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04/16/2005 3:46 PM

((OOC: I swear, I am a retard >.< I didn't realize this forum was here...*sigh* Anyway, I'll post my thread idea then..))

I want to start something that contains forbidden love (Yeah, I know..What can I say, I'm a bit of a romanticist) between a demon and an angel. My character's going to be a half-angel, and she'll..well, I don't know exactly what kind of plot I want, but I'm open to ideas! =D Vampire instead of demon is fine, and we could probably put something with vampire hunters and other vampires in the story as well. This was an idea I'm currently RPing in another forum myself, but I figured it'd be interesting to see what other directions this could take. ^.^

04/17/2005 8:26 PM

Sounds like a good thread, I'd be interested in taking part in a RP about... umm. "mixed company" so to speak :P. It would atleast give a chance for people to throw out there ideas on how such (people?) could possibly get along, what drove them from their peers and into companionship with their opposites. With something involving this "forbidden love" or even just a comradery that their own people would be pissed off about... your right, the more I go into it the more it sounds like Romeo and Juliet :) still a good idea and sounds fun, lemme know if you decide to start it.

04/17/2005 10:12 PM

Sounds good to me! I would like to play!!!! =D

04/17/2005 10:46 PM

well there ya go, we got 3 people right here, and in my experience thats enough to have atleast a decent little rp if everyone is active... and I'm most definetely active. heheh, check out "of bards and barbarians" in the forgotten realms rp threads. since I joined it yesterday, as the 3rd response in a month, we've gotten like 9 posts or something like that.... just today!! and thats between me, my brother, and alexia. Anyway, dunno why I'm blabbin about bein active, just a trait people look for that I like to advertise I have I guess hehehe, anyway hope to hear some details about how we're gettin started soon!

04/19/2005 5:33 PM

Lol! You remind me of me! =D I get easily distracted and go off on an entirely different tangent..like now..*cough* Anyway, I'm glad someone likes the idea (two someones! I'm happy =D), cliche as it is ^^, and the fact that you do post regularly is good..I like that a lot. As I can see, a lot of people don't get another reply in their threads at least for another few days or so. I'm used to tagging (which is like going on messenger, posting, then telling the other person to post, then they do the same, etc.) which accomplishes a lot of posts a day, if we're inspired that is. I do understand that some people are busy, but at least once a day can be accomplished yes? Vacation or some other thing is understandable, but yeah..Just to let you all know. Oh, and I'll be asking for a sort of bio for your charry when I post my thread, so think on that..And do you guys know what you want to play as? Someone can play the demon lover, or I can, it doesn't matter to me. Oh, and here's the basic format I want bio in:

Hobbies (optional):

Something like that so I can get a feeling for the character. Nothing too extensive if you don't want to. Just basics if you're lazy like me ^-^. It's always fun to get surprised in an RP! =D Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'll probably post my thread and start it in the General Roleplaying Forum on Thursday at the latest as I'm rather busy, and I still haven't gotten my computer back yet. Thanks for the feedback!

~Broken Sparrow

04/19/2005 10:06 PM

glad to hear from ya :) was startin to worry that you'd abandoned the idea or somethin. Anywho, normally I wouldn't mind playin a demon lover, but I'm just gettin back into the saddle here, so I'll sit the romantic part out this time round (sounds like the guy at the bar who's pining over his ex while everyone else is hookin up!) But who knows, last time I RPed, romance kinda followed, although that built from my guy being a very protective man, kinda like Wulfgar (not counting when he was mentally messed up). Other than that I'll get crackin on my character. When doing my bio I'll be assuming that we are a neutral band as angels/demons of proper alignment wouldn't associate I'm thinking :P
Mail me when you start the thread and I'll post a bio in there. Seeya round.

04/21/2005 10:13 PM

Sooooo sorry. I haven't posted the thread, and I will definitely do it tomorrow. A little thing I had to do took way longer than expected, so I didn't have time.

04/21/2005 10:19 PM

can't wait! I'll be seein your intro tomorrow then (hopefully) :D

04/23/2005 12:30 PM

Okay, well, if anyone else sees this, and is interested, don't bother posting here cause I probably will forget about checking this here as I've started the official thread over in General Roleplaying called The New Garden of Eden. New players are welcome ^^, just make sure you look at the OOC section first.

04/25/2005 6:21 PM

Name:Rhea Tanson
Eyes:greyish blue
Hair: jet black;shoulder length;kept in pig tails w/red holders keeping them up
Apperence:Rhea has greyish white skin, and her nails are done like a french manicure but all painted black. She has black lipstick on & darkeyeliner. She has her left nostril periced & has a cuff ring on her right ear & she has her tounge periced.
Clothes:A black tank top that comes down a litlle below her bossom. Its black with the word BITCH printed on it in red. She has on a dark green camo pants, with big steel toed boots. On the side of her pants is a hunting knife in a holder.
Build: Petit
Powers:Super Strength;advance reflexes;advance speed;able to paralysis people with a single kiss(a toxin in her silyiva(sp?))mostly men
Personality:SHe is very bitter to humans...but can charm anyone into liking her. She is very desetful(sp?) & will backstab ANYONE in the back if the price is right.
History/Background:Rhea is a asassian for hire...she will kill anyone,anywhere for the right price of course ;). Mostly she helps with the asassiantion of very powerful ppl

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