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04/13/2005 6:55 PM

Waiting on the roof top,Khaos closed her eyes calmly listing to the villagers talking amungst themselves.A flash of light emited in front of her and she opened her eyes to a young man waving a peice of glass in her eyes.She glared at the human,dispising him for mortality.He just smiled and held up a hand.

"Sorry to bother you,but you can't be up here.You must leave."He said as his voice got smaller.Kiya beared her fangs and growled.

"I can stay up here as I wish and some human will not tell me what to do.Leave or feel the most encrutiating pain you ever been in."She said quietly as the humans eyes nodded his head sullenly.He backed off and jumpde down,running into a house.Khaos huffed and crossed her arms,watching the sun set on the horizon.Picking her bow and arrow,she slung her quiver over her shoulder.She prushed her white hair back and picked her rod up,placing it to her side.She ran across the roof top and jumped high into the air.She looked below her and the humans were pointing and gasping at her sudden arival.

She snarled and the cowered in her presence,screaming."Don't fret,stupid ones.I'm only passing through!"She yelled at them as she jumped on the next roof and continued on her way.A black arrow whized by her ear and she turned her head.She jumped higher into the air and dissappeared,as the human who shot it,wonder at her purpose.

04/19/2005 1:54 AM

Leodanya was on her way down to the market place. Her head was cast down in an attempt to shield herself from people’s passing glances. Her long golden brown tail was wrapped around her legs beneath her cloak for fear of it being spotted. She sighed and placed a hand to her temple her nails following the dragon pattern down the side of her face. As she neared the village her ears pricked as she heard gasps and shouts. Drawing her twin blades from her back she rushed to the scene in time to see the villagers pointing to a strange creature atop the houses. She was running at an alarming rate and shouting, ‘Don't fret, stupid ones. I’m only passing through!’ Suddenly a tall human man raised his bow and shot a slim black arrow at the creature. ‘No’ Leo screamed and made a desperate attempt to knock the bow out of the man’s hands but it was too late. She watched in horror as the arrow came speeding towards the creature, but it didn’t matter the creature jumped higher into the air before disappearing. Leo breathed and sigh of relief before she too disappeared amongst the crowds searching for the strange creature that had disappeared into thin air.

04/19/2005 5:55 PM

Khaos landed on the ground,sniffing the air.Sitting,she waited out.Why did people have to treaty her so differently.Even the demons of her own kind and had disowned her.It was the way she treated certain people.The people who help her out,she shows them kindness by quietly saying so with her eyes.The people who are crule,she just never talked to them,not making any contact with them instead of killing them like her race would.Tears made their way to her eyes and slowly let themselves out.This was the reason she was different...because she was a demon yet a good one...

04/20/2005 11:47 AM

Leo pushed through the crowds her green cloak pressed closely to her hiding her strange brown and green clothing. She could see the villagers shouting and running around in search of the demon. She smiled to herself. They’d never find her, not one like that. She had had little experience with one such as the demon that had run across the roof tops just moments before but she knew them to be more secretive and if that demon didn’t want to be find those villagers would have one hell of a time trying to find her. But Leo had sensed something different about the demon. She didn’t understand it though. It was one of the gifts she had received from her feline half. Leo was half cat, a shape-shifter and as a feline she had enhanced sense of smell, sight, hearing and sense. She could feel a thing that normal humans couldn’t that’s why she knew that the demon meant no harm to those that had done no harm to her.

She sighed the man that had shot her would probably be dead by the morrow. She was surprised at just how little she cared. He deserved it he had tried to destroy a life for no reason and one so….so….different was the only words she could find. Leo had come to respect the immortals. But it wasn’t just that Leo didn’t believe in the pointless wasting of lives. Maybe it was because she was a killer herself but she had come to understand just of fragile mortal lives were. She understood the vampires desire to feed and they killed human life as though it were nothing but they had to, it was their curse the hunger. Just as the desire to hunt and kill was hers. But for a mortal to kill for the sake of killing that was wrong and that man had no right! Still he would get what was coming to him.

Leo rounded the next corner and pushed herself into a small alleyway. Watching as the villagers ran around in frantic upheaval. She smirked, pointed canines showing, enjoying their frustration. She took a step forward and froze. Something was here she could sense it, though she could she nothing in the darkness she could feel the warmth of the person, she could also smell them. She took another hesitant step forward and then she could she her, the immortal but she was crying. Leo paused suddenly uncertain maybe she shouldn’t be here. She knew how she felt when people disturbed her.

She sighed again and took another step forward, calling out as she did so, ‘Hello? Are you Ok. Um whatever’s wrong I can help……or I can just leave?’ She looked around her waiting for a response she knew how unhelpful she was being but she wanted to help she had come to respect this strange creature which had stood up to the villagers so.

04/22/2005 8:39 PM

Khaos looked up,tears still lingering.Was this halfling talking to her or the air around her?REalizing it was she was talking to,she hastefully wipped her tears and and looked at her again.

"No...don't leave.I've never had anyone talk to me with out being scared half to death. Maybe you can help me...maybe not...but whatever."She said as she wrapped her arms around her legs.

For once in her life,her heart felt truly happy.Everyone feared her because of how she looked and her own kind dispised her.She was tortured and ridikuled.She was beaten by the elders in her clan.Nothing she could do.Maybe this girl would accept her for who she was and not by how she looked or by the way she looked...

04/23/2005 9:52 AM

“No...don't leave. I’ve never had anyone talk to me with out being scared half to death. Maybe you can help me...maybe not...but whatever." The immortal said, and Leo smiled warmly, she understood. People weren’t scared of her necessarily, true she didn’t look quite normal but that could be it was more her nature. Her cat-like nature.
She held her hand out to the stranger, ‘Hey! I’m Leodanya Nightwing or just Leo. And you? May I ask what you were doing on the roof just then? I have to say I’m impressed I’ve never seen anyone stand up to the villagers like that but then maybe that’s because I don’t get around much” She smiled again, pointed canines showing it was nice to talk to some one without them judging her every move.

04/23/2005 6:21 PM

Khaos forced her arm to move and shook her hand."My name is Khaos Akuryou.I was on the roof because I was waiting for someone but,he never showed.I don't normally stand up to humans like that.I just get ticked sometimes and I can't stop.Though I'm nice,in some cases, I have a bad side too."She said standing and brushing herself off.She smiled slightly and began to feel as if her bad side was deminshing...slowly as if she had no use for it anymore...

04/24/2005 5:33 AM

‘My name is Khaos Akuryou.I was on the roof because I was waiting for someone but, he never showed. I don't normally stand up to humans like that. I just get ticked sometimes and I can't stop. Though I'm nice, in some cases, I have a bad side too.’ The stranger said, shaking her hand.
‘We all have a bad side. Though some see theirs more than others. Besides people’s ideas of good and bad are all different. What you did up there wasn’t bad, but what those humans did was. You were causing them no harm and yet because you looked….different they decided to attack you!’ Leo’s eyes flashed dangerously at this. She hated all those human’s who saw people who didn’t look normal and immediately presumed that they were spawned from the devil and should therefore be killed.
‘I know you’re not evil. I can sense that, I don’t know how but I just can, I guess it’s a cat thing. And I know how you feel. A few days back a group of villagers attacked me because they saw me shift and afterwards when I shifted back, I didn’t have my cloak and well…’she said and pointed to her golden tail that was peeking out from beneath her cloak ‘…I kind of have a tail.’ She said blushing slightly. Normally she found it very embarrassing and so never spoke of it to anyone. She didn’t exactly have fur or anything but still it was odd. Yet something was different about Khaos, somehow Leo felt that she just….understood.

Leo grinned sheepishly, ‘I don’t think you really needed to know that and I’m surprised I told you but I guess it’s my clumsy attempt to tell you that I understand!’

04/24/2005 4:17 PM

Khaos nodded.She could feel not a negitive energy but a postive energy coming from her. The wind slightly blew her hair to the left and she knew that she was beating herself up over it. She smiled at Leo and finally realized what she said was making more sense than before.She didn't do anything yet,the human took it as a threat and decided to ambush her.
The small peice of anger that remained flared but she pushed it back and diminshed it as fast as it came.
"You hold some truth that is true.I was kind of beating myself up at what the humans did,thinking it was my fault.You showed me that it wasn't and know,I can finally lfeel relived of it all."Khaos said as the wind slowly died down.
Deciding she should tell Leo what Leo had told her."When humans look at me,they see an Elemental demon up to no good.In my people's eyes,they see a stupid no good demon that doesn't have a chance to live in this world.They think I'm so weak, they think I'm rather on of the infected ones that are born every so often.They just don't understand that I'm stronger than they'll ever be and that they can't push me around.I'm one of the special ones that will change the world and the perspective of ever demon on Earth."She said as she stood more straighter than before.

04/25/2005 1:10 PM

Leo listened to all that she had to say. ‘Yes, those who pride power over knowledge are weak. And you say they think your one of the infected ones. Why because you are less evil than they?’ She laughed. ‘ They are fools and fools make mistakes. But you speak of changing the world for all demons. Should I be afraid is this one of those ‘I will wipe out the whole human race so that demons can rule the earth once more. Though I doubt that of you not because I think you are weak, which I don’t but because like I said before you are not evil.’ She stopped suddenly, ‘ but you say that even your own people have cast you out. That is wrong to have no where to go. Why have they shunned you is it because you are less evil than they, or is it not my place to ask.’

04/28/2005 2:36 PM

Geyli sat on the bell tower, the set sun and unrisen moon not sheading light on him, he was a demon, of coarse, and he hated humans, he hated half of himself.

Geyli sat under the stars, out side of the town. He had heard the villagers from a distance, "Fools, like a demon would come running into your arms because you call to it? They must think we're all deaf and dumb." He smiled and ran off. the hairs of his neck rose, two demons, "A duo?" Geyli looked the auras of humans are much diffrent from that of a demon, the pair stood out like a candle in a dark room, "Time for a little eavesdropping." Geyli ran near, keeping out of site, and started to listen: ‘ but you say that even your own people have cast you out. That is wrong to have no where to go. Why have they shunned you is it because you are less evil than they, or is it not my place to ask.’

04/29/2005 10:01 AM

((lets just ignore the last post))

Leo smiled sadly waiting for Kaos' response, when she felt a strange presence close by. She reached for blades, and looked into the shadows, with her keen leopard eyes she could make out the faint outline of someone. She snarled, 'whoever's there i don't appreciate you spying on us. If you've got something to say come and say it, rather than hiding in the shadows!'

((in this post i don;t mean to be rude, my characters just a bit touchy))

04/29/2005 6:36 PM

"They've shunned me because of my lack to kill what should be killed.They call it a diesea.The 'Ryuu Spirt'.Very few of my people have actually got it but I am one of the unfortunate ones.They think I walk the barrier of the undead and the living,that I shuoldn't be alive.If only they knew...then maybe it would all be different."Khaos' eyes drifted to the bushes near by.She griped her staff harder and glared,waiting for an attack.

04/30/2005 10:08 AM

"You all are so tense. Lighten up!" Geyli said jumping out of his hiding spot and unralving his wings.

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04/30/2005 10:39 AM

“You all are so tense. Lighten up!", the stranger said as he leapt out from his hiding spot and unveiled his wings. He had wings; Leo looked at him in amazement. Then the anger returned to her eyes and she snarled at him again, “Who are you stranger?”

04/30/2005 10:49 AM

"Damn, I was about to ask you that, can you read minds..?" Geyli said folding his wings, "Thats not important though, my names Geyli, and who might the two of you be?"

04/30/2005 11:23 AM

Leo looked at the stranger, still angry but slightly more curious. He had a strange manner; he always seemed so…lighthearted.
“My name is Leodanya Nightwing”, she said before turning to look at Khaos. “And I think my companion can speak for herself. But tell me what are you doing here watching us? We can’t be that fascinating!” She desperately wanted to talk to Khaos in private but with this Gyli here she could do no such thing. She sighed and raised a slender hand to her temple, this was going to be a long day.

04/30/2005 7:39 PM

"I was just passing buy, looking to sell somethings from a raid, and well, I was about to rob from this town, when I ran into you two." Geyli said pointing at his satchel, which was filled with stolen goods, "My frineds weren't so lucky, they were captured..."

05/01/2005 3:06 AM

Leo eyed the stolen goods curiously. “Interesting, but why would someone of your…ability” she said pointing two his wings, “be doing stealing from mere mortals? And these friends of yours are they like you, as in not quite human, then they will not survive the night. From what I have seen these human do not take too kindly to other……species.” She smirked slightly, “And if they have been captured, what are you doing talking to us, if they are your friends shouldn’t you be rescuing them, or do they not need your aid?”

She looked at him again trying to read him, it was impossible. He was obviously not human, yet was acting like one. He was a thief yet had the behavior of…she didn’t know what but it certainly wasn’t a thief.

05/01/2005 12:11 PM

"My my my," Geyli pushed his hair out of his eyes, "So many questions, well lets see; my 'friends' were a couple of humans and a very capible demon, oh and his dog, a dire wolf. I am getting away with my part of the goods, the other demon will have escaped by now, and he and his dog, and I are going to meet up at a near by village, however, those humans were pons(s/p?) and them being captured was a part of our plan." Geyli's eyes met her's, "I am talking to you because, well I was going to meet up with him, at this village, however they are on high alert, and it seems its your fault..." Geyli didn't change his tone, it sounded as if he was playing, toying with them.

05/01/2005 2:15 PM

Leo glared at Geyli, she really didn’t like him. She could tell that he was just toying with them but even so his lighthearted manner and know it all tone really got on her nerves, “Oh really, that’s nice to know. I’m sorry I guess you’ll just have to tell my companion here that she should have got shot so that the humans would be busy with killing her so that you and your demon friend and his dog could get away with it all.” she snarled again, her tail whipping about furiously beneath her cloak.
“Besides what is there worth taking from these mortals anyway?”

05/01/2005 3:46 PM

"Who ever said I was stealing from a mortal?" Geyli asked with a smile. "You must have guessed that, but I guess not, this, outside of this town, is where we we're going to meet..." Geyli saw with his red eyes a massive white wolf, and a gray formless humanoid, Greylord, and his wolf had arrived.

05/02/2005 3:14 AM

((sorry can i just ask you to write a little bit more when you post, just so that i have more to go on when i post.))

Leo ignored the boy’s comment and turned round to the new comer, this must be the one Geyli was to meet. She looked at him but she was more fascinated by the wolf. He was beautiful and somehow he reminded her of Tala.

She snarled slightly, leopard eyes flashing; whoever this newcomer wasn’t she didn’t like him. Her cat senses told her he was bad news.

05/05/2005 12:54 PM

"Hail Greylord, I trust you escaped alright?" Geyli said nodding his head and smiling a true smile.

No sounds came from the grey beast, but he was comunicating with his mind, to avoid any listeners, or maybe it was because his pale face had no mouth? Either way what ever he said had not moved Geyi in any way. "Oh, heh heh. If thats the case, we may need alittle help-" Geyli was cut off by silence, "No I didn't bring them here! I found them here... Yes well... I'll ask." Geyli turned to the girls, "You two up for an adventure?" Geyli said smiling.

05/08/2005 10:39 AM

Leo listenned with interest as the Geyli spoke to his demon companion. She didn't understand exactly but it was as if the demon was speaking to the other through his mind.

She looked at the demon the multi breed and the wolf, "What adventure might this be?" before turning to Khaos to see her reaction.

05/08/2005 12:55 PM

Khaos smiled slightly."Whatever the adventure may be,I'm up for it.Are you,Leo?"Khaos let go of her grip on her staff and lossened up.She glanced at the wolf and she got a faint memory peicing together. 'This wolf looks like...No it can't be.She's dead.I saw it,she died by my clan.'She closed her eyes and yet,the memory of so much of unwanting came flooding back.

05/09/2005 3:54 PM

After a pause Geyli said, "No, her name is Ferigo, and the adventure, just to take what we've stolen to-Heriport, and then..." Geyli said, but he was interupted by the unheard chatter of Greylord, "Yes,But...I know, you. *sigh* fine." And then turning to the girls "So are you up to the challenge?"

05/10/2005 9:50 AM

Leo smiled, "Ferigo, she's beautiful. She reminds me of Tala!" as she said this her face darkenned, "but you don't need to know this. I will agree to this challenge of yours when you give me more details on the object you've stolen and why you're taking it too Heriport. For i believe there's something your not telling me!"

05/11/2005 1:09 PM

"We are taking it to pass the torch, if you need to know what it is..." Geyli glanced at Greylord and started again, "Its many things, the main thing, the one were 'giving' to someone who knows how to use it, is an amulet, we know what it does, but we can't tell you that, its powerful magic, this should be enough, the other stuff, is gold, jewels, and other valueibles." Geyli looked at greylord, and then to the other two, "So..?"

05/11/2005 1:24 PM

Leo glared at the half breed slighty, "It's nice to see the trust that you put in your fellow adventureres. Still my friend here seems to think it's a good idea so i will join you in your quest and maybe when your demon friend feels he can trust me he will tell me more of this amulet."

05/11/2005 1:34 PM

"Can wetell you on the way there? Your friends from the village are headed this way..." Geyli motioned to the villagers who's yells were steadily getting louder.

05/11/2005 1:53 PM

Leo grinned, "Let them come, i shall enjoy spilling their blood in return for the crimes they have commited. But no i shall come but remember this it may be your quest but that does not put you in charge for follow no one." With this her eyes flashed, and she snarled before wrapping her cloak tightly around her. As she brushed past two of the men that were hunting her companion earlier she smiled at them and blew them a kiss. The poison from the tablet she had crushed in her mouth just second ago was blown onto their face and breathed in with the rest of the air. The powder was invisible and would not take affect for another 30 minutes but she did not doubt that the others saw what she did but she knew the mortals would never figure it out and that thought pleased her.
She knew that poison was a cowards chose of a murder weapon but she knew that an open fight would loose them more than it gained. She could not risked that.

Leo turned back round and stared at the others questionally, eyebrows raised, waiting...

05/11/2005 1:58 PM

"Well, we'll be off!" Geyli said jumping into the air, spreading his wings and gaining altitude, "See you there!" Geyli flew low, Greylord jumped on the wolf, who howled as they left.

05/12/2005 11:47 AM

Leo looked at Khaos as she and the others emerged to join her outside, “Well it’s nice to see that the half-breed has had the curtsey to wait for us. Looks like we get to travel with the silent demon and his wolf. If they do not run off and leave us!” she said her voice dripping with sarcasm. She knew she was being unfair but she disliked the boy with his cocky attitude.

05/14/2005 6:11 PM

Khaos smiled."If they truely wanted us to go with them, they will wait for us.If not,then we donot travel with them."Khaos looked at the silent one and felt a small lonlyness deep inside.She did not like this feeling and she just pushed it away before it could consume her.

05/15/2005 10:51 AM

Leo nodded as Khoas spoke, “True! I believe we shall wait and see, for I fear they have forgotten us.” She paused for a moment, “Or at least that cocky youth has!”

She smiled sadly as Khaos looked at the demon, she almost understood and yet though she was an outcast among mortals she could never understand their pain.

05/16/2005 12:31 PM

Greylord stopped geyli in the woods, "There, you think they will come?" Geyli said and then nodded after a pause, "All we can do is wait..."

05/17/2005 6:29 PM

Khaos began to walk,heading in the direction they took off in."Come on,I have a feeling they really want us to go with them."Thunder roared in the black sky and drops of rain started to fall.'Just what we need,rain.'She thought sourly.

05/18/2005 11:17 AM

Leo nodded, and begun to follow Khaos into the forest. Above her the thunder roared as huge drops of rain started to pour down on them, soaking through. She shivered and drew her cloak tighter around her but it wasn’t water proof and so as the rain continued to poor she became thourally soaked. She growled softly and began to run towards the shelter of the trees. When she reached the others she glared at the half-breed, “Next time you could wait!”

05/18/2005 3:29 PM

"Sorry, Greylord thought it was going to rain so..." Geyli laughed, then he said in a matter of factly way, "Your both soaked," He truned and looked at Greylord, "Greylord, of course its not funny to you, you have no sense of humor..." *sigh* Geyli sread his wings and put them over the girls like two huge umbrelas, serious, "Lets go; tonight we can make it to...Huritut at least." He would wait for them to start walking.

05/20/2005 5:13 PM

Khaos nodded."Thank you,"She said as she wrung her hair from the water.She started forward.Memories of her past floted up to the surface and she grimaced.She remembered the young wolf demon that needed her help and her clan had beat her for stealing food for it.Then her clan killed the young wolf.Khaos remembered the blood on the walls of her home and dripping with fury.She had cried days on end and when it seemed to not be done...she left.No more would she take the ridickuling from others...she would be the next elder and make them pay for all they've done to her life.

05/21/2005 5:34 AM

"Sorry, Greylord thought it was going to rain so..." Geyli said and Leo smiled, “I see, he told you to run but let us get soaked. Well seeing as your speaking for him you can tell him thanks from me!” She shook herself, raindrops flinging everywhere but she choose not do stand beneath Geyli’s wings. She still had her dignity.

She nodded at the mention of Huritut, she knew that town though she had never stayed there. If she had she would not be returning, for she could never visit a town twice without fear of being attacked. When they continued to walk she chose to tavel above them and so leapt into the tree above her, calling as she did so, “I’ve decided to journey above you. i can follow just fine and when you leave the forest I will come back and join you on the ground.”

She then shifted into a leopard. Stretching to get used to her new form, she smiled her cat smile waiting for them to continue walking…

05/21/2005 7:24 PM

Khaos raised an eyebrow.She slightly smiled soaking in the newly transformed Leo.She wrapped her arms around her body and shivered.She snezzed and frowned."Nice..."she murmmerd."I never did like the rain."

05/24/2005 2:02 PM

"Really, you've never flown in the rain have you?" Geyli asked, Greylord 'said' something and geyli smiled and shook his head.

05/26/2005 2:22 PM

Khaos shook her head."Never,I get colds easily so,I really avoid the rain as much as possiable."Khaos snezzed again and sighed.

05/27/2005 1:30 PM

Leo gave an exhasperated sigh, borred of listenning to the others talk amounst themselves. "Come if we do not leave now it will be nightfall long before we reach the town and we will have to camp in the forest. I do not wish to do that so i am going to start moving. When you finnally decide to come you can follow me!"

05/27/2005 5:50 PM

((I thought we were already walking...<.<))

Geyli walked on, he and Greylord started 'talking' anyone else could tell this because everyonce in a while Geyli would shout out "No, It wouldn't!" or "Yes, but..." and other things but unlike the other conversations he kept his mouth shut.

05/28/2005 1:10 PM

Khoas wrapped her arms tighter and hung her head as she walked in rythm of Geyli.She looked up into the dark sky and lighting light up the sky.The rain started to let up and fall soft and gentle.

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