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04/16/2005 6:38 PM

pick any elemental and a name.Post what weapons you have and your powers you can do.then begin...
I'll be Yuka the earth fairy.
her powers are she can conjour up the spirts of the earth and control them with her mental link.
Her weapons are a staff that has a blade that closly resembals a lightning bolt.

04/16/2005 9:03 PM

(OOC: I think it would be better if you try let the others know more about what you want them to do in this thread after they've picked their elementals.)

04/17/2005 7:02 PM

OOC:After they pick their characters,they can choose a side they want to be on.The first to post a character can pick the second team.I'll be team Kaze.

04/17/2005 7:36 PM

I'll be drake the dark mage
powers- to control the dead
weapons- staff and sword...

I'll start an second team ... team Rose

04/17/2005 8:08 PM

I'll be Draco the Ice Demon
power-um can make Ice into any wepon and can shoot it(well obvisly lol)
weapon-sword and Ice wepons

I'll be on the first team

04/17/2005 10:10 PM

Auqa-Lady of the Lake
Desription-Blue skin,eyes & hair. Entangled in her hair is seaweed. She is wearing peal earings & a pearl neckless w/a starfish in the middle.
Powers-COntrol water & summon water spirits
Weapons-THe Singing Sword(has the ability to put anyone that hears it to sleep)
Boi-Auqa was once a fair maiden who fell vitim to the lake, she fell in & drown when she was very young. And being pure of heart the water spirits resurected her & made her their queen. SHe was once engaged to merlin, but why it was broked is unknown. After authors slaying merlin came to her & asked her to protect & keep the sword till the next ruler came around.

--Note--Srry if this has alot of mistakes or sucks its like 1:00am here & iam tred & fixin ot go to bed

04/18/2005 8:17 PM

(OOC:What team do you want to be on?There are two of them.My team is called Team Kaze and the other is Team rose.

04/29/2005 3:53 PM

Ill be deros the dark knight
my powers are creating darkness and summoning undead

My weapons are a dark longsword and jeweled dagger
and ill be on team kaze

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05/08/2005 4:09 PM

OOC)any one else want to join?

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