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04/14/2005 11:38 AM

Raiftel looks eagerly around the barroom floor, the crack of thunder outside the only sound above the general murmur of lost souls and broken hearts. He smiles as he walks to the bar itself and orders himself a drink, a flash of lightning obscured by the rain smeared and booze stained windows.

"I here you train guys round here. You train them how to fight. Anybody care to help me out" he says with a smile as he gives the barkeeper a small pouch of gold in exchange for a smokey green drink.

He smiles as the barkeeper counts out the money a satisfactory nod ushering some warrior looking types from the crowd.

04/17/2005 3:28 AM

One particularly burly warrior type clears his throat and then announces.

"Well... the best place to go is still the Training Grounds. That's where some of the most veteran veterans are."

06/08/2005 6:25 PM

A not-so burly warrior stepped out of the crowd. Well, really not burly. In fact rather wimpy looking. And a girl, too.

"True, but if they just are supposed to use that thread, why do we have this whole forum?"

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