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04/18/2005 1:25 PM

A beautiful, sleek leopard was running across the plain. Its mind was set on one thing, food. She could smell the prey just meters away. Her paws thudded on the ground churning up earth as she ran.

She could see it just inches away, soon it would be hers, she leapt, catching the creature in her powerful claws. Her jaws closed round the creature’s neck breaking it instantly. She picked up the limp body of the dead creature in her powerful jaws before she climbed up the nearest tree. Here she placed her kill before lying down on the branch, tail swinging back and forth. She felt no desire to eat it. She leapt down from the tree and walked over to the nearby stream. She gazed at her reflection before drinking the water. A beautiful young leopard stared back at her with green and gold eyes. The talismans round her neck swung back and forth as she drank. The water was cool and refreshing.

The leopard arched it’s back gracefully before stalking back over to the tree, leaping up into one of the higher branches, 12ft of the ground, where she promptly fell asleep, perfectly balanced on the branch.

The leopard awoke and stretched lazily on the branch, its claws scrapping at the bark. It blinked several times before yawning.

All of a sudden there was a bright light which lasted for less than a second and where the leopard once stood there was a young woman. She ran a hand through her blonde hair, sighing. She hated returning to her human form. She loved being a leopard. The sheer power of the beast excited him.
The girl’s name was Leodanya and she was a shape-shifter of the Sayonara tribe.

Leo leapt off the branch landing perfectly on his feet, 12ft below. She walked back over to the stream and dipped her cupped hands into the stream before bringing it back up to her mouth, drinking deeply. She stared into the stream and this time a different reflection stared back at her. She still had her green and gold eyes, but in place of her golden brown fur there was tanned skin. A scar ran across her throat and she touched it tentively her hands brushing against the tooth around her neck. She splashed water over her face.

Leo got up and walked back over to the tree, she ran a hand over the rough bark. Yes she thought to herself, this will be my new home. She climbed back up to the branch that she had been resting on just minutes before and brushed some of the dust of her clothes. Leo’s ears pricked at the sudden sound as her eyes flashed as she glared in the direction of the noise. There was nothing but Leo always trusted her instincts and her feline senses told her there was someone there so she would damn well go see who it was.
She leapt of the branch and stayed for a few moments crouched on the ground her hands clasped around the two blades before she crept slowly in the direction of the sound her feet tapping noiselessly on the hard ground….

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04/18/2005 5:45 PM

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04/19/2005 1:52 AM

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05/19/2005 11:54 AM

*Wonders if he may join....**joins anyway...*

A blonde man was squating down, looking at prints that had been left by something. He didn't recognize them though. Rising slowly, he looks around. He had gotten seperated from his unit...and now he couldn't figure out how to get out of the forest.

His hand moves to the front of the light armor he had on. By a tree sat his helmet. If he was going to get anywhere, he needed to take it off. But for now, it would remain. He needed to keep himself safe until he could get his bearings.

His name was Marcus Lonard, a knight of the king's court. Out here though, he was nothing more but food, and he knew it. He didn't often get himself into situations like this but he had fallen asleep on his horse, which had decided to stop and graze, and his company left him behind. He had no doubt that they would come back for him, when they realized he had reached town.

The soft neighing of his mare brings him back into the now. She whinnies softly, shaking her head, her soft, well combed mane whipping back and forth. "Aye Asha..." He says softly walking to the horse. She dips her head, nuzzling his hand. His other hand raises to her head, rubbing between her eyes. Smiling, he pulls out a block of sugar. "Here you go girl..."

Once she had eaten the treat he runs his hands down her slick body. She grunts softly stomping a foot. "It's not my fault we're lost. You're the one that stopped Asha." He smirks. He couldn't be made at the horse. She was too perfect.

He didn't suspect that someone was approaching...

05/19/2005 12:11 PM

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Leo leapt high into the trees and started to run towards the noise, moving from branch to branch. She reached the next clearing and peered through the leaves at the figure standing directly below her. He was clad in strange armour and she looked at him with her leopard eyes clearly confused. His sorts didn’t normally choose to come here, hence the fact that she herself had chosen this place to hunt. She grinned wickedly before launching herself out of the tree, shifting as she did so. She hit him with her paws and using her own momentum she knocked him to the ground. As he fell she whipped round, shifting back into a human and grabbed her twin blades from her back, pointing them at his throat.
“What are you doing in my territory stranger?” She snarled at him.

05/19/2005 12:16 PM

Marcus had twisted himself, seeing the figure in the tree, through Asha's eye. His sword was drawn, though it was limp at his side. His emerald eyes dart over the woman before her. His mates had been talking about folk that could shift as she had, but he had thought them all to be just that. Talk. He swollows hard, hair falling into his face.

"I'm....I got lost..." He said. Asha stomped her foot, neighing softly. "Please...if you're going to kill me....take Asha to the road. She won't survive out here...someone will find her passing through the woods..." He loved that mare, with all his heart, and didn't want to see anything happen to her.

(Aye, yeah. I found this and thought it was fun. I'm glad I saved it :D)

05/19/2005 12:27 PM

Leo looked at him in disgust he sounded like a child, then she sighed she knew what it was to love an animal so. She cocked her head to one side and regarded him, “Lost? What were you doing here in the first place?”

She grinned as she leapt of the mortal, “Don’t worry I only kill those who have reason to die. You stranger have none. And as for the horse, I make a point of never bringing pets or families into the squabbles of my victims. She too is safe!”

She re-sheathed her blades and offered her hand to the stranger to pull him up. “Who are you anyway?”

05/19/2005 2:17 PM

Marcus smiles softly, taking her hand. "Marcus Lonard, 33 cavaliry. I was just passing through the forest, from destination to destination..." He says, his armor clanking. "I'm sorry if we disturbed you Mi'lady. Asha and I have been having a rough time as of late, and she decided that it was time that we both take a break..."

Of course the man sound like a child. He didn't care if he died, but to leave the one thing he loved in life behind...well that turned him into a scared puppy.

05/20/2005 5:10 AM

OOC: you dont mind if I join

05/20/2005 9:22 AM

(Aye, join away)

05/20/2005 3:20 PM

(OOC: ok I am going to use my newest person Sano)

Sano had been watching the two for a long time now. The human for his horse and the lepord because she was a were sifter like him. He knew in this time and age there was only a few were sifter left in the world. Sano was looking for some like him a wolf but he had no luck the only ones he had found were the lepord and Rika. Rika was a lion but she didn't wish to come with him but she said "If you ever need me I will be her with Draco" he knew she was safe but for some reason he thought she would be safer with him.

Just as he was a wolf sitting on a tree he was now a wolf on the ground for the branchhe was one had given up. Now in his mind he knew his cover was up he was free to be hunted for he was a silver wolf the last of his kind.

Sano looked at the human and growled then he headed for the horse he knew this time he could sink his teeth in it.

(OOC: sorry I had made a mistake in my person it Sano not
Damon. ^_^)

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05/20/2005 7:11 PM

( I want to join until you guys are in a new place, is that okay?)

05/21/2005 5:07 AM

((s'ok by me but you'll have to clear it with everyone first))

Leo listened to him as he spoke; she nodded and grinned at the horse, “It’s good to see that you are not just her master but also her friend. Most other humans forget that, they think that because they are smarter they are better. That’s not true!”

Leo looked up suddenly, something was wrong. She could sense it, as this thought crossed her mind a silver wolf burst into the clearing teeth barred heading for Asha. Reacting on instinct she flung herself in the path of the wolf. She drew her blades, standing in front of the horse. She spoke to him in the shifter tongue, “Don’t even try it! You so much as touch this horse and I’ll make sure my blades find your heart. You may be one of the silver wolves but that does not make you invincible. Besides shouldn’t you be aiming for a more ‘challenging' kill?”

05/22/2005 7:32 PM

"back off this is the only kill I can get. For days now I been traviling with out food and I am not going to give this up you haer." Then bright light came from the wolf as he truned into his human for. "Your a were sifter arnt you. You know you sould come with me and help me gather the last of our kind."

(OOC: f.y.i a were sifter is a person that is caable of being an aniaml.)

05/23/2005 10:39 AM

Marcus shakes his head. "Too many of you in one place." He shakes his head, looking at his helmet. Sighing, he rests his hand on Asha's back. She whines softly, eyeing that wolf that had become a man, stomping her front foot. "Shh Asha. It's ok baby..." He whispers to her, nuzzling his nose into her ear. He let the animal people converse, his attention on his mare.

05/23/2005 11:02 AM

((what you think i don't know that. i simple meant that as a referance to his animal form. i know he's got a human form too hence the fact that my character chose to speak to him, i meant no offence))

“You’re a were sifter arnt you. You know you should come with me and help me gather the last of our kind." Leo lowered her blades and looked at him in confusion. “Were shifter, it is strange name you choose to call our species but yes I am a shifter. But I fear you are mistaken, my kind is numerous. ‘Last of our kind’ you speak as if our kin are dying but that is not true. You must be new to this place if you think this way. There is my tribe for instance, then there is the tribe of my half sister Elendor and her friend Niko.” For an instant her face darkened at the mention of her half vampire sister but she chose not to let such a thought dampen her mood.

“And even if that were true I have promised myself that I will help this mortal reach his companions lest he befall a worst fate than this for he knows naught of this forest and the dangers that lurk within.” As she said this she turned to Marcus seeking his approval of the idea having reverted back to the mortal tongue to speak these last words.

05/23/2005 11:24 AM

Marcus nodded his head. "Aye, indeed she did." He smirks, emerald eyes flashing, and soft sunlight reflecting off his armor. He then looks at the saddle, which had been removed from his horses back.

Asha whines in approval, swinging her back-end into the man, as if she knew what he was thinking. Marcus nods slowly to his mare. "Asha, love I'm not putting it back on you." He lightly kisses the horses nose before turning back to the shape shifters. The horses brown eyes, fall upon the shape-shifters as well, as she stamps a hoof, her tail flicking a fly away.

She didn't want to leave, after all, if she didn't think she was safe she wouldn't have stopped. But how were these two-leggers to know that. Shaking her head, her mane flicking back and forth, she whinies again.

Marcus yawns slightly, wrapping his arms around the horses neck, waiting for the shifters to conclude their conversation. Perhaps they knew each other. From the looks of it, and sound of it, they didn't.

05/24/2005 4:33 AM

"Listen I have had visoins and they told me that the were sifters will only be a few in a sort time. Demons, and hunters will come to the villages of every type of were sifter and kill all of them. For they know our kind can be the most deadly from any demon or any person. But if you don't chose to beleve me I will just stay here unless you find it nessicarly that I must come with you two."

05/24/2005 11:33 AM

Leo shrugged looking at him, “Life can not be predetermined, this dream of yours is but one outcome. But the elders had your dream as well and thus we have taken to fortifying our tribe.” So you say this elimination of our species will happen I was under the impression that it already had. But no matter there’s no point in arguing over this. Come if you wish shifter, it will be nice to have one of my own kin traveling with me, but there is one condition by no means are you to touch Asha. Yes I think its best you did maybe later we can talk more of this dream of yours. But first before we do go would you give us the honor of knowing your name?”

Leo turned to the soldier and his horse, “Marcus you don’t mind do you?”

05/24/2005 2:12 PM

Marcus nods his head. "I agree. You lay a finger...or paw, what ever the case is, and I can promise that you won't have a head for long." He smirks, picking up Asha's saddle and bridle, then retrieving his helmet.

05/24/2005 5:44 PM

(OOC: I've RPd before, but I'm new here...hope nobody minds if I join)

Standing on a tall hill overlooking a vast forest, a young adventurer overlooks the vast terrain. Some would see danger, others a ordinary forest. Shinjo Rukogani, however, sees a new opening to his life, after being trapped in palace life being the youngest son of a cheiftain for a samauri order, he seeks a new life outside of politics. Standing at about 5'7" Shinjo stares off to the west. The blazing sun to his back, all people around are able to see him. He is dressed in a dark maroon shirt and black pants. A leather trenchcoat covers his ordinary clothing. Across his back is strapped a sheath for his katana. His katana which was given to him by his master, the man whose name was never known by Shinjo. The sword is roughly 5 feet long and its handle is silver lined with a maroon cloth.

His eyes scan the area as he prepares to enter the woods. As he descends the hill his chin lengthed hair blows slightly. He pushes it back off his face and enters the woods. Having absolutely no clue what he is about to face, he passes the first trees...

05/24/2005 7:29 PM

"The names Sano and you Leo right. I promise I wont tuch your horse." Sano was just standing there quetly until a look came on his face this look was a lot some one would get after smelling something of a horable smell. "Do you smell that."

05/25/2005 10:43 AM

Marcus shakes his head. "Aye, truely a pleasure Sano." He smirks, the saddle across his back. He had promised Asha that he wouldn't put it back on her, so...he won't. He shakes his head again, kissing the horses nose again. "BBeautiful Asha..." He says softly, then waits for Leo to lead the way.

05/25/2005 10:45 AM

“It’s nice to see I’m well known, when we have time to talk you’ll have to tell me how you knew of me but for now I intend to escort Marcus back to the town.” Leo turned and began walking towards the town when suddenly the shifter spoke, making her stop.

“Did you smell that?” he asked but she just shrugged in response. “Hard not to but if you look up there you can see him as well though I believe that’s the point! From the way he deliberately stood in our view I don’t believe he means us any threat. I think it’s best we go see what he wants.” With these words she turned once more and began walking towards the stranger, when she was in earshot she called out to him, “Hail stranger what brings you to these parts?”

Leo smirked awaiting his response, as she waited she carefully drew one of her daggers from beneath her cloak, concealing it in the palm of her hand. Whatever this creature was he wasn’t going to intrude on her shifter territory and get away unscathed.

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05/25/2005 3:24 PM

Seeing the woman in front of him, Shinjo answers...

"My name is Shinjo Rukogani, I am from the metropolis of Xiao far to the east. I do not wish to fight however, I merely wish to explore this wood."

Shinjo continues to advance forward, folding his hands in front of him a sudden reverse magnetic aura is felt around him. Everything within about two feet is pushed away slightly, grass is flattened, bushes bend, and even the mightiest trees sway away from him. Shinjo turns his head and speaks again.

"I do not wish to fight you, Leo...that is your name correct? I simply wish to continue through and see what lies beyond this forest."

Shinjo raises his right hand, his sword is lifted into the air and pulled into his grip, he twirls it quickly and the reflection flashes around him. Holding it off to his side he finally says.

"Attack if you wish"

05/26/2005 10:47 AM

Leo looked at the show of force with distaste, only fools showed the extent of their abilities. She looked at the stranger coldly, and showed him the dagger in her hand, “What with this? I think not only a fool goes into battle unprepared. No I shan’t attack you, not unless you plan to come through here like that. This is my forest and I do not appreciate you damaging it like that. If you will not abide by nature’s laws you can go back from whence you came. Or would you prefer to see what true power really is. Unlike you I choose to surprise my enemies not try to make them cower and flee by showing them what I can do. I leave it up to you but bare in mind I am not the only one who will stop your passage.”

Leo placed the dagger back in her cloak and turned to walk back towards the others, she smiled slightly at the mortal, “Come Marcus I will show you the way back to the town. Do not worry about the stranger; the forest has her own ways of dealing with the unwanted.”

((don't worry my i'm not ignoring you))

05/26/2005 1:41 PM

"I mean no disrespect, I apologize for my harsh remarks. Hopefully we can have a more plesant meeting at another time." Shinjo says sheathing his sword manually.

He continues on through the forest no longer using any telekinetic power. Instead of worrying about defense, he now chooses to take in the amazing scene of the forest in front and all around him. He makes his way now out of sight to the two people. Comming across a calm looking stream, he pulls a waterskin out of his trench to refill. He submerges the waterskin and feels the cool water apon his hand. He takes a small sip of the water and greatly appreciates it. Not having a clean drink of water for over a week he thinks of it as a gift. He then travels south along the river following wherever it may lead. Hopefully something exciting.

05/26/2005 3:47 PM

On the other side of the forest, a young adventurer was training himself learning more magics. He is a wandering hero who seeks to protect the world from darkness. He wears a White Rune Cape, a dark blue shirt with the sleeves reach to his wrists, tucked into his Blue Guantlets. He wears a silver vest for guard, dark blue pants and rugged traveling boots. The warrior carries his sword on his back, under his cape. He is asian with silver hair, and he is 5"7' at 15 years old. The warrior is Kyro Starraky, and he is a magic swordsman who uses the sword and magic for great combat.

Kyro was sitting under the tree, studying his new magics from his new magic spell book.
He stops and looks up to the sky through the branches of the forest, feeling relaxed from the sunlight, shining through the forest. He then continues to read, but keeps his guard up when something happens.

05/27/2005 1:01 PM

Leo watched as the intruder walked away and she smiled to herself, he was wiser than he knew. No it was not her he should fear but the others that guarded the forest. She nodded at him, “I too hope that the next time we meet it will fare better. If you have need of me which I fear you won’t you know whereto find me. Fear not the guardians of the forest do them no harm and they will do none to you.” With these she turned and walked away. She was vaguely aware of the others following her.

The sun was beginning to set as they set out, she could feel the cool air around her. The night was coming and with it the cold chill that descended upon the forest when the sun disappeared. She was suddenly very anxious to reach the town for traveling this forest in the night was a dangerous idea. Yet even as she doubled her pace she knew it would be at least half a days walk and at the pace they were traveling it could take almost twice as long. No, it was best they stopped and bare the night here. She turned to voice these thoughts to Marcus and Sano, “If you have ever stayed a night in these forest you will know that it is a dangerous time. I think it best we find a stream and rest there; I know one that is but 10 minutes away. In the morning we can continue our journey. Or would you rather continue now, I counsel against it but it is up to you two!”

05/27/2005 4:21 PM

Kyro sensed the night is coming, and the only thing bad about forests is the darkness.
Kyro closed his magic book and puts it in his carrying bag that has one strap (don't know what are those called). He got up and pats the dirt off of him. He then left the forest quicky by taking the short way. He power walks in order to get out in time before nightfall.

05/27/2005 6:11 PM

Having lost track of time, Shinjo realizes that the sun has nearly disappeaered past the western horizon. The forest is now dark. Although Shinjo's nightvision is fairly good, he still feels unsafe in a forest in which he has never been. While walking in the same direction along the creek, he begins sensing something very wrong. Something is out of place, something very strange is happening, he feels as though he is being followed.

Shinjo whips around wildly as he draws his sword. To his horror a creature he has never seen before lies before him. About the same size as him, the beast has a very muscular build, its bearlike face is covered in hair and its red skin emits a terrible stench. The beast clicks its jaws ready to strike. It crouches and leaps toward Shinjo.

Shinjo stops the claws of the beast, but it is too strong its jagged claws break Shinjo's grip and slash him across his chest. The cuts are fairly deep, but Shinjo is able to fight. He lunges his hand forward. The telekinetic power of Shinjo throws the demon into a nearby tree. The beast snarls and immediately attacks Shinjo again. This time Shinjo rolls to the right dodging the beast, and seeing an opportunity to attack he swings his sword behind him and cuts the beast across its left side. The beast staggers to its feet again and locates a nearby boulder. It effortlessly lifts the stone and hurls it at Shinjo. Just before being crushed, The samauri swings his sword and cleaves the boulder into two pieces. The beast lunges again, this time slashing Shinjo across the arm. Before being mauled by the demonic beast, Shinjo swings at the beast's legs and cuts it to the ground. The beast pushes itself up on its arms wanting to attack again. As the beast rises, Shinjo lunges his sword furiously down on the beast's neck severing its head.

Now realizing that his wounds are a little more serious than he had thought, Shinjo climbs into a tall tree to be hidded from view. He pulls a small pouch out of the inside of his jacket taking out a small bottle of purple fluid, he applies it the his wounds to stop the bleeding. Shinjo then lies across a large branch and falls asleep for the night.

05/29/2005 4:37 PM

Marcus nods his head agreeing with Leo. "I would prefer shelter, but I suppose that's just my human ways 'ey?" He smirks widely, placing his helmet on his head. "Asha here, would probably like some place safe to sleep...." He looks around slowly. "Maybe I'll build myslef a cottage when I retire..." he mutters softly. "What ever the decision I think we need to make it quickly. One can only stay in armor for so long."

05/29/2005 6:46 PM

Kyro finally got out of the forest, the sky was already dark, the sun was set, and stars appear. Kyro slows his pace down and walks slowly as he looks up at the dark sky.
The stars shones brightly , glittering the sky. Then Kyro looks straight forward, "I wonder where should I go next?" he thought, "probaly I should find a job in a town
nearby tommorrow morning." Kyro kept on walking down a path until he finds a town that has an inn.

05/30/2005 7:46 PM

In his wolf form walking with the two he suddenly enmerges into his human form. "Hey Leo what town are we going to."

05/31/2005 11:35 AM

Leo grinned, “Good then that’s settled. We’ll spend the night in the forest and begin the trek to town at first light. Ashvirah’s the name of the town we’re heading for if. If we set out at Dawn we should reach the town just after midday. Come follow me, its just another 10 minutes then we can rest for the night!” She turned round and headed into the undergrowth.

Approximately 10 minutes later they arrived in the clearing. Leo sighed in relief as she made her way towards the river. Suddenly she stopped at the sight of the dead creature. She walked up to it and started to examine it. Its head had been severed from its body, Leo continued to examine its body but her search confirmed her fears. Blood had congealed on the creatures claws, it had injured someone. She sniffed the creature he smelt of human. Leo cursed under her breath, if she didn’t find the wounded mortal he was likely to die. She called out to the others to help her, she moved the creature into the undergrowth before following the humans scent. She looked up into the tall tree. “He’s in there!” she said to them, “We have to get him down here to administer the antidote or he’ll die. I’m going to pull him out; I want you to help me lay him on the ground.” She turned not waiting for their response, slung her loose clothes and belongings onto the floor and shifted. As she leapt into the tree she saw the mortal lying there. At first she thought it was dead but its steady breathing showed that it was not dead only asleep. She grabbed its clothes with her jaw and dragged it onto her back. She leapt clumsily to the ground and chucked the mortal onto the floor. With the help of the others she managed to drag him into the center and onto his back. She then shifted back into her human form and reached into her belongings and pulled out the a small bottle. She uncorked the lid and splashed the burning liquid onto his wounds. The mortal would probably feel a searing pain on the area where the wounds were but it would dull as the wounds healed properly. She wrapped her cloak around him before gathering twigs and branches and setting fire to them.

Leo gazed into the flames as she sat besides the mortal. “You can rest now. There’s a stream there if you want water and I will hunt in the morning for food. But for now you’re safe I suggest we take watches. I’ll take first watch but I would appreciate it if someone could take my place at 1 o’clock!”

06/01/2005 2:17 PM

As if begin suddenly shocked by something, Shinjo leaps to his feet. Then after a few moments, he realizes the burning pain from his wounds. He feels his chest and notices that they are begining to heal. Now finally comming to his senses, he sees the girl from before and her companion.

"What happened to me? It felt like I was asleep forever."

06/01/2005 2:35 PM

"What happened to me? It felt like I was asleep forever." Shinjo said leaping to his feet. “Greetings to you too Shinjo. You got attacked by one of the demon bears. Fierce creatures unless you know how to kill them. Although you might want to watch out for their claws and teeth. I’m not sure exactly what it is but they have some sort of poison coated onto their teeth and claws. When its claws ripped your chest the poison entered your bloodstream. You’re lucky we came when we did, in time to administer the antidote. You should have stuck with us when I gave you the chance. No matter you’re here with us now anyway!”

Leo smirked at him, and reached out to put the cloak back over his shoulders. “Sleep’s the greatest healer they say. You need to rest! One of the others is due to take over watch soon. Don’t worry we’ll keep watch over you while you sleep.”

06/01/2005 3:14 PM

Meanwhile, Kyro was still continue walking in night and can't even find a village.
But he found a campsite with a caravan. people were at the campsite doing their own business. "Well, maybe I can settle down there for the night" thought Kyro. He walked to the leader of the camp as people saw him. The leader greeted Kyro, and he asked the leader if he can spend the night at their camp. The leader agreed and welcomed Kyro, to the camp.

06/02/2005 4:52 AM

Sano was walking over to the mortal and Leo. As he approched all he could think about was how he was saposed to meet Draco in the town. As he serched his mind he rememberd that Draco talked about a girl named Leo."Hey Leo are you familiar with the mixed-breed Draco"

06/02/2005 5:47 AM

“Hey Leo are you familiar with a mixed-breed Draco?” the shifter asked and Leo looked at him, eyebrows raised, “What’s it to you Sano?” she asked. Of course she knew of him, he and Braz they had fought Illudrayia, the fire demon and then…Leo shook her head trying to rid herself of the images of the last part of their adventure together.

06/02/2005 5:22 PM

"Well see I have to meet him in the next town and I thought you two might want to catch up."

06/03/2005 7:15 AM

“Sleep’s the greatest healer they say. You need to rest! One of the others is due to take over watch soon. Don’t worry we’ll keep watch over you while you sleep.” Leo says to Shinjo.

"Hmm...very well. Thank you, you did save me. I am in your debt." Shinjo says as he rises. "It is tradition where I come from that if your life is saaved by another, you owe them your life. I ask that you allow me to serve you untill a time you see fit." He says as he bows to her.

06/03/2005 10:21 AM

Marcus sighed softly having moved a good distance from the others. He didn't easily trust, and now that he was around these...'shifters' as they called themselves he was slightly confused. He slowly begins to remove his heavy armor, revealing, muscle after muscle. He was well built, as was suited for a knight. They did, after all, have to wear atleast a hundred pound armor, plus what other provisions were needed.

Asha, his mare, lays on the ground, front legs folded beneath her. Her soft eyes, rest on the others, her nostrils flaring as she listens to them. She then looks up at Marcus, neighing softly, once his armor is completely removed.

Marcus wears loose-fitting, wool pants, and a shirt to match, as well as a layer of chain mail. He sits down, next to Asha, leaning his back against her warm body, and digging through his pack. Finding his boots, he slips them on, then, grabbing his belt, and sword, he stands.

Finally he looks at the others now, a wide grin crossing his face. They already had a fire started...he would probably start his own. Shrugging his shoulders, he looks down at his bow, which had been on Asha's saddle. "I was going to offer to find us all a meal. But I probably should let you, Mi'Lady..." He says to Leo. "After-all, I don't want to be punished for killing one of your kin."

06/03/2005 11:31 AM

Sano was in his wolf state now curled up by the fire letting the warmth embrace him. His silver fur sparkled in the light of the fire. Sano lifted his head toward the full moon. "Its beautiful." he thought. It has been along time before he let his eyes gaze at the moon.

Sano now was thinking back to the day when his tribe was destroyed at that night there also was a full moon. He remembered tonight was the 107th year his tribe was taken from him for their fur.

06/03/2005 3:19 PM

Leo smiled slightly at the shifter, “You make it sound like it was by some sort of passing that we met. Has Draco told you the consequences of our meeting? If he had you would know he is the last person I whish to meet right now.”

Leo turned as the mortal began to speak, she nodded. “That I will do when I have had my sleep. If you two do not seem content to sleep I ask that one of you take my watch for I am tired and need my rest. Do not fear the forest. Anything happens no matter how small you must wake me. And as for killing my kin…”she laughed, “...well I’d like to see you try!” Leo gazed into the fire letting the flickering of the flames lull her to sleep. She kept her blades near her sides, senses on full alert.

06/03/2005 10:18 PM

Sano thought in his head "why dose she not want to meet him" Sano gave a slght "OH well" and went back to sleep.

06/04/2005 5:15 PM

Marcus nodded his head. "I have had my rest. I shall take watch. No problem." He smirks, sitting back down, and leaning against Asha, who has fallen to her side. She would fall asleep as well. After all, she had been the one walking all day.

06/04/2005 7:36 PM


06/05/2005 10:26 AM


((What the hell is that all about))

Sano woke suddenly. "Why wont these nightmares stop." He thought to himself. He looked around to his companions and then walked away for a wile. Sano was gone until the morning he came back To find that the two he was with were gone.

06/05/2005 10:33 AM


wow origional, mate its been done before and now i'm just borred of it. It's not funny its just stupid and you know what the worst part is nobody even cares, nobody takes offense or laughs they just ignore it!

Sano woke suddenly. "Why wont these nightmares stop." He thought to himself. He looked around to his companions and then walked away for a wile. Sano was gone until the morning he came back To find that the two he was with were gone.

is there a reason to this?

06/05/2005 10:44 AM

((He had to clear his mind of a few things and he was out for along time))

((just a question are we going to work on this or leave it for a wile.))

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