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04/16/2005 5:07 PM

Hello! ...I'm definatly not in Kansas anymore. Everything here is HUGE and I can't seem to find where to post my character's profile or even how to do much of anything. How does the RP Style here work? Seems way different from the one I'm use to (its much more organized and compact the place I rp at).

I'm an elite rper (been doing this for 3 years now), but not here. The forums I rp at are on a path to folding, I afrad :( but alass, all good things also have an end.

So how do you work? I'm highly confused!!!

04/16/2005 6:51 PM

Yeah, Kansas is a loooooong way from here. So follow the Yellow Brick Road to the RP Section. :)

If you click under the ROLEPLAY NOW area, you'll find the RP section broken up by genre (Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and a General that covers everything you could think of and more). There are new threads starting all the time (or existing ones that are sometimes open to new characters joining), so it's pretty easy to get in on the action.

When you click on a thread that looks interesting, you'll see an OOC/RECR set of pages. If you find a thread you'd like to join, that's where you ask if you can (and where you post your character).

Also, under the Roleplaying Support Forums, there's a thread called RP Ideas Interest Query, where you'll find folks posting ideas for threads to see if anyone would want to join. You're welcome to post something there too.

Hope that helps you out a little - if you have any other questions just ask - we're Newbie Friendly!


04/16/2005 7:00 PM

Hello! ...I'm definatly not in Kansas anymore. Everything here is HUGE and I can't seem to find where to post my character's profile or even how to do much of anything.

Well... you usually just join a thread by reading all the previous posts so far and then inserting your character into the storyline. Sometimes, the thread starter will have some specific instructions for your participation (for example, that you first post your character profile in the OOC recruitment thread).

I dunno how you guys rped back at the old site, but here its more like a creative collaboration than a straight out RP session (there's obviously no dice-rolling and stat checks involved).

Just remember to act believable and within the limitations of your character. In this case, you had better take into account the thread you join. You don't want to bring an overpowered hero into a low-level thread, after all.

Don't join a thread if you don't think you can keep up with the plot. For instance, if you can only post once a week, unless everyone else says they are willing to wait. Otherwise, you're slowing everyone down.

A final no-no is controlling the characters of other players. This is definitely a bad thing. Even if you started the thread, you shouldn't be doing this. A characters actions are its' players responsibility alone.

I would like to add never abandon a thread once you have joined it, but the reality of the situation is that quite a few of the veterans of this board seem to have actually made up a hobby of it. A rather bad hobby, and annoying as hell to the other players, but not something that anyone is willing to do anything about anymore.

04/17/2005 11:55 AM

Also, if you start a thread yourself, and you can't complete it, or no one joins, or, and this one is bugging me right now, if you have people that say they'll join, and then they just vanish without a word, then please ask to have it either locked or deleted. It's just a considerate thing to do.

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