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04/04/2005 3:43 PM

Hi! I'm Broken Sparrow and I just wanted to say hi to everyone since I'm new..Any advice would be nice ^-^ I'm not really sure how this forum works and I have actually read the guidelines, but what's the limit here? The last time I did an actual fantasy/hetero rp was...2 years ago? I'm probably really rusty, and I've been hoping that I could brush up on my RP skills, which is why I joined this forum. Anyways, back to limits..(yesh, i get very easily distracted...Short attention span and whatnot =D) Do we have to post warnings for questionable themes in our posts (i.e. rape, abuse, gore, etc.)? And when we join a thread, do we have to check with the person who started the thread first and can we go ahead and just post? Yeah, I know, I ask a lot of questions, but I find it makes my life easier if I get all the technicalities out of the way first..I would be much obliged if someone would please answer!!! =D

04/04/2005 3:54 PM

Welcome aboard, Broken Sparrow. Glad to have ya. :) It sounds like you've already got a pretty good feel for how things run around here - you're right about checking first before joining a thread (that's what the OOC part is for in each thread). It's also recommended that if the RP is going to be mature in nature, then a warning should be posted. I'm not all that sure what the guidelines are with respect to getting graphic in your descriptions of some 'mature themes' - but keep in mind we do have minors here (and some non-minors who wouldn't want to be caught off-guard by reading something graphic unexpectedly!).

There are a variety of themes here - just browse through the RP threads to see how things generally flow here. And don't hesitate to keep asking questions - it's better to figure out the 'rules of engagement' at the outset rather than figuring out you made a bad move after the fact. ;)

Happy Posting!


04/09/2005 3:59 PM

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated ^^ Oh yeah..How does this whole point thing work? *Looks at all the ranks and titles, with accompaning XP thingies...* Is it for every post you make, or is it for every post you make in an RP? And does it calculate posts automatically or does someone dole out the points?

04/09/2005 4:31 PM

It's automatic and you recieve it when you post In Character (the out of character sections of threads yields no points) and in the Community forums.

04/09/2005 8:28 PM

I'm a bit late in responding, but welcome, Broken_Sparrow. It looks like for now, all your qustions have been answered, but anytime you have anything else you want to know, just ask anyone. People here are pretty good about helping each other out. :)

04/10/2005 7:35 AM

Welcome! And Luni's right, don't hesitate to ask any question here, if you feel that it's a bit embarrassing to post out in the open, don't hesitate to IM or Intra-Email me at any time :) I head the RP forums and Luni is just under me in that respect, both of us would be glad to help at any time :D

04/19/2005 6:41 PM

Aww! I feel so welcome! Thanks a lot guys! *sniffles and brushes non-existant tears from eyes* =D

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