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03/14/2005 4:46 AM

Would anyone be interested in a pirate rp thread? Id pobaly post it in general so we could just have some fun with it. I would like to keep this going for as long as I can, and try to not make it as boring as my other thread(Less Than Heroes) so if you any input, post or mail me with..stuff and what not:D

03/14/2005 3:35 PM

This could go very well... or it could flop. Either way, I am on for the ride. ;)

As for ideas.... I believe that everyone should already know each other to cut down on un-needed interaction. This means that each person will need to create a nice little background and describe their character's personality...

03/15/2005 2:25 PM

count me in too ;)note to everyone else beware of Zero's fettish of stealing things ^_^

03/15/2005 3:06 PM

Are you saying that stealing turns you on?? :P

03/16/2005 9:27 PM

All's I can say is...

Argh, matey!

03/17/2005 4:43 AM

Jawhun! didnt think you would join, but youre are more than welcome, Im still trying to come up with some plots, but in the meantime lets have some fun, try and think of the name for a our sweet vessel. *giggity giggity giggity*

03/17/2005 2:23 PM

How about...

-Orion :P
-Sea Wolf
-Sea Devil
-Sea *insert random word*
-Blue Dragon
-USS *insert one of fifty states* :P
-Hazy Dream

03/17/2005 4:37 PM

yeah i guess stealing stuff does........dude i still have joeymadcow's stolen tennis ball three day stolen X3.....i steal his hat too o,o......

Sea Devil

that's a good name for a ship...though i like the one in POTC!(black pearl)...

03/17/2005 4:38 PM

Hazy Dream


03/17/2005 5:46 PM

Jawhun! didnt think you would join, but youre are more than welcome

Thanks for allowing me to join! I actually find this really interesting; I've always wanted to be on a boat (having never been on a boat), sailin' the high seas and all.

What exactly made you think I wouldn't join? The topic? Nah, I pretty much'll join anything I can. It's just the overly cliche stuff, and the topics that I have no background experience on (sometimes they are the same) that turn me off.

Hope the RP is up sometime soon ;D

03/17/2005 7:49 PM

Pirates*Insanely high Piched giggle* i like pirates!!!!

*Grabs his foil and two flintlocks off the mantle and puts on his eye patch*

03/18/2005 4:30 AM

Well Jawhun, either way im glad your aboard and Exile I think we should call our ship*drum roll* The Sea Devil:D I just want to work out a few more kinks here and there, but heres what we'll do lads:
1.Make up a character and keep it handy, the voyage will start on monday.

2.Watch a pirate movie, get int he mood.

3.If you still have an idea for a name of a ship, post it, but if your all happy with it, as I have said, the thread will start on monday.

ciao for now

03/18/2005 1:20 PM

The Sea Devil:D

Fine by me.

1.Make up a character and keep it handy

I just thought of something that would be neat. *drum roll* We could all have seperate such jobs/titles as Captain (Orion), First Mate, Quartermaster, etc. This could help when we write our background and will probably make it more interesting when we start RPing.

Just a thought.

03/20/2005 8:06 PM

We could all have seperate such jobs/titles

Sounds like a good idea, as long as I don't have to swab the deck (heh heh...).

About the ship name, sounds good.

03/20/2005 8:17 PM

I will let everyone else have their picks first, it does not matter what I am.

Or... we could have nominations. Or... Orion could appoint us.

Anyway, you guys go ahead and post what you want to be.

03/21/2005 4:56 AM

Id be honored to be the captain, Exile, you really want to make this work so I think you should be first mate, everyone else can do what they want, im gonna go post my character, dont know if ill have enough time to do an intro, ill try though.

03/21/2005 5:16 PM

Ooh! Ooh! I'll be the cook!

03/22/2005 2:08 PM

I am so joining this thread you have not the idea mates...^^

03/22/2005 8:56 PM

hmm lets see hear i'll be the token drunk who only stays sober long enough to plunder, no not really. hmm i'll just be a crewman who well can kill things well...

03/23/2005 9:01 AM

welcome mr.moa! we started the thread in general roleplaying

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