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03/20/2005 2:54 PM

(I am new to this role playing site, but I have roleplayed before.)

This was in a time when witches and vampire hated each other. They never got along in the first place, but when the main witch coven was murdered by the vampires it started a war. The vampires and witches are now enemies. They kill one another. Vampires bite the witches to get their rich powerful blood and the witches kill the vampires for revenge. This is a twisted time for both species, especially when the human bounty hunters become involved.

Character sheet-
Race:(human, vampire, or werewolves or wiccans(witches)
spells or weapons powers):

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(There has to be at least two full paragraphs and you are allowed romance and you may start once you post your character thread)

Name:Karla K. Harper
Hair:Black hair with red streaks
Outfit:black jean pants, black tank top, boots, and choker around her neck
Weapon:wooden stake, dagger
Race:wiccan (witch)
spell (only allowed three):shield protection spell, summoning energy spell and freezing an object

03/24/2005 8:43 AM

Name: Magnus Wendt
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark Brown, Styled like Anakin Skywalker's in Episode 3
Eyes: Brown, but light enough that you can discern the pupil in the most dark of Lighting
Outfit: Black Fench Highwayman's coat on top of the Doublet and Fencing Pants, Black Riding Boots. The Double collar on the coat is worn up almost all of the time outdoors. His entire torso is protected by a cuirass
Weapons: Swept hilt Rapier with black bone hilt, Steel gauntlets with reinforced forearms.
Powers: Telekinetic Manipulation, Shadow-shape-shifting, and Electric Manipulation and generation.

Born a Vampire in Britain, raised by parents in a large Mansion. Left Home at 18, to hunt werewolves and eventually witches. Absurdly Charming and articulate for a child of the night, supernaturally quick reflexes, even for a vampire. By Shadow shape shifting he can squeeze through cracks and even avoid sunlight by travelling in shadows of people. By Telekinetic Manipulation he can unlock any physical lock or bond and bludgeon adversaries with inanimate and in some cases, animate objects. And with Electric Manipulation and Generation, he can project high voltages at his foes, vanquishing them with sizzling agony.

Highest power output has been documented at 300 million Gigawatts

04/19/2005 2:29 AM

Character sheet-
Name: Aurora Dshan
Age: 17
Hair: blonde streaked with red
Eyes: flames colored (red, orange, yellow and blue)
Outfit: Knee high black boots (in which hide several daggers) over long black trousers. Her top is dark crimson. The collar of her top goes horozonatlly across the top part of her chest and there is only one sleeve, which ends just above her elbow so that one arm is in (left arm)and the other is out (right arm).
She also wears a black chocker round her neck and a small silver band shaped like a curling snake around her right arm. There is also a tattoo of an emerald snake down her left forearm. Occasionally she wears her long black cloak. The final pieces of clothing she carries is a rough leather belt on which hangs several more daggers and a strap hidden beneath her clothing which holds her spelled twin blades.
Race: Wiccan
Spells: shape-shifting, power over the element fire, telekinesis

((sorry if it's a bit confusing))

04/19/2005 7:36 AM

Okay peeps, I gotta move this, it's not the correct genre, as set, this is supposed to be in the World Of Darkness Setting, hence, "Vampire the Masquerede"... Etc... I am moving this to the general RP section as it does not follow any of the settings for WOD.

04/19/2005 6:27 PM

Is it okay if I can play a bounty hunter later? It might force the two races to form an alliance in order to get rid of the bounty hunters, that is, if you do intend to eventually stop the feud. Also, is there anything special about the vampires and witches in this RP? I know a lot of people have their own perceptions of vampires and the like, and what they do, etc. Example is if these vampires are immune to holy water and garlic, and if older vampires can walk in the sunlight for a limited amount of time before they get burned to death. I do intend on joining, so here's my character's profile:

Name: Celestia Varga

Age: 500 years old (if you mention she's a day older than 23, she'll hang you by the toes in metal vices ^_~)

Hair: blond, long and wavy

Eyes: Dark emerald green

Outfit: A white dress, ironically, though she likes the gothic lolita style as well. She has no certain particular style, only random choosings of what she likes for the day. Her outfits range from the Chinese dress to the saris of India.

Weapon: sword, sai, teeth..

Race: Pureborn vampire

Powers: Specialty is the ability to manipulate the minds of humans, animals, and some lesser vampires, as well as lesser witches. Can also play with shadows, by forming certain shapes like her own, sort of a doppelganger technique. Also used to trap others, and letting her control the person(s) encompassed in her shadow for a momentary time.

History: Born in Romania, as a true vampire, of a long, respected family of vampires, five hundred years previous, she has the image of an innocent girl in her 20's. Her family is still alive, but stay in their castle in the Carpathian Mts., occasionally terrorizing local villages. They have stayed out of the vampire/witch feud, having no care for it, while Celestia heartily enjoys sucking the blood of witches. She harbors no fear or hatred for the witches, just a taste for Wiccan blood.

Personality: Somewhat mysterious, and eccentric, she can be happy and perky one moment, then darkly cruel the next. She finds life in general her own little playworld, where she can control humans like puppets. Celestia enjoys very much the naivety of humans as they fall for her innocent appearance every time, only to have themselves thrown on the ground, two deep puncture wounds in their neck.

04/20/2005 6:02 PM

Ah, what the hell. I might as well join. I haven't seen any romance in the longest time (not that im nessecarily into that stuff, it just helps to give you time to pause in a story to think about the next step) and this sounds at least fairly interesting. Here's my bio:

Name: Jake Schmidt (pronounced schmit)

Age: 20

Hair: Dirty blonde, goes to his shoulders.

Eyes: misty blue

Outfit: He commonly wears whatever is clean, not torn, and comfortable. He hates dressing up, and hates wearing warm clothes, unless its very cold out.

Weapon: He is devoutly holy, and simply chants to kill the vampires, though it takes time and concentration to do this. He doesn't often come across witches, but he has two short swords which go under his clothes, exposing only their hilts.

Race: His great grandmother practiced wiccan, but no one knows if she was really a witch or not. Other than that, he's human.

Powers: Has many visions with the Gods, can tell good from evil (most of the time, and only if he has known the person for a while, although the time varies from person to person.) He knows a collection of chants that are believed to have been said regularly by the Gods, makin them very powerful ones. He is very skilled with his swords, though he rarely uses them. He is also manipulative, when needed.

History: Raised by monks, seperated from the rest of humanity, he was secluded for much of his life. The place he lived in had taken a vow of silence for twenty years (He was only there for about 10 of those years.), and he spent most of that time reading books in order to learn the material that was expected of him. He left the monastary after that, looking for some adventure. He traveled for weeks, but his home was so far from civilization that he found no one. He still traveles looking for excitement, only occasionally staying at any one place for longer than a week.

Personality:He is very outgoing, except for when he is nervous. He then becomes extremely shy, and talks quietly, speaking only when nessecary. He enjoys meditating and reading, although there are some other things he likes to do. You have to find those out for yourself.

...For some reason I hate this bio, so check back here every so often, in case Ii decide to change it, okay?

04/20/2005 8:37 PM

Just pointing something out to you guys...this thread was posted March 20th and the guy still only has one post on his post counter. Therefore it leads me to believe he isn't around and I wouldn't hold your breath about joining this thread.

04/24/2005 11:46 AM

Holy crap, you're right. I didn't even notice that... Well, I'm outta here.

04/25/2005 1:13 PM

ok i'm with blue_raven5 i'm out. i waited a bit longer just incase someoone else started it but no so yeah i'm out

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