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04/02/2005 4:33 PM

Okay, I'm new, but I'm going to try this anyway. Post your character information here, I request a name, age(unless you're female... just kidding lol), gender, description (this should include eye color, hair color and anything else you want, like a scar) and race. After I get enough characters I will begin the game. (I'm not sure if I'll want new players after that, I'll think on it.) If you have any questions, just ask, I'll be on once or twice a day. No gods, no unlimited powers please, try to keep powers to 3 or 4.Thanks!

The town might have had a nice big population, but for some reason vampires like to pass through here and the town has a strange dark feeling about it, maybe some dark demon rests dorment somewhere close.

04/02/2005 4:35 PM

oh um... please post charter profiles on the OOC/RECR PAGE here.... sorry about that

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