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03/13/2005 7:00 PM

When the world formed, it was made by magic. This magic ruled for aeons. But like all amgic, it receded like a wave upon the beach. When the magic receded, it left some of itself stranded like fish to gasp and die in the harsh new atmosphere of technology. What, you think men would allow the world to end on their watch? I think not. When the magic receded, the world began to fall apart. By the time this was apparent to humanity, technology had advanced to a point beyond remark by our standards. Funny the way man works. You are so smart, but your emotions are your problem. If someone farts in your prescence, you take moral offense to it. I'm sorry, where was I? Oh, right. The dawn of the new age. The dawn of technology. The dawn of the forebears as man called them. Man had discovered the art of acctually synthesising magic. Of all their great and monstrous works alike, this was by far the greatest. They used this magic to sort of, jam the world together. I believe thats the term your kind use. I'm drifting again, catch me when I do that. Of course, like magic, technology falls apart if not constantly oiled and repaired.
Of course, you foolish little critters follow your emotion, and some country got it in their mind to destroy another one. The war resulted in an age of depression that lasted millenia. During this, the technology that held the world together began to break down. Figures huh, you build with one hand and tear down... I told you to catch me on that. Eventually you learned the hard way about quantum physics. Something we have known of for countless aeons by slow and peacefull researc, you learned by a quick and brutal war. What took us trillions of years, you learned in a few short millenia. Of course there are other worlds than this one, every person can make tons of choises and for each one, a new world is created.
You pulled your act together, built a new society, took advantage of the quantum physics you had so brutally becom aware of and discovered Time travel. You repaired your synthesisers, patched up your political relations, hell you even managed to cure cancer somewhere in there too.
But when have you not fought amongst yourselves? It is the way of humanity. You destroyed yourselves almost completely with your new fangled toy time warping. You tried to pull yourselves together, but it didnt work. You are scattered across the worlds and time now, desolate and destitute. Then we came.
We persued you through time and space, bringing your kind back together. Your artificial magic generators are falling apart. When they do, everyhting we have learned from you and about you, will be gone. WE will be gone. For when you re-created magic, you drew us into existance. You resuscitated those beached magical whales too though. Now these demons, these nephilim, these were creatures and wampirs. They roam the world too. I TOLD YOU TO NOT LET ME DO THAT! Who are we? Wit a minute, I'm not done telling the story. Your society we jumpstarted, creating a city named after one of your great and ancient myths. I believe it was Gilead or something like that. You lived well for a few centuries, your civilization grew, and we made ourselves known to you.
Of course those beached creatures of magic had already done so. They dragged heavily on you, attacking. You didnt think you could really kill the great Nephili or Deamon did you? Half angels and fallen angels are still invincible. WE killed them for you. Technology, what little of the old people's remained in workable condition, never stood a chance against magic.
Now who are we. We have existed for more Aeons then you could fathom. Yet I said you dragged us into existance? Ah yes, In the time of the dinosaurs, we had control over the universe. We had outpost throughout the galaxys and even on your still geologicly fragile planet. Then we destroyed ourselves. With knowledge we erased our existance. And our fossils lay concealed under so many layers of rock, you couldnt have found us at the peak of your technology. When you synthesised magic, you brought us back to life. We used what little knowledge of magic we have gained through science, yes I know its a paradox but so is our existance and yours, and killed them for you.
We are the Grefith. We are the true ancients, not your forebears.
Now I know you wish to know more, but you need your sleep. I will explain more tomorrow.

03/13/2005 7:14 PM

Arachid woke up to the sound of the snoring Grefith. He groaned and the snoaring stopped. Oh great, here comes the lecture he thought. He sat up and pulled his shirt on over his scrawny body.

"Ok old one, lets get this over with."

"What do you mean child?"

"Your not going to give me a lecture?"


"OW, what was that for you ugly old thing?"

"Did you not listen to me last night?"

"Sorta, I drifted off around the second time you did.

"Ah yes."

"What do you want me to do now, save the world?"

"Acttually, more like a few trillion."

"I'm just a kid."

"Your the only hope for our kinds. You must go and find the secrets of your forebears. Then you must find the generators."

"Oh I thought it would be hard."



"Go, I'ts time to do what you've been told to do."

"But, I dont know where to start or what to do."

"Find someone who does. Good bye."

*Shove, skrunch*

A boy fell out of the small hut. He was dressed in patched rags and a threadbare frock coat. He was also bearing a good amount of bruises on his face from his mentor.

"Ah crap."

He rose from the gravel path, dusting his back off and cursing the Grefith under his breath. Then the reality struck him. He was charged with the fate of worlds. He fell over again, in a dead faint with one fianl mutter.

"Ah crap."

He woke up in a room. He could see rafters.

"Where am I?"

His other place didnt have rafters. A robot was leaning over him, pulling a blanket up to his chin.

"Sleep young master, my owner shal be here shortly."

Arachid shrugged and stretched out. A bed was a bed. Something in the back of his head was nagging him, but he subdued it and fell into a shallow sleep. When he woke up, he awoke to a door slamming and two low voices in the hall. One was the robot's, another he didnt recognise. He feigned sleep.

03/15/2005 3:12 PM

Kitara was reading in the sunny window when she heard Robby, the robot butler she had nicknamed, and her adopted father arguing over something. He insisted she call him Father, and she didnt argue. She had been adopted years before, when she was 12, now 17. She was greatful to him for bringing her in like this, so she did as he asked, if it wasn't too unreasonable. Bored with her book she closed it and set it on the window seat, then creeped over to her doorway to that hall. She pressed her ear against it, and listened intently.

Kitara could only make out snippets of each males' voice, for the doors were thick here. Something about Robby bringing in a street urchin boy? That sounded like Robby..he was always one to help the helpless. And...well Father wasn't too happy with bringing in 'dirt' to their manor. Maybe she could sneak through the servants halls to see this urchin...just a look, no more. Reaching her decision Kitara pushed herself off the door and went 'round to where the servants hallways were.

Sneaking inside she walked down the hallways to the next bedroom, no one there... She moved on down a bit to the room at the end of the normal hallways and slinked inside. Peeking over the side of a doorway into the room Kitara saw someone alseep on the bed. Her static-cling tabbycat colored hair felt like it should pick this moment to stick itself to her face, casuing her to sneeze. *Great...now I probably woke him up...* she thought to herself as she ducked back behind the door, hiding on the other side until she could be sure he was still asleep.

03/15/2005 7:31 PM

Arachid sat up at the sneeze and blinked. He had dozed again and forgotten exerything that had happened. He was in a strange bed in a strange place wearing... strange underwear. He hated the last part the worst. And he wasnt alone. he could hear voices and that sneeze. He groaned, more in anxiousness then anything else. The temptation of changeing was bordering irresistable. He wanted too so badly, but the spider was a creature of instinct. It would do as it wanted.

"Where am I?"

He was genuinely afraid, not because of the strange place, but because the ancient one's words had returned to him. He wished he had just been left to live in the street. Before he had known about his ability. Arachid rolled out of the bed and landed on his feet. His clothes were folded (and cleaned) on the ground beside his feet. He quickly dressed, sighing at the familiar weight of his gun, and turned to the closed door. He had caught a snippet, enough to know he wasnt wanted. So he would show himself out. He walked towards the hallway, still remembering the sneeze. His hand rested on the old gun, ready to pull it if acosted.

03/16/2005 5:20 PM

Upon hearing the boy speak 'where am i?' Kitara shifted into her cat form. Hopefully he wouldn't think anything of a kitty in his room. There wasnt much she could do about the clothes... but she tried hiding them under a bookshelf anyways. Jumping onto the table and laying in the sun, acting as natural for a cat, she stretched herself out and started cleaning her orangey-red tabby cat fur.

Kitara looked up as he came into the 'living area' of the bedroom he was in, like any cat would and watched him, bottlebrush tail flopping up and down lazily. "Meow" pretending to see no threat to her she began her kitty chore up again. She watched the boy out of the corners of her eyes during her little preoccupation. Hopefully he would just think her a normal house cat.

03/16/2005 5:27 PM

Arachid noted the cat and chuckled. There might be a slight problem here but Arachid spotted the low window. He could fit. Suddenly his legs and arms were thinning out and blackening. His clothes and gun melted into his flesh. Some were could do it, some couldnt. He didnt know why. What was left was an enourmous black widow spider. It was about three feet tall and 5 long. It's teeth clicked together as it moved towards the wall.

03/18/2005 6:50 PM

The cats eyes widened and her tail twitched playfully. She jumped to her feet and bonded onto of the spider that was larger than her. She sat on to, swishing her orange taby tail back and forth across its abdomen. A deep purr issued from her throat, showing him she knew what he was. Kitara was having a grand time sitting atop the were spider, she hadnt seen another were in a long time, and missed her own kind. *Heehee this should be great fun for me*

03/22/2005 7:36 PM

Arachid let out a loud rattling hiss. He scuttered up the wall, leaving a trail of web behind. Damn cats and their sense of play. He gained the roof and suddenly dropped on a line of web. His mandibles were clicking wildly and his pedi-palps were waving.

*why this cat. why did it have to be this cat that decided i was rolled in catnip. Aright kitty, you wanna play, lets play.*

He dropped to the ground and stuck a line of web on the wall. he jumped, yes jumped, onto the other wall. He stuck the line on the other wall. and leapt towards the other wall again. the robot would have trouble cleaning THIS mess up. He was making a grand clatter too, the claws on his legs weren't necessarily quiet.

03/29/2005 4:18 PM

The kitty tightened her grip about the giant spider with her claws hanging on tightly with all her paws. If cats could laugh, she would be right now. *This is fun, like one of those rides at the fair, but much better since the only safety belts I have are my claws* The orange-red tabby cat's tail flipped about wildy, showing her excitement as the spider jumped from wall to wall.

03/29/2005 5:45 PM

Arachid winced internally as the cat tightened it's grip. He had an idea. He suddenly started shifting back to human, reaching for the errant pet with his hand as it reformed. He probly looked conspicuos, standing in the hall with spider web trailing around him and a cat on his back. But hey, it had been an interesting week.

03/30/2005 7:02 PM

Zas looked wearily outside of the trailer window as they passed through the countryside. The last show had been a tough crowd, and he was nearly booed off of the stage. The other previous shows had been the same way. He started thinking, after that last show, that he would be kicked off of the circus, even though they were family.

"I had better do well in this next show, or I'm out," he said to himself as he thought worked through his routine in his mind. “Hmmm… Maybe if I break a few more bricks on that move…” He began to doze off as his routine ended in his head.

Zas was suddenly awoken by the blaring of the speakers on top of the trailer. The circus music played loudly as they came up to the gates of another town, attracting as much attention as possible. He attempted to get a hold of the manager to get that music off, like he did at every stop, but, like at every stop, all forms of communication were either not working, or being ignored.

As they came to the site of the circus, the music stopped, and the trailers parked, allowing the acts to get out and explore the town, and like at every stop, Zas chose to sleep.

04/07/2005 8:36 PM

Kitara meowed loudly, and stared Arachid dead in the eyes, not blinking her grey ones at all. She was not about to be hung around by the scruff of her neck. So she attemped jumping out of his hands, to get back into the room where she could get her clothes, and go back to her room, before it was discovered that she was missing.

04/07/2005 8:45 PM

Arachid cocked an eye at the cat. Most domesticated pets avoided eye contact with humans for long periods of time. It was a social heirarchy thing. So this cat's behaviour was very forward and.. the yes glinted with intelligence.

"Your an odd little beast. Alright, run along."

Arachid was about to put the cat on the ground and turn to the window, but he decided to try something. He sniffed the cat. There was the scent of light shampoo or some other fragrance that most cats wouldn't be able to wear.

"Your like me?"

04/09/2005 9:05 AM

If cats could smile, Kitara's face most certainly would have been called that. A low purr issued from her throat, and she batted at his hand so he would let her go. She would need her clothes before she could change back. Since the secret was out, why try to hide it? She kept batting at his hand lightly, as an informitave to let her go, so she could change back, and into her clothes.

04/09/2005 10:06 PM

Arachid gently set the cat upon the ground and turned his back. He got the gist of the cat's actions. He had never met anyone who could change. The old Greffith had told him he wasn't uniquie, but he had never expected to meet one.

04/10/2005 10:26 AM

She ducked down in the bush as the man ran by, very intent on finding where she had gone. Jula checked to make sure the apples she stole were still tucked in her bag. 'Yes.. I will be eating tonight!' she thought to herself and smiled. She took one more glance down the alley the man had gone and ran in the opposite direction.

She squeezed her small frame through the door and blended with the muted grays and browns of the abandoned store. Her hair had been a light rich brown sometime in the past but was caked with dirt and drapped her shoulders in a grayish brown. She examined the new rip in her once-white shirt, now the same brown as her hair. 'Darn it..' She shook her head and hid the bag containing her apples behind a box.

Jula startled as she heard a rustle in the box beside her then laughed as a small kitten's head popped up. "Whity.. You silly boy.." She scooped up the kitten in her arms. "Perhaps I can find you some good food tomorrow.. though I won't be able to get back in that store again. It was a close call today Whity, a very close call indeed." The kitten looked at her with solem eyes. "Then why did you do it?" the cat replied.

04/10/2005 5:49 PM

Kitara darted to her clothes, set her paws on them, and scooted out to another part of his quarters. She transformed herself back into a human and slipped into her clothes. She sneezed again as she was passing the threshold from the room she had changed in, to the room Arachid was in.

"Never expected to meet one of my kind in this house...Pleasure to meet ya, names Kitara. Adopted Young Mistress of the household. Even though I'm the not oldest child, I'm the second in command of the Mistresses duties"

04/10/2005 8:42 PM

"Arachid, adopted street kid. In charge of....... saving the world. What an interesting place to meet my kind, I thought we had all been killed off by the Grefith and humans."

Arachid glanced around.

"Listen, thanks for all the help, but I have to go. If I ever get back, I'll see you around."

Arachid didn't want to do this alone but he didn't want to get any more of his kind killed by some psychotic robot. Or Nephilim. He turned back to the window and prepared to shift.

"Dont go cat on me again please, your claws are sharp."

04/11/2005 2:36 PM

"Because we need food." Jula replied to the cat. Jula perked up and looked up to small hole that was the door. "A circus?"

"What is a circus?" the cat cocked its head and looked up at her. "And what is that music?" Jula laughed and ducked out the door.

"The circus is a show. Animals, music, cotton candy.." She remembered the last time a circus had come through. "Its a lot of fun though very loud." She started walking toward the sound, carrying Whity in her arms. They found the source of the music, a train of vehicles moving into town. They followed the vehicles until they stopped then watched as people began moving about, setting up stands and tents, a busy network of people all doing as they want.

"They look like ants." Whity's eyes were large as he watched the animals and people going to and fro.

04/14/2005 4:27 PM

She smiled at him as he started for the window, admiring her fingernails. "Where are you going? I doubt you have some appointment you must att.." Kitara was interrupted by the sound of a door openeing, a door in the hallway, as an enterance to the suite. She froze with fear. "Oh no....get back in bed or hide...wait I'm the one who has to hide!" she dashed down the opposite way from where the front of the suite, and started searching for the secret door enterance in the wall, her fingers fumbling their way along the wall, frantically searching for the switch.

She hadn't found it by the time she heard the footsteps coming into the room Arachid was in, so she ducked behind a book case, on the opposite side of the door, trying to make herself as small as possible. She hadnt anytime to change, or the room to do it without being seen.

The figure who had come into the suite was the robot who had tucked Arachid in earlier. "Young master, why are you near the window so?"

04/14/2005 8:19 PM

Arachid briefly studied the robot, he snatched it's model number off of the brass knee plate.

"CH4-51090, enter temporary sleep mode for one hour. When you re-boot you will have erased this conversation and anything you have seen since..."

He regarded a watch on his wrist, pretty loaded for a street kid.

"7:00 PM. Confirm."

The robot's voice took on a neutral tone.

"Password prompt."

Arachid had been listening to the Greffith, who had been filling his head with weird information like how to shut down passworded robots.

"CH4-51090, Manufacturer's cutoff emergency, obey previous command. Authorization code is.... Blue 987. Confirm."

"Commencing temporary shut down and format of di-polar memory cells."

The robot slumped over and stopped making noise.

"Damn old alien wasn't blowing hot air after all. You can come out now."

He looked around as Kitara poked her nose out.

"As I said, I have to go save teh world."

He adjusted his pifered gear and turned back to the window.

04/16/2005 5:37 PM

She came out from behind the bookcase and leaned on a table near him and the window. Her cool grey eyes regarded him with amusement. "That was a neat little trick you pulled, where did you learn it?" Kitara pushed herself off the table to stand by the window. "Dont heroes need side kicks?" She asked him in such a sweet little tone of voice that was dripping with fake innocence.

Ok yeah..she wanted to help save the world and go on an adventure too. Especially with one of her own kind....Maybe she could somehow convince him to let her come along too...since a cat was a lot less conspicious than a giant spider....

04/17/2005 9:11 PM

Arachid gave her a disbelieving look.

"You want to come with me? Youre kidding, you'll be skinned alive."

He thought for a minit.

"Well, It's your funeral. If you want to come..."

Arachid was reluctant to get someone killed but he was reluctant to do this alone either.

04/20/2005 10:25 AM

Zas finally woke up, not feeling refreshed at all. His eyes wandered around the room, checking if the things that were familiar to him will still there. His eyes moved to the dresser, where they paused and focused on the souvenirs he had collected throughout his travels. An old dagger, a slingshot with no ammunition, a pair of tweezers, and a lock pick were all among the group of things. As his eyes moved across them, he realized that he had no souvenir from this city. So he gathered his things; the dagger, the slingshot, the tweezers, and the lock pick, and placed them into an olive green backpack. He then walked over to the door of his trailer, opened it slowly, and stepped out into the fresh air.
The air wasn’t so fresh, however. The circus grounds smelt of dust and animal feces, and everybody was busy working. But the tents were almost put up, and Zas was worried he might return too late for the show.
“I’m not that important anyways, I’ll just guess the time.” He began walking out of the makeshift enclosure and into the city.
The street he entered upon was vast, and seemed to cut the city into two pieces. The buildings seemed to crumble around it, at least to Zas, and the area was desolate. As he continued walking, more and more people began to appear and the building conditions began to improve. As he approached what appeared to be a rich looking house, he removed his lock pick and began working on it. It was cool and easy to handle in his hands, and he felt the lock slide open with little effort. As he opened the door, it creaked, just a little too loud for comfort, and Zas froze, waiting for some sign of recognition.

04/20/2005 5:55 PM

Arachid whirled, pulling his gun and cocking his head. He had heard something.

"Your old man supposed to be home yet?"

The robot was still snoring away in the corner and he was sure the house had a lock. He was considering shifting but had a better idea. His kind sparked panic, so he would just make it look like he was robbing the house.

"Uh, excuse me, but I have to apologise for something."

Arachid took his thumb off the hammer, leaving the gun uncocked and pointing it over Kitiara's head.

"Play along."

04/23/2005 3:01 PM

Kitara froze and listened intently. Father must have left after the argument with Robby..but he wouldnt be home so soon... That definately wasnt him...he was loud enough tromping up the stairs to be heard. Someone strange was here....

"We're on the top story...whoever entered is obviously going to be on the bottom floor...shouldnt we go down there?"

04/25/2005 9:33 AM

Zas stepped through the door. He knew that if he hung around he would be caught, and possibly killed. His whole body shivered, and his hands began to sweat. As he reached into his backpack, his eyes darted around the room, looking for any sign of life. He rummaged around and removed his dagger and his slingshot. He then armed himself with a makeshift gun by loading the dagger into the slingshot, causing a stab wound instead of a little ping when fired. He began to explore the lowest floor, looking for something to steal that would be easy to carry off. His eyes scanned the rooms. Everything seemed to be too big for him to carry. His eyes soon wandered to a set of stairs, and he figured that it would be easier to fight if somebody came in if he was up the stairs. He soon began to climb them, still looking for something managable so he could get out of there.

04/26/2005 7:28 PM

Arachid whispered,

"I think this ones coming to us. Get used to it, It's going to happen alot for a while."

Arachid grunted loud enough for his voice to carry.

"Wheres your money? I wont ask again."

He seemed incredibly sorry about doing this, but at the same time he knew it was for his survival.

04/26/2005 9:07 PM

-She almost laughed at the unconvincing tone of voice he had... My oh my....good thing one didnt have to be an actor to save the world. "Oh dont shoot! Please...I..I dont have any money with me here...I have to go get it..." she smiled at him, almost laughing at her show...Why was this so amusing??, Kitara shrugged and watched the door.

04/27/2005 7:01 AM

Arachid made a funny face at Katra, forgetting about the person briefly, but he turned and leveled the gun at the stairwell when the guy stepped up.

"Don't move, it's not nice to break and enter."

He cocked the ancient gun that still would fire.

04/28/2005 9:39 AM

As he stepped up to the second floor, Zas turned his head toward the two. These must've been the owners of the house, or the current residents anyways. But what was that thing in the guy's hand? He had never seen one before. He quirked an eyebrow.

"I don't know if it's worth it," He said under his breath. He could fight, it was not a doubt in his mind, but he wasn't sure if that thing could hurt him or not. So he lowered his makeshift weapon, and disarmed it.

"What is that thing?" He pointed to the gun with his dagger.

04/28/2005 1:58 PM

Boredom consumed Sage,

"Arggggh, Sensei, may I leave, pleeze." Sage begged, "I have fininshed all of my studies, and I need to...do...uhh, my homework?"

Garichi sensei turned to the young boy, who hasn't more than 15, "Well alright, but be back here by noon tomorrow." Sage sprung up, bow and ran all the way to the door, then he turned his eyes to the sky, and with a leap, and a few quick flaps of his wings he was air born, but something was wrong, the east side of the city was in flames, consumed in fire. His mother. His father. His brothers and sisters. 'This is fate, you are suposed to live, so go on living' thats what his grandmother's last words were... Sage turned to the north, and flew for a long time.

Rubble covered the ground, and a few building stuck out, 'Thats odd...' He thought, he touched down and took out his spear, he walking in the first building, the door was open, so why not? (Note, his wings were made by genetic inhansement, so they were pasted down, generation to generation.)

05/03/2005 5:03 PM

Arachid shook his head in disbelief.

"Its a gun pal, a tool of ancient humans. It will leave a hole in your head the size of a credit (OOC: Quater) and most people dont like that."

Arachid looked the person up and down.

"Human or were?"

05/03/2005 5:06 PM

(OOC: Hey you should put a charachter bio in the ooc section there new fellow)

05/05/2005 12:45 PM

(ooc: done.)

Sage heard voices upstairs, "Someones here," Sage walked tward the stairs listening, the floor creaked and he froze, the hair on the back of his neck froze, "Shit" he wispered under his breath, he tightened the grip on his spear and listened.

05/06/2005 4:17 PM

He lowered his arm and looked at the weapon. It didn't look like it could hurt him at all, but Zas wasn't about to take any chances. He decided that he would use cunning to get what he wanted. But as for this human/were business, he wasn't sure what a were was. He heard of werewolves in stories, but he didn't think they existed. He pondered for a while, then replied,

"Human, but what difference does it make?"

He bent over and put his dagger and slingshot back into his backpack, which was now resting on the floor beside his feet.

"Don't think that because I'm putting these things away that I've given up."

Zas looked up from his backpack, and took in the features of the two across from him.

05/06/2005 5:13 PM

Arachid shoved the pistol into a small leather holster.

"It makes alot of difference. And its foolhardy to raid a house under the observation of two normal humans."

Arachid's hair looked distinctly more spikey and his eyes were beginning to darken.

[eeeeasy arachid, dont blow it. calm down, caaaaalm dooooowwwn]

He took a deep breath, but the beginning of the transformation did not reverse. On the other hand it didnt progress.

"What are you doing here?"

His hand rested on the gun still, ready to draw if needed.

05/10/2005 8:02 PM

Seeing the physical appearance of the man in front of him start to change, Zas wondered how this man could do this. It seemed to him like this stranger was a shapeshifter, maybe this is what this "were" thing is. Thinking back Zas realized he had heard that word before outside stories used to describe one of his friends and colleagues in the circus. He was relaxed, as the sight of another shapeshifter sparked memories of his friend. Also, Zas was curious why this person was so paraniod, or so ignorant. Anyways, it was very convenient, he would just lie.


Zas paused, and thought about what he was doing. He remembered what a ninjitsu teacher had told him: [i]If they catch you off guard, then they deserve to know the truth.[/i]

He considered this for a moment, then continued in a matter-of-fact tone,

"I'm robbing your house, of course. I wasn't aware that anybody was home at the time, it was sort of a spontaneous thing."

Fighting wasn't the greatest option, it harmed people that could be potential allies to Zas. Nevertheless, he expected one, and as he got up to his feet, he straightened up his knee pads.

05/10/2005 9:57 PM

Arachid blinked at the guy's bluntness.

"Most people lie first. Next time if you hear voices, you should just leave quietly, from one thief to another."

He forced the change back down.

"So what brought you here? circus in town or something? I've never tried to pick your pocket before."

05/11/2005 12:55 PM

'Theives, this is getting interesting...' Sage said sitting down on the steps, listening to the voices upstairs. Sage listened with intrest, 'his voice...' Sage shrugged.
The noises upstairs made him wonder, "How long are they going to take, I bore easily..."

05/14/2005 11:38 AM

(OOC: Im alive again >_>)

Kitara watched Arachid and the theif, a slightly amused smile on her face. This was amusing somehow.... She mentally shrugged and folded her arms across her chest. "Why, my house just seems to be full of events this morning...."

05/14/2005 12:41 PM

"Its been an eventfull few weeks."

Arachid looked around quickly.

"Are we going?"

He whispered to Kitara quietly.

05/15/2005 2:35 PM

"Yeah, that's exactly what brought me here, I am a great and famous circus performer!"

He continued to look at them as they whispered to each other.

"How are you able to do that? That transforming thing?"

05/15/2005 4:27 PM

"I was born with it."

He looked out the window, longing to get the hell out of here. The magic generators weren't going to last forever. Arachid turned to Kitara and whispered.

"I really gotta leave. You can come but we have to go now."

05/15/2005 4:54 PM

Sage climbed up the stairs, making as much noise as posible, "You can't be leaving just yet..." Sage said looking at the three.

05/15/2005 6:14 PM

Arachid suddenly shifted, growing large spikey black hair and two extra pairs of legs. He dropped to the ground and reared, his mandibles clicking violently. Poison dripped off of them and onto the floor. He plopped onto the floor again and suddenly ran up the wall, hanging off of the roof. Web began to drift from him and stick to various surfaces.

05/16/2005 4:18 PM

"Where do you think you're going? And who are you to say when we can or cannot leave?" That really irked her...someone would have the gaul to tell her wether she could leave or not, when they had no authority whatsoever over her.

She watched the giant spider form of Arachid throwing webs all over the place. "Do you mind directing those at him, instead of wherever you choose??" Poor Robby...he'd have a terrible time cleaning this mess up...And she moved away from an incoming web. That was really, so disturbing.

05/16/2005 10:08 PM

Suddenly most of the webbing drifted towards the two figures in the stairwell. Whatever the web suck too, it stuck their, releasing it's hold grudgingly. It also shrank on contact, causing some serious pain. As the moisture veaporated, the web contracted, compressing the skin it attatched too.

05/17/2005 11:41 AM

"Son of a B-" Sage struggled to take off his shirt partiacly releasing him, but then he took a step too far back and tumbled down the stairs backwards, "-itch." He looked around, his spear was partialy covered in webbing, and so was his cloths, it burned his hands and face, "Two can play this game..." He shrunk to the size of a cat; wings and feathers sprouted from him, he was now a pheonix.

05/17/2005 4:11 PM

Arachid heard a weird noise below and hissed. He began to pour more webbing into the stairwell, creating an actual web in it's maw. It would block advance into the second floor, but it also blocked retreat. Of course, there was also the windows.

05/18/2005 9:42 AM

Zas was stuck there, trapped in a wad of webbing. He struggled to get loose, but to no avail, it held fast. He eyed his backpack, which was still on the floor beside him, and fell beside it. He opened the zipper with his teeth and proceeded to pull out his dagger, however, his head got stuck inside of it, and he could not see what was going on. He wriggled and squirmed until his head popped out, and he proceeded to cut the webs off of his body with his teeth.

05/18/2005 3:20 PM

Sage burst into flames and flew through the web, stopp he hovered before the beast, eyeing him waiting for is next move.

05/18/2005 3:45 PM

Arachid reared on his hand legs, pawing the air as more silk burst from him, hissing through the air with definite purpose. Instead of merely drying, this web stuck fast and began to burn. Arachid released a horrid mewling sound. He hated birds.

05/19/2005 10:05 AM

After finally cutting himself free from the webs, Zas looked up towards the rearing spider. This was bigger than he had ever seen one before, and Zas was slightly intimidated. He whipped out his slingshot from his backpack, just before it was shot away by webbing, he loaded his dagger in it, and let it fly towards the giant spider. He turned around and began running towards the other end of the hallway.

05/19/2005 1:38 PM

Seeing the flying dagger, Geyli rolled an shot through the window, he did a U-turn and huvered looking in to the broken glass.

05/19/2005 7:41 PM

Arachid dropped to the floor and turned in a complete circle. Suddenly he turned and rushed straight at Zas. Ath the last second he jumped over his head, whizzing down the stairs on a line of web. He hit the ground and rolled, turning and shooting more webbing up ath the thief. He thought it was time to go soon.

05/20/2005 4:41 PM

Zas, taken slightly off guard by this maneuver, rolled to the side. The web, however stuck to his foot, and he was trapped there. Zas looked up towards the spider, and smiled.

"You're better than I thought"

His eyes seemed to burn with a fire that only rivalry could spark. He thought it was kind of a game, this battle. He tried to tug his leg free, but to no avail.

05/24/2005 9:10 PM

With all the webs shooting about, she took herself down the stairs, back to the level they had started on, and went into Arachids sleeping room, waiting for the fighting to stop... She wasnt equipped to fight with webbing, yet, and she'd rather let them handle it.

05/24/2005 10:24 PM

Arachid used his eight legs to pull a fixed one eighty and suddenly ripped into the room he had awoken in earlier, reforming as he came into the room. His clothes hadn't quite formed yet and three quarters of his shirt were still forming over various scars.

"Lets go before they get through that. I have no idea when the worlds going to collapse."

He turned as his shirt fully reformed over his back, glaring at the door way.

05/26/2005 4:18 PM

Geyli flew out side of the window, and landed on the window, he turned back into mostly human, but he kept his wings, knocking on the window he said "I will be you ally, if you wish it..."

05/26/2005 6:39 PM

Arachid nodded, ok.

"Meet us out front. Let's go uhh, cat girl (OOC: I honestly dont remeber if we excanged names or not) before that thief figures it out."

He turned towards the doorway, ready to run.

05/27/2005 5:53 PM

Geyli nodded and jumped backwards, flipping once, before spreading his wings and slowing his fall, he grabbed his spear and ran to the front.

05/31/2005 9:53 AM

"Wait! Let me come!"

Zas struggled to free his leg. He tore at the webs with his hands, then his teeth, then he just jerked his leg free.

"I can help!"

05/31/2005 4:27 PM

Arachid looked around. Quite a crowd. Ok, their funerals. He was glad to not be alone though. He jogged into the street and waited for the rest of the group.

06/02/2005 8:12 PM

Zas, now freed from the webbing, slid down the banister of the stairs, trying to catch up with the others, until he reached the bottom. Somehow his dagger had fallen there as well, so he picked it up, and left the building.

06/05/2005 4:58 PM

Geyli looked at the three others, "So... where to?"

06/05/2005 9:00 PM

"Kitara...Cat girl sounds too corny..."She smiled at her whismy and followed Arachid, her bag full with all sorts of things, like a first aid kit, extra clothes, and other things she thought they might need later on down the road. She hoped Robby wouldnt have too tough a time cleaning that web mess up...He was such a nice robot...

06/06/2005 8:13 PM

"We could head to the circus grounds, I have a trailer there that we could drive around."

Zas pointed towards his right. He was riding on the fact that the circus was still there. He had no idea how much time had passed, they could have already upped and left without him. He really didn't care any more, he had a new group to travel with now.

06/07/2005 9:04 PM

"Circus? Not a chance. With some of our abilities we'd get locked in a cell almost instantly. And in case you hadn't noticed, we're kinda obvious. I mean look at us. I look like something the cat dragged in, youre wearing martial arts gear, he's got wings, and she looks like she should be running from us."

Arachid glowered at a noble who gave him a snobby look.

"You like your teeth in your mouth instead of your throat?"

He turned back to the group. And suddenly smiled.

"Oh right, the old wear houses. Listen, we need faster things then carts, And I know where to get them. Plus we have to talk about something. Lets get out of this district."

Arachid began walking towards the nearest alley, he knew his way around this city, having burglurized all over the place.

06/08/2005 2:22 PM

"..." Geyli wasn't sure what to say, but he followed, keeping his wings folded closed, and looked back to see if the others would follow too.

06/08/2005 8:11 PM

"Sounds like a plan"

Zas began to follow too.

06/11/2005 9:02 PM

She put an amused smirk on her face and followed Arachid nearly laughing. She wasnt quite sure what she found so entertaining. Maybe it was just the way he put his view on the group.

"And what is it that we're going to find thats faster than carts oh-leader-of-the-group?" -She gave him a genuine smile and her eyes showed she was in good spirits. She looked back at the other two in the group. "I'm Kitara, by the way...What are your names?"

06/12/2005 3:38 PM

Arachid pulled out two things, a pocket watch his grandfather had made and one of the old people's watches.

"These are both time keepers. The one with the band on it was an ingenious invention made by our greatest ancestors."

The readout flashed the time into the air as Arachid tapped it's face. The holographic image floated for a few seconds and then vanished.

"We're going to take one of the old peoples carts, although it's quite a walk."

He turned to the group.

"I'm Arachid by the way."

06/24/2005 5:20 PM

She watched the watches (ha ha) with her keen grey eyes, curious about them, for she hadnt seen anything quite like them....

"Old...peoples carts? Old as in elderly or something else?" One could never be too careful with slang terms, they might catch you unawares and deceive you sometimes. The other two of the group were awfuly quiet, and her grey eyes glanced back at them.

Some how she had put herself up in the front, near Arachid. She smiled inside at her own nature...Always wanting to be in the front, see things and do things first...

06/25/2005 10:23 AM

Arachid began reciting a tale the old Greffith had told him.

"Back before your great great great grandfather was born, the old people built massive cities. They spanned hundreds of miles, all full of people different from us. Some of us worship the god of the Jesus man, they worshiped the god Tecknology. Tecknology is man made magic, it can do everything from keep track of time, or end a man's life from the other side of the world. They built mechanical birds and even put big cameras in space to watch over the world. We're just going to borrow some of these wonders of the old people."

He smiled and walked by the last house in town.

"Its many miles to the warehouse, we'll be moving most of the day."

He adjusted his coat and continued moving.

07/05/2005 6:07 PM

She listened to the tale with one brow cocked, a bit confused as to what it meant, and regarded Arachid's watches with a speculative glance and shrugged, walking along side him. This would certainly be an intersting jouney wouldnt it?

07/05/2005 6:08 PM

She listened to the tale with one brow cocked, a bit confused as to what it meant, and regarded Arachid's watches with a speculative glance and shrugged, walking along side him. This would certainly be an intersting jouney wouldnt it?

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