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06/18/2000 9:14 PM

Baz Firestorm, an exiled minotaur warrior, entered the Silver Dragon Inn in Gwynned just as Solinari peaked in the sky. The minotaur was armed to the teeth: an axe across it's back, two sword sheathed at his waist, various daggers, a crossbow, and a chain mace.

Stepping into the tavern a dark, dank feeling rises within him. He seats himself near the fireplace and awaits the barkeep.

Minutes pass before the waiter arrives. "What'll it for you tonight sir?" The bald, pudgy waiter stood at the head of the table.

"A pint of your strongest ale. And quickly."

The waiter hustles away. Baz, staring around the inn, notices the large number of mercenaries in the room.

Maybe one of them, he thinks, would be willing to help him on his quest.

05/15/2000 7:08 PM

*Tanin enters the inn and for a moment all fall quite
because of the Solamnic armor he wears. But after a moment
the all begin to talk again. Tanin notices the minotaur sitting in the
corner. Quickly scanning the minotaur he sees all the weapons. Feeling slightly
uncomfortable, Tanin adjusts his crossbow slung over his back so that it will be
easier to reach if ned be. Tanin then goes to the bar keep and after ordering a drink,
asks about the minotaur. The bar keep explains that the minotaur is looking for adventurers.
Tanin, ever the hot-shot, strides over to the minotaur and sits down across from him*
"What is it you need adventurers for? I will aid you if I can."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/16/2000 12:55 PM

Baz glares up at the knight, who stands at the head of the table, glaring down at Baz. The knight's polished armor gleams in the fading light and his long moustache nearly sweeps to the table.

(OOC: Did I forget to mention this is in the years before the Cataclysm? Just remember that now.)

Baz stares at the knight a moment longer. "Have you ever been to Istar?" He asks.

05/16/2000 3:49 PM

No you didn't mention it was before the Cataclysm. Sorry.
I'll take my leave.

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/17/2000 7:01 PM

Her name was k'Sanderlynn.

She was dressed plainly enough, in a sweeping white gown that brushed the wooden floor. It's spotless surface did well to hide the various knives and daggers hidden beneath, and to all she looked a little out of place.

Her hair was flame red, her eyes a searing green. She glided gracefully to the bar and asked for a sip of the inn's finest wine, then taking her cup she set herself by the fire, giving a single, inquisitive glance at the Minotaur. There seems to be an aura about her that hints that she is not all she appears to be.

05/18/2000 2:32 PM

Baz gazed admiringly at the new patron of the inn. Looking over the swweping white gown and flaming red hair Baz is forced to admit that, for a human, she is beautiful.

Baz started to rise, then, thinking better of it to wait, sits again. Better for the pray to come to the hunter was an old Istaran proverb.

05/19/2000 8:56 AM

Around her waist is a silver belt, and around that is a velvet pouch, obviously filled with coins. A kender curiously comes up behind her, looking with great interest at the pouch. However, as he reaches for it, K's hand wraps around the tiny wrist and swings him out infront of her. With a swift movement and a tiny cry, the wrist is broken.

"Better not to mess with those you don't know. Go pick a friend, thou foul rat." The kender scampers away, hurt and confused, but K glances a crooked smile at the minotaur as if nothing has happened, and arranges her dress to sit. She reaches out her hand to him, fingers down as if expecting him to kiss the knuckles like so many Human Noblemen had done before. "k'Sanderlynn. Call me K." She says softly.

05/20/2000 7:43 AM

Baz looks up from his stew, staring at the lovely K. Gruffly taking her hand in his Baz pulls K into the seat across from him. "Hello Lady K. I require a guide to cross the Khalkists, have you any knowledge of the area?"

05/20/2000 8:50 PM

K smiles smugly. "My knowledge depends on the price." She says, leaning over. Her elbows press together to accentuate her humanly curves, part of her 'negotiating' process.

05/20/2000 9:52 PM

~A small and slender figure walks into the bar. None of the patrons notice the seemingly insignifigent being. It walks over to the bar and orders a glass of elven-blossom wine. It sits there and finishes it's wine. It then walks over to the table next to the pair and sits donw inconspicuously and listens intently~

05/21/2000 7:29 AM

K gives the newcomer a warning glance. **Great!** she thinks; **Another slut trying to mar my business!**

05/21/2000 12:20 PM

Baz glares at both K and the newcomer. Forgetting the newcomer, he glares at K. "The price is not an issue. Shall we say forty steel, half here, half when I get to where I want to go?" Baz, an expert at driving bargains, watches K intently.

05/21/2000 12:54 PM

"Fifty steel or I leave." She replies, her eyes suddenly hardening.

05/21/2000 2:06 PM

~Pulls back his hood to reveal his long pointy ears, a trademark of his people, and the slanted almond shape eyes. He pulls back the cape to reveal his shining silver plated armor, marking him as a soldier~

"I can't
help but notice that you two are headed to Istar? I might be able to help you on your quest."

05/21/2000 4:05 PM

Baz stares at K and the elf, wondering how each could help him. "My pockets are deep. I'll pay you both fifty steel, half now, half when I arrive safely where I want to be. Are there any other requests?"

05/21/2000 5:53 PM

K smiles smugly. "I believe that shall settle it." She replies softly. "When do you wish to leave?"

05/21/2000 6:17 PM

"I need two days to purchase supplies and rations. Meet back here at dawn two days from now." Baz gose back to his drnk, watching K and the elf still.

05/23/2000 4:17 PM

K stands, brushing her fingers lightly across the surface of the table as she gives them both parting glances. Then, she is gone in a flurry of white fabric.

05/24/2000 2:38 PM

Baz stares at the elf. "And you? What will you need?"

05/24/2000 8:15 PM

"Me? All I need is a cot to sleep on and food during the day, nothing more. I have my own reasons for going to Istar."

~The elf turns and walks out the door and travels down the path to the town~

05/29/2000 4:11 PM

Baz stares after the retreating elf. "Great", he mutters under his breath, "I never even caught his name."

In two days time Baz stood waiting outside the inn. Glaring into the rising sun he noticed two figures moving slowly down the trail. Both have equipment to live off of, and both are mildly armed. Baz, on the other hand, carries many weapons, open and concealed, and has only enough food for about a week of iron rations.

As K and the elf reach him Baz regards them both with some interest. "Shall we be off?"

05/29/2000 7:29 PM

"If the time suits you." K replies softly. **do I really know the way?** She silently questions herself. Her indecisiveness is not apparent on her face.Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down? Why stay awake when you can Zzzzzzzz . . .

05/30/2000 6:23 PM

A shimmer appears in front of the motley group. Soon it turns into a tear in time and space. A man falls out of it. He appears around 23 and has shoulder length silver hair. His ice blue eyes are penetrating. He is clad in black, silver and midnight blue robes. He grabs the staff that appears before him. "Hullo, there." Then out of the rapidly closing portal a winged feline emereges. "Tarohl, where are we?" Turning to the cat, the mage replies "I don't know where we are but, we're in a time before the Caticalism.(sp)" Turning to the group "Hello, I'm Tarohl and this is Sky Tiger. You may call him Skyt."

06/01/2000 7:03 AM

**What an interesting character . . .** K thinks, then; **Aren't we all?** She looks to Baz for further instructions.

06/01/2000 2:23 PM

Baz stares at his assembly. A female human, an elven warrior, a mage, and a being of unknown origin. "Well, let us be off. If you truly know the way K." Baz snorts as they begin to trod down the dirt road out of Gwynned in Ergoth. He has quite a long trek ahead of him if he is to reach Istar in time.

06/01/2000 8:24 PM

K starts out in all appearance of confidence. **I've been there . . .** She thinks to herself, **I am called, and then I know.**

06/09/2000 2:05 PM

A figure come up behind K. It is fully robed with hood drawn. Reaching up it touches K's shoulder.

06/09/2000 2:08 PM

K jumps, then whips around. Seeing the robed figure, she calms . . .some.

"What are you doing here, Ramoth? I thought we agreed that you'd send word before you arrived." K spat angrilly. "If you want to join you'll have to ask Baz, but I don't want you hanging around me." She turns sharply on her heel.

06/09/2000 2:14 PM

Ramoth draws her hood from her face. Hey grey skin and white hair make her as obvious as a dragon in a clear sky. If that's not strange enough, she looks to be an elf. "Do as you wish." She walks to Baz, looks well at him. "Ye doesn't mind if I join the adventure? I ask no payment, except for food, shelter, and any magical devises we come across along the way." She stands stern waiting for a reply.

06/11/2000 4:52 PM

Just about then the companions see a humanoid figure riding on a horse down the road.Tied to her horse's saddle is a rope, connecting to another horse, and so on, and she has about 7 horses in all.There are many saddle bags, and she looks prepared for a long journey.The group can't help thinking how much easier it would be on the road with horses....

06/11/2000 10:11 PM

*Horses!* K thought, *Who needs horses!* but she caught the unaccepting gaze from Ramoth.

06/13/2000 4:13 PM

Baz stares at his companions. "Indeed, Ramoth. You may join our quest. Although I cannot help but see a jagged history between yourself and K. do not let it in the way of my goals, or you will be sorely forgotten.

Baz glances up at the horses. "Greetings traveler, I notice you have quite a company with you. How much would you ask for the bunch, yourself included, if you wish? I travel to Istar. Might you come along and bring the horses?"

06/14/2000 6:30 AM

"Yes, K and I have a history. I promise to keep my end quiet." She grins at K.

06/16/2000 5:44 AM

K ignores Ramoth coldly, trying to decide which horse she'll take if the traveller will let them.

06/18/2000 4:55 AM

"Well, I'm not going to sell them, but Istar is on the way to where I'm going, so you can ride them there, no charge." she says.She stops the horses to let the travelers get on them.

06/18/2000 5:04 AM

K looks at Ramoth grudgingly, then swings herself up on a sturdy chesnut. She sits side-saddle, graceful.

06/18/2000 3:38 PM

Baz swings onto a large black beast. "Alright then ladies, and good sir, be off."

06/18/2000 5:53 PM

Ramoth lifts herself onto one of the mounts. She grins at K. "Life be life." She rides up next to Baz. "I know the way to Istar. I'm on the way to the tower there anyway."

06/18/2000 9:14 PM

"Ech Tivanish Oth Mortan, Triallinges!" Baz was the only one in the group who understood the Solamnic words. Not 5 seconds after the phrase, a Holy Knight of the Rose emerged from the brambles to the right of the trail, fending off an attack by a Forest Troll. Harek Crownscape managed a glance at the odd group of companions, but it cost him a blow to the helm my the vicious Troll. Harek reeled backward, and in that instant, uttered the prayer "Inst Echtin Var Tublush". Holy flame emerged from Harek's shield, and he aimed it right at the chest of the troll. The Troll was now contributing more to the forest than his name had ever dubbed him....
Harek was about to greet the travelers in the usual Solamnic way, but was cut-off in mid-sentence by another three Trolls emerging from the forest. Instead, Harek looked at the travelers, and said "Little help?"

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