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03/14/2005 10:49 AM

“This is one-eighty-one platoon, hold up in C-1201, we are under heavy enemy fire and are requesting backup. We are pinned down and have suffered heavy casualties… we need help dammit! Where are you?! …God dammit, we need assistance! We are under fire… Enemy units are moving in on this position; we need some fucking back up! …Where the fuck are you?! Help us! We’re being cut down like flies! They are unstoppable… We can’t hold them, they are moving in on our position… Holy shi~!”

[U]Fallen World[/U]
Chapter 1: Just one of those days.


The City, the capital of the southern nation, it once had a name, as did many others, now long forgotten amongst the ruins that surround it, and known only as C-1 to the people who inhabited it. The city lay beyond the walls, great towering black stone walls, lined with guns and rockets, all controlled by computers, trained to take down anything that flew over head, built to keep the enemy out and yet guarded on the inside by great hulking machines. Only the slowly decaying tops of the city’s tallest buildings were visible over the walls. A home that was once beautiful and spectacular, now crumbling with age. The buildings seemed older than they should have been, but war tended to do that to everything.

Jade Atkins, at least that was what it said on her ID cards, she was not all that sure if it was correct, gazed out over the area of the city that was occupied by the military forces, her hands resting gently on the railing, bright green eyes darting back and forth across the scene bellow her. The huge white block of the Medical Centre dominated most of the view, towering above everything; beside it, the metallic blue structure of the Palace, covered in points and small tower, the aging anti-aircraft guns barely visible along the roof tops. Bellow that and to the left, the dwarfed squat form of the Command centre, small, squarish and dull grey, satellite dishes and antenna sticking up from the roof.

Far to the right, the factory section, automated and constantly working, day and night, thin plumes of smoke and steam arising from the large chimney stacks that ran along the buildings. Tanks, walkers and vehicles filled with armour and weapons constantly streaming from it, destined for the garages for the home guards, and for the Air Control centre, and then the front lines hundreds of miles away. The air Control centre lay on the other side of the base, behind the barracks and out of view. It was once home to thousands of planes, helicopters and starships, all built and serviced there in great hangers. Now it held little more than a few fighter wings and transports for flying troops and machines to the war fronts, starships long out of construction. There simply weren’t enough resources to build them anymore.

It was an amazing sight, the rising rays of the sun filtering down through the clouds of smog and dust, reflecting off the white Medical centre, turning it an odd pinkish colour on one side, illuminating the desolate, dull ashen grey streets bellow with their crumbling houses, a testimony to what once was a thriving, peaceful city, now thrown into chaos and neglect. Far bellow, the dawn patrols were still combing the city, light vehicles and walkers, backed by infantry in their full armour suits, always patrolling for an enemy who wasn’t there.

Only once, a very long time ago, Jade remembered, in her youth, they had found a spy drone of the enemy lurking in the dark. She couldn’t remember exactly when, only that she was young, very young. She seemed to keep forgetting things these days, small things mostly, like the sound of her long dead parents’ voices, or even their faces and features. They were nothing but blurs now. She guessed it had a lot to do with time, and the monotony of war.

A pair of strong, muscled arms wrapped around her waist breaking her from her train of thought. She leaned back into the warmth that the embrace gave, letting the figure hold her closer. The uniform offered little protection against the elements consisting only of a thin pair of pants, a singlet top and a jacket she left open, opting also to go barefoot on the cool concrete floor as she was not on duty. Gently the man brushed a few stray strands of chocolate brown hair from her face, still holding her close to him.

“Its… amazing isn’t it?” Jade asked still looking out across the city.

“What is?” Her companion asked.

“This,” She responded. “What it is, where it came from, where it’s going. The beauty of what it once was, now broken, torn and scared by our actions. It is truly… amazing.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Her companion answered after a moment of looking out across the ruins. “But you are even more amazing.” He squeezed her slightly as she stretched in his grip, reaching up and latching her arms around his neck. A smile crept across Jade’s face as she stood watching the sun rising over the city, embraced by the young man she loved.

“Jason,” She said after a while. “I received new orders yesterday. They’ve put me in command of a company. They said I could pick my junior officers from amongst the rest of the men. I’d like you to lead under me as one of the platoon leaders; I need someone I can trust.”

There was silence for a short while as the statement sank in. The young man paused in deep thought, worrying Jade slightly.

“Jason?” She hesitated.

“I’ll do it. I’ll command for you.”

“Thank you.” She turned around in his arms and held him. “But we really need to be getting ready. They are expecting me in the main command building at oh-eight-hundred. They didn’t say why, but it must have something to do with the mission they have assigned me. Apparently General Orr requested me personally” She left his grasp and returned to the room, searching through the few belongings that were scattered about. Somewhere in the back ground the screens across the city lit up and began broadcasting its usual pile of propaganda, the beaming friendly face of Councillor Hester advising the city of a great victory somewhere in the world, lists of both the soldiers’ serial numbers that were recognised for bravery, as well as the serial numbers of the dead. Both were in the thousands, and many repeated across each list as was the usual case.

“They did request full combat dress.” Jade added locating one combat boot and continuing the search for the other. “I guess it’ll be a quick hello, here’s your task, go fight for your country…then off we go as usual.”

Jason shook his head, glancing back out at the city beyond the walls. “Always have your mind on the job, don’t you?”

“You know me,” She answered producing the other boot from under the simple and empty desk. “Duty first; everything else later.”

“Yes, I suppose I do.” Jason added in wiry tone, slowly following the shorter dark haired girl back into the room. Her room. Technically he wasn’t supposed to be there, as relations between military personnel were against regulations, punishable by court-martial. And in this time of conflict, court-martial meant a firing squad. This was why they kept it secret.

“You know, we still have a few more minutes before we need to be anywhere…” Jason smirked, running a tender hand over Jade’s shoulder as she sat fastening her shoes. .

“I realise that,” She responded, taking on her militaristic tone of voice. “And I intend to go clean my self up, get the smell off me. I suggest you do the same.” She pushed him away as she stood up, heading for the door, a small smile crossing her lips as she had her back to him. Jason made a quick smell check of himself and shrugged, following her out of the room.


It was close to half an hour later when Jade entered the main command building. The War room was large, and manned by over a dozen technicians all reading something from various control screens regarding the war going on somewhere. In the middle of it all stood the large, hulking form of General Attila “The Hun” Orr, the man directly answerable to the Council, left that way following the Billion man war. He was stocky, large, but not large enough for his build, and tightly squeezed into the dress uniform that barely seemed to contain him. He stood staring with intense interest at the main viewing screens that dominated the back wall of the war room as Jade approached.

“Captain Atkins reporting as ordered, General.” The wiry young woman saluted.

“At ease Captain.” The general threw her a sideways glance before flicking his eyes back to the screen. “I will make this as short as possible, because time is limited. As of twenty-two hundred last night, the Aurora’s orbit decayed sufficiently for it to begin re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere. At Oh-one-twenty-nine this morning, it touched down here, just outside of city twelve–oh-one.” The main map flicked over, showing the crash site, a huge scar in the landscape not far from a city surrounded by hills.

“These photos were taken by the Conquest, the last remaining ship still held almost entirely by our forces.” The General continued. “Whatever happened after the impact it triggered this.” A small section of the map lit up. “This laboratory suddenly started functioning again, shortly after the impact; we aren’t sure why or how, just that it is. The council has ordered that we investigate this lab at all costs, and find whatever might be inside it. Unfortunately, it looks like the enemy has the same idea. This morning, enemy activity in this area increased dramatically. What forces we had here were wiped out with in a matter of hours, weakening our hold in this front. Your primary mission is to take this facility at all costs, secondary objectives will be to neutralise enemy forces in this area. They have a small base to the east here, and the Conquest has spotted a large armour column heading into this area.” The screen showed a picture of the Northern military base and the encroaching tank column.

“Do you understand the importance of this mission, Captain?” The General turned to face Jade.

“Yes I do sir.” Jade announced confidently.

“Good.” The General turned back to the screen. “I have authorised the use of up to four platoons of men for this job and all the transports you require. Our main base of operations for this area is in the south along the coast line, and too far away from your battle front to be of much use, so there will be little support. Its a difficult task for your first real mission, captain. Be ready to move your people in two hours. And God speed, Captain.”

With that, she was dismissed.

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03/16/2005 8:28 PM

(ok quick question, i can join this Rp correct? sorry im new here and im use to really stupid role players, nothing of this exelance (sp))

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03/16/2005 9:16 PM

OOC: I'm here to help, Taylor. Here's the lo-down... OOC means Out Of Character, so whenever you post in an RP not writing a story, make sure to put "OOC:" before what you have to say. Also, if you want to ask if you can join, there is a special part of the thread that you can ask. On the top right part of the page, there should be an OOC/RECR page. This has the background information, and a place where you put your character's name, age, etc. I suggest you replace your post in that place, and delete the one on the RP page. I had to do this too, I know how hard it is to learn.

This will be deleted when Taylor's is :P

03/31/2005 2:33 AM

Ahem. Gnome,

If you are going to rip off something I put a little over 3 months of my life into, at least have the curtesy to FUCKING CREDIT ME FOR IT YOU SHIT SUCKING FUCKBAG.

Also, ask. I might just be flattered and say yes, you can use Fallen World. Here are all the dirty secrets. He's the truth. Here's all the crap I kept hidden while the game died under its own weight. Its the proper thing to do.

That and I doubt you could possibly know where I was planning to go with this. Its also on its way to publishers' ville in book format, so lets not screw with my publishing chances, shall we? No. Good.

Now ask, real fucking nicely in an e-mail or PM on some forum or other and I might see fit to let you have all the background you are going to be missing.

And let this be a lesson: TBA is everywhere.

04/03/2005 1:52 PM

OOC: TBA, I am empathetic of your situation; something similar has happened to me before. Therefore, I offer my sincerest appologies for participating in a stolen version of your story. I shant continue until Gnome, or I, get permission to do so.

Please accept my appologies, I came into this conflict unknowingly.

04/04/2005 4:11 PM

This thread is locked pending copyright infringement. Bard, contact me if you have any other regards about any pursuit of legal matters on this user if that is your intent.



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