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04/18/2005 9:18 PM

My roleplay would look something like this.


Epic of Tamaria


In a world where gods ruled, eras of peace and strife are assured. This is the world of Tamaria, the realms of Forgotten Peace. Tamaria is both like our world and unlike our world. It is a world of death and life, magic and the mundane. The gods rule in their Supreme Temples, plotting against other gods. Choose you're path to your fate and know this, in the world of Tamaria, nothing is known.

Magic in Tamaria is not really magic at all, it has a scientific explanation, but it won't be until many centuries or millenia have passed that the explanation will be discovered, if it ever is at all. Artificers, those of both science and technology, have a theory that guesses that this is how magic works.


Mystic(Cleric, healing, harming undead, magic that would be considered holy)
Magician(Focus on conjuration and attack magic)
Witch(Focus on nature magic and healing, other spells take longer time to learn)
Warlock(Focus completely on destructive spells, no other magic but the weakest magic, but the attack magic is strongest as a warlock)
Wizard(Focus on all spells, best class at dimensional magic. Opposite of Enchanter)
Sorcerer(Focus on destructive spells,)
Necromancer(specializes in death magic)
Conjuror(summons creatures, people to fight for him.)
Warrior(Best axemen, but very skilled in other areas of fighting as well)
Dragoons(Final Fantasy style warriors. Jump high in the air and stab enemy)
Knight(Charging, best armor, best regular weapons)
Paladin(Best supernatural fighter. Kills demons/dark angels, evil based creatures easily)
Berserker(Second best axemen, berserker rage greatly strengthens him)
Mystic Martial Artist(A.K.A Eastern Monk)Manipulation of chi, good healing class, as well as a very good at fighting with fists
Ranger(Best archer class, specializes in fighting specific animals)
Hero(Special Class, must become one)
Rouge(thieves, assassins, treasure hunters)
Bard(magic of music, competent fighter as well)
Ninja(Special ninja magic, smoke screen, lightning, multiple images, fire, water blasts, ice blast, spells do physical damage)
Samurai(Monk styled swordsmen, power increases as honor increases, it is thought that they become even more powerful while they duel)
Geomancer(druids, good healing class, they can fight competently as well and their magic is almost entirely about nature)
Alchemist(Potions to do spells)
Engineer(inventors, maintainers of airships)
Enchanters(Uses magic of surroundings to do spells)
Psi(psychic, mentalist)
Multi class
Witch Queen/King(special class, must become one)
Dragon Warrior(Special class, must become one)
Archmage(Special Class, must become one)
Hero of Legend(Special Class, must become one)
Yin/Yang(Special Class, must become one)
Nexus(Special Class, must become one)
Hero of Hachiman(Special class, must become one)
Prince of Thieves(Special class, must become one)
Legendary Genius(Special class, must become one)
Lich(Special sub class, must become one)
Arch Lich(Special class, must become one)

Elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, orcs, lizardmen, ogres, trolls, halflings, giants, Talarian(blue skinned creature), drow

1)no flaming use common sense yada yada yada
2)Must be a serious roleplayer.
3)No cursing please. Damn, screw, hell, sod, acceptable. Bitch when you're talking about a pregnant dog in heat. Other than that, PM me first.
4)No godmoding. The characters are powerful for mortals and gain strength, but they can't cast disintegrate mountain or similar magic. Spells range in power from being able to cast a small knife damage level ray of fire to being able to affect things within a mile. Enchanter's abilities can be as powerful as Elrond's trick of water horses in the movie. You may want to PM if you want to be an enchanter. Wizard's spells are most powerful as dimensional magic. They have pocket planes of energy that they may live in. More powerful effects than an enchanter, only spells can only be cast within own pocket plane. Non-dimensional spells outside of pocket dimension still work.

04/19/2005 5:21 PM

Mmm, sounds great! A bit something like the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre in the Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix, which is why I want to play necromancer ^-^ I would like to participate in something fantasy like this, and, if need be, I call a necromancer spot! Teehee, though specialized, with the whole bell thing...I love the Old Kingdom Trilogy...*-* And if you've read them, there's the Abhorsens in there, and I want my character to be something like that. I understand the whole non-all powerful characters, which is why I'll probably tone mine down from an Abhorsen. Anyways, I'd love to join, so keep me updated! =D Oh yeah, one last question, do you have a basic plot outline yet?

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