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04/19/2005 5:33 AM

Deep in the forest of Kaluthza stood a lone figure. She was strangely clad in greens and browns. Her long green cloak was wrapped tightly around her slim body concealing her golden brown tail. The figure drew two slim swords from beneath her cloak and began to move back and forth twirling her blades as she moved. The figure was training, she paused for a moment and her reflection was caught momentarily in the blade. A young woman of about 17 with strange cat like golden green eyes stared back beneath a wave of long blonde streaked green hair which had been roughly braided. On her wrists were golden bands encrusted with emeralds and round her neck was a simple necklace of gold and green felt. Then she moved again and the image disappeared to be replaced with that of a forest full of half dieing trees.

Sweat began to trickle down her forehead but still she pushed on determined to finish this rigorous training. She danced cocooned by sounds of the forest, she could feel the red eyes of the starved wolves staring hungrily at her but still she pushed on. The sunlight glinted on her blades casting light patterns dancing round her and she smiled enjoying the feeling of control.

04/21/2005 2:57 PM

(OOC: I'm not trying to be critical, but you need to give us some background. What is the time period? Are there any rules? Do we need a bio? How many characters are allowed to join? Should we just jump in, or ask, and wait permission? There have been many things left out. I would suggest you delete this and make a new one with an ooc page where you can give out this information. A simple introduction is not enough.)

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