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03/21/2005 5:02 AM

It was a calm day on the seas. The mighty pirate ship "The Sead Devil" was gently making its way through the waters of the Gyan Sea. Kinnard looked at his crew of cuthroats and scallywags and smiled.

"We all now the drill now men! But just teach the new guy the ropes!(OCC:thats you Libra) We will reach Mosquito Isle in one day! be ready to plunder, pillage, and steal your black hearts out!"

The crew raised their fists and cheered.

03/23/2005 5:14 PM

Silver leaned against the mast of the ship while captain Kinnard threw his speech to the rest of the crew...the new guy seemed alittle suspicious but who wasn't on "The Sea Devil" . after kinnard's speech .Silver goes back to her post in the galley.

03/23/2005 5:30 PM

Grunge was in the kitchen, making his usual "Gruel en Fromage," which, despite looking like the afterproducts of a failed high-school chemistry project, tasted remarkably good. For pirate cooking. He, like the rest of the crew, loved to pillage, but because he was just a cook, he rarely got any of the booty.

"Makin' more o' that leviathon shit there, Grunge?" asked a passing crew member.

"Stick it up yer arse."

03/23/2005 6:12 PM

Cyrus stood to the right of Kinnard, his customary position when the captain of "The Sea Devil" made one his speeches. His arms were crossed comfortably across his chest as the ocean gently loped against the hull of the ship, the monotonous rocking was a welcome feeling to the young first mate.

The sea breeze blew Cyrus' hair into his face and lazily into the air in front of him, shadowing his face from the crew. His mind was elsewhere as Kinnard welcomed the new member to the crew. As the pirates harmoniously welcomed the newcomer with a cheer, Cyrus snapped back to reality.

03/23/2005 9:26 PM

Dylan went back down below, to the hold. He was helping move powder and shot to the gun deck. They need to be prepared because the closer they got to a city the more likely of running into armed ships. He passed by the galley on the way down; dinner looked just as nasty as ever. However with Grunge looks didn’t mean anything.

03/23/2005 11:43 PM

Luke tromped around the deck, bored to death. People didnt know him, the pirates were all wary of him, and he just wanted to raid and get his loot so he could vacate back to Nasau. He had a place there where he was supposedly a buisiness man. Hah.

03/28/2005 7:39 AM

Jack stood there for a moment admiring the sea then turned about.
'he' turned to face Kinnard, thinking to 'him'self "he thinks know nothing of the sea..."
"Just to let you know..." in a rather domonate voice "I know a great deal of the ocean and how to work a ship! My father was the Great James 'scar' Meadows!"
Then she realized what she just said, casue her father only had one child....a daughter.... "Well I'm not his son by blood anyways he kind of adopted me...." *nervous laughter*
'His' long hair was blowing in the wind as 'he' tried to tie it back.

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04/03/2005 3:24 PM

Grunge, having finished his cooking, stepped out onto the deck. He walked to the stern, spitting into the roaring waters left in the wake of the Sea Devil. Jack was next to him.

"Yeh got yer sea legs yet, lad? I jus' want yeh te know that yer welc'me here on the Sea Devil. I hear yer a son o' the great Cap'n Meadows? I never knew him meself, but I heard stories of him bein' a great cap'n."

Grunge spits off the stern again, but due to a slight change in wind, his trajectory was off, and the loogie boomeranged back into his face. With a suprised grunt, Grunge lost his balance. He smashed onto the deck with a thud.

"Looks like I got a bit o' work teh do on me own legs! Har har har!" Grunge wiped the spittle off his face with his already disgusting apron, and patted Jack on the back.

"Remember, if ye ever need someone to watch yer back, lad, Grunge here'll gladly oblige."

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04/03/2005 3:51 PM

Jack offering a hand to the guy on the ground laughed to herself. "I be keepin that in mind..."

Jack helped Grunge up then walked over to the edge looking back at the fading horizon. She was hopeing that she would run into the pirates that killed her loved ones so she could return the favor. Pulling the locket she had out of her pocket and looked at the tiny paintings of her husband and daughter. One single tear escaped her eye. Then she turned around with a smile and said "So Cap! What I be doin first?"

04/04/2005 5:00 AM

Kinnard adjusted his bandanna and fixed his hair into a long ponytail. with a metal jeweled band to hold it in place, he stared at the new one, Jack.

"Well lad, just scurry up the mast there and help unfurl the last sail, with a good east wind we could there by tonight."

"Aye, aye captain!" he said and began to scale a rope that was hanging down.

"Cyrus, keep the men at work Im going to retire to my quarters."

"Aye sir" Cyrus said.

Just then, Bonzer(the lookout in the crows nest) spyed somthing off the starboard side of the ship.(OOC: this character is opened if anyone wants give him a personality).


Kinnard grabbed a spyglass off of his belt and looked out at sea.

A large fin broke the surface of the water, surging toward the sea devil.

Kinnard threw off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, this was bad.

"MEN!, GET TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!!, GET OUT THE LONG 9'S(cannons folks) AND OPEN FIRE ON MY COMMAND!! LOAD YOUR SHORT RANGE WEOPONS AND GET THE STEAM POWERED ROTTERY GUN INTO POSITION!"(I forgot to mention this guys, fictional world, but its a steam punk genre, if you dont know what that is ill explain later)CYRUS!!"

"Yes Sir"

" Its that goddamn leviathan again!! the one who we fought off of the Xsoa Rey coast!, be ready for anything."

"Aye Captain"

The fin was only a few hundred yards away now and the men were in postion.

Kinnard looked out the side and gave commands.

"FIRE!!!!!!!" Cyrus screamed.

04/04/2005 7:35 AM

Jack still untieing the last sail got knocked off and landed in the water. She opened her eyes under the water to see a giant eye in front of her. She pulled two of her daggers out. She began to swim away but the thing grabbed, ripped, then ate her jacket. She turned and attacked it. She barely cut it when it smacked her. It once again sent her sailing back onto the boat. She landed on her stomach. she stood up then realized she was getting a funny look from everyone.
"What ye lookin at?...Silver? Cap'n?"
looking down, realizing that her jacket was gone revialing her true figure.
She began to laugh nervously.

Kinnard "We'll figure Jack's gender later! FIRE!"

04/04/2005 11:54 AM

Silver kneeled down to eye level with jack " i knew something was weird about you." she says smiling "but im glad im not the only one on the ship " "Silver! Quit talking! we're under attack!" Silver looks up " aye aye captain " she says as she gets to a cannon and fires at the creature.

04/04/2005 2:11 PM

The creature surged toward the ship, Kinnard personally readied the rotary gun, nicknamed "Matilda". He began to fire rapidly at the fin, blood spurts out of the fin and around it. This slowed down the creature considerably, so its ram was a slight nudge.... to the creature, it rocked the whole ship. Kinnard flew into a mast as it splintered. Cannons flared,the sea turned red, large purple tentacles crossed over the ship and began to snake around, one grabbed Kinnard and began to pull him in.

"Yeah right" he said pulling out his boot dagger(were talking BIG) and hacked off the tentacle.

"MEN BE READY!! PREPARE FOR CLOSE COMBAT!!! CYRUS TAKE OVER THE GUNS!" Kinnard ordered as he drew his wickidly curved blades.

Twenty more tentacles crawled over the ship.

Kinnard ran forward on the deck yelling, followed by his crew.


04/04/2005 5:35 PM

"You heard him men! Reload the guns," Cyrus yelled above the roar of fighting. The boat had begun to rock back and forth, sea water pouring over the rails. Cyrus latched onto "Matilda", readying the large weapon for another volley. He turned back one last time.

"Aim for the eyes!" He shouted above the turmoil.


04/04/2005 5:41 PM

Jack pulled out her sword and one of her daggers, and charged. A tentacle grabbed her ankle and danged her up side down. She slashed at it cutting it off. She fell landing on Kinnard.
"Sorry Cap'n"
As she bounced back up and charged once more. Another Tentacle smaked into her pinning her agenced a wall. Her sword flu out of her hand only leaving her with a dagger. So she hacked away at the damned thing. "Grah Die Bastard!" Finally it broke off and she fell to the ground (being only 2 feet off) then charged at the thing again. Screaming "This is for my jacket!"

04/04/2005 5:51 PM

Luke was at the front of the boat when the tentacles flumped onto the deck around him. He calmly pulled out his sword and began lopping them off as they landed. He was just about cut off from the crew and decided it would be prudent to change that fact. He began barreling towards the rest of the pirates, hacking as he went.

04/05/2005 5:02 AM

Kinnard hacked off another limb, however he fell on a crew members dismembered limb and his swords went clanging along the deck. He withdrew his two pistols and began to shoot at the creatures limbs.

"FIGHT! ITS ALMOST DONE! UNTIL YOUR NAILS SPLINTER! AND YOUR BONES BREAK! FIGHT!" Kinnard yelled. This wasnt looking good for the ship. It was taking on water fast and one mast was a pile of matchsticks.

"SILVER!" Kinnard yelled jumping off the cannon.

"Aye capn!"

"Take your cannon crew down to the brig and start pumping out this seawater before we capsize!, were dead if we dont!"

"Yes sir!, men follow me! quite yer bitching! get down there!"

Kinnard turned to see the cannons were finally taking effect. No more tentacles were crawling over, and Cyrus' men were doing good.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE! ITS AS GOOD AS DEAD ANYWAY! HOLD!" Kinnard yelled. The fin was slowy swimming away in the other direction, leaving a bloody trail behind it. Just then, Bonzer threw a harpoon at the creature, hitting its side.

"BONZER I SAID HOLD......ON NO!" The harpoon rope had ben unraveling fast and had snagged Bonzers leg, dragging him off the ship as he was screaming.


A dagger severed the rope and Bonzer slid across the deck.

Kinnard looked at who threw it, it was Jack the new one.

"Good work Lad..er.. Lass as it seems"

04/05/2005 7:58 AM

Jack glanced over at Kinnard and said "Thanks Cap."
Jack stood up straight and and shock her head and said "so I guess I have some explaining to do, huh..." Scratching the back of her head.
Kinnard looked at Jack and asked simply "So. Your the Daughter of Cap'n Meadows huh? When I was younger I knew him."
"I don't remember much of my father. He was away all the time and he died when I was 10. I only got to see him a few times. But I did spend alot of time on my Uncle's boat so no reason to explain Sailing features to me sir."
"So why did you claim to be a guy, and why are you trying to be a pirate? Trying to live up to your pop?"
"Long story, and no I'm not trying to live up to my pop...I'm looking for someone so I can Kill em'..."
She looked away twards the east while clenching her locket.

04/05/2005 6:03 PM

Luke shoved his sword violently into it's sheath and wandered over.

"Hey, shes a chick."

Luke's blatant observation was startelingly observant. He looked over at the fleeing beast and cracked an eye brow.

"Guess we gave it a run for 'is money."

Luke was soaked with the leviathan's blood and smelled faintly like ether.

04/05/2005 6:16 PM

Grunge started walking around deck, picking up the tentacles of the beast one by one and dissapearing into the kitchen. He got some pretty disgusted looks.

"What're yeh all lookin' at eh? I knowz a great recipie fer Tentacle Stew!" Grunge picked up the last of the tentacles and returning to the kitchen. A few minutes later a sickening chopping noise could be heard. Grunge had completely missed the fact that Jack was a girl.

04/05/2005 6:21 PM

Luke saw the tentacles going into the kitchen and licked his lips.

"If you'll excuse me, I gotta go tail the chef. These things look tasty despite the smell."

Luke headed off towards the hold to see if he co7uld find some food.

04/05/2005 6:42 PM

Jack laughing at the blunt observations about her gender thought to herself. "think I know that recipie...ah well"
She was sitting at the front of the ship at this point looking twards their destination. "I wonder if I be seein the Red Phenoix there?" She thought to herself. Looking rather determined, she didnt notice other people where watching her.

The she turned with a humorious face saying aloud "Hey whats that great smell?!"

Grunge yelled "TENTACLE STEW!!! COME AND GET IT!!!"

Jack happily froliced over to get some stew while everyone but Grunge and herself where in shock from the sight of the food.

Jack looked at Kinnard and Silver saying(with her mouth half full) "Come on guys its really good. Me mum used to make this...."

04/05/2005 9:54 PM

Luke was eating off a plate the size of a round shield with what looked like a shovel and pitchfork. He threw down the stew with little grunts of pleasure. It WAS good. Better then he could make. He pulled a hair out, sniffed it, and threw it over his shoulder. Maybe for dessert.

04/06/2005 5:01 AM

Kinnard looked around at his crew and smiled, there were no casualites, thank god, but a few dismembered limbs that were being taken care of.

"Alright lads! good job! after this meal though its back to work! for the mean time though lets dine!" Kinnard said grabbing a bowl of stew. He ate hungrily on the deck, thats what the whole crew did, the galley was downstairs, but no tables, they needed all extra room for the booty:D.

He got up as the men were laughing and singing, he had a ship to run. He walked over to the brig hatch and yelled down.


"Aye, Sir!"

" Whats the situation? are we badly damaged?"

"No sir! we patched up what we could with some dry planks and the water pumps have been reroughted to the steam engines."

"Good, get yer men up here and have them get some food in there bellies, Calamari for lunch!"

This was responded to hoots and hollers as the men clambered out of the brig and began to dine. Kinnard walked over to the engine room of the ship.

The engine was nevered used, except for quick escapes, his crew had stolen it off of a rich inventor who lived on a small island, it was steam powered engine and when it was completely fill with steam, it made the Sea Devil a speed demon. Kinnard walked up to the deck and made an announcment.










The men yelled and cheered, less work meant more free time, Kinnard ran downstairs and began to pull levers and turn gauges, a loud hum began to vibrate the ship, then the rotors began to turn at the back of the vessel. At around evening Bonzer made the cry, the had entered the waters of Mosquito Isle.

"Rest up and have a merry time! tonight at midnight, be prepared to dock." With that Kinnard retired to his quarters"

04/06/2005 5:06 PM

2 hours after eating, Silver stayed on the main deck by the railing. she felt sick to her stomach."eugh must have been sumething i ate....."she said looking a little green"mental note help grunge next time he cooks...." she then goes down to her quarters swaying.

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04/06/2005 7:56 PM

Luke sleapt like an anchor on the seabed. His gear lay under his bed which groaned and sagged. Luke was too big for his quarters but he needed the sleep. He was going to kill anything that got in his way tomorrow.

04/07/2005 3:31 AM

It was the middle of the night and the rest of the crew had fallen into slumber. Jack was on the deck alone looking twards the Island that was still out of sight. She pulled a red cloth out of her pocket. there was a tiny bit of a golden design on it, but it was just the corner of it. Her eyes got a bit misty.
"I will kill every one of those Phenoix Pirates if I have to....Killing you my loove, and our child....I'll avenge th-" she stopped cause she heard a noise behind her. She quickly turned with a dagger drawn.
"Jack...so thats why you joined us ay? Revenge on some other pirates.."
"Thats all you need to know" as she stood up putting her dagger away and wiping the tears away from her eyes.
"How old was the child?"
"6 months"
"That just an't right...Wait how old are you?!"
" no reason, I just thought you where 16."
"I get that alot. If you'll excuse me Cap'n, I need some sleep."
"As do I" *jokingly smiles*
they walked to the quarters in silence.

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04/07/2005 12:30 PM

It was the middle of night, and all was quite for the inhabitants of Mosquito Isle, offshore Kinnard led a large fleet of longboats to the shore. When the long 9's fired, the raid would begin..




The raid had begun.

04/07/2005 12:45 PM

Elgowin stared at the boat as a guy ran past him screaming "Sand its the sea devil RUN!!"
Sands looked at the boat that had the landing crew on "This could be interesting" he said as he walked twords town "If i don't take care of what I came here for they will" he walked twords the goverment biulding and watched as the navy rushed the govener off of the boat.
"Govener I need to talk to you" Sands said as he walked up to him.
"It will have to wait, incase you havn't noticed were under attack" He said as he began to run.
"Thats very rude" Sands said as he followed the govenor he grabed his shoulder and turned him around. He put his pistol to the govenors head "I don't like it when people are rude" Sands pulled the trigger and began to walk away.

04/07/2005 1:42 PM

as the rest of the crew rushed about, killing and luting, Jack want slowly picking up neat looking things as she went along. "hey cool thats shiny." She continued to walk when some guy got in her way.

"Wench! You'll die!"
"yeah kay..."
The guy charged at her with a sword and a pistol. He shot at her and missed then went slashing at her. She simply drew her sword and took the guy's head off with one strock. "oh man I got it on my shirt!....ooouuuuu....stores." She marrily made her way to the stores. She took stuff from the clothing stores, and Jewel stores. She also found a book store, so whe took a few cause who knew the next time they would see a book store.


Jack looked outside the store to see a huge guy, like 6'8", chancing Silver with a sword as she threw a dagger at him and got him in the temple.

"Nice aming Jac-er uh...what do we call you now?"

"Jack, Jacky, Jaclyn...take your pick."

So they seperated and Jack was off to find more cool stuff.

04/07/2005 2:00 PM

"i'll stick with calling you jack" said silver and the ran off to filch, pilfer, and plunder her black guts out. she then bumps in to.....Sands.instinctively she took out two daggers eyes closed swinging blindly aparently missing him entirely...

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04/07/2005 2:03 PM

OOC Did anyone read what I posted in the OOC section?!!?


Cyrus stood on the deck of the [i]Sea Devil[/i] watching the battle unfold. He never really enjoyed killing innocents but the pay was just too damn good. As he scanned the throng of combatants, he noticed a young man with almost golden hair strutting down a nearby avenue. Cyrus noted the figure before turning back to regard the battle, it seemed that the [i]Sea Devil[/i] would again be victorious.

04/07/2005 6:21 PM

Luke lifted a fellow off the ground and smashed a window with his now airborne corpse.


He charged into the store and decapitated the closest person with a coat tree. He went straight for the money drawer. That done he walked outside ans turned to the next buisiness.

04/07/2005 7:26 PM

Grunge, as usual, was the last one off the boat. He slowly lumbered forward, resting his huge cleaver on his right shoulder. As he neared the rest of the group, a Mosquito Island soldier came up behind him, and took a huge swing of his sword. Grunge turned at the last moment, holding up his hand. Rather than cutting straight through, The sword barely cut into Grunge's hand at all. Grunge then grabbed the blade and twisted it back toward the soldier. The soldier held fast on the hilt of his sword, but under the tremendous strain of Grunge's stregnth, it bent backwards and into the soldier. The soldier screamed to his last breath as the sword pierced through him.

Grunge jogged forward, trying to catch up with his crew members. Whenever he fell behind, he never got his share of booty. A large carriage stood in his path, but rather than go around it, Grunge sliced through. The two carriage-halves crashed to the ground. A few minutes later, Grunge began to slow down, and finally halted, gasping for air. He may be remarkably large, and extremely powerful, but he has the stamina of a whale on land.

04/08/2005 12:00 PM

Kinnard led his band of cutthroats through the ports streets, thats when they first encountered real resistance.

A large battalion of soldiers marched around a corner, setting up their guns for a volley.
Kinnard had to think fast, act faster.

"SCATTER!" Kinnard yelled ducking down a side alley. He clambered on top of a house and made it a roof. He took out his double barreled pistol and aimed at a soldier.


"GOT ONE!" he said smiling. His men were having some trouble. Armed cavalry had arrived in the streets. Kinnard knew what to do.

"USE YOUR GRAPPLING HOOKS LADS!" he said taking his off his belt. His hook had a metal hand shaped like an eagles claw. Kinnard gave it some slack and pelted his hook to a lower ledge, as did others. The cavalary didnt see the rope lines in the dark.

Twang! Thok! AGHHH!!!!

The pirates slid down their lines and boarded the horses. Kinnard punched out the soldier off his saddle, the soldier grabbed Kinnard and pulled him off. The soldier drew his sword and stared down Kinnard.

"Listen lad, i dont like you, you dont like me right?"

"Yeah, so?"

*Ut oh...lady soldier* Kinnard thought. tricky.

"SO?! how could say that mate! truly you have the heart of a pirate in you!" Kinnard said slighly drawing his swords.


"Well lets see, you fight dirty, you got hate in your heart, and Im sure you love money." Kinnard said pulling out a big jeweld pendant fron around his head.

"See this? its from one of your own local jewler, probaly fetcha pretty price no?"

"Yes, thats very nice but what exactly are you saying?"

"What say you? join my ship, and lead with me!, the pay is good, the food is delicious(OOC: mmm...burger), and the number one rule, there are none!"

"Wow" the lady soldier said lowering her blade "You would let me be your first mate?"

"Of course, just turn around and head toward the longboats, and the riches shall be yours"

"Okay I guess" she said turning around...


"Rule numbah two lass, never turn yer back to a pirate." Kinnard said withdrawing his blade from her abdomen.

His pirates looked at him, and cheered.


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04/08/2005 12:15 PM

Sands dodged Silver's swings "I don't want to hurt you" he said as he jumped back and took his rifle off of the sling and aimed it at her "But right now your forcing me to serius actions" he said as he looked at her suddenly he lowered his rifle he realy couldn't hurt her. "oh well" he said as he slung the rifle over his shoulder "Parle" he said as he walked twords her waiting to see if she follows to code.

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04/08/2005 4:55 PM

Jack was walking back to the boats to unload when she saw Silver with some guy. She wrote it off and kept walking. She got back to the docks and then she saw it.
"Oh God!"
It was what she was looking for.
Some smaller boats from the ship where getting to shore. One of the men spotted her. She rain. For a few minutes she believed she was safe. She turned the corner to find 10 Pheniox Pirates.
"Well well lads, Its Cap'n Meadows' Gurl. My you've grown." as the pirate grabbed her hair and started to sniff it.
"You got alotta baulls tuchin' me."
"Oh really lassie? Who bee the ones who killed yer pa? Huh?"
"You asked fur it!"
She pulled out her sword and a dagger and started to fight. Bout an hour later there were 4 pirates left. Her sword was out of reach and her daggers were out of sight.
"So Lass...Goin' ta give uup?"
Thinking to herself (I really didn't want to pull those out...)
She pulled a small dagger from her shirt and sliced the guy in the ankle.
"AGRH!" as he fell to the ground.
She killed off the other 3 then turned to the one on the ground.
"Now devious Dilly, You are going to tell me everything about Merks Isle, or I'll blow ye head off! Got me?!" Shoving a gun in his face.
"Please I don't know anything I wasn't even-"
"Lier! I'll Kill ye!"
She stood and began to walk away.

04/08/2005 5:36 PM

The rifle was pointed at her head but then was lowered."i really don't want to harm you but.... parle?" hearing the word "parle" put her daggers at her side and crossed her arms."ok you spoke the word "parle" so what do you want?" she waits for an answer.

04/09/2005 6:45 AM

Kinnard was running back to the boats with his crew, time to make an escape. They had done pretty good for themselves, brand new weopons and ammo, a lot of new clothes and trinkets to barter with, and some nice augmentations Kinnard was gonna install in the Sea Devil. Kinnard looked out towards the port city and couldnt help but smile, pure choas now ruled the streets. Kinnard reached for a horn inside his booty bag and began to blow into it hard, this was the signal for a retreat.


"WEVE HAD OUR FUN LADS!!! LETS LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE!!!" Kinnard yelled. he took in a great intake of air.


The crew of the Sea Devil was making its way back to the longboats. Kinnard noticed a squad missing.


"Aye Sir!"

"Where's Dagger Jacks crew?"

"Sir? I dont know the last I saw of them they were going to meet a second fleet."

Kinnard looked at the pirate and said slowly.

"There is no second fleet, whats left of the crew is manning the cannons!" Kinnard ran back into town and grappled his way to the top of an inn.

He saw a black ship, with red sails , just out of the Sea Devils line of sight.

Kinnard didnt know what to think, why would a pirate attack one of his own? according to the code there are rules on how to fight between ships and clan..this isnt adding up.

"Jonsy!" Kinnad said jumping down.

Jonsy put his bag in the longboat then came out to meet Kinnard.


Kinnard looked sternly into his face.

"Tell Cyrus to turn hard to port! be ready for battle! the port may have fallen but it looks like we got some scavengers! Pheonix pirates! be on your toes, Im going to take a group of us into the city to meet them on land, if I dont return, Cyrus is your new captain!"

"Aye sir!" Jonesy slammed his fist against his chest then pushed off in his longboat.


His men looked at him and threw their blades in the air.



"IM GOING BACK TO THE SHIP! ow!....i mean............DEATH!!!!"

Kinnard smiled and began to give orders.


The men cheered in an uproar that made the port tremble.

04/09/2005 10:50 AM

There was chaos everywhere. Grunge had no idea what had happened. He couldn't see any of his crew members. He scratched his head, and turned around. A red flare lit the sky in that direction, shouting urgency.

[i]Ugh, more runnin',[/i] he thought. He pulled up his pants, itched his arse, and set off again. [i]Aye wonder why they used the flare,[/i] he thought. [i]I thot it wus jus fer emergencies...[/i]

04/09/2005 1:31 PM

Cyrus helped Jonesy onto the [i]Sea Devil[/i].

"Cyrus, Kinnard said ter take the ship out and.." Jonesy said to Cyrus.

"And what?!?" Cyrus replied.

"And er... I fergot," Jonesy replied ashamedly. Cyrus let out a long sigh before turning to regard the remainder of the crew that had stayed onboard. It seemed there would be just enough to man the boat adeptly.

"Everyman to your station. We're going after that boat!" He yelled to the crew while he pointed towards the ship that was on the horizon. The crew let out a few groans before grudgingly taking up the anchor and opening the sails. Cyrus frowned to himself as the [i]Sea Devil[/i] cut through the water towards the other ship, it seemed that the only men left on the ship were lazy, which explained why they were still on the ship.

04/09/2005 1:51 PM


"HOLD FAST LADS! WE GOT EM ON THE RUN!" Kinnard yelled above the turmoil.
He and his men had found the Pheonix crew and were trying to drive them back to their boats. Kinnard looked to see a scarred pirate on the street, breathing shallow but still alive.

"Jack!" Kinnard said running over"What happened mate?"

Dagger Jack looked at Kinnard, spitting up some blood.

"We were headin back........*kaff*...we saw...the *another coughing fit* bastards planning to board..my......men and I ried to fight them offf............the booty is ours................we fought hard but were outnumbered.........I managed to give em the slip.....dunno if theres anyone else....*wheezing and coughing*........seems theres a bounty on our heads......these bastard are here to collect..................." Jack said barely concsious

"You!" Kinnard yelled

"Aye capn?"

Take him to the longboat and treat him! the Devil is probaly intercepting by now, but you should be able to patch him up!"

"Aye sir!" said the pirate lifting Jack up gently and walking him slowly down the street.

Kinnard leaped back in the fray, blood ran like water in the streets, cries of dying men filled the alley. This was taking a turn for the worst.

04/09/2005 6:35 PM

Visso was below deck with the navigator and the second in command.

"Capt'n, if we go full sail we might be able to catch up with them within a day or two... But by that time we'll not be in fighting position." the navigator said with a heavy Welsh accent. He stuttered a few times, but was keeping in under control for the most part.

Everyone under his command respected him, or was scared to death of him and hated his guts. The navigator was the second.

"Tell them to go full speed. We'll stop right before we reach them, rest, and go full out. Tell the men." Cyclone said athoritively.

The navigator breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he was out of sword-length, he turned around and asked "Capt'n? The men were wondering who gave the order."

Visso and the leutenant laughed. "how long have you served under me?"

The navigator paled. A question like that was a death sentence. Gripping his throat, he replied, stuttering fiercely, "About 5 years sir."

"Right. And last time you asked me something like that i sent a knive down your throat. Never forget, you can change allegances at any time. I'll tell you all when I am ready. Now go!"

Hardly believing his luck, The navigator turned around and jumped above deck.

laughing hardily, Visso turned to his second in command. She asked in a feminine voice, "who really sent the letter, sir?"

She had served under Cyclone for as long as he had been a pirate, and then when they had switched over to privateers. Needless to say, she had a talent for getting on the captains good side. Some said the two had a romantic fling, the same people never spoke words again. "Someone." Visso said mystically. "Now, go check the armory. I'm going to command the men." Visso headed above as the leutenant headed to the armory.

"ALRIGHT, ALL NONESSESTIAL MEN TO THE OARS!! EVERYONE ELSE, FULL SPEED!!" Visso yelled. He had fitted the vessel with oars, that while in this day and age everyone consitered outdated, Visso used them to boost his speed when nessisary. Everyone went to thier assigned places as the ship took off.

04/09/2005 10:34 PM

Luke squashed a pheonix pirate's skull with his bare hands. Speedy little bastard had stolen his sword. Luke threw the body and turned to look at the sea devil.


He looked around at the chaos around him and sniggered. This was the life. He skewered another enemy pirate and continued on his rampage. He was soaked in blood and draped with loot pilfered from the surrounding shops. He intended to get pashed tonight.

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04/11/2005 7:36 AM

Jack getting away from the Pheonix pirates with Just a slight flesh wound (Several Stab wounds) saw Silver and some other guy off in the distance.
Realizing her voice was a bit weak do to blood loss she chucked something in there general direction, just before falling to the ground in pain.
Trying not to black out chucked something else.

04/11/2005 10:48 AM

Grunge finally arrived at the scene of battle. Bloody corpses were strewn everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some movement. He immediately swung his huge cleaver to the object, but just as he swung he saw who it was... [i]Shiver me timbers! That's Jack![/i] Using all of his force, his cleaver screeched to a stop before cleaving Jack in twine. Jack was on the ground, almost blacked out.

"Don' worry lad, I got'cha!" He reached down to pick her up and placed his hand on her chest, not realizing that Jack was a her. His face immediately flushed red as he pulled her up to his shoulder. "I'll take ye back to the ship, lad - er... lassie." [i]Jack's a girl? Great Davy Jones's locker, Jack's a girl![/i]

04/11/2005 11:41 AM

Sands looked at her she was cute and he liked her "um to be aload to join your ship and the safty of the church" boom he looked up the hill twords were the church was it was now a smoldering pile of ashs.

04/11/2005 1:03 PM

Jack was looking about Grunge with a look of pity.
"Wow....thats a delay."
Jack saw her bag and began to spaz.
"My bag! Must get bag!" Jack was reaching then began to black out from pain.

04/15/2005 1:30 PM

It was about midday when the Island came into view. At least what was left of it.

The entire town on this side was pillaged, most buildings on fire and the townspeople trying to put them out. They had an efficient bucket system, but it would be unlikely that many of the buildings would be salvaged. The mayor, or the town's athority, was busy giving orders and grying to end the chaos. It seemed as if the pirates were still here at first glance, by the way the men were running around like frightened children.

the few who had decided to try and help end the madness were up against hundreds of lost and scared others. It would be another few hours before they got there, so just in case the pirates were still on the island, Visso pulled a warstation call.

All men were below decks on the Admiral, and were split into two sides of the ship. Half were maning one side, and everyone else on another side. The ship had a reputation for being invincible, thanks to good worksmanship. on the third floor of the ship were the sleeping quarters for the crew, and the men had navigation and officers quarters to either side. All the men were relaxed until cyclone came below-decks.

All men turned around and saluted, and Visso headed over to Navigation.

When he came back up, he saw that they were nearing the island. His leutenant screamed "All hands on DECK!" and as if by magic everyone was topside, fully armed. Gliding into dock, Visso still saw things were out of hands. It was getting close to dusk, and there was a lot of work to do.

"Leutenant, take two squads of crewmen with you and help the mayor. Sargant? Take your marines and search for where those pirates are headed. I'm going to look around. Dissmissed." Cyclone ordered as the crew disembarked. He gave the rest of the crew the order to find fresh food and water, they might be out for a while. Visso started to wander the streets for signs of the engagement between the villagers and the pirates.

04/19/2005 5:05 PM

Silver looks at the smoldering church then turns her attention back to sands"Sure you can join our crew but your gonna have to ask Captain Kinnard" she then takes him toward the sea devil.

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04/19/2005 9:12 PM

Grunge, letting his fatherly instincts take control of him, sheathed his cleaver, grabbed Jack's bag, and began to run toward the ship with Jack in tow. He ran faster and farther than he could, panting loudly, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He couldn't tell why he cared so much about the welfare of Jack; he barely knew her, and he wasn't usually the type to care about anyone anyways.

04/20/2005 5:02 AM

Kinnard was calling his men off, the battle was won. What little Pheonix pirates remained were swimming towards thier fleeing ship, shark fins in pursuit. Kinnard began to evacuate his men.


*30 minutes later* The crew was prepping for the steam engine again, Kinnard walked around, commending those who fought bravely. The dead were being prepared for a burial at sea. Kinnard walked over to Cyrus.

"Damn good job!" he said slappping his shoulder.


Kinnard walked below deck to the makeshift med station. He queried the pirate on duty.

"Hows Dagger?"

"He'll be fine, he lost an eye but nuthin an eyepatch cant fix"

"And Jack?"

"At first I thought she passed out from her injuries, then I found this in her neck" he said holding up a dart.

"Its a poison, took a lot of antivenom, but shell be okay"

Kinnard held it in his hand.

04/20/2005 2:10 PM

Jack walked twards Kinnard.
"So what did I miss cap'n?"
Kinnard turned around to see Jack leaning agenced a wall.
"You should be layin down..."
"ah I'm fine! I've been stabbed in the thraot before and I lived. A little poison won't kill Jack Meadows."
few minutes later Jack walked into onto the deck to see silver.
"Aye! Sil!"
"Jack! Yer ok!"
"Damn right."
Jack was looking out to sea and saw the black ship sailing away. As she thought to herself (Bastards....I'll get you.)

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04/21/2005 4:55 AM

Suddenly, a large explosion erupted behind Kinnard, a smoking cannonball rolled across the med floor. Kinnard looked through to see a ship bearing down on them fast(thats your cue Slayer:D), he sighed slowly.

*im getting tired of this shit*

"BATTLE STATIONS! LOOK ALIVE!" Kinnard yelled storming on to the deck.

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04/21/2005 7:13 AM

Luke growled as the cannon ball roled past his foot.


He scooped up a ball from the pile and loaded a cannon with it. He was getting royally tired of other pirates.

04/21/2005 12:00 PM

the town they had just left was left in ruins. There was little hope for the villagers, and the supplies had already been raided by the pirates. The only good news was that they had caught up with the Sea Devil. Now it was time for payback.

As portside began to reload, Visso ordered all marines topside. In a neat, single file line about 14 men dressed in black military garb grabbed muskets and jumped above deck. Following them was the leutenant and two crewmen, who were to arm the swivel guns, normally used with grapeshot and shot at close range, however Cyclone used them much differently.

Loading the guns with small bombs or bar shot to help incopacitate the pirates well before any of his crw would head over. This would normally be the job of the larger guns, but at this range improvision was a nessisty, and Visso was a master. By the time the second volley was shot, Visso was distributing weapons to all the crew below decks, prepairing for the fight.

04/28/2005 3:46 PM

Grunge didn't hear the watcher calling out warnings, so he was cooking when the first cannonball hit. It pierced through the wall of the galley, and smashed into his pot. Searing hot soup splattered all over his face, and he reeled back, dropping his spoon. His eyes disabled, he groped around for a handhold, his arms flailing like the legs of an overturned turtle. A second cannonball hit, throwing him off balance. He found a handhold as he fell, but it turned out to be a log of the fire he was cooking with, and as he pulled his hands away, the hairs on his arm caught flame. Grunge was running around the galley blinded, his arms aflame. A strange sight. He tripped over his spoon, rolling out of the galley onto the deck. His sight was returning to him as he recovered, giving him enough sight to see that the fire was spreading to his smock. He swung his head around to look for a bucket, as was always on the deck in case of fires. [i]There's the bugger![/i] Just as he reached the bucket, a volley of cannonfire shook the Sea Devil. Grunge's momentum slid him past the bucket and overboard.

04/29/2005 4:34 AM

(OOC: No, no there were no ninjas, sorry dude if youre gonna rp, I know I said I have open threads that get off topic, but this is stretching it, what kind of crap one line post is that anyway? This thread is about pirates and pirates will kick a ninjas ass any day of the week, take your Ninjas elsewere. To those who are already rping on this thread, ignore this post.)


Kinnard was having his crew set up cannons, while he was arming himself, he gave a small speech to his crew.


"YOU LADS COME WITH ME! THE REST OF YOU! GIVE US SOME COVER FIRE!" the ship crossed on the portside of the Sea Devil.

Kinnard and his men threw over there grappling hooks.


He jumped onto the other ship, shooting a soldier through the neck.

04/29/2005 12:23 PM

Visso saw one of his marines get hit in the neck. Things were about to fall apart. Seeing only three, he knew others would follow. If not, then cannon fire would rip the ship apart. He needed time to organize a plan.

Ripping open a compartment in his belt, he threw a number of crowsfoot to the ground. This was a painful insturment leftover from his pirating days. basically, it was two pieces of metal pointed at bolth ends shaped into a V, and weilded at the point together. Ordering crew belowdecks, he made sure that the foot's would cause delay.

Jumping belowdecks, he had two men stand at the entrance with swords, and the others to keep working the cannons. This was going to be a big one.

04/29/2005 3:18 PM

Grunge had hit the water, the flames going out as he was immersed. He recovered easily, being a pirate, and, enraged, began to swim toward the enemy ship. He didn't even have his weapon, but his formidable size was enough for a few of the enemy crew to be scared into firing their muskets to the water. He began to climb up the side of the enemy vessel, when he heard a cannon fire. He turned and tightened his stomach just in time to be hit square by the cannonball. The force smashed him through the wall, into the ship. Getting up and brushing off the shards of wood, he reached down to grab himself a weapon. Rising with a blugeon of wood, he began to make his way to the deck.

04/30/2005 8:19 AM

Jack was making her way around the enemy ship. She had just turned a corner to find some kid about 15 or 16 trying to fight her.
"I'll Kill you Sea Bitch!" he said.
"Kid you have two choices. 1) leave, go home, and live or 2) stay here and die."
He charged at her screaming "DIE!"
She looked at the kid, jumped over him and smacked him in the neck with the hilt of her sword and knocked him out cold.
"Sorry kid. This is one battle you'll sleep through."
She walked away.

05/11/2005 12:09 PM

Pistol in hand, Cyclone stood waiting for the inevitable charge. After a few minutes, the silence started to become, almost a tangible threat rocking and heaving with the ship. After another minute, one of the crew started walking up the deck.

The cannons fired another volley just as it hit him what the pirates were doing. Just as everyone was starting to calm down, the door burst open, launching the unfortunate crewman to the ground, and inward swept a tide of angry pirates ready for the kill.

05/13/2005 12:20 PM

Kinnard was cutting a bloody swath through the fray, looking for any loot he could as well. Ab official looking privateer began to croos blades with him.

"Lad, if you value your life youll step out of the way" Kinnard growled. The privateer began doing these incredibly fancy flourishes ans swipes, all of them missing Kinnard, this man was all caught up in the moment. Kinnard rolled his eyes and drew out his pistol.


"Dumbass" Kinnard muttered

05/13/2005 1:13 PM

"You just had to shot him there didn't you Cap'n?"
Kinnard turned to see Jack standing behind him holding a rather big stone.
Then from no where a knife goes flying between the two but still getting Jack along the way.
Kinnard "Where did that come from?"
"Like I know."

05/16/2005 2:26 PM

shot, on the ground and bleeding, Visso still had enough power to throw a knife at the two pirates. His vision was bluring between the sparks and smoke, but he still managed to hit something.

Finishing his opponent off, he picked up a blade and forced the bladed point into his main adversary's foot, nailing him to the floor. "Who's the dumbass?" Cyclone laughed as he rolled away from the other pirates slashing lounges.

05/16/2005 2:48 PM

Jack looked at Kinnards foot.
"ow...Would you like me to pull that out?"
Then out of no where another Pirate attacked, heading right twards Kinnard.
"What in the he-"
The Pirate leaped on her smacking her head through a wall.
Being the gal she was she got right back up scareing the guy off.
"So Cap'n? About that foot of yours?"

05/17/2005 11:57 AM

Groaning, and hearing the fight all about him, Visso thought he was going to die very, very soon. As if a last wish to go to heaven, he picked his hand up into the sky, fully ready to accept his fate.

Suddenly, he was pulled to his feet by an arm that seemed to appear out of no-where and latch on to his arm. "Hello-" Cyclone said as he felt his feet slide onto the ship's surface. "... And you are...?" Visso asked, looking at a man standing with his back straighter than a plank of wood and athority of a military force.

05/17/2005 12:19 PM

Kinnard got up and pulled the knife out of his foot. He saw the captain whom everyone called Cyclone. Kinnard grabbed his swords and began to barrel towards Cyclone. (OOC: Slayer your ass is mine!).

Kinnard speared Cyclone and pinned him to the floor. He spinned his swords in his hands, and used his hilts as iron knuckles to pummel Cyclones face. Cyclone pushed Kinnard off, send him sailing into another pirate, Kinnard cut his throat and began strafing Cyclone, blades pointed at him. The two ran towards ech other, Cyclone swiped at his face, but Kinnard ducked and slashed at Cyclones ankles. Cyclone jumped, and kicked Kinnard in his face. Kinnard lay sprawled out, spitting blood on Cyclone's boots.

"You cant win" Cyclone said mockingly.

"Eat shit" Kinnard spat.

05/17/2005 6:36 PM

Jack jumped onto Cyclone's back began punching him in the head. Cyclone flipped Jack over his head and she landed on Kinnard. 'Thud'
"ah! owy get off!" Kinnard said.
"I'll be workin' on that in a moment cap'n. Once I can breathe!"
Cyclone was stepping on her chest.
"haha! You'll both die now. Father and Daughter!"
Kinnard "She's not my kid. That's Cap'n Meadows' Daughter."
Cyclone looked rather surprized.
Jack looked down and saw she was shot in the chest (OOC: Master Gunner guy this is you! and yeah I got shot just under the lung and above the stomache.)
Jack's eyes got wide then fadingly closed.
A tanned me about 5'10" had a smoking gun pointed behind her.
*Fade out*

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05/18/2005 12:36 PM

Meadows? Cyclone thought to himself. Back on his first pirating excursion he raided a island south of this region. Turns out the town was already wiped clean- the same for the islands next to that. The whole region had been swiped clean! What's more, they all pointed to this Meadows character. Still young and rambunctious at the time, Cyclone couldn't help but to go after him.

Soon, the enemies ships sails were in the horizon. Keeping out of eyesight as much as possible, they followed the ship until they made port. After about an hour, Visso attacked the ship. Meadows wasn't there, so the raided and emptied ship was set afire and Visso left with the loot.

But that was a long time ago. "Quick, get her medical attention!" Shouted Visso, picking up and tossing the unconscious woman to the militarian. He grabbed Kinnard by the collar, lifting him up. "Ok, we may have had our differences," Cyclone whispered at a barely audible volume, "But now you are going to tell me what the HELL a Meadows is doing this far north. Or this ship turns into a pile of wet matchsticks." And with that pointed to a lit torch, and lifted up a string that went into the powder room.

05/21/2005 5:46 PM

Kinnard stared at the unconscious body of Jack being dragged away and at the string that led to the powder room.

"Wouldnt you like to know!" Kinnard bluffed, kneeing Cyclone in the stomache, Kinnard made a mad dash towards the string and hacked it before it could enter the powder room.

"Thats was damn dirty trick....not bad if I do say so myself" Kinnard said smirking. Just then, a large cannonball burst through shot from the Sea Devil.


The two captains laid sprawled against the floor. Kinnard felt himself getting picked up and dragged back to the Sea Devil, he heard the familiar voice of his crew mebers.

"C'mon capn were getting the hell out of here!" one said

"GO! GO!" screamed one follwed by gunshots. Kinnard then blacked out.

When Kinnard came to, His men had laid him down on the deck, the ship was steaming full speed. Kinnard lept to his feet, and ran towards the bow.


The pirates tried to fight him down, he struggled.


"With all do respect capn, better to turn and run away, live to fight another day."

Kinnard collapsed on the deck, pounding his fist into the wood. He got up and still saw Cyclones ship, and the man himself standing at the back, laughing.

"YOURE GONNA GET YOURS!!" Kinnard bellowed


"YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........oh god......." Kinnard crumpled to the floor.

05/23/2005 5:24 PM

Lt. Jason Monroe pushed himself up after being knocked back by that impact he shook his head the clear the ringing he looked around at the remains of the lower gun deck, seeing two of his chief division he called them over “Finch, check the powder room we don’t want to go in a bang of glory if we don’t have to, Matthews, find the carpenter and get him and some volunteers down here to patch up these holes.” As the men left to their respective tasks Jason bent down to retrieve his pistol and hooked it back on to his belt, he then began to take stock of the damage.

05/25/2005 4:55 PM

Jack awoke startled and cold.
"am I dead?"
She looked at her hands.
a voice replyed "No not at all."
"AH!" She jumped back. "Where in the hell am I?"
She then shivered. "Why am I so...Where is me shirt? and why am I bandaged? Wheres Cap'n Kinnard?!"
"relax little lady. Your shirt is next to you. You got shot. I have no Idea."
Jack was massivly confused and still weak.
"I'm not feeling so..uh..."
She fainted do to lack of blood.

06/20/2005 2:02 PM

"Captain? you alright?" silver asked him" Don't Die on us now!"


"In your quarters, captain"

"Silver, Where's Jack?" ask kinnard.

"Captain you should get up yet,anyways i haven't seen her since the raid on that ship"said Silver calmly

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