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04/01/2005 10:25 AM

King Elrick had been sitting at this throne listening to politics. Trying his hardest to listen there came a scream off in the distance. Perking his ears a politic haulted. "I just herd someone scream." Elrick boomed, his voice echoing in the room. A man dressed in a plane black robe with two red ones on his side walked in. His beard was black and his skin tone brown. His eyes were a hazel lit as he struted into the Kings room.

Bowing down in a sly smile, Elrick looked with green eyes. "What have you done now, James?" Elrick said. In a quick clap James turned on his heel, "A gift for you Elrick...Bring her in!" Two gaurds dressed in the same clothes James was in, carried a white haired...

An Elf? Elrick thought. "An elf...last of her tribe, your higness." Elricks eyes were focused on the elf-woman. Her white hair to her lower back. Her skin was pale and her blue eyes streamed with tears. Her dress was a V-cut to her belly button and to to the floor with two slits up to her hips. She was curvy and her legs solid muscle. Her ankles and arms were bound with silk rope (the strongest king), and her mouth covered with a silk cloth.

"Let her go." Elrick boomed. The two gaurds held her firmly. James' eyes looked the elf up and down. "She's a pricy prisoner. She used these..." Trailing off, he snapped his finger. Another guard walked in holding a long wooden box. Bowing on one knee to James as he opened the box. Elrick stood up from his throne. "You come to my kingdom with a prisoner?" Elrick raised his voice. Politics on both sides gasped and bowed down.

"No, she's not a prisoner, she's a pricy prisoner with the Legendary Swords of Mother Earth." Elrick's green eyes went wide and looked over to the elf who seemed to struggle even harder to free herself. Looking foolishly to the ground, he sat on this throne. "How much?" He whispered, swallowing hard. Another gasp came from the audience. This had never happened to the greatest King. "Dismissed for today." Elrick said.

Whisperes followed down the corridors about this problem. James walked over to the elf. Out streching his hand, he grabbed her chin harshly and gazed into her blue eyes. "Sorry." In anger, she tried to jerk her head. "It will be 200 gold for the swords and 500 for the elf." Elrick sighed, ready to choke. "Granted." He said. James nodded. "You are an excellent King." Nodding to the gaurds, they cut the ropes. "She will be waiting for you in the dungeons." Elrick nodded in anger. James grinned, "We have much to discuss of the swords as well as..." His eyes looked the elf's up and down.


Alexia's blue eyes were drawn to Elrick's green ones. She had not only been betrayed but named a price! She could feel the warm tears, ready to fall down her cheeks. Everything she was never brought up with, was with her now. The gaurds turned on there heels, expecting Alexia's to follow. Trying to fight back, they took a firmer grip on her arms. In an attempt to scream, she was only able to muffle.

After her first attempt she just followed down into the cold cobblestones of the carcass smelling dungeon. Her barefeet were becoming numb walking on the marble. Her white hair started to stick to her cheek as her face was flushing with newly tears.

04/02/2005 12:17 PM

As all hope seemed to be lost both guards went rigid simltaneously as they droped to the floor releasing her. She stared in disbelief as she saw two arrow shfts protruding from the backs of the guards. She turned around to see a young elf standing there, a beautful long bow in hand. He wore a dark green travel cloak with the cowl up. He stood several inches over 5 feet and wise finally dressed in leathers that almost seemed like a second skin. He had to blades of elven steel straped to his hip and yet moved as silently as a shadow. After what seemed to be hours he spoke.

"The longer we stay in this foul place the less chance you have of escape. We must go, NOW." the young elf said with enthusiasm as the ring of a small battle started back the way she came.

Before she could speak and elven wizard appeared out of nowhere. He looked much like the young ranger except he hid not his face and was plainly a moon elf. Wasting no time he chanted a spell creating a portal, he shoved Alexia into and the last thing she saw was the guards breaking through to her saviors.

Seeing her safely in the portal he turned to face the on rushing guards. Firing his bow several times, striking down several guards. Yet they pressed on and he was forced to wields his twin swords. Like two maiden sisters singing a sweet melody, so was the sound of his blades, turning away blow after blow with the trained ease of years of practice. One by one the guards fell yet he did not go unscathed, and soon the room was quiet as his breaths came heavy. Bleading from several wounds he sheathed his swords and quickly left the castle they same way he came in. His job done for now, they would come back for the swords and the maybe the head of the king.

04/03/2005 6:43 AM

Alexia blinked. Her sapphire eyes turning into her normal ice blue. What happened? She thought to herself. She didn't ask anything. It was bad enough she was held a prisinor, what more can this elf do? She didn't bother; afterall, he did just save her. "Thank you." She said softly in elven. She wasn't too familar with the human language without the swords.

She looked at his wounds. "You didn't have to go through all the trouble." She said, looking him up and down. She missed her blades already. Their sweet humming noises and riddles that would frustrate Alexia until she realized it was something simple. They were a challange, and her only 'friends.' She sighed and looked around. "Where are we?" She said under her breath.

04/03/2005 8:16 AM

"Trouble?" He looked at her inquisitly. "You call that trouble, saving someone from that dungeon is not something I think twice about. I spent many years in there for crimes I did not commit." The elf said with a light of hatred in his eyes, yet it faded quickly and he soon came back to reality. " We are not far from the castle, half a days walk no more. Try not to worry about your blades, they will be recovered, I am never one to watch elven steel rest in the hands of any but an elf. Get some rest fairest Alexia, soon enough you will be whole again"

He turned and walked away, not giving her a chance to speak, his wounds cryed for attention as the rush of battle left him. He knew his brothers would return soon, and when they did they would use a different strategy. This time force was not needed and Ravenwing would do what he was best at. He knew he could get in without being noticed, but getting out was going to be the challenge and he pondered over his true intentions for freeing this elf. By elf standards she was incredibly beautiful and he could not help but give a knowing glance back at this woman. "She will be the end of me, that is for certain." He whispered softly. With that said he began to tend his wounds.

04/06/2005 4:51 PM

Alexia blinked, as her ice blue eyes glittered. “So you think I didn’t commit a crime?” She sighed and looked at the cross of tunnels. “How do you get out of here?” She whispered to herself. She could smell the copper stench of dry blood and a bitter smell of fresh blood. She looked behind her and walked near the ‘hero.’ “Here, let me help you.”

Her touch was light and cool. She took a piece of cheesecloth from her velvet pouch and doused it with a small peppermint liquid in a black bottle. It was sizzling on the cloth, but she put it on some of the smaller wounds watching it sizzle and disappear. After she was satisfied she put a small cork in the black bottle and put it away in the velvet pouch. She handed the cheesecloth to him.

04/06/2005 6:15 PM

"Thank you. I have spent many years with my bretheren in isolation, we don't bother much with gental touches." He whispered sheepishly, almost chagrined at his growing excitement. Yet as he took the cheese cloth he let the feeling fade. He knew much was at stake and that he had little time for the simpler pleasures.
"I am worried, my brothers should have been here by now, if they were followed then we may find ourselves fighting our way out." He quickly put his leathers back on, and straped his swords to his hips once more.

Near the entrance of the forest several of the kings guard stood over the slain elves. By their count they had missed a few and their best guess was they took to the caves. Lighting torches, they moved in weapons ready, thier foot falls making sure that whoever was in the caves that a force enough to take care itself was on the move, and with deadly speed. They wanted the elf, dead or alive.

Deeper in the caves Ravenwing looked up with great concern. The magic traps he had set were going off in his head and he knew that his brothers would not be returning to him.
"We must go, NOW! It seems that we were followed and there is only so much I can do against a score of guards."

04/07/2005 6:19 PM

“Why are we being followed?” Alexia’s concern and lack of knowledge for political gain gave a small wrinkle on her brow. “But what about the swords and my imprisonment? I don’t understand!” She said as a guard walked up behind her, grabbing her hair and pulling her back sharply. Alexia yelped and fell back short into the guards chest.

04/08/2005 12:37 PM

Turning shaply, Ravenwing saw the guard grab Alexia and rage quickly began to course through his veins. The magic of his long forgotten pass began to function in small uncontrolable burst as his body quickly was consumed in a fierce light. His eyes burned with pure hatred and all the years of immprisonment came flooding back to him. He seemed to loose himself all together as more guards came into view and his swords slowly found thier way into his hands. All started in wonder as this elf was consumed by something other than himself. The guard holding Alexia quickly found his way to the back of the line as the guards came. All that would fit into the room tried to surround Ravenwing but try as they might he kept them to the entrance. Hearing Alexia's crys for help as she was taken away only fueled his rage. Finally when they stopped his muscles flexed but once and he was just a fury of blades and death.

Yet the guards came on, at first scoring a minor hit here and there. Then there was only pain for all who got close enough was cut down. Ravenwing was but a blur, his blade moving faster than anything the guards had ever seen. He seemed unstoppable and every advance only fueled his fire, moving him faster, giving him giant's strength. By the time the last guard fell he was covered in blood. Much was his own, but most was that of his enemies. He stood for several moments, very much able to continue. Then he simply collapsed. He had nothing left, his family's curse had drained him, for the price of power is too much for many to handle.

The fire faded and all was silient. In the shadows lurked one remaining elf. Seeing his brother down he rushed to his side. Injured himself he made camp, binding his wounds first then going to work on Ravenwing. He knew that his brother would survive, plaugued by that same curse he understood that Ravenwing had given up the ability to use his magic for 20 winters. Only then would the rage answer his call again. As the fire crackled his comrade slipped into Reverie and waited for his pain to fade.

04/08/2005 1:51 PM

Alexia found herself bound by the same silk once again. She was in a different room, a larger room. It wasn’t a prison cell, but it was a prison either way. She began to wonder what had happened to the other elf since the last thing she saw were guards coming after him. She looked over, feeling a bitter taste in her mouth and swallowed hard…blood.

A woman dressed in an emerald green dress and red curly hair took warm water and dabbed a cloth with it cleaning Alexia’s face. Alexia’s ice blue eyes could see the wet cloth have blood stains as if she was hit. She could only feel small sharp pains with the warm cloth rubbing across her face. There were no mirrors around the room but it was large enough to fit her whole tree-house. She sighed after the maid in green left.

Down the hall she could hear armored footsteps walk near her door. It was King Elrick himself. He opened a long red box with green velvet interior and held out one of Alexia’s blades. It started to vibrate through her body with a warming sensation. The blade started turning to its crystal blue and bright silver until King Elrick moved it farther away- the blades becoming dull.

“Tell me elf, and on a Kings word, I set you free.” The King had a guard move a large chair over to Elrick, bowed, and left. Elricks eyes looked the elf up and down as Alexia bit her lip softly. She had been bound to the ceiling and held to the floor, not being able to move. She looked around for anything she could do to escape. “Why did James kill your village? Why are you really here as a prisoner?”

“James is cold hearted, like you! And I’m here because you bought me.” Alexia’s throat choked speaking. Elrick nodded, “He would have killed you, being the last of your tribe.” He almost felt sorry for the elf, “But I’m puzzled…”

James sat outside the door, listening to the conversation. He grinned when he knew Alexia’s spirit had been robbed- his plans were prevailing quite nicely.

04/09/2005 11:29 AM

Still in the cave, Ravenwing slowly came too. HIs head felt as though it has been beaten in by an ogre and his vision was blurred beyond belief. Feeling the warmth of the fading embers he looked around as best he could. He saw his brethren, yet detected not sign of life. As he looked over his dead friend he noticed his wounds had bled through his coverings. Feeling sorrow, he covered his brother with his traveling cloak and attempted to stand. To no prevail, his legs gave out before he could even attempt to crouch.

So there he sit, alone and in pain. He knew the basis of what had happened but did not remember slaying so many of the guards. As he tried to remember Alexia's screams haunted his thoughts and he knew that he must find her. Looking around he saw that several of the guards had some wierd draught on them. Contemplating his fate he grab the nearst vial and downed it. As he thought he felt a cool tingaling sensation run through out his body and then nothing. His wounds nor longer stung, and his muscle no longer ached.

After retrieving all the remaining provisions inside the cave he quickly took off for the castle. He knew where he could find Alexia, and knew that the swords would be there as well. The sooner he got to her, the better off they would both be. With grim determination he made his long silient jounrey for the castle, and what would seem his destiny.

04/09/2005 1:21 PM

When the King left James walked through the door with a menacing smile. Alexia’s blue eyes screamed with rage but it was of no use- she was defenseless and vulnerable. “I like you elf. You show so much compassion for everyone that you realize who you are dealing with.” Alexia tried to ignore him by looking away but she couldn’t seem to find the energy to move. James moved closer to Alexia and opened up a strong smelling bottle. He held his breath, clenching his jaws and moved the bottle under Alexia’s nose.

She tried to hold her breath or breath through her mouth but James waited patiently until Alexia gave out and inhaling the strong smell. Her vision started to blur until she finally found herself in a dream world. Her body being limp and supported by the silk rope hanging from the ceiling, James moved his finger and had guards come in a cut the rope.

Her body collapsed into James arms, as she felt very light. As he stepped out the guards followed shutting the door quietly and walked back to his room. The emerald carpeted hallways stopped when he reached to a side corridor with spiral stairs. “Two in front, two in back, and two more guarding down the halls. Make no attempt to know where I’m at.” James said shifting Alexia on his other shoulder.

The spiral stairs were lit with torches in small cubicles. The halls were never cleaned as a stench of dried blood and herbs followed. When James reached the end he had two guards in the front open the door to see a wizards keep. This was James place to stay. As he moved, Alexia was starting to wake. James quickly opened the bottle again and waited for her to inhale. Limp, once again, Alexia was placed onto a feathered bed.

James had guards watch her ever move (even if she didn’t move), while he looked through his crystal globe. He paced back and forth to see nothing but the King sitting on his throne. With bony fingers, James found a large book of spells and started to do some research on Elves while the elf princess was asleep.

04/21/2005 2:37 PM

A giant figure, standing about ten and a half feet tall moved towards the castle, a cloak big enough to be a small tent billowing slightly in the breeze. The girth of this creature combined with it's height makes it look like it must way atleast four or five hundred pounds, not including the dull platemail covering his whole body. The hilt of a gargantuan sword sticks up from between the man and his cloak. Spikes stick out from every join of the armor, and a single blade runs up the middle of his helmet, two horns adorning the side, pointed foreward like a minotaur. The figure still looks grand, despite the shoddy state of his cloak and armor, the only thing that seems to be well kept is the talisman around his neck, that glitters and sparkles like diamond.

Grubb had never been fond of these missions, they required that he talk first, and bash later, if there was any bashing to be done. He loved to use his sword against his foes, often skewering them like he was wielding a lance (which some thought it could be used as such since it was atleast seven and a half feet long, it's thick alloys calling for blood. It has a keener edge than a weapon of it's width should possibly have, meaning that it must be magical, although it is not uncommon for magical creatures to possess magical weaponry.

Grubb thinks back to his days as a child, struggling to understand the world he had been brought into. He had no mother, for his father had created him, although not for any such reason as needing a son to love and cherish. The wizard Brickellheim did indeed cherish Grubb, but only because he was the only successful attempt the wizard had made so far to create a live creature to serve him. Grubb knew what he was, but could never put it into words nearly as well as he could think them, although that went for every thought he had. Having been born mostly of ogre it was not suprising.

Grubb still did not understand what Brickellheim had truly wanted to create him for, for most of the things the ogre did were for others that Brickellheim favored, or owed favors to. Still whenever Grubb had a chance to use the sword his father had given him he was happy. He also appreciated the improvements the wizard had made to his genetics, allowing him to be faster, and smarter (although mostly in his thoughts, not speech) than any other of his kind. His father told him stories, when he was young, about how he would grow up to be the strongest of his kind, and that the traces of elf in his blood would allow him the speed and coordination he would need to be an indestructable war machine.

He sighed, wishing that this was not a talking mission, for as the human guards came into sight, he sorely wished he could just charge in and complete his mission. When the guards yelled at him and prepared their weapons, Grubb grinned. He had been instructed that if his meager words failed, then he was permitted to bash everyone he wanted, only the king and the elven girl were to be excluded. Grubb sighed again, wishing to immediately grab his sword, but the medallion around his neck pulsed and the ogre winced, he should not be thinking about disobeying orders.

"Me come in peace, need speak king!" Grubb cried out to the men, who clearly heard him despite the distance, his massive lungs and vocal cords allowed him to communicate clearly over distances, and short distances proved a very useful technique to cause fear. Grubb grinned once again as the guards only loosened up very slightly at the offer of peace, obviously confused about what they should do next.

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04/23/2005 9:57 AM

One of the human guards ran into the castle as Grubb approached, reappearing a moment later with his commanding officer and twelve soldiers. Grubb frowned, not even a score of men, my reputation must not have reached this far from home, but no matter, in a castle like this there will be many more if things go the.. wrong way... Even has he finished his thought, the commander cried out to the ogre as he got within twenty feet,"Halt!"

He was nervous, and Grubb could hear it in his voice, but only a little nervous. After all, he did have fourteen soldiers at his back."What business do you have here? Who has sent you? Where do you come from? Answer me, NOW!"

The pulsing amulet was all that kept Grubb from leaping on the little man, who was he to be giving orders, but he shook his head and then decided to just answer the questions," Need speak king Brickellheim from long travel west."

The commander looks to his men in confusion and then back at the giant figure," There is no king Brickellheim here, you had better be on your way!"

Grubb shakes his head, hating how hard it was to make people understand with his words," No, me here speak king," the ogre pauses for a second," Brickellheim wizard send Grubb,"another pause," Grubb take long travel east get here."

Hoping that his pauses would convey his true purpose here, he watched the commander consult with a few of his soldiers. After a minute the commander sends a soldier back inside to find out what his king would order. Calling out the commander tells the ogre," You will have to wait, I will only let you in if the king himself allows it, if he does not, then you would do well to be on your way! Be advised it could take a while for the king to consult his advisors about you and this Brickellheim, I'd get comfortable out there if I was you."

The ogre grins a toothy smile, halfway hoping the king denies him access. Grubb walks over to a tree and pulls out his sword, longer than any of the soldiers are tall. Grubb swings his sword over his head in a circle , holding it with two hands he spins his body along with the second rotation of his sword, adding momentum to his blade. As he comes around to face the tree again he brings his blade into the trunk of the tree, which cleaves through, leaving a very clean cut as the tree begins to fall. The ogre moves along the trunk of the tree hacking off limbs and cutting the log into sections, then stacking the sections together and all the limbs off to the side.

Grubb opens a bag attached to his side, pulling out a ring and a rather large leg of some kind of meat, but it doesn't look like it should fit in the satchel. Doning the wring over his gauntlet the ogre points it at a small pile of branches and 2 sections of the log and utters a word. A red line touches the branches and they burst into flame, Grubb loves this ring. He puts the ring back in the pack and continues to cook his lunch, waiting for the king's response.

04/23/2005 12:18 PM

Loud noises were being herd outside as a quarry was quickly spreading on the inside. King Elrick stopped his meeting and walked out to the top of the castle, seeing the large Oger. “Hello?” The king yelled, hoping the Oger could hear him. “I hear you come from Brickellheim! That was quite a journey! What can I offer you?” He screamed at the top of his lungs. He knew Ogers had large tempers as he watched the trees being cut down.

04/23/2005 12:30 PM

Grubb looked up to the castle, the human's voice carrying down well enough. The ogre stands up from his fire and takes a bite of his meat with a sigh, it looks as though talking might be all he gets to do. He finishes chewing and drops the leg of meat next to the fire. He takes in a deep breath and then bellows like a titan," Me come from master Brickellheim, he send me get things for him." Grubb holds up his three fingers and counts off as he continues,"Three things, elf girl... elfie swords... and not hurt king.." he realizes what the last part was just as he says it and scolds himself, no wonder everyone thinks he is just a dumb brute," umm, me guess that just two things."

The ogre sighs, with that out of the way, it was likely that he would be walking away with his charges any minute now. For there had been few kings who had denied Grubb his demands while in their own home, on a battle field away from their rich lifestyles they almost always did. But this was the king's home, he was not likely to tell the ogre no. Grubb sighs again, this has been a big day for sighs.

04/24/2005 12:33 PM

The King pondered. “How you do you know what we don’t have?” He screamed, holding back an attack. “What if we don’t have the elf anymore?” He waited for a response knowing all to well he had the elf.

04/24/2005 12:58 PM

That gave the ogre pause for a moment, for he hadn't considered the possibility that the elf and swords could be gone by the time he got here. But Grubb waved away the thought with a grin. If they truly didn't have the elf anymore, then they wouldn't mind him looking around every inch of the castle, besides, if they didn't have his quarry, Brickellheim would have notified him by some magical means. The ogre decided this might get interesting, kings only lied when it was in their own best interest.

"You has elf and swords, you give to Grubb, and Grubb no smash castle down. Me like smashing, give Grubb a reason!" The slight twinge from the amulet was well worth the open challenge.

The ogre reaches behind him and pulls out the enormous blade once more, although clearly not chopping trees this time. The sets the tip of it in the earth and pretends to lean on the hilt, hoping that he'd hear a scream of charge, or attack, or anything along those lines. Things were definetely picking up for a better direction for Grubb.

04/25/2005 1:56 PM

Elrick inhaled sharply. “Why do you need elf?” He said aloud, thinking dumbly to himself. Men were growing impatient as the King snapped his finger. “Look all you want! You are a guest in my home!” The doors were opening as a solider gave a parchment to Elrick as he quickly read: “The elf is now in possession. She is invisible and not a trace or her blades will be found. –James.” Elrick sighed, burning the parchment.

04/25/2005 2:27 PM

Grubb sighed, what a waste of a potentially fun afternoon. He sheathes his blade behind his back once more and walks to the front of the castle. He laughs at the guards as they move to let him through, more than one of them nearly tripping themselves to get out of the giant's way. "You lucky, you all really lucky." With another laugh Grubb enters the castle, leaving the insulted soldiers outside.

Once inside Grubb looks around, he will never be able to find the elf by himself. He moves down the hall, a nervous looking servant following in his wake, trying to make sure nothing gets broken. The ogre turns into the first large room he finds and closes the door in the servant's face, who runs off to find out what to do, not willing to go against the giant's apparent wish for secrecy. Reaching into his odd little bag again, Grubb pulls out a crystal ball and a stand, he sets them both down on a table and then sits on the floor next to it. "Brickellheim, oh brickieeeeeeee!"

The face of a rather ruffled looking gnome appears, facing the opposite direction of Grubb. "oops!" Grabbing the orb the ogre turns it to face him.

"What is it Grubb? Did they give you the girl and swords yet?" the gnome looks hopeful for a moment but his face dulls when he looks at the ogre.

"Nope, they say none here, let Grubb look, Grubb not have time for game. Father use magic to find?"

As the ogre finishes the question, Brickellheim sighs and nods."Yes I'll cast a few spells, they are no doubt going to use magic to conceal her. Hmmm, do you remember what I used when you had to find that ring in the warlocks palace?"Grubb grinned, he did remember, it was fantastic to be enchanted by his father. Noting that Grubb obviously rememberd the wizard continued," Ok, lets see, we'll start of with arcane sight, that will let you check only magical areas which will cut down on your search time. Hmm detect secret doors and invisibility might prove handy, and that will help you enough. I discerned that both the swords and the girl are still in the castle, remember, do not fail, and if they attempt to stop you, unless it's the king himself, kill them. Now I have business to attend to, those spells will take affect in just a few moments."

With that the orb fades into a dull gray and then back into merely a clear crystal orb. Grubb puts the orb back into his bag and stands up, waiting for the spells to come through from his father. He touches his medallion, both his cage and his best weapon, trying to decides, for the thousandth time, if he would rather live without it. Suddenly his eyes tingle and he looks down to see his armor, his bag, and the edges of his cloak glowing brightly. He unsheaths his sword, which to his eyes glows brighter than the rest. He puts his weapon away again and looks around, nothing else in the room is magical.

A sudden feeling of awareness strikes Grubb and he glances around the room again, a secret latch at the end of the table appears that the ogre would never have otherwise found. He opens the latch to reveal a drawer under the table, but nothing of interest to Grubb. He leaves the room and begins searching the castle, knowing full well that with his father's help, all he needed was a little bit of time and he'd find the elf and her blades.

04/25/2005 3:33 PM

James grew infuriated and irritated at the King. “My patience grows thin…” He mumbled realizing she needed to evacuate quietly. Guards came in as James threw another spell on her; changing her entire appearance, making her look like she was a thief. “She’ll be out for a while. You have exactly one hour before she realizes where she is. She’s too fragile…” The obeyed without question, taking her away.

Elrick’s mind raced. He had an Oger in his house! His betrothed was already upset that there was in elf in the castle but what was worse was the Oger. He sighed, rubbing his temples. He hated lies yet he had to do it so many times. He prayed for his sins; hoping Oden listened with a king’s heart and a forgiving soul.

04/25/2005 4:04 PM

Grubb was groing impatient, having found few magical items of any potency or importance and no secret passages so far. He had searched all of the first floor, his enchanted vision removing the need for the close inspection and expertise of secrets and magic it would have otherwise taken. The ogre was taking very little care with doors or objects in his path, openly smashing the doors and knocking tables and stands out of his way. The increasingly agitated ogre crashed around the second floor of the castle, the knowledge that they were hindering his goal, without presenting him with violence, was beginning to heat his blood. If he didn't find anything soon he was going to initiate the violence. Perhaps the king would surrender the elf if someone he loved, or his servants were in danger. The ogre grinned evily at the thought and drew his sword, continuing his search loudly.

04/25/2005 4:48 PM

“Every knock we hear sire is from that brute! Why must you have him here?” Parliament spoke openly. “Because, he wants to find the girl he can search for her; she’s not here.” Gasps were herd as James had already covered his tracts and reached the dungeon. Elrick sat back trying to remember his talk with the elf. He didn’t want to hurt her; only gain knowledge, so he sighed. He was under oath and he did not press anything, praying to Oden for help.

An hour had passed…

Alexia woke up slightly as her body swayed back and forth, listening to the horses. Her ice blue eyes gazed around the…coach? Sitting up promptly she saw a man sitting in the coach, staring blankly at the Elf. She had an escape ride? She shook her head, “Where are we going?” She asked quietly but the man didn’t respond; he fell over, dead.

04/25/2005 6:20 PM

Grubb had had enough of this game, he had searched the castle from bottom to top and had not found her. He had found many secret passages and stairways, which lead to well guarded secret rooms, but none of this was of any interest to the ogre. Grubb looked out the window of the tallest tower in the castle, staring at the vast expanse he compared looking for the girl out there to looking in here, it was all the same to him. After the hours of searching they well may have slipped her out of the castle, or even transported her via magic. Grubb roared out the window, birds taking flight from all the nearby trees, he hated being taken for a fool, well no more.

Grubb walked out of the tower and there were a guard on either side of the door, normally keeping intruders out. Grubb turned to them as he began to walk away, and thrust his blade into the chest of one and grabbed the other by his throat. The man tried to call out but found that no air was flowing in or out of his mouth. Grubb grinned, he had his father's approval now, for the medallion was not causing him pain to reprimand him. He walks over to the window and looks at the man," Blame king for death!" It was the last thing the man ever heard as he was flung through the window, his crushed wind pipe not even allowing him to scream.

Grubb made his way down the castle, slaughtering the humans he came across, backtracking to the room he had been in earlier that was identified as the throne room. The king was going to give some answers, one way or another. As he rampaged down the castle he would always yell one thing that echoed through the entire castle, "Blame king for death, he hides elf!!"

04/25/2005 6:45 PM

Elrick immediately jumped to his feet and walked towards the Ogre. “What troubles you lad? No I don’t have the elf. She’s been long gone before you showed up! I sent her back home; I have no use for prisoners who did not commit a crime.” He smiled warily, knowing the patience of Ogres but he calmly waited; knowingly this wasn’t a lie.

A loud scream came from the carriage as it stopped in front of a large stone building. She didn’t have time to look up at the trees as she was being escorted rather harshly inside the building. Hands groped her sides as moans called out from what appeared to be the cellar. James’ voice was low as he whispered. Alexia’s ears perked, listening. “Alter...” He mumbled as they bowed, nodded, and proceeded up the spiral stone floor.

Reaching the top a red and white marble slab stood atop, looking down the trees. It almost looked as though the trees were statues themselves. “An…” She tried hard to pull back but it was no use as she was being pushed onto the altar. “You are the last elf!” He echoed. “That last pure elf.” Her eyes grew narrow. There were hundreds more like her unless. Her eyes widened as he smiled. “Figured it out. I needed the money so I knew Elrick was a man of word.” “Sick!” She spat as the guards held her legs down. “Good.”

04/25/2005 6:56 PM

Grubb regarded the king in front of him, his blade dripping with blood, and his armor was splattered with the stuff as well. The ogre calmed himself from the fire that had burned inside as he rampaged to this room. The ogre removed his helm and held it under his arm not wielding his sword. He glared at the man, " You tell where she go. You lie and me kill all people in castle.." He paused and looked around then spotted a woman who must be royalty, his wife or daughter perhaps, maybe even a sister," ALL people, me will not fail, and all humans here mean nuffin to Grubb."

Grubb reaches out and grabbs a courtier woman who screams and tries to get away, his helm crashing to the floor. The ogre holds her up in the air, his massive hand holding her by her waist. He draws his blade and presses the point of the massive blade to her bosom, the tip pointed just to the side, right at her heart. "Me prove me no care, unless you tell Grubb what he need know. WHERE IS ELF!!?!"

04/26/2005 12:03 PM

Elrick sighed as his patience was growing thing. “To Oden I swear! I sent the Elf home with James! I assure you she is under good control and will be home safely. If it’s her you want, than put my Mother down!” Elrick’s heart pounded heavily as he gripped his shirt tightly, sitting down and breathing. “The girl was my slave for a moment until I set her free. She is now under control back to the Elven Woods where she belongs.”

James held her cheeks, pressing them together as a thin dagger cut her shirt open. He inhaled sharply trying to look down at what he was going. Her stomach was exposed as a cold chill ran down it. She squirmed as best as she could until they had her pegged fully. James dipped the swords tip in a black steaming bottle as it looked to burn anything. “Hold her still and cover her mouth.” Obeying the guards wrapped a silk rope with a heavy cloth and stuffed it into her mouth as James inched closer, looking for a spot. He lowered the hilt to the bottom of her lower lip.

He could feel her warmth as she wiggled helplessly. The black goo came closer until it pierced her skin. A muffling sound occurred as tears rolled down her face. Blood oozed down her leg as James wiped it off quickly and dipping the blade in the bottle once more. He carved a symbol of a triangle with a small circle in the middle, letting the rest of the blood soak into her dress. He rested his cold hand on her open wound as she flinched. The guards moved out of the way and placed Alexia laying on the alter, pinning her down easily.

04/26/2005 12:09 PM

Grubb looked at the king for a moment, then at the elderly lady in his hand. Oh how he was sick of these games and wanted to pierce this lady through the chest and force the king to drink the blood. Finally the ogre sets the lady down, but reaches over to Elrick and picks him but by the front of his shirt. "You go with Grubb, we go elf land, if elf not there, me break bones, rip limbs, and drain blood til king tell truth. You say girl gone home, father no tell me so, me think you liar."

Grubb turned to leave, still holding the king, when a guard ran at him to protect his lord, but found himself impaled through the chest by the gigantic blade. "No more people die if king telling truth, all die if king is liar." With that the ogre set off once again for the main doors of the castle, knowing that they would not let him leave with their king. Good, this has turned out better than I thought it would. Come puny humans, get in my way, raise your weapons, call all your brothers to arms. You shall all perish nobly under the edge of my blade. The only indication of this thought that Grubb could muster was a grin and a small grunt.

04/26/2005 1:11 PM

The King assured but wasn’t getting the right attitude. “Ask your father once more. I guarantee and promise my life if the girl isn’t safely home.” He remembered her sorrowed look of pain and only bought her to set her free. She was one of the last so James told her; but it seemed that she had a secret…
“Realizing my place as King.”

It was almost done. “My work is quite well you see.” He mumbled under his breath as Alexia had seized feeling. He wiped the blood off that got in his way as his palm had the symbol on her hip. He chanted a burning spell to cleanse and heal but leaving a scar. Once done Alexia couldn’t feel anything as she blinked the last remaining tears away. “No matter what you do or where you go, I will know your every step, your every thought, and emotion you feel. That is your sacrifice for my strength.” He smiled, “You will no nothing of me my dear, that is my sacrifice.”

“Don’t you think you’re being too harsh?” She thought, testing out his ‘power.’

“Don’t test me.” He said slyly as her eyes widened.

04/26/2005 1:34 PM

Grubb pondered for a moment, he wasn't sure how his father would react if he took a king hostage. He looks around and moves into a side corridor, he sets the king in a chair and pushes it close to the table, then moves to the other side, setting his sword next to him as he sits on the floor. He pull out the crystal ball once more and sets it on the table, calling, "Master wizzard brickellheim, me need talk to you."

After a moment a figure appeared in the crystal ball, the gnome looked at Grubb with an annoyed expression on his face. "Have you found her yet? I'm sure that the castle isn't as big as to keep you from finding her so far."

Grubb shakes his head, "Me search all castle, she not here, king say he send home to elfie forest."

Brickellheim sighs and shakes his head, " She is not there, I have not recieved word from the elves of her return. Where is the king?"

Grubb points behind the crystal ball. After a moment an irritated Brickellheim yells," Welll turn the thing around!!!"

The ogre chuckles slightly and turns the crystal ball until it faces the king. At which the gnome switches from his annoyed look to one of polite kindness," Ahh there you are King Elrick, pleasure to see you. I do apologize for Grubb, but what must be done must be done. I have a few friends who are VERY adamant about getting that girl back to the forest along with both of her blades. And unfortunately for you, they are some friends who I owe some big favors to. Now please tell me what you had her for, and where she is now. Oh, and while I have instructed Grubb not to bring harm to you, if you do no cooperate, and be truthful, I will retract that command. Keep in mind I am a wizard, and lying to me will not be easy... atleast once I cast a few detection spells." The gnome smiled happily and began to chant, moving his hands around in arcone movements.

A few spells later the gnome beckons for the king to tell his story, with the massive ogre right on the other side, cleaning his blade and glowering at the king.

04/26/2005 1:44 PM

Feeling most uncomfortable in his own castle, he looks up. “Ah yes, well of course. I had a meeting earlier this morning with Parliament but I was disturbed tremendously to find a ‘last elf’ in my castle grounds.” Stroking his chin he looks around, “Most unfortunate it was. Depicting the sides of slavery verses torture. As you can tell, Oden was not on my side for choosing the slavery.” He sighed, “I wanted to talk to her but they told me for my protection it would be wise to have her tied up. I talked to her but she seemed too fragile and I couldn’t press anything else. I remember telling James to set a protection spell to send her to another village of elves and that was right when Grub got here. I have nothing to hide, so I let him in.” He prayed to Oden for strength of his truth.

04/26/2005 3:23 PM

"Grubb he is telling the truth as far as anything I can tell, which is quite alot. He did indeed send her on her way with no malice, but that does not stop the fact that she is not there, nor on her way there. Something must have happened, King Elrick, if you can think of anyone who knew her for her value, anyone at all, who could have possibly done something to keep her from getting there, please tell me now." The gnome stared at the king, a look of deep pondering on his face, and for a gnome that is serious.

Grubb stands up behind the crystal ball, understanding everything that goes on, regardless of his inability to word anything as well as he can think it. He sheathes his sword and puts his massive jaw in his hand, watching the king.

04/26/2005 3:53 PM

The King shrugged. “All I know is that…wait, James was saying something earlier that’s why he upped her price but I don’t know why. I thought it had to do with some legendary blade…” He tried hard to think of something. “I honestly never had anything to do with the Elves until now. Did anything happen to her?” His curiosity jumped.

Alexia was carefully examined as she felt uncomfortable stinging sensations. “If you stop thinking maybe I can get this done quicker!” He said, dipping the blade back in the bottle.

Well if it didn’t hurt so much, maybe I wouldn’t be!

He clicked his tongue, “If you don’t stop; I’ll put you to sleep for another hour and you will be in more pain than you are now!” He said poking the knife harder into her skin. She jumped a little, feeling the gripping on her hands tighten.

04/26/2005 4:01 PM

Brickellheim's face changed from the pondering expression to that of suprise, "James?! James who? If he was the one who sold her, and he's the wrong sort of person... he may have taken her back. I've known plenty of rogues who do that sort of thing."

Grubb reaches into his magical bag and searches around for a moment as Brickellheim speaks, eventually pulling out a piece of paper. He stares at it and his eyes go wide.. "Father!"

"Quiet Grubb, we need to figure this out."

"But.. locating line spell!"

"oh that would only work if we had some of her hair or some of her clothes or something like that."

Both Grubb and Brickellheim look at Elrick at the same time, the gazes seeming one and the same, although their faces are completely different, their eyes, something about them is similar.

04/26/2005 4:04 PM

Elrick held his hands up. “Oden be something!” He praised shaking his head. “Boys, I honestly hate to say this but I’m not quite sure. I don’t know where she was after I left. Possibly something could be in my throne room.” He didn’t fell all to comfortable with an Ogre running through his private necessities.

04/26/2005 4:15 PM

Grubb nodded and headed down the hall back to the throne room. All the people gasped and kept their distance from the ogre, the threatening of the king's mother's life had them all scared. Grubb looked around, finding many bits of loose hair that could be from a woman. He takes them back to the room where he left the king and the orb, they are talking about the elf but stop when Grubb enters the room. He knows they are talking about more than they want him to know, but it is none of his concern. He sets down all the hair on the table between the king and his father.

"This will do, elves are inherrently magical, it's in their blood. And that means it's in their skin and hair to, Grubb I'm going to cast the spell to allow you to see magic again, and you can pick out the magical hair. Then we'll be able to cast the spell to lead you to her. Here we go, ready Grubb?"

The ogre nods and smiles, he likes being enchanted.

04/26/2005 5:47 PM

Elrick watched in full amazement. He never understood why Elves were ‘hauntingly beautiful’ and worth so much to the jealous race. He also didn’t know their fanatical speed and weak body strength’s. He watched for the first time to see magic and what it was like.

Alexia sat there immobilized. She didn’t want to think of anything for she knew James would know it all to well So, in spite of herself, she thought of her homeland and the peaceful views, valleys, waterfalls, and forests. James grunted at this and continued to mark her body, wiping away the blood.

04/26/2005 6:43 PM

Brickellheim finished an incantation and he looked at Grubb with satisfaction. The ogre's eyes glowed a bright white for just a moment before fading back to normal. The ogre grinned childishly and looked down at the hair. His fingers seperated the hair with amazing ease considering their size, and he picked up 3 of the hairs. "These three magic."

Brickellheim nodded, " Good, I believe that the good king Elrick has not entertained any other magical females recently, so we will assume that is her hair." Once again the gnome chants a spell and his hands move with odd movements and gestures, picking up a lens he finishes the spell and the lens disappears. Suddenly Grubbs medallion glows, and a white light points out of the castle and to the north, extending several inches from the ogre's chest.

The gnome smiles, "There, that will point you directly to her. The enchantment will last up to a week, it will disappear when you tell it to vanish, and will reappear when you tell it to reappear. Goodluck Grubb. Do you still have your second crystal ball?"

The ogre nods and pulls out a duplicate of the one with Brickellheim's face in it, "Yup."

The gnome nods, " Ok then, leave this one with the king, we have more to discuss, if we need to contact you, your medallion will let you know, as always. Goodluck Grubb."

Grubb nods and heads for the exit of the castle, following the white light.

04/27/2005 1:17 PM

The King was astonished, looking at how light and warm the ball felt. He placed in a red velvet box and put it next to his throne. Parliament watched in amazement asking for questions on why the Ogre was here. He raised his hand as the room emptied in silence. He began to speak of more important matter of his homeland.

Are you done yet?

“Yes.” James said cleaning the knife and sheathing it. The bottle had become empty but he put a stopper on it and tucked it away. “You are mine. You will obey me when spoken to; you will not get out of line.” He smiled when she swallowed hard, feeling the same lump in his throat. It was fear. “I never knew Elves would know fear.”

You never lived when they did.

His smirk faded. “Stand up.” He said coolly. Hands were taken off of her as he folded her arms, letting her hair feel the breeze. “No.” She said plain and simple. The guards had a distraught face and were shocked. “Stand up.” His voice was more threatening. She didn’t want to stand but she automatically did as if a force was telling her. She looked down at her dress to find the blood had disappeared and so had the scar.

“When I call; you will know. It will know, and it will burn.”

04/27/2005 3:20 PM

Grubb walks out of the castle, taking long strides, even by the standards of the giant. Once out of the castle, the ogre stretches having been cramped in nearly every room and hallway of the castle. With a loud groan, several bones pop as pressure is released from his limbs. The ogre smiles, and thinks to himselfahhhhh much better. The ogre looks down at his medallion and faces the direction the light is pointing. "ok, time for running. Disappear."

As the white light fades from view the ogre sets off at a fast paced jog. Grubb closes his eyes for a second and then opens them, ready for the hours of jogging ahead of him.

04/27/2005 3:31 PM

I’m so bored!

He looked at her not fazed one bit; but in her mind was another world. “Child, please.” She shrugged her shoulder and continued to stare out to the window.

I’m so bored!!

James slumped trying to get rid of his headache. “This child is nothing more than…” He thought to himself, rubbing his temples. “Sleep.” He said in a hissing voice; and she did. The dreamed of her father’s face and her mother’s when she grew up studying herbs and such. He took out a small ball and thought of a pink flower to match her complexion. He stuck it in her hair behind her ear and sat there satisfied. He didn’t have a headache no more.

They reached the bottom of the stairs feeling the crispy air as night was calling. Guards loaded the girl in and then James hastily walked in and mumbled directions towards their next destination. He had his first part of the Rod of Lordly Might.

04/27/2005 4:01 PM

Grubb jogged on, several hours passing, and he had tired very little, taking no time to stop his jog. The only thing on his mind was to complete his mission so his father could find him a more appropriate job. Searching and finding was not his fortè, he was more suited to battle field slaughter, and much prefered it. Every so often he would summon the light to point the way, and if he was off course he would correct it immediately. The last several times he had summoned the light, it had seemed as though she was moving, and at a decent speed. She better be moving towards me if she is moving, I'll be quite upset if she's going the other way.

Finishing the thought, Grubb pushed on, trying to stave off the affects of boredom that had started to settle as the monotonous run held up.

04/27/2005 5:31 PM

Alexia yawned. Night had soon fallen as they reached The City of Lights. “Ironic.” She thought as James listened carefully. “What do you mean Ironic?” He thought back. It was if they could speak their minds together.

I thought I couldn’t understand you.
You can’t. You can hear what I have to say.
So that thing you scared into me…
Is a symbol of obedience. I needed you to listen as you know what I want.
What would that be?
Don’t be so modest! You know what I want.
Yes but you will have to find it yourself. I’ve been tampered with.
Don’t make me find out.
It’s erased from my mind.
We will just have to see…

James sat there penetrating her thoughts deeply. After moment’s of silence and not talk, she folded her arms and looking at the bruising she had. They didn’t hurt, just swelled. “Damn…” He mumbled under his breath, returning his deadly glare at her. She was petite and looked fragile; but she wasn’t. Her legs were the strongest part besides her stubbornness. Her white hair seemed to glow with the City as they stopped towards a large building. “Fun. Does that mean I get my own room?” She asked aloud. James sighed, “If you must. I will know your every move child.” She smiled. “I don’t really care but I will warn you; I will not look at myself nor watch in the mirror.”

04/27/2005 11:41 PM

Hour after hour, countless steps gone by, the ogre forges onward, his strides never slowing. Night had fallen but a short while ago and Grubb was hopeful that he was gaining ground on his target. Coming to the top of a large hill the ogre sees a bright city over a few more hills, an hour, maybe two away. The ogre summons his guiding light, which points directly at the city, a huge grin forming on the behemoth's lips, he is getting very close. He dismisses the light and resumes his jog.

A few moments later, a dagger thuds into the ground just in front of Grubb's feet. The ogre skids to a halt, his hands moving to draw his great sword in a fluid motion, wielding it as soon as he comes to a complete stop. A dark figure steps out of the bushes to his right and speaks, "You there, git off whate'er it is that yer ridin', and empty all yer valuables on to the ground. If ye do as I say, me'n my boys won't have to cut yerself another smile across yer neck."

In the dark, this man had obviously mistaken the giant form to be a man ontop of a large animal. While the human in front of him was large by human standards, he was several feet shorter than Grubb, who grinned underneath his helmet. A frantic whisper from somewhere behind the man followed only a moment after the bandit's theat, "Boss, I don't know about this... I mean.. I don't think you really understand what..."

"Silence! I'll deal with ye later Darrik, after prince valiant 'ere gets off his blasted 'orse and 'ands me all that 'es got.!"

Grubb turns his body sideways, aiming his blade for a quick thrust at the man. Seeing the blade shine in the moonlight, the leader yells for his comrades as he tries to dive out of the way," Attack boys! Git 'im and all 'is stuff!"

The ogre's massive blade lunges foreward as the man's last word leaves his lips, the sword diving deep into his side, through his ribs and out the other side of his body. A gasp escapes the man as his eyes widen, the sound of a great roar the last thing he ever hears. Grubb pulls his sword from the dead leader and turns, nine people charging him, swords, axes, and a spear drawn. The first of the charge to reach Grubb cheers as the ogre turns away, thinking he is about to run away, but the look on his face switches from triumph to terror as the giant figure finishes the spin, it's right leg in the air and flying at him. Grubb's heal lands squarely in the mans temple, instantly slaying the man, and sending his corpse flying off to the side.

The rest of the men slow down at that but continue their charge, staying closer to their comrades than the first, feeling safer in their numbers. Grubb grinned yet again, this was what he did best, sending himself into another spin, all the solders close in to be just out of range of his leg. Instead of a leg coming into the air, the ogre's grand sword swings around his head in a lightning fast arc, and then out to lash at a pair of the bandits who had been coming in from his left. The first man failed to even recognize that he was being attacked before his head was completely removed from his body, his eyes not even showing the suprise of death, but the second dodged in time to be spared, only to look up and be struck down by the still spinning ogre, whose blade and turned full circle in less than a second.

The remaining six people split into two groups and moved to either side of the ogre. Grubb turned to keep them on his either side, so that none of them would be behind him. The two groups slowly spread out so that the men formed a complete circle around the ogre, who turned slowly, his head moving back and forth constantly to keep a check on each of his opponents. Grubb decided to end the little stalemate, launching himself to his left, his sword slashing forward he catches one of the men with his blade, slicing open his belly, the man dropping his weapon and falling to the earth, trying to hold himself together until his last breath. Grubbs hand wraps around another man's throat, picking him up and continuing to run in his chosen direction.

With a shout the four men behind him gave persuit, but just as they reached their full speeds, Grubb hops mid-run and turns a 180 in the air, landing and digging his feet into the earth. He pushes himself off of the ground and right back at the humans, who try to halt but skid and fumble, two of them being bowled over, and another becoming two halves of a person, disconnected at the waist. Another turnaround exactly the same as the one he just perfomed has Grubb charging his fallen enemies, who haven't had time to recover from their fall, much less dodge the charging beast. Two quick stomps end the lives of the two humans, who's disorientation kept them from realizing what was happening to them.

A sudden pain hits Grubb in his side, the human had found a small opening in his armor and slipped his sword tip into him. Grubb held the man at full length away from him before the sword did any fatal or serious damage, the angered ogre pulled the man with all his strength towards him, slamming his head into the man's skull. The sickly crunch and splatter, along with the slaughter of his allies, convinces the final man to flee, running as if the hounds of hell itself were upon his heels.

Grubb turns to gaze after the man, a grin on his face. It was about time that his name had reached this part of the world, let this man be the witness to his power. The ogre turned and gave chase after the man, catching him shortly with his long strides, but slowing slightly to stay close to ten seconds behind in persuit, his stomps easily heard by the terrorized man. As he gave chase Grubb gave forth his name to the man, to start his reputation here as well as increase it where it was already known by any who came here from those lands. The thunderous foot steps and roars would haunt the man's dreams for the rest of his life," Grubb is here for you life! You will lose soul to my sword. There no escape or hope redemtion from wrath of Grubb, raging beast!"

Grubb gave off his chase when they drew near the town, preferring to enter this town atleast slightly unnoticed, he wanted to search for the girl without having to deal with the people here. He was sick of dealing with people. After checking his guiding light one more time, she was still in the city it would seem, Grubb made camp, ready to wait until dawn so as not to appear to suspicious... atleast not more than the giant figure always was.

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04/28/2005 12:36 PM

She bit her lower lip feeling a slight sting. James jumped, “What are you doing?” Alexia shrugged her shoulders. “Biting my lip. I always do when I get nervous but you would know this.” She turned as her hair waved down her back. Her eyes were large blue ones that gave an exotic look. James grabbed her harm rather harshly, opening a black door and lighting the room telepathically. Shoving her in the room she landed on a feathered down bed. Slamming the door, he walked across the hall and stormed in another room.

Aren’t you rude!
No; you are annoying.
I wouldn’t be if you can’t hear me!
Don’t you ever sleep.

She didn’t’ reply but only walked towards the window, sitting on a pillowed seal. She touched the stained glass window to feel the coldness. She missed being her. Out side she thought she could hear men screaming and blades crossing but she ignored it looking off into the forest.

04/28/2005 1:14 PM

Grubb pokes at his little campfire with a stick, wondering how long it would take for the man to spread word of his companions slaughter. He grins, if he is lucky a band of hunters would come out tonight to rid the area of the monster. As if checking to see if his hope had come true yet or not, the ogre glances around, sighing when nothing is there. He pokes the fire a few more times, and then throws the stick in with a loud, "Bah!"

The ogre's patience had grown thin and he was sick of waiting around in his dull little camp. He stood up and looked around, listening for any sounds. A few animals were making sounds nearby, but nothing big enough to hunt down for food. Which was odd, the ogre hadn't noticed how few animals were around, normally it was because of his thundering around, but he had been sitting for quite some time now. Something else was scaring the animals into silence and hiding.

Placing his helmet on his head and drawing his sword, Grubb moves out of the firelight and quietly away from his camp, his foot steps amazingly quiet as he tip toes slowly away. Only the slight sound of his platemail can be heard, but even that is faint as the ogre moves very slowly away. Once he is about fifteen or twenty feet from his camp, Grubb hides in the shadows of a large bush, using it to guard his back while he watches his sides and the campfire.

After minutes of waiting, a shadowy figure enters the campfire's light, stepping silently and cautiously. The man was joined by several others after a few more minutes, all of them with hoods up and cloaks covering their bodies. Grubb watched them search his camp and finally finding his foot prints. The ogre prepared himself should they attack him as they probably would, especially as they began following his trail.

Grubb was prepared to leap at the men when they suddenly stopped, their leader calling out into the night, " Hail Grubb the ogre, ward of Brickellheim, Arcane Commander. We know of you, and we wish to speak with you. But do not want to take you by suprise, as we have no desire to fight with you. We request you come back to your campfire to speak with us."

With that spoken the group turns and head back to Grubb's camp, none of them sitting down and all of them looking around, keeping their guard up. The ogre pondered whether he should go up and speak to them or not. After a moment more of thought, the ogre decides that a few more dead humans would litter the area if they tried anything. Standing tall he moves forward to his camp as slowly and silently as he had left it, keeping to the darker shadows of the night. More than one of the men jumped slightly when the huge figure loomed foreward from the darkness.

The man who had spoken earlier turns to regard the ogre as his men gasp. " I am glad that you have agreed to deal with us peacefully great one." As he speaks the man lowers his hood to reveal his face.

Something about him seems a little off to Grubb, as though he is not truly human, but the ogre cannot place what it is about him to give that impression. Deciding to ignore it for now, the ogre grins under his helmet," Me not agreed to nothing. Me listen and only bash if me think me need..." the ogre takes a breath and pointedly digs the tip of his sword into the earth with a thud," or wants."

That had the affect the ogre had desired, the man's face turned into a worried expression, and he glanced towards his men. They had truly heard of the ogre, and knew that he would indeed slaughter them all if the beast decided it was his best option. "Speak to Grubb, what little men want?" Grubb waited for the man to speak, letting him gather what nerve me may need.

04/28/2005 1:29 PM

A harsh banging raped her door. Jumping slightly she opened the door to see James’ pale face, “We leave.” He said as his men jumped on their toes and back down the lobby. Frustrated, Alexia folded her arms and continued to follow, her pace light but quick.

Why? Scared?
No, we are followed.
How do you know?
I herd it from your mind. I just went to find out what that curiosity was.
I wasn’t curious.
You were and I found the Council of Elves has followed as well.
As well? What do you mean?
A large Ogre has followed us.

Alexia shuddered as if a cold dagger ran up her back. The Council of Elves were here but for what purpose? “You know.” He said shoving her out of the door first and into the coach. She hated the way she was shoved around. “Next town, pronto!” He shouted as men jumped on the coach as the whips were being snapped. She looked out of the window as it started to rain a little.

They will get sick.
Now come dear.
Fine. I will cast a spell.

She smiled as what she got but it wasn’t enough. She still felt as though she were being violated of everything she was. He was going to find out the real answers soon enough; it just took a matter of time.

04/28/2005 4:03 PM

"We are following a devilish rogue who has kidnapped an elven girl, as well as a pair of magical twin blades. We will not allow either the girl or her weapons to remain in the hands a kidnapper. We hope to catch them soon, but the trail was fairly cold once we reached the castle of King Elrick. You led us here, although I must say that it was amazing that you made it here as fast as you did, we had to take a few rests." The leader of the group who had taken down his hood spoke.

Grubb listened, and nodded, although something didn't make sense to the ogre. " How you know Grubb here to find girl and swords?" The ogre's eyes narrowed as he watches the man, still trying to figure out what he is.

The leader smiles and holds up his hands as if in innocence, " We are not your enemies, quite the contrary, we are more your allies than anyone else you'll meet on this mission. You see, we are the ones who called in many large favors from Brickellheim to find her, and he told us that he would be sure to send his most effective servant. We weren't sure who he meant until we saw the human castle." The use of the word human proves to Grubb that the man is definetely not human, Where have I seen pointy ears like that before...!

"You elf?" The question was from no where and in the middle of one of the man's sentances, but he stops speaking and regards the ogre with a peculiar look.

"Yes we are, although I would have thought it obvious. Have you never seen an elf before?" The elven leader did no seem to understand how the ogre did no recognize what he was immediately," Actually, I know you have , one of our smaller military forces was destroyed by you several years ago, although we hold no grudge against you, we tried to stop you from entering our lands."

Grubb nodded, trying not to seem too proud of the act, for it had been one of his larger battles, and it was the only time the ogre thought he might die. If there had been more than 60 of the elves, he surely would have perished. "All elf wear helmet, no see ears."

The elf nods, finally understanding, Grubb had fought many vicious battles against many different kinds of people, but perhaps to Brickellheims deadly son, they had all been the same. " I see, anyway, we have decided to take it upon ourselves to try and find her as well. Her name is Alexia, and we hope that we may find her faster with your guidance. Especially since your father will bestow magical blessings upon you that he will not even to us, whom he trusts more than any other group. Will you lead us to Alexia and her blades?"

Grubb thinks about it for a moment, the elven leader's story very believable, and if he was telling the truth, then Grubb would have an opportunity to spead his fame through the stories of these elves, without ever having to leave men alive as he had earlier. " Yes Grubb help. We search city?"

The elves look at each other and then back at the ogre. After a moment of silence the elven leader nods, " Keep your head under your helmet and out of sight and we will explain to the guards that some of our magic has gone amiss and left you larger than normal. You will guide us to Alexia."

Grubb nods and secures his helm. He summons the light and begins to follow it, moving with his normal speed, causing the elves to have to walk quickly to keep up with his large strides. The guards believed the story and let them pass, Grubb check the light and then proceeded into the city, grinning under his helmet as some of the night folk wandered the streets, this city not grinding to a halt just for night.

04/28/2005 6:49 PM

James stared out of the window through the back of the carriage.

What are you looking at?

James sighed. “Shut up.” He said aloud. She took it upon herself to open the door but as she did, James hit her fingers with her swords tip. Now that you are a part of me; I can wield these. “Why don’t you kill me then.” She raised a brow as her blue eyes twinkled. “Alexandria! Are you or are you not the ancient water elf?” Her jaw dropped as her heart pounded in her head. James smiled in satisfaction. Closing her mouth and clenching her jaw tightly, sitting back with a more wisdom look.

It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for many years to prove your existence, Alexia.

She didn’t say anything but he could feel her trying to push him out of her thoughts; he had found her vulnerability and he was going to manipulate that soon enough.

04/28/2005 7:50 PM

Grubb sighs as he looks out the gate of the city on the far side from where he and the group of elves had entered. The elves loitering near him all gazing out through the gates as well, obviously disheartened by the escape of whoever was holding Alexia hostage. "We cannot persue them any further this night. We have been moving all day to keep up with you Grubb. We will search again tomorrow."

The ogre turns to face the elven leader, "We go tonight. Elf get cart, elfs sleep, Grubb run."

Though his speech was very basic, what is was saying was clear as day. The elven leader raises an eyebrow at the ogre, " You think you can pull a cart bearing us through the night? They no doubt have a carriage or cart horse-drawn cart of their own."

Grubb laughs suddenly causing all of the elves who had been paying attention quite a bit of confusion. The ogre shakes his head as his laughter subsides, " Me last more than horse, more than all horse. Horse run all night, get tired. Grubb run all night, run all morning, catch horse." The elves all looked at each other in slight disbelief and relief.

A short while later the elf leader returns with a smile on his face, " A man has agreed to sell us a merchant wagon, that will fit us all well enough. I have paid him and the cart is a block from here."

Moments later the cart rolls out of the city, filled with elves and pulled by the rippling muscles of the ogre, leaving behind a group of bewildered towns folk. Grubb grunts slightly, getting a better hold of the leather harnesses in font and then picks up his pace from a walk to a jog. Soon the elves are almost all asleep and Grubb is content to follow the path, occasionally checking his light to make sure he's still going the right way. This is a good workout, maybe I'll get a little stronger from this, although I doubt it, elves are extremely light and they have only added a few hundred pounds between the lot of them.

04/29/2005 4:28 AM

Stop this!
You honestly think I can?

The only facial expression she carried was when her brow wrinkled before it softened. James sat back; remembering his childhood and how wonderful he thought he looked. Casting a ‘charming’ spell, a black light dimmed as he had returned to his normal state.

Black spiked hair and green eyes piercing and light. His beard had looked to be shaven quite nicely. Something about him seemed modest and charming but Alexia new better than to follow a Wizards spell. “It’s only going to last till I want it to.” He remember how strong he used to be; extremely.

“My lord! The horses! They grow tired!” The coach driver said, shrieking at how slow they were going. “Continue until next city!” James’ younger voice called out. Alexia’s ice blue eyes looked the younger James’ and snickered. He looked at her.

Don’t make me force you!
Just remember: ‘The younger the more naive.’

04/29/2005 10:33 AM

Grubb continued on after a few hours of pulling the cart, not slowing or stopping to take breaks, his magically enhanced body was indeed quite a wonder. Most of the elves were asleep in the cart, having decided that Brickellheims ward could be trusted to wake them should it become neccessary. The leader of the group, however, was not asleep nor resting. He sat on the bench, normally for the driver to sit and guide the horses, watching the creature pull the cart full of his companions. Grubb noticed the elf sitting there but said nothing for a long time, concentrating on avoiding as many large rocks and pot holes as possible. "Why elf so important? And swords?"

Grubb's words shattered the quiet pattern of his footsteps, the breeze, and the rolling of the cart, catching the elf off guard, not knowing the ogre had sensed him watching. Gazing at the ogre for a moment the elf sighed, stretching and gazing out at the stars. "What do you know of elves, my good Grubb?"

Grubb pondered what he knew about elves, not much, just that they were faster and smarter than most humans, and inherantly magical. Grubb voices what he knows as best as he can, "Faster and smarter than human, and all magical..." After a pause he adds, " And me not 'good Grubb'. Me terrible beast, people say so."

The elven leader laughs at Grubbs last comment, finding the ogre's view of himself amusing. After a moment the elf regains his composure, a smirk still playing on his lips though, " Well I suppose you have an idea enough of what an elf is. But now I put forth my next question. What has your father told you about the ancient elves?"

Grubb raises an eyebrow, not knowing the difference between something that was new, old , really old, or ancient. But an ancient elf must be very old sine elves lifetimes were indeed very long. Grubb shakes his head and waits for the elf to explain.

04/29/2005 12:49 PM

OOC: I guess I should play the part of explanation since you don’t know the history behind Alexia. No harm! 

The Leader slaps his hands on his legs and rubs them lightly, feeling a soft breeze through the thin robe. “An Elf has two capabilities most distinct. One is their speed which is their strength. Two is their fragile state which is their weakness. A magical elf has the same only is stronger in magic and speed but still weak in strength. There are only five ancient Elves on earth.” He rubs his eyes. “You have your basic element and your neutral element which binds us all together. There was a war millions of years back between them all and that was when the neutral element stepped in wielding the blades of mithril and silver. The war started when fire and water were separated by the earth and wind calmed them down. These elves gave up their life so we can live and pass down the ancient tradition. We fear another war is being broken. Not only did this neutral elf wield the night-and-day swords but she also carried a rod. The Rod of Lordly Might. Fascinating history behind this.”


Alexia looked down, fumbling with her thumb thinking of the flowers she was given; laying on the box. She remembered the elements… “Stop!” She sighed aloud looking up at the now grinning James. “I was wondering when I was going to get the information I needed. You also forget my dear sweetness; I have power.” Her lip trembled as she bit down on it from the inside. “You see; it only took a matter of time before a male stepped in.” She inhaled sharply. “I will never bow down.”

Oh but you will…

04/29/2005 1:31 PM

OOC: Thanks for fillin me in! :D I was kinda dancin around the explination hehe.

IC: Grubb listens to the story, interested greatly in the war that this elf spoke of. But what of these night-and-day swords, they sounded powerful if they were capable of ending a war that involved the elements directly. And this Rod of Lordly Might, that sounded like something his father would make, although knowing his father it would have Brickellheim in the name somewhere. Grubb chuckles, looking down at 'Brickellheim's Enduring Platemail' and ' Brickellheims little bag of infinite space' which was pretty much just a bag of holding.

All these spell casters give their items some pretty funny names, although I know of one that has a perfect name. Grubb smiles widely as he thinks of his sword, 'Limb Carnage Bringer of Grubb', his father had wanted to call it 'Brickellheims Blade of Eternal Fury' which simply had too many syllables.

The ogre checks his light to make sure that he is still going the right way, which he has never been off course during his run, the path being more than enough to show him the way. "The horses should be tiring soon, they only have 4 and they have been pulling a carriage for some time and distance now, moving at no slow speed. If we keep this up we might be able to catch them before they get to the next town." The elf's voice was unexpected as Grubb is brought back from his thoughts.

"Not soon enough." Was all that Grubb said in reply before gripping the wagon a little tighter and upping his pace a bit. If he was going to catch them, he wanted it to be soon. He is eager for battle, this run having been far too boring for the ogre, although he did like the workout he was getting.

04/29/2005 3:08 PM

She laughed uncontrollably in her mind as the carriage’s wheel came off. James’ irritation prevailed as he came across her face; fortunately she saw that coming and grabbed his hand. “Dare not ever touch me!” Her words were harsh and low as they came from a literal translation of Elven. He smiled and withdrew his hand, kicking the coach’s door and jumped out of it. The horses were extremely tired and thirsty. They had not been rested in a while.

05/01/2005 10:53 PM

Grubb pulled the wagon in his fast paced jog, hitting a few more bumps than before and jostling a few of the elves from their slumber. It had been a few hours of jogging and the ogre was wondering if they would be catching up with the target(s) soon, growing bored of his mission once again. He didn't dislike the elves in the wagon, but neither did he care much for them, he knew that they respected him for his father and for his sheer power, but that had his name been unknown, they would consider an enemy.

The ogre pulled the wagon to the top of a hill and just down the road was a coach with a broken or missing wheel. This must be them!Grubb thinks exitedly to himself. Dropping the harness of the wagon, the ogre jumps over it and draws his blade, his jog turning into a full run as he charges the wagon, ready for a fight and happy to be there. He prepares his sword for a lunge as he approaches the carriage, just in case.

05/02/2005 1:36 PM

Alexia’s eyes widened as she saw a large ‘creature’ appear from nowhere. She screamed as she could see the blade in his hands but James had pulled her to a nearby tree and covered her mouth. Her heart raced as her breath was trying to catch up.

James tightened his grip as she slowed her breathing, hoping she didn’t cause too much of a distraction. Someone was after her; she was worth a lot of money and he would see to it that his work of her will be paid off in full.

05/02/2005 2:18 PM

Grubb reaches the carriage and skids to a halt, blade still pointed and ready to strike. He walks to the door of the carriage and reaches out with one hand quickly, putting his fingers through the window and grabbing the door, which he rips from it's hinges and throws far off to the side. Nothing happens and he looks inside, but no one is there. He turns his head in several directions to see if he can see anyone, but cannot from here.

The elves finally collect their wits and rush to the carriage to find Grubb looking around, several of them giving groans of dissappointment at the empty carriage. The ogre waves them into silence and summons the white ligh, which points off to the side of the road and towards the woods, he begins moving towards them slowly, motioning with his hand for the elves to spread out and help him search.

05/02/2005 6:04 PM

Alexia yelped as he strengthened his grip on her. He motioned her silence as she tried to kick his back leg going free.

He’s going to kill you!

Her eyes widened as she saw elves as her faith had come to life.

They are going to kill you!

She pushed up against him as he smiled and engulfed her in his black cape, trying not to make her shiver. She was helpless and didn’t know what to do any more. She whimpered in her mind trying to think of a peaceful solution.

Do you not understand their plans? They want you dead for what you are!

05/02/2005 6:23 PM

Grubb follows the light of his medallion slowly, following it directly towards the elf, not knowing how far away she might be. Perhaps if he could not find her directly, she could find him. He gathered his breath before bellowing into the night, "Me Grubb, me sent to bring elf and swords back. If you smart, you let elf go and run. Me kill you if me find you!"

Perhaps that would scare whoever held her prisoner, most mortals were after all scared of death, which rode on Grubb's coattails.

05/02/2005 6:28 PM

James smiled and released Alexia for the minute and disappeared.

I know where you will be always....

Being shoved out into the open bit down on her lip. “I’m Alexia.” She said haphazardly. She didn’t know what to say, think or feel because James would know everything about her. She looked more interested in the elves rather than the large....Her eyes widened and her jaw drop. “Don’t kill me!” She said sweetly.

05/02/2005 10:10 PM

Grubb stopped his walk as the elf stumbles out from behind a tree, biting her lip. She speaks, "I'm Alexia." Her voice sounding almost confused.

The ogre raises an eyebrow at the elf, completely not expecting her to step out and introduce herself, taking him off guard, which brings him more on guard when he realizes this. She continues however, and Grubb realizes she is looking at the elves as she talks, but she suddenly takes note of the ogre,"Don't kill me!"

Grubb laughs softly, or atleast what is his attempt at soft laughter, but then he circles around, trying to find who had been her captor. He was not interested in peacefully walking away with his target, he wanted to repay someone for the hours upon hours of boring jogging. He looks around, unable to find anyone anywhere within sight. With a loud sigh the ogre sheaths his giant sword.

Finally the ogre turns to actually regard the elf for more than just a moment. He stands but a few feet from her, towering high above her. The ogre reaches up and pulls off his helmet, to better see the elf that had caused such a ruckus among his father and these elves. He smiles at the elf, to try and start a friendly attitude, hoping it would ensure that she does not attempt to kill him, as many people were prone to do.

Grubb decides to speak first, "Hello, me Grubb. Me come to...err..rescue you." The words tasted funny in the ogre's mouth, but he still extended one of his massive hands, his palm turned up as a gentleman to a lady. He could remember some of the things his father had taught him about etiquette.

05/03/2005 4:07 AM

At first the Ogre left a grave impression but the outstretched hand looked somewhat confusing. She took it, keeping watch as his gigantic hand rather than hers! She smiled, “My hero!” She sarcastically said in a polite and delicate manner.

He will kill you...

For a minute she seemed to look behind Grub without turning her body. Alexia almost hesitated looking over at the Elves who were looking behind bush after bush to find her capturer. They scratched their heads and nodding in disapprovement. “Grubb, do they speak common?” She said it low so she didn’t feel too embarrassed if they did.

05/03/2005 12:16 PM

Grubb bows slightly when Alexia takes his hand, chuckling as she calls him a hero. The ogre's eyes follow the elf's as she looks over at the group of elves, searching for any enemies.“Grubb, do they speak common?” She said it in a low voice, so only Grubb could hear.

The ogre looks at them for a moment then his gaze shifts back to Alexia.So this is the elf that we have been chasing all over the countryside. She seems nice enough. "Yup, they speak this speak." The ogre scratches his head as he pauses, considering the elf in front of him." You don't look different from other elves. Elf leader tell Grubb you ancient... how old is you?"

The ogre raises an eyebrow, his face full of genuine curiousity. Now that he did not have to search anymore, and was not in the middle of a mission, he could relax slightly and let go of the warrior within him... at least for the moment. The ogre sits down cross legged, still not having to look up at Alexia as he watches her, waiting for an answer.

05/03/2005 5:28 PM

At first she smiled to know they speak common but when the Ogre asked how old she was. She felt like being shy as her age has never been mentioned. Yet she looked to be 117 in normal Elven years and maybe 20 in human! “125,987 years old.” She witnessed the other Elves as their eyes grew wide. Alexia’s blue eyes crossed over to the Ogre hoping there wasn’t that much of a shock.

You lie! You are older than time! Older than time!

Alexia shrugged her shoulders. She picked a close age.

Older than time....

She sighed wanting to fight with herself.

05/03/2005 6:24 PM

Grubb pondered the statement,125,987 years old. I guess that really is ancient. I guess that could be why anything father has that is ancient he protects very much. I suppose thats a good enough reason to make a big deal about an elf.

The ogre's head tilts as he thinks but snaps back upright as he comes to the conclusion that her age sounds good enough. "That is ancient, but why Alexia shrug? You forget something after so long?" Grubb laughs, mirth apparent in his eyes,"If me was that old, me would forget lotsa stuff."

Grubb looks around at the elf and realizes that they are all suprised by Alexia's statement of her age. He turns back to Alexia with an eyebrow raised, "Why other elves suprised by Alexia's age?"

05/03/2005 8:25 PM

Alexia smiled until she came across James’ threatening voice.

You lie!

She swallowed hard and tried to remain sweet. “Because they know they can never reach the knowledge I know. Besides I think they are shocked to know I still look like I’m 117!” She saw a rock and decided to sit down on the jagged edges, feeling slightly uncomfortable but nonetheless her face didn’t concern her. She couldn’t help but glance over to the other elves who seemed to be fond of her ‘uniqueness.’

The ‘leader’ of the elf coughed over towards Grubb signaling the crystal ball. Alexia frowned and cocked her head to the side watching as the Elf seemed a little uncomfortable with her prying blue eyes. She shrugged her shoulders and looked up to pick at a cold green leaf, peeling away until it was nothing but a stem.

05/04/2005 1:20 PM

Grubb stares at the elf for a moment and then down at his pouch, understanding suddenly that the elf must want him to contact his father, he highly doubted the elf would know the contents of his bag. The ogre sighs, "If you wants me contact father, elf just say so." As he searches through his bag to find his secondary crystal ball, he mutters about pointlessly indiscrete signals.

After a few moments his hand emerges from his pouch, which he ties back up securely, and sets the crystal ball down before him. He looks around at all of the elves a moment before picking the crystal ball back up and standing. "Me talk to father alone first. None of elf business."

With that, Grubb walks some twenty feet from the elves and sits down again, setting the ball down in front of him "Oh Brick-illee-hikillee-heimee!" The ogre calls quietly at the crystal ball.

Suddenly a very angry gnome face appears in the ball, cheeks and nose a deep red, his scowl enhanced by his wrinkles. "Don' you ever call me that Grubb! What if I had summoned a demon?! It would never bow down to me after such a stupid name like that had been attached to me!"

Grubb grinned at the gnome as he huffed and puffed in anger, "Summon room no have crystal ball."
The ogre fails to supress a laugh as the gnome puts on a very superior face and retorts, " I know that! It was... just an example!" After another moment of his huffy mood, Brickellheim calms down and takes on a more conversational tone." So, how goes your search for the elf?"

"She sitting on rock with other elfs, little ways away." Grubb pointed behind him towards the gathered elves. Before Brickellheim can say anything, Grubb continues," She nice, and she IS ancient. She said she more than hundred thousand years old!!"

The ogre gets excited as he speaks, but a raised hand from the gnome calms him, " Thats not exact, but good enough for an idea. But that is besides the point, take the ball to the group so that I may speak with them, right away."

Grubb nods and picks up the ball, and walks back to the gathered elves.

(OOC: Brickellheim will be a communal character for a short while. So if it'll help go for it and use him :))

05/05/2005 12:45 PM

Alexia looks up to see...a gnome? She squints her blue eyes and takes moments to realize something strange about the pair. She shrugged her shoulders, sat up, and dropped the stem, brushing away the leaf particles. She smiles while the other Elves gather around her to see the crystal ball. “Hello.” She says in common, hoping he could speak that.

“Hello!” Came the short man’s voice from the crystal ball. It seemed to have a flat tone as some crystal balls carried an echo of some sort. Nonetheless she could listen and conversate. “My name is Brickellheim and I’m Grubbs father, as you can tell. So you are the elf who wields the swords?” He seemed to be more interested, yearning to be in the same frame as her.

“Yes I do.” She smiled, knowing James would take an interest and listen closely too! “Yes, I wield them.”
“Do you have them?”
She shrugged her shoulders as he nodded, stroking his chin.
“How old are you?”
“Old enough.”
Her ice blue eyes seemed to glare at his rather dumbfounded question.
“So he has them?”
“How do you know it’s a he?”
“I have my way of knowledge.”

They seemed to have a competition fest over nothing! She sighed. “It was a secret many centuries back. How they found out- I will never know.” The gnome seemed very interested now as he sat back and gazed into his ball before speaking.

“I had Grubb come after you so you can win the war.”
“What war?”
“The one that is destroying your mind like it had been centuries ago. You wield that blade, no because you like to but because you must. Am I wrong?”
She bit down on her lip and steer away from the crystal ball, looking at the leaf petals she destroyed. He continued:
“Of course not. I have been researching you-,”
“They have me on books? What am I a Goddess to people?”
“Actually you’re history is more of a demi-goddess. So yes, you are in our history books. No matter, you are here, but one things prevails, why you?”
She looked back up to see his sheepish grin and then he continued.
“This war you are having is coming to pieces. The barrier between the dead and living are corrupting as you have felt in your blades. You are the light that guides the darkness. You should be proud of your capabilities.”
“Well I’m not! I hate them!”
“That is why you we are in a war.”
“So anything I do, happens here?”
“Yes. And we are going to fix that at the Center of the World.”

Her eyes seemed to go wide. She had been there and sacrificed to who she was and now she had to go back. Back to a place where the dead roamed freely.
“Now, it’s north of the sun rises fifth guide. You know exactly what I’m talking about so don’t think this is a matter of escaping when the world counts on your shoulders.”
“Maybe it should be on someone else’s. Hmm?”
“Dear, you’re pure! Untainted, until he corrupts your mind.”

She swallowed leaving a large lump in her throat as the crystal ball faded.

05/05/2005 1:56 PM

Grubb listens to the conversation between Alexia and his father, not really understanding much of what they are talking about. When Brickellheim mentions war however, the ogre becomes more alert, hoping to hear that a grand battle is awaiting, one that will cause Grubb to be famous all over the world! But the thought fades as the pair continues to speak of things that the ogre has no knowledge of.

When the image of his father fades, Grubb picks up his crystal ball and places it back into his pouch where it belongs. The ogre stretches and his stomache rumbles very loudly, he had not realized he was hungry again. Reaching down into his pouch he rummages around for a moment but to no avail, he ate all his food prior to his entrance into King Elrick's castle. Instead of food, the ogre pulls out a large javelin, which he uses to help himself stand back up.

"Grubb hunt food, any elf hungry better say now." And with that Grubb begins to walk away from the group of elves, hoping to find a large deer or ellk, maybe even a bear! Now a bear would taste good, he hadn't had bear meat in a long time.

05/06/2005 3:28 PM

Alexia shook her hand up in the air waving it feeling her stomach knot. She hated meat or anything coming from an animal. She asked some of the younger elves if they were hungry for good food and they smiled making sure nothing could go wrong.

Hungry eh?

Her eyes widened, trying to look somewhere else as the men gathered belongings so she could cook.

Poison them now!

Her head seemed to throb but she ignored it and continued to look for herbs and wild vegetables to make her homelands soup. She loved to make the spice soup and elven bread- too bad she didn’t have the wine. It would have been a whole feast!

05/06/2005 8:15 PM

Grubb stalks through the forest, javelin poised above his shoulder ready to throw, a bear off in the distance, upwind from the ogre. The wind shifts suddenly, hitting Grubb's back and carrying his scent down to the bear, who's nose twitches at the sudden smell, it's head swiveling to face the intruder. Grubb continued to move foreward towards the bear, waiting to see if it was going to turn and run or face the ogre. It was a large bear, thick, dark brown fur covering it's body, and it was confident in it's ability to deal with threats.

This bear shows true honor in it's willingness to stand against me, I am larger than even this big bear. I will defeat it as it deserves. With the end of his thought the ogre throws down his spear, removes his helm and gauntlets, unlatching and removing his armor, his gaze never leaving that of the bear. After several minutes, the bear never taking it's eyes of of Grubb's, watching the spectacle of this giant disarm itself.

Finally Grubb is down to his breeches, all the rest of his coverings lying in a pile next to him. He crouches slightly and moves towards the bear, which stands on it's hind legs and roars it's challenge to the approaching ogre. Grubb grins and roars back at the challenge, his roar echoing much further through the surrounding region.

A few steps later, Grubb issues another roar as he charges towards the bear, not so loud as the first but still echoing. His shoulder catches the bear in the chest as they collide, the bear wrapping it's arms around the ogre as it accepts the charge, beginning to squeeze as it attempts to crush the life out of it's adversary. Grubb laughs at the bear and heaves his arms to the sides, forcing the bear to break it's hug, punching out at the bear's chest as it moves away.

With a roar the bear staggers back a step before charging at the ogre once again, raking it's claws raking at the ogre. Grubb raises his arm and blocks the bear's claws, which catch in his skin and gash along his forearm. Normally it would have been a serious wound, but Grubb's thick skin managed to stop it from being too serious. Grubb roars and punches out again, his fist smashing into the bear's skull, causing it to fall to the ground, a pained grunt escaping it's lips. Grubb roars and raises a foot to stomp the bear, but it recovers suddenly and lurches forward, catching the ogre in another massive hug.

Grubb roars in pain as he lays on the ground, smothered by the bear as it attempts to crush the life out of him. The ogre strains he muscles in his legs and arms, pushing to the side, roaring again when he finally begins to tip the bear. Another strain of his muscles allows Grubb to turn the bear over and gain the upper hand in the struggle, wrapping his arms around the bear's chest under it's front legs. The ogre connects his hands behind the bear and squeezes the bear with all of his might.

The bear growls in pain and lets go of the ogre, trying to get away, but Grubb's hold increases as he puts more pressure against the bear's chest. A loud snap tells of a rib cracking and breaking, making the bear roar in pain again. The bear's maw clamping down on Grubb's shoulder, just below his neck, immediately drawing blood. The ogre growls and exerts all of the force he can muster to crush the bear in it's own best weapon, while the bear continues to bite down on his shoulder, and it's claws raking his back.

Several more cracks tell the ogre that nearly all of his opponent's ribs are broken and that it's lungs will be crushed soon enough. The bear's claws slow, raking Grubb's back more slowly and less force pushing the claws into his skin, it's jaw beginning to release it's pressure. Grubb keeps his hold on the bear for several more minutes as the creature stops all movement and eventually stops breathing.

Finally the ogre releases the bear and stands up, stretching his limbs and muscles so that they won'tget sore. He moves over to the pile of his equipment and wraps it all up in his cloak, tying it off so that none of his equipment would fall out and looking part of the knot around his neck like a backpack. He moves over to the corpse of the bear and picks it up with both of his arms, straining for a moment but getting it over his shoulder with little difficulty.

He walks back to the group of elves, setting the corpse down reverently and his equipment next to it. He turns to the elves, his wounds still bleeding freely, and says, " I need find river for wash. None touch food or stuffs please, Grubb get really mad."

With that the ogre walks off to search for a river or pond.

05/08/2005 5:02 PM

OOC: Sorry I was in a really big hurry so I didn't get something exciting.

Alexia looks down at the bear in a strange way. She wouldn’t touch it nor eat it! She stirred her wild spice soup over the fire blowing on the wooden ladle, tasting it. Looking around she takes a stone and a large round rock and starts chafing the rocks making a bowl out of the stone. She used to do this when she was younger. She noticed the blood from the large Ogre but didn’t dare question is as she could hear their little ‘bear fight.’

05/08/2005 9:48 PM

Grubb walks through the forest, searching for a pool of water to wash his wounds, not wanting them to dirty up his clothes or armor, a fine reminder for Grubb that he was unlike any other ogre. After a short walk, in which the silenced birds and animals of the forest had started up their daily chatter once again, the ogre comes upon a river, not too deep or fast moving, but good enough for a wash.

Without delay the ogre strips off his pants, rips off a branch from a nearby fir tree, and gets into the cold water. The ogre sighs contentedly as he dunks himself under the surface of the water, holding his breath for several minutes before coming back up, taking in a great gulp of air. Turning his body sideways towards the current of the river, he rubs his back with the branch, stinging slightly, but cleansing them atleast slightly.

Once done with his back, the ogre relaxes in the water, watching the currents from his body go from red swirls, to pink swirls, until his wounds had apparently stopped bleeding enough to show in the water. With a great yawn, Grubb stands and exits the water, grabbing his pants as he heads back towards the elves, putting his pants on only when he knows he is getting close. It is odd how creatures of the wild run around naked all the time, but if I do it, those creatures deemed "sentient" become disgruntled. But no matter, it is usually warmer with clothing on anyway.

Grubb re-enters the area of the elves and moves to his belongings, pulling a skinning knife out of his wonderfully helpful pouch. He moves to the bear and looks around, finding a nice open clearing some fifteen feet away. The ogre picks up the bear and carries it over to the clearing, setting in down in the middle of the clearing and on it's back. Grubb leans over it with his knife grasped in both hands in front of him, tip down towards the animal, and he bows to it.

Grubb offers prayers to the mighty gods and goddesses of the wild, and to those of battle and death, that the bear's spirit be kept safe, and in an honored place for it's bravery in combat and honor in death. Several moments pass as the ogre prays for the animal and for his own continued strength and courage, before stabbing the creature and slicing down it's front.

The ogre cleanly skins the bear, it's pelt in wonderful condition when he is finished, and it's meat cut from it's bones and set in a pile next to the bears skeleton. The ogre moves to his equipment, sets the meat down and covers it with his cloak, then he straps his pouch around his waist and picks up the bones and pelt of the bear. He informs the elves that the skin and bones need to be washed for suitable presentation, or as he puts it, "They need be clean, look good."

And with that the ogres sets off once again towards the river, handling the pelt and bones of his adversary respectfully, careful not to drop any of it. By the time he is done with his trips to the river, the ogre's large feet may beat a path from their "campsite" to the river.

05/14/2005 1:01 PM

Grubb cleans the bones and skin of the bear in much the same way that he had cleaned himself, using a branch from a tree. It only takes a short while to clean the bones and skin well, the blood having been still wet and mostly just rinsing away. The ogre makes his way along his path back to the elves once again, this time finding a spot exposed to the sky and setting the bones and skin down to dry. He smiles and waves slightly at the elf Alexia as he moves around during his hustle and bustle.

Grubb picks up his sword from the pile of his belongings and moves to a smaller tree, takes a single mighty swing of his sword and cuts down the tree. He severs it into smaller sized logs and kindling, then pulls out his ring and points at a small pile of it, muttering. The small pile of branches and logs bursts into flame, the fire immediately hot as if it had been burning for hours. The ogre piles a few more logs on before putting his ring away and grabbing a pointy brach, on which he spears a large piece of meat and puts it over the fire, rotating it slowly.

He looks at the elves and smiles once again, seeming more like a child than a killer at the moment, "This gonna be good, bear great warrior, if spirit happy, help Grubb be stronger!" he chuckles slightly before adding, "Bear taste good too!"

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