and built of Corinthian columns. A large white balcony was hers as it showered with exotic flowers, looking over the huge waterfalls. It was her peaceful place when she needed to calm down and rest. Most importantly she could sing to her mood. She grinned, it was her favorite lesson today; Opera.

Gaily she smiled and put on her silver dress and putting her curls in a silver ribbon.

04/26/2005 10:59 AM

Keo watched as the maid entered the room. He stood there watching her silently go about her chores before he asked, ‘why has she done this? The princess I mean. Why is she helping me? Why has she given me aroom full of more finery than I could ever imagine with maids not to attend to me par se but to make sure that I am alright? What could she possible have to gain? Or is she unlike ordinary princesses in that she is doing this because she wants to help me?’

04/26/2005 11:50 AM

“Ey lad, best not be gettin’ into something that don’t belong to you. If the Princess is bein’ nice you oughto ‘cept that and carry on. Get to know ‘er before ya open yaz mouth. She did order the Duke in so there is something to be lookin forward to lad n’ if you really grow impatient the Princess is at ‘er lessons ‘bout now. Now, stand up, undress and let’s get ya measured.” The maid grew impatient.

Christine sighed walking to her lecture. Her brother was at the entrance talking to Duke Kennalworth and his wife Lady Felane. They were the odd couples as he was round, stout and arrogant and she was his total opposite. Her teacher, Monsieur De La Rushe’ tapped his foot eagerly. Now, you have studied I’m sure?” She nodded as brown curls bounced. The Duke, Lady, and Matthew sat on the red velvet chairs, awaiting the Princess’s lessons. She inhaled deeply, listening to the band rehearse. When her line picked up she was singing flawlessly in a soprano’s voice.

04/26/2005 12:32 PM

Keo flushed slightly at the maids comment, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of pried
I forget that her business is her business.’ Then he looked at her again, ‘you want me to undress?’ he could feel his face grow hotter but the maid seemed unfazed by the thought and so he undressed as she had requested and stood still, still blushing furiously waiting.

04/26/2005 1:01 PM

“First times a charm.” She smiled taking a yellow strip and calling in some of the younger girls who giggled, holding black fabric and some white ones. Once the maid finished her job, she took back the yellow strip and tucked it in her pocket; not really caring for his nudity. “Done dis myself for years on boy. Don’t be shy.” It took nearly an hour before maid had finished with his size and threading a couple of outfits. She handed him a white towel. “The maids are in the bathroom. If you will go and ‘ake a baff return to put these on. The Princess is reading herself for a night tonight ‘n from I hear you are ‘er guest.” She handed him the newly made clothes and walked out of the room.

Sweat dripped down her face even thought she was being fanned. She had finished her masterpiece as her throat ached terribly. She continued to smile and thank the dancers in the back as her brother clapped somewhat ‘lovingly.’ It just a show as she smiled back at him. How they loathed one another but did not reveal it. The Duke and Lady applauded as well congratulating on her performance and graduating beauty. She herd news of her mother’s weakness and could only hold sorrow and hopes she remained alive. She didn’t want to be the last of her family, even as she knew it so, she was going to leave by her brother’s force.

04/26/2005 1:26 PM

After what seemed like an age he emerged from the bathroom looking well and truly scrubbed, his skin and hair had lightened several shades, and when he returned to his room he stared at himself completely shocked at the transformation. He ran a hand through his spiky hair and admired himself in the mirror unsure as to if this was truly him, but the person staring back had the same messy black hair tipped with blue and forest green eyes that only he and his sister seemed to share. He smiled at his reflection and sure enough the boy in the mirror smiled back. Finaly convinced that it really was him he turned to the window and gazed back out across the vast city, waiting for someone to come fetch him for this reading that he was invited to.

04/26/2005 4:12 PM

Her dress was a brilliant red matching her flush cheeks and powdered face. Her eyes seemed to lighten up as her hair was done in a plain half bun with a small tiara. She cared nothing for fancy elegance just the simplicity and beauty that it had. Even though her bosom’s were pushed up she didn’t have much of a cleavage but enough to make eyes fasten on something she despised.

Christine’s footsteps were quiet through the hallways as maids stopped and bowed with a large smile. She knocked quietly on Keo’s door, wondering if he left. She had a surprise for him this evening; a talk with Duke Moonraider and his current wife Ciceal. She didn’t have to sing this evening although her brother was surely going to have a slip up and one thing leading to another. She sighed and bit her lower lip, turning a rosy red.

Matthew cursed to himself. His father was going to die by accident some how and his mother was already sick as a bone. He needed that throne as soon as he could get his hands on. His ‘sweet’ sister had no backbone as she paraded around as some saint. He sighed combing his hair with his hands. A naked woman with blond hair and dimples smiled as her brown eyes glittered with the firelight. “Come to bed…” She said in a moaning voice. Dressing himself was easy, getting the whore out of his bed was the hard part. “How much?” He addressed as she sat up holding herself and reaching for her garments. “You know.” In a fit, she walked out of the room as he grabbed her bottom and grinned.

04/27/2005 9:47 AM

Keo looked up as the princess entered the room. He smiled at her, ‘I feel really out of place. I have been watching all the guests come in and you as well. You are all obviously aristocratic, it is not just the clothes that sow it but also they way you hold yourself and the way you speak. I’ll never pass for you. But hey if it means I get to hear you read and get free food then I’ll definitely give it ago.’ He looked at her and cocked his head slightly to one side looking at her carefully, ‘you know I think you look better when you’re not all done up, but you still look great as you are now’ he said meaning no offence he was only trying to be nice. He was not trying to criticize her and he was defiantly not trying to flirt with her.

He looked at her grinning. ‘So have you come to get me for this recital?’

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04/27/2005 12:54 PM

She blinked. “A recital?” It took her a moment to realize what he meant. “You mean my lecture? I have finished. I’ve come to ask you for dinner and yes it is free. Everything you have is taken care of but I wish to speak to you and Monsieur Duke Moonraider and lovely wife. Will you join?” She blushed as he spoke kindly. “I take of no offense. My father liked me without this powdered stuff.”

Her curls seemed unnaturally silky like usual. Her eyes glittered in happiness and yet they seemed to hold something back; as if she was putting on a mask to cover her true emotions. She flattened the hems of her dress and yearned for the open air and peace. After dinner there was a family meeting but it usually ended up in quarrels over who should take the throne. Christine was the first runner up, but Matthew was going to have it his way.

04/27/2005 1:12 PM

Keo looked confused remembering the maids message but shrugged. ‘Dinner sounds better’ he said grinning and followed her out the room. And then what he said sunk in. ‘I am to talk to Duke Moonraider. Don’t get your hopes up, I don’t think we’re related but well I’ll give it ago.’

He smiled slightly and the turned to her, ‘Thanks for everything, I mean it. You’ve given me more than you’ll ever know. But enough of that I’m hungry, so lead on’ he said grinning

04/27/2005 1:29 PM

Looking more confused than he, she walked towards a glass door. It had opened by the guards as two people sat comfortably in them. She smiled. “Ah, Evening Duke Moonraider and Lady Moonraider-Flipote.” The lady rose from her chair and hugged Christine. “You were wonderful tonight! You sing like an angel; must get that from your mother.” She glanced over with big blue eyes. “Who is this fine looking gentleman? I have yet to see him at the courts meetings? Your betrothed?” Christine blushed. “Madame, no. He is a guest in my house; his name is Lord Keo.” The lady looked at him for a moment and held out her rather plump hand awaiting his kiss.

“Duke Moonraider! I see you are still carrying on these days?” He looked at the Princess and then at Keo. “Princess you are ever so wonderful. I am doing fine and I hope you have all good health.” He couldn’t keep his eyes off Keo. “Keo, eh? What did you say your last name was?”

04/27/2005 1:40 PM

Keo watched the princess greet the Duke and his wife, keeping his face neutral.
‘Keo, eh? What did you say your last name was?’ the Duke asked turning to look at him with a keen interest.
‘The same as yours noble sir. My name is Keseyo Moonraider.’ He said watching the Duke’s face carefully looking for any sign of recognition. He smiled at the couple before walking over to the table waiting to be asked to sit. He did not like the tension in the room. He looked at the Duke again, could they really be related and if they were why had he said nothing before? It was all too confusing.

04/27/2005 3:37 PM

The Duke jumped a little; feeling a stream of unreality. He scratched his beard as his wife turned to kiss him on the cheek. “The Princess has wanted to show me something.” Christine bit her lip mouthing the words, sorry, to Keo. The Lady pulled Christine’s arm, walking down as she looked back helplessly.

The Duke sat upright. “By any chance did you have a younger sister?” His looked seemed almost puzzled.

04/28/2005 1:30 PM

Keo watched the Duke’s reaction in confusion, he couldn’t be, he just couldn’t be. Could he?
He looked across at the princess to see her reaction to this, she was looking very apologetic and was mouthing the words sorry at him, it’s ok he mouthed back, giving her a small smile.

The Duke sat upright, saying, ‘By any chance did you have a younger sister.’ Keo seemed to freeze at this; he said nothing and the silence seemed to stretch out for eternity. Then he spoke, choosing his words carefully. ‘Yes, I did, her name was Alyza, she died 3 weeks ago. What would you know of her?’

04/28/2005 2:45 PM

The Duke sat back once more. “How young was she?” The Duke remembered have a daughter and a son before his wife ‘died’ from birth. He had left for a meeting, lasting for nearly ten years. He never anticipated it but it happened. The Valley was some how under ‘war.’ He sighed, leaning back farther, feeling uncomfortable. “Your mother, what was her name?” He wanted to ask so many questions.

Christine was stopped around the corner feeling a swarm of relief from his acceptance. The Lady pulled her quickly, looking back to hear a bit of their conversation. “Do not mention one word about his wife!” She hissed. Christine jumped a little before getting a little irritated.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, he is my husband and not anybody elses.”
“What are you speaking of?”
“That wife was weak and ill; I sent his children off thinking she died!”
“He and I were meant to be. Don’t you dare mention this conversation or I will slit your little ‘swan’s neck.’”

Christine inhaled sharply. This was not her battle to fight but in fact she felt worried if he had herd the wrong thing. She looked back with her eyes to the Lady. “Don’t ever touch me, Mademoiselle. You have no right to come-,” “Actually I do. You see, once you are gone, I will be the first runner up.” She interrupted the Princess! Her curls bounced as she walked back to the table in a smile.

04/29/2005 9:43 AM

Keo watched the Duke’s reaction in horror, so it was true, he was his father. He must be. Suddenly he felt a warm rush of affection for the father he never knew, but that was replaced with anger, why had he left them.
‘My sister was only 6 years old. And as for my mother her name was Elena.’ He said anger rising, suddenly he turned to the Duke and said.
‘Why did you leave us? She loved you more than anyone else in world and you left her! Why? How could you do that to her? How could you do that to us? She was pregnant with me and you left her with nothing.’ He could feel the tears prick the corners of his eyes but he whipped them away roughly.

04/29/2005 12:59 PM

The Duke sat back, his eyes wide. “My dear boy, she left me! I waited many years for her return but I was handed information saying that dear woman had died bearing two children!” The Duke held his chest in excruciating pain; rising to his feet and reaching for his cane. “Do not ever tell me I do not love her!”

As this was said, Christine rushed quickly, holding the arms of the Duke. “Oh my.” She said softly, setting the Duke more comfortably in the chair. “Monsieur I am terribly sorry!” She said, bending down. “No, no, it’s not your fault. You are very humble. I needed some interesting news.” His voice croaked softly into a whisper; his chest heaving. The Lady had strolled sweetly towards her husband, faking an expression of horror. Christine jumped on her feet, rushing towards the nearest nurse, ordering the doctor.

04/29/2005 1:12 PM

“My dear boy, she left me! I waited many years for her return but I was handed information saying that dear woman had died bearing two children! Do not tell ever tell me I do not love her.” Keo looked at him in shock, that’s not true. He left us, mama told us he died before I was born. He must be lying unless, unless…
He shook his head in frustration, there were too many thoughts, too many memories he was drowning.

Suddenly something happened, Keo did not understand it, he had been too deep in thought but suddenly everyone was crowded around the Duke. He pushed past the Lady to get to his father.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted. I was angry and confused. It’s been seventeen years, I though I don’t know what I thought.” He looked at him anxiously, “what’s the matter? Are you ill? You’ll be alright won’t you?” He turned to the princess, “what’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with my father?”

04/29/2005 3:26 PM

The Lady made a motion of a ‘slit-throat.’ “I am afraid he has a cold.” She wanted to say so much more to the boy who found out his father and yet, she had to be the one to push him away from telling the truth. She inhaled. “We won’t know until the morning. I am sorry.” She turned on her heel looking away from the scene as men carried him down towards a common room. She smiled, and turned around to see Keo’s face. “Come the air will do some good.” It was a demand but the Lady had her hands on her neck making death faces. It frightened Christine as she grabbed Keo’s arm and pulled him down the corridor.

04/30/2005 5:27 AM

Keo listened in shock, “I’m so sorry this is all my fault” she said, eyes cast down. “Come the air will do some good.” The lady demanded and Keo was about to join her when he felt the princess grab his arm and pull him down the corridor. He looked at her in confusion but said nothing. She obviously knew what she was doing. So he followed her, when they had reached their destination he whirled round to face her, saying, “I think it’s about time you told me just what’s going on. I’m not a fool I could see those looks the lady was giving you. What aren’t you telling me? Damn it I have a right to know! Whatever it is let me help!”

05/01/2005 7:53 AM

She clenched her jaw and swallowed hard. “I can’t tell you but they can.” She pointed her finger as her face turned pale, trembling. “I can’t say anything...I’m sorry.” She bit her lower lip wanting to cry but she didn’t. She inhaled, returning her color. “This is our Deeds Room. It will have the true history behind everyone. Just don’t read mine, your father so you proclaim is in there under the Dukes Section. If he is your father your file would be their as well. I will return in an hours time. You will have to leave once I come back for you.” She disappeared handing him a bronze key.

05/01/2005 9:08 AM

Keo opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it and clamped his mouth shut, nodding. When she left he took the bronze key and headed for the Duke’s Section. It was huge, the place packed full of files. He flicked through until he came to the file he wanted,
Moonraider it said in neat handwriting. He took the file out and carefully placed it on the ground. He then sat down and began to read.

It took him some time to get to the bit he wanted but he found it. And there he was, a small sheet of paper tucked in under the ‘offspring’ section. He picked it up and turned it over in his hands. Slowly he turned the paper over and began to read, it wasn’t very long. There was a basic description, his date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, parents and so forth were also noted. As he scanned the single sheet of paper he saw something that made his heart catch in his throat.
'After a mysterious fire both 9 month old Kesyo and his mother Elena were presumed dead.' So it was true, what his father had said. He sighed, his head was spinning. Carefully he placed the files back where he found them, a thought suddenly struck him. If he and his mother had both disappeared then that meant that someone else must be Alyza’s father, and then…he shook his head, it was too confusing.

He looked across at the beautiful ornate clock on the wall. An hour had passed by and he knew the princess would soon be returning, so lay down on the floor, thinking.

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05/01/2005 10:09 AM

Christine had been locked away with the family’s meeting for the hour. Her head had pounded as Matthew had been trying desperately trying to think of ways to rid his ‘evil step-sister.’ She just sighed and didn’t say a word, but his glare at not succeeding had her almost to tears. She didn’t know why it bothered her but to think that it had been her fault for the Duke being sick...

Walking down the grey walled castle she found Keo on the floor. She gave a quick faulted smile before looking at the papers. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, leaning over next to him. “It’s not my place to say anything so I didn’t. I hope you can forgive me.” She bit her lower lip feeling a bit dizzy.

05/01/2005 10:56 AM

Keo sat up as the princess entered the room, “I’m sorry. It’s not my place to say anything so I didn’t. I hope you can forgive me.” She said and he shrugged, “Don’t worry; it’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have asked, it was a breach of privacy. I shouldn’t have pried into your life.”
He smiled slightly at her, “well its official, I’m Duke Moonraider’s son. Apparently mama and I died in a fire 16 years ago which would explain why the Duke thought I was dead. I don’t remember any of it though.” He sighed, “But Alyza’s not his daughter. I should have seen that. I always presumed we had the same father but how would that be possible if he had supposedly died before I was born. What I don’t understand is why mama lied to me about father. Unless she didn’t know” he smiled weakly, “It’s all too confusing for me.” He turned round to face her fully, “I just want to say thanks. I know I’ve been saying it all night but I think you need to know that you’ve someone a lot of good. Or at least I would if I was in your place!”

05/01/2005 11:21 AM

“Prying into my life is one thing but taking from another’s is horrible. Thank you for that complement. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one. Apparently I am to be gone with before Matthews birthday. Wedded they think.” She sighed and sat back. “Matthew’s not my real brother, he wants mother dead as well as father or just father perhaps so he can be runner-up to the throne since he is male. I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with a woman taking reign...” She looked over, blushing. “Sorry, it’s not my place to say.” She smiled until noises were being herd. “I think we take our leave now.” She whispered, childishly.

05/01/2005 1:34 PM

Keo smiled as he listened to her. “There’s no need to thank me you deserved it. But how come you have to marry, you’re only…well I don’t know how old you are but it can’t be that old. Or am I being nosy again? Personally as long as a person can rule a country well it doesn’t matter whether there a man or not. Or at least not to the poorer regions. The nobles are always more touchy though.” He shrugged, “and from what I know of your brother and you I would say that you were defiantly more suited to reign, but then it’s not my opinion that counts.” He shrugged again and offered the princess his hand to pull her up of the floor.

05/01/2005 2:13 PM

She looked up and took his hand. “You are right. That’s what I want if I could reign. I keep telling father that it’s not us who really rule the world it’s the people in poverty that work hard for the food on our table and clothes on our backs. We are just supposed to monitor it.” She bit her lip. “I’m 17 years old.” She smiled and raised her brow thinking back on his comment. “As for you, Lord Moonraider; you are now a noble yourself. So you better start acting like it.” She walked down the hallways as the maid seemed to look for the Princess and sighed when she caught the glimpse of her.

“Princess! Princess! Come quick! It’s Duke Moonraider! I think he’s gone mad!” She shouted down the hall. Christine looked up at Keo and rushed down the hallways looking for the Dukes room. She looked down one hall and then another and found many people crowding in; mainly servants. Christine pulled Keo’s arm and rushed into the room as the servants moved back to let royalty through. The Duke had appeared to be screaming, “I love her! I love her!” The Lady looked up with petrified eyes and sobs down her face. “What have you done with him you rat?” She screamed at the Princess who’s eyes widened. Matt had been comforting the Lady for some time.

05/01/2005 2:35 PM

Keo grinned, “Don’t call me that, I feel so old. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being a noble. I mean though I was poor, I still loved the freedom of being able to live my own life. Nobody expected anything of me. I don’t know. The poor want to be rich and the rich want to be free. Or something like that, I can never remember how it goes.”

Keo pulled the princess off the floor and followed her out of the room and down the corridor. Suddenly the maid appeared, shouting, “Princess! Princess! Come quick! It’s Duke Moonraider! I think he’s gone mad!” Keo turned to the princess fear etched across his face, he ran down the corridor behind the princess and rushed into the Duke’s rooms, he was busy screaming, “I love her! I love her!” over and over again. The lady was petrified and everyone was clearly shocked.

Keo looked at his father in fear and then he walked over to him past all the startled nurses and hugged his father, “she loved you too” he whispered, “she always loved you, she never stopped thinking of you, and you were always there in her heart so you see papa you never left us. Because we could see you through mama.” He didn’t know what affect this would have on his father but he hoped that it would reassure him and stop this madness.

05/01/2005 4:27 PM

The Lady looked at what Keo had done for one minute before wailing as the attention turned on her. The Duke had resided his cries hugging his son and whispering in Keo’s ears, “I found them lying! Haha! Lying to a Duke! She lived! She lived!” The Princess wanted to walk up to Keo and see their two reactions but Matt’s glare at her movement made Christine step off and not say anything. The Lady walked over to the Princess and slapped her across the face with tears running down her blackened eyes. “He’s mad! Mad! Mad I tell you! Look at what you have done! You awful rat!”

“Mam’ you will retain your hand for I will see to it personally, be cut off!” Christine’s voice went cold as she inhaled sharply. The Lady shoved Keo out of the way from the embrace of father and son, hugging her husband. The Duke shouted out the mother of Keo but found himself growing more and more insane. “I love her! I love her! I always have!” The Lady responded with a louder voice than her husband. “You love me! You love me!”

The servants were ordered back when the doctor made the Duke take something to help him sleep. Christine was ordered to leave as she did this the Lady was shoved out of the way as well. Men dressed in black robes were marching in with parchment’s in their hands as the doctor preformed another medical insertion in his arm.

05/02/2005 3:12 AM

“I found them lying! Haha! Lying to a Duke! She lived! She lived!” the Duke whispered in his ear and Keo looked at him in shock, he heard an awful slap and he turned round in time to see the Lady slap the princess, he snarled slightly, how dare she, how dare she! Suddenly he was yanked out of his father’s arms and pushed out of the way. His father continued his shouting and the lady tried to counter it by screaming back, “You love me! You love me!”

Keo watched the scene in horror, he moved out of the way as the doctor appeared and stood, stock still watching in sheer disbelief. What was happening? He turned to the princess, yes wide with fear, “What are they doing? What are they doing to him?”

Then he noticed the lady shaking in the corner, he walked calmly over to her and hit her hard across the face. “That’s for hitting the princess and for taking my father away from me. You’re a selfish old hag; you had to have things your way. You didn’t care who got in your way, who you hurt so long as you got what you wanted.” He stopped, eyes flashing.

“You just don’t get it do you. He loved me and my mother. You were nothing, just a jealous woman. You couldn’t bare the fact that he’d chosen a peasant over you. So you had to ruin it. It’s your fault he’s like that! I swear if anything happens to him I will hold you responsible!”

05/02/2005 1:21 PM

Christine was asked to leave the room as was everyone else. The servants whispered down the hall as they were dismissed to leave until the evening. She watched as the doors were shut and the two men with parchments, the Duke and his wife, Keo, and the doctor.

The Lady laughed. “That woman! A peasant! No my dear boy she had wealth and fame and greed!” She felt the sting across her face and watched her husband be poked with needles and such as he spoke in a low wheezing voice, “She has it all.” The Lady smiled. “There, you see- he loves me. I have all his money!” The two men frowned and looked over as one walked up towards in a low voice so Keo could hear.

“Now, listen. You are Keo, son and heir to the Duke. You lady are his husband, yes but his second wife. Correct?” The Lady nodded holding her head up higher as the man in the robes wrote this down. “Keo, you are the new Duke once you marry. You will receive full hospitality at their residence and your mother left 100,000 francs each in ten different banks. All you have to do is sign this here.” He held out the parchment as he was the Deeds personnel.

05/02/2005 1:45 PM

Keo listened to the lady in astonishment, “That’s not possible. If mama was rich why did we live in poverty? Unless...”he stopped there, she couldn’t, could she. He sighed beginning to understand.

When one of the men came over and asked him if he was the duke son he nodded dumbly, still in shock. He picked up the pen and signed it in his neat italic handwriting. “Why is this all happening? Father isn’t dying is he? What aren’t you telling me?”

Then the realization of everything flooded in and Keo sat down on the floor, he could feel the tears begin to trickle down his face and he pushed them aside roughly. But they kept coming and so he sat they’re crying for the father he’d only just found only to have him taken away again.

05/02/2005 6:23 PM

The doctor looked over at Keo. “Dear boy no! He’s just had a stroke. He’s not allowed fish of any sort and I fear he ate it three days ago. That’s all. I’ve given him his medicine so he doesn’t react horribly and feel the burning sensation. Give it one day and he will be back on his feet and alright. He’s a little daft for now. He has not slept good either I’m afraid. Don’t worry. Just worry about the Lady.” He smiled cheerfully and packed his gatherings walking out of the door.

Christine looked up at the doctor as he smiled. “The Duke is alright.” He bowed down and walked away down the hallways. Christine looked into the room to see Keo sobbing as she rushed in and smiled, trying to keep it cheerful. “Anything go wrong?” She didn’t want to pry in the Duke’s son’s business now that his title was official. It would go out on press soon enough. “How is he? The doctor only said he’s alright.”

05/03/2005 1:18 PM

Keo looked up as the princess entered pushing the tears aside roughly. He grinned sheepishly, his face turning bright red.
“Yeah he’s fine so they say. I just over reacted when the doctors were rushing around and no one would tell me anything.” He sighed and ran a hand threw his black and blue hair, “So I guess I’m the Duke’s official son now. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I suppose there’s roles I’m supposed to play. Things I’m supposed to do. It’s funny though. Having had a taste of freedom I would give up all the money to take things back to how they were. For it to be just the three of us again, mama Alyza and me. Still I’ve found my father, I’ve found who I’m meant to be. Now all that’s left to do is right a letter to my foster parents in thanks. And tell them that I will not be living with them anymore and maybe send them some money, though I fear that it will just go to the fathers drinking habits.”

Keo shrugged and grinned, “So now what?”

05/03/2005 4:39 PM

Christine smiled. “You know, you should take this piece of advice into mind. You know what freedom is and what it feels like but just because your title it Duke and you have money doesn’t need to change who the person is inside. Now we go to your home!” She smiled biting her lip. Matt had gotten a hold of her and if she didn’t leave the castle she would just up and leave herself.

05/03/2005 4:39 PM

Christine smiled. “You know, you should take this piece of advice into mind. You know what freedom is and what it feels like but just because your title it Duke and you have money doesn’t need to change who the person is inside. Now we go to your home!” She smiled biting her lip. Matt had gotten a hold of her and if she didn’t leave the castle she would just up and leave herself.

05/04/2005 12:30 PM

Keo sighed, "Ahhh home. Though i fear i don't not know the way but i presume that either you or someone else will know the way so i have nothing to fear." then he grinned suddenly and made a great show with his hands, "Lead on then" he said laughing. Just happy that through the bad times he had found something good to cling onto.
"And as a guest in my house i will do my best to make you at home but i fear that once again you will know more of my home then i do!"

05/05/2005 12:52 PM

Christine smiled at his happiness. She hated to see the sad faces, wanting to take them in and cherish each uniqueness but it was forbidden. She had no authority unless she really demanded it- even then she dreamed of the things Keo had seen and grown up with; from the happiness to the unpleasantness. “I do know where your smaller kingdom roams and yes I am very fond of your bedroom.” She smiled letting his imagination go wild.

05/05/2005 2:07 PM

Keo grinned back at the princess as she spoke, he listened to her last comment with interest but choose not to think upon it.
He held out his arm for her and proceeded to the door…

05/06/2005 3:10 PM

They walked towards her room and called for the maids to pack for a week. Christine explained to Keo about his homeland and how it took almost two days and nights to reach his ‘palace.’ She admired the long walks through his large garden and stumbled on an underground lake with a cave and heated water fall. “Wait a moment.” She said, walking into the room and closing the door. Coming out, she seemed revived and refreshed wearing a black silk gown complementing her curves and a heavier black cloak with her emblem on it. “Come, we shall explore my castle!” She smiled. “Did you want to change into looser clothes for the walks and exploration. Your clothes will take until morning to make.”

05/08/2005 11:59 AM

Keo smiled as the princess spoke of his home that would explain why mama loved it so as he believed she did. He smiled again with a longing in his eyes and watched as she re-emerged from her room. He looked her up and down, it seemed that even when she was not wearing her fancy clothes she still looked like a princess and so he grinned at her, nodding at the mention of looser clothes. “That would be great. Are there any in my room or…? Then I would love to go on a tour of the castle. The most interesting place I have ever been is the market!” he laughed suddenly, “But hey better to start small and get bigger than start big and get smaller…unless your counting weight” he added as an after thought grinning.

05/08/2005 1:28 PM

“I like that sense of humor. But just remember while I’m at your quarters there is no need to call me Princess but Christine.” She smiled. “Did you want to change into looser clothes as well?” She edged him down another hallway with blue fixtures instead of the purple ones.

“You know your father lost a lot of weight himself. I remember when I was younger he had a large belly in which I use to play when I was a girl. He would laugh and I would laugh because his belly would shake. Ever since your mother seemingly disappeared, upon his return that’s when the Lady had her beady eyes upon his gold. She had driven him insane but not enough to call it insane towards the people. No matter now, you have your father and my guess is that you two will catch up.”

05/09/2005 10:16 AM

Keo grinned, “Christine, I think that’ll be harder to get used to than being a lord. You’ve always been my princess who should reign. Christine puts you as a friend and I still consider myself a peasant not worthy of any form of friendship with the princess. Still I will try. And yes I would like to change into looser clothes. These clothes are a bit tight and your maid would not approve if I were to get them dirty.”

“But my father, I know nothing of him. Will you please tell me what you know? You and his lady are the only ones that I know who know of him and I shan’t be asking her anything. So I ask you!” he smiled, “When I marry which I fear will not be for sometime and take the time and take the title of Duke I shall have that lady cast out of my fathers home. She is killing him from the inside, slowly poisoning him. I can’t and won’t let her hurt him any longer!” he said his face a mask of determination.

05/09/2005 1:10 PM

Christine seemed to admire the bravery and yet something seemed empty to her. She listened at his goals and she felt the emptiness that laid inside of her, yet she still smiled pushing back her dark curls every now and then. She reached his door and stopped. “Well the maid is always like that. When I was younger and it rained, I would run around outside in the new clothes, get them dirty, and she swore every day she would give me a spanking! Of course, she only played around when hitting my bottom!”

“As for your father and your step-mother, I can only say that it will take years to get her out of the house. Rumor has it from her maid, that she pretends to be your mother and that is why she drugs him on the days he knows she’s lying. I don’t know if you recognize this but those clothes were your mothers that she wears. The same perfume and the same style and attitude in public. Some people say that she is the ghost within but I put that aside and look at reality. She’s sick and she needs help.”

05/09/2005 1:36 PM

“As for your father and your step-mother, I can only say that it will take years to get her out of the house. Rumor has it from her maid, that she pretends to be your mother and that is why she drugs him on the days he knows she’s lying. I don’t know if you recognize this but those clothes were your mothers that she wears. The same perfume and the same style and attitude in public. Some people say that she is the ghost within but I put that aside and look at reality. She’s sick and she needs help.” Christine said and Keo shook with rage, his face a mask of pure anger, “How dare she?” he whispered, “I’ll make her pay for that. She is not fit to do such a thing. It is one thing to wear that which my mother wore but to act like her! I’ll make her pay for every hurt she has ever caused my family!”

But though the anger surged through him he forced himself to close his eyes and calm, refusing to give into the hatred, “But enough of that! That is in the future and I shall act upon it when the time comes, which is not now. “

He smiled as he turned to face her, “Now I’ll just change into looser clothes. I believe there should be some in here.” He said before disappearing into his rooms in search of more comfortable clothing.

05/10/2005 1:20 PM

She smiled not because of his rage but because she knew somewhere deep inside there was yet to be a born leader. She didn’t respond to his response only because he needed not to feed on any more of what seems like a silly game. It was his life now, he had to live it. She could not interfere more than she already had. Maids knew all and only in certain halls did Christine find herself in a gossips world. She sighed waiting patiently, patting down her hems. She loved the feel of loose clothing since it was hard to breath with her usual wear. Still, something lurked in the back of her mind; she was going to be terminated one way or another.

05/10/2005 1:29 PM

Once inside the room Keo found some dark pants and a loose shirt. These he put on before he disappeared into the bathroom. There he threw cold water on his face. The shock brought life back to his senses and with it the keen awarness that came with being constantly cold. It was an old habbit but the cold water hightenned his senses and he always felt that when exploring this was a safe thing to do. The effect, however made his hair stand up more and he ran a hand through his spiky hair in an attmpt to smooth it down. He looked at his reflection and shook his head, he would never get use to seeing the clean boy staring back at him.

Keo re-emerged from the room in his new clothes. He tugged on them grinning, "Now these are much better! Sorry you had to wait."

05/10/2005 5:57 PM

Shaking her head and letting the curls bounce with her she smiled. “It’s nothing.” She smiled and took his hand, moving towards her room once more. “There’s a secret I want to show you!” This was part of her tour around the castle. All the secret passages...she might have a heart attack penetrating to all of the corridors her and her father had done when she was younger. Now, she had someone to talk to- a Duke’s son! She smiled knowing something she had done was worth it.

05/11/2005 1:29 PM

Keo grinned at her as she grabbed her hand eager to see what this secret that she wanted to show him and he allowed her to drag him into her room. “Let’s see this secret of yours!” It was nice to see that she trusted him enough to show him this. The thought comforted him and the pain of the past month seemed to ebb away.

05/12/2005 4:08 AM

Christine felt giddy and child-like as she quietly walked across her white marble floor towards the fireplace. Letting go of Keo’s hand she moved the logs which seemed to set into a large pit giving a 8 in wide bridge towards her secret place. She picked up her hems so they wouldn’t catch fire and moved on the sides towards the other place. The heat was nice until she was halfway there and seemed to burn a little hotter. As she reached the damp corridors she motioned Keo to come with her and put a finger towards her mouth so he didn’t make sounds. The poker was still in her hands as she was going to use that to cover their footprints.

05/12/2005 11:44 AM

Keo grinned as Christine disappeared into the fire place, watching her carefully to see how it was done. When she motioned for him to join her, he walked towards the fireplace. He could feel the heat on his face and for a while it was nice but as he drew closer the fire seemed to burn with such a ferocity that he began to sweat slightly. The shadows of the flames flickered over him almost scorching his clothes. At the end his twisted round and joined Christine in the damp corridor. He wanted to ask her where exactly they were going but she motioned him to be silent and so he clamped his mouth shut, biting his tongue and looking at her quizzically.

05/12/2005 4:32 PM

After covering up their steps she set the poker down quietly and began to walk down the hallways. Large mirrors were in each room as you could look in and see people but they couldn’t dare look behind the mirror. She pointed at a couple of people before reaching on large mirror. She stopped to see her brother, mother, and step-father around.

He seemed a little irritated as he tried to say something. His mother looked at him with a stern look saying that his daughter neednt go anywhere until she was properly engaged. Matt seemed even more angry as he tried to talk sense into his dear father who in turn ruled favor in his son’s idea. “You will be the next King.” He patted his mothers hand and kissed it before leaving. Christine just watched in horror before biting her lip and continuing down the passage quietly, wanting to cry.

05/13/2005 1:40 PM

Keo watched the scene through the mirror with a mixture of fascination and horror. How could they treat her like this? As though she were some kind of pawn? He had grown up in a world where men were woman’s superior and yet from what he had seen in this world was that woman had the same amount of strength as men but it was focused in different areas. Men had a greater physical strength whereas Women’s strength tended to be mental strength that came from within. He respected their abilities to withstand pain and suffering. It was the man that supported the family but the wife who kept the family together. Both jobs were equally important and to see the prince acting as he did only enraged him.

He turned to Christine to speak his outrage to her but when he looked at her he could see that she was upset. At that moment all his anger left him and he wanted to wrap his arms around her and comfort her but he knew such a gesture would not be welcomed so he restrained choosing instead to place his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. “I do not fully understand what happened in there and I doubt that there is anything I can do about it but if you need my help you need only ask!”

05/13/2005 2:18 PM

Christine wanted to be held but she knew it was against all regulations unless being betrothed. She figured he would understand that much between the royalty family-line. Christine half-smiled and continued to walk down the hallways until a spiral stair keep was on her left. She wasn’t going to let family matters invade her adventures; she would deal with that at another meeting. She did turn on her heel however and stopped in front of the stair way and sighed. “You can only take a guess but that is one of my parent’s ‘good’ night, meaning they are still ‘iffy’ on the matter of my leaving. He will be King either way and there is nothing I can do about it. If it is what my family thinks well of me, than so let me be and do my civic duty.” She smiled a little still feeling the hurt that there had been a secret meeting.

“With that said and done, This is the way to my secret place.”

05/13/2005 2:47 PM

Keo nodded as she spoke but when she spoke of leaving he looked at her in confusion. "Where are you leaving for. Or am i being stupid and you speak of leaving to visit my home? And about your brother being King. Something's are cruel but maybe they are meant to be. Yet that doesn't stop you from trying to twist fate. Accept that you are not to be Queen yet when they try to drag you from your rightful place go kicking and screaming the whole way." he grinned at this, "What i mean to say is just because you know something is final doesn't mean you have to like it. You should make sure they know that!"

"Now all said and done let's see this secret place of yours." he said as he followed her.

05/13/2005 2:56 PM

Taking into consideration his words she still needed time to feel the freedom that choked her every whim. She turned around once more and walked up towards the spiral stairs as rushing water was herd. She smiled, opened a door and proceeded through. A large white marble fireplace stood with architectural designs and a large bed sat in front of that. The bed was on a large 10 foot by 10 foot dais with a white canopy around it. A large marble balcony was shun over looking waterfalls and mountains. A library next to it had old scrolls, journals, coins and knick-knacks collecting the fine dust. “It looks like every other room doesn’t it? My father made replicas but this is the room that we built together.” She smiled. “The fireplace was something I loved and when you step through it, there’s another adventure.” She smiled, pushing away the canopy and flopping onto the bed.

05/14/2005 12:20 PM

Keo looked around him in awe. The room was beautiful; it seemed to be made entirely of white marble. He walked over to the balcony and ran his hands along its smooth surface. He then turned to gaze at the landscape before him. It too was beautiful. The lights of the town twinkled in the darkness and the moon cast a silvery sheen across his face. He smiled at Christine in his dream-like state and motioned to the world outside the window his eyes shinning. “Isn’t it beautiful? Mama would have loved this, I can imagine her and father standing bathed in the moonlight just talking on a balcony similar to this. She spoke of him often, the memories of times they spent together. I loved it and I yearned to meet the father I believed dead. And now I’ve found him, yet it cost me too much.”

He smiled sadly as he continued to gaze out across the horizon.

05/14/2005 8:00 PM

Tiredness seemed to creep on her as the words Keo spoke left her conscious mind and returned to the dreams as she drifted farther and farther away from reality. The humid air seemed to put a push towards her fatigued. “In the...mor...” Soon her eyes had been shut and the dreams had come forth.

05/15/2005 10:49 AM

Keo turned round as Christine started to speak but when she faltered her cocked his head slightly to one side questionably. When he saw that she was asleep he grinned and walked over to the bed. It seemed that she had collapsed there and so he lifted her up in his arms and removed the covers. She was light and he could feel her warmth through his thin clothes. He laid her gently beneath the covers and wrapped them round her. He smiled as he pushed her hair away from her face in her eyes he could see his sister and for a moment it was as if she was here. Then the cold realization hit him and he snapped back, drawing his hand quickly away from her face. He walked round to the other side of the bed and lay down beneath the sheets. He turned to face the wall before closing his eyes.
In his dream he was dancing with the Princess and all his family was watching, clapping their hands with delight. He smiled in his sleep as he drew the covers tighter around his body.

05/15/2005 12:17 PM

The morning seemed to give way to her conscious thoughts. For a moment she opened her eyes, staring at a hump next to her. After moments of realization she put her hand to flatten to hump in the sheets until the figure was solid. Sitting up she thought it was Keo and then realized it was after hearing a faint snore. She wanted to laugh but stood up, stretching. Their were no clouds this morning as the sun started to rise giving way it’s oranges and purples. Christine pulled her curls back over her right shoulder and opened the balcony doors, holding onto the stone rail. There came a heavy sigh until a warm breeze played with her hair. She smiled and looked back toward the room where a sleeping Keo laid.

05/15/2005 1:33 PM

Keo drifted slowly into consciousness. He blinked slightly and shielded his eyes from the light. After a few moments he got used to it’s brightness and so stood up. He ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair and sighed. His stomach growled betraying his hunger and he smiled looking around the room in search of the girl. He spotted her out on the balcony and he grinned to himself as he walked up to her. “Morning! Did you have a good nights sleep?”

He looked again at the countryside beneath him. It looked different in the morning light and he found himself smiling but then his stomach growled again and he pressed a hand to it flushing slightly. “You don’t happen to have anything to eat. I haven’t eaten since lunch time since supper was sort of…disturbed. And even then all I had was some bread and a bit of soup!”

05/15/2005 2:18 PM

Christine smiled. “I thought you would say that. There’s a vineyard upstairs.” She couldn’t help but feel a slight knowledge of another adventure. “I’m sorry for…leaving my reality state after not showing you what was up the stairs. We can go there and then if you are still hungry, I smell the chiefs making wheat bread and pretzels.” She pushed back her curls that seemed to never tangle. Yawning, she turned around and walked back into the forgotten room.

05/16/2005 1:23 PM

Keo smiled back at her, “You fell asleep! What wrong with that? I don’t mind so neither should you worry about! And yes I’m still starved, they food you are describing sounds like heaven, so lead on.” He gazed lovingly back over the countryside before he tore his gaze away from the delights below him to follow the Princess.

05/16/2005 3:01 PM

The walls were even more creepy looking as a thicker goo stuck to the walls. She gave a gagging face and then smiled. From spiral stairs, winding stairs, broken stairs, and tunnel stairs, a light seemed to shin through a small door. As Christine approached the door, it got large, making its stone structure even more elegant. A vast land opened up as a large waterfall dropped down into a cavern with purple lights all around as the rock seemed to glitter that misty purple.

On the opposite side laid a fresh garden with herbs, spices, fruit trees, root plants and a vineyard. Grapes grew abundantly with fruits while bushes of blue berries grew gleaming blue. It was as if a little taste of heaven patched its restful temptation. Christine smiled and looked down the waterfall. It was 6 feet deep with luscious flowers giving a peaceful aroma at the base of the waterfall. “I used to swim here all the time to let my anger run.” She sat near a small rock, picking at the good strawberries and rinsing them into the clear, warm water.

05/17/2005 11:08 AM

Keo looked around him at the walls. They were covered in some sort of thick goo. He touched it taintively but drew back quickly as the stuff touched his fingers. He grinned as Christine made a gagging face and showed her the stuff on his hands before making a similar expression. When they reached the door Christine opened it and Keo looked around at the scene before him. He gazed around him in awe. It was breath-taking; a large waterfall tumbled down beneath glittering rocks. Opposite it lay a garden filled with herbs, fruit trees and other such wonders.

“I used to swim here all the time to let my anger run.” Christine said and he smiled, “You must have been very fortunate to hold such wonders beneath your home!” He followed her example and took one of the strawberries, washing it in the warm water before popping it into his mouth. He closed his eyes in delight, never in his life had he tsted anything so delicious. Greedily he picked several more, taking his time to enjoy their sweet taste.

When he had taken his fill of the fruits around him, grinned at the princess, “mind if I take a swim?” He gazed once more at the crystal waters, without waiting for her reply he took of his shirt and dived into the cool waters. Once in the water he lay on his back and closed his eyes, basking in the warmth of the waters.

05/17/2005 1:43 PM

The water seemed to tease her to the point of wanting to join but she didn’t have any ‘swimming’ attire. She chuckled at his picking of the fruit and watched him until he was completely unaware of her thoughts. She grinned and jumped in right near him letting water splash after removing her clothes.

05/18/2005 11:11 AM

Keo grinned at her as she leapt in after him, "So couldn't resist it either." He continued to grin as he sunk beneath the surface, once underneath he opened his eyes and began to swim in the direction of the purple glow. He stared at it in confusion, what was it? the question danced around in his mind to a point where it became unbearable. Finnaly letting curiosity get the better of him he grabbed Christine's ankle and pulled her under, he pinted at the purplish glow and looked at her questionally.

05/18/2005 3:30 PM

After her ankle being grabbed she reached to the top of the surface to get more air and then went down again making a signal to follow. She didn’t bother telling him that they weren’t underground or under the castle. This was under a mountain. She thought this would have freaked him out as he didn’t ask for why the tunnel was a long walk.

Upon reaching the glowing light a large enough hole was made for one person each as she went through swiftly and rushed towards the top. Purple crystals danced all around upon a purple-misted fog. The water was warm so the steam had to go somewhere. She smiled and reached the sand feeling the smooth grain and letting the warm fog take over as her clothing.

05/19/2005 10:52 AM

Keo took another deep breath before following Christine. He squeezed through the hole after her and ran after her following the curve of the path upwards. Once they reached the top he stopped to catch his breath and gazed around him in awe, it seemed that the further they went the more beautiful it got. He had never imagined anything as beautiful as this cave and the waterfall outside as being anywhere near the castle. Then a sudden thought crossed his mind, ‘where were they?’ They had been walking for some time and there was no way that this wonderful place could be located near the castle walls.

He sighed and walked over to the walls and placed his hands on the crystals. He could feel their energy through the palms of his hands. He held out his hands and let the mist swirl round them; he smiled at Christine, eyes dancing. “What is this place?”

05/19/2005 4:54 PM

Christine slowly moved her attention to Keo. Her eyes lazily lapping over his wet body. “This, my friend is one of the last wonders of the world under a mountain. It was once said that a mighty god had twelve wives that he grew jealous of their beauty and killed them all; killing his children in spite as well. Well when he grew older and wiser he set out twelve hidden wonders of the world in memorabilia towards each of his wives. Ours was Aurora: purple water.” Christine brushed back her thick, wet hair and laid flat on the ground feeling the warmth surround her, letting the fog engulf her body completely. “I use to find myself here all the time...” She mumbled letting the warmth take away her stress. It had been many years since she revisited this place since her father died.

05/21/2005 5:45 AM

“I use to find myself here all the time...” Christine mumbled and Keo grinned at her. The magick of the place seemed to dull one’s senses, leaving them free unchained by life’s problems. He grinned foolishly as he lay besides her. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his loose trousers and drew out the second stone Alyza had given him. He moved closer to the princess, so that he was almost one top of her, as he showed it to her, “Has anyone else been here other than you?”

05/21/2005 9:26 AM

Christine laughed slightly. "Nope. My father didn't even know this place or where it was." She looked up pushing back her brown hair. "So do you have any secret places you've yet uncovered?" She smiled feeling another's warmth. She saw something in his hands. "What's that?" She thought but didn't bother asking.

05/21/2005 12:56 PM

"Nope. My father didn't even know this place or where it was." Christine said laughing. As she said these words Keo drew closer to her so that his face was just inches away from hers. He brought the stone forward so that it dangled in front of her eyes, “If that’s so why then do I hold in my palm a crystal that matches those around us. It is the same stone Christine; I have 10 others all different colours. Including this one and the one I gave you earlier that makes 12. Dare to guess what the other colours are?”

05/22/2005 6:15 AM

Christine bit down on her lip as though she was guilty; truly she wasn’t. A strange feel wept over her as he loomed close to her; his breath beating down. “I really can’t tell you why. I’ve never been to the others and I don’t know why you have that stone. Granted it matches the place around me; but I assure you, I don’t know why you have that stone.” Inhaling, she glanced away from his eyes and looked at the stone. Yes, it was the same color as the place but the stone was neatly carved. She looked around to see if anything had been taken out or touched; but something else caught her attention.

05/22/2005 12:53 PM

Keo shrugged, “Think nothing of it then!” He rose to his feet to search the vast cavern for the hole this stone had left. Behind him he felt Christine turn slightly, something had caught his attention, he turned to face her confusion written across his features, “What is it?”

05/23/2005 6:31 PM

Christine shrugged for a moment and rose from the fog. Another silent sound rang towards her ears as her eyes widened. Looking around the small room she found a hidden corner and pulled Keo’s arm, thrusting him back to the wall. In a quick sprint and a small lunge she manage to shift her body up towards his.

Minutes had passed when male noises were conversing and entering the cave with a small shovel and a gold pale with expensive cheesecloth inside. Taking the largest stones they could find worth a lot of money.

For a brief minute Christine’s heart raced as thoughts purged into her mind. She looked up at Keo with eyes that wanted to say she was sorry and wanted to cry but she didn’t bother since it wasn’t her place.

05/24/2005 11:34 AM

Christine shrugged in answer to his question before rising to her feet. Keo took the gesture as a dismissal and so turned his back to her in order to continue his search. Suddenly he found himself being grabbed from behind and flung against the wall, before he had a chance to cry out, Christine pressed herself against him and he got her meaning. He shut his mouth and watched silently waiting for whatever danger she had seen to pass. As the seconds ticked by he became acutely aware of how close she was to him and felt himself flush slightly. But before he had time to assess the situation it changed as some men entered the cave and began to haul away the most valuable stones. He snarled slightly and hissed in Christine’s ear, “What do they think they’re doing?”

He griped the small dagger in his pocket, incase the need came to defend himself. He knew that he stood no chance against these men but he would try if it meant saving the princess, it was after all his duty as Duke.

05/25/2005 12:48 PM

Christine shrugged her shoulders as the two men herd something echo through the walls and rushed out after gathering most of the stones and patching it with a purple dust to blend in. Five minutes has past when Christine stepped away from Keo, blushed and looked over to the markings. “You have your answer.”

05/26/2005 10:06 AM

Keo looked around him; he ran his hands over the strange markings. “Do you still have that stone I gave you earlier, the green one I want to have another look at it and if I’m correct in my thoughts I believe we ought to pay those thieves a visit. They’ve taken something that should not be removed!”

05/26/2005 12:25 PM

Christine looked down at herself. “I’m not exactly...” She blushed a little at the fact she didn’t have any clothing one. “What will the stone do anyways?”

05/26/2005 12:35 PM

Keo felt his gaze drift to the princess’s body but he quickly turned away, it was unwanted attention. [i] she’s probably betrothed or something, I’m sure she won’t want me looking at her like that [/i] he thought, blushing bright red staring fixatedly at the wall in front of him. “I’m not entirely sure but there’s something strange about these markings, they remind me of the sigils mama spoke of and I believe they’re the same markings as those on the stone I gave you.” [i] the same stone that brought us together, that helped me find my true heritage and my father [/i]. “I just thought that if the markings are the same the men must have been to the second cave, in fact they have probably been to all twelve locations. I just need to know if these are mindless thieves who came across the purple jewels and decided they wanted them or whether there is some purpose to their quest!”

05/26/2005 2:39 PM

Christine bit down on her lower lip and walked up next to him. He was almost a head taller than she but she still looked at the markings. At times she looked at him secretly and way to her secret smile but surely covered it up. “Keo, have you ever heard of the black market? Maybe we can get more information about that.” She didn’t want to deal with family matters but something about this place gave her a chill for excitement and studies. There were markings on the wall and it looked as though stones were moved around on purpose and stuck to the wall by magic.

Staring at the wall for a moment it seemed as if the wall moved closer in her mind (in reality it didn’t move). Magic had corrupted this place and preserved it for years. The stones seemed to move in Christine’s mind as it came closer to her and formed into a letter written in an old, ancient language. “Neher.” Christine read aloud, blinked and found herself talking out of place.

05/27/2005 12:45 PM

Keo felt Christine move towards him and he smiled at her, before turning back to the walls, “Keo, have you ever heard of the black market? Maybe we can get more information about that.” She asked him and he nodded, grinning wirily, “How could I not!” at the mention of the name a look of fear crossed his features, but it lasted for less than a second and it was quickly replaced by a look of confusion. He did not feel the need to tell her that he had dealt there but then why should he, it was common knowledge that most of his kind did; thieves. He was surprised she hadn’t realized he was one of them, she had seen the dagger in his hand hadn’t she wondered how he had come to possess such an item. Though the peasants chose to carry weapons it was never of this kind, they chose more clubs like weapons, a show of force. He preferred the finer arts of battle, more skilled combats. His fingers brushed the hilt that he had replaced in his pockets just moments before. Thieves were not uncommon most peasant boys tried it out at some point in their lives why should he be any different.

“Neher.” The voice cut through his thoughts and he looked up in confusion, shaking himself out of the trance. He gripped the princess’s shoulders firmly but not in a way that would cause her any discomfort. He look right into her eyes, his face just inches from hers, as he spoke slowly afraid of where the words had come from. The voice did not sound like her own but then he hardly knew her, “What did you say? Can you read what it says?”

05/27/2005 5:26 PM

Something seemed strange about Keo and his way of saying: ‘How could I not!’ She brushed it off, thinking there was nothing wrong but something inside the back of her mind that he knew more than she wanted to know. “Then I guess we might want to head back and possibly address this issue.” She frowned not knowing exactly what she was saying or the danger that could possibly go wrong.

At his sudden rush of reaching out towards her shoulders, Christine jumped a little out of discomfort. After his cross examination (as if felt towards her), she bit down on her lip and looked towards the ground. “I don’t know what I said or what it means.” She didn’t want to say anything about how she could find out what it meant since something told her not to trust anybody. She sighed and looked out at the caves’ exit. “Shall we find out more about this place?” Then something caught her attention. He was the Duke’s son! Looking up, she turned towards the exit. “Keo, we have to leave.” Something didn’t feel right.

05/28/2005 6:21 AM

“I don’t know what I said or what it means.” Christine said and he let go of her shoulders, trying to hide his disappointment. He nodded slightly, there was nothing more to be said.
“Shall we find out more about this place?” she asked and he shrugged and opened his mouth to say something when the princess interrupted him, “Keo, we have to leave.” He caught the urgency in her voice and followed her through the exit. When they emerged from beneath the waterfall, he dragged himself out of the water and up onto bank. He grabbed his shirt, not caring to put it back on and started to run back to the castle. He squeezed through the narrow passage and stepped out of the fireplace and back into the white room, where he flopped down onto the bed. He didn’t know what made him run but all of a sudden he wanted to get out.

“What now? If you find out more about that place, I’ll look into the black market to see whether the crystals are being sold there!” he looked at her questioningly, he would ask Trina and Nat, they would surely know, they knew everything that was either sold or brought on the black market. That’s what made them such great partners.

((i'm not sure if this is what you intended))

05/28/2005 4:03 PM

Quickly gathering her belongings and clothing she noted the intruders footpaths and clenched her jaw. After quick strides towards her way back she was stopped by men in black and red robes. Swords glittered their belts as did rope and daggers. They wore leather boots, made from the rarest parts of the continent; even the Princess couldn’t retain them. Each men were paired up in twos as they came in and blocked the exit. The land was vast but not vast enough as it was shielded by magic.

It took only a moment before Christine recognized the rogues. It was her brothers as he shoved his way towards the front and to his sister. Disappointment clouded his mind as he shook his head and combed his hands through his hair. He was well guarded as seven of the deadliest rouges guarded them. He was tall, built, and rugged. Most of the local women who went to his chambers said he was very skilled in the art and powerful. Christine looked towards the side to see Keo and his reaction and then proceeded to look over at her brother who put his thumb under her chin and lifted it to his face.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk...You should have left.”

05/29/2005 4:42 AM

Keo watched the rogues enter the room. They were dressed in black and red robes with, their weapons showed clearly, warning anyone that they meant business. For a moment Keo looked at them in fear, but then determination set in and he glared at them with pure loathing. But he stayed where he was, he knew that if he stepped in now he could easily be killed, he couldn’t take on all 8 of them, not as he was. He sat up on the bed and watched them, it was a deadly game they were playing now. One wrong move and he and possibly the princess would be killed, he couldn’t risk that. He glared at them, his mind frantically working out a way for the two of them to escape.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk...You should have left.” The leader said as he lifted Christine’s face to look directly at his. [i]left where? What is he talking about?[/i]Keo’s mind was frantically trying to understand what was going on he just hoped the princess knew what she was doing.

05/29/2005 6:25 AM

Christine bit her lip, shaking off his small aggression. His eyes seemed to dance from her to the male stranger. “Looks like the Princess was having her own bit of fun.” Small chuckles occurred after Mathias laughed and then stopped, the crowed then stopped their laughing and began their business. “As you know Princess, I was advised a strict order. You will perish before the kingdom, giving up your titles and rights. As for your friend I hear you decided to brown nose and find out about his heritage. Isn’t that a bit bold for a Princess?”

Christine’s face flushed red. “I did not go through other peoples business.” She turned her cheek away and pointed her nose towards the sky. “I helped him.” It was a simple remark with harsh verbiage. Mathias’ black hair swayed long behind the leather thong and black dagger in his hair. His black chain mail was made from the underground smiths, very rare and very costly. “I see your stubbornness hasn’t changed.” Her brown curls danced down her shoulders towards her mid-back.

“Then I’d advise you to stay far away from it.” In a sense of heat, Mathias swung his fist across her face, took his glove off and proceeded to push away the lesser rouges. Two of his loyal servants reached out and bound Christine and then after Keo. If he should dare struggle there would be hell to pay. In a quick thought, Christine knew what was going to be the outcome and she would follow for a while.

05/29/2005 9:01 AM

Keo listened to the conversation between Christine and the stranger with a mixture of fear and interest. He wanted to know more about the man and his rogues but he knew enough about them to know that they would not hesitate to kill him. He tightened his muscles as the servants bound him, he watched them, his face emotionless, saying nothing. He trusted the princess and so followed her example, hoping that there would be some way to escape or send a message to his friends, though he doubted there was anything they could do.

05/29/2005 9:50 AM

OOC: You have free range! LOL. You don’t always have to follow my example, you’re Duke! J

Christine walked calmly through the hallways at her palace and walked out to face the crowds of people. The rouges covered her body, but not her face. Christine dared not to look upon her people in defeat but in a battle she lost for the time being. Small shoves gave her the directions until she stopped, looked down and nearly ran into some of the rouges. They completely stopped, as if they were machines. It was Mathias. His hand was arched into the air for their movements to seize and they obeyed.

From the side wearing a bright red uniform with badges and a bright white cape towards the floor, Christine new it was her brother, Matthew. He shook all of their hands and rewarded them fifty franks each in a black velvet pouch and one hundred franks were given in a red silk pouch to Mathias.

Soon the movements continued as Christine stood there dazed, tugged by the chains. Her eyes glared at her brothers who seemed to laugh at the situation. He waved in a grin as she tugged back after her brother; only to find an even harder tug. Nearly collapsing to the floor she walked quickly, picking up the pace and feeling slight burns around her wrists and stomach. She felt as though she was an animal and treated like dirt.

Reaching the coaches was the easy part but witnessing the whispers of her people was not the best thing to do. They called her a witch for using magic she did not even posses and a liar. Something so familiar as to her brother’s doing. “Mathias, where do you plan on taking me?” It was low but enough so he could hear it. “Nakbar.” His word was like venom soaking through your skin as if your life seemed to pass just before you.

Nakbar, one of the vast places of the continent. Even rouges dared not enter Nakbar unless exiled or wanted to commit suicide. Necromancers lived there but they lived for very short periods of the time and only when they sensed food was coming. Everything had a code, and the desert of Nakbar was worse. There were eight suns and one moon that closely orbited Nakbar. Night only remained for two hours since the suns cycle moved slowly and the moon quickly. She sighed, looked back towards Keo to see how he was doing. “Nakbar it is.” She turned around and was held up towards black coach. It was no ordinary coach and the driver was made of solid bones and black attire. The horses were black with purple tips. This was Mathias, the ultimate Necromancer rouge ever to exist.

05/29/2005 10:47 AM

((free range enough. i have actually no idea where this is going but we shall see))

Keo looked around the crowds of people, searching for familiar faces. He almost cried out with relief as he noticed Trina and Nat. He stared at them, forcing them to see him. They looked up and met his gaze squarely, he made a small gesture with his hands and they nodded in understanding. Now all he had to do was wait, he fingered the blade, glad that the servants had not thought to search him.

A cry erupted from the crowd and Keo recognized Loki as the cause of it, it had begun. He relaxed his muscles and felt the bonds slack, he slipped out of them, stabbing the nearest rogue before he had a chance to realized what had happened. Keo was lucky, he had the element of surprise on his side. He dropped to the floor, as large crowd of people surged towards the astonished rogues. They may have been one of the world’s most elite rogues but no one escapes an angry mob and that’s just what Loki had done. Adeptly named for his ability to trick and deceive his opponents, the tall skin lad had somehow made the townsfolk surge against the rogues. He grinned and twisted his way through the masses of people, searching for Christine. He spotted her but she was with the leader who had her gripped firmly. He picked up the word of one of the fallen rogues and made his way over to them, killing all those in his way.

Suddenly he felt someone grip his arm, he snarled and raised the sword to strike, “Boss please come with me,”” he looked round to see Molly gripping his arm, “No! I have to save her. I have to get to the princess!”
The child tightened her grip on him as two more of his thieves moved towards them, “No boss, its too late, she’s with the devil man you can’t save her now!” He snarled at her, pushing her roughly aside.
“She’s right boss. Leave her, we can save her later but we need to get the men together. It’s too risky, the initial shock is warring off. We need to go now!” With one last look at the princess Keo growled and followed the molly and the other two away from the fight.

They took a narrow passage and disappeared from sight. They followed the twisting passages, until they reached the den. He looked around him at the faces that stared back. He was home.
Loki, Trina and Nat emerged from the crowd and walked up to him. He slapped Loki on the back, congratulating him for yet another successful mission and grinned at Nat who smiled back at him in admiration, “Great to have you back boss.” Finally Trina approached him; he embraced her, holding her tight to his chest. He ran a hand through her auburn hair as she gripped him tightly, refusing to let go. “I was so worried Keo, when you didn’t come back. Then I saw you bound and I dunno I guess I just panicked. Nat and Loki arranged the whole thing,” she looked at the floor ashamed by her actions but he lifted her face to meet his and smiled at her, “It’s alright I’m here now!” He squeezed her one last time before letting her go. She moved to stand by his side as he addressed the people that stood there. They were his thieves, worked for him. He never would understand why they followed him, most were older between the ages of 18 and 24 but still despite they’re superior years they stilled followed him. They nodded in admiration at his words, when he had finished speaking he dismissed them and they scattered, disappearing into the heart if the city. They would watch and listen for any news of the princess.

Finally only Trina, Nat, Loki and a tall burly black 24 year old named Griffin were left. “What now boss?” they asked,
“Now we wait. Soon it will be time to invoke the power I wield as Duke and then its to Nakbar!” He smiled grimly at them and the smiled back, the same expression written across their faces.

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05/29/2005 11:21 AM

It was as if something in the back of her mind told her to jerk forward when Keo had slaughtered down a few rouges. The chain gripped much harder this time as Mathias took hold of her chain, pulling her in with some strength. It was impact that gave her a muffled yelp as he reached out and pulled her silk curls towards him. She wanted to just go limp and lie like that forever but she didn’t bother, instead she looked out to Keo rushing towards her and being held back. She tried to scream his name out but it became muffled when Mathias held his palm out. Christine felt cold, dead hand wrap around her thin throat the choke her under she learned to restrain herself calmly and do what bidding necessary.
Mathias was quiet- always quiet. His thoughts of tactics filled with the sounds of children and women screaming in pain while he took his pleasure to another extent with dead bodies. He was a Necromancer and he held high his authority. His rouges were all decoys for the army being built underground. But it was Christine that side tracked him. The obnoxious little girl who he so wished to kill had now been staring out into a vast land where the sunset towards the North instead of the East. He placed his glove under his rugged beard and thought about his next move avoiding the silent Princess.
Christine bit down on her lower lip and took silent breaths trying to calm herself. She was headed towards Nakbar and Keo was off doing something. A thought penetrated her mind: “What if he does come after me?” She thought as her eyes widened in happiness. She minded that Mathias was right next to her and would be able to feel and concentrate on what little hope she had. He was good at destroying someone’s soul so he could have his way.
Mathias turned and glared at the Princess who seemed giddy out of nowhere. He tapped the side of the coach as the horses continued at a fast pace. Bones crawled from the ceiling down at Christine jumped, yanking the chains towards her in fear. Mathias grinned, pulled the chains back and laid his hands calmly on his knees. He leaned in to the bones dressed in red robes. “Xepts doon Veredendadutui.” He spoke in Necromancer. The bones jingled and sat back on the roof shouting the same thing in tongue. Soon the horses took a dive down and sharply towards the right. Mathias grabbed a hold of Christine so she would not fall around the place. Plans were changing.

05/30/2005 4:29 AM

The small beggar boy, watched as the tall Necromancer and the Princess got into the coach. He stared after them with his sharp eyes. As he noticed which turning they took he smiled to himself. There was only one place they could be going and he knew a short cut. He signaled to his one of the men, and told him what he saw. The man grinned at him, ruffling his hair, “Well done lad. The boss will be pleased!” he said before running of back to Keo to tell him the news. The beggar boy gave a mock bow; grinning wickedly before heading to the place he thought the coach was due.


Keo looked up as Nik entered the room, he glared at him slightly, annoyed that he had interrupted the meeting but said nothing. Nik grinned at him, “Sorry ter interrupt yer boss but I’ve news for yer. Kaimi saw the man that took yer princess; he knows where they’re ‘eadin. Made im go there, e’ll be waitin for em. Then e can watch em see where they go next.” Keo nodded at him, “Good! Get Brash to send a message to the Duke’s castle. Tell the men they’re that Lord Keseyo, son of Duke Moonraider says to prepare for battle. I’ll send them another message updating them later. I Want you to keep an eye out for anything else, report back to me if anything new happens. Something very precious to me has been stolen and I want it back. Got it?” Nik nodded dumbly, starring at him wide-eyed. “Yer a Duke?”
Keo grinned at him, “So it seems!” Nik grinned back, bowed and turned to leave.
“One more thing, there’s something very important that was left behind in the princess’ chambers. It’s a small green stone, with sigils engraved in its surface. Send Asher, he knows what it looks like. I want it retrieved but quietly I don’t want anyone to know what we’re up. To far only the princess knew about it. Now go!” Nik bowed again and left.

Keo turned back to the four thieves that stood in the room with him, “Right guys it’s begun. They’ll regret the day they stole something from me!”

05/30/2005 10:48 AM

“Oh my where is she?” A worried mother asked, her voice cracking bitterly as she lie dying on her bed. “She has left. For sometime now, she wants to be left alone. Those were her wishes to carry out to you.” Matthew sighed to comfort his dying mother. He was actually pleased things were going his way. The King placed a large hand on his son’s shoulder. “I’m sorry lad, you two were always close.” Matthew wanted to laugh aloud and tell them all they were wrong but he didn’t. He kept to himself and played along with sympathy.

Christine was luckily given the opportunity to speak but it had to be worth hearing. She bit down on her lip that so long parted by only inches. She looked out of the window sitting back, becoming more comfortable and tired. Mathias’s hand swept calmly over her face as she drifted away into a deep sleep.

He sat there for a moment admiring what beauty she had grown into. Her stubbornness was out of control and yet intoxicating to any man. He snapped his hands as the bones sank back towards him. “I want you to set up a decoy. When we hit checkpoint we are getting in the lesser ones. My carriage will have two decoys. I want everything to go as planned.” The bones chatted their teeth in approval and told the plans to the main five men, guarding the coach. He looked over at Christine. “Looks like you are a hard one to take.”

05/30/2005 12:43 PM

((anyone would have thought you didn't want Christine to be rescued))

Kaimi sat by the edge of the road, his keen eyes searching for any sign of the coach. He smiled to himself nobody expected the 9 year old beggar boy to pose any threat. That’s why the boss found him so useful. Kaimi was in the boss’ inner circle, along with Griffin, Nik, Nat, Trina, Molly, Brash and Loki. Griffin, Nik and Brash were the muscle; Nat and Trina were responsible for fencing the goods, Molly and Kaimi were the surveillance and Loki and the Boss were the planners. Everyone else, well they were the thieves and the fighters. Kaimi grinned, proud to be part of such a strong gang.

After 20 minutes Kaimi started to get worried, the coach should have been here by now. He signaled to another of the young boys. “I think something’s wrong. Kayin stay here with others in case the coach comes. They might try a decoy. Any coach that comes this way I want followed and watched no matter what it may look like. I’m taking Molly and we’re going to head up the road the coach should have come down. The boss has given me the authority to take command of this situation so I’m putting you in charge of making sure no coach or any other kind of traveling device passes this area without being followed. And make sure you’re not seen. The boss doesn’t want the man to know he’s being followed.” Kayin nodded and Kaimi disappeared up the road in search of the missing coach.


Keo had finished addressing the others and was waiting for news from Nik when a small serving girl entered the room. He cocked his head and looked at her in confusion, [i]what was she doing here. How did she even know about this place[/i] he thought to himself but the serving girl removed her outfit, “Nice ter see yer recognized me boss!” He grinned at the girl, “Nyako what have you got to report?”
Nyako bowed slightly and started her report, “Not much Boss. Only ter say I went ter the castle like yer said ter get that stone thing. Asher sent me, told me wot it looked like and I went an got it. Here yer go.” Keo nodded as he took the stone from her, “An while I woz there I saw the prince talkin to an old lady, I think it was the Queen but I dunno. Anyway I woz thinkin it be a good Idea ter get this prince coz he wer there when the princess was takun. I think he might no more about this man that took yer princess.” Keo grinned at her, “That’s a great idea. Tell Griffin to organize a team I want the prince kidnapped. Also I want you to go back into the palace and keep me updated on events and goings on inside.”
Nyako nodded and ran to do his bidding.

Keo walked over to the corner of the room, where hidden deep in a crack in the wall were the other stones. He gathered them in his arms and placed them on the table. He gazed at the twelve stones before him trying to make sense of the puzzle Ali had left behind.


Griffin followed Nyako into the castle. His men walked behind him, they’re faces hidden beneath their black cloaks. The black man grinned as he stood outside the door that Nyako had last seen the prince enter just 10 minutes ago. “Right men you know the plan. The boss wants him taken alive so do try not to get violent.” The thieves grinned back at him as Griffin pushed open the door and walked in Saber held high…

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Plans were in order. The decoys were in plan as the sleeping Christine was held firmly in Mathias’s large arms. He switched into an old beggars coach, watching it sway as his large body got in. He didn’t bother setting Christine down, holding her was nothing since she weighed almost nothing. He ordered the four decoys to go all different directions, none were ever to return or be spoken of. He didn’t say where he was going only told them to rush off and that if he needed them he would have them hunted down.
Matthew smiled at the intruders with their swords at hand. “Please, come in. I’ve been expecting you.” He snapped his fingers when twenty-five Arabian rogues came out with two scimitars in each hand. Their frames were large since their clothing was a little small for their fit. Luckily, their capes were large enough to have a sway of freedom.

“Now, tell me. Where is my sister?”

05/30/2005 3:07 PM

Griffin signaled to his men to hold as the 25 rogues appeared. He sheathed his Saber and looked at the prince calmly, “Now tell me where is my sister?” He asked and Griffin smiled at him, “With the necromancer of course. Why do you ask seeing as you personally saw to her capture?” He continued to smile as his men moved to stand behind him but none of them made any Hostile moves. Griffin folded his hands over his chest. “It’s nice to see the people’s taxes can still buy you your thugs.” He grinned at the prince, his mood seemingly calm for one who was stuck in a trap but then Griffin knew something the Prince didn’t. But even so he had to be cautious for it was a very dangerous game he was playing. He watched the prince waiting fir him to make his move.


Keo stared at the twelve stones before him. He picked up the purple one, and set it aside. The amethyst (purple) represented Aurora he knew that. Next he picked up the green topaz (green), the stone he had given the princess earlier, this one he presumed to be Earth so he set it next to the amethyst. The blood stone (red), lapis lazuli (dark blue), blue moonstone (pale blue), citrine (yellow), white opal (white), black onyx (black) and clear quartz (clear) served to represent fire, water, air, lightning, light, dark and spirit, he set these aside as well. That left four crystals, rose quartz…… he stopped his train of thought. Or maybe when Christine said Aurora she meant the name of the wife. Keo shook his head in frustration and placed all the stones back in the centre of the table. He decided to try a different approach. He picked up a piece of paper and a quill and started to copy the sigils onto it.


Trina walked into the room and found Keo bowed over his work, she sighed and walked over to him, “What are you doing?” she asked him.
“Wait! I’ve almost finished…there I’ve just copied down all the sigils.” He showed her the piece of paper and she looked at it with faint amusement, “Keo what good will this do us you need to prepare the men. Word has come from your warriors up in Asvirah, they are ready. You are needed there not here in some dusky old room!” He looked at her and she felt her throat tighten, “What’s the use of warriors. He’s a necromancer, anything we slay he’ll just bring back to life. And then there’s his rogues, they’re too strong we can’t win Trina I don’t know why I’m even trying.” Trina looked at him in shock.
“Because it’s the right thing to do. The people need there Princess, the Queen is dying. Matthew is not fit to take her place. He will waste our money on his own amusements.”
”Trina we need magick to defeat this man!” he cried but she just looked at him, eye brow raised, “So that’s what’s worrying you. Don’t worry Keo we’ll think of something. That’s what you’ve got us for.” She grinned at him as he reached up and held her on his lap. He wrapped his arms round her slim waist and she buried her head into his shoulder. “That’s what I’ve got [i]you[/i] for!” She smiled back at him, heart thudding in her chest. She was afraid that Keo was right and that they’d all be slaughtered but she just smiled at him. He didn’t need anymore worries.


Kayin watched the fourth coach go by. He signaled Seyu to follow the coach smiling to himself as the boy disappeared into the shadows. Whoever this person was he wasn’t taking any chances but then Keo still had the entire city’s youths at his disposal. He continued to sit at the crossroads watching the main road for any signs of life.


Kaimi and Molly clambered up the road. It was a long, narrow and completely straight without any twists or side alleys. He put his hand out to stop Molly as he spotted the coach approaching them. He grinned, this was the one. He watched as the tall man picked up the princess and carried her into an old beggars coach. He continued to grin as the coach started to move. Molly opened her mouth to protest but Kaimi silenced her, “Report back to the boss tell him what we’ve seen. Don’t worry about me, I’ve got a plan!” Molly glared at him but scampered away as he watched the coach continue its journey. He was lucky the necromancer had chosen a slow coach.

05/30/2005 4:33 PM

Matthew laughed, sitting down. “Yes, with the Necromancer. Why? She owes me a favor. One you wouldn’t understand from your rat hole. As for the tax dollars, I slay to earn prosperity. With every step you make the closer my men are going to press their blades to your death. Now, I have something you all might enjoy if you will obey my orders.” Matthew turned and sat down pulling his robes down. “As for my personal gain, I have decoy’s so unless you have the actual proof that it was I who made plans with whom you speak of, don’t make the wrong accusations...”

Mathias watched as thick fog consumed the coach and the drivers. Chanting in a low mumble he called upon the twelve hidden places, buried deep below the soils. If any possessed the stones they would surely glow as did their place. They were used as a Necromancer’s sacred place for learning the dark arts and it was built eons ago but hidden from the black-market.

He looked down at the sleeping Christine who seemed peaceful in her thoughts. Carefree of what was going on in reality. He sighed, looked out towards the fog and called upon the dead. He was going to visit an old friend. Christine had something not found in many people and Matthew had a dark obsession with finding out what. It would take until sunrise before they reach their destination and when she would awaken. Proving her abilities.

05/31/2005 2:17 AM

The prince laughed and started to speak, Griffin cocked his head to one side, “If you choose to believe that I won’t say anything. However when you want to hear the truth just ask.” He laughed as the prince spoke of Decoys, “So you mean to tell me that you are going to convince the entire population of this city that surrounds us that it was one of your [i]decoys[/i] who paid the necromancer. Don’t be a fool prince, it’s a pity you don’t spend enough time in the city amounts the towns folk maybe then you could see the situation you’ve managed to dig yourself into. Its unraveling Prince and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”


Keo jumped as the stones started to glow. He looked at Trina in confusion, “What?! How did this happen? Did you do something?” Trina just shook her head and looked at him, eyes full of fear, “They’re cursed Keo! Throw them away they’ll do more good than bad, we’ll find some other way to deafeat thje necromancer!”
“NO!” he shouted, “Ali gave them to me and I trust her more than anyone else in the world, can’t you see that! Trust me Trina they can help us I just know they can!” but Trina just shook her head sadly, “This is your game Keo not mine I am but a pawn. I need not trust you only obey, I hope this princess of yours is worth it because your risking everyone’s lives to save her!” she said before walking away. Keo looked continued to stare at her as she disappeared but made no move to stop her. He sighed as he turned back to the glowing stones before him.

05/31/2005 11:08 AM

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Dawn had started to rise as cocks crowed off in the distance...

Matthew raised his hands at the level of his eyes and grinned. “A fool you think I am. Soon we will all be nothing more than the pawns of Christine.” He raised his brow and ordered in two of the same men from the purple cave. “Do you know what these are? Of course you don’t. These are Necromancer’s stones. They glow when a Necromancer uses it. Observe.” The stones started to glow brightly. “Ah, you see, Mathias is already using them. Go tell your precious Duke Moonraider that Christine is no more.” Matthew snapped his finger as the guards crowded around him and pushed out the intruders.

The coach had stopped in the middle of nowhere to a human’s eye. Using a Necromancer’s magic, the caves glowed brightly setting up a large star shape. Then they were no more. The bones all chatted to each other, chanting towards their master, Mathias. He took Christine in his arms and carried her over his broad shoulder. An eclipse had occurred over one of the middle sun’s which left only one large white and black ray pointing in the center of the desert.

At first it was silence and then the ground shook as steps started to crumble from the earth. Then a large hut appeared at the top of the stairs as sand poured into nothing like a waterfall. A large alter made of each stone made a riddle only Necromancer’s understood. Reaching the top of the alter, Mathias set Christine down and raised his sword...

When the sun hit perfectly on Christine she looked over to see a white flash in her eye. It almost blinded her until she realized she was about to be decapitated. Wheeling around the sword his the alter, cracking it as red light sealed it in to perfection once again. Taking her heels she kicked as hard as she could, pushing Mathias back for a brief moment.

Before he could take his place once again she slid off the tall alter and realized she was up at stairs with bones coming after her. Frantically looking around she took one of the shields and slid down it. The guards came rushing down at her as she quickly jumped on one of the horses and clicked her tongue, realizing she didn’t know where she was at.

Mathias laughed and held his hand out chanting as bones appeared behind her, disappeared with her and then reappeared back on the alter. Christine struggled. “No use, Princess. You are a Necromancer’s tool.” Kicking harder as guards reappeared from nowhere holding her legs down, arms down, and head.

05/31/2005 12:36 PM

Loki walked into the boss’ room searching for the stones. He found them and grinned to himself. He picked them up careful not wake the sleeping boy. He smiled to himself; [i]time to put these stones to use. I shall make for the boss a word he will be proud to wield[/i]. He continued to grin as he set off in search of the blacksmith


Keo shook his head and stared around him blearily. He cursed under his breath, he had managed to fall asleep. He struggled to his feet just as Molly came darting into the room. “Boss! I have news from Kaimi. The necromancer took the princess in the old beggars coach just by the Holman’s road. Kaimi has stayed to follow the coach. Boss if we’re going to act we need to do it now!” Keo nodded in response, “Send a message to my men in Asvirah tell them we’re moving, I want them to head for Holman’s road, that’s where I’ll meet them. Then send for Loki, Trina and Nat. Also tell Nik and Brash to get the rest of the men ready but leave the boys out of this I don’t want them involved in this war. Tell them all that they are to meet in Holman’s road. I will wait for Griffin and his men to return then I will join you.” Molly turned to go but Keo signaled her to stop, “Oh and Molly you are not to par take in the fighting, understand.” She glared at him eyes flashing but nodded sullenly not daring to question his orders.


Griffin walked into the den as Molly ran past him, “He caught her in his big arms. “Whoah where are you going in such a hurry?” She glared at him impatiently, “I’m to send a message to the men. We’re going in!” Griffin looked at her his face a mask of shock. He let her go and dashed into the boss’ room his men followed closely behind. “What’s this I hear about you signaling the men to move in?” Keo turned round to face him, “Kaimi spotted the necromancer with the princess he’s following them. If we don’t fight now she’s dead!”
“She’s already dead!” Griffin said staring sadly at him, “I went after the prince as you said only he was expecting us, he had 25 rogues with him. Probably could have taken them but I decided that it would be best I kept as many men alive as possible so that we can use them against the necromancer. Anyway the prince said that the princess was no more. He said other things also about how the stones were necromancer’s tools, and……” Keo silenced him with a wave of his hand. “The princess can’t be dead. Not yet anyway but she will be if we don’t try. We have to try Griffin, please trust me.” He turned round to retrieve the stones he had set on the table but they were gone, “Were are they?” he snarled, “Who moved them!” Griffin just stared at him in confusion, [i]how can anyone have moved them. We respect you’re things and would never steal anything from you[/i] he thought but just shrugged his big shoulders.


Keo looked around him in frustration searching desperately for the stones when Nat, Trina and Loki entered the room. “You asked for us.” Nat said. Keo nodded, “We are ready!” he stated simply. Suddenly Loki pushed forward and walked up to him to present him with a package. “I know that these stones were prechious to you but I talked to Trina and Nat and they noticed that the stones were sometimes seen around the black market embedded in weapons so I went to the blacksmith and he fashioned these for you. Also you know how they were glowing before well the minute the blacksmith set them into the blades they stopped glowing. Trina seems to think they’re no longer cursed. Don’t be mad at us boss we just thought they could do more good this way. Besides even f nothing happens the thought of you being driven mad trying to figure out what they do scared us so we fashioned them into these.” He presented the two blades to Keo and stepped back. There were two weapons in total. Keo looked at them carefully, they were doubled bladed, the 12 stones had been separated, half had been embedded into the hilt of the first weapon the other 6 into the other. The blade itself had been engraved with the sigils from the stones. Keo fingered the sharp blades before grinning at Loki and the others, “Thank-you! Even if they do not posses any kind if ‘magick powers’ they will still be a good weapon. Better than my dagger anyway.” He continued to grin as he turned and walked out of the room, heading to the coach which would take him to Holman’s road.


Kaimi watched as the necromancer hauled the princess out of the coach and dragged her away. Kaimi blinked as the necromancer disappeared into nowhere. [i]must be some sort of necromancer magick[/i] he thought to himself as he watched. Realizing that this was the necromancer’s final destination he ran back to Holman’s road to tell the others.


Commander Holt looked up as the small boy ran towards them. He walked forward to meet him, catching the boy as he collapsed in his arms, “Saw…princess and…..necromancer…by no man’s rock!” Commander Holt smiled at the boy fast asleep in his arms. He placed him on the ground just as the Duke appeared. He bowed to him, “We are here my liege to command as you see fit!” The duke nodded, “To no man’s rock it is!” Holt signaled to his men to mount the horses. Each men took one of the thieves on his horse. Keo rode behind Holt as they set off for No man’s rock……

05/31/2005 3:01 PM

Before long the bones let go of Christine, whispering something. Mathias dropped his weapon giving time for Christine to get away. She didn’t bother moving since she would reappear on the altar. Mathias yelled something in a foreign tongue and turned to meet Christine’s charming eyes. He bent down on one knee, still taller than she. “It seems your friends are indeed addicted to you! We shall see about that.” He turned away from her terrified gaze and chanted.

The dry soil cracked as he chanted in tongue. The dead rose from nowhere. Close to one million bones were held in armor and sword awaiting command. “You will destroy on command!” Mathias’s voice carried out. The bones all chatted in glory as they stepped backwards. There was always a plan and a back up one. “You know who that little boy is. He maybe in use.” Christine jumped as Mathias laughed.

Christine jumped in fear. “Keo?” She thought, looking confused. When the army arose from nowhere Mathias laughed awkwardly. “So now I’m some sort of...” She said being cut off by a snap. “You are not going to be used. You already are.” He turned his gaze back towards her, grinned sheepishly and disappeared. Christine frowned and started to get off the altar when a force field boxed her in. It gave a shock towards her knees and hands as she pounded on the shield. “You can’t do that!” She screamed as it echoed all around her.

The altar shook beneath her feet as she started to fly towards the clouds. Fighting did nothing, only push the force even harder as it started to crush her small frame and shred her clothes. Yelping, Christine pushed the pain away from her mind and concentrated on when Mathias would be defeated. When Christine saw her image on the field her clothes had changed completely. She wore red; something only benefiting an upcoming or ongoing war. It was as if she wore no clothes as it showed her stomach, arms, and side legs.

Chains started to glow around her wrists, ankles and stomach as it ended to a loop. The chains weren’t made of any metal but of the same as the altar but like that of the stones. Mathias appeared outside the force field as he looked her up and down. The chain that linked towards her stomach now wrapped around his wrist. She was a Necromancer’s pawn.

His clothes had changed as well. Heavy armor in black and gold with the stones decorated around. He had five large swords on his back and two on his sides with arrows and a large bow. He was much larger than she and much stronger as he grinned at her. “Now, my pet...you will do nicely.” He laughed as it echoed through the field.

06/01/2005 3:05 AM

Keo looked up as they approached their destination. He looked around him in confusion. There was nothing there, leaping of the commanders horse he made his way towards he boy. “Kaimi are you sure this is where you saw the necromancer take her.” Kaimi nodded weakly, “They just disappeared boss. Think it was some sort of magick!” Keo nodded, ordering his men to dismount. He spoke quietly to the commander who then signaled to his men to stand ready. Trina and Nat came to stand by Keo’s side. Griffin, Nik and Brash were standing slightly away from him their men behind them.

Keo smiled at them before calling out to the necromancer hidden in the invisible cave, Necromancer you’ve stolen something that doesn’t belong to you and I’ve come to take it back!” When he had finished he just stood there. The silence surrounded him as he waited for he necromancer to make his move.


In the safety of the shadows Nyako watched the prince. Though the boss had not commanded her to do this after he had left to rescue the princess she felt she had unfinished business. She would find some way to prove the prince’s treachery after all it was personal.

06/01/2005 7:17 PM

Mathias laughed, snapped his finger and go of the chains. Christine looked up and out of the caves exit, seeing Keo she smiled, looked back up at Mathias who fooled her by his looks. For a brief moment he looked as though he were kidding until he pointed out a sorrowful glance towards the exit. “You’re free...” He croaked.

Christine turned and ran out, chains disappearing. She smiled, holding her arms out. “Keo!” She screamed, tears dripping down her face...


Mathias held his arm up, letting the bones not move or make any types of sounds. In Necromancer they said: “Master, does she know how stupid she is being?” Mathias wanted to chuckle. “No. Ranks ready, if they are when they touch she will go through him towards the underworld. I will meet her there and then attack.” The bones nodded. “Good, prepare for battle. My little minion is going to be a big help in letting the guard down.” He turned towards the exit. “She’s free! Take her or leave her! I have better things to do than baby-sit!”


The Prince looked out of the window, sighing and ruffling with his hair, holding a dagger by his belt. This was the moment to prepare for a war unlike other’s created. Mathias would be ruler of the underworld, Christine of the upper and him of the world of mortals. He feared a prophecy that he wanted to come true. With the Dukes son out of the way he would have his chance at ultimate monarchy.

The rogues sat down, watching their commander. “We are willing to die for you my lord.” They chanted, fisted their hands to their chest in a salute. Matthew looked around, making sure there was nobody looking. When he felt comfortable he knelt on one knee, holding out a scroll. “This is the prophecy. You will all be renounced full title when mortals will bow to me...”

06/02/2005 3:04 AM

Keo looked up as Christine appeared out of nowhere and came running towards him, tears dripping down her face. She looked different but then so did he in his thieves’ clothes with his blades sheathed on his back, a long sword at his side and a dagger hidden in his boots. His hair had been pushed out of his face with a bandanna, he had even changed his clothes, it was a wonder the princess still recognised him. He started to move towards her when Trina stopped him, pointing at the glowing stones on his twin blades “She’s cursed Keo!” she stated simply. Keo looked at her in horror and back at princess.
“She’s free! Take her or leave her! I gave better things to do than baby-sit!” The necromancer called out, confirming his worst fears. “See the necromancer will trick us all into believing what he says. Trust not what you see and hear Keo but what you know. The necromancer will never give up the prize he went through so much trouble to claim if it was not of some use to him. Think also of what the Prince said, ‘Christine is no more’ Keo.” She looked at him as she spoke and Keo took an involuntary step back. He desperately wanted to hold Christine in his arms, comfort her, tell her he was here and that no one would hurt her now but he trusted Trina and so nodded, signalling to Griffin to take a hold of her and bring her to him.


Griffin approached the Princess but did not touch her, not after what he had heard the prince said. He signalled for her to follow him as he led her towards the boss. When he approached the boss he nodded towards the princess, “Here she is boss!” before walking back over towards his men not wanting to spend a moment longer in her presence.
The men looked up as he approached and he grinned at them, “The necromancer has made his move, showing us that he under-estimated the boss. Be prepared men, soon we will be making ours and trust me we shall not make the same mistake as the necromancer.” The thieves grinned back at him and for a moment Griffin was proud of them. They had once been ruffians, a rag-tag pack of scavengers you couldn’t fight to save their lives. With Griffin’s help the boss had taken them and changed them into the most feared band of thieves there was. As a reward the boss had given him command of them, to serve under the boss.


Trina glared at the Princess as she stood before them. She was the course of all this. The witch had put a spell on her Keo. Once he had loved her and her alone and now. Keo assured her they were only friends but that did not surpress the jealousy that gripped at her heart whenever she thought of her. She looked at the princess, she could understand why he would like her. She was pretty, she supposed with long curly brown hair and bright green eyes, but then looks never did interest Keo which was surprising considering she herself could be considered beautiful. She had long black hair that swept in waves down to her hips, her figure was slim and tanned due to the sun and her violet eyes stared out at him through long ebony eyelashes. She smirked at the Princess as she stepped forwards to meet her. “We have come all this way to find you and now he has given you up without so much as a fight. I think not! It seems there is something you are not telling us. Speak now witch or I’ll have you cut down before you can so much as scream!” Trina snarled at her. Nat looked at her too, his face unreadable saying nothing. Keo shook his head but his expression gave away nothing, “Trina be calm it is no use threatening Christine like that.” He smiled at Christine, “I’m sorry you have had such a horrid greeting but we fear that the necromancer may have done something to you to try and trick us!” Trina glared at Keo but nodded accepting his words before she turned back to continue to stare at the Princess watching her response.


Nyako stared in horror at the prince as he spoke. She needed to tell someone of what she had heard but was unsure of whom to trust. The boss had taken all his men to attack the necromancer. She looked up as the old maid walked down the hall, it was the one the boss had spoken of. He recognised her sharp blue eyes and grey hair. She ran up to her to tell her of what she had overheard unsure of whether she would do anything. “Please even if you do not believe me you must find a way to get this message to a friend of mine, her names Molly….er……Molly Thatcher. Lives near the blacksmith’s shop on the Kings Road. Tell her of what I told you, she’ll know what to do. Please the boss, I mean Keo said I could trust you. You have to do this for the princess. She’s been kidnapped, the boss is rescuing her but I stayed on here to watch the prince. Please help me!” She looked at her pitifully, eyes full of fear. “I don’t know what else to do!”

06/02/2005 11:32 AM

Christine stopped in horror, looking back in sadness towards Keo. “Does he not recognize me?” She thought, feeling slightly embarrassed to run so far, open-arms and tears to see him step away from her as though she was nothing. Maybe she was. Then a girl with black hair spoke horribly towards her and then confronted why. Christine took a deep breath and turned towards Keo, wanting to cry and then looked at the cave.


Mathias clapped his hands. “Ah, young Duke…you are clever, but rather foolish.” He walked out of the cave, arms out high, looking at Keo’s newly made swords. “Do you know what those stones are for? You should if you can create weapons and that Christine in not cursed…for one who wields a Necromancer’s Stone.” He chuckled in self-pity, looking at Christine. When she opened her mouth to speak he flicked his wrist as a slight gust of wind closed her mouth. “Now, welcome to my game…” Snapping his finger, Christine once again disappeared and then reappeared in chains, like a puppet to it’s master.

“You don’t know what she is do you?” He looked down at her, letting his echo fill her mind. “Her spirit…” With his other hand, being gloved went right through Christine as an image of her fell back like a ghost. It was her spirit with large white wings in the same chains. “Let the game begin…”

The soil shook as a row of 45-by-45 bones in 18 rows, calculating to be over 36,000 troops that started to rise, appearing from the soil, fully armored and ready for battle and commands. “Prepare your men for a death of their lives!” Mathias cried out, the bones rattled. Christine’s spirit disappeared once more as the color of Christine returned in a weary sigh, surprised to see the army already ready.

Mathias looked down at Christine. “Say good-bye.” Christine glared out towards the army, searching for something and then finding it. “Keo! To the left…start tow-,” Yanking the chains harshly, Christine followed in small yelps as Mathias called out to start the war.

06/02/2005 2:05 PM

Keo glared defiantly at the necromancer as he appeared following the princess. He kept the determined look on his face even as the fear stirred in his heart. The necromancer was just too strong; he was always three steps ahead of him. He had the power of the dead to back him. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try. He smirked at the necromancer, showing him he was not afraid.
“Now welcome to my game……” the necromancer said, snapping his figures, Christine appeared in chains besides him. For a split second fear showed in his eyes but he replaced it with disgust.

“You don’t know what she is do you?” the necromancer asked and Keo looked at him eyebrows raised, [i]no? She’s your puppet but don’t worry I’ll take her back. You can’t keep someone like her captive[/i] he thought as Christine was replaced with a place image if her with large white wings. He stared at her in awe. As the necromancer raised the dead and commanded them to attack. He shouted at his men to hold position.

“Keo! To the left…….start tow” Christine yelled at him but Keo looked at her in confusion, “I don’t understand!” he called back at her. Before he had a chance to react properly the necromancer called his men to attack. Keo looked at the commander, Brash, Griffin and Nik and shouted at them to hold their position. They were not to attack until they themselves were attacked, he didn’t know what sort of treachery the necromancer was weaving.

He cried out as he made his way towards Christine. Trina reached out to stop him but he was already out of her reach, “It’s a trick Keo!” she screamed over the storm that had begun to rage. Rain poured from the heavens and lightning streaked through the skies as Trina ran after Keo desperately trying to make him stop.

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06/02/2005 2:45 PM

OOC: She was going to say ‘Keo! To the left- start towards the left!’

‘She could see him…clearly. His image running after her, only to find his death, stabbed millions of times and trampled over…it was real…was it?’

Christine could see images portrayed by the Necromancer. It was always a common gift for Necromancer’s to take their novice and kill every emotional memory, changing the course of their victim. Yes, he gave her the worst images possible, filling tears in her eyes and cries of hate. It would be a matter of time before she could be converted and have the brand of a Necromancer. His pet, the most powerful creatures and rarest, under his control and his command.


The battle had started as the bones lifted their armor and clapped them towards the boney chest. Their eyes were of nothing, some with rats and mice scurrying in and out. Some had worms from the fertile parts of the soil and to the left of the army, the side which Christine had screamed out, was the weakest one, not following so mighty upon their commander’s orders.


Mathias sat back on a stone throne with Christine dazed in memories of what she thought she saw. Her will was not easily tempted until she could see clearly. Yes, a war was upon them and he would surely win. He looked at Christine once more, her curly brown hair falling down her slender shoulders. He cocked his head to the side, and touched her silky chin. “How smooth, and yet so fragile.” He thought, pushing to meet her gaze.

Green eyes flashed at him. No sign of tears, emotions, or even hate. There was no will, no spirit…Christine had died. In an unexpected twist, Mathias shrugged back with a sly grin as Christine looked back towards the images that did not exist. “Now, my pet…watch.” She nodded, waiting for a sign of hope that would never come. Keo was dead.

OOC 2: Hope you realize that you really aren't dead...that's just what she thinks.

06/03/2005 2:51 PM

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Trina looked at him in despair as he ran towards the witch. “Keo!” she screamed over and over again, but her cries could not stop him. Soon he would reach the enemy lines. She couldn’t allow that to happen, she called out to the leaders, shouting at them to attack. To the left the witch had said, Keo had said to trust her and that she would, “To the left!” she cried out, “Brash, Commander Holt, Griffin, Nik take your men and attack the left side, NOW!” They caught the desperation in her voice and ran at the bones screaming their battle cries over the sounds of the thunder. Trina looked at the battle commencing below her before running off in search of Keo, she had to stop him before he got himself killed. Behind her followed five of Griffins best fighters. Trina looked at them and grinned as if Griffin would let his boss go off and re-claim the princess unaided.


Keo watched in horror as his men attacked the enemy. They were too weak, it was fruitless but lo and behold his men were breaking through the lines. Suddenly Christine’s message made sense to him.
As he reached the enemy line he struck out with his new weapons at the bones standing in his way but he was fortunate, most had surged of to the other side of the battlefield to the fight that was taking place there. As he approached the necromancer her noticed Trina and the five men flanking him, “What are you doing,” he called out to them. “This is my battle not yours!” Trina just smiled at him sadly, “Do you think we’d really allow you to do this on your own?” Keo looked back at her before rushing to her side to slay the warrior that stood behind her word raised. He nodded and together they made for the necromancer.

The necromancer was perched on his stone throne, Christine besides him as Keo approached. [i]Here we are necromancer. Are you surprised? No I doubt it but then you always were three steps ahead of me. No matter I guess we’ll just have to change the rules[/i] he thought to himself. “Necromancer do you really think you can keep one such as she locked besides you. You can’t bend her to your will not even with all your tricks. She’s stronger than you’ll ever know and she’s got me!”

06/03/2005 7:51 PM

It was easy! The little boy didn’t know what was truly happening. He grinned, clapped his hands and held them high, letting the chains drape towards Christine. Mathias looked at Christine and then Keo. “I think she has already lost you.” He raised his brow looking at Christine who reluctantly looked back. Her eyes seemed to be different; the life she once carried had now become dull and broken-in. Mathias rose his gloved hand as Christine stood up, now looking at the girl in a menacing glare.

“I don’t think she likes those nasty things being called a witch-and-all.” Mathias chuckled standing up, a head and a half taller than Christine. Her brown curls started to sway as if ghosts seemed to hold them up. He leaned in whispering seductively, “Kill whom you must...my pet.”


There was sorrow and pain and then there was no more. She had felt nothing anymore as the world seemed dull and pointless. The one she loved had tried to rescue her to be decapitated and no more. She didn’t shed a tear, afraid of what Mathias might do, trying to seek her weakest point and use it against her. She gave in for the time being, playing along with a Necromancer’s rule. Soon, it would be time before she would defeat or be defeated.


Matthew waited for moments, hearing clashing and rumbling of the soil. Another army rose from the soils, outside his castle. His eyes widened. The contract had been breeched and now the whole Kingdom was going to pay. “Send your best troops to the rear and get the boys and men out in the front line. Soldiers in the middle and hide the women! Go!” Turning around he combed his hands through his hair, his heart pounded in his head as he looked by the door seeing a girl.

Some rogues stayed for another command while the weaker ones rushed out giving commands. The Queen had died sooner than expected and the King was in no sight. Matthew bit down on his lip; Christine isn’t dead...Something was going terribly wrong and he wanted answers fast.


Mathias handed Christine one of his smaller sword (reaching the size of Christine’s arm and as heavy as herself), and then letting a treat-battle begin. “Now, watch Duke, and see what a Necromancer’s puppet can do.” He chuckled standing behind her, pulling her hair back and reaching towards her ear, whispering intoxicating chants and then kissing it tenderly. Christine didn’t flinch or have emotion; she glared at the girl next to Keo.

Then things changed as she noticed Keo standing before her. It was his scent that triggered the reality from the fantasy. She gasped softly, letting air in and then turned to cut the chains off, watching them break. Since the weight was so heavy she landed on her bottom rather harsh. Mathias brushed himself off and glared. “Witch!” He yelled, watching Christine make a quick movement to get up.

06/04/2005 6:04 AM

Keo watched the scene before him in fear though his expression did not show it. He knew that Christine was stronger than the necromancer and yet here she was bowing down to him. The thought of him near her sickened him and it took all of his will to keep his face neutral and uncaring. Keo watched in disgust as he kidded her tenderly, he could feel himself breaking but refused to give the necromancer the honor of watching him break.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened as the necromancer handed Christine a small sword. Her eyes seemed to spark and she gasped, cutting the chains off and falling to the floor. Keo reached out to pull her up; before the necromancer could react Keo whisked her out of his grasp and into his own arms. He embraced her, muttering reassuring words into her hair. [i]it was ok he had her, everything would be alright, she was safe[/i]. The rain still poured soaking them both but Keo ignored it. He pushed a hand through his hair which had become plastered to his head. The gesture made it stick up at funny angles but Keo just grinned and held Christine closer, letting the rain wash away the tears that had begun to trickle down his cheeks.

Eventually he broke off, one of the men reached forward to take her to safety but Keo shook his head. Her place was here besides him. Trina glared at Christine but said nothing and moved to stand on his other side. The five men flanked Keo and the two girls. “You know ‘I don’t think she likes those nasty things being called a witch-and-all.” He grinned wickedly at the necromancer but then his face grew serious as he spoke his next words, “You underestimated us necromancer! Too confident in your victory you couldn’t see your own downfall. The puppet will take its ropes and choke the master, for the man who couldn’t die comes eternal torment.” [i]are you ready?[/i] Keo snarled at the necromancer before leaping at the necromancer, his blades held high, the stones that were embedded into their hilt glowed brilliant white as the sigils engraved in the blades flared to life……


Trina watched her beloved embrace the witch. She felt the jealousy gnaw at her heart. [i]how could he choose the witch over me?[/i] jealous thoughts plagued her mind. She who had stood before him since the beginning. She who had stood up for him not matter what, she had stood by him through thick and thin, had watched him grow in greatness and loved him from the beginning had been replaced by the witch at first glance. It had taken her years to make him see her, to love her. But he had fallen for this witch after less than a day.
She glared at the witch as she stood besides him. He looked at her but she said nothing. [i]No my love I’ll do nothing to see you hurt. Witch do you really think I’ll let you have him this easily. You are a fool I’ll teach you what happens to those who try and steal from me![/i]

Trina was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not see what happened next until it was too late. She watched in horror as her love leapt at the necromancer, “NO!” she screamed, but the storm drowned out her words……

06/04/2005 8:20 AM

OOC: He’s a secondary character...dispose if you wish! :)

Mathias was ready for his next move when Christine betrayed him and Keo flooded his emotion towards her. “If she’s dead, he will fall!” He thought, chuckling at the silly games towards one woman and a boy. In his mind he could only hear chanting of the bones which seemed to be defeated endlessly, starting from the left. This seemed to confuse the Necromancer as his hits weren’t strong enough and the broken chains did of no use. He looked at Christine trying to fight off the thoughts rushing in his head, trying desperately to wield Christine’s spirit once more.


Feeling vibrations run though her hands from the sword Christine dropped it and looked at her palms. They were dirty and looked to be scorched in black sulfur. She bit down on her lower lip hearing the words of the Necromancer in the voice of Keo. She looked up seeing as how Keo was busy trying to fight off Mathias and then here was the Necromancer, fighting off both and trying to gain Christine. She refused as her will was too strong for the weakened Necromancer. Soon he would die and things would go back to the way they were-with some changes.

Feeling eyes bearing upon her naked flesh, she felt a little embarrassed and little cold. She could remember being called a witch and screaming out the words for Keo but she could only feel the headache that lurked in the back of her mind. “Keo’s dead!” It rang but looked up, knowing it wasn’t the truth.


As Mathias fought long and hard his energy soon crippled into nothing. The quick reflexes soon became dull and tired out. He needed rest from gaining a war in the front and towards the Kingdom. If he died all the army’s would die. His will was strong but the energy wasn’t...

06/04/2005 8:47 AM

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Keo fought on, gradually getting the upper hand. Finally he twirled round; narrowly missing the backwards slash, and buried his dagger deep into the necromancer’s chest. With his blades he slashed at the man’s head and severed it from his body. He stepped back, sweating heavily. Behind him the leagues of bones crumbled at the death of their master.

His men stopped fighting and turned to face him. He grinned at them, “He is no more! It is over!” he shouted at them and a cry erupted from the men. The leaders ran to his side, offering their congratulations, waiting to see what he would do next. He began shouting orders at them and they rush to obey. A cloak was wrapped around the princess’ shoulders and a tall stallion led over to their side. Keo leapt up onto its strong back before reaching down to lift Christine up before him on the saddle. He could feel her shivering besides him and he lent closer, lending her his body heat. Besides him Trina sat mounted on another horse. He signaled for her to follow and allowed the horse to take them home. Behind him his battle-weary men also mounted on horses followed.

Nyako looked in fear at the man before her but bowed low in an attempt to hide her emotions. “S’cuse me sir but I have been ordered to clean this room!” she knew it was a feeble excuse but her fear driven mind could not think of any better excuse. She bowed again and attempted to enter the room.


Nat looked at the town in shock. What had happened whilst they were gone? The horses walked slowly through the town square and Nat looked around him in fear. He leapt down from the horse and raced towards his home. It was deserted; he looked around desperately for any signs of his wife and their small baby girl. There was none. Dejected he walked back over to Keo, head bowed, “There gone boss, my wife and little Aly. I should have been here protecting them. What are we going to do?” Keo looked at him sadly, “You, Christine, Griffin, Trina, Commander Holt and I will head for the castle maybe there will be more news there. Brash and Nik I want you two to take the men and search the city for any news of Alyza and Clarissa.” The men nodded as Keo and the other headed towards the castle.

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06/04/2005 9:30 AM

The thought of the Necromancer’s death would make her happy and yet he did teach her something. She was weak and fragile, able to be controlled over and now the Duke’s son seemed to change that. She looked off into the distance feeling the warmth penetrate her body so the shivering would seize. Christine looked around and then up at Keo. He seemed contempt for the time being as well as being tired.

Reaching the familiar town-square, a man was devastated to find his wife and child. Feeling remorse and anger she looked up at the castle; she had some obligations to attend to. Looking back up at Keo with green eyes, she smiled. His shoulders were larger than hers and seemed to engulf her petite body. She felt safe, wanting to curl in-between his shoulders forever and yet there was always a looming figure being hurt. The girl, Trina, seemed to always look at what Christine was doing with eyes like a cat waiting for its next meal. This seemed to scare Christine off more, sending those vibrations off towards Keo.


Matthew stood in shock, seeing his sister and the Duke’s son, Keo riding into town with an army. Biting his knuckle until it was white; he chuckled and continued to look out of the window. “Silly girl...she wouldn’t know anything.” He thought as the men stopped fighting, setting their weapons down and the rouges rushing in for more orders. “Leave them be. I wish to welcome my sister open-armed, and that boy, the Duke’s son...bring him forth. I wish to ‘honor’ him.”

Wheeling around in full armor he quickly changed clothing he would wear for ceremonies only, but this was something expecting. As he clothed himself he walked hastily towards the back entrance of the throne room, hiding his men towards the corner and sending an elderly man to fetch Keo and Christine and bring them forth, awaiting his guests arrival.

06/04/2005 10:23 AM

Keo approached the castle it seemed to tower over him. Gone was the old palace that he had gazed upon as a child and then later as he entered for the first time with Christine. Now it represented death and darkness. It looked ominous in the fading light. He entered the courtyard, the horses hoofs clicked against the cobbles, echoing in the empty area. He dismounted before turning to left Christine down from the horse. He was still unsure as to how weak she was, for he had no idea what the necromancer had done to her. He entered the castle, Christine at his side, Trina, Nat and Griffin followed slightly behind. He smiled slightly as the old man ushered them into the throne room where the prince was said to be waiting. “Be on guard. I don’t trust that man; we could be walking into a trap.” The others nodded smartly and clasped a hand to their various weapons. Even Trina carried her own blade, hidden in her loose garments. Keo turned to Christine and handed her his dagger, “Take this in case we are attacked I need to know that you can defend yourself. Hide it up your sleeve or something but don’t let him know you’ve got it.”


Trina followed dutifully behind Keo, her own dagger concealed in her bodice. She knew that he spoke the truth and she slipped it out from its hiding place and stuffed it up her sleeve so that she could easily retrieve it. She stared at him in horror as he gave the princess his dagger but said nothing as usual; it was not her place to question her Lords decisions. As they entered the throne room she looked around her in awe at all the riches of the room. Never in her life had she seen anything so extravagantly decorated. Her gaze flicked back to the Prince as they waited for him to speak.


Nyako watched from the shadows as the boss entered the throne room. The Princess stood at his side. She stared at him in admiration, proud to follow him. Behind him followed Trina, she looked at her sympathetically. She had worked so hard to gain Keo’s approval but once again she was being shoved aside. Nyako watched the scene unfurl before her, eyes wide with fear. If anything should happen to them she was prepared to fetch help.

06/04/2005 7:46 PM

Christine felt lightheaded, standing on plain ground as Keo helped her down. It was nice to have someone there when they needed help. It seemed Keo was always like that, growing up. When they reached the throne room she could feel the energy vibrate through her. From growing up in a hero’s honor to being slain down into nothing she cringed as goose-bumps ran coldly up her spin. She took the dagger Keo gave her and slipped it quickly behind her dress as the thong fit tightly enough around her lower waist, the dagger made a good spot.

Perched comfortably in the King’s throne was Matthew- with the Kings crown. Christine bowed softly as it was custom. Her face gave no emotion but held the slightest bit of hate. “I see you’ve managed to kill off what you needed to become King, your highness.” She said in a deep voice. Matthew chuckled. “Ah, dear sister. Welcome home, I’ve been waiting for you so unexpectedly. Did you honestly think you would be the ruler of this kingdom? Why, you don’t know the first thing of power.” He grinned looking at Trina.

“Ah, such rudeness of me! Please, come, you are welcomed in my house. With that exceptional beauties we have accommodating us tonight, you all deserve a room. Lord Keo, what a pleasure surprise, your father has gone back home, waiting for your arrival that should have been earlier this day if it wasn’t for a minor delay. Come now, dear sister, we have much to be caught up on. I have a few papers for you to sign.”

Christine looked at Keo, bit down on her lower lip and walked four feet forward from everyone else. The velvet stairs that led up to the thrones itself seemed endless and distant. “And what would those paper’s say, my lord?” She gritted coldly, watching as her brother who seemed to enjoy his authority. Matthew sat up and moved his hand out as Christine rose and walked up the stairs, and kneeled before her brother.

“Aww, don’t be in a rut, you were never meant to have ruled. But I do have important papers you will willingly sign,” He smiled pointed to the rogues hidden at her sides, “without any problems that is.” Christine swallowed hard and nodded, hoping Keo had some good plan before those papers came out and they would all be exiled in a tizzy.

06/05/2005 8:23 AM

Keo listened to the Prince and Princess talking in fear. He knew that whatever the papers were they were not going to be in his favour. He had to think of something but he knew that they could not defeat the rogues on their own. Griffin had said that there had been about 25 when he had last tried to attack the prince plus the 8 the necromancer had, if he had left them behind, meaning that there was around 35 give or take a few. Keo looked around him for anything he could use when he noticed Nyako crouched in the shadows. He smiled to himself but once again forced his face to remain neutral lest the prince realised what he was up to. He signalled to her to fetch Loki and the others. She nodded and scampered away, her feet tapping soundlessly on the floors.

Keo started to walk forward his mind frantically trying to think of something that would distract the Prince whilst his men arrived but it was Trina who acted.


She didn’t know quite why she did it but Trina felt herself walk slowly up to the prince. She smiled her cat-like smile at him, hips swaying seductively as she approached him. Thoughts raced through her mind but her primary thought was to save Keo. She pushed in front of the Princess, shoving her roughly aside. She doubted that her approach would have any affect but she desperately needed to gain them some time. She walked right up to the Prince, grinning wickedly at him.


Nyako rushed down the corridors and out the castle gates. Servants and guards alike called after her, shocked expressions written across their face but she paid them no mind. She leapt onto one of the stallions and raced towards the den. The wind whipped past her, slicing savagely at her face. It was cold and the harshness of it, caused tears to form in the corners of her eyes. When she reached the den she found Loki sitting inside. He had taken part in the battle to rescue the Princesses and was looking rather sour, however as soon as Nyako mentioned the trouble that had befallen the boss Loki nodded at her, eyes gleaming and rushed to get the men together.

06/05/2005 9:18 AM

Still something felt not in place. Looking up Christine was shoved off towards the side by Trina. There came a glare with green eyes but then looked over towards Keo and back at Matthew. An elderly came out with a stack-full of papers, handed them to Matthew who sat them down on the floor softly. Christine perked up on the staircase, glancing up every other moment to see that Matthew kept his eyes on the girl. In script the parchment said:

‘I, due by hearth from this day forward, Christine, commend myself cast towards exile. Never to return and bear the markings...’

Christine sighed and looked up with a grin.


Matthew, perched on his father’s throne, sat comfortably. With Christine out of the way he could surely rule. Then a girl with tattered clothes on swayed towards him. He kept his gaze firmly upon her waist and then moved up towards her face. Cocking his head towards the side, Matthew raised a brow. Christine was shoved over as she gave a half-grin and continued his gaze.

It took moments to realize she was coming forward as he pointed his long sword towards her throat. “My, my, we have a stubborn one for agreeing with authority.” He smiled and looked over at Christine who had a grin across her face. He made a hand gesture as two of the rouges came forth and stepped behind her, taking her back down the steps and towards Keo.

“Tell me dear sister, why do you grin? For the lack of being ruler or the lack of being strong?”


Christine stood up, and pressed her hems down before returning her brother’s gaze. “Why dear brother, you are not a King. You’ve missed one of the important rules for becoming a King,” She leaned in. “You have to have a wife.” Turning around she stepped down casually, looking up at Keo and sighed, biting down on her lower lip. "Also dear brother, I too have to wedded off before I can rule."

06/05/2005 10:29 AM

Trina glared at the prince as he sent his guards to take her back to Keo. She was furious at the prince for treating her so, but she remembered the most important part, to gain time, this she had done though it was but a few seconds and now she would bring them death; she smiled flirtatiously at the prince as she blew him a kiss. This act caused the invisible powder that Trina had placed in the palm of her hand sail through the air towards the prince. Should all go well the prince would inhale the powder with the other gases in the room, his death would not be immediate but he would die approximately 10 minutes after inhaling, she just hoped the men would be there by then. However her plan was unstable and could go horribly wrong, ending with her death. She tried to push these thoughts out of her head as she waited…


Commander Holt looked up as a young serving girl and boy ran towards him. He had not met them before and he stared at them quizzically. The girl introduced herself as Nyako, the boy as Loki. He smiled at them, still unsure of what he could do to help. Loki stepped forward and told of what he said Nyako had told him. One thought registered in the commander’s mind during this speech, [i]the duke’s son was in trouble![/i], he nodded and called out to his men. Two men, who he had been told were called Brash and Nik, also approached him. He told them what he was planning on doing, they agreed saying they would stay here and continue the search.

Commander Holt followed Nyako and Loki as they led him and his men into the castle. He only hoped he wasn’t too late.

06/05/2005 10:43 AM

Christine looked up at Trina’s action and could see the small specks running towards the prince and expanding towards the air. Since she had been close to Matthew, the dust came towards her. Green eyes widening, Christine moved the cape towards her mouth and stepped down from the last couple of steps and reached for Keo’s arm, tugging him out of the throne room.

Matthew took in the kiss, smelling a female’s scent. Coughing he ordered water which was rushed towards him immediately. When he drank the water he looked at Christine who was rushing towards the door with the Duke’s son. The doors immediately shut as she looked around and then back at Matthew. “It’s your death against mine.” There came an uneasy glare and then a sigh looking up at Keo.

Leaning in towards his ear she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Go to my room and under my pillow there is a key...” She looked up with sorrowful eyes. Matthew clapped his hand and walked down the steps, striding towards his sister. The rouges came out and circled Keo’s men, Trina especially. “Let them go. It’s our war.” Christine yelled out, motioning Keo to leave soon.

06/05/2005 11:26 AM

Keo looked at what was taking place in confusion. He saw Trina use the poison on the prince and suddenly Christine was tugging at his arm whispering about a key. He didn’t understand, but he shook his head sadly, “Do you really think I’d find you just to leave you when you were in danger again. Not this time!” He stepped away from her and motioned to his men hidden amongst the shadows. The commander stepped forward flanked by his men and began to advance on the rogues. Keo gripped Christine’s arm and yanked her backwards with him. Nat, Trina and Griffin chose to stay and fight and Keo knew he would be joining them soon. He reached the door where Nyako and Loki were watching. The door had been battered and broken as his men had made their entrance. “Tell her what you told me, she will find this key of yours. Trust me!” Keo then turned and headed back into the midst of the battle.


Nyako stared at the prince in awe. She bowed slightly, “Come Princess I will find whatever it is you wish. Trust the boss he will not let anything happen to you. And trust me, I was once a servant here, I know this place better than you would think!”

((i'm not sure if this is what you intended or whether you want the commander Holt and his men to attack, however i will edit if need be. You see i didn't see how Keo could go to the princess' room if the doors were shut without drawing attention to himself))

06/05/2005 11:39 AM

OOC: I work around it all! Let the battle rage! :) I haven’t seen you on dragania! Matthew is a secondary character.

Christine looked down at the girl and nodded. She looked back at Keo who disappeared in the midst of battle and quickly rushed out of the door, letting her cape follow soundlessly at her heels. She noticed men in amour rush towards the throne room and walked down a small hallway and towards the royal chambers. Looking down at the girl she smiled. “So you use to be a servant here? Strange, I would have known...then again I’m always off in some sort of trouble!” She pushed her curls back and stopped at her door and pushed it.

At first it was quiet and then echo’s were herd in loud screams. In a quick hurry she reached for her large pillows and took a small brass key. It was hung around a chain, where she put it around her swan neck and hid the key in her bosoms. Sighing, she rushed back out of her room and rushed back towards the throne room.


“Men!” Cried out Matthew, between coughs and gulping of water. His men were already dying in quick combat. Raising his sword he lunged out after Keo. “Let this war end!” He cried out, lunging for Keo’s heart.

06/06/2005 11:20 AM

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Trina slashed at the men before her, her eyes gleamed as the blood splattered her clothing and face. Finally she reached Keo and stood beside him, fighting off the rogues that attacked her. Keo grinned at her, raising her hand to wipe the blood of his own face. Fighting the rogues was different to fighting bones she found. There was real blood when they were wounded, they weren’t already dead but alive and Trina still found it hurt when she thought of what she was doing but she reminded herself who she was doing it for.

“Let this war end!” a voice cried as the prince lunged for Keo’s heart, his wicked sword gleamed as it caught the light. Trina saw it arch towards Keo and she screamed, shoving him out of the swords path. The act cost her more than she realized, as she felt the cold steel penetrate her skin. She felt numb as the searing pain shot through her, she was drowning. The darkness embraced her and finally the pain went……


Time seemed to slow as Keo watched her fall. He reached out and caught her in his arms but he was too late, she was disappearing. He could feel her slipping away and he started screaming her name over and over again, but it had no effect, she was not going to wake. He shoved her into the hands of the nearest soldier before turning to face the man that had done this. He looked at him with inhuman eyes; the fires that burned within turned them blood red. The red mists that obscured his visions cleared so that only his opponent could be seen, the prince. He snarled as he raised his blades up and brought them down hard in an attempt to literally slice the man in two……

((i haven't yet desided whether Trina will die or not))

06/06/2005 12:06 PM

Taking the blade from Trina’s shoulder, Matthew cocked his head to the side and raised his blade and brow. “Tell me, Duke...what’s next?” Matthew crossed walked sideways, watching and waiting patiently and then Keo made his move. Taking a stride forward in a lunge Keo’s blade seemed to snap his smaller one in half and landed dead in two pieces, looking at Christine who walked in.


The throne room seemed smaller with corruption in it. Green eyes looked everywhere as men jumped down the pillars and slashing fiercely and some losing. In the center is where her heart seemed to stop as her brother stood there, slaughtered by Keo. It took a brief moment to search Keo out as his eyes seemed to lust after the killing rather than the situation, and then she saw Trina being escorted out.

Clenching her jaw she looked back at Keo and bit down on her lip, leaving the situation and down the hallways, tears coming down her face.

06/06/2005 12:35 PM

Keo stared down at the prince panting hard. He blinked several times, before the reality of the situation sunk in and he stared at the blades in his hands and the blood that had splattered his clothing and back at the body of the fallen prince. He had done this? He hardly remembered a thing, only seeing Trina fall, slain by the man now dead before him. The rest had been a blur. “It’s over!” he called out for the second time that day, “Your prince is dead. Surrender now and we’ll let you live!” around him the men let out a wild cheer and Commander Holt approached him, cradling a bleeding arm. “What’s our count?” he asked him. “Not bad sir. Five men dead, seven badly injured and most of the men have a few cuts and bruises.” Keo nodded at him, noticing the princess for the first time. She was staring at him, tearing pouring down her face before turning and fleeing. He sighed and looked back down at the fallen prince realizing what it must look like to her.

Keo turned towards the door and took off after her. His feet pattered noisily as the hit the hard floor. He limped slightly as he pressed his hands to his bleeding shoulder. “Christine wait! Please! I’m sorry, no that’s not right. I’m not sorry for killing him. From what I knew of him he was a bad man and deserved death. I’ll be truthful with you ‘m glad it was by my sword he died but not like that. I should not have murdered him so brutally but I don’t know what happened. When I saw Trina on the floor something inside me snapped and for a moment it was like I had no control over my own body. I loved her you know and now she’s gone.” he reached out to her wincing as the pain shot through his body at the sudden movement. “Please don’t go I need you with me now more than ever!”

06/06/2005 1:01 PM

Letting the last drops of tears fall down her cheek, she listened to what he had to say as any royalty had to do for their people. She wanted to be held and feel safe from the constant wars corrupting around. Feel wanted instead of the loneliness, but most of all she wanted Keo. When he spoke of Trina and how he loved her she refused to look at him and down towards the floor feeling the embarrassment rise. She was only meant to be rescued and brought back to her civil duty. What hurt the most was the memory of his eyes, flashing of hunger over her brother’s death. And then to end it all, he needed her. For what? Looking up she wiped her eyes and stared long and hard into Keo’s.

“Do you still love her?” Clenching her jaw, Christine managed to swallow the lump in her throat. She would fill his last request of staying but she wanted the one question whether it would break her heart or change her life.

06/06/2005 1:52 PM

“Do you still love her?” Christine asked and he smiled at her softly, “I said [b]loved[/b] didn’t I!” He returned her steady gaze but said no more. He didn’t understand the swirl of emotion that made him want her. It broke his heart to see him look at him so coldly. Every time he tried to reach out to her something always got in the way and now when he had her all to himself he could move. She hated him, or at least that’s what he thought. How could she think otherwise? She had just seen him brutally murder her brother and now he ran after her to try and tell her that he was sorry and how much he cared and he managed to mess up yet again. It had taken him years to make Trina see him. He almost smiled at the memories but the pain of it all chocked him.

06/06/2005 2:06 PM

Christine felt a sight of relief that he could possibly be her but then she looked at him and searched for the man she saw slaughter her brother. Fortunately, she didn’t see that man and placed a hand on his wound, softly. “Would it help if I said I love you and that I want you to rule by my side?” Biting down on her lower lip she could feel the lightheadedness penetrate her mind uneasily.

06/07/2005 11:14 AM

Christine placed a hand on his wound and he winced in pain as he drew away from her touch. “Would it help if said I love you and that I want you to rule by my side?” she asked him and he sighed looking at her longingly, “Were I greedy…yes. But I don’t want to rule this great nation. Do you think that but offering me your kingdom and your love that I will fall for you? It doesn’t work like that. I don’t want to be Duke, I don’t want to be King and I don’t want to be a husband. You know what I really want! I want to go back and take away all the hurt I’ve coursed, and all the hurt I’ve felt. I want things to go back to the way they were, back before mama died even if it involves giving up my father. I thought I wanted you, no that’s not right…… I still want you but I don’t want everything that’s attached to it. All the hurt and the pain, the responsibilities. I’d have to give up everything I had, my friends, my life……my freedom. I can’t do that! I won’t be my father. I was born free and free I’ll remain!” He smiled her sadly and turned to walk away. His mind screamed at him to turn back. To lift her into his arms, kiss her and tell her he loved her too but he couldn’t. His place wasn’t behind the finery that she lived in. He was the King of Thieves and that’s who he would always be. Life had made him that and there was no changing it.

“Tell them I am resigning as Duke or whatever it’s called. You’re country needs a strong leader, they need you more than I do. Go marry someone from a rich background who knows of the life he’ll have with you. And as for me, I’m going home…to where I belong!” he looked at her one last time before walking away. He had come here to make her see the truth but fate had played another of it tricks on him and he had seen the truth of the situation himself.

He walked slowly out of the castle, still limping. He knew that Griffin or Nat would take command of the situation. They didn’t need him. He looked at the tall stallion still tied up outside but left it where it stood. As he walked he removed his shirt, using it bind his shoulder. It began to turn red as the blood seeped through. He looked at it but did nothing; maybe later he would see a healer.


Trina felt the searing pain return to her body and she screamed. Somewhere around her she could hear voices, faces flickered into view as darkness faded. She let out a gasping breath and then another. She tried to rise but pain shot through her body and she screamed again, hands gently pushing her back down.
“We thought we’d lost you for a second. Should have known you were stronger than that. Welcome back Kris, fights over by the way, we won of course!” Kristina nodded weakly at the face that looked like Loki; she knew it had to be him. He was the only one who could get away with calling her Kris. Again the darkness flooded in but this time it wasn’t so cold.

06/07/2005 1:58 PM

“They need you, Keo.” She mumbled after he left. Closing her eyes to keep away the tears she felt more embarrassed than rejected. Inhaling and biting her lip, she turned around and walked back to the throne room.

‘Go marry someone from a rich background who knows of the life he’ll have with you.’

Christine sighed, closed her eyes trying to forget her thoughts but all she could see was the bloodshed on her hands. Waking up in her bed, night had already fallen. Without thought, she grabbed her black cloak, tied her hair in a black ribbon and rushed silently to the stables. A black horse was all that was available for the time being and she took the horse and fled to the cemetery.

Arriving in a hurry, the iron gates were locked. “Unusual…” She mumbled shaking the iron bars and hearing it screech. Sighing, her breath made clouds. “Funny.” She thought, as the air was humid and dry. The horse seemed rather startled and started a tantrum. Turning around she could see bones rise from the ground. In a small panic Christine turned around to the iron gates to see the graveyard. Bones started clawing their way and then a chant-like voice filled her ears.

Looking up, she could only see thunderclouds and drops of rain. “Princess…why are you so sad?” It cooed softly. “Necromancer…” She mumbled.

06/07/2005 2:29 PM

Keo looked up from the bedside. He had been lying there for sometime; the healer peered over him examining his shoulder. Besides him lay Trina, Loki sat by her side talking softly to her, caressing her hair. He hadn’t yet noticed that Keo had woken up. Keo grinned at him, “You could have just said you liked her!” he told him wickedly and Loki looked at him in shock, “What you think I didn’t figure it out. Nah I’m smarter than that. She loves you too you know, you can see it in her eyes every time she looks at you. And you love her too, you should we her instead of me.”
“What about you boss? How will you have?”
“No one! That’s how it’s meant to be. Everyone I’ve ever been with has been hurt in some way or another. Look at Trina, if it weren’t for me she’d be fine. I should be the one lying there instead of her!” he sighed, “That’s why I had to leave Christine, I couldn’t hurt her like that though I fear I did more damage than I’ll ever know. You should have seen the look in her eyes when I told her I was leaving. I chose her, I want her to know that. Too late now, I can’t change what’s done!” Loki looked at him sadly, “Stop thinking about what’s best for other people and start thinking what’s best for you. What do you want Keo? I’m not talking about all this shit about wanting freedom. I mean what do you [b]really[/b] want?” Keo smiled sadly at him, “I need to clear my head! I’m going to see Aly!”
“You spent too much time with the dead my friend!”
“And not enough time with the living. So you say, so you say!”

Keo stepped out into the cool night, the gentle breeze ruffled his hair. He sighed longingly before he headed of on the 10 minute walk to the graveyard.

06/07/2005 6:14 PM

Christine glared at nothing but a wall of fog and then turned towards the iron gates which willingly opened without any noise. It followed her, caressed her, even spoke of the night and its wonders. The tone was soothing and mellow, enough for anybody to fall under its spell.

“Christine...why so sad?” It cooed over and over. Christine shook her brown curls as the fog lightly tugged it back in its black bow. “I will not fall for your tricks, Necromancer.” Christine huffed, walking towards a smaller section of iron gates. Those opened too without any touch of her hands. “Christine! Why baffle...in things that will never come true?” Christine stopped, closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing towards her father’s grave, clenching her jaw. He was referring to Keo. “He doesn’t love me and he wants to move on. I can only respect a citizen’s demand.”

Falling on her knees towards the floor, Christine prayed for her father and strength she needed. Humid hands of fog patted her shoulders, whispering in her ear of great power that she could do if she joined the dark arts. “I told you no.” She mumbled under her breath. “Christine...you don’t have to rule...things could be just the way you want it...” The voice changed into Keo’s voice and Christine looked up, but not behind her, dropping her hands. “Good.” Said the voice as it fogged around her once more.

06/08/2005 10:24 AM

Keo walked up to the gate and stopped staring at it in confusion, someone else had obviously come. The fog wrapped around him and he gave an involuntary shudder. The graveyard had adopted a cruel feel and Keo looked around, nervously. As he began walking to Alyza’s grave, he stopped noticing the figure before him. He could not see it clearly for the fog but as he moved closer he recognized it as being Christine. He froze instinctively. She was the last person he wanted to see right now, not because he hated her but because he feared that his emotions would cloud his mind. He was afraid that she would find out he loved her, he couldn’t love her and he couldn’t see her, not till he’d forgotten her. He turned round slowly and walked over to Alyza’s grave, keeping to the shadows.

At his sister’s grave he placed the blue silverdews amongst the others that adorned her grave, tracing the markings on the gravestone with his finger. He sat down on the wet grass beside it and started talking, beginning with his usual greetings, “Time has passed angel but still you grow no older. You no longer have your own life so I’ll tell you of mine.” He told her everything that had happened since he had lasted been there, when he mentioned Christine he felt the pain come back all over again. He could feel the tears begin to trickle down his face and he pushed them roughly aside. “I’ve been a fool again; I was given so much today and I pushed it all away. I lost everything I had before I even realized I had it. I’ve let Trina go, she’d be happier with Loki and he with her. Surprisingly I don’t feel anything, not like when I had to give up………Christine. I guess I’ve moved on, I chose her over Trina, over everyone I choose her but what does it matter I can’t have her.” He could almost hear her whispering in his ear. “Life’s never that simple Aly!” he said in response to the unspoken. “……only because you make it difficult!” he heard her say. Or at least he thought he heard her say but she was dead and dead she’d stay.

06/08/2005 10:45 AM

Christine rose from her father’s grave leaving the flowers flat and not on the mantle, where usually she would lay it. Iron doors opened quietly from a tombstone where light green glow. Almost in a trans, she walked up the stairs and into the tombstone as the gates closed behind her.

The stairs were cold, damp, and lifeless. This had been the home to the prior Kings and Queens for her land. She stopped but the fog pressed on calmly as it would be quite some time before she reached the base of the stairs. She couldn’t help but look back but she knew nothing would change and that there would always be another to replace her.

06/08/2005 11:01 AM

Keo stood up and sneaked a peak at where Christine had been standing. She was no longer there, [i]smart[/i] he thought, [i]no one wants to be out here longer than necessary[/i]. He walked quietly over to the place she had been standing and looked down at the old king’s grave. He smiled sadly and moved the flowers that had been lain carelessly back onto the mantle. “You’re lucky sir, she’ll do you proud. A fine Queen she’ll be all she needs is a fine King to stand by her side but it won’t be me! Help her to forget me, as I know I must her. I love her but I know I can’t have her, i can't have anyone because i choose her, one day she’ll see that!” He looked at the gravestone one more time before turning to walk away.

06/08/2005 11:11 AM

“Keo?” Christine turned around, hearing his echo down the tombstone. The wall of fog seemed to push he steadily down, saying it was just his voice she wanted to hear. Resisting, Christine stopped when Keo finished his words, inhaled and let the fog push her. In some way it resembled the wall that kept them from each other but it was useless. He couldn’t want anything to do with her, let alone stand her.

In a faster pace, she picked up her dress and quickly followed down the spiral stairs, trying to blame herself for everything. Counting so much on the Necromancer, she figured it would do her some good to forget everything that happened. The green glow seemed to go brighter until she reached the bottom. It was warm, humid, and in a strange way, comforting.

06/08/2005 11:18 AM

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“Keo?” his name echoed around him and he turned sharply to see who had called him, he recognized it as Christine’s voice but e could not see her anywhere. “Christine?” he called out but the fog seemed to throw the words back at him. He looked around desperately; fear beginning to gnaw at him, if anything had happened to her. Suddenly he noticed the strange iron doors. He approached them cautiously, and opened them, green light glowed inside and he looked down the staircase for any signs of life, there were none. Slowly he descended the staircase and the iron doors slammed behind him noisily. He jumped, whirling round to stare into the darkness behind him. There was no going back now. He began to run down the stairs, preferring to meet whatever was at the end rather than stay here any longer. When he reached the bottom he spotted Christine and he ran over to her calling, “Thank God I’ve found you. I was so worried when I couldn’t see you!” he said fear showing clearly in his eyes.

06/08/2005 1:23 PM

Christine looked up. She didn’t believe the figure to be Keo until she wrapped her arms around his neck and exhaled. Looking at Keo she stepped back, letting go and then looked at the ground. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me.” She said it low, and placing her arms to her sides. She knew Keo didn’t want her or anything to do with her, so why would he be here.

The wall behind Christine disappeared and formed into a thin figure with robes. The eyes matched Christine but the hair was grey and long. “I give up.” He said, thrusting his hand as the green light faded and the room turned into a regular glow. Christine frowned. “Do I know you?”

06/08/2005 1:51 PM

Keo felt her arms around him and for a second everything was perfect. But she let go of him, stepping back. He wanted to reach out again and hold her but he couldn’t, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” She said and he looked at her sadly. He wanted her so much it hurt and it took all of his strength not to reach out and pull her towards him, kiss her and tell her he loved her and that his was so sorry for everything.
“Why should you be sorry? You think it’s any easier for me!” he sighed but a sudden movement made his eyes dart to the opposite wall, except it wasn’t a wall, not any longer. He looked at the figure staring back at them with Christine’s green eyes. He placed a protective hand on her shoulder and glared at the newcomer. “Do I know you?” she asked the newcomer and Keo looked at him quizzically. “Who are you?”

06/08/2005 2:19 PM

“Why should you be sorry? You think it’s any easier for me!”

Christine didn’t know if she wanted to slap him or smile but she did have a visitor and then Keo’s arm on her shoulder. The Necromancer walked up, casually, holding his hands in the arms. Christine stepped back as the figure moved closer but Keo’s reassuring hand remained. “Christine! Why are you walking back as if you have just seen a ghost?” His voice was slow, that of an elder. She didn’t trust Necromancers after what had happened. This had been an endless day of thoughts, ones she would like to forget.

“I do not know you.”
“Christine, of course you do. Having met me is one thing, but you know of me.”
“Why are you here? To become a Necromancer of course! Your, friend had killed my apprentice. We were only going to turn you, not harm you.”
“I don’t want to be one.”
“You will and it’s in your blood.”
“What are you talking about?”

Christine felt a swarm of discomfort in the air as the figure approached her.

06/09/2005 10:56 AM

Keo listened to the conversation in fear. As soon as the old necromancer mentioned that Christine was to become a necromancer he immediately removed his hand from her shoulder and took a few steps away from her so that he stood between her and the old necromancer. He glared at him, “Who are you? If it was truly your apprentice I killed then you must be a necromancer and a powerful one at that. I will not pretend to know Christine’s mind and if she chooses to become a necromancer like you I will not stand in her way but if you do anything to her against her will I will make sure you pay. I know I appear weak and am certainly no match for you but that won’t stop me from trying!” He continued to glare at the necromancer but inside he was nervous, he felt very out of place as if he did not belong and he was afraid that after what he had done to her Christine would turn on him. It was not the idea of her attacking him that so scared him but the thought of her hating him.

06/09/2005 1:19 PM

The Necromancer smiled with what little teeth he had in his mouth. Christine felt disgusted to even see him, but his green eyes turned to Keo and nodded. â??I believe you are keeping me from my granddaughter.â?쳌 His eye glittered over towards Christine, who dropped her jaw. He then turned his attention back towards Keo, looking him up and down and then stepping closer with a wider smile. â??You fear something.â?쳌 He could tell Keo was nervous and frightened, much like a mouse, trapped in a corner. He glared at Keoâ??s protective response.

â??Boy, you could careless about theâ?¦attachments? Less of all you care not for Christine, so why are you here? A girl, a young one- dead. Hmm, yes I knowâ?¦little Aly? You told her yourself you wanted nothing to do with Christine, broke her heart and now, look at you, back again.â?쳌 Christine swallowed the lump in her throat. â??Listen to Aly, sheâ??s dead but she does not a couple of things where knowledge is everything.â?쳌

He then, walked halfway towards the side, near Christine. His foul stench of death and stained blood made her want to gag. Their green eyes matched perfectly, which made her a little freaked out at the moment. Still he moved closer and Christine backed away, unfortunately she was literally in a corner. â??Ah child, I have told you, he does not want you. If you are not willing to cooperate first hand, I will see to it you will.â?쳌

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06/09/2005 1:34 PM

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Keo listened to the old necromancer in disbelief, he was Christineâ??s grandfather. He did not doubt it, he had her eyes or rather she had his. He was surprised at how little he cared. â??Yes I fear something but it is not you! How little you know of emotion, death has dulled your senses old man. You seek to understand things beyond your reach. Why do you think Iâ??m back necromancer? Isnâ??t it obvious! But then for the man that believes I donâ??t want Christine anything can be expected. As for Aly itâ??s nice to know youâ??ve heard of her, yes sheâ??s dead but then some could say the same of you and yet here you are talking to me know!â?쳌 Keo cocked his head to one side, questioningly. â??I still stand by my word you go against her will and I will see to it you suffer!â?쳌

06/09/2005 6:31 PM

Christine blushed at Keo’s words but turned redder when the Necromancer came closer to her. With a wave everything went dark and Christine could only see the Necromancer’s eyes. In one moment she felt a stone wall and in the next she could feel hands grabbing her lower stomach, pulling her down in a square type hole. With eyes widened, Christine could only remember seeing the Necromancer’s eyes. “’eoo!” She muffled, feeling a tight barrier closing her lungs and crushing her body and then landing flat on a ground.

The Necromancer snapped a hand and the wall came back to a corner and then the green glow appeared. Christine was not there. He grinned. “Is there anything you would like to discuss? Perhaps about Aly?”

06/10/2005 2:46 PM

“’eoo!” he heard Christine scream, he tried to reach out to her but she was gone. He looked around frantically, fear showed clearly in his eyes, “Where is she?” he snarled at the old necromancer, “What have you done with Christine?” He had heard her all he had to do was figure out where her voice had come from……

“Is there anything you would like to discuss? Perhaps about Aly?” the old necromancer said grinning and Keo glared at him, fury clouded his eyes and the glinted dangerously, “Here name’s Alyza! Don’t you dare call her anything else. We have nothing to discuss about her unless you know how she found the 12 different necromancers stone?” He closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down, if he was angry he’d be likely to make mistakes, he could afford that. Again he surveyed the room, searching for any signs of the missing princess.

06/10/2005 2:46 PM

“’eoo!” he heard Christine scream, he tried to reach out to her but she was gone. He looked around frantically, fear showed clearly in his eyes, “Where is she?” he snarled at the old necromancer, “What have you done with Christine?” He had heard her all he had to do was figure out where her voice had come from……

“Is there anything you would like to discuss? Perhaps about Aly?” the old necromancer said grinning and Keo glared at him, fury clouded his eyes and the glinted dangerously, “Here name’s Alyza! Don’t you dare call her anything else. We have nothing to discuss about her unless you know how she found the 12 different necromancers stone?” He closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down, if he was angry he’d be likely to make mistakes, he could afford that. Again he surveyed the room, searching for any signs of the missing princess.

06/11/2005 7:48 AM

“Alyza,” He grinned. “Found those stones because I told her where to find them. You see, silly humans, Necromancers control what you might call the conscious. Depending on the will of a person, you must find their soft spot. In your sisters case it was you. All I had to do was pull a few strings and leave a map out- in her curiosity.” Looking down at his long yellow nails he dropped his arms once more. “She would have made a perfect Necromancer if you hadn’t interfered. I made her sick; sick enough where she would do as I say but not sick enough to die. It was you who killed her.

“As for Christine, you shouldn’t judge her by her reputation and that’s how we are here today. Her will maybe strong but once again my boy, you have control and I want it back. But you are afraid. Afraid of what might happen to Christine. Hate fills your heart but it’s truly hers that will succumb that hate.”


It took a moment before Christine realized where she was. Dirt had gotten on her hands and small scratches as well. Brushing them together she gasped a little feeling the tender wounds. Looking around she followed down the corridor, feeling engraved signs, at the same time a clicking and then a creeking sound approached her ears. Soft moans and clinks were herd, like steel scraping against the floor. Swallowing hard, she quickly sprinted down, keeping her hand on the wall, knowing the splinters, and wounds would become larger. Still, as she ran she could hear the moans from both ends as she stopped, pressing herself tightly against the wall.

06/11/2005 8:08 AM

Keo snarled at the necromancer again, “Better dead than your tool! No, I didn’t kill her but as you said neither did you! She was stronger than you realized old man. You seek to turn the world to necromancy it seems, the man I killed, Christine, Alyza who else have you in mind? What will you do when the student succumbs the teacher?”

“I don’t want control over Christine that’s why I couldn’t have her. She was giving too much to me and I didn’t want it. I want her to be free from me but more importantly from you. You can’t have control over her, I won’t let you.” He looked sadly at the necromancer, “Yes I am afraid of what might happen to Christine but fear isn’t quite the right word. No necromancer you will never understand me so do not try lest you underestimate me!”

06/11/2005 7:56 PM

“I can feel the hate growing inside of you lad. It hungers for revenge against everyone.” His voice was low, soft and melody-style. “Don’t fight what you feel. If you do, you will be a walking shadow in the light.

“As for Christine, maybe she wanted to give you everything as she does the rest of the world. Did you think about that? Now, you’ve lost and you will lose her, just like the rest. Wander the world once more in a broken heart, because you’ve lost what is there.”

Grinning the Necromancer looked up, holding his arms out. “Unless you would want to become something.” It was an offer, one many didn’t refuse. His arguments were based the emotions of humans and their thinking patterns.


Never wanting to open her eyes, a hot breath started to beat down her bare neck. Swallowing hard, Christine screamed, letting it echo and show her fear. Opening her eyes she looked up to see a half-dead person with white peeling skin and grey eyes leaning over her. Pressing herself even tighter she was in a corner with many others like the one in front. “Don’t give up...wield them with your hate...” A voice cooed to Christine’s ear. Shaking her head the zombies came closer, pressing themselves upon her in her trapped corner, moaning softly.

“Keo!” She called out, not hearing an echo this time. She wanted to rid of these horrors, and then plague the forgotten thoughts. Tears started streaming down her face when she clenched her hands in a tight fist and the figures moved harder upon her, groping what they could of her flesh. “Wield them....” Shaking her head, the zombie on her moaned softly into her ear. “I won’t...” She called back in a muffle.

In a blink of an eye Christine looked down at herself. There were no zombies placed upon her and no moans. Another clinking sound and then a soft boot shuffling she looked up to see her hands bound and her body dangling on a platform. The door opened up noisily as she swallowed once more, keeping her mind on Keo.

The figure was dressed in a black cloak and had blades surrounding his entire black leathered body. Christine looked up as the man revealed his face. Matthias? There was a large scar across his face as he grinned. “Miss me Princess? Necromancers lose energy but when a fellow Necromancer Master is still around to pass upon his gift, the apprentice still lives.” Christine frowned, trying to put the puzzle together. It had made no sense.

“Close your eyes or I will kill you.” Christine nodded and obeyed, closing her eyes and biting her lip. Pictured thoughts ran through her mind. Happiness, joy, and peace calmed her mind until she flexed feeling the torture, pain and then their was death. Silent, forbidden, and an unexplainable feeling of something being trapped, like she was in corner where zombies crowded her. Flinching and feeling the trickles of sweat, Christine opened her eyes, wanting to scream as though she could feel the pain but only found Matthias clenching her hair and kissing her.


The Necromancer perked up and flicked his wrist softly as an image of Matthias sweeping his hand behind Christine and embracing a hard, impassionate kiss. “You see, she can belong to someone who really cares about her.” The image soon faded.


Christine turned and kicked Matthias in the gut with her knee. He looked up and grinned. “So be it, apprentice and bride.”

06/12/2005 7:18 AM

“I can feel the hate growing inside of you lad. It hungers for revenge against everyone. Don’t fight what you feel. If you do, you will be a walking shadow in the light.” Keo looked at him with calm eyes, he knew it was useless to try and deceive the old necromancer but he could still pretend to himself.

“As for Christine, maybe she wanted to give you everything as she does the rest of the world. Did you think about that? Now, you’ve lost and you will lose her, just like the rest. Wander the world once more in a broken heart, because you’ve lost what is there.” Keo continued to look at him saying nothing. He knew he’d lost, it was only by pure chance he was still here, his lady luck still favored him it seemed though he did not know how long his good fortune would last.

Grinning, the old necromancer looked at him, holding his arms out. “Unless you would want to become something,” he said and for a moment Keo was tempted. It would be so simple just to let go, stop fighting. Why should he keep resisting one so powerful? He had the dead at his command and Keo……he had no one, not anymore. For a moment an image of Christine flashed in his mind but he knew it was too late. He’d pushed her away and now he’d lost her. All because he’d been too selfish, he’d been too concerned with feeling sorry for himself, acting like a martyr that he’d lost the one person in his life that he really cared about.

The old necromancer showed him an image of the necromancer and Christine kissing, the necromancer seemed to really love her and she………well he didn’t know how she felt but why should she still love him, not know he had the necromancer. “You see, she can belong to someone who really cares about her.” The old necromancer said confirming his fears as the image faded. Keo felt broken, he didn’t know what to do. The only force that seemed to keep him trying was to find and protect Christine and know she was gone.

Suddenly all thoughts and emotions fled him and he felt numb. He couldn’t feel anything, not the hatred towards the old necromancer nor the anger towards the necromancer that he should have felt. He didn’t even feel the love that he used to feel for Christine. The necromancer hadn’t stolen her from him; he’d led her to him. He’d pushed her away just like he did everyone else. Alyza had died because of it, how long would it be before Christine passed away just like the others? Or maybe she’d just be happy with the necromancer and forget him! That’s what he’d wanted wasn’t it? Keo laughed aloud at the irony of it, ‘A fine Queen she’ll be all she needs is a fine King to stand by her side but it won’t be me! Help her to forget me, as I know I must her.’ Where the words he had spoken to the dead King less than an hour ago. Now she’d found a worthy prince and forgotten him.

Keo looked at the old master with dull, lifeless eyes and nodded dumbly. He spoke no words but that was not necessary, the old master would understand, he always did……

06/12/2005 4:22 PM

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Christine glared at the wall, clenching her jaw and twisting the chains. Sweat beaded down her face as she looked over to find a small blade hanging at the edge. Taking a deep breath, she started to swing herself until she reached the blades hilt, picking it up by her feet. Once accomplished, Christine hit the dagger up, dropping the chains and falling towards the floor with a small thud and a yelp.


Another wide-eyed grin came across the Necromancer’s face. “She’s doing just fine.” He mumbled knowing what was going on. “My dear boy, you can have everything you wish. Become my apprentice and you shall receive more than you could ever want. Freedom, power, and you can see things you have never seen before.”


After picking herself up and brushing off the dirt, she looked to find a cape hanging on the side. Looking at herself in the odd color she was in she placed the cape over her body, and opening the door quietly, rushing towards some exit.

It was silent and yet her heart pounded in her mind. Thinking about Keo, she opened a small door, walked through it and found the entrance of the tomb. Smiling she walked through another set of iron gates and fog seeing Keo. Pounding on the glass, it made a small muffle, not where Keo would hear it. Stepping back, she inhaled and quickly rushed towards it, breaking the glass while shards of it cut her face, hands and neck. Finally landing atop of Keo.

06/14/2005 10:15 AM

“My dear boy, you can have everything you wish. Become my apprentice and you shall receive more than you could ever want. Freedom, power, and you can see things you have never seen before.” The old master said and Keo almost smiled at him, but that would show emotion and Keo didn’t feel “You offer the wrong things. I already have freedom and I had power but I gave it away. I have seen all that I want to see. If you can truly see inside the mind’s eye as you have led me to believe you’ll know what I really want and that you can’t give it to me for t’is not yours to give!” He looked sadly at the old master, “You can’t win both ways.”

He looked around him with his seemingly lifeless eyes. Things looked different now, more desolate, more……alone. It was a strange concept, one he didn’t fully understand. He turned back to the old master to speak but before he had a chance to do so something well on top of him. He calmly pushed it off him and picked it up in his strong arms, it was Christine. He looked at her, his face emotionless, “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with the necromancer? From what I saw you two looked content together. Did you know your grandfather is offering me power and great things to come join him? Foolish man, the only thing I want he can’t give me……you!” It was strange how it was all coming out but he didn’t care anymore. He no longer felt fear, embarrassment and other such emotions that would come with the telling. He knew that it didn’t matter, she had found someone else now, “It’s pretty ironic, I asked that you find someone else and forget me, seems your doing just that. I thought it’d me easy, you know to forget and move on,” he looked at her, the first traces of emotion threaded in, pain showing clearly in his eyes, “guess is cost me more than I realized to find out just how hard it really is.”

Keo stared at her more a long time, saying no more. He continued to hold her as he gently wiped away the blood and glass from her face.

06/14/2005 11:17 AM

“It’s a lie!” Feeling the vibration of cuts across her face, Christine shook her brown hair. Tears fell down her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’s a lie…a horrible lie!” She wanted to tell Keo everything but it hurt more to find him not caring and telling her about the other Necromancer. She didn’t want to be let go. “Keo, I want you…I don’t want to marry someone else.” Her voice was low and in a choked whisper. Her breathing seemed to quicken as her heart pounded in her mind.


Minutes later the older Necromancer stood in the shadows, expressionless. Matthias quietly walked in the room nodding with his face covered. Both then left the scene for quite some time, walking bitterly down the corridors. They each grinned. “Only a matter of time.”

06/14/2005 12:06 PM

“It’s a lie!” Christine said, shaking her head, “It’s a lie…a horrible lie”. He looked at her, tears pouring down her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Keo, I want you…I don’t want to marry someone else.” He said nothing for a long time, just gazing lovingly at her. He still felt numb but it was different. She still loved him after everything he’d done to her, she still cared with this thought all the emotions came flooding back and he found himself drowning. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes but he pushed them roughly aside. He continued to hold her afraid to let go, “I’m so sorry!” he muttered over and over again.

Keo turned to face Christine, “Why me?” he asked her simply, “Of all the people why did you pick me?” He smiled at her; a part of him already knew the answer. “I know why I chose you, because you’re perfect. The way you smile and laugh, the way you look when you’re sad and afraid, the way you hold your head, the way you move, it’s all perfect. When you offered me your kingdom I saw it as a sort of………I don’t know what I saw it as, I guess in my mind it was a way to buy my love. What I said was true, I don’t want to be king or Duke I don’t want people to depend on me. I don’t want to make decisions that affect thousands of people’s lives. It’s too much for me but I do want you. I love you more than anything and I would give up everything to be with you. I see that know.”

He kissed her tenderly afraid hurt her bruised face. He had cleared away most of the glass but she would need to see a healer. Gripping her closer to him he kissed her again on the mouth feeling the desire stir within him.

06/14/2005 3:12 PM

Christine inhaled calmly and bit down on her lip, listening to Keo. “You came to me with a gift and an angel and you saw more to me than what my title represents. I don’t want it, or any of it. I wouldn’t have minded signing those papers to give away everything I had, just to be with you-,” She didn’t mind his kissing of the bruises, but it caught her attention for him to kiss her on the mouth. It was as if he took her breath away. Reassuring thoughts clouded her mind as she closed her eyes giving in to the passion. She didn’t want to be let go or let him go.

06/15/2005 11:37 AM

Eventually Keo let go of Christine, slightly embarrassed at his sudden show of emotion. He grinned at her as he spoke, “Well if I’d known that I would not have had my men rush in and save us from the prince and his men. But now that……that……your brother’s dead you must reign. If you do not who will after the King and your mother pass on. You can choose either to stay as Princess or abdicate but I want you to know that I will stand by you no matter what.”

Keo turned to face the entrance with which they had entered before turning back to face her, smiling softly, “Come it is time to leave!”

06/16/2005 9:11 AM

Christine looked up at Keo, confused nonetheless at his hypocritical condition. “Keo, I don’t care as long as you are there.” Christine remembered her mother and her step-father. “I’m sure he will choose someone like Matthew.” It was flat and a bit of irritation occurred, making her nose turn pink.

“Come it is time to leave!”

Christine nodded as her curls approved by bouncing. Her green eyes looked for anything disturbing, but found the dead resting silently. When Keo faced her she smiled and continued out the exit, taking precaution.

06/16/2005 10:08 AM

Keo smiled back at the Princess and followed her out the exit. He walked slowly back up the steps nervously. The old necromancer and his apprentice were still there, where he didn’t know but after Christine had appeared the old necromancer had disappeared. As he emerged through the gates he looked around him in relief. It was still night and he shivered at the cold. Wrapping his cloak tightly around him he walked over to the princess, “Where to now? I wish to return home and I want you to come with me but I understand if you have matters to attend to first.” He smiled warmly at her as he begun to walk away from the cemetery, the sooner they were out the better, “We can discuss it whilst we are walking, because I do not want to stay in this place any longer than necessary. The old necromancer and his apprentice are still about and I do not trust them not to try anything.”

06/16/2005 10:26 AM

Christine wrapped herself in the cloak. Night was indeed giving off its breeze as she chattered her teeth, following closely towards Keo. “I would rather stay with you.” She smiled and blushed slightly at the matter. She had never left the walls of the castle for more than a day. Swallowing hard at the thought that the Necromancer’s lurked around gave her an unpleasant feeling.

06/17/2005 9:20 AM

Keo nodded, wrapping his arms around her in protection against the cold. He said nothing as they walked quickly down the path. Once Keo was satisfied they were well clear of the necromancers he slowed his pace, “We’re almost there. I’m afraid it’s not as grand as the first room we slept in nor as large but if you are as tired as me all you’ll want is somewhere to sleep.”

As they entered the town Keo took one of the smaller alleyways. It was small and crampt so that they were forced to walk in single file but Keo kept Christine’s hand in his so as to guide her. He knocked loudly on the door and then waited. “This is Nat’s house. He will let us stay here the night. Being only 17 I still live with my foster parents and there home is on the outskirts of town, 2hrs walk from here. It’s not just that it will be tiresome but my foster parents will not understand as to your being here and so forth.” As Keo finished this Clarissa, Nat’s wife opened the door slightly. When she saw that it was Keo she grinned at him opening the door wide, “Come in come in” she beckoned and Keo gratefully walked inside as Clarissa shut the door behind them.

“Keo!” Nat called from the chair, Alyza balanced on his knee, “What brings you here?” Keo grinned at him.
“I see you found them, good! But that’s not the point; we’re here because we need somewhere to stay for the night. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind.” Nat returned the grin, nodding enthusiastically,
“Of course you can stay. I trust you know where the spare room is! I believe there is a good story as to your being here at this hour with the princess, one I believe you will tell me when you’ve had your sleep! No?” Keo nodded and lead Christine into the back of the house where he entered the small room and collapsed on the bed.

06/17/2005 9:33 AM

Christine didn’t have much to say while they walked. Even though the alleyway was cramped she always enjoyed something realistic than living in a boring palace. This was an adventure. When she looked up to see a woman open the door, Christine smiled and followed, not wanting to disturb anyone’s conversation. She couldn’t help but match the glow on Nat’s face and then biting down on her lip with a smile.

When Keo flopped on the bed it reminded her of herself when she was little and tired. Blinking, she looked out a small window, peering out at another wall and then looking up she could see the stars forming their stories. Wanting to learn more about an average life she realized she was tired after a silent yawn. Since her clothing seemed to be thin and bare, she smiled, removed her cloak and shoes, walking towards the bed where Keo jumped in.

06/17/2005 1:04 PM

Keo looked up to see Christine walking towards the bed, he smiled lovingly at her. “Tomorrow I’ll show you more of my world! But till then sleep, you must be tired.” He reached out as she lay down beside him, wrapping his arms around her. He rested his head on her shoulder, curling up beside her and closed his eyes. He was unsure of how she would react but he so desperately needed her comfort right then.

As he lay there he could hear Nat and Clarissa moving about inside the house and he smiled to himself. Eventually Keo fell asleep, dreaming once more of the strange dragon that lifted him up to the heavens.

06/17/2005 3:24 PM

Christine smiled at Keo as he spoke. She wanted to learn everything about the average citizen, no matter how poor. She wanted so quickly to hand them food, clean water, and shelter along with nice clothes. But now wasn’t the time to worry, morning would rise and a new day would begin. Yawning, she felt Keo wrap his arms around her. In response, she relaxed feeling his shoulders fit neatly and protectively over hers, drifting off into a peaceful dream.


Matthias glared into the orb where Christine felt safe- giving him an uneasy sign. The older Necromancer, Peter raised his hand and placed it over Matthias’ shoulder in comfort. “My boy, it’s only the beginning. Give it a month’s time where your training begins, so you may enter into the living once more.” Matthias nodded, trying to remove any and all emotions. He wanted so badly to kill the Duke’s son, but listened to the Master. “Yes, only a matter of time.”

06/17/2005 4:10 PM

Nathaniel passed Alyza onto his wife, “I’m just going to check on Keo and the princess. “ Clarissa smiled up at him, her belly already ripe with another child and Nat felt a rush of love. He reached down and embraced his wife, kissing her passionately. She grinned at him, laughing and shoved him off her, “Go one then!” Nat did a mock bow and walked backwards out the room, banging his head on the door frame. This sent Alyza into a fit of hysterics and even Clarissa could not stop the laughter that poured forth. Nat looked at them slightly embarrassed but grinned back merrily.

Nat opened the door slowly and peered inside. Keo and the princess were sleeping, snuggled together and Nat could not help but smile to himself. He was happy for his friend, he deserved this. Trina was now happy with Loki, Keo should have someone too as he did. Nat closed the door slowly and walked back into the room, where he picked up his daughter, “Come on darling its time for bed.” The five year old grumbled but Nat just grinned at her lifting her up onto his shoulders and carrying her off to bed, his wife following after him.


Keo woke and gazed round him blearily. The sun was streaming in through the open window. He stretched lazily before walking into the main room. Nat sat there and Keo sat down besides him. “Morning! Clarissa’s still in bed. But if you want anything I can try and get it for.” Keo smiled at him, shaking his head, “Experience has taught me to always wait for your wife to wake up.” Nat looked at him in mock confusion but grinned, “Well we can’t be good at everything! I was thinking of taking Christine into the market and then down to the harbor. What do you think?”
“Good idea though anyone might think you actually like this princess!” Nat said cheekily causing Keo to go bright red.
“It’s not like that!”
“You can’t fool me friend. I saw you together last night and I see the way you look at her. But I’m happy for you. Planning on getting married, kids the whole thing.” Keo looked at him in horror,
“Nat I’m only 17!”
“So I had Alyza when I was 20 and married Clarissa when I was 21.”
“Yes but I’m not you am I?” Keo said, grinning at his friend.
“I’m just saying! You should marry her, then you get to be King!”
“I’m kidding! I’m kidding! You know I enjoy winding you up!” Nat shook his head in frustration at Keo’s shocked expression
“There’s no winning with you!” Nat continued in exasperating.

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06/18/2005 5:04 PM

The world seemed peaceful, dreamy and splendid. Nothing seemed to change her happiness until a golden light shun through her eyes. Closing them tightly she rolled over, thinking as though someone where here in her lonely bed. When reality struck her thoughts she looked in the small room and the bed and smiled. Keo was here…

Stretching, rolling over and yawning, mid-day was calling. Cockcrow seemed to pass- the usual awakening of Christine. Smiling she could hear two voices, one being familiar and the other that of a deeper voice. Both seemed to have a pleasant conversation. Christine’s curls seemed to frizz as she brushed them back, feeling the silk curls level out once more.

Walking out, Christine looked over at Keo who seemed to blush brightly. Steadying her gaze over towards Nat, she smiled. “Morning.” Her voice was a little groggy but nothing that would cure of a morning drink. Swallowing what saliva in her mouth, she smiled once more and sat in a seat, near both men. “Keo, I didn’t know you could blush this much.” Her green gaze soon turned from Keo’s to the architecture around the small, but decorative room. It was new, different, and something she wouldn’t mind ever. It was better than a castle with all materials in it, but no love to make it gleam.

06/19/2005 10:29 AM

“Morning” Christine said, smiling. Keo looked up at her and smiled back, his face still red. “, I didn’t know you could blush this much.” Keo opened his mouth to respond but Nat spoke for him, “Ah, my young friend here is embarrassed because I know your little secret. You see my dear nothing escapes me under my own roof. But allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nathaniel Cleaver but you can call me Nat........” at that moment Clarissa walked in, Alyza held firmly in her arms, “…..and this is my wife Clarissa and our little one Alyza.”

Clarissa walked over to the princess, grinning she dumped the child on Nat’s lap and walked over to Christine, “You’ll have to excuse them! I never got a change to welcome you. So welcome to our humble home, it’s not as grand as your castle but it suits us fine. Now would you like something to eat or drink? You must be hungry from what I’ve been told you haven’t eaten since a few nights ago. How ‘bout you Keo you’re always hungry when you come round!”
“That’s cause they don’t feed them enough at the foster home!” Nat said interrupting yet again, “I dunno, where would you be without us?”
“Probably dead in a ditch somewhere!” he laughed happily, “But food sounds great thanks!” Clarissa nodded and begun busying herself preparing they’re late breakfast. Keo took the opportunity to turn and speak to Christine, “After we’ve eaten I want to go down to the docks and to the market. How does that sound?”
“If you’re going to the market, you wouldn’t mind getting some fruit and vegetables for us would you Keo?” Clarissa asked, momentarily stopping her morning ritual. Keo nodded, grinning,
“Sure! After what you’ve done for me this is nothing.” He then turned back to face Christine, smiling softly, “What do you think?”

06/20/2005 11:42 AM

Christine looked up at the wife. “Your home is lovelier than a castle.” She didn’t bother saying anything further about her castle. Their home was neat, simple, and yet had something the castle missed- love. Curls shifted towards Keo and Nat as the spoke. Christine seemed to brighten more when he spoke of the market. She had always wanted to walk through the cobblestone streets with merchants busying their day. She was going to address the ‘secret’ with Keo in private.

06/21/2005 9:52 AM

Keo smiled as the princess’ face brightened, the answer was apparent. “Good now lets eat!” he said as Clarissa placed a plate of food before him. It was simple but well cooked and he gobbled it up greedily. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Clarissa had placed food before Christine before settling down to eat her own meal. During the meal he talked to Nat about the town, and how business was going whilst Clarissa tried to engage Christine in conversation.

After Christine had finished eating, Clarissa cleared up her plate before guiding her to her room. “Now if you’re planning on going into to town you’re going to need something different to wear. For many reasons the most obvious being that you’re going to stand out, attracting unwanted attention. Life in the city isn’t as pretty as it might seem, it’s dangerous but you should be alright so long as you stick by Keo.” Clarissa let her words sink in as she searched her closet for something for the princess to wear. “Fortunately you and I are roughly the same build so most of my clothes should fit. Ahhh here we go!” she said, pulling out some dark green material. She held the dress up for the princess to examine, along with other bits and pieces she had drawn out with it. Showing her how to put it on she fussed over her making sure it was right, “Perfect you look beautiful but better still you look inconspicuous. Now come on, I believe Keo will want to go soon.”


Keo looked up as Christine entered the room. She was dressed in Clarissa’s clothes, and looked a lot like the other woman of the city. He smiled at her, in his opinion she never looked more beautiful dressed as she was in the simple green dress. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Clarissa picking up Alyza and following her husband out of the room.
He walked over to stand by Christine, taking her hand in his, “Are you ready to go?”

06/21/2005 10:12 AM

It came by too quickly. First, there was breakfast, then there was a fuss about changing clothes, and now she stood before Keo, dressed as one of the commoners. The dress was indeed simple and pretty. It was loose and felt comfortable. She grinned at Keo as she took his hand in gesture and nodded, brown curls tumbling over her shoulders. This would be quite interesting since she had always seen the town from a side view out of a carriage.

06/21/2005 1:41 PM

Keo grinned as Christine nodded, pulling her over to the door, he opened it quietly and slipped outside. He then led Christine back through the winding streets and alleyways that they had traveled along the night before. He emerged once again in the city’s main streets but this time he turned towards its heart instead of away. Keo walked slowly so that Christine could see the city better. Many people passed them and though they looked closely at Christine they did not seem to recognize her. Satisfied that she would remain unknown Keo viably relaxed.

Keo entered the market and immediately the sounds of venders filled his ears. He smiled again as he lead her over to the centre of the market. “Look around you and pick something you want. It can be anything from any store. They have everything here, and I guarantee you’ll never see two things exactly the same!”

06/21/2005 3:18 PM

Christine smiled, biting on her lower lip and walked down one isle. One Merchant thrusted a large fish towards her face, making her a bit nervous and noted the same as the others. Continuing on she could see another hold out fresh fruit and looked at them and then Keo. “I think Nat’s wife wanted some fruit today.” She picked up a small looking banana and observed it.

Looking at it closer the merchant came out hollering, making Christine drop the banana on the floor. A horse came near and ate it quickly, making things unusual and putting her in an awkward place. “Are you going to pay for that?” He called out, people staring. Christine nodded and took a velvet pouch out. It was black with a royal emblem on it. Opening it the merchant steppe back and bowed, making a scene. “It’s free, princess.” Clenching her jaw, Christine looked up, as people quickly bowed and continued walking by, whispering.

Finding Keo seemed rather hard at the moment.

06/22/2005 11:57 AM

Keo searched for Christine but he could not find her, for she had disappeared amongst the crowds. He looked around him desperately, but though woman after woman passed by him none of them were Christine. Suddenly, the crowds parted to reveal a startled Christine, holding her purse, the royal emblem showed clearly against it. Around her the people were bowing and whispering amongst themselves. Keo cursed and made his way over to her, in time to hear the merchant speak. “It’s free princess!” Keo shoved his way to the front so that he stood before the vender, “No! She will pay just as everyone else does. Her royal blood should not set her above everyone else.” As he said these words he took the purse from the silent princess and paid the vendor, “There, that is fair. I don’t know what happened here but I do know that you worked hard to bring these bananas here today to sell, it is not right to let a princess have the banana for free when others have had to pay. This is what makes the rich, richer and the poor, poorer, people’s inability to see that we are all equal. We decided who was given land and money and we can do the same again. Do not treat her as higher than you, more important for life affects her the same as it does you. You need air, food and water to live just as she does so you are equal. Treat Christine as you would any other.”

Keo turned to the crowds that had gathered, he moved so that he stood behind the princess and wrapped his arms around her, “I’m so sorry about all this. You may not see the bad side to this but believe me it will come if we are not more careful in the future,” he whispered in her ear.
“See I do not treat her as a princess and she does not treat me as a poor boy. I made the mistake of only seeing her as a princess but she has proved herself better than that. Do not make the same mistake I did!” He smiled to them, watching their expressions. He desperately wanted to get away from the crowds to the peace and quite of the hills. He did not like them staring at him nor his love with cold judgmental eyes.

06/22/2005 1:01 PM

Christine didn’t know what to feel, so she stayed quiet. Keo was talking of equality and it seemed as thought the crowd still kept their eyes glued to her and went on their way of the daily gossip. Keo whispered something in her ear and she nodded her head in agreement. Many of the older woman changed hearts after Keo’s last words but felt it too awkward so they too went on their way, whispering about the ‘living’ princess.

Leaning into Keo’s shoulders, Christine looked up to whisper in his ear. “Keo, can we leave?” A strange thought came to her mind, reasons why she wasn’t allowed out of the castle walls, besides her father’s grave.

06/22/2005 1:33 PM

“Keo, can we leave?” Christine said and he smiled down at her, nodding, “I had hopped you would say that for I too want to leave. I have somewhere to show you. It’s not as beautiful as your hidden world but it is my favorite place.” He then took her hand and once again led her through the crowds, ignoring their stares.

After what seemed an age Keo left the city behind him, and began to walk through the countryside. To him it was the most beautiful place to be and he wanted to share it with Christine. The midday sun, set light shimmering across the landscape, lighting up the surrounding area so that it appeared to gleam with a hidden glow. When they reached the highest peak, Keo lay down on the soft bed of grass on his stomach, gesturing for Christine to do the same. “This is it! It may seem like nothing to you but to me it’s the most beautiful. Aly mama and I used to come up here all the time. Then it was just me and Aly, now it’s just me. I love it because you feel so high up. The land stretches out for miles before you. See there’s the sea in the distance and your city behind us. It’s a foolish dream really but I’ve always wanted to fly, this place is the closest I’ll get to the skies.” He smiled at her again, turning onto his back so that he was facing her.

06/22/2005 1:51 PM

Christine followed and when it was over she stood on a vast field of yellow and green. The Ocean was gorgeous blue and the city was dull, so she faced the ocean, smelling the saltwater. When Keo spoke she listened, since she was on her stomach, she put her elbows on the ground and hands under her chin. It was sad to see everyone he knew die and yet the only thing he wanted to do was to fly. Maybe it was a child’s imagination but she tuned on her back and held her arms up, clouds looking as though they were in her hands. It was a true paradise of freedom.

“Keo, in my mind I’m already flying.” She smiled and laughed, putting her hands down and sitting up. The Ocean was vast and larger than what she had ever seen. She frowned for a moment realizing she had never seen the Ocean, only large bodies of freshwater. “Have you ever been on a boat?” It was a question that came from her mind and apparently out into the world.

06/22/2005 2:07 PM

Christine laughed and Keo grinned at her, enjoying her happiness. He looked at the skies, imagining himself amongst it. He sighed wistfully, “Have you ever been on a boat?” Christine asked and he smiled at her, “Of course. I am a man of many talents.” He said, without meaning his words to sound arrogant or big headed, “Nik taught me to sail, though I cannot claim to be anywhere near as good as the sailors that you see toiling below. I can sail and have done so on numerous occasions. Why do you want to go sailing?”

06/22/2005 2:24 PM

Christine shrugged. “It’s amazing to find people having something their passionate about. For sailors it’s the love of their ship and the Ocean. Take Rangers, it’s the love of the wild life and woods. For other’s like yourself, you are gifted in many things, one in particular- equality.” She smiled. “Something my father would have said if he were alive.” Christine gazed out to the sea for moments, letting the wind quickly brush her hair back before returning her gaze on Keo.

06/24/2005 11:50 AM

As Christine spoke Keo laughed, “Gifted in many things? I wish no I meant as something to laugh at. No my only gift seems to lie in my ability to lead, or at least that’s what Nat seems to think. That’s how I became ‘King of the thieves’ if that is the right title. Equality is more a….past time. But my passion would have to be the unexpected. I love to just act without thought that way you appreciate life more.”

“But how about you, what’s your passion?” he asked staring at her intently.

06/24/2005 12:10 PM

Christine shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t have anything to be proud of. I wander the castle aimlessly- some started to believe I was a ghost haunting the halls!” She smiled and looked at Keo. “You’re King of the Thieves, what thieves? Well I guess you could say you’re a King of many things.” She smiled whole heartedly.

06/25/2005 1:03 PM

Keo listened as Christine spoke, looking at her in shock, “Everyone has done something to be proud of. You’re stronger than you realize, you need to give yourself more credit. Yesterday, you stood up to your brother and his rogues and resisted the necromancers will, where many would have fallen to their command. You know what you want and you don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, that’s something to be proud of!”

“What thieves indeed, but they’re there. It’s amazing how little the monarchy knows of life down here. As for being King of many things, I wish. No there is little I have control over if that’s what you mean.”

06/26/2005 8:34 AM

Christine smiled for a brief moment and then looked out towards the setting sun. She wanted to argue but felt it best not to for the time being. Then Keo spoke and she laid down on her stomach, arms propped up, looking at him.

“The Monarchy can only know so much. Some say it’s to protect each individual from rouges of sorts. Of course I’ve always wanted to learn more about the combat and being a thief. The kind in books and fairy tales.” She blushed at what her words were. They were not fairy tales, for they existed in reality.

06/27/2005 1:05 PM

“The Monarchy can only know so much. Some say it’s to protect each individual from rouges of sorts. Of course I’ve always wanted to learn more about the combat and being a thief. The kind in books and fairy tales.” Christine said, blushing slightly.
“Have you now! Though these thieves are not the kind from your stories. Life is rarely what it is in stories but then that’s the point why create a tale that tells or real life. People don’t want to know about that as they live it. No they want to know about the fantasy and magick, something to take their mind of the pains and horrors of real life. The thieves you met, like Nat and Loki are my friends, they are not like the common thieves that you find around here.”

Keo closed his eyes as he lay on his back. He did not sleep but opened his mind to the word around him, concentrating on the princess who lay nearby.

06/27/2005 2:12 PM

“It’s the mind. We all seek the fantasies and unrealistic emotions in our bodies as well as the mind. A person will do anything to drive themselves away from the facts- something I’ve done myself. Then again it’s a known fact to crave after the pain of a person as well as the fear.” Biting down on her lip she put her arms down in front of her face and laid on it. It was nice at night, it was even better with Keo there. She sighed quietly, knowing there’s something more to it than perfection.

06/28/2005 1:38 PM

((bah i know this is short but i'm running out of things to say. Something needs to happen))

Keo opened his eyes briefly to stare at Christine, “And what do you mean by that? To crave after a persons pain and fear?” he cocked his head slightly, a playful smile flickered briefly over his lips.

06/28/2005 1:59 PM

OOC: ASH! You know better! There’s [i] always [/i] something that’s going to happen!

Christine frowned, opening her eyes just to see his ‘shameful’ smile. “You know as best as I do!” Huffing, dirt swept bitterly near her nose, causing a sneezing reaction as she sat up. Night was bearing faster than expected as darkness crawled around her- her breath becoming nothing but clouds of air. Shivering, she looked out at the Ocean- nothing seemed to have happened. Looking back to the castle she could see thick clouds of smoke.

Green eyes soon scattered towards their patched area- ice crystals formed upon the blades of once beautiful green. Her skin became pale from the cold as she gripped her arms, fractioning them harshly. Heat, escaping at every moment. She stood up, chattering her teeth, seeing more thick clouds of smoke from the castle walls. Her eyes soon became nothing but feared slits as the smell of sulfur reached her nose.


Damien quickly rushed past, dark eyes looking down the halls quickly. Clattering noises were herd off in the main throne room- something always happened in their since the Princess’s disappearance and the Princes’ execution by a common boy.

He was tall, heavily built, and ancient. He was not a Necromancer as he bit down on his jaw, teeth growing sharply. His heir had been the rightful one and a family had taken his families place by the light. He quietly wandered down the halls, opening a room- the Princess’s room.

Forty men had died by his bloodlust as his cream skin wiped away the blood off the corner of his mouth. He smiled, white teeth bearing once more, following down the corridors where Christine had been before taken hostage by the Necromancers. Now, they had called upon [I] his [/I] help to defeat a boy.

He could smell it on Christine. She was very much alive and would be returning to her home, regaining the crown as Queen with a little side interference. He had fallen in love with her years ago, watching her grow as she slept peacefully in bed, curls falling from her smooth cheek, down to her luscious breasts. She had fallen for a human boy as he could smell all of her emotions, inside and out. He knew her- she knew him- she just didn’t know it.

06/28/2005 1:59 PM

OOC: ASH! You know better! There’s [i] always [/i] something that’s going to happen!

Christine frowned, opening her eyes just to see his ‘shameful’ smile. “You know as best as I do!” Huffing, dirt swept bitterly near her nose, causing a sneezing reaction as she sat up. Night was bearing faster than expected as darkness crawled around her- her breath becoming nothing but clouds of air. Shivering, she looked out at the Ocean- nothing seemed to have happened. Looking back to the castle she could see thick clouds of smoke.

Green eyes soon scattered towards their patched area- ice crystals formed upon the blades of once beautiful green. Her skin became pale from the cold as she gripped her arms, fractioning them harshly. Heat, escaping at every moment. She stood up, chattering her teeth, seeing more thick clouds of smoke from the castle walls. Her eyes soon became nothing but feared slits as the smell of sulfur reached her nose.


Damien quickly rushed past, dark eyes looking down the halls quickly. Clattering noises were herd off in the main throne room- something always happened in their since the Princess’s disappearance and the Princes’ execution by a common boy.

He was tall, heavily built, and ancient. He was not a Necromancer as he bit down on his jaw, teeth growing sharply. His heir had been the rightful one and a family had taken his families place by the light. He quietly wandered down the halls, opening a room- the Princess’s room.

Forty men had died by his bloodlust as his cream skin wiped away the blood off the corner of his mouth. He smiled, white teeth bearing once more, following down the corridors where Christine had been before taken hostage by the Necromancers. Now, they had called upon [i] his [/i] help to defeat a boy.

He could smell it on Christine. She was very much alive and would be returning to her home, regaining the crown as Queen with a little side interference. He had fallen in love with her years ago, watching her grow as she slept peacefully in bed, curls falling from her smooth cheek, down to her luscious breasts. She had fallen for a human boy as he could smell all of her emotions, inside and out. He knew her- she knew him- she just didn’t know it.

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