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04/13/2005 1:44 AM

An error occurs everytime I attempt to upload/update avatar photos for the past few days.

What the hell is causing this?

04/13/2005 11:35 AM

It could be a couple of things, actually. Unfortunately, the only ones I can think of are these three:

1. Your avatar is too big.

2. Your avatar is copyrighted.

3. The system has been updated, and is causing the avatar hell.

Personally, I'd go with either 1 or 2 as being the reason.

04/13/2005 9:46 PM

Well, the errors come from a certain EcoBuilder. I even attempted to upload a picture of myself as a test, but still the results are all errors. Even when I created a new account, errors still persists when I download avatar pics. I'm running out of options.

OOC: It's this EcoBuilder thing that appears everytime the errors occur.

04/14/2005 3:32 AM

Yeah, probably a server error or something. How long has this been happening?

04/14/2005 6:26 AM

I've noticed it myself, I've tried to change my ava for the rp settings since Chung turned off the signature feature for the time being...wonder if he caught some of the code for the avas as well......

04/15/2005 5:43 AM

The error has been active for 5 days or so I remember, when I was attempting to upload a cooler ava pic to replace the old one.

04/15/2005 5:47 AM

Oh yes, I do also notice the signature feature disappearing in the rp settings. I think I discovered that before the error incident.

04/16/2005 9:42 AM

*whispers* psst, Greg, Rivermaya naka abot na di, may plano ka? Lantawun ko kung tugtan ko nila, tickets ya hapos lang na. Hambali to ang iban nga mga Wingers kag ang mga hilig sa mga klasmeyt ta sa Alternative Pinoy Rock. Anouncement only, please forgive me for interrupting this topic.

04/17/2005 6:35 AM

The error's gone now... thanks mates!

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