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04/07/2005 8:30 AM

Sundara, A world of laughter and love. A place were peace reign everything. The great ruler kylock, Ruled with patience and love. Until the fateful day when darkness came to sundara in the form of Mglar a evil man cursed with half demon blood. He was a cruel and unloving man with his mind set on destorying sundara. So he created the bloods , called kathora. They ran through the land devouring all life. They Soon had everyone life form living in fear. And mglar toke over. Now the land is ruled harshly people starve, while he sits in his throne feasting. It has been a hundred years since he has taken over and yet he still lives. Now it is up to a bunch of teenagers from a village called hotaf to save sundara.

Setting ~
Medevil/fantasy era, The village is on a lake and has boats that bring them to and from.
There is no guns ot tvs, but there is magical tech,

(1) NO ONE OLDER than 20
(2) no cussiNG

pet(not needed):
Power(no more than 3):

04/07/2005 8:51 AM

age: 18
Race: Human / unknown
pet(not needed): ferret name toto
bio: Has lived in the village her whole life, alone and sad, until austin, and she only talks to him.
Other: secerts
Power(no more than 3): mind, water, illison

Race: Human
pet(not needed):none
bio: Not much is known about him, except he was found almost died in the forest. He was taken in by the village and has lived there ever since. He only talks to Ming
Other: none
Power(no more than 3):Earth, water, fire

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04/07/2005 9:02 AM

Ming sat at the edge of the village her boots hanging in the water, Her water hair laid on the ground behind her and moved slightly with the passing wind. She stared blankly at the lake that surrond her village to protect them.

Austin walked through the village clutching the hilt of his sword, " MING" he called out looking around the busy square, he walked passed the crowd and saw ming at the far end, He huffed and sat next to her and placed a hand over her shoulder. " whats wrong" he said staring ahead feeling somthing too.

Ming shrugged " i don't know, do you think" she asked with a frown. She looked down as toto nuzzled against her hand she cupped him up and placed him on her shoulder.

Austin looked over at her and sighed. " i don't know, should we warn the village" he asked looking back at the forest when a flock of birds flew away quickly.

" NO" ming said standing up, " we will go out tonight" she turned around and headed for her hut with a stomp in her step.

04/11/2005 1:29 PM

Name: Draco
Age: 16
Elenents: Ice
Weapon: Sword
Race: Half-breed (rasied up good)
Bio: Draco has a very dark past and rather not talk about it.

Name: Damon
Age: 15
Elements: none
Weapon: Knifes made of Mithral Dragon scales
Race: Unknown hes the last of them and he was 2 when the rest were whiped out.
Bio: Damon is a excilent fighter. He uses the Mithral knifes that were mad from the last Mithral Dragon alive. He also uses weapons made from that dragon. He is the last of an unknown tribe and he serches the earth for answers on who he is.

Hey Damon arnt those to in our village. Damon: I think so why. Draco: Just asking should we go see whats up. Damon: Sure.

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04/29/2005 11:31 AM

Name: Leodanya Nightwing
age: 16
Race: unknown but thought to be mortal
appearance: http://www.furiousfeather.com/gallery/original/amazoncolor.jpg - like this except with green streaks in her hair, dragon tooth around her neck and tattoo of leopard running down her left forearm and black dragon curling down the right side of her face. Also a slightly for cat like appearance, with slits for pupils and black rimmed golden green eyes and pointed canines.
pet(not needed):-
name – Kieroasta was the name given by her but Leo just calls her Tala
age – 6mths
breed – half breed, cross between a tiger and a wolf
appearance – quite large with long blue/black fur and forest green eyes. Blue collar round neck with strange sigils on it.
power: shape-shifting, power over the element fire, telekinesis
weapons: Spelled twin blades. One is encrusted with an emerald and engraved with the image of a dragon on the blade and the other is encrusted with an amethyst stone with the image of a tiger engraved on the blade. She also has two small knives which are hidden inside of her knee length boot.
bio: Leo is a shape-shifter, (meaning she can change into her animal without the use of magic). Her animal is a leopard which one can guess by her appearance. However, she can with much difficulty shape-shift into most felines. Her father died 3 months before she was born and she never really knew her mother. She disappeared when she was two years old so as a result she has lived the next 14 years of her life with her fellow shape-shifters as part of the Sayonara Tribe. When she was 16 she left the tribe in search of the person who took her mother away so that she can kill it. As a member of the Sayonara Tribe (of which only shape-shifters can become members) she learnt battle magic, unarmed combat, fencing, how to use blades, healing, how to kill a person silently, poisons but most importantly how to shape-shift successfully, (you have the gift, they teach you how to use it).
She grew up with the Sayonaran tribe as an assassin and made her first successful kill when she was 6 years old and her first non-magickal kill when she was 9. At the age of 16 she left the tribe as was customary after the completion of her training and the receiving of her Luluvian (dragon tooth) which was said to have hidden powers but if it does they are long lost now. Now she has traveled to the small town of hotaf to try and find her mother

((dunno if this is ok so will wait for permission before posting, also this is a year before all my other posts with this character so sorry if it's confusing))

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05/01/2005 11:59 AM

Name: Geyli

Age: 15 (apr.)

Gender: male

Race: a half human half bird, he was adopted by Sages family, but even the family of scienists aren't sure what he is

appearance: 5'9" Face: angular, he shaves daily, his hair is long and in the style of well a mop-top, he often is seen wearing a plain brown cap, his eyes are red and can see farther and clearer than a human, his ears come up to a point but are helplessly buried in his brown hair; General: He has a medium build, and wears any confortible clothes, all of his shirts have a pair of slits in the back, to fit his deep-red feathered 10' wings in, he made his own leather armour which he wears whenever he is sparring with his friends, although he has a sword, his foster parents would never let him use, or train with it

bio: (sorry but alot of my bio is in my apearance) he was found and raised by the Plaeer Family (Sage's family)

Power: surround himself with super heated air ie: thunder, he can then use this to melt trough things, light up fireworks or and opponent's face, flight: well he has wings, he can't fly too high or too long, glide: spreading out his wings he can slow a fall

05/12/2005 3:46 PM

Name: Kyro Starraky
Age: 15
Gender Male
Class: Mage swordman
appearence: http://img121.echo.cx/my.php?loc=img121&image=krieger0350mb.png

bio: A silent and strong warrior who lives alone. He is an orphan since his parents died.
He was raised by a mastered warrior and teaches him great skills of a warrior.
Kyro learns powerful Magics and skilled with a sword.

Powers: All elemental magic combat techs, healing magic techs, sword techs

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