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04/18/2005 1:40 PM

Well if ur not familiar w/the .dot hack serious its this big VR RPG & ppl put on helmets & get transfered into this big world. And u r able to team up w/ppl & trade & stuff like that. ANd was wonderin if anybody would be interested in this type of RP(ive done one like this b4 & it took off REALLY good) If you would just let me no later on ill put what u need 4 chars. ect!!

04/21/2005 6:52 AM

I'd be interested but I think you need a story line and character sheet, etc., so we know more about it for those who don't know .Dot Hack. But, it sounds like fun ^_^

04/22/2005 8:02 PM

K thanks i should hav it up by the end of the month! :D o & ANY ideas wood b so AWSOME!!! Jus pm or post em thanks

04/23/2005 4:20 AM

Do the membership a real favor, when posting the thread. Proper english is the preferred language here and lose the netspeak.

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