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04/02/2005 12:50 PM

Nesstled deep in the mountains of the Back Water mountains, there lay a small town, surrounded by nothing but an open plain. Knowing the dangers of these mountains, the towns people built a wall around there little town that had succesfully held off many a goblin raid. But these people were no warriors and often adventurers would come to the aid of these town folk. Yet adventurers were far and few these days and the goblins were beginning to stir early this season. Something big was going to happen, and it was going to happen before the thaw of the winters wrath.

North to this town, settled deep within the mountains stone was a dwarven community that often came to the towns rescue. The dwarves traded with these townfolk, and so benefited from this towns exsitance. But even these dwarves could not prepare for the coming raid, nor did they expect such a force could amass under there very noses.

The goblins were being drivin under the guidence of a being who escaped the clutches of of the deep dwelling drow. He saw how they directed their troops and not being a fool, he learned. Now gathering a force of goblins, orcs, and ogres, bugbear set his eyes on the town of Back Water. He had watched many raid attempts that were turned back, and had figured out all he would need. Soon enough they would attack, and the townsfolk would be overrun. And he, Gragrofh would be in command of an army on the rise. His dark horde would spread and consume all of the Surface. Then he would take his army and show those who thought to make him a slave what defeat really is.

~ ~ ~ ~

Moving with dwarven ferocity, Braughn Rockcrusher swung his battle axe with such power that the goblin who was struck with was split almost in two. Trying to remove his ax, he was barreled into by an onrushing orc. Both Braughn and his axe went flying, when he hit the ground he rolled for several feet before coming up onto his feet in a charge. Seeing this, the orc thought twice about his attack and started to bring up his spear to block. Too late, Braughn straight through him bring his ax around taking the poor orc in his stomach. Not stopping he swung his ax launching the orc into a pile of goblins. Following his projectile, Braughn jumped into the middle and let his ax do the rest.

After the rest of the goblins stoped squirming he systematicly began to notch his ax. No sense in letting his kills go unnoticed he pondered as he counted the mutilated bodies of his quarry. "Anotha good day fo' killin them goblins." he said to himself. Finshed with his work he packed up and headed back to his clan, not bothering to wipe the gore of his clothes.

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04/07/2005 7:35 AM

Norman walked through the grass up to the town, just thinking to himself. "Man, I've got the worst luck in the world. I got magic powers, a slingshot with unlimited little iron balls, and a steel shortsword, but my mom just had to name me 'Norman'. What is a name like 'Norman' for an adventurer anyway?"

He walked up into the town and went in to the inn. "Might as well rest here for a couple days." He thought to himself. He went to a table and sat down and just relaxed.

"Hope there isn't any goblin raids, any time soon. It would be just like my luck if that happens." He mutters to himself.

04/08/2005 12:21 PM

As usual Braughn was welcomed back warmly for he was the fiercest dwarf in his clan. And it didn't surprise him that he was being sent yet again to Nimblewater. He was often the messenger and errand boy for his brother and clan leader. So once again, after stocking up on a small amount of supplies, he was of on the winding path that led to the cave entrance that only a dwarf could find let alone use. In the tunnel he let his infravision kick and and he was off at a quick pace since his mood had been lightend by his early skirmish. Once in the town he reported his message he headed for the tavern seeing no harm in a drink before leaving. Scanning the tavern he saw an unfamilar face in the crowds, still yet a boy armed only with a short sword and what looked to be a slingshot. "I be thinking that boy needs an introduction before he be drinking and lazing in me own tavern."

And so Braughn gave a wink to the bar keep, who quickly saw his intent and simply just shook his head. The bar keep was Jakholm, a sturdy dwarf himself, he and Braughn had become good friends by dwarven standards and he knew this game very well. So he simply looked the other way as Braughn burst suddenly in a sprint towards the young boy.
"Here he goes again." Jakholm said with a sigh as he took cover behind the bar, "At least he pays for what he breaks." Jakholm said with a chuckle.

04/11/2005 7:40 AM

Norman looked up as he heard someone enter the tavern. It was a dwarf and from the exchange that went between the two dwarfs, there was going to be some trouble.

Norman quickly wove a web of impenatrable air around him, tied it off, and ducked under the table as the dwarf sprinted towards him.

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