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08/02/2005 10:56 PM


He did not sheath his sword, instead Orion rose to a defensive stance, glaring at the druid, and the crow.

"I killed that damn thing, how is this all possible? How can that thing not be snacking on you?"

He was not going to calm down and he seemed to be getting worse. The emerald pommel of his sword had begun to flicker slightly.

08/03/2005 2:09 AM

"Calm yourself, Orion." said Flark, noticing his companions increasing agitation.

little bird told me you were heading to Greyrock

"Yes, that's right." answered Flark, "If think it would be best for all if you two put aside your differences for now, and let us contiune on our way."

Yet again, Flark found himself in the middle, trying to diffuse a potentially lethal situation. Now the stakes seemed even higher than before, this time Flark actually worried for his own life.

Flark eyed the surrounding wolves, trying to hide his fear. He hoped Orion would see sense, at least for now.

08/03/2005 12:12 PM

Orion's eye twitched but he made no move to attack. His sword was still flickering but nothing else. On the other hand he made no move to stand down, eyeing the wolves aprehensively. He didnt want to rage out, he became uncontrolable and had a tendency to incinerate everything.

"No thanks Flark, I'd rather be eaten with my sword unsheathed thank you very much. Step aside, we don't want trouble from you or your ilk."

He glared at the druid, his eyes flashing.

08/03/2005 1:44 PM

OOC: Hey Exile! I got your PM and Im so sorry Ive been lagging. The Law sucks sometimes...

She sat there. Quiet. Listening. Attentive. Yes there were people. Odd people. Outsiders. Then there was one man whom said his name was Orion. In the shadows she was still, not even seen except the flickering of her katana. It was long and double folded with luck symbols on them. The hilt was made of a special leather and entwined with gold.

Kira looked at the blazing fire as a wench walked by handing her fresh bread and mead. She nodded, her long brown curls bouncing lightly over her cloak. She sipped the mead and ate the bread. When she broke it the steam burned her finger lightly as she drew back, accidentally knocking over the mead. Kira grunted softly, her pale green eyes glittering downwards. [i] Klutz.[/i] She thought.

08/03/2005 2:56 PM

"Yes, that's right." answered Flark, "If think it would be best for all if you two put aside your differences for now, and let us contiune on our way."

"No thanks Flark, I'd rather be eaten with my sword unsheathed thank you very much. Step aside, we don't want trouble from you or your ilk."

Elevar smirked. He turned to the wolf again and whispered in its guttural language, "Leave those two to me, the other one you can kill if you wish."

"It seems you'll have the honor of travelling with me friends; you'll find me useful in conflicts with the forces of nature, like the one you find yourselves desperately in right now," said Elevar to Flark, threatening as subtly as possible.

08/03/2005 3:09 PM

"It seems you'll have the honor of travelling with me friends; you'll find me useful in conflicts with the forces of nature, like the one you find yourselves desperately in right now," said Elevar to Flark, threatening as subtly as possible.

Years of working in the urban underworld allowed Lucan to pick up on the subtlety of Elevar's threat. "Well with friends like these, who needs enemies?" he muttered. "Well, you three may be adept at dealing with nature, but I'm not. Could we be moving along?"

08/04/2005 1:24 PM

Orion was suddenly aware that some of the wolves were drooling as they stared at the travelers. The big one's ears pricked as the druid spoke to it and with a growl it lowered it's head a little, saliva pouring from the gap in it's fangs.

"You look kinda tasty too mutt, wanna find out what it's like to be spitted? Keep up with the water works and you just might."

Orion got an impression that the large canine was eyeing him up for dinner. Either that or Lucan who was standing nearby.

"Don't even think about it."

08/04/2005 2:19 PM

Elevar sheathed his wooden scimitar and approached the travellers dismissing the dire wolf with a wave of his hand.

Orion got an impression that the large canine was eyeing him up for dinner. Either that or Lucan who was standing nearby.

"Don't even think about it."

"Tis' the order of nature, friend. Kill and be killed," explained Elevar mockingly pointing at their breakfast. But the wolves began to leave seeing their leader's reluctance to attack the humans.

Daegil spread her wings and cawed loudly, reminding her owner the importance of his mission. "We must leave now, the bandits have been spreading their reach..."

08/04/2005 5:30 PM

Orion glanced at his breakfast before turning back to Elevar.

"Yeah, but our species is the one on top of the food chain."

Seeing the wolves retreat Orion sheathed his sword and turned to Lucan.

"Keep an eye out for any more four legged opportunists."

He chuckled at the mention of bandits.

"They're incompetant fighters at the very least. I've met some, they didn't last long."

08/04/2005 10:43 PM

Lucan relaxed a bit as the wolves retreated. He also slipped a hand into his pocket where he kept the jewels he'd recently acquired...he certainly hoped these bandits weren't the same as the ones he was "protecting" the caravan from, lest they hold grudges.

08/04/2005 11:01 PM

Flark exhaled heavily as it seemed that the two sides had come to a standoff.

"Well, I suppose we should be off for Greyrock, it won't be getting any closer while we stand still," he said to the group.

08/05/2005 11:16 AM

"They're incompetant fighters at the very least. I've met some, they didn't last long."

"You're even stupider than you look," he ventured with a smile. "Keep underestimating them and you'll find your corpse will disagree with you about your position in the food chain." Elevar made no effort to hide his disgust of the word, as he began to walk off in the general direction of Greyrock. There was a strange scent in the air...

08/05/2005 5:02 PM

Orion's pupils dialted suddenly, his hair also began to lighten a little as he was surrounded by his own flame, becoming a deep burgundy. He snarled, barely on the verge of going into a rage right there.

"Be careful druid, wood burns quite well, and I'm sure your four legged friends would have to find a new home if I 'slipped up'."

He shoved his sword back into it's sheath. The pommel of it was flashing emerald green now, reacting to Orion's anger. He held up his hand, balancing a fireball and tossing it into the air carelessly, catching it at the last moment as it came down.

08/06/2005 3:07 PM

"Enough of this, Orion. Come on, lets be on our way." stated Flark as he set off on his own, hoping the others would follow.

Flark had been looking forward to the cooked breakfast, but was quite willing to leave it for the wolves if it would avoid conflict. He figured that if Orion was going to insist on causing trouble, then maybe they'd be better of without him anyway.

After a few steps he turned to see if they were following. He hoped that as least Lucan would see sense, as he'd prefer not to have to travel to Greyrock alone.

08/06/2005 4:27 PM

Lucan wasn't far behind Flark. He knew when to make his leave, another trait he learned from working for various Guild Pashas. Indeed, level-headed was the way to be, and Lucan didn't want to put his own life at risk. "Quite some friends you've made, mate," Lucan said to Flark as they began down the road.

08/06/2005 4:53 PM

"Be careful druid, wood burns quite well, and I'm sure your four legged friends would have to find a new home if I 'slipped up'."

At the smell of sulphur Elevar's fists clenched in anger, but he forced himself to keep walking without turning around. His mind raced. This could be the man he was looking for, but he reminded himself of Her orders: "You will find your first clue in the ashes of the scorched rock..."

In the midst of thought he managed to spot the shadow of a giant wolf following them from afar among the trees.

08/06/2005 6:45 PM

Elevar's reaction had not been lost on Orion who settled down and walked up beside Lucan and Flark.

"You have no idea my friend, no idea at all. C'mon, lets go see what razed Greyrock."

[I] And if theres any evidence it was me[/I] He added in his thoughts. He could smell the big wolf behind them and was none to pleased about it, but turning and provoking it would bring the whole pack upon him, which was not something he could do.

08/07/2005 3:59 AM

Flark was pleased to see Orion had finally came to his senses and quickly caught up along side them. Orion obviously had his quirks, but he'd be invaluable in a fight. He was a useful friend that would be a dangerous enemy.

Flark paced ahead and lead the way through the forest for several miles that passed uneventful. He wasn't sure if the Druid and the wolves still trailed just behind them, but he was fairly certain that they'd show up again sometime soon anyway.

08/07/2005 12:18 PM

Orion could see the trees were thinning out and the under brush was getting thicker. It was becoming difficult to find his footing. He was hot and sweaty after a few hours of this and becoming irritated. With a grunt of disgust he kicked his way through a bramble patch and stopped.

"Enough is enough."

He approached the next obstacle an shot a fireball into it's midst. The plant burst into flame and dissentigrated into ash, leaving the surrounding plant life untouched. He continued like this, burning every plant that would pose a problem to his walking. He left a wake of ashy boot prints and burnt plant smell.

08/07/2005 10:54 PM

"You will not burn a single plant while in Her home!" ordered Elevar standing on a thin branch of one of the few trees in close by. Jumping to the ground, his bare feet burying in the melting snow, he continued, "Luckily for you, My Lady forgives easily. I will travel with you to make sure you don't abuse of Her gratitude," Elevar lied. Actually, he wanted to keep a close eye on Orion. He was almost assured that killing this man was his mission, but he wouldn't go through with it until he was sure. He didn't want to risk chances until he knew the man's every weakness and strength, if he truly was "the creature of flames and evil."

08/08/2005 11:35 AM

(OOC: Creature of Flames and Evil? Sounds alot like Orion.)

With a snort of disgust at the druid, Orion dissipated the fireball in his hand.

"Well tell her that unless she wants a redecoration she better move some of her more annoying furniture. Of course I always could use this, which is far more destructive."

He partially unsheathed the Black Reaver. Orion had never like woodlands and their dwellers. This fellow however was one of the more annoying inhabitants he had ever met. This wasn't helping his already irritated mood and he had been seriously pondering burning an alley way through the rest of the forest to make the going easier. He resisted the urge, as fighting the druid would be a waste of time and energy.

"Why dont you use your freakish powers to move some of this crap from our path, its hell to walk through."

08/08/2005 6:58 PM

"You two had better settle down, before I come up there and make you!"

Sylvanus waved from a little ways back, jogging slightly to catch up. She was thoroughly out of breath, having run all day to catch up. She stopped for a moment, resting her hands on her knees, panting heavily.

"Do you guys EVER STOP WALKING?!"

08/08/2005 8:48 PM

Lucan looked behind him to see a simply dressed girl dashing to catch up with them. He cocked an eyebrow and looked to Flark. "Well, at least you keep some good company," he said with a smile flashing across his face. He had found it best to keep his mouth shut, and his thoughts away from, Orion, seeing as there was clearly no reasoning with the man. He slowed up a bit waiting for the girl to catch up to them. "and who might you be?" he said, looking at her.

08/08/2005 9:57 PM

Orion cocked an eyebrow. Last time he had seen this one, shed only been wearing a cloak. He forced his thoughts away from that quickly, he had to focus on not provoking the druid to much or too little.

"I've got a better idea, druid."

He floated off the ground, mockingly showing how little effort it was compared to destroying things. He swiveled to Sylvanus.

"Took you long enough. Some of us ride wolves, others prefer to float, but I don't know about these two."

He gestured at Flark and Lucan, smiling beneath his jackal helmet which was concealing his flashing eyes.

08/09/2005 12:03 AM

Elevar was greatly surprised by the girl's sudden appearance. It took a second or two for him to recognize her from the tavern, but when he did he saluted, "Ah, a pleasure to meet you again m'lady. Although I'm not sure Daegil has quite gotten over that arrow you shot at her," he added as the crow fluffed its feathers and spread its wings threainingly.

He then turned around and approached a tree, closed his eyes, and whispered words on the language of the druids. Slowly, noiselessly, the shrubs and small plants slowing down the travellers began to move aside and mark a clear path. He smiled to himself and began to walk again.

08/09/2005 8:54 AM

"Strange, quite the little reunion we're having here in the middle of nowhere." Flark commented.

With some discomfort, Flark watched the magical feats boastfully acted out between Orion and the Druid. He feared the inevitably conflict between these two, and hoped that he wouldn't be around when it finally happened.

"Come on, Greyrock can't be too much further now."

(OOC: Exile, care to guide us in and introduce us to Greyrock?)

08/09/2005 12:22 PM

"and who might you be?" he said, looking at her.

She stood up again, having caught her breath. "

I'm Sylvanus, I'm a freelancer, but I met these people when I was staying back at the inn." She waved her hand back in the general direction of the inn, and then turned to Daegil.

"So, the bird survived after all. Oh well, sorry about the big confrontation, I guess my pride got the best of me." She scratched her head, and shrugged. "Oh well, No harm done."

She saw the druid part the trees and turn to walk down the newly created path. She followed him, not wanting to become a bothersome delay.

"Are the rest of you coming?"

08/09/2005 11:45 PM

With a splash, Orion landed in a large puddle that had formed beneath him. The water started boiling but quickly subsided as the heat dissapated. His smug smirk at the druid flashed only briefly before he turned and headed after the girl, leaving a wake of slushy bootprints which eventually seemed to transition to normal tracks. He was rolling a small bluish disc across his knucles constantly, occasionally snapping it into the forest, although it harmlessly seemed to fade when it hit something, leaving nothing but a small sooty mark behind. He quickly grew tired of goading the druid and just went back to walking, taking in his surroundings with little interest.

08/10/2005 12:31 AM

The forest gave way to a small plain at the foot of the mountains. The companions breathed the fresh air, soaking in the rays of the overhead sun. The plain was covered in a thick snow, coming up to the shin of a normal man when stepped into.

The sky was almost cloudless; a few stragglers were left behind from the recent snowstorm. A chill wind blew from the northeast, ferociously speeding down the mountain ridge towards the faraway sea.

"Not much longer," a playful voice called out from everywhere at once.

08/10/2005 11:43 AM

Orion left a wake of slush behind him as he trudged into the deep snow. He stopped at the voice, glancing around cautiously before continuing into the frozen white glop. Eventually he got tired of fighting the snow and the slushy wake behind him became a steaming puddle.

"Guess it's not much longer."

08/10/2005 12:01 PM

Flark had dropped back a bit now. He walked along, watching Orion and his antics from behind.

"What the hell was that?" he asked no one in particular, refering to the strange voice.

08/10/2005 4:28 PM

Orion smirked a little. Disembodied voices always freaked people out.

"Mighta been a farting snowflake?"

He didn't stop walking, hye had no trouble with the semi deep snow, as some people seemed to have. He absently drew a small dagger and began polishing it on a leaf he had plucked from a struggling plant thatr had breached the surface. The leaf promptly died when the dagger touched it but Orion didn't care.

08/11/2005 7:31 PM

Lucan looked after the woman as she walked up on ahead. His romantic side was instantly infatuaed, but he knew he had to keep a cool head if he were going to survive this trip at all. He walked a bit behind the rest of the group, gathering his thoughts and what would happen if he were rooted out while travelling with this group. There was strength in numbers, but he wanted the numbers to be with him, not against him.

08/12/2005 4:30 PM

The town of Greyrock could be seen as the companions made their way over the snowy plain. To their right, the Sword Mountains climbed into the sky, the peaks hidden by the overcast sky. The group walked on towards their destination in silence, relieved that they had finally reached their target.

Greyrock was surrounded by a large, gray wall, which was most likely the town's namesake. The companions stopped outside of the wall, cautiously searching for any signs of life. There was utter silence as the group neared the small town. Greyrocks homes and businesses could not be seen over the large wall, which surprisingly did not seem damaged.

08/12/2005 4:52 PM

Orion looked at the wall with a strange expression. It was one part fear, and nine parts confusion. He sighed and crouched, eyeing the trampled snow at the base of the wall. Suddenly he shot up and over the wall, landing on the other side. After a few seconds, the wall infront of the group began to glow. It quickly turned cherry red and began to run and drip. suddenly a chunk of the wall dropped into a puddle, spreading inwards and cooling rapidly.

"Welcome to Greyrock."

The buildings behind Orion seemed lonely and dejected. No children ran and played in the streets, no people stopped to talk quietly in the streets. The only inhabitant seemed to be a tired dog which had hardly looked up when Orion landed.

"Don't expect a welcoming party."

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08/13/2005 1:25 PM

Flark watched Orion melt the thick stone wall in just a few seconds. He could not hide look of horror that crossed his face.

"Auril's kiss!" he exclaimed.

Seeing that the streets hidden behind the high wall seemed empty, Flark tensed up and gripped his weapon tightly.

"Welcome to Greyrock."

"Don't expect a welcoming party."

"I hardly would have with that kind of entrance! Try to remember why we are here Orion, please."

Flark cautiously stepped forward and prodded the melted stone with the butt of his halberd. It had quickly solidified and seemed curiously cool already.

"Come on, let's see if anyone's home..."

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08/13/2005 10:44 PM

Orion smirked at Flark's expression. With a slight roll of his head he replied to the crack.

"If there had been people here, we would have heard them before hand and I would have found a gate or something."

He turned and frowned at the empty town. It seemed everyone had dissapeared, leaving everything behind. He took in a lungfull of air and shouted. As he did, he seemed to stand straighter and his voice took on more command. It was easy to see how he had flourished as the leader of a country once.


08/14/2005 12:49 PM

Lucan rolled his eyes at his large friends dramatic entrance. Gods be damned if Lucan could ever find a situation where he probably wouldn't be forced to fight his way out of a town. He gingerly stepped through the makeshift "gate" and took a place towards the front of the group. This situation would probably need talked out of...

08/14/2005 6:19 PM

Orion waited motionlessly for a minute before drawing his sword. He had the heebie jeebies, and this place should have been teeming with people. With his eyes narrowed, Orion moved forewards slowly, leaning around the corner of a building and peeking down the street.

08/14/2005 10:27 PM


"Would you look at that." A robed man stepped into the street, emerging from a nearby building.

"What is it," he asked impatiently.

08/15/2005 10:18 AM

Lucan put his hands together and bowed slightly. "Ah, you'll have to excuse my large friend's antics, sir. He has a nack for the dramatic. We are here to inquire about the bandit raids of late."

08/15/2005 12:08 PM

"Ah, you'll have to excuse my large friend's antics, sir. He has a nack for the dramatic. We are here to inquire about the bandit raids of late."

The man began laughing before pulling back the cowl of his robe, his face seemed oddly familiar to the companions. The click of crossbow bolts could be heard from every crevice, reverberating off of the town's emptyness.

"Bandits? Why would you be looking for bandits?" The man laughed again.

08/15/2005 9:12 PM

Lucan smiled without missing a beat. it appears we've found them. he said to himself. "Come now, can't we all just play nice?" He left his hands open and away from his weapons in an attempt to show non-hostility, hoping his companions would do the same...for now. "Nobody wants the entrails of a bunch of Scalliwags littering their streets."

08/15/2005 10:10 PM

Orion laughed suddenly. He was looking at a bandit that had stepped out of an alley way.

"I remember you, your the one who ran away. Hows your friends?"

He tried to supress his chuckles but it was nearly impossible to do. His hands went to his stomach, resting near the hilt of a dagger but not on it.

08/15/2005 10:29 PM

[I]Clink[/I]. A crossbow bolt landed between Orion's legs.

"If you don't want the next one to be higher, I suggest you shut your mouth." The bandit was smiling at the strange man, his hand hanging dangerously in the air.

08/16/2005 2:45 PM

The bolt sat there, innert for a few seconds before it started to blacken and smoke. Everyone close to Orion felt heat baking off of him in waves. His voice had suddenly become very quiet.

"Is that so?"

He turned to the closest bandit, the one that had first emerged from his hiding space.

"So now what, you kill us all? Or are you going to be smart and allow us to leave?"

His hands had dropped to his sides, his right hand was twisted to conceal the palm from everyone in front of him. The fireball that had suddenly grown there seemed to be itching to kill someone.

"I don't suppose your going to do things the easy way huh?"

08/16/2005 5:07 PM

Flark stood a few paces behind Orion. He could see the small ball of flame beginning to grow in his palm, and knew him well enough by now the guess what was about to happen next.

Flark's right hand slowly released it's grip from his halberd, and gradually began edging towards the small light crossbow which was concealed beneath his dark cloak.

08/16/2005 9:27 PM

Orion's eyes began shifting his eyes around, taking in the surroundings and possible hiding places. He looked back at the bandit infront of him, who seemed to have an authorative position.

"You have a decent face."

His palm whipped up, the fireball a mere foot from the fellow's nose. He could here stealthy movements from behind him as someone shifted around.

"Hate to see it as a crater. Alright listen up, I dont want to do this," which was a blatant lie, he was aching to release the little orb of destruction. "but unless you lot put your weapons down and let us go this guy dies."

His other hand whipped up and pointed at a bandit that had just raised a crossbow.

"You fire that, and this fireball flies. I'm the only thing standing between it flying or it dying got it?"

Suddenly he felt the old urge. The urge to raze the entire town and burn everything in it. At first he fed the urge, nearly burning every one in front of him. His eyes began to spark slightly and his fingers spread out as he stretched his arm forewards, preparing to fry the bandit. Suddenly a crow cawed from behind him. His eyes flashed and cleared, his arm relaxed slightly, and his silent snarl faded.

08/17/2005 5:24 AM

A menacing laugh echoed throughout the empty town.

"Are you sure that [i]you[/i] want to do that?" The supposed leader was staring at the man with the fireball before he dropped his hand. The sound of crossbows releasing their bolts was heard all around, sounding as if a small horde of flies had blown over the companions. Orion's body was littered with the ammunition as he fell to the ground, clutching one that had imbedded itself into his neck.

From behind the bandit, a shadowy figure emerged from the same building as his companion had earlier.

That was unfortunate, he said sarcastically before tilting his head back and laughing. The cowl of his cloak slipped just a bit, revealing the face that lay beneath. His eyes were a deathly red, his hair as pale as bone. The complexion of his dark skin was unmistakable, he was a drow.

08/17/2005 6:14 AM

From behind, Flark watched the bolts fire into Orions body. He reacted by firing his own crossbow at the lead figure.

Without waiting to see if he'd hit his mark, he turned and sprinted towards the melted gap in the wall, hoping the others would follow. The gap wasn't far and Flark was sure they could reach it and jump around the corner just in time, hoping to benefit from the valuable seconds it would take the bandits to reload their crossbows.

08/17/2005 6:22 AM

Flark's bolt hit an invisible barrier before dropping harmlessly to the ground. The bandit grimaced as the bolt stopped feet from his face. His grimace soon turned to a scowl as he watched his would-be attacker retreating. The bandit moved after them but was caught on the arm. Confused, he turned to regard his ebony skinned companion, who was smiling at him through the cowl of his cloak.

"Let them go," the drow stated as he regarded the fleeing humans. The bandit's arm relaxed before he finally retreated to back into the building from which he had earlier emerged.

08/17/2005 7:28 PM

Lucan made a stealthy retreat towards the hold Orion had made. Everything had gone according to plan. He slipped around to the outside of the wall and waited for everyone to catch up. He looked to Flark somewhat apologetically, "I didn't know he'd actually try it!" With that, he began heading back towards the surrounding woods with all haste.

08/18/2005 2:13 AM

Flark stopped just around the corner of the hole, drew back his halberd, and was ready to take the head from the first man to run through it.

"Hey wait," he called, turning to Lucan who was heading off towards the woods with great speed.

Quickly realising he was being left behind, and that the odds were stacked heavily against them, Flark lowered his halberd and sprinted after the rogue.

08/18/2005 10:47 AM

Lucan stopped once he penetrated the outer edges of the woods, where he waited for Flark and the girl so they could regroup. He did sincerely hope they came along, for he knew the odds were against them.

08/18/2005 1:23 PM

Flark followed Lucan into the outer edges of the woods and dived for cover behind a tree. Breathing heavily, he quickly began reloading another bolt into his crossbow.

"That didn't exactly go to plan!... What now?... And where the hell did that girl disappear to?" he panted.

08/18/2005 4:05 PM

"Bring the body inside," the drow told a few bandits after the commotion had died down. The men immediately obeyed, hoisting Orion's body between the three of them and dumping it into a nearby building.

08/19/2005 2:07 PM

"Well, if the damned oaf hadn't blown a damned hole in the wall, we wouldn't be here!" Lucan lamented. "I thought she was with you?" Lucan's mind began to race. He could handle a large foolish man's death, but a beautiful young woman's death was not something the hopeless romantic was ready to cope with. "I say we wait till nightfall and then make haste back to the inn."

08/19/2005 4:58 PM

"I say we wait till nightfall and then make haste back to the inn."

Flark finished reloading his crossbow, he tucked it back under his dark cloak, then stood up. Gripping his halberd firmly, he shook his head.

"I'm guessing you didn't notice then, but I swear there was a drow amongst them! There's no way I'm waiting around here 'till nightfall.
I was actually only keeping company with Orion temporarily, as I have an important prior arangement to meet someone in Waterdeep.
If you've nothing better to do, why don't you accompany me there? I'm sure a man like yourself would find it hard to resist a trip to the City of Splendors, am I right?
As for the girl...Well let's just hope she got away. She seemed capable enough of looking after herself."

Flark started walking.

"Are you coming?" he called back.

08/20/2005 7:29 PM

"Are you coming?" he called back.

As Flark lookedback to call that, Lucan was moving quickly past him. He'd dealt with Drow before, and would *never* want to again. The girl would have to look after herself. As for Waterdeep, Lucan had mixed feelings about that. He did love the city, but he had a troubled past with the Lords of Waterdeep...

08/21/2005 11:03 PM

If you've nothing better to do, why don't you accompany me there? I'm sure a man like yourself would find it hard to resist a trip to the City of Splendors, am I right?
As for the girl...Well let's just hope she got away

"I think not, friends," said Elevar as he jumped off a tree-branch. "There is something most unnatural and evil developing into that town, and if someone went through the trouble of setting a trap for you then you underestimate the price of your heads," he referred to the boy who had claimed that Grayrock had been burnt down. "My Lady is most intersted in what is going on in that place, and I will not rest until that girl is safe and make sure that man is truly dead. Either of you with us?" he inquired as a giant wolf appeared into view as silently as a shadow behind him.

08/22/2005 4:11 AM

Flark stopped and eyed the druid curiously.

"Hmm...You make a good point, and I usually don't like to rush off and leave unfinished business. Still, I feel that I'm placing my life in great jeopardy by remaining here. Firstly, it seems that they are more that simple bandits that dwell here. Secondly, I truly do need to get to Waterdeep. While in Miribar I was delivered a note by two shifty looking characters telling me to meet someone there. I have no idea what it's about, and I'm certainly not looking forward to the meeting, but I fear there could be certain repercussions I don't. These people easily tracked me down once, so I'm sure they can do so again, and I fear a second meeting might not be so pleasant... Sorry I cannot help you. I really must get to Waterdeep, and it's probably best if I go alone. Farewell friends, [i]May Luck be a Lady.[/i]"

Almost reluctantly, Flark turned and slowly trudged away.

08/22/2005 1:41 PM

Elevar nodded, understanding the man's situation. Then he turned to Lucan and asked him, "How about you? Can I count on your arm to fight off these bandits? I sent Daegil to ask for help from some rangers I know of that dwell close by," he added pointing at the already darkening sky in an attempt to convince the man, "and we also have the help of my friends here." The wolves' eyes could be seen among the trees.

(OOC: We could put Crazed with the rangers.)

08/22/2005 5:17 PM

(OOC: Heheh, you thought you could get rid of me? Well acctually I thought you had but Exile sent me an RPGC Email explaining some intentions of his. I vaguely remember forewarding them to Flark so I hope we can avoid any unnesscesary finger pointing until Exile's less occupied. Oh right, Exile would have done this himself but he's occupied by something today.)

The bandits unceremoniously dumped Orion's body on a table in the closest house. There was a moment of akward silence from the thieves, as they greedily eyed Orion's possesions, before three Drow stepeed abruptly from the shadows. The drow that had ordered Orion's body inside growled to the bandits.

"Leave us."

With a scurry of feet the bandits left quickly, having been startled to find themselves in the prescence of multiple clerics. The drow gestured at Orion's corpse.

"Bring him back, in one piece. Bolts out and everything."

There was a minute of silence and the drow left the other three of his kind to their job. One gestured quietly into the corner and a satcel seemed to zoom to his hand. The clerics moved fast, extracting the bolts and seamlessly healing the wounds, leaving no scars. That done two stood by Orion's hands and one by his head. They linked their hands in a triangle and began chanting slowly under their breath and in perfect syncronization. Suddenly there was a loud howling gust of wind from behind each drow, sweeping into the building through the open windows and then swirling around the trio in a weak cyclone, raising their long hair. The intensity suddenly increased and the three were lifted off of the ground, along with the corpse, although they did not revolve. The drow by Orion's head stopped chanting and and spoke.

"Return to our midst Creature of Flame and Evil."

He continued to chant this while the other two repeated their own muttering repetition. Orion's body began to twitch, minutely at first, then more prominently. A starnge blue glow suddenly radiated from under his eyelids and his eyes opened, glowing brighter then they had ever in existance. The clerics all suddenly changed their chant, and the cyclone constricted around Orion, trapping him and slowly spinning him in the air. The four slowly lowered to the ground, their hands breaking apart as they settled. Orion's eyes seemed to glaze over then he refocused, snarling and spitting angrily.

"Let me go you foul little pimples, or I'll turn you into smoking piles of ash."

The cleric who had stood at Orion's head laughed quietly, he seemed to be the strongest and most powerful of the three.

"You would kill those who resurrected you? Tut tut, you do not remember your purpose?"

He waved and a livid scar appeared on Orion's fore-head. Orion's eyes narrowed as he felt his skin seem to burn. The drow pointed at Orion's face and Orion felt the worst pain he had ever experience suddenly shoot through his body, burning every nerve ending. Just as suddenly as it had started, the agony stopped. The scream had just errupted from Orion's lips as the pain subsided.

"Believe me human, I can do far worse to you. Now if you were to run a small errand for us, I might be able to remove that scar and thereby remove any connection to you. I think once you hear what my superiors want, you'll find we acctaully don't want anything too terrible."

Orion glared at the elf for a few seconds before spitting a hostile "Ok I'll listen."

"Excellent, you see, there is a forest not far from here, one you passed through to reach us. We want it destroyed, however the inhabitant who gives it it's magical properties has cast a spell over the great trees that prevent them from being harmed as long as her followers remain alive. We have been chasing down these people for years and have so far succeeded in terminating all but one, whos whereabouts we can't determine. Find him, Kill him. And I'll release you from my hold."

Orion's eyes widened briefly but he managed to cover the fact that he knew where the Druid was hiding. He thought for a second.

"I'll want some bandit re-inforcement. He'll have other inhabitants of the forest with him, and others of my kind."

"The bandits? Very well Orion, we will have a few groups waiting outside the town for you. Your equipment is all still in your person. I will know if you attempt to run, and I can cause you pain from anywhere in the world. Go, dispatch him and return to us."

Orion dropped to the table, smashing it as he landed. With a contemptuous flick, he brushed his shoulders off and left the house, vaulting the exterior wall and finding about twenty bandits waiting with loaded cross bows.

"Let's go."

Orion turned and looked at the tracks his compainions had left, following them at a run with the bandits behind him.

(OOC: Sorry to focus on your charachter Bard, but I honestly couldn't think of any other reason to get near the group.)

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08/23/2005 9:45 PM

Sylvanus stood up, a look of confusion and then fear spreading across her face. She had abondoned the party right before the meeting with the bandits, in an attempt to find more people. When she heard all the bolts fired, she ran back, and hid. She had watched what had happened and followed Orion's body, unable to believe he was actually dead. She had gotten to a comfortable position on the roof and listened to everything that had happened.

She jumped off the roof, right as Orion crashed into the table, so as to conceal her sounds. She ran out of the town and back to where her friends were staying until night.

When she got within the range of sight, she began to flail her arms wildly. She ran up to them as fast as she could, breathing heavily when she got there.

"You have to get out of here! It's not safe! No time to explain, just run, and keep away from Orion!"

08/23/2005 10:17 PM

Elevar was still waiting for Lucan's response when he noticed a woman approaching them at great speed. "Sylvanus...?"

"You have to get out of here! It's not safe! No time to explain, just run, and keep away from Orion!"

Elevar held his confusion and jumped on the back of the giant wolf and held out his hand for Lucan and Sylvanus to climb on, even though he doubted either of them would actually travel on the dire beast. "If we're all in danger it will be best for you to trust me."

08/24/2005 9:26 AM

Orion's head snapped up from the foot prints he had been following. His nostrils flared and he stretched his neck forewards to catch a scent on the wind. Without warning he jumped off the ground and stayed there, floating. With a deep thrumming noise he brought his legs to his chest and suddenly slammed them straight, propelling him forewards. He flew away from the bandits, leaving them behind. They were moving faster now, apparently on some sort of mount. He shot closer to the ground, his eyes squinting against the wind. They were ahead of him, albeit quite far away. With a snarl he flew lower to the ground so as to not be seen until the last possible moment.

08/24/2005 8:25 PM

Sylvanus jumped up on the beast without any help from its master.

"If you fear for your life, get on the wolf and get your ranged weapons out, if you have any. Let's GO!"

She raised her hand and shifted the wind to blow to the side, so as to throw of their scent. She didn't know if Orion could follow it, but maybe he had some sort of creature with him that could.

08/25/2005 10:56 AM

With a loud bang, a crater appeared right beside Lucan's foot. It was too late, Orion had already found them. He could see the wolf supporting two people and the other person standing off to the side. He drew his sword and rose higher off the ground, advancing speedily, now cocooned in fire. His hair was beginning to lighten and the pommel of his sword was starting to flash.

"You think you can run from me?"

With a loud bang, he shot forewards at the druid, his sword held to skewer.

08/25/2005 1:28 PM

Orion moved too fast. Sylvanus was standing right behind Elevar, so trying to dodge the sword would simply kill her. He reached for his scimitar knowing that he wouldn't pull it half out of its sheath before he was impaled, only to find that it wasn't there. The scimitar had moved in it's own accord and had parried Orion's attack. Elevar didnt hesitate for a second; he grabbed the hilt of his blade and jumped off the wolf on to a nearby branch while muttering a quick Thank you, to Mielikki.

If you wish to do battle, let us fight somewhere else, where no one else will be harmed! he exclaimed while jumping to different branches to avoid Orions fire. He searched his mind for spells, and quickly cast Protection from Elements on himself, realizing what a selfish act it was and hoping the others would be able to protect themselves.

He jumped off the tree holding his scimitar with both hands and heard her then, whispering in his mind. She told him of Orions motivation, of the importance of the Bloodline, and of what he had to do. Why do we not fight were your captors can see us then? Elevar gave Orion a smile, and jumped on the Great Wolfs back, commanding him telepathically to take them to Grayrock.

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08/25/2005 10:27 PM

Orion struck like a snake, shooting in at the druid again and swinging his sword with a great whistling noise. Meanwhile, fireballs were shooting out from Orion in random directions and smashing into anything and everything, causing small fires that would rapidly grow larger and larger.

"HAH, fine then, die the noble death."

Orion flew after the wolf, hurling more fire at the beast rather then the druid, hoping to kill or wound it.

08/26/2005 1:46 PM

(sorry for my absence, folks. )

IC: Lucan ran fast, without ever looking back. He'd no idea of how he'd let himself get mixed up in this. Fires broke out behind him, and then fate landed one in front of him, cutting his escape short. Lucan began frantically looking for another means of escape, but nothing was presenting itself. Lucan let a resigned sigh and drew his rapier, not knowing what else to do, and turned to what he hoped wouldn't be his certain doom...

08/26/2005 11:07 PM

Orion ignored Lucan, passing him in a hot gust of air and screaming at the druid.

"Stay still damnit!"

He had given up on throwing fire and was reserving his anger for bigger and better things, such as his rages. With a particularily angry swipe, he nearly decapitated Erevar but merely left a gash in an innocent tree. With a very loud shout of rage, he landed on the wolf's back.

"Hello tree hugger."

08/27/2005 12:27 AM

(Em, I hope this works properly...if it doesn't just ingnore it and go on. If it'd possible for anyone to help dragg me in it'd be greatly appreiciated.)

Hansel walked through the snow towards his destination of Greyrock with no respect whatsoever for the possibilty he would run into one of those pesky bandits he had heard so much of. He cared not for this possibility simply because it didn't concern his objective. To Hansel the thought of bandits raiding Greyrock meant one thing, abandoned storehouses that most likly contained the powders and resources he used so often. Walking with haste toword a deserted wall he unbuttoned a pouch located on his left thigh and rumaged around a bit to reveal a chisel and a hammer. The chisel was placed neatly on a cracked bit of morter that was easily opened further when the hammer was administered to the chisel. The tools where replaced in the pouch that was again neatly sealed. The next pouch to be opened was directly to the right of it on the opposite leg. Once again a pouch was opened but this time Hansel pulled out a skin bag and a funnel. The black powder consealed in the skin was poured through the funnel and into the hole Hansel had just made. The tools once again where put away and replaced by a new set of tools that this time came from a small square pouch in the center of Hansels belt where the buckle should have been. A small string was pushed into the powder and lit with a strange steel item that emitted fire. Hansel took a few backwards paces then suddenly burst into a sprint away from the wall. An extremly loud *bang* was followed by a cloud of thick black smoke which Hansel strode through into Greyrock where he hoped he was noticed and admired for his entry.

(Excuse my spelling. Again if that doesn't work for you just ignore it. Thank you.)

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08/27/2005 11:03 AM

The foundation of Greyrock shuddered as a colossal boom erupted from the western wall. The people inside the building scurried around, searching for weapons while others merely stared at the large cloud in a daze.

"Get moving!" A figure called out, stepping into the sun from the building he had been occupying. The bandits scuttled away like fleas as they ran blindly towards the collapsed wall.


Big Earl was the first to get to the explosion. Smoke filled his vision and watered his eyes. Ahead of him, he could make out a small figure, or at least a figure he considered small (which happened to be most people).

"Hey, did you do that?" He asked perplexed, scratching his head as he waited for the answer.

08/27/2005 1:12 PM

(OOC: I guess i've been using him as a bit of an asshole :/ so I should probably change from chaotic good to more of a neutral, sorry 'bout that.)

Hansel looked up at the brute right in the eyes and said, "Damn straight I did, boy. Now, leave me be worthless scoundril".

The cocky Alchemist walked passed him brushing the dark soot off of his shoulder towards the man. He smirked and walked off towards the center of Greyrock when he turned to see a much larger group than he had expected. Hansel tried to say somthing but without contemplating it first all he did was choke and his own syliva and stare.

08/27/2005 2:10 PM

Sylvanus ran after the beast that Elevar was riding. She conjured up some wind to blow away any fire in her way. She pulled out her bow and began to fire arrows slowly, taking her time to take careful aim. She certainly didn't want to hit Elevar or the dire wolf. She whistled loudly, hoping to get Orion's attention. She didn't want to kill him, just injure him enough that he wouldn't be a threat. She knocked one more arrow and shot it, focusing all of the wind to guide the arrow straight into his back, or the left side of his chest, if he actually turned around.

08/27/2005 9:01 PM

Elevar could hear the fire wooshing and heating the air behind him, he could only imagine the fires starting in the forest despite his efforts to avoid just that. Something in his blood began to burn, he began to feel lightheaded, and he could swear he felt the pain of the trees as flames stung them. With sheer will power, he managed to keep conscious, determined to reach the wall of Grayrock. He barely realized Orion was sharing his mount...

The Great Wolf run as fast as he could, he knew the forest perfectly, having spent the passing of too many years living as a part of it. He ignored the fires that were eating at the trees behind them. As they approached Greyrock, he recognized a strange smell, like something he had never sensed before. He quickly forgot the scent, realizing he had another passanger. The Wolf ignored the extra weight and pushed his way past the last trees, knowing the city lay just behind.

"Hello tree hugger."

They reached the wall just then, which had been somehow burnt. The Great Wolf threw itself on its side dropping both its passangers a few paces from the destroyed wall on the cold ground. Elevar managed to get on his knees after a few seconds of stumbling, being still in his trance-like state.

08/28/2005 12:59 AM

Orion saw an arrow whiz by his head and ignored it, focusing on Elevar. Suddenly he was thrown from the giant wolf and he landed neatly on his knees, pushing back up and drawing his sword. With a grin he turned to the druid.

"Ready to die? It wont hurt for long my friend."

With a well practiced motion, Orion shot forewards and swung hard for the 'wolf's head, aiming to remove it from the fight early. The druid would be a decent foe by himself, but this oversized furball would give him an advantage Orion didn't like.

08/28/2005 1:58 AM

Hansel, heard and saw crossbows and immediatly ran towards his smoldering porthole. The scronny alchemist hopped over the ashes and chunks of steaming stone took a short sprint that ended quickly when he triped and rolled over a the prone Elavars shoulder. His body droped on it's back with Hansel staring upwards and a little to the left in the perfect position to catch the warm blood of a Wolf.

08/28/2005 2:37 AM

Elevar's breathing came slow and laboured. He simply tried to focus on staying awake, but even in that he failed.

"Ready to die? It wont hurt for long my friend."

The words came as if they were an echo from a distant place, and Elevar barely noticed the man tripping over his limp body. He could hear strange whispers: the whispers of the forest, the whispers of his ancestors. All he knew was that suddenly, he felt excrutiating pain around his necl, as if barbed wire had been tightened around his throat. He felt the warm blood hit his face squarely. He felt as if every vein in his body contained burning fuel...

Elevar stood up in a swift motion. His eyes had turned completely white and his face showed a deadly serious calm. The tattoes in his forearms shining, he walked slowly towards Orion. There was a certain aura about him that could have made an orc barbarian shiver in his boots. The forest had been filled with an unnatural silence except for the strange whispers of the wind. The rising moon was now covered with clouds that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The air seemed to tingle with anticipation.

08/28/2005 11:07 AM

Orion's smile faltered as the druid rose from the ground and began advancing. He decided it was time to play to his strengths and closed his eyes, focusing on what he had been taught. The pommel of his sword began to flicker and suddenly began glowing. He thought it in his head as he called upon his beserker rages.

[i]Rage of the Unformed[/i]

His eyes opened with a snap and he shifted positions so fast his movement was almost a blur. With effort, he slowed his speech down so it could be heard.


He began swinging his sword around infront of him, causing a huge blurred flash of black, and waiting for the druid to do something offensive.

08/28/2005 12:06 PM

Hansel rolled out from under the battle.

08/28/2005 2:41 PM

Lucan readied his rapier...and was summarily passed by the great wolf. He turned as they tumbled into a heap. Then things went dark. The moon was covered by clouds as a dark aura surrounded the druid. Lucan slowly walked back over by the girl's side, away from their now frightening companion.

08/28/2005 10:40 PM

Elevar kneeled by the wolf's bloodied head. He softly stroked the thick gray fur, staining his hands with red. He rubbed his fingers together close to his face, and for a second a hint of sadness seemed to penetrate his otherwise cold expression. He stood up muttering, "One dies, one lives, such is the rule..." and other nonsense. It sounded as though his voice was repeated by many other people, but no one was in sight besides the combatants and the three spectators.

Elevar turned and moved towards Orion. He didn't seem to even notice the weapon dancing in front of him. He walked so close to it that the wind moved by the blade would brush his cloak. He stood there for a few seconds, then with the blink of an eye, unleashed a Chill Metal spell upon Orion's weapon, making it freezing cold to the touch.

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08/29/2005 6:32 PM

(OOC: Uh, chill metal? By the way, I would dearly love to avoid killing your charachter so if anyone has an idea for breaking the link between Orion and the Drow, It'd be awesome to hear it.)

Orion felt the handle of his sword had seemed to grow cloder through his metal gauntlet and calmly heated the blade back to a tolerable tempurature. With a loud swoosh he fell into a defensive position.

"Alwaysbeenthatway,alwayswillDruid. Nowwefindoutwhichoneofusdies."

There was another swooshing sound and Orion moved forewards, his sword whickering through the air.

08/29/2005 10:29 PM

(OOC: That's what I was about to attempt but I can't exactly get close to you while you're swinging that thing at me! Yeah, Chill Metal, it's gonna get to 8d4 points of cold damage if you don't let go of your sword.)

Elevar dodged the sword easily, not with agility, rather by predicting its movement exactly. He grabbed Orion's hand and held it with all his strength to stop the sword from wounding him. "Fight them. Do you not even care what their motives are?" The echoes were now more prominent, louder, and more numerous. Treebranches began to shake loudly dependant from the soft wind.

08/29/2005 10:37 PM

(Maybe someone could be the peace keeper no one likes just for a second to remind them about the stuff going on in Greyrock...maybe?)

08/29/2005 11:02 PM

(OOC: 8d4, uh this is free form not D&D eh, so 8d4 dont mean much to me. Besides Orion was throwing fire around remember? He can heat his sword up by looking at it funny.)

Orion was surprised at the Druid's speed and strength. He was for a moment face to face with Elevar and then he span away, breaking out of his grip.

"Hah, I've wanted you dead si-"

His eyes seemed to suddenly pale a bit more.

"They're in my head, I can't fight them. Run, the- This fool is still in his own head? I thought I'd flushed him out."

Orion's eyes had darkened and he swung in again, aiming to remove the Druid's legs.

08/29/2005 11:37 PM

Elevar jumped back, clear of the sword and too far for Orion to follow up with another slash. "Lady, give me the strength to heal the scars the corrupt have left within this man," he shouted along with the voices of his fathers and the many before them. The wind now roared making leaves fly uncontrollably, and making Elevar's cloak fly into the darkness.

There stood the frightening figure of Elevar, with his glowing arms, blank eyes, expressionless face, and unfolded white wings which spread to almost six feet in length. He threw himself forwards, leaping close enough to reach Orion's forehead with a strong grip, all the while muttering prayers to Mielikki. He felt the curse that had been placed upon Orion burn his hand, but he didn't let go, determined to the spell.

(OOC: Exile, your call.)

08/30/2005 10:46 AM

Orion dropped to his knees, suddenly screaming in pain. His limbs began jerking and his sword clattered to the ground. Suddenly a powerfull voice echoed from Orion.

"He is MINE!"

The voice died out and was replaced by Orions cries of agony. He would have crumpled to the ground svae for the fact that he was being held up by the hand on his forehead, which seemed to have glued itself to Orion. His eyes flashed open and for a moment a shadow of red could be seen. His hand rose, a fireball growing, then his eyes returned to their faded blue color and the fireball dissapated. Orion suddenly dropped to the ground unconcious.

08/30/2005 1:24 PM

"They have broken the enchantment." A robed figure stood from his crouched position on the floor, body shaking uncontrollably as he struggled to stay up. He could no longer fight his weakness and crumpled to the floor, groaning before he passed out.

"No matter. It appears these fools are more than would meet the eye," the figure by the candle replied to his unconscious companion. The candlelight reflected off of his red eyes, illuminating the eerily glowing orbs. The drow cupped his hands on his chin and leaned forward in his seat, staring blankly at the ancient tomb before him.

"Soon, my friend, very soon."

08/30/2005 1:33 PM

"Said not to mess with them," a large man was reiterating to his companion as they watched the fight below from Greyrock's large exterior wall. The smaller man fidgeted with impatience as the fight slowly unfolded before his eyes, no side seeming to take any advantage.

"I can't just stay up here while they are right there! We should kill them all!" He began to plead as he loaded his crossbow.

"No," the larger man replied calmly, barely shifting his eyes from the scene of battle.

"Ah that's it, I'm going," the smaller man replied, turning on his heel and storming off. But it appeared he would not make it in time as his larger companion slung the great axe that was strapped on his back into his giant hands, bringing the flat side down upon his companion's head.

"You'll think me for this one day," the bandit said to his now unconscious companion as he slowly dragged the body into a nearby watchtower.

08/30/2005 3:38 PM

Elevar's eyes returned to their normal color, the marks on his arms stopped radiate and the trees stopped moving, all instantly. Elevar feel to his knees, breathing in deeply like a man who had just been held under water for a long time. He spat out blood in between sharp laboured breaths and finally fainted.


Daegil flew high up, her black feathers blending with the dark sky of the night. She scanned the forest carefully, looking for the rangers. Her master had showed her a mental image of the dwarf and the human. She saw slight movement below and decided to investigate further.

08/30/2005 5:41 PM

"What's this?" Myrol had stopped his horse for a quick drink at a forest stream when he noticed the strange bird, a crow, sitting on his saddle. The curious dwarf moved closer to inverstigate, standing on his tip toes, staring the bird eye to eye.

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09/01/2005 1:06 PM

Lucan relaxed, but kept his sword out. "So then, everyone ready to play nice?" He asked tentatively.

09/03/2005 6:49 PM

(OOC: Come on guys, keep it going. I'm unconcious here!)

"What's this?"

Daegil quickly recognized the dwarf and paused only long enough to make eye contact with him before cawing loudly, spreading her wings and flying off in the direction she felt her master was. She kept a low elevation, a slow speed and hoped the dwarf would follow.

09/07/2005 2:20 PM

(OOC: I'm doing this at work, so this is just a quick message. My computer SOMEHOW lost its ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM! I got another one from my friend, so I should be able to respond by tomorrow. I will let you know if anything goes wrong. I'll delete this when I post my next message. Thanks :D)

09/07/2005 5:00 PM

Myrol watched the bird fly off, thinking to himself what a curious look it had given him. The dwarf started to walk back towards the rest of the group, but stopped midway in his tracks, his face lighting up as if he had just discovered the cure to the shaking sickness.

The small ranger quickly jumped on his horse and searched the canopy for the bird. After peering closer, he saw the bird swoop back towards him and fly away, they were off, Dwarf on horse following closely behind the bird that seemed all too familiar.

09/09/2005 9:13 PM

"What happened here!? Are these people dangerous? Are they criminals? Who is the protagonist!?"

Hansel stared in to the oblivion it all to stunned and confused to move. Already startled by the massive group of bandits he had litterally tripped into a war. Hansel, who wasn't used to such exitment felt threatened by the brutality began to rumage through his pack for his invention, "The Flashbang". Immediatly after the grey pellet emerged it was struck against a worn out file located on the Alchemists belt. Hansels hand was swollowed in bright white light which Hansel's eyes avoided. Almost blinded by the light he aimlessly threw the glowing ball in a random direction that just so happened to by Lucans leg. Lucans leg ignited at the initial touch of the Flashbang.

(OOC: Sorry 'bout that, Damien. Well, I hope that got the situation going again.)

09/11/2005 1:05 PM

Lucan immediately dropped to the ground and bathed his burning leg in the snow. "Gods!" he yelled, "could you try and be more careful about where you discard those contraptions?" He peeled back the burnt leather of his trousers and took a look at the damage. Nothing too bad, although he'd probably be limping his way to Waterdeep. He stood, favoring his left leg, and saw the burnt hole in his Red tunic. "Do you have any idea how much that cost me?" He asked Hansel. In truth he'd only payed 30 gold for it. Pocket change for a thief of his calibur, but it was the principle that mattered. How ever would he impress Sylvanus with a burnt tunic?

09/17/2005 2:00 PM

Elevar woke up with bad taste in his mouth, an idomitable hunger and a burning thirst. Because of the yellowish clouds in the horizon he guessed that it was dawn. He had only been asleep for a few hours. His muscles ached, his head hurt, and a peculiar smell hung about; he felt different.

Elevar tried to get up but found that his hands had been bound. He opened his weary eyes and quickly realized that he was sitting back to back to Orion, whose hands were tied with the same rope. He also realized that their clothes were soaked. A few feet away there was a smoking pile of ash and not too far there lay Lucan, Sylvanus and a strange man he failed to recognize. The Wall of Grayrock was nowhere in sight.

The birds had started chirping, and only by their chants did Elevar come to understand that he had actually been asleep for more than a full day. He tried to loosen the ropes but to no avail. He could always wake up Orion and have him burn the ropes but there was the chance that he would be intentionally burned along with the ropes. He recognized the smell; it was oil. So that if Orion tried to use his powers he would be burnt along with everything else. He couldn't understand why he had been tied up, but refrained from yelling out of fear of waking up Orion. Then, he heard familiar cawing...

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09/18/2005 2:32 PM

Flark's reunion with the dwarf Myrol had quite literally knocked him off his feet. In the fading light, racing on horseback with his eyes somewhere other than the track in front, Myrol didn't see the darkly cloak mercenary until it was too late.

Daegil had squaked and flapped around impatiently as the dwarf had to postpone the persuit until Flark awoke from unconsciousness.

Once the nasty bump on his head had been taken care of, it wasn't too long before Flark was back on his feet and the two were catching up like old friends again. Finally they gave in to Daegils cries and mounted the horse to continued following the bird.

As the sun slowly began to rise again on the horizon, Daegil suddenly became excited and sped off ahead. Myrol and Flark cautiously emerged into a small clearing of trees and gasped at the sight they saw before them...

09/19/2005 11:24 PM

It took a few moments for Elevar to recognize Flark travelling with Myrol. He guessed that he might have been asleep for two full days, since Flark was already back from his journey. Everyone else was still in deep sleep.

"Psst, friend. Thank god you arrived. I just woke up, and found myself tied up and soaked in gasoline. Please, Flark, untie me before these fools wake up and the gods know what they will do to me," Elevar whispered carefully, more to buy Daegil, who was circling the sky, time to cut his ropes than to convince Flark.

Daegil landed on his shoulder and cawed loudly to show her master that she had performed her task admirably, cawed loud enough to wake up an entire cemetary of zombies.

09/20/2005 12:03 AM

Hansel, proped up against a tree twinged at the sound of an annoying screech that echoed through his ear and speared his ear drum. Tired and not wanting to wake fully he opened a narrow left eye that cuaght in it's tired dizzyness Elevar struggling in his ropes. Hansel, trying to look his best, pushed up off the tree standing up with a not so gracefull stumble and walked slowly, his shoulders out and swaying side to side as he walked. With one hand he reached for his lighter, the other brushing through his hair moving it away from his eyes, he thought it made him look like a young rogue. Still half asleep he didn't quite notice the dwarf standing beside Elevar, at the mere sight of the foreign warrior he jumped back and shreiked. Realizing he had just made a fool of himself with his girlish screem, without thinking he openly threatened the dwarf.
"I'll...", he caught site of the glitter of on a driplet of gasoline, "Burn this here Druid, I will. If you don't...um...tell me...what...I want-no. Tell me your name and state your business".

09/20/2005 3:39 PM

Sylvanus awoke, slightly groggy. She was as dazed as anyone, and it took her a few minutes to realize she wasn't dead. She looked around and, with a few unsuccessful tries, finally stood up. She looked at the group of people who were awake, then those who were still unconcious. She took a minute, as if guessing what the situation might be, and then, as if giving up, decided to ask a simple question.

"Where did you two come from?" She asked Flark and Myrol.

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09/20/2005 9:01 PM

(OOC: Orion and the Druid were tied up so that Orion wouldn't try anything funny with fire, since he was covered in gasoline. We are all asleep then came the Dwarf and another person.)

09/21/2005 8:30 AM

As he and the dwarf entered the clearing, Flark was extremely surprised to see Orion and the Druid Elevar, tied together back to back. He noticed their clothes and skin seemed to be coated in a thick oily residue. Nearby, a few people lay scattered around sleeping.

"Psst, friend. Thank god you arrived. I just woke up, and found myself tied up and soaked in oil. Please, Flark, untie me before these fools wake up and the gods know what they will do to me,"

Flark drew his short sword and cautiously approached Elevar and Orion. At first glance he had thought that Orion was dead, but closer examination revealed him to be in an extremely deep slumber, his soft, shallow breaths were almost imperceptible.

Flark knelt down to begin cutting the ropes when suddenly Daegil swooped down onto the Druid's shoulder and cawed loudly. The bird must have alerted someone as an unfamilair voice blurted;

"I'll...Burn this here Druid, I will. If you don't...um...tell me...what...I want-no. Tell me your name and state your business"

Prepared for a fight, Flark jump up and pointed his sword towards the stranger. Before he could engage, the familair sight of the elf, Sylvanus suddenly emerged from her slumber. Flark glanced around. There too sleeping was Lucan. Flark frowned in confusion.

"Where did you two come from?"

Asked Sylvanus.

"Daegil lead us here. What's going on? Did you tie these two up? And who is he?" Flark pointed with his sword towards the unfamiliar man standing before him.

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09/21/2005 1:01 PM

"That's Orion, a master of flames. Well, at least...I think it is. After what all had happened, I am not sure if I can believe anything he said. He seemed like a great friend and ally, but once we got to the ruined city, the world seemed to turn upside-down on itself, and everything I thought I knew about him became a mystery."

By now, she was talking more to herself than anyone else. She realized what was going on, and she snapped back into reality.

"Sorry, you don't really care about that anyways. In any case, his name is Orion, and we didn't tie him up, but I think we should let him go as he is for now, until we can find out his real identity."

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10/02/2005 8:10 AM

Lucan sat propped against a tree when Flark had come back to them. He remained sitting, lighting a bowl of pipe tobacco and dragging deeply upon it. "about bloody time you showed up, mate." He said. "Gods, if I'd have known this was going to happen, I would've risked my hide with bandits on my tail!" He laughed, exhaling smoke as he did. He was sure nobody knew what he was really getting at, but it didn't really matter. He slipped his dagger out of its sheath and spun it idly in his hand, turning to Sylvanus, "So, which do we interrogate first, love?"

10/02/2005 12:19 PM

Elevar burst, "Now stop right there! I remember nothing of what happened except hitting the cold hard ground after falling off The Great wolf's back as Orion followed all of us shooting fire at the forest. That seems pretty explanatory as to which one of us should be tied! However did you managed to subdue him? Or better yet, why am I also tied up?!" His hands moved frantically...

10/02/2005 12:37 PM

Flark glanced down at Elevar with some sympathy, although he hadn't had any chance to form any real type of friendship with the druid, he had always liked the fellow. He returned his attention back to the others.

"Interrogate? What are you talking about Lucan? I really think we all need to calm down here. Tell me what happend to Orion first, is he in some kind of coma? I thought he had been killed in Greyrock?"

10/02/2005 2:01 PM

Lucan kept his dagger at hand. Tension was high, and he knew it. This was a situation that he was more used to; one he could work better in. He looked to the hulk of a being that was Orion. "That's what we thought, too. However, he came back here and tried bloody killing us all. If you ask me, that's reason enough. And as for you, Elevar, I don't know you, and you seem to know what's happening around here. So hows about some answers, mate?"

10/02/2005 2:12 PM

"Well I think we're safe enough from Orion for the moment, but you do have a point there, Lucan...Elevar, why don't you tell us everything you know, then we can see about getting these ropes off you."

10/02/2005 2:45 PM

Elevar freed his hands and stood up all the while talking in a mix of unconcern and sarcasm, "No need to worry, friend. Oh it's all coming back to me now! Yes, Orion was right about to kill me when The Bloodline awoke, must have been all those fires he started. Don't look so confused now. I guess I should further explain...

"Long ago, for reasons forgotten, this small forest was endangered. Even worse there was no one who cared. Except for a powerful druid who had happened to isolate himself here with his only child. Rumor has it that the child was a half-celestail, one with the blood of a holy being. In short, the druid sacrificed his life in a grand spell to bind those who had his blood to protect the doomed forest. We can assume he succeeded."

"I, Elevar Moonshadow, am a part of that Bloodline and when Orion tried to set afire to this place he triggered the effects of the spell. I believe I have broken the one that bound him to the bandits but we can never be sure, can we?" he finished kicking Orion lightly in hopes of awakening him. "I better get out of these damned clothes," he remembered fearfully, "And who in the Nine Hells is this bloke?" Elevar pointed towards the odd alchemist.

10/02/2005 2:59 PM

Flark took a step back as Elevar suddenly stood up, free of his ropes. He listened to the druid's story with growing concern showing on his grim face. Once the druid had finished his explanation, Flark looked no more enlightened.

"And who in the Nine Hells is this bloke?"

Flark had almost forgotten about the new stranger who had remained silent throughout. He turned back to face him, not knowing what to expect next.

10/02/2005 3:31 PM

Hansel stared blankly at the ground near the Druids feet, really thinking of nothing at all, with his right index finger in his mouth. Hansel, eyes wide, began to look up when he noticed all was quiet. All eyes were on him. Hansel breifly choked, straightened himself and combed is finger through his hair.

"Hansel, Hansel Griffonclaw.", he cleared his throught and noticed they wanted more, " What? I am simply and Alchmist. What else do you want? Stop staring or I'll burn your eyes!"

Hansel realized threatening the group wasn't the best of ideas. His knees buckled and the back of his head struck the dirt with a cloud of dust. The fool stood up, brushing the back of his head and once again moving his hair away from his forehead. He then motioned towards his pocket and when the others jumped a little he fealt extremly pleased and somehow respected.

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10/02/2005 4:02 PM

The grim look on Flark's face turn to one of surprised disbelief as he listened to the strange alchemist. Whilst the clumsy twitching man looked foolish, Flark had no doubt there was an element of danger about this Hansel.

"Well...I don't know about anyone else, but the more answers I hear, the more question I have to ask," Flark sniffed slightly amused.

"I have figured out one thing though... We all have our own agendas, but the one thing we do have in common is a mutual dislike towards those bandits who have taken Greylock. How about we put aside our bickering and join forces to smash those vultures from their comfortable little holes. Surely we can all profit from such an alliance, and I think working together we should be more than capable. What say ye all?"

10/02/2005 6:24 PM

Lucan spat, scoffed at the Alchemist, and dumped the smoldering ashes out of his pipe, stamping them out immediately with his boot's heel. He was growing more and more incredulous with every passing minute around these people. To be honest, Lucan wasn't sure if what he wanted right now was to fight more bandits. He wasn't even sure these were the same bandits. Why make new enemies with so many current ones. However, something had sparked his interest about this Orion character. Even though he was clearly more danger than he was worth, Lucan felt compelled to see this story out to the end. "I'm not sure about profit, Flark, but I'll stay along for amusement." Lucan couldn't believe he was saying it, but here he'd just agreed to what would most likely be his doom.

10/02/2005 9:26 PM

"Damn those bandits. The bastards stand between me and what ever chemicals and powders I can get my hands on. I don't promise to fight but, I will follow along if I may." Hansel agreed surprisingly smoothy.

Feeling strong like never before, being in the likes of such adventurers, the fellow crossed his arms and looked onto the others for approval.

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10/02/2005 9:37 PM

"I have figured out one thing though... We all have our own agendas, but the one thing we do have in common is a mutual dislike towards those bandits who have taken Greylock. How about we put aside our bickering and join forces to smash those vultures from their comfortable little holes. Surely we can all profit from such an alliance, and I think working together we should be more than capable. What say ye all?"

"Spoken like a paladin. Are you sure you're not one?" joked Elevar who was now leaning against a tree. "I am interested in getting rid of these annoying bandits, but until now all we know is that drow might rank among them and that they are... well, bandits. I've never been very talented at scrying, and as far as I know none of you have magical talents; we're going to need a spy."

"I would certainly love to stay and prepare our good friend, Orion some breakfast but I really must get cleaned up. I know this forest like the back of my hand: I should be back before this one awakes," Elevar pointed to Orion before disappearing behind the vegetation.

10/03/2005 8:41 AM

Watching the druid disappear into the woodland, Flark had been slightly amused by the paladin's comment and had to admit that Elevar did have a point. Yes it was true he was far too compassionate for a mercenary.

Turning back to the others, Flark spoke.

"Well now what? Somehow I don't think that Orion is simply going to wake on his own. Something seems to be keeping him in that deep slumber. Perhaps the after effects of that mind control spell?"

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10/05/2005 10:58 PM

Elevar stood chest-deep in the small river that run through the forest, his hands raised and his eyes closed. As he muttered his normal prayers to Mielikki, he felt as part of the forest. He could feel every animal, plant and living being in the woods. He also felt a disruption caused by the intruders, like a cancer growing deep within the heart of the forest.

Elevar came out more determined to end the threat of the bandits and better-smelling than before. He arrived back at the forest clearing and things seemed to have advanced as little as when he had left.

"What are we doing, then?" Elevar asked Flark since he had seemed to be taking more leadership than any of the others.

10/06/2005 9:16 AM

"What are we doing, then?" Elevar asked Flark since he had seemed to be taking more leadership than any of the others.

Flark paused for a moment, he didn't like the idea that the group seemed to be looking to him as some kind of leader. Almost reluctantly at first, but growing with confidence all the while, he began to explain the basics of his plan.

"Hansel, can you mix us a cocktail of something explosive enough to rip a sizeable hole in Greyrock's south wall? Hopefully that will attract the attentions of the majority of the bandits, leaving open the north wall which Orion melted for us to launch our first attack.

The attack on the north wall will consist of myself, Elevar, Lucan and Sylvanus... And Elevar, would it be possible for you to summon those wolves again to aid us? If so that would be most helpful.

Once the bandits realise that the explosion on the south wall was a decoy, and that the attack is to the north, they'll soon send the majority of their forces back again, leaving the south wall with minimal protection...

Myrol, you must ride quickly now to form up with Samuel and your ranger friends, and attack the south wall as soon as you can. Hopefully their numbers should be vastly reduced by the time you arrive and our persistant alternating attacks should allow us to keep hitting them off guard and with their backs to us.

Go now Myrol, make haste... Unless anyone has any final objections or suggestions?"

10/06/2005 1:56 PM

Lucan stood up, taking a bite of an apple as he did so. It seemed ironic, attacking fire-weilding bandits with explosives. "I think we should do some scout work before we consider attacking. Do we even know how many bandits there are? We know there's quite a few more of them than us, and we know they have a degree of tact. Some how I doubt they'll just leave the north entrance open for us to waltz into. I'm not sure you all quite grasp the seriousness of this all. We attack them and lose, we die... we all die. We attack them and win, and what do we gain? You'd better know what you're here for, or you won't stand a chace."

With his little speech out of the way, Lucan finished his apple and sat back down.

10/06/2005 4:49 PM

Elevar nodded as Flark and Lucan spoke their thoughts. "I agree with Lucan," he said keeping a wary eye on Orion, "we know nothing of these bandits. Flark your plan sounds quite solid, but I believe we should find out more about our enemy first, like I said before. As for the reasons to attack these men, I know I'll die to save this place anyday. And I'm sure a fellow like you," Elevar gave Lucan a smirk, "could appreciate the large amount of loot they must hold."

"And we still have our little friend to take care of," Elevar nudged towards Orion. "I think Myrol and the other rangers should meet us here, and until then, we can see what there is to be found out about these bandits."

10/06/2005 8:16 PM

Lucan searched for a retort to what the druid had said, but after realizing the truth he knew that there was one, so he just shrugged. "Well," he said to no one in particular, "how do we go about finding out specifics on our enemy?"

10/07/2005 4:15 AM

"Well," he said to no one in particular, "how do we go about finding out specifics on our enemy?"

Flark raised an eyebrow towards Lucan. "Alright Lucan, so we send in a spy before we launch an attack. A thief possibly... Someone adept at the art of sneaking, who could blend into a group of bandits without bringing too much attention to themselves..."

Flark turned to the rest of the group, "Does anyone have any suggestions?"

He turned back to Lucan, a sly grin spreading across his face.

10/07/2005 1:16 PM

"lest we forget, they already know my face," Lucan said with a sigh. In truth he welcomed the chance to use his skills, but without a good disguise kit, he wouldn't be able to pull it off.

10/08/2005 3:57 PM

"lest we forget, they already know my face,"

Flark propped his halberd on the ground and rubbed his stubbled chin in concentration as tried to think of another way to gather some information about their enemy.

"What about Daegil? How well do you actually communicate with her, Elevar? Can't we simply send her to do our scouting?" he suggested hopefully.

10/08/2005 5:07 PM

"What about Daegil? How well do you actually communicate with her, Elevar? Can't we simply send her to do our scouting?"

"Aye," Elevar replied, "she could tell us how many in each post and such things, but I fear that if drow are a majority, their greater force will be underground. There is something I could do, however..." Elevar's face clouded in thoughts as he thought about the spell. He sighed. "There's a spell, used to awaken the minds of animals or plants to human-like sentience. It would enable Daegil to speak and understand speech," said Elevar with a sad look on his face as he offered his hand for the crow to stand on, "but it would endanger her to all the curses of the human mind: greed, hate, sorrow."

"The spell will take me one full day to cast and drain some of my vital energy, but I'm ready to do so and so is Daegil. Have any of you a better plan?"

10/09/2005 9:58 AM

"I'm not too sure about this idea," cut in Flark, "the last thing I want to do right now is weaken our already small group. We really need you in full fighting fitness, Elevar."

Flark paused for moment, trying to think of another plan. "What about fire?... Why don't we burn them out? Greyrock's nothing more than a bandit refuge now anyway. Surely the burning of a town is a small price to pay for ridding this land of their foul presence, especially since they are in league with drow!"

10/09/2005 12:33 PM

Normally, Lucan would be all for this idea. However logic held him back. "If they toy with fire, surely they have ways of stopping fire," he said. "Look, if I can get hold of a disguise kit, or someone can use an alteration spell, I can infiltrate their ranks. But I must be disguised."

10/18/2005 8:08 AM

Flark shrugged, "There's no firm evidence to suggest they have any method of controlling fire. Surely if they did, they would have had no real need to subvert Orion? Unless someone can come up with a better idea, I say it's worth a try. Hansel, are you up to the task of mixing us up a cocktail of something highly flamable?"

10/19/2005 12:11 PM

"Sounds like a good plan," said Elevar, his eyes staring out at the trees everywhere around them. If the fire spread... he'd be there to stop it. They had to do this.

"I think the primary reason for taking control of Orion was to murder me. I'm sure these men will be much more prepared than we can imagine, but as you said, it's worth a try. The explosions should also block off whatever underground tunnels the drow are using," he reasoned. Then, gazing back to Orion's limp body he wondered...

He kneeled by Orion, placing two curious fingers on his neck. "Getting weaker," he muttered.

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10/19/2005 9:40 PM

"Up to the task of making somthing flammable? Why, there is no task, Good Sir! It's been done!" A bare right hand familiarly glided through Hansel's hair and proceeded to one of his many packs, this one located on the front of his left thigh. This pack was quite large, beginning at the top of his thigh and ending at his knee and strapped to his leg in three places. Out of the top he pulled a corked bottle rapped in silk rag and waved it for Flark.
"I only carry three of these on a normal occasion. Though, if I were to gain entry to a local tavern I could construct more".

(OOC: If Black Plague doesn't post it'd be hilarious if he threw up in his mouth while still unconcious and choked to death)

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10/20/2005 8:29 AM

Out of the top he pulled a corked bottle rapped in silk rag and waved it for Flark.

Flark grinned at at his new found friend, "Excellent!... Though as for a tavern, well apart from the ones in Greyrock, I wouldn't expect there'd be another around here for miles... Bogern's Tavern would probably be the nearest..."

10/25/2005 10:46 PM

(OOC: No one argued so I'm going through with it, after all if Black Plague shows up, I can always edit. Let's try and finish this one off. Maybe we skip ahead in time...? )

Elevar stared at his two companions void of expression, his mind already taking advantage of the silence to start creating intricate plans of attack against Greyrock. Suddenly, something disturbed his mind, something he heard. Rather something he didn't hear. Elevar's eyes widened as he bent over in desperation placing his index and middle fingers on Orion's neck. Nothing. No breath, no pulse.

For a second, Elevar wondered if it had been his fault. He shook his head. It was probably so, but now he had things to do. "I'm afraid he's gone" he announced softly yet his voice echoed among the serene silence.

(OOC: It seems Flark is at Loch Ness. :P )

10/26/2005 8:05 PM

"Well then...", said Hansel feeling no greif for the stranger, "Shall we be burryin' him? After all every man deserves a burrial, even if not a proper one."

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10/27/2005 2:55 AM

(OOC: I'm back!)

As Hansel spoke, something turned Flark's attention back to the deceased Orion.

"Look!" he pointed.

Orion's body seemed to be glowing faintly. Rapidly the glowing increased as his skin became almost red. As they began to feel the emitting heat, the party backed away a few steps when suddenly the corpse burst into flames.

Shielding their faces from the intense heat, the party turned away, but as quickly as it came, the heat soon disappeared. When the party turned back to, there was no sign of Orion. Only a black scorch mark remained on the ground where he'd once lay.

10/27/2005 6:32 PM

Sylvanus watched where Orion had once sat. She walked over, standing directly on the spot, turning and looking at all of them.

"Seeing the intense heat of that flame - something we would have quite a hard time stopping without some elemental powers - gave me an idea. Why don't we put the bandits through a few 'tests' to see what kinds of abilities they have? For example, we could set a few large fires up around the bare interior of the walls, and use Daegil to see how they put them out. If they used magic or mere water, that information would be of great help. We could make up tons of tests, and send someone different out for each job so they wouldn't know who to look for. Only one person at a time though, in case, Gods forbid, they were caught, we would still have most of our party remaining."

She pulled a small feather out from her pocket. "I saved the life of a gryphon once, when he was injured after searching for food. He gave me this feather, saying that he owed me one favor as well. I believe this is the time for the favor."

She waved it in the air, and set it on the ground. She set it on fire with a small ember that sat near where Orion had combusted earlier. It glowed a brilliant green, and then was gone.

"I don't know when, or if, he'll come. If he does though, I'm sure we could use the help."

10/30/2005 5:10 PM

(OOC: If Exile's gone, who'll be playing the bandits?)

Elevar had stood up before the bright flame consumed Orion and now he looked down at the strange unnatural dying fire. He closed his eyes and ignored the strange smell that now hung in the air.

Elevar considered Sylvanus' idea carefully. "No, we don't have time to play around with the bandits. Drow are smarter than that anyways: they won't show their full strength unless completely nesesary," explained Elevar. After a moment's thought he added, "Aye, our best option will be a well-planned out attack. We have to find an advantage over these bandits; they clearly outnumber us, and the fire won't be enough."

10/31/2005 5:41 PM

Sylvanus looked rather upset that her plan had been stopped before they could even

"Hmm... You said they live underground, right? The soil may be rather impervious to the fire, but is there anyway we could try and use water? If some water source were to run through or around their caves, we could try and put an explosive by it, and let the water flood their caves? That would take out quite a few if it did work, and if not, at least it would cause a large disruption, giving us some cover to get into place for whatever our plan is..."

She knew it wasn't the most well thought out plan, but since no one else seemed to want to chime in, she might as well.

11/04/2005 9:17 AM

(OOC: If Exile's gone, who'll be playing the bandits?)

(OOC: Free for all! I say we all do!)

Flark raised his hands and shook his head in frustration.

"No, no, no..." he grumbled, "We're not getting anywhere like this. We may as well all just pack up and... Aargh!" his complaining was cut short as a black feathered arrow whistled out through the trees and struck the mercenary in the back. Flark staggered forwards a couple of paces then fell to the ground as more arrows fired at the companions from the trees around them.

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11/06/2005 1:09 PM

(OOC: Control your characters or die! Ha ha ha...)

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Just as Elevar was about to agree that they really were not getting anywhere, an arrow flew by his head, almost touching his ear. He suddenly became aware of the rain of arrows aimed at the small group. A feeling of dread fell like a heavy stone onto the bottom of his stomach; they would all die here. The druid managed to take cover behind a tree and avoid most of the arrows but one had pierced his arm cleanly and it was now bleeding considerably. Between gritted teeth he muttered a curse. Their attackers were nowhere in sight so there was nothing he could do but hide.

Suddenly, an arrow whistled from the other side of the forest clearing and a very dead bandit fell from a tree. Elevar squinted and saw the rangers of the forest all holding bows and shooting at the bandits except for Myrol who met Elevar's eye and gave him an exaggerated wink.

11/07/2005 6:49 PM

Sylvanus was about to object, all this negativity was settling her in for a good arguement, when an arrow hit Flark in the back. Nearly at the same time, another flew by her, nearly missing her head, and cutting about half an inch of the top of her ear off. She howled in pain and put her hand to it, pushing it against the side of her head, trying to stop the bleeding. She cursed the bandits as she fled to a nearby tree, hot blood trickling down her arm in a dangerously fast flow. These were arrows, though, and if she could help out with anything, it was arrows. She grabbed her pendant, let go, and put her hand in the air. Another arrow heading straight for her back was suddenly pushed to the side as a rather strong gust of wind hit it.

"Run! I don't know how long this will hold for!"

She ran through the woods towards the newly arrived allies, hoping the others got there as well. Within a minute or two of the gust starting up, it was gone. She then turned and faced the bandits. She selected the ranger that seemed to have the strongest arrows and used her power to help guide the arrows more accurately. Her ear was still bleeding profusely, however, the pain had subsided for some reason. She used both hands now, to control two arrows at once.

"Hurry up and get to safety, damnit!" She whispered to herself.

11/08/2005 9:25 AM

A strong wind blew through the forest and the sound of battle seemed to echo from every direction. Flark opened one eye, gingerly raising his head he glanced around to see what had happend. There was no sign of the others, but not more than a few feet from where he lay, a bandit stood firing his bow into the distance.

The arrow still protruded from Flark's back, though luckily his chainmail had prevented the wound from being fatal. Maybe the bandit had thought he was dead, or maybe he simply hadn't noticed him laying motionless in the long grass. Either way, he seemed too caught up in firing at some unseen target to notice Flark ready himself to strike. Gripping his halberd tightly, he stood suddenly and swang the mighty weapon towards the man's chest. The bandit let out a high pitched shriek as he futilely raised his bow to defend himself. Cutting straight through it with ease, the halberd almost cleaved the unfortunate fellow in two.

11/08/2005 3:05 PM

Flark! He was alive! Whether it was by choice of the Gods that it had been fired weakly or if he had prepared for this she didn't care. Sylvanus focused her wind around Flark, trying to push away as many of the arrows as she could. She wasn't sure if she knocked any away, though, because as soon as she fixed her winds, a red mist began to cover her vision and sting her eyes. The blood from her ear had crept down her face and was now leaking into her eyes, almost blinding her. She broke her concentration to try and wipe it away, but it was too late. She would have to either cry it out or wait for it to be wiped away by blinking. She couldn't bring herself to cry, so she took the latter choice. She began to blink furiously, trying to get the red out. She was useless right now, and that infuriated her.

11/09/2005 8:21 PM

Hansel stood, staring blankly at the ground twittling his thumbs while everything had gone too fast for his comprehension. Not thinking at all, Hansel had no intention to help the situation. All though, he may have if he were paying any attention at all. He drooled onto his hand a little when reality booted him sqaure in the face, well, reality being the steel toe of a Bandit's shoe. Hansel's eyes rolled up into their sockets, his head slightly titled back, he took a few backwards steps a few foward and then...the pompous ego that belonged to Hansel took over. An agile nimble hand leapt for a pouch and with to flicks of the wrist, the clearing filled with black smoke, two large [i]bangs[/i] followed by a series of [i]crackles[/i]. Hansel slipped a brass knuckle featuring four very sharp studs and whiped the band who had kicked him hard across the face with the back of his hand then wound up and let out all of his pain on the man's forehead. Hansel spit at his assailent then exitedly hopped off into the forest where he urinated on a dead bandit that seemed to have fallen out of a tree. His heart pumping uber fast he sat down behind a push just out of the clearing and whatched the smoke slowly clear.

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11/09/2005 8:45 PM

Elevar watched the battle unfold behind him. Amazed, he covered his face from the smoke as the before-seemingly-useless alchemist unleashed some of his bombs on the bandits. He was glad to see that somehow no fires had erupted, none that wouldn't be blown away immediately by the strong wind. There could only be a few bandits left now, so Elevar pulled out his scimitar with his unharmed arm and plunged deep into the cover of the smoke.

He kept his forearm covering his mouth and his eyes squinting. He didn't need his vision; a bandit was coughing loudly closeby. Elevar approached carefully and when he was close enough, he plunged the wooden sword deep into the man's neck in a downwards angle so it impaled his chest. He quickly drew it out and stepped back -not quite far enough to avoid the rain of blood that shot out. By then, the smoke was clearing thanks to the strong wind.

"Is that all of them?" yelled Elevar in the general direction of the group.

11/10/2005 7:45 AM

"Is that all of them?" yelled Elevar in the general direction of the group.

Eyes watering and the arrow still protruding from his back, a weary looking Flark emerged from the rapidly clearing smoke and staggered towards Elevar.

"I think so... They must have been a scout party... But this smoke will be visible for miles, we should get moving before more arrive... Is everyone okay?" Flark spoke weakly as he leaned heavily on his halberd. He looked as though his legs could give way underneath him at any moment.

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11/11/2005 12:41 AM

"I think so... They must have been a scout party... But this smoke will be visible for miles, we should get moving before more arrive... Is everyone okay?"

As Elevar walked out of the heavy smoke coughing a little. His eyes widened as he saw Flark's back covered in blood and Sylvanus' face dripping red, trying to decide how best to use his only healing spell. "You need healing," he stated to both of his companions. Even worse, this Hansel fellow was nowhere in sight. Maybe that's for the best, Elevar thought to himself.

The rangers approached the group from their vantage point led by Myrol, who was yelling, "Oi! Right on time, wasn't I?"

11/11/2005 6:55 AM

Beginning to feel somewhat dizzy from the loss of blood, Flark slumped down onto one knee while breathing heavily. He still clutched at his halberd which propped him up and was probably the only thing that prevented him from collapsing. He kept his head down as he stared at the ground and did not speak.

11/14/2005 7:37 PM

Smoke was all that could be seen in the distance and in the near from where Hansel sat. The dark grey mist sweeped around his ankles and fluttered up towards his head. He inhaled. Dizzyness over came the boy and unconciousness came soon.

(OOC: Time lapse - noon to 6:00pm)

Hansel didn't want to wake up. Work was a pain and he wanted to sleep through as much of his work day as possible. The muscles in the Alchemists back were tense and felt as if they were being pinched everytime he rolled over on his cot. Confusion caught him by surprise in a flash of logic. Why did the cot feel boney and coated in sand? Why were his muscles so soar? What puzzled Hansel most of all was: why didn't he remember when he went to sleep?
When he opened his eye's his heart stopped and then began to beat rapidly. There was rising smoke, the smell of sulfur and urine wafted through the air and a smelly dead person lay next to a tree not far from him. Hansels curiosity over powered his confusion and fright. He stepped causiously towards the clearing the smoke eminated from.

In the eerie smoke, over two bloody bodies, stood a tall cloaked figure lightly griping a scimitar stained and dripping blood. All around lay large dead men. The cloaked figure turned it's head to look at Hansel. The now deathly pale boy slowly knelt to the ground, propped himself on both knees and stared.

11/15/2005 11:20 PM

(OOC: That was a damn weird time lapse.)

Elevar watched Hansel reappear from among the trees but ignored him. Flark was dying. Elevar moved his hands quickly and deftly, chanting softly as he approached Flark. At the last moment of the spell, he pulled the arrow from Flark's back and pressed his palm firmly against the wound. Before any more blood was lost, Flark had healed.

"Better?" asked Elevar looking up at the now-larger group. "Have you any healing spells or potions with you?" he inquired the rangers. He certainly hoped so since Sylvanus' face was now dripping with red. He walked towards her with a cloth intending to at least clean up the wound.

11/16/2005 9:22 AM

Flark grimaced from the pain as Elevar extracted the arrow head from his back. The druid immediately pressed his palm firmly against it, and in a few moments the pain was gone.

It took Flark a further few moments to regain his composure. Once he had done so, he stood up and faced the druid who was now attending to a nasty cut on Sylvanus's ear.

"Thank you Elevar, I feared my life was slipping away from me just then," he then turned and faced the rest of the company. "Is everyone else relatively unscathed?... Where is Lucan?"

11/21/2005 6:10 PM

"Thank you Elevar, I feared my life was slipping away from me just then,"

Elevar gave Flark a nod that said, "You're welcome." He looked around, but Lucan was nowhere in sight. He sat Sylvanus against a tree because she seemed to be wavering in counsciousness.

Elevar turned to the four approaching rangers. One of them - looking like their leader and holding a very large bow - pulled off the cowl on his green cloak revealing white hair and an aged face. Elevar bowed exaggeratedly and said, "Honour to see you again, sir."

"Oh please," he said modestly, "it's an honour for me to see your father's son. You've grown since I last saw you, boy." He smiled widely.

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11/22/2005 9:05 AM

One of them - looking like their leader and holding a very large bow - pulled off the cowl on his green cloak revealing white hair and an aged face.

Flark's eyes widened with surprise as he instantly recognised the old man he'd briefly met whilst in the company of Myrol and Samuel, back in Miribar. The old man hadn't exactly been amiable towards him, but never the less, Flark was still pleased to see a familiar face. Still feeling a little shaken by the near fatal wound, he chose to remain silent, allowing the two time renew their acquaintances. Deciding to check on Sylvanus instead, he moved over towards where Elevar had propped her up against a tree.

11/23/2005 9:41 PM

"And thanks to you, Myrol. Had you not rallied such a force we would surely be dead." Elevar gave another exaggerated bow, this one more comical.

"Dun mention it!" said the dwarf, looking proud, hands at his hips. A cloaked woman snorted. "You shouldn't do that; it gets him pompous." Myrol gave her a nasty scowl and the old ranger laughed.

"What brings you here, master?" asked Elevar unable to hold his curiosity. The old ranger told him of how they had been looking for the bandits and Myrol had come huffing - at this the woman snickered, to a croos-armed Myrol's discontent - about a band of adventurers in need of help, and so it happened that it had led them to the bandits they had looked for so thouroughly.

"Well then," said Elevar, "this certainly isn't good news for the bandits." He went to explain about Greyrock.

11/24/2005 11:38 AM

"Well then," said Elevar, "this certainly isn't good news for the bandits." He went to explain about Greyrock.

At Sylvanus's side, Flark waited patiently for Elevar to finish explaining before piping up. "Excuse me if you would, but it seems our paths have crossed again," with a sly grin he spoke to the old Ranger. "If it's bandits you seek, then you need look no further, though I must warn you their numbers are great and Greyrock itself is well fortified. A successful attack will be no easy feat, but if we unite and act swiftly I'm sure we can be victorious. A direct attack on their stronghold will be the last thing they expect right now since half their forces are probably scouring the woods for us. If we tarry too long we will miss the opportunity and lose the element of surprise. What say you?"

11/27/2005 1:43 AM

"Pleasure to see you again, Flark," said Samuel with a small nod in place of a bow.

The old ranger looked thoughtful for half a second before replying. "Of course we'll join your attack. I agree with your ideas on surprise attack, but I'm not sure if you are in shape to fight right now," he pointed at a half-unconscious Sylvanus.

Elevar stepped forward adding, "We could use the alchemist's explosives to break down a wall and infiltrate a small group into the city while the others stay at the edge of the forest, waiting for the bandits and sniping them out from atop the trees," he spoke without realizing he was dictating a strategy. "While the bandits are focused on the snipers and putting out any fires, the invading team could rush into the core of the city and take out the drow leaders. Of course, we'll have to search quickly and fight well, but if it works..." he left the sentence unfinished, giving a sweet taste of the hopes of defeating such a force with such small numbers.

11/27/2005 6:02 AM

"Of course we'll join your attack. I agree with your ideas on surprise attack, but I'm not sure if you are in shape to fight right now," he pointed at a half-unconscious Sylvanus.

Flark turned to the wounded elf girl, it was true she did not look in the best of shape right now.

Elevar stepped forward and began to explain the basics of a simple battle plan. Flark nodded, visibly showing his agreement with the druid before adding, "Elevar has used the last of his healing spells saving my life, but surely one of your group can do something for Sylvanus. Her wounds are not too serious, but patched up she is a skilled archer and will be a valuable addition to our force."

11/28/2005 8:29 AM

Sylvanus quickly jerked her head up, at the sound of unfamiliar voices, and held out her hand - half in defence and half as a threat. As soon as she noticed the rangers were the ones talking, however, she laid her arm down at her side and listened intently. She tried to add something useful, so they wouldn't think of her as just another dull-witted fighter, but her head was spinning, and she couldn't think straight enough. Instead, she just looked straight ahead, trying to absorb what was being said.

11/28/2005 6:09 PM

The female ranger walked forward. She put a hand to Sylvanus' shoulder to calm her and show her there were no intentions of harming her at all. She took out a cloth from one of the pouches on her attire along with a small waterskin. The red haired-woman cleansed Sylvanus' wound while humming something in her melodious voice.

"It seems the arrow nicked your scalp," she said meeting Sylvanus' eyes with her own blue eyes. "Nothing that can't be fixed right up," she smiled sweetly while she searched her pocket again for a healing kit, getting to work immediately.

"I am Samuel," the young ranger presented himself. "We have a couple more rangers working in this forest, but it would take too long to look for them. Chances are they'll show up after the explosions anyways."

Elevar nodded. "What think you alchemist?" he asked remembering Hansel was still there.

(OOC: I don't know for how much longer I can juggle these characters without making names. :S )

11/28/2005 8:04 PM

Hansel, who had been blankly staring at a tree while his vacant mind monotonously repeated itself, snorted only once and noisily as the apprehension of his atmosphere, time, and reason returned to him in an instant. Up stood the Alchemist who was now wiping thick drool off his chin and brushing durt off of his robes. "Bah! Damned cursed...", he continued to cuss, "out you go!", he yelled this as he fumbled around in one of his pouches and pulled out a handfull of delicate looking grey spheres that he seemed to twist in half. Looking around and his eyes eventually falling on a near by bush to which he took three large steps towards to poor the contents of a ball into the plant. "Darned things - happened before, yeah. Damn! Inhale 'em, and uhm, y-ye' get messed up. Nothing 'till it happens to you. Boy! Annoying feeling it is when all you can really think of is that word, 'Uh....' Ehm", he cleared his throat and went on, " 'is just massive confusion. Ye' off into the bushes for you ye' little bugger. Uhm, did you ask me somthing, eh?".

11/29/2005 8:14 AM

(OOC: I don't know for how much longer I can juggle these characters without making names. :S )

(OOC: Then make up names, I doubt Exile will mind.)

Flark switched his attention between the female Ranger who was carefully patching up Sylvanus's wound, and the psychotic rambling of Hansel the alchemist. It worried him deeply that they would have to rely the unpredictable character to play such an important role in their plan. Their success, and probably their lives too, could depend on the unstable fellows actions.

Flark sighed before speaking up. "Alright then, before we go on we should probably establish a leader amongst us," he looked to the old Ranger. "then we should go over the plan in detail one final time, making sure everyone is certain of their roles and what is expected of them..."

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12/01/2005 7:07 PM

Sylvanus winced once in pain when she twitched slightly and the ranger brushed against her cut. "Sounds good to me. You can never be too careful with plans. What's my part again?" She braced herself against a tree as she attempted to get up, even though the ranger was still working on her cut.

12/02/2005 10:29 AM

"I believe you need more than a plan." Stated a cold voice..A hooded figure garbed in black stepped out from some trees..He walked out into the open a few feet from Elevar.
Ive been tracking these bandits ever since they attacked me on the road to icewind dale.Rumor has it they are being led by drow."He lowered his hood revealing his red hair and his pointy ears..He had pale elvish skin..A scar adorned his right eye."My name is Iorlas Isengrem, and what I do is my own business.." Iorlas glanced over at Sylvanus, and then at Elevar.

12/02/2005 11:15 AM

Turning to eye the hooded newcomer suspiciously, and half expecting some sort of trick or act of treachery, Flark gripped his halberd tightly. Though upon the figure removing his hood to reveal elvish features, the mercenary relaxed slightly, dismissing his thoughts that the stranger was probably in league with the drow.

"More than a plan, you say?... Then what do [i]you[/i] suggest?"

12/03/2005 3:10 AM

Elevar jumped and his hand went to his scimitar as a man walked into their midst. As the elf spoke, he kept his hand on his weapon's hilt although his face did change from alarm to curiosity. He watched Iorlas with the strange feeling that he had seen him before, but shook it off as impossibility.

"Sir," said Elevar annoyed at the prospect of going back to discussing an attack strategy, "we would be very thankful if you were to lend your services to our mission, but I don't think there's any other choice as to how to enter the city."

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12/03/2005 1:17 PM

Iorlas smiled wickedly.."I will handle the bandits..I have some unfinished business with them.." The elf assassin pointed to the scar on his face..Iorlas had a seething hatred for drow in general, but Iorlas knew that it wasnt it a coinsidence that he was attacked on the road to icewind dale, and that the leaders of the bandits were drow assassins.."I need you to do exactly what i say.."Iorlas said in a cold uncaring voice.

He went over the plan with them carefully not leaving out any instructions..He had been taught this technique by his former master, and this was used in dealing with larger groups of foes.He explained to them how to set a blaze to the woods so the flames would move uphill towards the bandits..an ultimate distraction giving Iorlas the oppertunity to strike from behind completely shieled by the smoke.

"Is everyone clear on what to do?" Iorlas asked everybody..

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12/04/2005 7:13 PM

"Is everyone clear on what to do?"

"Aye," answered Elevar, his face becoming more serious. "But I have one objection sir: I do not wish for these trees to be set aflame. If you did I would exact the same justice upon yourself as I will on this scum." Before the newly-arrived warrior could be offended Elevar added, "I don't think our alchemist will have trouble in creating smoke without damaging any trees."

"Any-how," said the old ranger, "we should begin to move towards the city, lest we wish for the bandits to find us before we find them."

12/05/2005 8:32 AM

"Any-how," said the old ranger, "we should begin to move towards the city, lest we wish for the bandits to find us before we find them."

"Agreed, we will use smoke to cloak our attack, then let us waste no more time, I'd prefer to face these drow before sundown." nodded Flark assertively.

"How are you feeling? Well enough to fire that bow of yours?" he turned to ask Sylvanus as the group began to gather their equipment in preparation for the short trek to Greyrock.

12/06/2005 6:30 AM

If it was one thing that Iorlas couldnt stand it was self righteous nature loving animal hugging people.The elf assassin had no choice in the matter of course and said nothing to object the smoke attack..It would have less of an effect on the bandits of course, and Iorlas had an unseething rage that needed to be quenched..

Iorlas drew his black hood up and brought his cloak around him.He let his eyes wander through the trees making sure there were no threats.He walked passed Elevar angrily speaking in elvish."Antolle ulua sulrim!" The assassin stated, Of course only those who knew elvish knew that what it meant was "Much wind pours from your mouth!"Iorlas was clearly frusterated with Elevar.

The assassin made his way to a cluster of trees.Now all he had to do was wait for the smoke to cover his advance..

12/07/2005 4:40 PM

"Where shall I release the smoke? Where? Your plan is truely unclear to myself." Hansel's view of the plan had slipped off many hours ago. His main confusion comprised inside his comprehension of where he was to leave the smoke.

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12/07/2005 10:54 PM

"Antolle ulua sulrim!"

At first, Elevar was truly surprised to hear the language he so seldom used. But even after he had realized what the assassin's words meant he decided to answer with nothing but an amused smile. He had gotten used to those who became annoyed at his guarding attitude over the forest. Even if his vocation didn't lead him to protect the forest, the Bloodline would.

Then, Elevar heard Hansel ask, "Where shall I release the smoke? Where? Your plan is truely unclear to myself."

"Simply follow us good sir. We'll find the most effecient spot for releasing your bombs according to the wind and location," explained Elevar to the alhemist as he began to walk towards Greyrock.

12/11/2005 7:01 PM

Sylvanus looked at the newcomer with a look of suspicion. How did he find them, how did he know they were against the bandits, how long had he been there, why should they trust him? Hundreds of questions flew through her mind, but she dismissed them all. At this point, she didn't care about anything other than killing off these bandits.

"How are you feeling? Well enough to fire that bow of yours?" he turned to ask Sylvanus as the group began to gather their equipment in preparation for the short trek to Greyrock.

"I'm fine... I should be able to fire my arrows accurately enough," she thought for a moment, before adding "if you need my control of the wind... It's not powerful enough to reverse the wind for a large area over a long time, but I would be happy to move the smoke in...fortunate patterns. I won't be able to shoot while I'm doing that, though."

She then inched close to Flark, and moved her head next to his ear, whispering to him. "Why should I trust this man? What if he's simply a spy from the bandits? A convincing one, but a spy nontheless!"

12/12/2005 8:24 AM

She then inched close to Flark, and moved her head next to his ear, whispering to him. "Why should I trust this man? What if he's simply a spy from the bandits? A convincing one, but a spy nontheless!"

Remaining back with Sylvanus for a moment as the rest of the group set off into the forest, Flark replied, "I guess there is always a chance that this Iorlas could be a spy, but we have no way of proving it either way. We cannot turn him away since we need all the help we can muster... All we can do is keep a close eye on him and watch each other's back's... We may have started out on the wrong foot, but let us put that behind us and look out for each other from now on, Sylvanus," he extended his hand in offer of renewed friendship.

12/18/2005 2:10 PM

Elevar walked, his mind swimming with ideas of what would happen next. Then he noticed something, something very strange. The wind was now pushing the opposite direction that it had been that very morning. The change had been very subtle, the breeze had calmed as the battle had begun and then by the time they had met with their newest ally it was blowing the exact other way. Elevar tried to shake off the strange nature of the abnormal change but it was simply too strange. So indulged was he in thought that he wondered aloud, "What is happening?"

The old ranger who was only a few paces behind answered, "Aye, there's something unnatural happening." Elevar who hadn't expected an answer turned around and unable to think of an answer simply nodded. "Prepare for the worst," said the wise ranger in the hidden language of druids.

01/10/2006 9:51 AM

The alchemist set the smoke off, and it did exactly what Iorlas knew it would...It gave away their postion without offering the protection of the searing flames moving uphill scorching everything in their path.."Fools.." The elf assassin said to himself..He had to move quickly now...

01/10/2006 11:12 AM

Behind the cover of the smoke screen, the company advanced quickly towards their pre-designated positions of attack around the walls of Greyrock. No archers or watchmen manned the walls, and all too easily Flark found himself back at the section of wall that Orion had breached some time earlier.

Flark ran to the left hand side of the hole then paused, all was eerily silent as he waited for the others to catch up. As the smoke began to billow through the hole, he chanced a quick glance through at the deserted streets beyond. There were no signs of a welcome party.

01/19/2006 12:58 PM

Elevar ran across the wide cloud of smoke holding his scimitar with both hands at the ready. As he got past the thickest part of the cloud visibility became a little better and the air cleaner. He spotted Flark past the hole in the wall and followed swiftly. He gave Flark a small nod of recognition and stopped, letting the rest of the group catch up to them. He couldn't see any imminent threats and if a large force was approaching, Daegil who was flying high above would warn them. He let out a sigh and with it all the concerns for the risk he and the group were about to enter. This had to be done.

01/19/2006 1:23 PM

After the reassuring nod from Elevar, Flark warily proceeded through the hole and onto the deserted streets where he quickly darted into the shadows at the side of the nearest building.

From this vantage point, his greenish grey eyes scanned the streets before him. Once he was sure the coast remained clear, Flark signalled across to Elevar that it was safe to bring up the bulk of the company.

03/01/2006 4:22 AM

A group of about six bandits charged through the screen of smoke..Iorlas threw a dagger into one of the unfortunate bandit's throat..A gurgling scream could be heard as he thumped dead to the ground..Sounds of confusion came over the other bandits..Iorlas darted through the smoke his rapier cracking through several layers of armor..A blood curdling scream could be heard and then the sound of steel slicing a lung..The second bandit fell to the ground..Iorlas Produced another dagger from his boot and sent it flying forwards into a charging bandit's face..No scream was heard his form simply dropped..Iorlas drew his enchanted dagger shadowheart..They pressed in close the hooded bandits..The Elf smiled wickedly..He braced for another attack...

03/01/2006 6:45 AM

Leaning flat against the shadows of a stone building, Flark heard the distinct sounds of battle begin on the outside of the wall. He wondered how the bandits could have possibly sprang such an ambush without being seen by him or Elevar. [i]Secret tunnels?[/i]

"Elevar! Wait!" he called out, suddenly realising the druid would be making his way towards the hole.

06/13/2006 6:44 PM

Elevar looked around frantically in response to Flark's warning, but there were no enemies to be seen. Still he felt a strange uneasiness. Scolding himself for being fearful Elevar entered the hole and passed the outer wall of Grayrock.

A handful of dead bandits were scattered across the empty street not far from the entrance; Iorlas stood over their bodies breathing heavily, weapons bloodied. Flark seemed alarmed, but Bard assumed there was no imminent threat and rushed to Flark's side. No sooner had he done this, that the uneasy sensation returned tenfold, crawling across his skin. He felt the panic of a doomed man, yet there still seemed to be no danger.

From far off, a crow's caw broke the silence like stone against a ceramic vase.

(OOC: I'm thinking of simply doing a retreat, then we can continue the story as another attempt to attack Grayrock; there could even be a time interval in between. That way it would be easy to incorporate new characters. Anybody got a better idea, 'cause I can't think of anything?)

06/19/2006 3:07 AM

(OOC: I have another idea. We could either be captured or wake up and find the battle is over.)

Only a moment after the crow's warning, a loud twanging sounded sharply from inside of the town just a few streets away. Stopping dead in his tracks - Flark had heard that sound before. His first instinct was to look up into the sky, which to his horror confirmed his cognition.

"CATAPULT!" he screamed at Elevar.

The silhouette of a huge black missile was hurtling towards them at an incredible speed. Wary of another attack, the bandits must have prepared the trap well in advance since the missile was heading directly towards the hole in the wall. Flark scrambled to get away, but had barely moved a few steps before the wall exploded. Fragments of rock sprayed like bullets in all directions. The last thing Flark was aware of was a pounding sensation on the back of his head before a dark unconsciousness swept over him.

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06/19/2006 12:42 PM

(OOC: I'm fairly new at roleplaying and I know you seem to be a good deal into what's going on, so if you want, delete this and I'll try somewhere else...)

The agonized cry of a certain warrior filled the ears of the one called "Rei" as the blackness of the mage-gate faded. Exiting a portal high above the ground with hands bound together as the thundering of a catapault's salvo had only begun to fade was not the way he'd intended to conclude his day. Then again, his day had started as wonderfully...an argument with cormyrian nobility...survival against the undead mindflayer in the however WONDERFUL bowels of his maginficence's cesspools only to be captured as a tresspasser, bound, and shoved through a mage-gate into Averrnus' arse for all he knew...and now, to find himself in the middle of a Mystra-be-damned WAR!

Pale skin stretched in a disbelieving scream making a mockery of the moon-elven features it replaced. His blue eye's almost beautiful contradiction to his brown one would have never been noticed at this distance from the ground. Possessions taken, and his memory drained of cantrips, he was helpless as he plummeted to the ground.

"Tyche, you have my unending gratitude for this day's good graces!" he yelled in sarcastic rage as his face planted itsself firmly in the ground below.

"HELP!" he managed a scream...before the world faded to red, then slowly to black.

06/22/2006 6:45 PM

(OOC: Hello again. Thanks for continuing the thread. It may take me a while to get back in the groove of things, I feel dry.)

Flark and Rei lay abed, unconscious. The ranger Samuel was nearby, slouching comfortably in a chair, his chin resting upon his chest. A small fire burned almost silently in the fireplace, save for the occasional crackle of burning wood. Outside, the world was dark, a newly waxing moon hung in the heavens.

06/23/2006 11:47 AM

"That's the last time I take a Cormyrian portal home," Rei managed groggily, slowly waking himself from the near coma he was in. Gods but his head hurt, and everyone seemed to be to asleep to appreciate his humor...this was truly a terrible time when noone could be blessed by his glorious wit...
He settled back in to sleep again for he found that sarcasm was awfully demanding.

06/24/2006 1:48 AM

The sound of someone muttering stirred Flark from his deep slumber. Before he could fully return to his senses, the image of a huge black object hurtling towards him flooded his mind. Throwing himself to one side, he slipped off the bed and came crashing onto the floor. In confusion his hands began flailing around wildly as he tried to find his halberd. Glancing around the room his movements slowed to a halt as his eyes focused on the figure of the ranger.

"Samuel?? What happened? Where are we?"

06/24/2006 4:34 PM

"Samuel?? What happened? Where are we?"

The ranger had turned in his chair to regard the flailing man. Firelight danced across half of Samuel's face, the other half remained shrouded in darkness.

"You were injured in the attack. My fellow rangers and I rescued you when it became apparent that our victory upon the battlefield would not come," Samuel stated apathetically. He shifted in his seat, revealing a blank face, devoid of emotion.

"Go back to sleep friend, Mielikki watches over us this night. No harm will come to you, of this I promise." Samuel rose to his feet and held Flark in his gaze before exiting the small, one room cabin. The encounter left the mercenary humbled for he had seen the sorrow behind the proud ranger's eyes.


Samuel was greeted by the chill winds blowing from the Spine of the World as he stepped outside into the heavily wooded forest. The moon shone shyly upon the log cabin, illuminating the clearing in which it resided. The ranger walked briskly out of the clearing, gathering his cloak about him as he neared the wood line.


"The preparations are almost complete," a gruff voiced called out from the darkness. Zailor sat at his desk, head bent over the ancient tome he had recently received. Already, the man had spent hours deciphering the abysmal script, and, with some luck found that he would soon have it translated.

"Very good," he stated, amused. He continued to analyze the tome, oblivious in his extreme concentration. The speaker continued to stand, and were it not for a very fortuitous event, Zailor's development of an itch (for modesty's sake I shall not reveal where), he would have awaited stoically as he had done in the past.

"Is there anything else," he called out impatiently when it became apparent that the speaker would not leave.

"Yes, there is," the reply came quickly.

"Out with it, you are beginning to bore me," Zailor stated, and, to add effect, yawned at the end.

"Of course. As you are well aware..."

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06/25/2006 4:14 AM

"Go back to sleep friend, Mielikki watches over us this night. No harm will come to you, of this I promise." Samuel rose to his feet and held Flark in his gaze before exiting the small, one room cabin. The encounter left the mercenary humbled for he had seen the sorrow behind the proud ranger's eyes.

Flark wearily pulled himself back onto the bed and tucked himself under the blanket. As keen to know what had happened to the remainder of his comrades as he was, he knew better than to press the matter at this time. No stranger to loss, Flark recognised Samuel's impassive demeanor as that of a man trying to stifle his mourning.

A dull ache still throbbed at the back of his head as Flark shifted positions, trying to get more comfortable. Samuel's words about Mielikki's presence felt true. He could almost feel the warmth of some higher being watching over him, working to mend his injuries. Long had dreamed about the Goddess Mielikki, but never before had he actually [i]felt[/i] her presence. Was this purely Samuel's doing? Or could it possibly be a sign that he was somehow being accepted? Flark quickly drifted back to sleep with these questions hanging over him...

06/25/2006 7:46 AM

He sounded a knock on the outside of the door as he cleared his throat to gain the attention of the ranger.
"er...Samuel was it? My thanks for the blessings before...however, with respect, Azuth holds my favor...I'm no good at these kinds of things, but my thanks. Both for the blessing and watching after me...if you'll allow, I'd like to show my thanks. If you'll come with me..." The serious tones of the usually sarcastic Rei helped to portray the sincerity of his request. Then, instantly the smile returned to his eyes.
"do you have a small knife, I think there's still dirt in my teeth."

06/25/2006 8:28 AM

Myrol stood watch not far from the cabin, leaning his back against a small tree and whispering with the squirrel that sat in his lap. The thing seemed to chatter incessantly at the dwarfs intrusion.

"Really, I had no idea you were having dinner. My apologies." The dwarf produced a few nuts from his pocket and laid them before the fidgeting squirrel, which eagerly grabbed them up and scurried off. The dwarf smiled to himself as he reached around and stroked the fur of his companion, Kellos, a large black bear who slept peacefully beside him in the moonlight.

Myrol's job was not to keep watch over the two men, for no harm could come to them in the sacred clearing, but to offer them aid should they wish to leave. The dwarf turned his head as a knock sounded from inside of the cabin and slowly climbed to his feet to find out the meaning. Through the door, he could make out the muffled voice of a man...

"er...Samuel was it? My thanks for the blessings before...however, with respect, Azuth holds my favor...I'm no good at these kinds of things, but my thanks. Both for the blessing and watching after me...if you'll allow, I'd like to show my thanks. If you'll come with me..." The serious tones of the usually sarcastic Rei helped to portray the sincerity of his request. Then, instantly the smile returned to his eyes.
"do you have a small knife, I think there's still dirt in my teeth."

Myrol smiled, felt the warmth spreading across his face as it reddened in the moonlight, before he burst into the cabin.

"Listen sonny, there be no need to thank any of us, we do it for," Myrol trailed off, stood before the human, eyes filling with water. He absently coughed and cleared his throat. "Damnable allergies," he mumbled and then brightened at the prospect of offering aid.

"I don't have a knife but you could use me axe," the dwarf replied earnestly, and true to his word offered one of the smaller axes that hung at his belt.

07/03/2006 7:12 AM

"Listen sonny, there be no need to thank any of us, we do it for," Myrol trailed off, stood before the human, eyes filling with water. He absently coughed and cleared his throat. "Damnable allergies," he mumbled and then brightened at the prospect of offering aid.

"You know, I've heard allergies seem to target us proud 'old' men most when we least expect it", he said as he cast a knowing glance.

"I don't have a knife but you could use me axe," the dwarf replied earnestly, and true to his word offered one of the smaller axes that hung at his belt.

Rei chuckled at the missed sarcasm, disimssing it as the dwarf's ignorance to the fact that not long ago he was face-first in sod. He accepted the axe graciously, holding out his hand to let it float his way, and with a flourish, shoving it into his mouth, gaining gasps as the axe was too big to actually have fit. However it slid in easily, as if it shrank and when he removed it from his mouth, both teeth and axe gleamed as clean as had ever been.
"I still prefer the taste of dagger...or perhaps a good mouth-brush" he said with a smile, thinking to himself just how badly he hoped he'd impressed someone, both with wit and Art, and hoping noone was watching is deformities, but his gifts.

07/10/2006 12:50 AM

A branch bounced up and down merrily as a bird landed on it. In the middle of the blessed grove a crow sat on a branch. One didn't have to be a druid to be able to tell the bird was saddened as if its home had been destroyed. Under the moonlight, Daegil cawed a song of sadness for her master.


Elevar awoke to nothingness. Or had he really wakened? Was he possibly still seeing blackness in his mind or were this real shadows. The cold on his fingertips felt real. He tried to lift himself up, but found that he had been hurt much too badly to even lift his head. His entire body was hurt and numb, so that he could only lay there and breath. The darkness was so thick it might have been black silk over his eyes. The druid breathed heavily, for the air felt scarce and damp.

As much as he thought, and furrowed his brow, and grunted forcing his brain, Elevar could not remember a thing. He tried to recall how he had been hurt but after seeing the image of a giant object flying at him it hurt too much to think and he gave up. As he lay there, he barely became conscious of the fact he was shackled before fainting again. Before darkness spilled over his eyes again, he could have sworn he saw a pair of red eyes far in the darkness.

07/18/2006 12:10 AM

The druid's eyes opened very slowly, as he exited his dark dreams and awoke to a reality darker still. His head hurt as if it had been split open in more ways than possible. Somehow he managed to produce a soft moan of pain. Pain and numbness spread across his limbs through artery and vein; he wasn't sure as to which bones were slightly hurt, broken, or even present. He felt a strange pain in his back, but dismissed it for the present. Shackles bound his hands so tightly that his fingers lacked colour, although he could not see it. In fact he could see nothing, nothing at all. Never had Elevar been exposed to such darkness, and it troubled him deeply, for he felt he knew not where his body ended or the blackness started...

Suddenly he noticed some very dim feeble light, and for a split second there was hope in the elf's heart, but instantly it rotted to bitter desperation, for he noticed there were a pair of red eyes. The drow held a small candle that burned very weakly, emitting little light, yet it was enough to show Elevar his dark cell made of crude stone, doubtlessly underground. Anguish conquered the druid as he thought of the wide dark corners of the Underdark.

"Vendui'," said the dark elf with a sly smile. Elevar didn't understand the language of the drow but assumed it was some sort of salute. The dark elf began to pace around the druid slowly, his red eyes matching the glow of the tiny flame, "Isstan noamuth mzil faerz'undusen pholor dos." Elevar managed to slowly and painfully sit up. "Dos alur tlu izil bwael." The elf tried to stand up but found that the chains on his hands allowed little more than kneeling.

It was then that he noticed his back was also chained: the source of pain. He managed to twist his head - fearfully, for the drow stood none too far - and look behind himself. Quickly he turned away and firmly closed his eyes, but nonetheless, the image was still burnt into his mind. Some sort of pins impaled his blood-stained wings, and they were chained to the floor. He shook his head but the sight haunted him.

Finally a cry of hopelessness escaped his lips. It was followed by the drow's high-pitched laughter, to run and echo down the halls of shadows and stone. The candle was then blown out.

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