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03/28/2005 9:22 AM

in the 600s during the great wars between the Brits and The Saxons, The Story of King Arthur came about...
To let you know it is true. Merlin, Morrgaine, and all the others where real. Sept for some details left out, the stories where basicly correct. When Merlin was Killed by Morrgaine's son (also son of her brother Arthur) Her powers began to lose its slip, the tears she shead during that time where crytalizing sealing the power within.

Some 600 years later, One of the Dark elf masters search for the crystals, so he can distroy every race on earth sept the Elves. His Daughter, who is half human, is doing everything in her power to get and distroy the tears before her Father gets them.

Our story begins just outside Edinburgh. The year is 1234.

"Willard?! Where did that little gnome? I swear if he pissed off another land lord I'll Kick his-"
"Exuse me miss?"
"Are you looking for a gnome with dark brown hair? Blue eyes? and drinks?"
"Saddly yes..."
"Well I hope ye can pay for what he broke!"
"Oh dear goddess...."

Sani followed this old tavern owner. While they walked she was looking around to see many different people.
"Why are so many people crowding your village?"
"Prince Arkan is in town so people are flocking to get a glimps!"
"Prince who?..."
They trailed off as they got closer to the Tavern.

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04/11/2005 12:00 PM

'And im tellin you.....im a gnomesssss" Willard said drunkenly to a plant. All of the usual veterans were staring at him funny. Especially since thorns kept popping out of his back. The serving wench walked over and gently tapped Willard on the shoulder.

"Excuse me sir......"

Willard whipped around wildly, with his dream plant pipe in his hand(OOC: Junkie!)

"BACK! BACK YOU HARPEY BITCH!" Willard yelled loudly pulling out a small knife. He began thrusting at her with it.

"Neh! neh! neh! neh!." Suddenly, Willard felt a small tap on his soldier(the wenchs lover) "Who the crap are you?"

*five seconds later*



The scream was Willard flying across the inn, the crash was the window he flew through.

Willard saw a familiar foot heading towards his face.

"Ut oh...."

04/11/2005 12:58 PM

Sani was planting many a foot marks in Willard's face.
"You stupid little gnome! I'll Kill you!"
When she stopped Willard was twitching.
"Sorry Willard...I'm just a little pissed off."
"why?...*coughs up blood*"
"Frigin' some asshole with a carage ran over my bag or herbs!"
"so little prince queer...I'll kill him"

04/11/2005 1:17 PM

"Okay then......" Willard said etting up slowly.

"OY! that little bastard owes me money!" A large masculine voice shouted behind him.

"What else were you doing in there?" Sani asked quizically.

"Um.....nuthin....sure as hell wasnt cheating at dominoes again!" Willard exclaimed bolting.

" You little bastard!" Sani said running after him.

04/13/2005 12:41 PM

Arkan turned over peacefully in his wool covering. His shoulder length hair tossed in the wind, and was suddenly lifted ever so slightly, as if a gentle hand had brushed though it. Muttering something, he began to toss and turn suddenly as a violent nightmare closed in around him. The wind began to pick up, and Norrmana's horse, Emma, woke out of a dead sleep, neighing and fighting the wooden stake that held her in place.

As the wind increased, the soft gentle hand became an angry fist, and ripped trough the surrounding woods and billowed through the fire. Meanwhile, Arkan was fighting a nightmare apporition in his slumber.

"YAA!" Arkan screamed as he launched himself at his darkly clad adversary. Retreving a burning blade from his sheath at his waist, the details slowly came into view. The landscape as if they were in the center of a flame. The nightmare Arkan was fighting was a gigantic black night, his helmet stood two black horns as that of a bull, if a bull's horns were two feet long. The creature's, for he was not sure it was human, mouthplate looked as if a evil scowl was forever burned upon his face. Parrying the powerful blow, the thing grabbed Arkan by the throat. He felt himself get weak, and began to feel old, so very old and tired...
Fighting for the last verges of his strength, Arkan lifted the blade and swung in a gigantic arc, and cleanly loaped the creature's head off.

Arkan awoke in a cold sweat, his knife unsheathed in his hand. For Arkan, it felt so real... Serugging it off, he got up.

In one fluid motion, he sheathed his dagger and tossed it cleanly into his pack. had someone been paying attention, they would have noticed the knife made no sound when it should have hit the bottom.

Arkan began to pack up his campsite, for he had to make for England, it was a long trip until he would arrive at a dock who would be willing to ferry him to the opposite Isle. The sun was almost up anyway, so the trip would be well lit. As he stuffed the wool inside his bag, he pulled out an impossibly long sword from the pack. Straping the sword around his back, Arkan picked up his pack and mounted his horse. Then, he pointed her north and made Emma trot up the dirt road to where the adventures of a lifetime lay.

04/14/2005 3:27 AM

Sani was still chasing Willard when they got to a dirt road.
"neh, neh, Haaahaaaha- AHHHH!"
Willard looked to see a horse running right twards him. Sani realizing this the leaped like a panther in front of him. She drew her sword.
She mumbled something him elvish and the horse stop with in an instand.
"You could have Killed him!"
Standing up straight she waited for a responce from the guy atop the horse.

04/14/2005 11:46 AM

where the hell did he come from? Arkan thought as his horse steadied.

To be fair, he wasn't really paying attention, being sea sick for 36 hours as a drunk sea captain tried to get the dinky little ferry across the channel, managing missing the port and somehow ending up at the wrong side of England, and then the two frantic days trying to get back to the other side.

And then the short creature had managed to duck under Emma, as if he wanted to be killed by the horse. Hopping down, he stroked Emma twice on the side of the head, then grabed the gnome's hand and pulled him up.

"Err, sorry ma'am." Norrmanas said apologetically, looking her dead in the eyes. She was an elf, no doubt, and this guy either had a death wish or was on something. "Now if you will excuse me," Arkan said in his most stately voice as he bowed. Then suddenly, he grabbed his horse's reins and jumped on his mount. "I have pubs to attend to."

04/14/2005 3:25 PM

Sani smacked herself in the head and said," You had to be saying pub didn't ye?"
Willard hearing the word pub instantly stated "I bet I could out drink ya!"
Arkan Looked at the gnome and laughed. "Your a gnome! I and much bigger then thee. Of course I can out drink thee."
Sani knew damn well something bad was going to come from this little adventure.
"Why Goddess? Why me?"
As she followed the them to the nearest pub.

04/15/2005 1:11 PM

A drinking contest? Who did this gnome think he was? Arkan thought to himself. i'm the champion drinker in the entire Irish state, and that's saying a lot. I've never been drunk under the table.

As he tied his horse up to the nearest public post, he could hear the gnome had gotten a head start with the drinking. Pointing to the most comely bar, Norrmanas said, "That bar looks most like the pubs we have at home. It also looks like the cheapest, so we're going there." And leaving no room for argument, set off in that direction.

"I'll expect the loser to pay the tab, I will if I lose as a man of honor. I will exect the same, even if you are not a man." Shooting the gnome a stare, Arkan said, "I can see you have started drinking. We can hold this off until you are sober if you want."

04/15/2005 7:57 PM

Sani walking behind Willard looked up from a book she had as said,"Well since you think you'll bet him...when he passes out I'll be in his place."
Arkan looked at the elf.
"Don't think I'm a drinker do ya?"
She grabbed one of Willard's Wisky flasks and gulped it down in less then a minute.
"Still think I can't drink?" She tosted it behind her.
Willard dove for it.
"neh! Not my wisky flask!"

04/24/2005 3:06 PM

in a corner of the pub Raine looked up from her book to see what the commotion was about. Aparentlly an half elf,human and a gnome were fight about something until the elf thru a flask of whisky and she sees the gnome dive for it. right before he can get it she grabs it making him slide across the floor in to the wall.Raine the holds it high above the gnome's head"Would this be yours?" she asks him.

04/24/2005 6:50 PM

Sani turns to see the dark elf holding the flask above Willard's head.
"Play nice Raine."
Raine looked at the half elf and said "how did you kno-"
"So my father sending lackys again?"
Raine "I'm no lacky of that putrid little-"
Willard "Your *shacks* fa-fa-father!?"
"Yes Willard. I told you this might hap-"
Raine "I told you I am no lacky to that putrid exuse of a magic master that is your father!"
"Well that's good to hear. Now back to this drinking contest human! *evil smirk*"

04/25/2005 5:56 AM

"Feh .....lacky" Raine mutters under her breath
"May i have my flask back?" says Willard
"....no." she says then goes back to reading her book

04/25/2005 7:23 AM

Sani and Arkan where just laughing at the whole thing.
"Willard? Are you married to that damned flask or what?"
as Willard paniced about "neh, neh, neh!"

05/02/2005 5:02 AM

Willard was getting pissed... he began to move his fingers and speak in an ancient tongue under his breath, a small jolt of lightning shot from his index and sparked on Raines stool.


"GOT IT!" Willard exclaimed, scurrying back to the table to get drunk.

*several minutes later*

a large crowd had formed around the two, downing jugs by the second.


"Shut up im thirssssstyy" Willard said drunkenly.

"Uhgg.....purple lizards" he cursed

05/02/2005 5:43 AM

Sani was sitting in the middle of the table watching the two closely. She was laughing cause she knew soon that willard will start fighting plants and the servers.
"Wow human, you can really hold your own. I'm impressed."

05/02/2005 3:53 PM

"Acourse..." Arkan muttered in an almost incoherent voice. He swayed back and forth in a dangerous manner, as if he was to lean too far over he might collapse. "I'm the king of the IRELAND!! KING, KING OF IRELAND!!"

And with that took another long swig at his alcoholic beverage (it's origins stood at one point a medley of wiskeys and beers) and and started to swing it back and forth in the air.

05/02/2005 4:27 PM

Raine looked at Willard angrilily" You little toad".after he turned away toward the others to continue their drinking contest, she put her hands together started chanting under her breath.after several minutes of chanting she turned the gnome into a frog.

05/03/2005 11:44 AM

Sani had to take a double take.
"oh jeez"
she muttered in english and turned him back.
"neh...that waszzhhh wierdrdrdrdddy."
"Willard, I think you should stop and let me take over."
"I'm ffiiiiiigiiiinene"
"Fine then"
she went back to watching while the crowd shouted.

05/03/2005 1:37 PM

Arkan felt his mind reel. [i]what the hell was that? Was that gnome just turned into a toad? Or am I just drunk? No if i realize I could be drunk, then i'm not drunk enough. But then how would I know if i'm sober during other...[/i] Norrmanas amost passed out from the mix of alcohol and thought together.

Bringing his mind back to current issues, he slammed his drink down on the table and looked the short creature into the eyes and said, "bring it, shorty... hic..." and drank another deep gulp down.

05/03/2005 2:35 PM

Raine watched their little drinking contest.forgeting her real objective,to find morrgaine's tears for Sani's father.she then hears sumeone else voice in her head

[i]"Raine your slacking off again"

"so what....."

"You need to bring me those crystals"



"stop contacting me...i refuse to do any of your dirty work any more"

"fine you still owe me"[/i] the voice soon vanished from her mind

she then goes to buy herself a drink.

05/03/2005 5:10 PM

sani felt a dark presents around Raine.
She thought to herself "Alacrid..."
Raine looked over at the half elf wondering why she was stareing at her.
"what do you want?"
Sani walked over to her and asked quietly "You, you work for Alacrid...don't you? Or at least used to. If you are working for him just to let you know if you are te assassin I am the objective-"
"No I'm not an assassin, nor do I work for your father any long."
"Thats always nice to know."
Sani laughed to herself seeming a little insane to herself.

05/09/2005 11:47 AM

Elgowin stood at the edge of the villag and waited for a signal. Sudenly a voice came into his head.

"She is in the villege, Take care of her" The voice said.
Elgowin walked into town and began to chck the biuldings for his target suddenly he looked into the pub and looked at her.
"Perfect" he said as he walked through the door and waited patiantly for her to make the first move.

05/09/2005 12:21 PM

Sani and Raine where talking and both of them turned to see this dark elf at the entrance.
The both ducked.
"Ah so he's after you too?" Sani said to Raine.
"we cant have a fight with these people all around."
The both looked at one another and both darted for the back door.

05/09/2005 4:00 PM

Raine closes the back door that lead to the alley " i really hope he didn't follow us" the dark elf walks up to them." i spoke too soon ><;;;;"

05/10/2005 4:29 PM

Sani just looked at him, drew her sword and said,"If you wish for a fight then lets do it outside of the town."
In the bar:
Willard realized Sani was gone.
"Hey Sani! neh...where did she go?"
Back outside:
"well which one are you after anyways?"
"fine then if you wish to fight us follow us."
She whistled and a Pegasus flew out of the sky.
In a white flash Sani and Raine where gone.
The chase was on.

05/11/2005 11:44 AM

Elgowin watched as the Pegasus flew away and turned to the gnome he then grabbed the collar of his shirt "were are they going?!!" he said as he lifted him into the air. "answer me!"

05/11/2005 12:04 PM

"Uh Uh...bathroom" Willard said quickley. The gnome reached towards his back and pulled fof his staff.

He brought it around front and smacked the dark elf in his roundtables.


"HE! HE! HE!" Willard said dashing up a tree. Once he was on a safe branch, he reached in his pocket for a bag of rice he always carried with him. He grasped a handful and spoke in an ancient spidery language. The ball of rice sollidified into the form a cow(just right for his size) and mounted it.

"Follow the horse with wings!" Willard said



05/11/2005 12:20 PM

Sani and Raine where making their way to the Tems.
Raine said,"Where are we going?"
"The Tems. Its outside London!"
Then out of no where Sani heard some noise.
She turned her head and said ,"Hey Willard. Where's the human?"
"ut-oh..." Scratching his head.

05/12/2005 11:45 AM

Elgowin walked over to the stables next to the bar and walked to the biggest horse he could find and mounted it.
"did you get her?"
"no master"
"Follow her or there will be no end to your suffering!"
Elgowin began to follow the Pegasus "I wonder were there going?"

05/12/2005 8:15 PM

Reaching the Tems, they landed.
Sani got off her Pegasus.
Raine and Willard soon did the same.
"Willard maybe you should go see if that dark elf destroied the village."
Willard "No way! Miss this fiuight. *hic*"
Raine "he's still drunk?!"
"Yeah... "
Raine "I wonder when mr. evil will get here?"
"We'll find out soon..."

05/14/2005 11:14 AM

raine took out her staff swings it around. red lines start to appear under her feet creating a summoning circle. she then takes out a red and black stone and puts it on the ground and it turns in to a black phoenix."Kweh?" the phoenix rested on raine's arm "hello Celeris.you know what to do right?""Kweh!" raine pets the phoenix softly then throws him into the air.

05/16/2005 2:21 PM

"I win!!" Arkan proclaimed dancing over a table overflowing with empty mugs of ale. "I AM THE VICTOR! LORD OF IRELAND AND NO PANTS!!!" and with that fell off the table. It was a half hour after the party left, and Norrmanas had just realized everyone he was dueling with was gone. "Aww, where'd thye ggoo?" He studdered. Everyone pointed out in the direction of the door, and so Arkan slowly dragged his feet over to follow them.

05/16/2005 2:47 PM

Celeris comes back afew minutes later and rests on Raine's arm"....so what of the village?.....still intact?....the human's coming?.....i see you may go rest now" Celeris flys off raine's arm and on to the summoning circle and turns back in to a black and red marble.the circle dissapears.

05/16/2005 3:00 PM

Sani closes her eyes and began to chant.
She fell to her knees.
Then a Summoning sphere appears in the sky.
Something started forming in the sphere.
Willard looked up and saw it.
"neh! it will try to eat me again!"
Raine looked up and was impressed.
{must finish post later. Mom's birthday. She's 39....again}

05/23/2005 12:25 PM

Arkan stumbled off into the general direction of where the troop of adventurers headed. In a stupor, he could only guess the exact locale where the group was. Upon seeing a bird in the sky, he followed the direction of were that bird flew, as to hope it led to food. After a number of feet Norrmanas saw what appeared to be the sky darkening and brighting up, in a matter of seconds. Figuring he was hallucinating, Arkan laid down and fell into a deep sleep in seconds.

05/24/2005 11:41 AM

Raine picked up the small red and black marble that was Celeris after staring at Sani's summon.She puts celeris's marble in her pocket.

05/26/2005 1:39 PM

Ok since I am the amazing high master of this thread here is the big dramatic ending!!!!

Ok There is a big space rock coming twards earth...for some reason there is a Ramune display on it....Thank you sponcers!...anywho it hits earth and everyone dies....

.............the end.....

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