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04/11/2005 9:48 PM

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away………

Standing at the helm of an Imperial Class Cruiser was a prestige to wear with pride. Yet being able to stand at the helm of the Oppressor a newly constructed Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, was a duty Admiral Thrawn honored higher then even his own life. Which in the case of the newly arisen Empire with the ever deadly Darth Vader acting as Emperor Palpatine’s right hand. Most found that holding their obedience to the Empire meant running that gambit of life or death every day. One false move and you could end up having your life sucked away by Lord Vader’s sorcerer’s ways. The cold silence of the ships helm was surreal only the hum of monitoring systems and a constant throb from the ships huge auxiliary sublight drive was felt. That’s how it was easy for Thrawn to hear the footsteps of another officer as he crossed the durasteel bridge walkway. The new arrival came with-in two steps behind the Admiral before he spoke up.

“All perimeters are set Sir I sent two Sienar Fleet squadrons to fly outward scout’s and the Shuttle is away heading for the compound as we speak.” Deck Officer Yimpun speaks up his human features are stern like all other who serve the Empire. Here there is no joy, there is no freedom those emotions are drained though years of training taught in Imperial Academies back on Coruscant.

Thrawn holds his gaze out the portside view as he speaks “Look there Yimpun!” He points to the large lush planet of Corulag it's direct view is some what blocked by Kelros the smallest of three moons that orbit the mass. Yet still it takes up more than half the port’s observation. This planet was one of the last in a chain Solag, Biolag being the second and Garulag its Third.

“Why?” Admiral Thrawn’s nearly human voice whispers out the question.

“Excuse me Sir?” Is the Officers reply.

He then turned and looks into Yimpun’s eyes the Chiss’s blue-skinned face expressionless, his glowing red eyes focused on the Officer. Thrawn was one of the few none human species the Emperor had allowed to take part in his conquest for the Galaxy at large. This was partly to the ruthless respect the Admiral displayed on a daily basis, and his ever-plotting mind (that served the Emperor fist of course). “Why, I ask would we be here taking so much effort to hide Palatine’s will. Why would so many plans be used? Why?”

The Deck Officer knew this was a test, Thrawn had already asked these questions to himself no doubt. The Admiral was testing the younger man to see what he knew of the charge. “To deceive, to deceive the Rebel’s of the Separatists Alliance?” Yimpun answers unsure after his word are spoken.
“To obey, obedience hold us stronger than all we owe, I wonder where your obligations lay Deck Officer Yimpun.” Thrawn reprimands him with intense glowing red eyes that bore a hole through the young man who knew it was a trap yet he still answered.

The blast doors open and another figure strolls along the bridges causeway making his way with haste to the pair before the portside view. “Ah General Veers it is good to see you would join us.” The Admiral speaks his red eyes now leaving Yimpun’s face. The Officer relaxes as Thrawn’s boring gaze has been shifted. “You summoned?” The skinny General bows in salute to the blue faced Chiss. Behind Thrawn in the void of space a squadron of four Tie “Reapers” escorting a Landing Class shuttle blaze past the portside view. Seeing the look on Veer’s face Admiral Thrawn turns to scope the scene of what just happened.
“Ah, it has begun the landing crew is away, Veer’s I want you to take a small group of AAT’s to escort our cargo to the refinery.” He stands a few more moments watching the Star ships descend on the small planet. Then turns to the other on his Helm,
“You have your order Veer’s make sure our package is delivered with out resistance. I do not need to remind you of what happens to those who fail the Emperor.” He then turns his foreboding gaze over Deck Officer Yimpun “You are still here Deck Officer! I thought you had pressing business else where?”

“Yes Sir, and I will get with Docking Bay to have Generals Veer’s AAT’s loaded.” He speaks hoping to wipe Thrawn immediate displeasure with his.

“Very well, you should hurry or the General will have you beet.” The Admiral waves him away and notes to the fact that Veers has already left the Bridge. Turning back to his View port left in peace again, he watches the last drop of the escort as it closes to reentry, a sparkling ball of fire tearing through Corulag’s outer shell. “ Why? The same question he asked Yimpun before of course he knew the true answer. Why? Conquest…”

The Oppressor floats quietly in obit around Corulag as another group of Landing Class shuttles emerges from a lower docking port. They shoot off for their destination with six squadrons of Tie “Reapers”. So it begins………

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04/14/2005 9:40 AM

Meanwhile……… Outer Rim Senex/Juvex Sector

The void of space! Dark cold and filled with its bright pinpoints, a billions of stars scattered over a negated palette. Out of this vacuum a bright flash appears as a freighter class starship cut’s from light to sub-light drives. The “Counter Offer” an older YT-2400 that has been modified enough to rival even Han Solo’s boasted “Millennium Falcon” cruises its course down the Corellian Trade Spine. It's bearing brings the dingy durra-steeled ship towards an all to familiar docking platform in “Cloud City, Bespin”. Gorotz sits in the cockpit running the in flight nav. that will lead to the large gas giant. The gloved hand of an Uba-I Enviro suited Armor runs across the control panel. Looking out the forward view at a small reddish brown mass slowly growing beyond. His helmed face can slightly be seen mirrored off the transa-plas windshield. After finishing up the landing coordinates that would take him to platform D-35, he sets the onboard systems to give a warning flash when close to reentry. Spinning the pilot seat around he exit the cockpit and slowly walks through the twisting bowels of the YT-24. Stopping up short as he reaches the cargo bay, which has now been turned into a containment area for the bounty hunter. He steps inside the dark space and flicks on the lighting, once this area held Plasta-steel containers and smugglers cargo of all sorts. Yet under the control of it’s new owner this space now is filled with Electro-Torture Restrainers, old durra-steel cages and Force Repulsion holds. The “Counter Offer” was aptly named; having many holding its old leash through out the ages. From an old loon on Cularin, to a Gossim, Wookie and Ugnaught on the asteroid belt near the Rishee Maze. Yes this ship has seen a few owners in the past. Inside one of these containment units his precious cargo is held. The very same Ugnaught that once held claim to this ship, his porcine facial features look up at the Armored bounty hunter.

“Sqqqueeeeaaal… You now no want more questions?” The Ugnaughts pig face screeches out the question.

“You are home swine, King Ozz has paid high for your rinds.” The Ubese’s Helm distorts his voice making it sound as if there is no sentient being inside. Hollow and croaked like that of a Droid.
“Squeal all you want, but the price for you is too high for me to care.” Only slightly changing in tone as he finish’s.

“Rrrreeek… we go back to Bezbin?” the smaller humanoid squeaks.

“It has been arranged.” The bounty hunter answers.

“They will killz’ Uzzabon… Rrrreeek…. No, let us go” the little prisoner pushes hard against restraints that hold him fast only meters from the back wall.

Gorotz slowly walks over to a console that controls the restraint. “You will wish they had.” His hollow voice still arid and detached the Ubese push’s a few panels display symbols. The Eltro-Torture Restraints flare to life digging their hot finger deep into the little Ugnaught flesh. Electric volts flash an arc around the diminutive pig face humanoid.

“RRRRRRRREEEEEEEKKKKKKK ………………………” The little one screams in pain, looking up through teary eyes only to see his body convulsions mirrored off the Bounty Hunter’s black visor shield.

With that Gorotz sets the restraint to go on for eight more seconds, as he walks out shutting off the lights leaving the pour Ugnaught to fry in the dark. As he exits the cargo hold a loud beeping red light sounds. “We’re here good thing too, this ones beginning to ware my patience.” His thoughts swirled, it was one thing to be in the cargo hold of the Galaxies most notorious bounty hunter Bobba Fett. To be captured by an Ubese was a fate worst then death, this race has long ago since lost their capability to feel for others. At least Bobba Fett would not inaptly torture his mark unless the client has requested it. This one on the other hand treated his quarry with total disregard for feeling.

1 parsec out from Bespin

Something cracks over the comm. system as Gorotz enters the cockpit “Interplanety customs official Omega 9921, state your trajectory course and docking codes.” The disembodied voice orders. Taking the coordinates and codes given to him by his client he enters the information into a keypad. “No we see if my mark is worth the Credit asked.” The clearance is given, as the “Counter Offer” begins reentry glowing white hot from Bespin’s heavy gaseous atmosphere. The old ship breaks the upper cloud barrier near mid-morning, its pink hues stunning from the noon sun. Yet even this sight does nothing to the cold bounty hunters façade. “Cloud City” looms ahead flowing tranquil above the tibanna gas that makes up the planets atmosphere. “Close now…. Really close”

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04/14/2005 12:13 PM

The hustle and bustle of "Cloud City" goes on about buisness as usual. The air ways are filled with frieghter class ships, Low altitude flyers, and Cloud-cars. All running their course troughout the smooth white (now hue'd pink) buildings that make up this floating metropolis. On the walkway below free-peoples of all races intermingle as the day winds day down to nightfall.

04/14/2005 12:59 PM

The patrons of this dark, and dirty little cantina near the starport, mull over their drinks and cast glances over their shoulders. Patrons, now that's a funny word to use on these, these cantina rats. Dregs, scum....I love this place; Zirk thinks to himself. Sitting in the back corner booth with a clear view of the main entrance Zirk waits. Zirk waits alot but, hey that's the business...wait for that bit of info, the customer who wants the info, or the ones who need to get "into hyperspace without leaving the ground"
Zirk does have business today, more of a transaction really and that is what he's waiting on. Light from outside the cantina spills in from the opening door. Zirk tucks his head down a bit out of reflex. Its not always a good thing to be recognized right away, and now is no exception. Security Officer Tamlyn, not in uniform, scans the area of the bar and smiles as he spots Zirk. Tamlyn walks slowly to the back towards Zirk, who realizes he's spotted just raises his head and smiles. Sitting in the both across from Zirk, Tamlyn speaks." Thought I'd find you in a place like this." " I hear a shipment of illegal substances is on its way to cloud city, know anything about that?"
Zirk leans back to the comfort of the chair, his face hopefully hidden in shadows deeper than the ones already round. Thinking deeply and quickly, Zirk responds." I hear a more interesting crime is in progress." Tamlyn's eyes narrow as he says." Really?"
Zirk sighs a little inside. Good something more than me has his interest, but that's how we play our little game. I keep my ears open for bits of info, and he conviently looks elsewhere....smoke and mirrors.

Zirk leans in to Tamlyn, who follows suit. The whispers are inaudible.

Tamlyn stands, and walks towards the door. A rough looking Krish walks into the cantina, and past Tamlyn who stops, looks at the Krish, then back at Zirk. Smiling Tamlyn walks out.

As the Krish walks up, Zirk fights the sudden urge to urinate.....that was blasted close.

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04/14/2005 7:48 PM

A Krish steps through the opening of the Neblua 9 lounge. The dusk sky in golden shades radiating off his back as he peers into the gloom of this dingy starport cantina. After stepping into the shadows within he realizes the place is somewhat sparse for “Cloud City’s” nightlife. Though it is still late afternoon, then why would Zirk want him here so soon. A human passes Slyrin right after entering the place. He is dressed casual though there is something familiar about his face, just a typical human. You see the Krish study Tamlyn as he surpasses the other on his way for the door. Finding Zirk the Krish quickly make is way for a small booth in the back corner, he slips down across from the Balosar who at the moment seemed shaken.

The Bith band starts up their exotic sounds begin to drum out the bars ambient scene. A serving girl begins her nightly rounds and patrons slowly begin to file in. “So, Wezkuz got the usual… His place is getting hot with all Saw’z men watching that sector of the Port. Said to have you stop by later though.” The Krish pushes something into Zirk’s knee under the table....

Tamlyn cracks a quick smile. So old Grebbn's got some boys working the lower Carbonite shifter. Not putting in their two cents to upper managment no doubt either. This is something Security will have to look into... He silently thanks Zirk for the handy tip. Just then a YT-2400 skirts near meter over the Port Town Districts building tops. Comming to light across the void of east Port town, and Westport. This is beyond his intrest as he notes that the YT lands on one of Sawthawne's pads. Hopping on an Alloi Airhook (much like the Battle Droids STAP of the Clone wars) he hits throttle as the Standing Ariel Platform zips off into the sky line beyond.

Back inside
“Drinks boys?” A blue skinned Twi’lek strolls up to the booth. Her breasts push against the table as she reaches across it to get two coasters for you’re orders. One Lekku dips down slightly brushing your arm, smooth and soft as silk. Her voice chimes in just as serine “We have Gildren Spiced Rum or Pelresian Hammer heads on special tonight.” Most Twi’lek’s have a sensuous charisma about them; here in the fading light of Cloud City’s lower Port Town District this one takes all the Rylothian bests. You feel a bulge in you’re crouch then realize that Slyrin is still trying to hand you the package discussed only moments ago.
“Just a Corelian Crummer Spritz.” The Krish says trying to dismiss the girl and bring you back on track. It is one thing to pass illicit good under a table in dreg fill cantinas but to have his mark paused in the middle by a serving girl annoyed the Krish just alittle.

“Well’ how 'bout you sweety.” The Twi’lek turns her attention to Zirk………………….

04/15/2005 2:01 PM

Zirk smiles at the Twi'lek serving girl as he grabs hold of the package under the table." I'll have a cup of Rhyllian-brewed caf" Zirk says as he smiles his best, 'I am just an honest guy' smile, all along keeping his eyes on hers and fighting the temptation for them to drift down towards....better not think of it, or you'll look.

Only as she turns to leave with their orders does, he take a look at that marvelious Twi'lek body, noting how one leppu tail brushes her ass as she sways to the bar. Zirk and the Krish speak in muted tones until she arrives with the drinks. The Twi'lek splashes the Krish's drink as she sets it down near his hand on the table. She takes care not to spill or splash the caf. Zirk raises his eyes to hers and in what would be a Balosars' most seductive voice says. Why thank you" ( the tone of voice is actually very thoaty and deep...hey it works on Balosar women)

04/15/2005 7:24 PM

Zirk smiles at the Twi'lek serving girl as he grabs hold of the package under the table. " I'll have a cup of Rhyllian-brewed caf,” Zirk says as he smiles his best, 'I am just an honest guy' smile. Yvinlen is taking a bit back by his order, she thinks 'great another café drinker let me guess coming in for the free refills probably a cheap tipper. Some people have no idea what little a girl makes these days.'

She looks into Zirks eyes soft and subtle. There is something deep inside, a strange reading of sorts. Holding your gaze for a few more seconds she asks "Rhyllian-brew? You sure the Hammer head's are on special tonight?" Waiting that eternity of two seconds then returing you're smile she turns and heads for the bar. Pouring it on thick swaying back to the bar, letting a Lekku dip down and brush her rear.

After she leaves the Krish turns to Zirk. "Well, well, finding something you like. Be careful I hear those Twi'lek's can play men like a Bith Fluzaphone if they want to." He chuckles watching you sway ever so slightly with the woman’s hind-end.

"Well, anyway! Wezkuz got some heat of late you know. Swears two of Saw'z men followed him back to his dwelling just last night. They did not approach but the Troydarian says they were tailing him to see where he lived."
The large Krish snorts. "Hhhummph.... probably seeing shadow's that flitter'in bat, if it was me who they followed I’d of lead ‘em on a wild goose chase. An tried to leave them strung out like a wet Gundark." he speaks up, puffing out his chest a bit, reveling in the though of the chase, and the end satisfaction of beating the tail.

A couple behind him hears Slyrin as he boasts the fact that he could better anyone. The Rodian just gins to the human female that shares the booth with him. She gives a smile in reply, "Krish!" and shakes her head.

His tones are a bit hushed now realizing his mistake in raising his voice. It is one think to boast your skill loudly to a friend in a Corelian Sports bar, where every one is cheering and wooping their team or pod-racer on. But here in a starport with only the soft tones of Bith music chiming out its background even the walls had ears "What ever that Troyda' is thinking things are getting hot...………" she arrives with the drinks. The Twi'lek splashes the Krish's drink as she sets it down near his hand on the table. "Hey, hey, watch that... If you’re dropping, I’m not buying." he retorts. She takes care not to spill or splash the caf. Zirk raises his eyes to hers and in what would be a Balosars' most seductive voice says. Why thank you" (the tone of voice is actually very throaty and deep...hey it works on Balosar women)

"Not a problem." She smiles warmly this time at the Balosarian, no gimmick, and no searching eyes. "I will be around all night, call me when those go flat or cold (mentioning the Coffee), will this be one tab or two, it goes with out saying we only except BTC's (Bespin Trade Currency) here."

The Krish frowns at that thought "You get the first one, I'll get the next?".......

04/16/2005 9:52 AM

Zirk stares coldly at nothing as he thinks. Smiling Zirk tells Slyrin " I'll buy your drink, if you'll listen to a proposition?". Zirk smiles warmly at the Twi'lek as he pays for the drinks and a 5 BTC tip. Waiting for her to leave as she gathers her payment and tip, Zirk waits for her eyes to look at the table and money before making a quick glance at her cleavage. Once she is gone and out of ear-shot." You dont spend all your time working for the toydarian do you?" Zirk watches the Krish closely before continueing. "You know watching my back is about the same as working for him, protecting his assets"" I could pay you extra for some extra .... consideration to the Toydarians assets,lets say 100 credits a week?"
"That's not a bad deal for just doing your job anyways, is it?" Zirk rests back in the cushions of the chair, with a cocky smile on his face. Waiting, Zirk brushes the sleeves of his perfectly tailored jacket.

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04/16/2005 8:19 PM

Bormea Sector / Ringali Shell, Corulag’s Surface

Three “Lambda-Class” Shuttles with their six squadrons of Tie “Reapers” cut through the early morning air. Over one of the terrestrial oceans the flight group levels off, they fly in tight patterns close to the blue mass. General Veers’s can see the reflections of his Tie’s mirrored off the great divine; he turns to his Lambda’s Pilot. “Major! When we reach the shore of this sea I want our shuttle to head north for the Sinear Fleets Systems Installation Compound. Dispatch the other shuttles to the Imperial Academy, I want them on standby incase we are to regroup with the “Oppressor”.” He always thought the SFSIC was a redundant title for the Sinear compound, why use such a long name in proper title.

“Of course, General.” The pilot replies. Then flips over the shuttles console and opens up all channels.
“This is Major Torul, all shuttle’s make for heading ‘y3254 ‘x23 your HUD has been updated. That is the Imperial Academy in Curamelle, your arrival will be prompted, and codes for docking given. Stay on alert General Veers may have need of the fleet for rendezvous back with the “Oppressor”.”

“Roger!” Lam-IC23
“Will Do Major!” Lam-DY45

Lam-IC23 “Flight squadrons of “Reapers” Sir, are they to break?”
Major Torul gives the orders to split the twenty-four Tie group into even escort among the three Shuttles.

Hours later General Veers’s Lambda-Class slowly descends on an airstrip in the SFSIC, the compound it self was built north of the great city Curamelle. Contrary to most beliefs the whole compound is located in a part of rolling hills, and soft woodland glades. Much like those known to the beautiful planet of Naboo, here on a pad of perma-crete the shuttle folds its lower wing extensions and finally comes to rest. All around him other small craft land, Tie “Reapers”, their sharp pointed quad wings jutting out from a central sphere. As the rear ramp opens three squads of Stormtooper’s quickly file out and line up. As the General exits his shuttle with Major Torul too his right, an Airspeeder pulls up at the end of the receiving line. Out steps a Duros dressed in finery’s embroidered with Sinear Fleet emblems. As the General approaches the Duros bows “Rota to won’gee… Y’yo shobba?” hurrying around the other side of the jet black speeder a chromed Protocol Droid rushes in… “ Hello an Welcome…. Your Expected.” The droid’s voice has a regal yet slightly annoying heir, as it interprets for Veers.

With a hand the General dispatches the Droid “Shobba’ to won’gee…? Lora’ duga wotta.” Even though the Empire it self had a certain affinity for only recruiting humans, Veers learned early on that for the Galaxy at large it is good to be diverse in many languages.

04/16/2005 8:21 PM

Port Town District / Bespin

The dusk’s skyline quickly begins to fade to a pale gray tinge this high up in Bespin’s atmosphere there never truly was night, besides the days up here only lasted twelve hours. Even if they where to get dark only six hours would have to be endured by Bespin’s inhabitance. In this fading light Brergok entered the Nebula 9 Lounge, behind the bounty hunter followed a Rodian, a Twi’lek, and a Human. The Trondoshan walked through the Nebula with the heir that he owned the place. Growling at customers giving him a second glance, with his small group of dregs and scumm’er in toe none seemed to bother this new arrival.

Slyrin tosses the frozen cubes around in his Hammerhead, as he thinks over your proposition.
"You know watching my back is about the same as working for him, protecting his assets" the Krish runs Zirks words through his head.

“I wouldn’t saw tossing a few dreg’s out of Wezkuz’s Sports bar, would be the same as watching the back of a.” He pauses choosing these words carefully “ Common goods exchanging Balisorian.” He laughs at the though of no doubt troubles he would have to bale you out of. Yet this in fact is what interested him most, a challenge, the thrill of using you to gain him fame in games of deceit, contests of will, and the chance ability to engage others in combat.

There is a long pause; you hear the sounds of regulars begin to get louder as the Band tries hard to over play them. You’re sight slips from the table, to the bartender scuttling about trying to fill all orders, and a small group of women now across the island bar.

“Perhaps, for 100 BTC’s a week, and a fair split of any loot gained. As well I want you to dig up something for me.” “It’s Rellin, I think she is not as faithful to me as first thought.” He speaks mentioning the girl he is now intermingled with. “I want to know what she is up to, either way…… I want to know.” Slyrin finishes his last words and drains the rest of his drink in one swig. You get a sinking feeling from that last statement “I want to know, Either way….. I want to know.”

04/17/2005 10:51 AM

Zirk tugs at the collar of his Kamperdine jacket, straightening it up a little to fit squarely on his shoulders and around his neck. Smiling, Zirk says." Sounds like a fair deal to me" Pretty much getting what he wanted out of the deal was fair enough for him, a little more fair on Zirks side, he knows what bodyguards go for these days. Zirks demeanor shifts from cocky, to quiet contimplation; his face goes emotionless and cold as he wonders....Have I made anyone mad enough to have a bounty on my head?, are they even here for me?......How many exits are there? one in the front but, what about the back. How far exactly is it to the front door?....can I sprint it?......They might not even be here for me, calm down...you havent made anyone really mad. Zirk's right hand works the small blaster out of his shoulder holster as, he apparently leans forward to take a sip of his caf. [ sleight of hand 19 +3 +3] Holding the blaster under the table close to his thigh and out of sight, it's familiar wieght brings a small bit of comfort.Zirk using his left hand places the package in one of his oversized outer pockets. [ sleight of hand 15 +3 + 3, unless you think it's too big or awkward to do this]. Zirk continues to make casual but, quick glances towards the rough sentients who came in, and at the front door.

04/17/2005 7:04 PM

Slyrin follows one of those glances. “What?”

He seems oblivious to whatever your eyes have picked up. The Larger Alien shrugs, “Well it’s getting late, and I was just suppose to drop that off and get back to the bar. I bet ole ‘Flitter Wings’ no doubt going into shock knowing that I am not watching his front door right now. You keep that safe, and Zirk…” He pauses “ Thanks for the drink! Her name is Rellin Unwata’ a Human.” Looking to see if you are surprised of the inter species relationship.

“She hangs out sometimes by the ‘Ramula In Romula’ a Holo-vid gambling center in the upper district. If ya’ haven’t seen her come into the Wezkuz’s she is medium build for a female of her species. Slightly cropped blue tinted hair, and a large black tattoo that wraps under her left cheek to the back of her neck.”

He slides out of the booth slowly, “Good luck and watch yourself with her.” Slyrin nods over to the Twi’lek server from earlier. “And don’t get caught with that.” He whispers mentioning the bundle of Vice he handed you an hour ago. “ Good evening Zirk, stop by later you know the Troyda’ always likes to hear how “Buisness” is going for you.”

The Krish takes his queue as he walk towards the door of the Nebula 9 Lounge. Two regulars begin arguing at the bar right as he passes, a Quarren is shoved into Slyrin. Quickly the Krish shoves back, and easily sends the smaller alien into the bar, tentacles first. “Watch you’re stammer Squid-face.” Your new bodyguard growls, and then turns his deadly stare onto an Aqualish.
“What? You to?” There is something in his eyes that begs for a confrontation. Yet to Zirk’s amazement the Walrus faced alien only stands there, not wanting to provoke this new threat. The Aqualish race galaxies over are known for their pushy and bulling ways. Though only to species they think weaker or ones that show no contest when pushed.

“Run’k jut’ bron tuk’.” The Aqualish belts out in a harsh, guttural sound.
Then turns back to the bar, and motion the bartender over for another round. Slyrin quickly looks back to you with a wink, then exits the Nebula onto the plat-formed walkway (hall like streets of Bespins Cloud City, some are inside like giant halls and some walks are outside, catwalks that link to large structures. Then some are a little of both halls that flush out onto balconies just long enough to view the city at large, and then right back inside.)

You are then left alone in the small dingy Port Bar, things settle down and its patrons go back to there drinks, and soft hushed conversations. A few moments later the Twi’lek server comes back. “Well sweetie? You ready for you’re.” She smirks a bit as she says the last part. “Refill?”

04/19/2005 2:36 PM

Drinking just a small sip more, Zirk holds the cup out and smiles." Yes, Thanks." " Is there a backroom i can you, to....make an important comm-call?" Zirk asks as she fills up the cup. " I'd use the refresher room but,....it's you know."

04/19/2005 8:25 PM

She speaks softly while pouring a new cup of Rhyllian-brew "There is a back corridor." Motions farther back down your side of the bar. "It's the enterance to tunnel systems Y-3. You should find it quite back there, no one really goes into the old auxiliary passes any more." She turns and goes back to her rounds with other customers. Making sure to swagger abit as she leaves your table in hopes that the tip will rise a bit after you make your call.

[Should you use this way to escape, the door will filter out into a maze of small tunnels, and auxiliary halls. These are used for Conduit supplie ways, large pipes stacked together containing fiber-optics, and perodic burts of coolent steam clouds the cramped spaces. The halls are around 1meter wide X 4meters high, and thousands of meters long.]

04/20/2005 2:09 PM

Zirk slides the small blaster into his coat pocket rather than putting it back into his holster. Standing Zirk smooths and brushes out wrinkles on his coat and perfectly tailored suit of Alderanean cotton. Taking quick glances around the bar Zirk walks towards the Refresher, sliding his hand into the pocket the holdout blaster is located. Moving towards the back of the bar, Zirk raises his antenae palps in a hieghtened sense of readiness.[Listen 11 +1 +1 +4, Spot 14 +1 +1]

Passing the bar and the customers seated there, the predatory eyes of the Tradosian follow Zirk. His antenae palps up, Zirk hears the Tradosian hiss out a question to the Twi' lek next to him." We have anything to do tonight?" The Twi' lek answers " I can think of one thing, wheres that bargirl..[whistle]...Watanada de tama...desh nah gwogna" It's either the tradosians stare or the fact the male Twi'lek may score on the bargirl he's been working on, but his neck is hot and his hairs are on end.

Zirk calms himself as he rounds the corner on the way to the refresher. Before he gets to the door Zirk can hear a rather prudish female voice. The door opens to reveal a nicely dressed Devion female and small statured Bimm. Since eyes are on him, Zirk begins to strut abit, right into the refresher and past the conversing pair when the woman queries him." Dont you believe the the authorities should just close down this....seamy under port?" Zirk smiles and replies." And where would the riff-raff go? besides this is the kind of place sentients " Zirk moves in closer to her." Find those things, polite society can not offer. You are here, anything in particular you need my lady?"

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04/21/2005 5:57 AM

Zirk waits smiling as the Devorian woman ponders his words.

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04/21/2005 6:06 PM

Kellorina looks herself over within the reflection cast by the Nebula 9 washroom mirror. “Oh! Grim, why would I put myself in such positions?” Her feline features shift slightly as she looks to one side, down at the Bimm sitting on the counter. The Devorian, and Bimm had been traveling companions for some time now. Grim was appointed to Kellorina by her Noble father, to keep an eye on the young’ (younger to her race) girl. He had always acted as adviser to the old Devorian man, the force flowing through the little Adept like water. To the Bimm’s knowledge he had no idea why or what the premonitions he gained where.

“You get yourself only into as much trouble as you choose M’lady. And here you choose to be dredging the Cantina’s for Vice. Ask your self then why you get your self into these situations, not me.” The little creature answers, feeling some time’s he is drug alone into more then one Bimm would like to know. Although the though of a good “haggle” over price makes his mammalian feature perk up ever so slightly.

“We have been here for almost half a Bespin tick, we should be going soon.” The tug in his stomach was strong. He felt that if they could get out of this cantina soon, she would be spared of any illicit bartering this night. What an indignity Grim though, in the times of Old Republic there was a peace; Nobility could act as such. Locked down in senatorially debates, or disputing over what place they would hold in the galaxy at large. Yet here in this new universe created by the Iron fist of an Empire, free peoples where left to their “Vices” what ever that might be, allowing them just enough escape to pass the time. Little though Grim was, his mind always raced sharp and to the point.

“Well?” was his quick reply to break the silence that ensued.
“Well what? Kellorina answered.

“Are we finished with this dive? You have places to be M’lady. There are people waiting in Mizba’ Square for you.” Grim spoke words with authority.
"Ok! We can leave....." the Devorian sigh's as she answers.

The door opens to reveal a nicely dressed Balsorian male. Their eyes turn on the new arrival him; Zirk begins to strut a bit, right into the refresher and past the conversing pair

Kellorina turns to the other." Don’t you believe the authorities should just close down this.... seamy under port?" She made the statement in hopes that it might lead somewhere.

As she speaks he smiles and replies.
"And where would the riff-raff go? Besides this is the kind of place sentient "
Zirk moves in closer to her.
" Find those things, polite society can not offer. You are here, anything in particular you need my lady?" The smell of her sweet perfume reaches Zirks nose, as she backs away from his advance, her feline features growing more feral.

Of course this was all a game to Kellorina' a cat and mouse game. You ask a baited question, and then wait for a baited answer that might tell whether or not the other had the items you seek.

Zirk waits smiling as the Devorian woman ponders his words.

After what seems like an eternity she decides to drop the façade, she is here for a purpose, Dris… and this guy’s got it if she plays her cards right.

“I have a friend.” She speaks up, Kell’s Feline features relax, her ears that where once sleek and held taught are now perky and back too normal.

Grim rolls his eyes at you both.

“I have a friend, that is looking for some Dris (the common term for Andris), perhaps I could offer you six hundred fifty in House Luwin Vouchers (paper notes: like checks) it is all I have. I am sorry!” She smiles somberly, realizing that its not prudent to pay with vouchers for such deals. At least this way she might be able to get away with her life. If the Scumbucket tries anything!

“I will write out the Voucher, once I see the Dris, try anything and get nothing I do not have any BTC. Only the vouchers.” her face goes very stern as she speaks.

“Take the deal or leave it? I am in a hurry!”

Grim hops down off the counter you see the diminutive Bimm go a bit ridged, there is a strange power with in this little one-meter tall alien. Underneath the gray-green robes, and a tribal jewelry that adorns his body, it is his eye’s that hold you. Something unspoken! Hurt her and you Die…

04/21/2005 6:34 PM

Zirk peers down at the small Bimm briefly and then raises his eyes level with the Noble woman, sniffing as in contempt of the Bimm. "I've got a new package, Let me check if I have the quality you need; and Andris is more expensive, and there is the matter of me taking vouchers instead of BTC's"

04/21/2005 7:28 PM

"Come Lady' there is no time for this mynok feeder. We have to get going." Grim turns to you, if you want this deal done take the Voucher. We are in pressing buisness

"My little friend is right, the six hundred fifty is two hundred more then most doses. And we are in a hurry. The Voucher of six fifty or nothing." She turns stern faced.

"This waiting is not wise." The Bimm turns to the door reminding you both that anyone could walk inside this room at any second. "I would decline this "ones" offer, we have to get to Miza' Square, remember." he finishs

04/21/2005 7:34 PM

Zirk smiles." You're right, I'll take the voucher, and here for the misunderstanding." Zirk produces a small vial of iridecent liquid....a Deathstick. " It's all the rage in Corusant, and every other metroplitarian centers."[Diplomacy 12 +4 +3]

04/25/2005 2:23 PM

Zirk folds the vouchers in half and places them inside the inner coat pocket. Staring at the mirror Zirk smiles and says nonchaliantly." If you need more you can find me here, I have some of the best, at the best price and, i am discriet in these matters. I do charge extra for delivery, but it's the convenence most of my clients prefer." Zirk continues to smile as they leave......she'll be back.Her and maybe a friend or two, but she'll be back. Pity she's not my type, money will dry up eventually and she'll settle debts with favors....not my type but, she's somebodies type....have to keep that in mind.

04/25/2005 7:10 PM

Bespin Platform D-35

Across the skyway from the Nebula 9 Lounge the YT-2400 sits still on a Platform, it’s landing sequence now finished. Gorotz leans back in the “Counter Offers” captain’s chair waiting for his upgraded ship to read back its security measures.
“Ships forward coding online, WEAPON SUITE SETUP: Quad-Laser systems off-line, REMOTE E-WEB (section SA) pop out On-line, Ion-Engine Systems Off-line, Shield Generation On-line” The ships computer speaks in a digitalis voice.

“Good! Though I want all ships engines on standby, open main bay and start unloading the exit sequence for my Skyhopper.” The Ubese’s mask looks out the cockpits forward view onto the Aldreraan-inspired architecture of “Cloud City’s” skyline. A light radiates upon the platform as an exterior door opens to Dock D-35, out walks a squat Lutrillian followed by two Humans. The bounty hunter scans this scene from the cockpit; he quickly deduces the short alien is no doubt his contact, and the two humans wearing blaster pistols and pieced Ethorian blast vests must be bodyguards. He cannot measure their stature or composure from this distance “I guess we should get this task over with.” He speaks to the empty flight control console.

“Excuses me sir? You’re request does not compute.” The “Counter Offers” AI ponders his statement then replys.

“Nevermind, Stay Alert… I want Slave Circuits active.” Gorotz answers dryly then exits the forward control into the ships inner workings. Taking only a few moments to gear up in the ships lounge he walks to the archway that will lead him through the rear-loading bay. Taking a few moments to pause and place a remote sensor Thermal Mine above the arch’s trimming. This was the main way into the “Counter Offers” inner workings, if someone had the idea in their mind to steal his (stolen) ship then they would pay for it with their lives. Besides as long as his Skyhopper was not in the thing at the time it went off no big deal. A ship is a hard commodity to come by, but a stolen ship was as worthless a fragged one.

The Ubese enters the rear-docking bay while his folded Skyhopper slides into the night air. He turns his dark gaze toward Uzzabon who is now slumped against the Electric Restrainers.
“Wake up! It’s time to collect my dues.” Gorotz speaks with a cruel and dry business manner. That’s all the Ugnaught was to him, a mark nothing more. He casually walks over to the small pig faced alien’s holding restrains. There is no reason to fear this little one, besides he is sure he zapped any fight out of him only an hour before.

After clamping a small cruel device around his neck and placing restraining cuff’s around his hands he users the little creature down the ramp and out to the waiting party on Platform D-35.
“I have you’re mark, this is not the trading place I am to assume?” The Bounty Hunter greets the Lutrillian.

“No, we’ll take you to Tibannopolis, Master Sawthawne has arranged to over see the exchange. King Ozz will be there waiting.” The small errand runner states boldly.

“Or! I will take MY mark to you Boss myself, and you can fulfill your mandate and lead me there.” The Ubese answers getting a bit impatient with this play of power, he crosses his Blaster Rifle over armored chest and tugs Ugnaught closer to him to emphasize his point.

The two bodyguards go tense from this display of aggression, but are quickly waved down by their charge.
“So be it Bounty Hunter, power up you Skyhopper and we will lead you there.” With that the three turn and reenter the structure.

Moments later Gorotz’s Inverted Y-Shaped Shyhopper follows an Airspeeder directly over the Nebula 9 Lounge as they head off into Bespin’s clouded atmosphere toward Tibannopolis.

04/26/2005 8:33 AM

Zirk situates how his clothing fits him before turning towards the door out. A few steps from the door his hand slips into the coat pocket and grasps the butt of the pistol. Past the door the sounds of the cantina grow louder. Forgetting to play it low key, Zirk walks in with his trademark strut, peering around like he owns the place. Zirk takes his seat, and waits till the Twi'lek serving girl comes by to refill his cup.As she refills it Zirk tells her." I know you get this alot, but how about meeting me for breakfast later? " Zirk smiles " It's not a romantic dinner or anything, we both have to eat right?, besides i'm paying."[ diplomacy 16 +3 +4] " You dont have to answer, i'll see you there or i wont"
"oh, i'll be at the new Courasanti resturant they opened up on the upper level. In about 4 hours." with that Zirk struts out of the cantina.

After taking several hoverlifts, Zirk decides he's too tired to walk much more. The Air Taxis are just a block or so from his position, so he starts that way.

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04/26/2005 8:43 PM

The night is alive as usual through the corridor streets of “Cloud City’s Lower Port Town District” these passages bustle with civilian life forms from all walks of the galaxy. Dev’Bardo and Quinlan Chalco run through a tight access strip that rounds a coroner near the Greaz’Jam Goods Emporium. The two humans can see security Airhook STAP’s as their silhouette’s flutter in and out through the large windows in the hallway. “I told you we should have spaced that lien Kubaz.” Quin gasps to the other fugitive between breaths as he runs along.

“That… slimy slug … turned in our… hide, out!” The younger man goes on.

One of the Airhook’s gets brave and with a quick bow an upward arch he launches it’s Fire-Linked Blaster Cannons to life. The plated windows in this lower section give way easily to the quick assault of Laser fire, Transo-perk rains down one the street behind the renegades. Screaming civilian’s dessert there nightly routine as the STAP quickly bursts in an bares down on the two felons.

“Whhaaa! They’re coming in from the Tunnels Quin.” The one human yells to the other as they run on with new resolve.

“Quick… there.” Dev’Bardo points to an exit platform and a lone Taxi.

The two break into a dash like a wild Rancor seeking its prey right now there is only one person about to board that taxi unlucky for him.

From the tunnel beyond Kaz Rosh grits his teeth, after watching his comrade pull a dramatic maneuver that blasted him through a window the Zabrak pulls the handle throttle back as his Airhook comes to life sprinting ahead of the pair down the tunnel. If he could get to the platform ahead of their quarry they could cut the two off from escape. On any other given day this would be an easy task. Except to continue ahead in this tunnel leads him upstream into oncoming traffic.
He barley has time to make that choice when a SoroSuub Air Transporter vehicle comes into view bearing down on Kaz’s position. The Zabrak twist his STAP right up against the tunnels wall, the machines lower repulsors skim inches amid him and the transporter. Years of vehicle training with this apparatus allow the security officer to survive this close call. Kaz Rosh quickly adjusts his momentum then swooping around behind the larger vessel, riding its draft back to safety. At least he was not the one that blasted out a pane with a whole slew of civilians around. If they did not caught these two fugitives there be a galaxy of explaining to do back at HQ. Seeing that the tactic of shifting and skating the corridor has put him behind in this chase Kaz’s quickly thinks. The two now break out onto the lone platform, only an awaiting Taxi and a lone Civilian are on this locale. With a quick check into the red L.E.D. firing control AMS system, he quickly thumbs the scope to zoom in. Then sets the triangulation of the target receptor to fire right before the Taxi,
“This is Agent Kaz Rosh, in pursuit of two fugitives, a Dev’ Bardo and another unknown human Male. They are about to gain accesses to a civilian Air-Taxi, Requesting permission to fire a warning shot on the plat form. No Civilian Life forms are on current location.” The Zabrak holds his thumb on the Trigger tensely.

“Permission granted, with that one use what force necessary to bring him down.” The disembodied voice echos back. That was all the coaxing he needed his thumb squeezes the trigger are a fire linked arch of Blaster energy blazes off for the platform ahead.

Zirk finally makes for the Landing platform in Tunnel XI that will get him an Air-Taxi out of this sector. He is about to walk onto the platform when the sounds of shattered Transo-perk breaking resonated back inside the corridor. Followed by a few scream, and the buzzing of S.T.A.P. Repulsor Engines. This is more then the young Balosar wishes to encounter quickly he turns and makes haste for the Air Taxie. Zirk grabs a hold of the door latch and opens it just as the sounds of heavy trodden boots catch his Antenipalps. Before he can even get his bearings on the situation a bright red light flashes and the smell of molted Perma-crete fills his nostrils as a Blaster Cannon bolt land close at hand. Sending shards of exploded Crete pelting the running men, and Taxi Cab. He turns to see a flying human, diving for the Cabs breach only a meter away. Behind him is another human in a dead run only steps after followed by an Alloi Airhook Flying Platform. Atop this sits a Bespin Security guard, he is bearing down on the two that are now directly in Zirk’s face. From the tunnel beyond is another Alloi ready to pinch the vice on these two that now have turned this Balosar’s world upside-down.

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04/27/2005 12:43 PM

Zirk, seeing the two men running at him, and one of them dives at him Zirk drops to the ground and rolls head over heels trying to avoid the tackle. [Tumble 17 +3 +1]

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04/28/2005 8:38 PM

In a matter of moments the platform around Zirk erupts into chaos. The Balasor pulls a tuck and roll under the body of Dev’ Bardo as it flies into the back of the Air-Taxi. Luckily for Zirk his roll took him out of the way of the next fugitive. Still in a dead run Quin pulls a Blaster then slides to a halt right outside of the Taxi’s open door. In the next seconds the chirp of his heavy blaster rings true, three-laser bolts blaze out for the Alloi that was trailing the two renegades. Only one finding its mark near the forward drive stabilizers, the hard synth-steel plating chard as sparks fly from the wound dealt to the Airhook.

“Out of here NOW…DRIVE!” the human points his blaster into the back of a Xexto Taxi driver’s head. Dev’ Bardo is in no mood for negotiation, the high pitch electronic wine can be heard as he ups the guns level to DEADLY.

Seeing the attack on his comrades Airhook is all the encouragement Kaz needs, his warning shot was obviously not enough. His own STAP is bearing down on the platform with sub-light speed, with Quin now in the triangular targeting receptacle he opens fire. Two more Blaster Cannon bolts scream out for the outlaw, one missing badly toward Zirks new position. The other dead on taget, this bolt would have easily spaced the younger man except most of its force was absorbed by the Taxi’s open door. This force blasts Quin into the Cab. (( And shuts the door……… ))

Three Heavy Blaster bolts scream toward Security Officer Tamlyn’s Airhook. He grits his teeth as one finds it mark, and his STAP shutters from the blast. Seeing Kaz’ return fire and Quin fall into the Cab, now having no other choice the older Officer takes evasive maneuvers at the last second. Both Alloi AirHook STAP’s crisscross each other through the air, only meters away. Each of the pilot’s military training is the only thing that saves them from a midair collision.

The Air Taxi explodes to life tearing off down the tunnel, the two STAP’s still in hot pursuit.

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04/29/2005 12:10 PM

Zirk stands there pulse raceing. His right hand begins to hurt....Blast it, am I hurt? Looking down Zirk see's his hand is white knuckled gripping the Chromium plated blaster. Zirk lets the blaster drop into his pocket and begins to rub his hand. Its only a moment before the feeling is normal again. Walking away from the taxi landing....Zirk isnt so tired after all....The lighting flickers back on, Zirk now notices a scuff on his Pravasax boots, and a stain on the Alderaenean cotton suit trousers." Blast it!, no good..nerf mating...Gamorean looking.....Bantha fodder smell....sons of Gundarks!" Zirks fit ends when his foot painfully meets the rear end of a strolling Protocol droid. " Oh excuse me sir...most sorry" the droid chirps out. Zirk stops like he has something to say, but decides against it. Zirk lifts his coat collar up and walks a quick pace to the hoverlift that'll take him to the main pedestrian walk way...maybe i'll see a decent sunrise.

04/29/2005 12:10 PM

Zirk stands there pulse raceing. His right hand begins to hurt....Blast it, am I hurt? Looking down Zirk see's his hand is white knuckled gripping the Chromium plated blaster. Zirk lets the blaster drop into his pocket and begins to rub his hand. Its only a moment before the feeling is normal again. Walking away from the taxi landing....Zirk isnt so tired after all....The lighting flickers back on, Zirk now notices a scuff on his Pravasax boots, and a stain on the Alderaenean cotton suit trousers." Blast it!, no good..nerf mating...Gamorean looking.....Bantha fodder smelling....sons of Gundarks!" Zirks fit ends when his foot painfully meets the rear end of a strolling Protocol droid. " Oh excuse me sir...most sorry" the droid chirps out. Zirk stops like he has something to say, but decides against it. Zirk lifts his coat collar up and walks a quick pace to the hoverlift that'll take him to the main pedestrian walk way...maybe i'll see a decent sunrise.

04/29/2005 12:58 PM

The sunrise isnt that impressive, being a hazy grey and windy. The large group ahead of Zirk is walking at such a slow pace, that Zirks finds himself taking short steps or wind up uncomfortably close to a foul smelling Barabal. Zirk pushes past the crowd as the walkway turns into a stair landing that heads up or down. Zirk takes a moment gauging the crowd of people that is streaming into walkway and stair landing....might as well make this a profitable day he thinks to himself. As Zirk brushes past the group he was walking behind his hand slips into a recess of clothing usually reserved for valuables [Slight of Hand 16 +3 +3] Quickly Zirk mingles into the crowd of sentients heading down the stairs. [Hide 12 +3 +3]

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04/29/2005 7:48 PM

A Duros watch’s as a smaller Balasor slips past him as he tries to ascend the final stairs that lead to “Upper City District”. The early morning light spills in to shed its pink hue along “Cloud City’s” white perema-crete architecture. The Blue-gray skinned alien begins to say something to the rude humanoid as he felt a slight bump into his left side. Then quickly retreats the though, “The pour kid was probably pushed into me anyway.” He thinks, since every one was packed in tight jockeying for positions up the stair. All he says to the other in a hollow voiced Durese is “’rHokjo yu poonka.” No doubt a gesture for excuse you. Keeping an eye on Zirk as he slips off into the crowd, his fine quality Corellian Tailor jacket making him an easy target for the Duros’s large red eyes. Finally the last tier is reached as Zirk heads out left to his disclosed meeting at the restaurant when the Duros turn right. On his way back to whatever errand he was running this morning.

05/04/2005 1:38 PM

Zirk, worrying that his skills may have atrophied since the last time he'd picked a pocket made several unnecessary turns and then back tracked. It had been along time...on Nar Shaddaa..no...Roon or Courasant...Why am i thinking of Courasant?....keep focused Zirk. The feeling of great sadness wells up painfully in his throat. Space those thoughts Zirk...credits to be made....Wurwuz needs to see you...concentrate on that.....credits...credits...Twi lek...yeah...Twi lek.

Zirk approaches a terminal and while most believe he's fumbling in his pockets, Zirk is counting the credits. One hundred, not bad. The Identicard of the Duros is the real prize though, Bespin Hospital....Doctor. Zirk's smile is barely containted as he makes a comm call to the Courasanti resturant. The Maitre'd is easily swayed by the con. There is no Secretary of Public Relations on Bespin, let alone a wealthy client and his guest.

Zirk waits 15 minutes for the Twi lek, when she doesnt show he enters the cafe anyways." I believe you have a table reserved for me." The Maitre' D does a once over, noticing the nice if not slightly smudged clothing. " Yes sir, this way" The Maire' D says in a nasal voice.Zirk follows him to the premier table in the resturant." There was to be another i was told sir." Zirk smiles, " She might still make it, perhaps some coffee while i wait." " Yes sir, right away."

05/06/2005 5:33 PM

Sipping on a very nicely brewed Courasanti-style coffee,Zirk thinks to himself the foam on the head is just right, and hopefully the rest of the meal is as impressive. Reading the thin datapad menu Zirks eyes spot a deliacy....Nerf flank and edomo eggs in a white Corellia brandy sauce. 70 credits...thats steep, but a smile comes across Zirks face. It aint like it's coming out of his own pocket. Zirk Raises his hand as he turns towards the waitstaff to get their attention, which is immediately at his table. " I'll have the Nerf flank and edomo eggs.....I'd like the flank done but alittle pink." Zirk says to the waiter, a male human. "Very good sir, would you like a brandy with that? We have a fine collection." Zirk pauses a moment "No thank you, perhaps a jigger of brandy in my coffee though." "Very good sir." The waiter replies before taking his leave.

The waiter returns with a larger cafe style cup full of coffee,and a shot of brandy." Sir, your drink, and if you'd like we can continue to refill your regular coffee.We understand you may have important business later today. Your meal will be ready in a few more minutes." The waiter explains. " Ah yes, the coffee may in deed be needed." Zirk says with a slight smile........Still have to see Wurwuz. The Nerf Flank is cooked to perfection, each bite is tender and the brandy sauce is light, but flavorful. The Edomo eggs, are perhaps less spicy as Zirk may have hoped, adding flavoring at the table only masks the tastes and is rather drole and rude to boot. Zirk sips from the cafe cup as he eats...perhaps straight brandy would have been a better accompaniment to the meal but...it was morning after all.The cafe cup is drained by three quarters of the meal being finished and Zirk waves off an attempt to refill it.

Zirk fights the temptation to finish every last bite.It isnt dignified to devour every bit of it like you havent eaten in awhile. Zirk spends the next 20 minutes sipping Courasanti-style coffee and reading a rather heavily editted scan of the Courasanti Journal on a datapad.When the check comes Zirk smiles.......only a mornings pay is all. The tab is 85 credits.Zirk pays the 85 and tips the waiter 20, on the way out Zirk returns the datapad to the Maire'D.... a 50 credit voucher lies on its screen."A most enjoyable meal, my compliments to the chef." Zirk says as he watches the Maitre'D's eyes widen at the sight of the voucher. "Will the good sentient be dining with us this evening?" The Maitre 'D asks."Perhaps, depends on my business arrangements." Zirk replies. The Maitre'D steps forward saying." I am Loc'ran Deseel, call on me if you need a table." Zirks smiles inwardly as he says."I will then."

Flashy clothes, a quick smile, and a lie they want to believe is all it takes. Zirks brother had taught him that. He taught him alot.....even how to make it without him.The sadness begins to creep back in. Blasted if Zirk didnt miss him.

05/08/2005 10:59 AM

Zirk strolls along one of the most cosmopolitian areas of Bespin. The shops on the plaza are beginning to open. Zirk admires the many fine clothing shops, all with varying species clothes, and human cultural styles....hmmm...a nice Twi' lek robe..no...light and airy but, way to soft looking.....Nice Quareen clothes.Looking at his rather small arms Zirk thinks perhaps not. Maybe something simple, rugged yet fashionable...the Corellians make such clothes sort of Frieghter Captian Chic as it were...ah a nice jacket cut in the traditional duelist style..hanging down to just above the waist...maybe shop later for clothes. It might be a good idea to dress a little down in the port town though...just not to down. Window shopping for more than 40 minutes Zirk stumbles upon an electronics store...a commlink that is something i definately need. Zirk listens to the varied sales pitches on a variety of communications links and settles on a model. The Tramora Interstellar Comm: VDV-100. It's ability to recieve holoNet Transmissions is a strong selling point and an asset. Zirk hands over the 800 credits and smiles as the salesman explains the warranty on normal use involved damages.Zirk smiles...normal use in my business? he thinks.

Zirk decides to not let Werwuz wait on him anylonger...not like he really waited. Zirk isnt that important to Werwuz....yet.

05/09/2005 1:08 PM

The sports bar is full of smoke and other mild pollutants in the air and to a Balosarian it's perfect. The "good" clean isnt natural to Zirk or anyother Balosarian. Balosar has long been a polluted planet and its people evolved into pollutant breathers. Zirk takes in a long breath reveling in the burst of "dirty air". Need to pick up cigarettes or other smoking impliments for my journeys about...Zirk thinks to himself.

A rough yet jovial voice behind him brings Zirk from his thoughts." About time you come and see me neh?" The Toydarian is hovering only a few feet away and above eye level slightly....Zirk wonders if its a dominancy thing to make others look up at him."Business has been good i see. Very good for the both of us." The Toydarian scratches his stubbly chin as he speaks."You do well here, perhaps we sit down sometime and discuss more business oppurtunities?" The Toydarian floats right to left looking Zirk in the face as if he's trying to gather something from looking at different angles.Zirk gives off a cocky smile as he replies." Sounds good to me, as long as it's oppurtunities to make credits." "A sentient after my own heart...plenty of money to be made, plenty of money." The toydarian says as he floats close. "We have a request for high quality service we should talk about." Zirk says as his head nods towards the backroom office."Not now...I have business to finish. Wait around here for awhile, I'll be back"

Zirk walks to a comfortable low, cushioned booth near the Holo screen and plops down heavily into the seat. The long night, the brief incident at the Taxi pad, and a large breakfast have Zirk feeling sleepy. The loud commotion startles Zirk...startles him from his sleep. Zirk instinctively slumps down low behind the table in the booth he occupies and draws the blaster from his coat pocket. Zirks ears are filled with the sounds of blaster fire or vibroblades humming and ripping through flesh, but that of laughter. As Zirks eyes focus in, the Krish is doubled over laughing and pointing at Zirk behind the table ready to do battle...or just hide.

"You think this is funny do you?" The Toydarian grumbles as he flies closer to the booth. "I am out alot of credits" The Toydarian's voice suddenly becomes serene "You two sence you have nothing better to do can go collect it for me." The Krish speaks up"I'm a door watcher not a legbreaker." The Toydarian sharply replies." Well you just got a promotion!"

"Come to the back office and i'll let you know what needs to be done." The Toydarian says as he turns and floats to the back.

05/20/2005 12:42 PM


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