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04/08/2005 10:09 PM

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04/10/2005 4:38 PM

A figure moved silently down a dark alley; his cloak billowing softly behind him. Its shadow danced in the faint light cast by his flickering lantern. His sakkat concealed his face. Using his lantern as a beacon, he walked slowly through the alley as the darkness bore down. The silence of the night now draped the entire city in a palpable cloak. It pressed in on him, crushing his mind as only silence can do. Hesitating for a moment, he realized just how quiet it really was... too quiet. A sudden, tiny flicker. [i]The roofs![/i] The figure whirled, his cloak concealing both him and his lantern, cutting off the light. The shurikens whipped through the cloak, tearing small holes in the fabric. The light inside gleamed from within, piercing the dark night. The cloak then fell to the ground, empty. Only the lantern remained inside.

[i]Shit![/i] The ninja turned to his left. His accomplice had dissapeared from the opposite roof. [i]Shit shit shit![/i] He quickly jumped up and twirled around, unsheathing his tanto. The now-uncloaked figure stood there, holding his claw up to the other ninja's throat.

"You bastard!" The ninja cried, running toward the mysterious figure. The man ripped out the throat of his captive, and threw the body at the ninja. The ninja shoved the body out of his way, the body tumbleing to the streets below. When he looked back up, the figure was gone. [i]Up![/i] The ninja looked up and tried to jump back, but it was too late. The katana entered through his face and emerged from the back of his neck. With a flick of the wrist, the katana was free again, and the other ninja's body fell from the rooftop.

"Sire, are you ok?" A man ran into the alley, looking for someone. He jumped back, spotting the dead ninja on the ground.

"I'm fine." Shirow slowly removed his sakkat, revealing a face with a strong, aristocratic jawline, sculpted cheekbones, and cold, intelligent eyes. Despite all this, there was an unplaceable gentleness about his features.

"You know you shouldn't be wandering around this late at night, sire. There are many thieves, not to mention those who are out to kill you," the man urged. "Please, come back to the pub!"

Shirow turned, softening his eyes with a smile. "You don't have to worry about me, Masahiro," he said as he wiped the blood off of his katana, "There are few fighters who can match me in a swordfight."

"You're right sire." Masahiro's shoulders relaxed a little. "Still, we should be getting back."

Shirow sheathed his sword. "Yes, that we should." He jumped down from the roof, picked up the lantern, and started walking back.

04/17/2005 5:48 PM

OOC: There wasn't much to say. I'm just trying to get everyone to jump in.


Rei sat in the corner of the pub, his Katana resting across his lap as he sipped his sake. His eyes roamed the pub as he searched for any familiar faces.

04/17/2005 7:49 PM

Shirow returned to the pub, ready to start tonight's meeting. He always went on his nighttime stroll before the meetings. He knew he was nearing the pub as the sound of conspiracy grew. As he rounded the corner, he could see the light eminating from the pub, peeking out into the dark night. As he dipped inside he nodded at the bouncer. He drew a deep breath; the smell of sweat and sake filled his nostrils. Hidden beneath the more obvious odors was the stench of brooding hatred. Over time, Shirow had grown accustomed to this smell; even comforted. He had, after all, lived the past 14 years of his life in this environment.

He neared the bar, Masahiro tailing him. Masahiro turned to the bartender, who was cleaning the counter.

"I'll have the red sake."

"Have you heard of the tsunami?" The bartender asked, still cleaning.

"The wave to cleanse the world." The bartender abruptly stopped and looked over to the bouncer. The bouncer started walking around the room, weeding out those who were not part of the resistance. A hidden tattoo was what separated the conspirators from the commonfolk; on the left shoulder was tattooed the symbol for tsunami; the Imperial seal. Once the commoners had left, the bouncer closed the door and turned off the lights to the pub. Silently, everyone in the room began to walk behind the bar, where a hidden staircase had been revealed. Like shadows they moved into the darkness below. Once everyone had been assembled and the trapdoor closed, a paper lantern was lit, disrupting the darkness of the room. Shirow stood on a small platform at one end of the room. Behind him was a giant version of the tattoos they all shared, the symbol of the Enomoto clan, the tsunami.

"Tonight out plan will commence."

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04/18/2005 4:51 AM

Mushu looked around at the conspirators. They were going to need everyone they could get to make this work. He got up and slowly walked over Shirow, he didnt like long silences, he grasped Shirows hand and held it firmly.

"Lets be done with this, my son is waiting for me" he said Jokingly smiling.

04/19/2005 9:23 PM

Before Shirow could continue, he was interrupted by a loud crash from the room above. The basement shook; the men inside were surprised. Shirow leaned over and silently gestured to his assistants. Two of them slithered over to the trapdoor to investigate. The younger of the two assistants softly placed his ear against the door, and waited. Silence. He turned back toward the crowd and shrugged.

"I guess it was a false alar-"

He was cut short as the trapdoor burst open; a shard of wood pierced through the back of his neck, severing his spinal chord. The second assistant reached for his katana, but before it was unsheathed a huge hand reached down and grasped his head. The man screamed as his head was crushed like an apple, blood and brains splattering on the nearest militiamen. The rest of the trapdoor was ripped apart, and ninja began to pour in, followed by a huge behemoth of a man.

"Don't just stand there men! Fight for your lives! For your honor!"

Shurikens flying, the air thick with the sound of clashing metal, the battle had begun. The huge man had barely fit through the trapdoor and was now swinging his huge club around, smashing any man brave enough to stand in his way. He suddenly caught eyes with Shirow.

"Sire, he sees you! You must get out of here," Masashiro cried, "save yourself!"

"I shan't abandon my men," he proclaimed as the giant made his way toward him. He slowly unsheathed his katana, the Imperial seal shining despite the dim light. "We shall fight to the end!"

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05/07/2005 12:00 PM

((OOC: Her family is loyal to the Uyeda clan. Whether Yumi is loyal to that clan or not is to be found out later..^-^))

The young girl sat in her room in a nearby inn, frowning into the mirror. She wasn't vain, she was just wondering why the fates had cursed her with pretty features. Yumi was trying to pose as her brother, and it would've helped if she looked more masculine than feminine. Then again, they had been twins, and if Haru had lived long enough to grow into a young man, he probably would've looked like her. At least I have a fairly flat chest..Makes it easier to bind them.. Her elegant fingers wrapped the bandages around her chest tightly, before easing into her outfit.

Known as Haru, 'he' stood straight, smoothing the wrinkles from 'his' samurai's outfit, then tying 'his' long hair up, binding it with an ebony ribbon from the base of the ponytail to the very last tips of 'his' hair, letting the extra ribbon hang freely.

Haru's reflection stared back at her, and she took a moment to study herself. It was always Haru that was here, always Haru who successfully finished a sword combo, always Haru who did this. Never Yumi..To her parents, Yumi had died instead of Haru. Their son was living, and had made out to be a fine samurai.

05/11/2005 3:50 PM

Shirow resheathed his sword and ran into the mash of bodies. The entire basement was crawling with friend and foe alike, blood sheeting down like rain and covering the floor. The giant was making his way toward Shirow, bulldozing anyone in his path. Shirow saw movement in the corner of his eye, and ducked just in time to dodge the blade of an enemy ninja. Shirow reached into his sleeve and with the flick of a wrist lodged a shuriken between the eyes of the ninja. He then turned toward the rushing giant. In a split second, dozens of shurikens flew from Shirow's hands, ripping the air on their way to the giant. They struck their mark, every one of them, yet the giant didn't even flinch. The giant finally reached Shirow, swinging a huge fist down to crush his foe. Shirow dove out of the way, in the meanwhile removing a chunk of the giant's fist with his shuko. The giant grunted, and swung with his other fist, catching Shirow in his right side, flinging him into the stone wall. Shirow fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The giant laughed, walking over to the body, as Shirow righted himself. Finally, Shirow reached to his katana, unsheathing it again, and geting into a ready stance. The giant charged, prepared to smash Shirow into the wall. Shirow dodged to the giant's right, cutting a deep gash along it's back. Once again, it seemed to have to effect on the giant, as he swung his arm back and cought Shirow again. This time Shirow slid back into the fray, not losing his balance. The giant turned back around and reached down to catch Shirow. Seeing his chance, Shirow ran up the giant's arm. Blood spattered across the crowd as Shirows blade made quick work of the giant. The room became silent, and Shirow jumped to the ground. Slowly, he wiped the blood from his katana, and resheathed it. At the click of the sheathing, the head of the giant slid off, and the huge body crashed to the ground.

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