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03/12/2005 10:32 PM

[b]And so it shall come to pass that a great horde will sweep over all all the lands south of the Realm of the Red, cruhing all who stand in it's way. And in it's conquests, it shall come upon the Potentia and there it's leader shall be struck down, and his lands ravaged and devoured by the 12 headed serpent of greed and disloyalty.
-- So Sayth the Prophet Tarki[/b]

Calling the 12 generals of Tharg, scurge of the south serpents of greed may have been overly harsh, but not by far.

In less then a decade Tharg's hordes has come out of the Jungles of the south and overwhelmed every army and city that tried to stop them. Driven as if by some demonic taskmaster they moved with a speed unheared of in the history of millitary infantry, seeming to always be in a perpetual rage and almost never sleeping. With Thargs skill as a warrior and incredable brilliance as a tactican pushing them on, they beat a bloody path from the far south all the way to the southern tip of Thay. Gathering local forces as they got like a chain reaction, the Horde was poised to attack Thay and start the greatest war Fae'rune had seen in a century.

And then, Tharg vanished.

Like pulling the keystone out of an arch, the entire reagon colapsed into anarchy overnight. Tharg's 12 lutenants turned on eachother and fought for control of the terratory gained. Local forces, who had evaded or joined the Horde on it's bloody march took the chance to attack it in revenge for the attack on their people. Nations that were not on the route of the invasion saw a chance for easy terratory and begin their attacks, as did outsiders from the north, if not in such direct ways.

Our story begins in a small inn operated as a trading post for a Nomatic tribe in the Sharr for when they need to negoate with outsiders. When the tribe is away on it's migration, a few immegrants who never adapated to the Sharr's way of live run it as an inn for wery travelers. Lately, with all the evacuations, it's seen a lot of busness.

The Inn is crownded this warm night, a bard in the back recities the prophey's of long dead madmen. Dozens of strong mercinaries hand around, looking for the work that way brings. A family of scared civillians huddles in the corner asking the barkeep if there is any work to be had. And one of the strange and illusive Wemics stands near the back, talking with one of the patrons in hushed tones.....

04/02/2005 11:50 AM

As silient as a shadow, a young barbarian slips into the Inn unnoticed and uninhibited. Taking a seat in the edge of the fire light he listens to the tales the bard weaves for the other patrons. Zhaneth had waited all his life to leave his tribe and during the collapse of Thargs army he had the chance. Never content with seeing the world the way his tribe told it, he left to see with his own eyes. For a barbarian he was large, near 7 feet tall with the shoulder of an ox. But his features were still yet young and his sky blue eyes never revealed more then he intended. Scanning the inn again looking for any signs of trouble, he waves down one of the serving girls and prepares himself for a long wait.

After getting his mead he orders some stew, a loaf of bread, and some cheese. It had been days since he had eaten last and he figured that it could do little harm to stay a while in this inn. He felt relativly safe and he knew that if any of his kin found that he could handle himself. He had been the best in his tribe with a sword, and more than able with just about anything else he could find for a weapon.

And so the hours past as he watched and waited enjoying his mead and watching the crowd with intended patients. Waiting for his services to be needed...

04/13/2005 6:33 PM

OOC: I’m playing the female so if anybody wants to kill off the male soon enough, I’ll play both!

His breath was hot and heavy as he had been riding for days. Hundreds of men followed their leader and the sorceress. She was a whore to his eyes; a toy nonetheless. He cared nothing but what she could see as it gave a great advantage to all of his victories. He was hunting down some of the legendary men with his little magical whore at his side. His large frame and muscular build gave a great impression on military and combat skills; though, he did lack flexibility.

Jack stopped at the edge of a river. He could smell food and drunken men all around. This seven foot giant turned on his black and grey horse. His hazel eyes had a rather dangerous tone, “You! Whore, why are we here? Are you wrong? Do you need another lesson?” His rage frightened the woman as her blue eyes tried to escape the torture. Spitting to the side of the horse, Jack pulled the chain as the sorceress jerked forward. Her curly blond hair flipping forward as her teeth chattered. “No.” She said in a deep tone.
“Camp tonight and eat well! In the morning we conquer!”

She would have loved to kill him but it was a certain stone she had on her that kept her from her powers. A stone only few know and Jack is one of them. Alexia had not eaten in days as she suffered from minor and some major wounds from this brute. His eyes of the underworld glowed at her, “You will accompany me and you will show me who.” She could do nothing. She was his puppet he controlled.

It was her will and spirit of kindness that made her sleep every night. Some nights it was so bad she couldn’t sleep from wounds he left. After all, she was a whore to magic. She sighed to herself making sure his sharp ears could not hear her. Her horse was white and beautiful, unlike her. “Who could even look at me?” She thought countless times but never actually seen herself since she was held a prisoner.

After putting a cloak on her, Jack shoved her in the door as she almost tripped on a thin cord. She only stood five feet and weighed like a feather. Her small frame and curvy attraction gave the comrades a sight for living, but she hated it. She hated all men. Jack ordered food for her and him as he looked around the room. “Show me.” He gritted between his teeth.

Luckily the hood cloaked her from the peering eyes. “Show me!” Jack said louder as his table almost tipped over. Alexia closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. “What can I do?” She said to herself.

04/16/2005 6:56 PM

A figure opens the front doors of the in and steps in slowly, every feature obscured by the cloak and hood covering him, with the exception of the edge of a shiny hilt sticking slightly out into sight. Several pouches and small bags sway from his sides and a backpack rests on his back, giving the impression of long travels. He may have been imposing if his head came up higher than half the height of the doorway standing at only around three and a half feet tall. He moves from the doorway to the bar and pulls off his hood, revealing a head of untamed blond hair and a dirty, although not unpleasant, face of a halfling. He jumps to an empty stool with suprising grace for the stature of his kind and he orders a drink. As he sips on a flagon of ale, which seems far too large for him, he turns away from the bar, pushes is cloak back from his arms to be more comfortable and observes the scene before him. With the cloak out of the way his atire is clearly visible, his pants and shirt a dark green color and a jerkin that looks to be of bear skin. His bare feet sway slightly high up from the ground as he looks around, taking in both the number and odd combination of all the peoples here, listening to the tales of the bard across the room, barely audible through the noise of nearby patrons. As he sits, watches, and listens, Thaele thinks to himself,"With all this noise... it's a wonder that there aren't more people who get sick of it and live in the woods." But even as that throught finishes going through his mind, he knows that he likes the sound of people, music, and tales. If he didn't, would he keep coming back to hear them?

Thaele finishes his ale after a short while and turns back to the barkeep. They speak for a moment and Thaele hands over one of his packs to the innkeep who smiles and calls out for the cook, Thaele turns away as the barkeep hands the pack to the cook who nods and returns to the kitchen as the barkeep pours another flagon of ale for the halfling. Thaele takes his flagon and moves over to a small empty table to the side of the inn opposite the entry way and sits, sipping on his ale much slower than he drank the first. A short while of sipping and listening pass by for the halfling before a barmaid comes out of the kitchen with a platter of roasted meat and a bowl of berries. He waves to her and she smiles, turning to head his way, but a man stands up drunkenly and grabs the platter out of the unsuspecting bar maid's hands, laughing as he does so. The barmaid gives a squeak of surprise and scowls at the man attempting to take back the platter. The man, being none too small for a human, laughs once again and shoves the barmaid away. He turns back to the platter ready to dive in, not hearing the silent foot steps of small feet come charging behind him. Thael leaps from his charge, drawing a small scimitar mid leap, and lands, one foot on the back of the man's chair and the other on his shoulder. The hilt of his sword smashes into the back of the man's head with a thud, and he begins to fall forward, without stopping, but using the chair to slow down, Thaele reaches around the man and takes the platter, pulling it from under the man's falling face just in time. The small form lands on the floor and only a single berry falls from the food as he does so. Moving over to the fallen barmaid he helps her up, although not being able to lift her too high. Thaele turns back to the table, where the man's friends stand up in suprise and anger, and says," If he wants roast bear meat this fresh, tell him to go hunt it down himself and leave other's food alone."

With that Thaele turns back and begins walking to his table, beckoning the barmaid to follow. The man's friends look at each other and then at their fallen friend, after a moment of debating they decide to sit down and leave the halfling alone, since none had noticed him coming until he was on their friend's back. Thaele sits down with the barmaid and pulls off some of the meat, indicating for her to do the same, Thaele strikes up a conversation with the barmaid, asking of news and events since his last visit back to the town. After a while the barmaid gets up and takes her leave of the halfling, having eaten more than her fill and needing to get back to work. The halfling smiles at her as she leaves, then sighs and leans back in his chair, tucking his hands into his belt, ready to resume listening to the bard's tale.

04/17/2005 12:35 AM

A short, stout figure sits at the bar drinking from a flagon of a dwarven firebreather. He is about four and a half feet tall, with dark red hair and a beard that is carefully braided. He has fierce brown eyes and a pointy nose outlined by a thin scar running from the corner of his right eye down to his chin, this is a dwarf who has obviously seen battle before. He is wearing a set of well kept and polished chain armor and a battle worn warhammer over his shoulder, both of which are engraved with a pair of twin axes, the symbol of Clanggedin, dwarven god of battle.

Dorimm orders a drink from the innkeeper across the bar, who happily obliges, as Dorimm has brought a few recipes to the bar from his clan's brewers, he recieves free drinks. He was a regular customer here, often listening to the bards, or watching some of the more interesting guests. Sometime he even throws some ruffians out, for free.

This day has been a little interesting for Dorimm. He notices a small cloaked figure, probably a halfling, enter the bar and hands a worn pack to the innkeeper, and overhears a few words of how to cook the contents. Dorimm, a meat connoisseur, could tell that it was probably from a wild animal based on the herbs that were discussed. Dorimm takes note of the fellow's eating habits, he was a very suspicious fellow.

He sits there, gulping down his fifth dwarven firebreather, starting to get a buzz, when he sees the first real interesting thing of the day. He sees a slobbering man, obviously very drunk, get up and grab a platter out of a bar maid's hand. Dorimm's quick reflexes have his weapon in his hand almost instanty to give a lesson to this drunk. The halfling, however, seemed to be able to do this himself. The halfling silently charges towards the unsuspecting drunk man. He leaps towards the drunk and smashes the back of his head with the hilt of his scimitar. The halfling grabs the platter and takes the barmaid and what is obviously his food back to his table.

"I think I would like to learn more about this one.", Dorimm thinks to himself as he turns back to his drink.

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04/17/2005 3:09 PM

Jack sat back putting a large black boot the size of the table, on the table. Wet mud started dripping on the table as Alexia tried to make no emotion towards his disrespect. When she sighed his beady eye glanced over. She folded her hands in her lap and tried to stand away from the crowd. She did however make a small smile at the little bar fight as Jack slapped a barmaid’s butt and cheer the Halflings accomplishment. When two blond barmaids, both women came out with a large pig, Jack put his foot down and started eating ripping off a leg before getting into the ribs.

It was disgusting to watch a male pig-out on a poor defenseless creature. She hated experimenting on animals or things that were alive that had nothing to do with healing. Biting her lower lip she swallowed hard thinking about her mother’s fruit before Jacks army crushed her village. Looking up with blood shot eyes, he hiccupped loudly and ordered more ale from the bar maid. When returning with a larger cup, he swallowed it quickly and called for the curly brown maid with large bosoms and a black dress to show them off. Her make up was smothered on her face, making her look pale.

“Can I get you ‘nythin’?” She said in a country accent. “’Nythin’ at all?” Her dark brown brow raised as her hunter green eyes glanced over to Jack. Instantly his eyes focused on her bosoms as his large arm reached out and cupped her bottom to him. She was small compared to the large brute but he just sat back and laughed. Alexia had had enough as she sat up quietly. Jack’s eyes glared over to her ice blue ones. “Where do you think you are going?” His brow raised as his tone darkened. The barmaid kissed him on the cheek and picked up the remaining pig.

“I’m hot and stuffy. I need some fresh air.” Her voice was soft but harsh.
“You walk out those doors and I will make sure your name is the last thing these gent’s will know. The whore you are!” His greasy fist slammed on the table causing it to crack. Biting her lip was the only thing stopping her from crying. She thought for a moment and pursed her lips together.
“Call my name out to these men. Fine. Slander my name, you will not do. That is my order!”

Halfway to the door way Jack threw a dagger at the door she was going out of. She knew this was a mistake tonight and she was just in his way. Her ice glanced dangerously as she slowly turned on her leather booted heel. Jacks eyes widened as he stepped up jolting for her. His boots thumped as bones snapped from feet being out in his way. Inhaling she tried to push her fear and rage down as he reached down to pick her up and threw her over his shoulder.

Cracking another one of her ribs, she yelped as blond curls started bouncing out of her hood. Jack smiled at all the men after handling his ‘prize,’ and walked off out of the door after retrieving his dagger and sheathing it. “You disappoint me elf!” Tears of pain started dripping down her face as she kept silent from the beast. “Men! Sleep well tonight!” Hundreds of men cheered as they went to their tents and some went inside, all wearing a red and black uniform.

04/17/2005 4:47 PM

Thaele watched with disgust as the big brutish man manhandled barmaids and what appeared to be his servant elf, or perhaps more of a slave. She looked as though she was used to the abuse, but had too much pride to show her pain or admit her submission to the world. This was one of the very reasons the halfling chose to live in the wilderness, away from the dark-hearted people who could do such things to decent living beings. This man was perhaps the pinnacle of what Thaele loathed of the "civilized" world, and this man was the kind of merciless being who deserved to be hunted far more than any orc, goblin, or giant. The fierce monsters most considered the world's worst enemies were evil by nature and as a whole, but humans are more versatile, this man could have been good if he had so chosen to use whatever power he had to do so.

Thaele stands up pulls his cloak closer to himself to be less obtrusive. Moving swiftly, the halfling quickly finds an open seat at the bar, never letting the man out of the corner of his eye. After a moment the barkeep comes up to Thaele's section of the bar and says,"Everything to yer liking Thaele?"

Thaele turns away from the man finally with a nod and a grin,"Yes everything was exquisite, tell Arnon he used the herbs perfectly. But that is not why I've come to talk to you..." Thaele pauses a moment and looks at the large man as he grabs one of the barmaid's by her behind and pulls her close to him,"..who is that man?"

The barkeep follows the gaze of the ranger but doesn't need to follow it all the way to know about whom he was being asked. With a sigh he says," Ahhh that ruffian, I'm not exactly sure who he thinks he is, but from what some of the men who came in with him have said, he the leader of some group or little army or something." the barkeep grins and continues with a sarcastic tone," You can really tell how noble he is to lead an army by the way he treats women with such respect, why if i were twenty years younger, I'd give him whatfor fer me barmaids AND for that poor soul who's always stuck next to him."

As if on a cue, the elf girl stood up and she started to walk towards the door, causing the man to become angry quickly. Thaele listened to their dialogue, which destroyed any doubt that she was his slave. He picked her up violently, and the flicker of pain on her face gave thaele the impression that she was in more pain than she was letting on. As she was carried out the door, a few sparkles on her cheeks let anyone who was truly observant know that she was holding back sobs of pain, only letting a few tears escape.

"Men! Sleep well tonight!", echoed from outside and the sound of hundreds of men cheering reached the ears of the patrons as several men entered the inn.

Thaele's eyes burned with anger at the way the elf was being treated, he issued a low growl to the barkeep,"Well now we know he was indeed the leader of an army."

The barkeep nodded as Thaele hopped from the barstool but something suddenly struck him,"Wait... Was?"

Without acknowledging the barkeep's question Thaele pulls his hood over his head, his angry features disappearing into shadow. Without a moments pause he heads towards the doors of the inn and pushes passed several men who complain but are too eager to drink to pay the halfling any mind. Once outside Thaele looks around for a moment, and spots man and elf off to one side walking towards an encampment. Thaele takes a deep breath, he has not hunted a human in a long time, but there is a time and place for everything, and this is a time for action. He reaches down into a barrel next to the doors and pulls out his quiver and bow, which had been well concealed in the bottom by a fake bottom. Strapping his quiver to his back and slinging his bow over his shoulder, he begins to silently stalk the man, staying to the shadows, and moving as quietly as only a well trained, bare-footed halfling can.

04/17/2005 5:19 PM

Dorimm's study of the interesting halfling's actions and demeanor are interrupted when a large man is making a disturbance. Dorrim begins preparing to make sure that this large man realizes that fondling barmaids isn't going to be aloud in this inn. And to make things worse, not only does the man harass barmaids to an unnacceptable extent, there also seems to be an elven girl that he's abusing. He treats her like a slave, and to Dorimm's thinking, that is wrong.

As he gets up, he notices the little fellow that he was studying also stands up and begins to move. But to Dorimm's dissapointment, he goes over and sits at the bar. "Not very corageous right now, are you?", thinks Dorimm to himself.

The large man walks out of the door with the elven maiden over his shoulder. Dorimm begins to walk towards the exit to catch up to this large rude man, when the halfling quickly walks out the door, "perhaps the halfling is as brave as I thought originally". Dorimm was out the door and sees the halfling take out a bow and quiver and slink off into the shadows. Dorimm prepares to help this enslaved maiden, even if she is an elf.

04/17/2005 6:14 PM

After reaching camp, Jack threw Alexia on a stuffed bear skin as if she was nothing. Quickly wiping her water spots, she sat up feeling the pain on her side. “’Ey lass, remove it.” She sighed inwardly as she removed her hood revealing white hair pulled back while a blue stoned tiara pointed down towards her forehead. Her ice blue eyes concentrated on the map as she knew it was coming. Jack raised his brow and clicked his tongue. “You are a smart whore. You know your place.” Her eyes flickered dangerously into his until he threw the map to her. Catching it, she placed it on a barrel. “Where to?”

Alexia pointed to where they were and sat there as energy started vibrating through her. Closing her eyes to concentrate she could see nothing but pitch black. In reality, blue flames that felt like soft dew drops and honey lighted the tent. Jack inhaled the scent and exhaled it with a grunt. Alexia’s white hair started to sway with the flames she could see…

A short male figure in a cape and bow was running through the shadows pacing himself as well as arming with a bow and arrow. He could see the tent, the man from the…

Alexia’s flames disappeared as she returned from her world of seeing. “You know what to do.” Jack grinned after a spit to his left. Using what energy she was running low on, Alexia looked down at her map to see nothing accomplished. “Northern wood is another success.” She lied through her teeth. Jack cocked his head. “Northern wood, eh?” He sat up picking at his dagger and walking over to the bear skin and kicking the barrel out of the tent.

Bending down on his knees he faced the Elf-Sorceress. “Northern wood is a desolate place. Never has a man attempted to fight the dead, but-,” His beady eyes stared into her ice blue ones. “If you’re implying a lie, you will have to look elsewhere.” Her words had no meaning as she learned from escaping attempts and explanations. After rocking in thought, Jack managed to sit on the floor in a tizzy. “You should get some rest.” She mumbled under her breath.

Jack raised a brow playing with the dagger tip and sighed. Swallowing was the hardest thing to do in front of him but she managed. Jack squinted his eyes, “I think we have ourselves a trained liar. Not only a liar but a whore liar, so the best thing to do is to tell the truth, right? Now, tell me…what did you see in that vision of yours.”

04/17/2005 7:13 PM

Thaele followed the man, who he now knew to be a general or warlord of some sort, to his tent and stopped only about twenty feet away, his figure obscured by the shadows of some trees. The halfling peered all around himself, his trained eyes picking up paths of travel that those accustomed to city life would have missed completely. After a brief moment surveying the area, Thaele quickly scurries up a tree, narrowly avoiding a pair of men as they walk by on patrol. Watching the pair it becomes obvious they would never have seen the shadowy figure, not with the way they were joking and telling lies to each other, both attempting to seem the better fighter. Skilled feet carry the halfling across one of the branches of his tree and he leaps to a neighboring tree, where he catches a branch and uses his falling momentum to swing to one of the lowest branches.

Gazing towards the tent where the elf had been taken, Thaele can now see through the open tent flap. The girl sits on a bear rug with a barrel in front of her with some kind of parchment on it. Eyes closed and apparently concentrating, the elf's hair begins to sway, reminding the halfling of a flame's flicker, or the tide of a small pool of water and blue flames appeared around her body, illuminating the tent. Thaele's eyes grow wide as he watches, understanding now why the man holds her captive, she has some ability that allows him an advantage in battle. Shortly after the blue flames fade away and the man initiates a conversation, kicking the barrel out of the tent. The only part of their conversation that reaches Thaele's ears is.."Northern Wood, is a desolate place. Never has a man attempted to fight the dead, but-"

As he cuts off, the man suddenly becomes suspicious and dangerous looking, a perfect time to prepare an arrow for this poor excuse for a living thing. Thaele notches an arrow into his shortbow and takes aim, pull the string back slowly as he mutters prayers to Mielikki to guide his arrow. As the halfling's prayer nears it's end, the elf gulps nervously as the man continues to question her. A crunch of twigs from back towards the inn alerts the halfling that someone is coming, but the frequency of the steps would suggest that a person were jogging, but they were not coming closer fast enough to be jogging... But that could wait, he might not get another shot this clear and close. Just as he hears the clank of chainmail only a few feet away from his position, Thaele lets all of his breath out quickly as he lets his arrow fly...

04/17/2005 7:46 PM

Dorimm quietly (quietly for a dwarf that is) follows the man towards a large encampment. As he is about to enter the encampment, a couple of guards notice and move for him.

"'Scuse me, but your not aloud..." a guard begins before Dorimm smashes him in the gut, stealing his breath.

The other guard quickly brings down his sword towards Dorimm's shoulder, but is blocked by a warhammer, the dwarf flicks his hammer to the side knocking the weapon aside and then hits the guard over the head. As the other guard begins to rise, he is also hit on the head. Dorimm walks away, confident and satisfied that no one heard a thing.

Dorimm then approaches the tent, intent on making short work of the brute, when a barrel flew out of the tent and nearly smashed into the dwarf's head. He only gets angered by this. He begins to quietly chant something, and his weapon briefly glows blue. He prepares to strike him when he notices something streaking towards the tent.

04/17/2005 8:31 PM

Alexia’s ears starting perking when she herd an arrow by. Jack quickly reached out at the arrow and snapped the twig in half. In anger, he stood up and brushed off the remains of; to his size, a stick. He laughed. “You can never win nor think of leaving.” Alexia’s face went to a lighter color once Jack stood up and crumbled the ‘stick.’ Her ice blue eyes searched for anybody who carried the arrow. Reaching out, Jack grabbed the fragile wrist and swung Alexia, holding her in midair. His thick muscles rippled as he walked out of the tent, parading the elf.

“Men, I believe we have some visitors around!” Men, Orcs, Humans, Giants, Wizards, and even Barbarians were trained by their leader. In an odd way they worshiped him and didn’t mind broken bones just to wrestle and be practiced on. “Since we have ourselves an Elf Sorceress who doesn’t want to cooperate, I think we need to teach her the final lesson.” He grinned pulling her lower to him, whispering, “You didn’t abide by the full contract.” Her ice blue eyes widened as tears started forming.

In that instant she became like a rag doll to this giant as he tossed her to the floor. She didn’t care anymore; everything she served for had been lost. Landing on her knees, she bit her lip and pulled her cape up as guards started crowding her. She was lightweight but a valuable light weight. Jack flinched his wrist while turning back to the flap, “Don’t forget, I’ll be waiting for that guest of mine. You know Alexia, you do make one good point, Northern wood would be perfect.”

As the men tied silk rope around her wrist, she followed them, making it easier than struggling. She was taken to a smaller tent with a warm bath and fresh clothes laid out. Her bed was kept warm so she didn’t freeze and food was selected at high quality. As the guards shoved her in she could see twelve guards’ shadows around her tent. A wizard had cast a force field so only Jack could get in and out. Sitting on her bed, she wanted to curl up and die but only cried at what she had done. She had killed her whole village by disobeying simple orders.

04/17/2005 10:18 PM

Dorimm begins to mutter some divine chants as the large man walks out of the tent. It seems the leader doesn't even notice him. Good, that'll give me more time thinks Dorimm to himself. His muscles bulge, his skin toughens, his spell complete. He then shouts out, " 'EY!!! LOOK 'ERE YA' MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR LIVIN' THINGS!!" Everyone in the campe turns to look at Dorimm, atleast slightly confused.

When Dorimm is sure everyone is intent upon looking at him, he begins to chant. Suddenly, all the soldiers that are ready to charge the dwarf just stop. They all began staring intently at the dwarf, who was now speaking. After they had all been enthralled, Dorimm chants another spell, moving quickly towards the tent he had seen the elf thrown into. As he nears the tent he finishes his dispel magic charm, hoping to see the barrier come down...

04/17/2005 10:40 PM

Thaele silently cursed himself, he should have waited until he had a clear shot of the mans' back. He watches the men drag the poor elf to a tent and throw her in, and about a dozen men standing around the tent. The halfling's mind whirled as he concocts plan after plan to rescue the elf, that job being much harder now that men were looking for him. He looks down and spies a dwarf walking towards all the hubbub, chanting quietly, a very odd recruit to have joined this crowd, but... something wasn't right, he was not wearing the same uniform as the rest, regardless he was not important right now. Searching for the best path to the elf's tent, Thaele realizes it's time to fight for what he believes, freedom of all who deserve it, and that included the elven captive here.

Training and spells flicked through Thaele's mind as he tried to select the best approach to this situation. Most of the men of the camp were off searching the outskirts of the camp, almost all of them doubting that their quarry was within their own encampment. Finalizing his plans as quickly as he can, the halfling begins to chant very quietly, and just as he finishes his spell and feels the power in his legs increase, but he suddenly cannot help but to stare at the dwarf.

Only a few moments slip by before Thaele shakes his head and wakes himself from his stupor, he had seen magic like this before, when a cleric had once become angry at a group of teenage boys causing trouble to a younger child. Thaele looked around, he appeared to be the only one who had recognized what was happening and had managed to shake free of it. This was his chance. He began chanting a spell to gain a cat's grace and completes his spell in short time, feeling his reflexes and general motor skills improve. Thaele draws his scimitar and takes aim for an orc in the back of the large group that is in a stuper. With a leap he lands on the orc, his scimitar leading the landing straight down through the creature's shouler and into his chest, a small gurgle is all that escapes before it fades into death.

Thaele turns to the nearest troop, a human who noticed the sudden movement next to him. He blinks several times and looks at the dead orc, and then at the halfling wielding his bloody scimitar. Everything inside the man's head screamed at him to sound the alarm, but by the time he finally found the strength of mind to actually open his mouth, a scimitar dove into his stomache at an angle that led the blade up into the man's lungs. The halfling turns and began to cut down those who he can without being in plain sight of many of the enemies. If this works, and I survive this... I'm going to have to take that trip to Mielikki's temple that I've been putting off. But for now, it's time to survive.. Finishing his thought, Thaele begins to chant his final spell for today, hoping to help himself as well as the foolishly confidant, and clever, dwarf.

04/18/2005 4:44 PM

The bath was refreshing and peaceful after crying trying to heal some of the scratches and bruises. It took several minutes to dry her thick white hair and place the jewel on her head correctly. Her bed contained of stuffed bear skin on a wooden box twice her size as she climbed on top of the bed and buried herself in the skins trying to sleep. On occasion she could hear men talking and laughing and somewhere her ears perked hearing a heavy breathing and chants. The force filed muffled most of what was going outside but with warm steam keeping the place smelling like herbs, she found herself dreaming of her now deadened world.

Jack got to his feet after smelling fresh carcass. “Men guard yourselves!” Jack reached for his shield and weapons and hurried after Alexia’s tent shoving people around and out of his way. It took longer for the seven foot giant to reach the elf’s tent. As he did she stormed through, “Elf! Why didn’t you tell me there would be a war?” He shouted as she woke up instantly. Her ice blue eyes took a brief moment to focus. It wasn’t until she moved quickly when Jack threw the tub of steaming water hitting the wooden pole.

“I didn’t see it!” She gasped, tripping over a small stool. His face went red after seeing another lie. “I trusted you! Northern wood was another way to kill me off isn’t it? You whore!” The wizard’s spell had been broken after the pole had been hit. Rippled arms outstretched after Alexia’s throat as she gasped for air. His flexing grew tighter around her throat as she hung there facing death. “You lied for the last time!” He clenched his teeth showing all disapproval towards her.

A small black bracelet had snapped off as Alexia could feel nothing but anger. Everything that had been held inside had been from this black bracelet. A blue light started forming around her body as the crystal grew to the ice blue it had been once before. Jack’s grip started to tighten harder around her neck until the light flashed as it started pulling his fingers away. His eyes widened at the strength she possessed. As soon as Jack was forced back Alexia’s light started fading until it was completely gone and she was floating in the air.

Magic had taken her. A brilliant white light had begun to flash as it exploded killing anything in her way. Hundreds of guards were disintegrating along with animals and trees. Anything that had not been shielded with some magic was going to die quickly.

04/18/2005 6:46 PM

Dorimm's spell that had many soldiers captivated was beginning to wear off. The dwarf looks around to see what could be distracting them from his distraction. He notices a light some feet away.

Dorimm immediatly knew that he didn't want to be in the way of that thing, but he couldn't possibly run fast enough with his short legs. The blast of magical energy was nearing towards him. Dorimm is doing the only thing he could possibly do now. He is praying. His cries to Clanggedin, Moradin, Dumathoin, any goodly god that was listening, to spare his life, to better promote good. His life began to flash before his eyes.

He was a fine lad, he grew up in a prosperous dwarven clan. Nothing was wrong with his life. There was ore aplenty, food, mead, anything a dwarf could hope for. He remembers everything, the perfect life of his youth. Then, the day that changed his faith from Moradin. A large raiding party of gnolls, orcs, goblins, bugbears, and several giants. He was sure that his clan would be wiped out. They were saved, by war-priests of Clangeddin. These brave dwarves ran headlong into battle, launching divine spells at the enemy. They tore through the enemy ranks, forcing them into retreat. After the battle, the same clerics began administering healing to all wounded, including his father who almost died. He remembered, he would devote the rest of his life to Clanggedin, who's priests saved his and his father's life.

He remembers that surge of faith, and he feels it again. As his faith in Clanggedin renews, his powers do. Suddenly, he lets out a primal scream, and sets forth a magical barrier. He looks forward, amazed at the powers. These powers, however, would not last. Before they can wear away, he sets off to see if that certain large man survived. If he did, he won't

04/18/2005 7:38 PM

Thaele pulls his blade from the sternum of yet another unsuspecting man of the warlord's army, his eyes turning to find his next victim. Thaele has circled a quarter of the way around the encampent, his scimitar making quick work of soldier after soldier of this evil horde, attempting to even the odds for when they came back to their senses. As he takes aim for a goblin's throat, a flash of blue light stops the halfling just as he prepares to thrust. It takes a moment for the halfling to realize three things, one; that the light had come from the elf's tent, two; that many members of the army were coming to their senses, and quickly, and three; that not only were men coming to their senses, large explosions of blue fire had begun to engulf the men.

Thaele gapes for a moment at the sight as dozens of men are engulfed in fiery blue explosions, but is forced to cease his gawking when an explosion erupts not more than twenty feet from him. I need to save that elf!.. but, that fire looks similar to the stuff that surrounded her earlier, and she was not harmed by it.. But that fire could not be the same as this, for it most certainly was harming things, but not just the troops, it devoured everything it came in contact with. The elf was most likely the source of all this, and Thaele hoped that she would be ok, for he could not stay here or he would most certainly die.

The halfling's mind races as his eyes search the area for some means of escape, for these explosions seemed to originate randomly and at almost any distance from the tent, although none were exploding in the sky, only level with the tent. A drop many feet from Thaele suddenly draws the halfling's attention, if the explosions were only level with the tent, getting much lower should be safer. He runs as swiftly as a halfling can possibly run to the dip in the earth, and skids to a halt. The dip rolls down but a few feet, and ends in a narrow gorge about thirty feet deep, a stream at the bottom of it leading the gorge from the north to the south, and it curves west some distance down.

His mind races as Thaele tries to find the best place to climb down, but an explosion only fifteen feet away knocks him to his knees, there is no time left to look. He finds a place thats good enough and sheaths his scimitar and jumps down, catching the edge of the cliff. He deftly moves down the rock wall, the years of wilderness guiding his hands and feet. Only ten feet down an explosion hits the edge of the gorge, directly above the quickly descending ranger. The edges of the explosion engulf the halfling, the forces of the blast throwing him downward, if not for the spell to protect him against energy, the halfling would be dead. The halfling smashes into the bottom of the gorge, splashing in the water at the bottom, before he falls into unconciousness the halfling manages to roll most of his body out of the water. As the halfling gazes up into the sky, his vision fading, a bright flash of blue somewhere lights up his vision once again, but as the light fades, there is nothing to the halfling but the blackness...

04/19/2005 1:00 PM

Jack looked up as a large oak had stopped his falling back. He was protected as was the men who deserved it, so he thought. A clot of blood raced down his cheek as he glanced at an opportunity to get revenge but instead reached in his pocket and grabbed a small opened bracelet; the same one Alexia had on before it was crushed. In prayers and speed, he caught up to the culprit and slapped on the bracelet as Alexia’s body grew weaker from the amount of energy she gave off. A moment before unconsciousness Alexia could see her own destruction as she went limp in Jacks arms.

The men who lived stood up from the blast shaking thick black powder off. Wizards grabbed bottles and collected the black powder. “Men, you know what to do. We’ve solved our pest problem now the ones who revive, do so now. Others start getting tents ready, we move out afterwards.” His eyes stared down at the elf that was unconscious. “You’ve done well. We were running low on the powder to keep you from attacking.” He grinned and set her down. Her camp was the only thing not burned down or touched except for the tub kicked over.

Gently setting her down on the stuffed bear skin, he reached into his armor, removing them and then reaching for a small bile. It took a minute to open it as his hands were large. Once accomplished, he forced some of the black liquid down her throat. As it was swallowing her body grew from unconsciousness to a slumber. “See you at sun rise.” Leaving the camp, he could see and feel the magical forces of healing as men were awakening from their deathly sleep. Walking over body after body, Jack picked up what use to be his tent and started to remake it. Once complete he slept on his bear skin, waiting for morning.

04/19/2005 7:18 PM

Dorimm's anger and hope to kill the large man only grows as he searches for him. As he begins to think about what we would do to try and defeat the leader, he thinks of the elf. I sure do hope that the lass is okay, that was a mighty blast . Dorimm stops. He lets his anger fade. He decides to rethink his course. If that leader guy survived, then he is either very powerful, or very clever. It would be best to try and save the elf, and get her away from him Dorimm then begins moving again, only slower, looking for the origination, or whatever might be left of it, from where the blasts came from. He then heads off into the direction were the blast came from, hoping for the best.

He soon finds that there were two tents left standing, one that was obviously a patch job, and one that seemed in near-perfect condition. Dorimm figures that if the elven maiden was behind this, the area around her may have been spared. Dorimm stops again and starts chanting. In a few seconds, he resumes his walk towards the unscathed tent, immune to harmful spells. Dorimm cautiously approaches the tent...

04/19/2005 10:44 PM

Thaele's feet make no sound as he races through the forest, not a sound can be heard except a soft breeze and the occasional bird call. Thaele feels his heart beating in his chest as he runs, dodging low hanging branches, and leaping over fallen logs. His hood flies back from his shoulders as he wills himself to go faster, the wind picks up and his heart-beat gets faster. There is something waiting for him, and he knows it, he just has to reach it before it slips away, but what is it? Thaele wills himself to go faster, he cannot let this unknown prize elude him, his feet move almost as a blur now as the halflings sprints with all his might.

A strong gust of wind buffets the halfling, but he pushes on, his heartbeat speeding up as if to match the speed of his feet. A sudden gorge looms ahead, seperating his current path and the final section of forest. A frantic Thaele leaps to the edge and without thinking bounds down the gorge, somehow finding foot holds to slow his decent enough to leap to the next foothold. The halfling's concious mind takes a moment to marvel and how he could possibly have just done that without breaking something, but as the thought fades his realizes he has already climbed halfway up the other side.

Once out of the gorge he continues to run at full speed, his heart dancing in his chest like the drums of a wild dance, rhyth and pace beyond normal capacity, his feet rustle fallens leaves as he runs. After a moment the halfling notices that the rustle of footsteps occur far too often to be his own little feet and he looks to each side for a moment. There, running parallel to him on his right is a magnificent wolf, it's fur black as night except the tip of it's tail that is white as snow. The halfling looks around himself to realize he has stopped and sits crouching on the edge of a small grove. The wolf walks calmly into the grove and sits at it's center, staring at Thaele.

The halfling moves carefully into the grove, more so to not startle the wolf rather than of fear, for he could sense that this animal meant him no harm. As he crosses into the grove, all the wind that had surrounded him ceased suddenly, and the air was the calmest the halfling had ever felt. His heartbeat did not slow however, but something inside the halfling told him to check his pulse, for he was not strained in anyway. He felt his pulse as a normal resting speed, but in his head he could hear it racing... and then it clicked, he wasn't only hearing his own heartbeat, it was the wolf's as well. Thaele reached out to pet the wolf, this magnificent creature that he had been running all this way to catch, but just as his hand neared the creature's head, a mighty wind began to blow, snatching his hand away. Thaele crouched behind nearby boulder, shielding him from the wind, and he sketched the head of a unicorn and prayed to Mielikki to protect him. He closed his eyes and felt rain on his face, but it was only on his face, and it was running water, not falling water...

Thaele's eyes opened, his cheek pressed against the edge of a babbling brook, the sound of which whirred in his ears like the wind. The halfling rolls over and stares at the sky for a moment, having no idea what time it is or how long he's been unconcious. But all that consumes his mind is that magnificent creature...

04/20/2005 2:08 PM

Alexia didn’t want to wake. She was too weak but she knew if she didn’t wake, something awful would happen. She desperately tried to sit up and push herself out of the tent to walk and see her own destruction; but she couldn’t even move her paralyzed body. She laid back once more to sleep.

Jack sat back trying to sleep but he could only think of the elf. “What’s so special about a whore?” He thought to himself. He was raised hating magic but found it good for battle techniques and protection. Battle after battle he fought with the sorceress by his side and yet he degraded her and mistreated her.

04/20/2005 2:43 PM

Dorimm stopps when he nears the tent, for he could see only one shadow. The large man. So you did survive eh? He decides to go to the next tent over and try to save the elf, assuming she is in the other tent. As he approaches the tent, he can see many guards surrounding it. Dorimm decides that he may need a distraction. The dwarf begins his chanting once more. His augery spell tells him that his decision to create a distraction and attempt to rescue the would yield positive results, atleast for the near future. He then begins another spell, after he finishes, four giant bees appear before him. "I need a distraction, could you four make a ruckus over there?" he asks the bees. They immediatly set off.

Dorimm then crouches, trying to look as unnoticeable as possible. He then hears some crashing, followed by some yelling. Please work, please please please please...

04/20/2005 10:14 PM

Thaele groans softly, sitting up and rubbing his back to try and ease out the ache. He touches his head gingerly and winces, shutting his eyes tight and rocking slightly, groaning again. As he opens his eyes the halfling realizes that he does not have his bow on him. He looks around frantically, searching for where it may have landed. Standing up he begins to limp along, following the stream, listening to the brook he begins to dwell on his dream. If only I could meet such a great wolf like that in the waking world, the look in it's eyes were the most intelligent of any animal I've ever seen..

A bird call interrupts Thaele's thoughts, looking up he sees a sparrow fluttering around up on the top of the gorge. Thaele listens for a moment and smiles, lifting his left hand he whistles to the sparrow. The little bird lands on the edge of the cliff and tilts it's head staring incredulously at the halfling, who whistles again. The sparrow hops into the air and flys down to land on Thaele's hand. After a moment of whistling the sparrow flies off and Thaele waves to it, whistling his thanks. He begins to climb up the gorge to retrive his bow which had been blown up there by the explosion that had nearly killed him... however long ago that was.

04/21/2005 12:35 PM

Off in the distance Jack found himself reaching for his sword and jumping to the ground. Walking out of the tent without a shirt, his large chest heaves. “What in…” He could hear some men fighting creatures. “Mezlaor!” He shouts as a boney man dressed in plan blue robes appears behind Jack. Twirling on his feet, Jack raises is large sword off towards the battle. “Fire spell; now. While you’re at it, make one for Alexia’s tent. She can’t be awake. If she is… we are all dead.” His voice was a strict command as the wizards started chanting. Jacks impatience didn’t help the situation as he combed through his hair and pacing back and forth. “Verdict?” He calmly said. The wizards orange eyes looked up. “Patience.” After a moment or two a purple force field went around the guards and Alexia’s tent. A large fire wall came out of nowhere, surrounding the tent. Clapping hands together, Mezlaor disappears with a wink to Jack.

“Back to work!” Jack screams as he went back in the tent, throwing his large sword into an oak tree. “Retrieve it!” He shouted from his tent. Four or five soldiers obeyed and went to the tree, heaving and pulling and heaving some more until a loud crash was herd. Men had fallen to the ground, retrieving the sword.

04/21/2005 2:11 PM

Thaele knelt and picked up his bow, slinging it around his shoulder he looks around, realizing he is on the opposite side of the gorge than he had been on before. Across the way he could see tents being repaired, men gathering up dead, and clerics at work healing the wounded with bandages and prayers. The one thing that caught the halfling's eye however was not any of the hustle and bustle of the army, but the column of fire near the center of all the activity. I wonder what what that could possibly mark. even in his own head it was nothing more than a sarcastic remark. He had never met the elf girl he had tried to save, never spoken to her, and knew nothing about her besides that she was a slave and largely mistreated. And yet he could tell just by a pyre of magical flames that she must be in the middle of it, causing it or being held prisoner by it could not be determined, but was of little consequence.

The halfling stretches wide and winces, still not healed from his fall. He sits for a moment, trying to decide what to do next. The elf did not seem to be in any immediate mortal danger, regardless of the origin of the flames. Thaele stands up, deciding that it was time that he find something to eat, he starts off and shortly finds the tracks of a deer. He smiles to himself, atleast no amount of unpleasant falls could rob him of the joy of the hunt.

A few hours later the halfling sits next to the edge of the gorge, roasting some of the deer he had caught. He rotates the meat so that it won't burn and then leans back against a tree. He pulls out a small knife and a piece of wood and begins to carve at the wood, not really thinking about what he is doing. He gazes into the fire, wondering if he was going to be able to save the girl when the army moved on, as he was sure they meant to do, and soon. It would not be a difficult task to follow them unnoticed, but that would hardly get him anywhere. If only he had been able to find his master's bow, the final task set before him before he would be recognized as a true Eternal Huntsman. He had been on it's trail when he had found his way into this situation, and it seemed that he must wait until later to resume his hunt, if he lived that is.

Thaele hears yells and small sounds of battle coming from the camp shortly after finishing his meat, he looks up in wonder, was the army being attacked or was it mearly a brawl breaking out? The halfling moves to the edge of the ravine and squints his eyes trying to see what is going on. Just as he manages to glimpse a soldier swinging at something, a snapping twig behind him causes the halfling to whirl around, his scimitar whipping from it's sheath.

"Well well well, look what we got here boys, a little baby out and about playing with swords. You shouldn't touch things like that little boy, those are only for real men."

The final derogatory remark did not slip passed Thaele, the insults about his stature and the hint that he was inferior to these humans simply because he was not a human angered the halfing. But he let his anger go, rage had no place in his battle field, it clouded the mind and kept one from seing the true advantage in any fight. Thaele scans the area and takes note that there are seven men confronting him. Thaele sheathes his sword,"Ok, you win, what do you want?"

The men all begin to laugh, putting their swords away,"Aww look at that, the little kid doesn't wanna play!"

"Awww poor baby, what should we do to him?"

"It doesn't matter, ain't no one gonna care."

"Throw him into the ravine, see how far he goes!"

At the last comment all of the men roared with laughter, one of them even sitting on the ground, and none of them noticed when a bow was pointed their way, four arrows knocked into the string as it gets pulled back. Thaele grins evilly, knowing that they had the advantage and if they had treated him as a real threat would have taken little to no damage. But they had underestimated the halfling and judged him by his height... big mistake.

A scream echoed off the trees as an arrow buries itself in his pelvis causing him to fall to the ground. Another man is hit as two arrows find his chest, and a third falls silently to the ground, an arrow potruding from his throat. Before the uninjured men can react, Thaele notches another arrow and fires, scoring a perfect shot into a bewildered mans stomache.

The three remaining men all draw their swords and charge the halfling, who promptly drops his bow and pulls out his scimitar. As his scimitar leaves the sheath his twists the blade in a small arc, forcing a mans sword up and to the side, missing the stab he had launched at the halfling. Thaele dives under the man's legs, rolls, and turns slashing his blade out across both of the man's hamstrings, he follows the momentum of his blade and dives to the side as the man falls with a cry of pain. The remaining two men charge the halfling, one right behind the other to stop a similar trick from happening again.

Thaele rushes away from the two men, and passed the injured men, the one with the arrow in his pelvis first. A whip of the halfling's scimitar as he runs by, opens the mans throat and he falls limp with a final gurgle, and a follow through slash opens the other man's stomache right above the arrow, leaving only two of the seven men alive to chase the ranger into the forest. But only a few feet into the forest it became difficult to keep up with the halfling, as he dodged rocks and jumped over logs, diving behind bushesand trees , making it difficult for the men to keep their sight on him.

After several minutes of persuit the men halt, puffing for breath and gazing around bewildered, having no idea where the halfling might be. One man looks into the trees and sees something, not taking his eyes off of it he whispers to his friend,"Hey, look up there... think thats him?"

After a moment there is no response so the man looks back to his friend, only to see him holding the shaft of an arrow as it potrudes from his chest, just under where his rib cage seperates. A look of pure horror and pain resides on the man's face as he tries to find the strength to draw breath. He falls to his knees and to the ground, the last thing he hears before he fades into death are the quick footsteps of his ally fleeing.

The man runs only a minute before turning around to see if he is being chased, and as his eyes search behind him, he dives for the ground, the arrow grazing his cheek, promising a beautiful scar. Frantic, the man searches under his shirt and pulls forth a medallion, screaming to be home, the medallion glows and he disappears, his body dematerializing just as an arrow buries itself in the ground where he had been. Thaele frowned, he had not intended to let the man get away, this might make following the army unnoticed a bit more difficult...

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04/21/2005 2:28 PM

"Damn damn damn damn damn damn..." Dorimm cursed under his breath, nearly getting singed by the pillar of flame. What went wrong? The augury spell said the ditraction would be a good short-term action. Did it fail? Did something intervene? Thoughts ran through the dwarf's head as he thought of what happened. He decides to stop worrying about it and do soemthing right now. He had to get through that flame first, and then get outside of the forcefield. Oh that's right, I cast spell immunity, but that doesn't help the elf He ponders some more. He sticks his hand into the pillar of fire. He notices that it passes under the flame without getting burned. Also, it seems to push the fire to the side, like putting an object into a waterfall. Hope that elf's a small one. He then walks through the pillar of flame, not getting any burns. The tent seems very fine and almost regal, far roomier and comfortable-looking for just a slave. Dorimm notices the bed and the elf laying down on it, asleep. "Come on, wake up," he whispers. The elf just keeps on sleeping. The dwarf keeps shaking and whispering, hoping to awaken the elf and get her out of the encampment...

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04/22/2005 3:45 PM

Alexia’s ears perked. She was conscious and well aware of her surroundings, the only problem was movement; the lack there of. Jack smiled, fearing that if Alexia would wake, everything would die. He sighed and walked back in his tent, flopping down on the ground, admiring his badges.

04/22/2005 6:21 PM

"Hmmm... now 'ow do you get a sleepin' elf out of bed?" Dorimm ponders quietly, "well, maybe I'll just carry 'er out, but first gotta deal with them wounds first."
Instead of chanting, he simply holds out his hands over the elf. After a few seconds, blue light spread from Dorimm's hands and into the elf. The wounds that the large man inflicted upon her began to close, bruises disappearing. Now I just have to get her out of here.

04/23/2005 8:14 AM

A wizard on the side walked in the tent holding a red liquid in a brown pot. “Are you the healer?” He said, looking around to see that Jack wasn’t there. Walking near, he set the pot down and pushed the body of the Elf up. “Paralyzing is the best way. She’s a firecracker when Jack’s no around. Were you one to be awoken from the dead or still living? No matter…” His bony fingers held a small cup with the liquid in it as his other hand pinched the sides of Alexia’s cheek. “Don’t talk much?” His eyes glittered. “It’s alright around me; Jacks a brute, but nonetheless he is a good person once you get to know him. Alexia wanted to frown and spit up the liquid. She hated this part as the thick liquid started to burn her throat but she just followed the simple command, looking at the ‘healer.’ He ice blue eyes glared around her surroundings.

04/23/2005 11:46 AM

Dorimm looks at the wizard. He thinks about what he should do, brute force might not be the best thing. Maybe if the dwarf can play along for a little bit, find out what the pot is for, and try to get him away from the elf. "Err, I'm the er, backup 'ealer. The old one is dead and 'asn't been raised. Me first time at this, tell me, what's in there?"

04/23/2005 12:10 PM

The wizard’s brow rose. “Really? I thought we only had one healer. I guess there are two. Always needing apprentices here and there.” He looked down at the bowl. “This stuff? It’s just something she needs for her magic. If you lived through the explosion you should know why you need magic to live.” The wizard sighed at sat the elf back down to her bed and sat on the ground.

“Since you must be an apprentice, I’m guessing; Alexia’s magic is a twisted one. She has another magic to her. Like all creatures, you are given a chance to use either good magic or bad magic or not use it. Her magic is all three. Now, I said all three because there is neutrality in which this liquid does not allow either side of magic. She is feisty, yes, but Jack keeps her in his place at all times. She has an odd number of magical use but this sorceress; so Jack says, is used for personal gain. It’s not a crime considering the fact that her past is well…Ah yes, here we go.”

Alexia’s body started producing a pink glow on her skin. The wizard felt her head for anything going wrong. Like all doctors, he held out and counted for her pulse. Looking over into her icy blue eyes he smiled, “You will be able to move. Patience. If you fuss it will make it only worse.”

04/23/2005 12:17 PM

Dorimm's curiosity piqued, Considering her past? what about her past? Is it possible that this elf, who was being beaten and treated as a slave deserved it? Or is it just the twisted view of the people in this small army? Questions race through his head. "Well, er, what about 'er past 'then?"

04/23/2005 12:28 PM

The wizard turned on his heel, glaring at the little man. “Apparently your healer did not instruct you wisely. First of all he should have taught you her background. No matter,” Looking back at the elf, he sat down once more. “Ah yes her past…”

“She use to live in the Siqueal Village just off the coast of Jenu. That large luscious forest; any how, Jack had found some novices and men to start his campaign but found himself in a heap of trouble when he found that he came across a village of elves and a sorceress. She’s not really a sorceress since she’s not active on magic; only seeing. Well, Jack out smarted her since she had two visions. She was later caught in the middle of the night and taken but it was her people that didn’t want her. She wasn’t bad, just had a fork in the road. Isn’t that right.” He looked over once more and smiled at the hopeless elf.

“Well, Siqueal eventually got burned down from Jack and the elves were either relocated, joined in our army, which are now dead, or like most of the populations; burned alive. There was nothing she could do since Jack had her on a locking spell. For years his army has grown and he uses her to ‘see.’ Well one day Jack didn’t realize it but Alexia had another vision of something and then another alternative. Quickly discovering with goblins in the underworld realm, her spell of neutrality had ended. She destroyed the whole place with an inner rage. Of course we didn’t know why our side was destroyed also but only the ones protected by magic lived and revived the soldiers like now.” He looked at the elf once more that started to lose the pink color and returned to her normal white.

Picking up the bowl and scratching his beard he cocked his head to the side. “If you don’t sleep, you will find yourself in a much tired moon in the morning. You can move only so much.” He looked at the healer, “If I were you, I wouldn’t say anything to her. She doesn’t like strangers and she’s a really feisty one.”

04/23/2005 1:43 PM

Is this what the augury spell was saying was good? Is it good that I can learn the past of this elf before I try and rescue her? No, it doesn't matter, good,evil, or neutral, nobody deserves to be treated like a slave. As the wizard leaves the tent, Dorimm begins to think some more. How can I get her out of here when the wizards can come and go? He looks over to the elf. Maybe she can help him help her. "'Ey, I'm 'ere to 'elp," Dorimm whispers, "when you're not paralyzed anymore, could ya' 'elp me find a way to get ya' outta here?"

04/24/2005 10:15 AM

She wanted to frown as it was a trap. “Someone is wanting to help me?” She thought mindlessly looking for alternatives. Her ice blue eyes glared at this short man until her throat burned in pain. She wanted to speak; wanted to talk, but it was the medicine holding her back. “Why can’t I just be me?” She thought. It would be only a matter of time before she could speak and be somewhat free.

Jack looked back as something didn’t feel right. He herd from the wizard that the healer acted strange and different. Being a dwarf his stamina must have been shot down many times. Jack laughed thinking of the possibilities. He shook, being irritated at the thought that occurred from his mind.

04/24/2005 12:07 PM

Thaele gazed at the army's encampment, the activity had not changed since his skirmish with the soldiers. Maybe that survivor hasn't reported to anyone about losing 6 men. Maybe he's too afraid, that would definetely help my chances of staying unnoticed. The halfling sighed, doubting that he would stay unsuspected for very long, at the first sign of him, if the leader questioned it, the soldier would doubtlessly come foreward.

The halfling gathers branches and begins whittling shafts to restock his bow, having been low at the start of the day. As he pulls arrowheads and flights from a pouch on his side he looks again at the camp, knowing that they will move soon, and he had better be ready if he was going to do anyone any good. With a last look at the pyre of flame he shifts his concentration solely to his arrows, shoddy workmanship means shoddy shots.

04/24/2005 12:23 PM

Jack stands up and begins to walk towards Alexia’s tent, wondering if she’s alright and nobody woke her. Come to find out she had been awake so she was in a dangerous mood. He grinned taking a stick and whacking something nearby until his stomach grumbled. He could smell food from down wards but he also didn’t want to move.

Alexia wanted to clench her fist, so she did. She could move again as sitting up seemed the hardest thing to do. She couldn’t sleep but felt the need to rest as she stepped out of her blankets, her head throbbing. Her white dress came down nicely even though she felt a burning sensation on her skin.

04/24/2005 12:36 PM

Dorimm looks at her as she stands up. By the look on her face, she was obviously in pain. "Ye all right then?" Dorimm asks sympathetically, "cause we need to get ya outta' 'ere, away from tha' big guy. Know a way out?"

04/25/2005 2:23 PM

She walked out of the tent, not saying a word. What could she do, her throat was burning and the last thing she wanted to do was to disturb them. Breathing was hard enough; she ignored his words as it was just another trap. She had many of those as she walked near Jacks tent, steps were really short as she tried to regain her strength to walk flawlessly as usual. Being halfway from her tent to Jack’s and towards the forest she inhaled feeling the burns in her throat. She had a job; not a soul.

04/25/2005 2:36 PM

Thaele gazes out to the encampment as he finishes a batch of arrows, and he freezes. The elf girl is out and walking, albeit slowly and not quite so sure of her footing from the looks of it. Thele clambered up a tree with a fervor, and ran out across the biggest branch available, lauching himself over the ravine to the side of the army. He rolls with his landing, not losing any of his momentum. He begins to chant, knowing exactly which spell from the goddess Mielikki would be of most use. As he nears only twenty feet from the girl he finishes his spell, three wolves fading into existence, waiting for Thaele's command.If this works we may make it away from here before too many people are aware that I've taken her... But I must hurry!..

04/25/2005 3:03 PM

The wizard returned to Alexia’s tent to find her missing. He frowned and quietly backed out noticing something strange. “She didn’t run. She cant get far from that barrier.” He mumbled. Dropping her bowl to the ground, he ran to Jack’s tent. “Did you see Alexia walk in my lord?” Jacks expression seized. “Daft girl! She knows better!” Jack grabbed it black and a ball of heavy gold with ruby stones. Lifting in the air, it turned white, spinning uncontrollably. “Alexia Gasarice!” He shouted as his blade hit the ball. The ball’s light stopped, pointing a light towards her position. “Fetch!” Men dashed across, swords in arms and racing to find the sorceress.

04/25/2005 3:57 PM

Dorimm follows the elven maiden. Where is she going? Dorimm keeps following her, not understanding where she was going. After a few moments, a bright light beam appears, focusing on the elf. What's this then? Dorimm was caught between two decisions, find out where the light was coming from, or stay and protect the elf, for the light was obviously used for finding her. Dorimm decides for the latter, thinking that saving one person's life is more important than taking one. Dorimm takes out his hammer, preparing to strike those that want to hurt her...

04/25/2005 4:10 PM

Thaele rushes at the dwarf following the elven girl, he emerged from the tent right after her so much be one of those who keeps her captive. A bright light hits the girl and Thaele leaps to the side, unsure of what it is. He hears a command to "find her" which only confuses the halfling, for if this dwarf was here to keep her captive, why would they need to find her? Thaele shrugs it off, then notices many soldiers turning to move towards the elf, which causes an alarm for the halfling, but not so much as to be caught unawares. Thaele sheathes his scimitar and wield his bow, notching four arrows into place, taking only a second to aim, for there are many soldiers coming, he fires, taking down two and injuring two more. Notching another arrow quickly Thaele points it at the dwarf and says," Either get her out of here, or I'll kill you and get her out myself!"

A thrown spear flies by then and Thaele barks a command, the wolves charge the oncoming soldiers, springing from behind the tents and causing quite a diversion. Thaele keeps his bow pointed at the dwarf, hoping that his suspicions are true, that this dwarf is not part of the army.

04/25/2005 4:25 PM

"Ho there little one. I'm not fer knowin' what you're doin' with that bow pointin' at me face. But Ithink that we need to get 'er outta 'ere, but she don't seem too sure about leavin'," Dorimm looks back at the elf, "'ere now, don't go wanderin' away, whether you like it or not, me an' this 'alfling are gonna help ya, understood?"

04/25/2005 4:42 PM

Alexia’s eyes started to slit to a light pink. “Stop killing!” She screamed, the pain being numbed. The light stopped and disappeared as she slumped to the floor, tired and feeling the pin pricks on her body. She wanted to stop and destroy but something started to cut her off; the liquid. Jack smiled and retrieved the ball, shoved it in his pocket and walked towards the elf. She didn’t bother looking up but only into the muck.

He picked her up lightly and carried her back to the tent. “You should have rested.” He mumbled as she exhaled in a huff. She was extremely petite to his massive frame but she didn’t seem to know. “Sleep. Tomorrow you work.” She nodded against his peck as he walked over to her tent and settled her down. Walking out he stopped and raised his brow. “Anybody dare enter this tent but the wizard and healer will answer only to me! Healer to my tent pronto!” It was a demand and an order.

04/26/2005 11:17 AM

Thaele blinks as the big man Jack comes and picks up the elf girl, as if out of no where he had appeared. Before the halfling could react he had her back in her tent and was threatening any who dared enter the tent besides the healer and the wizard. He ordered the healer to his tent.

Thaele glanced around, nobody seemed to notice the halfling as being out of place. This might make things easier. the halfling thought to himself. He returned to the fallen soldiers that he had killed earlier and took the shortest one's tabard. He cut it to fit himself better and placed it over his own clothing, now blending in with the army. He went back and began helping to repair tents, keeping his eye out and waiting for his next opportunity.I won't fail everytime you giant brute, you just wait, I'll get her out of here eventually.

04/26/2005 11:43 AM

Impatience ran through Jacks veins as he waited silently for the healer. The wizard returned instead of the healer. “What is it?” Jack grunted, pacing back and forth and combing his fingers through his hair. “The army is completely revived. They know nothing of their past; should we continue like normal?” The wizard bowed low, waiting for a responding answer.

“No. I want them trained now. We leave in one hour. Have the men start cleaning out tents and such matters. Leave the girl to me. As for the training suspense I want extra guard on Alexia. Make sure no man comes in but the healer and who I have sent.”
“My Lord, surely we can retrieve the rod.”
“That was not an order for you. She will tell me.”
“Have you gone mad?”
“No; I am mad.”

The wizard said no more and bowed once more, running to give orders to the army who had just woken up.

Alexia laid there for a moment. She knew she would never escape; besides Jack wasn’t all such a brute. His one weakness of all made her smile as she drifted in and out of sleep with a grin.

04/26/2005 2:46 PM

Dorimm watches the large brute carry the elf back to his tent. Well, I may have to fight you after all... Dorimm looks around, then gazes down at his arm. His divine power spell had worn off. Dorimm shrugs, felling that he doesn't need it. The dwarf walks off towards the tent, hanging around the side, planning how to fight the battle. The wizard enters the tent, not even noticing Dorimm. After the wizard leaves, Dorimm takes a deep, steadying breath, and heads into the tent...

04/26/2005 4:00 PM

“Where is that damn healer?” Jack grunted as he could hear men pack up and load their weapons. He was impatient. “If it wasn’t for that damn girl and her problems we would have hours in advanced.” He grumbled looking back constantly checked out her tent to make sure she was alright.

Alexia woke up from a vision she had. Jack was going to die by the hands of two men in darkness. She didn’t want to say anything to him for he would interrogate her. She had death visions and they usually happened but with an army of men at his beck-and-call, he would be revived. She pulled the covers off once more and stood up. She had no headache, no pain, no bruisings. She was back to normal as she brushed her hair back and put on her white leather shoes.

04/26/2005 4:24 PM

Thaele wanders around the camp helping to rebuild everything, his eyes keeping on the elven maiden's tent, which he keeps as near to as possible. He strikes up conversation with some of the soldiers, trying to find out anything he can about the elf or the leader of the army. The more information he can gather, the better off he'll be trying to fit in until his time is right to strike at the man and help the elf escape. He listens to the soldiers talking everywhere, hoping that more useful information will come up than he has been able to find so far.

04/26/2005 4:46 PM

A guard sitting down smoking a pipe looks over to a smith. “If it wont for that damn elf we’d be on our merry o’ way!” “Terrance please, you know how Jack is.” The smith said, wiping off sweat and sitting next to the blazing fire. Terrance shot a glare.
“Well I’m pointin’ out sumfin.”
“Yes, but still, Jack.”
“Just because he has a girl makes us suffer.”
“No, he’s a good man. You’re just dumb.”

As the men quarrled they scrambled together as Jack stepped in. “Drink.” He grunted, sitting down and warming up to a fire. The men smiled as the smith stood up and finished his sword. Terrance looked down and handed him a thing of ale. Gulping it down, Jack’s eyes turned a slight pink. “Hits the stuff!” Standing up he dropped the ale glass and walked back to his tent, snoring loudly.

Alexia sat there for moments on end. She knew she was hated and fantasized but at the same time she was lonely.

04/27/2005 3:54 PM

Thaele listens to the smith and the guard as they talk, walking away when the leader, Jack the men had called him, arrived for a drink. Thaele moves over to the elf's tent and tries to look inside. "Oi! What are you about there?"

The halfling looks over at a pair of guards who come walking around the tent. Come up with something quick, or you might be toast. "I was sent to relieve one of the guards whose been standing guard here. They told me to send whoever has been here the longest to go rest."

The guards cheered and then all looked at each other, "I was here first, he's replacing me."

"Oi, you gone daft mate? It's me own turn to go rest, I been here longer than the lot o'ye."

"Bite me, it's my turn!"

Thaele turned his head quickly, hoping that nobody was going to take notice of the commotion. "Hey guys, it's not like theres anymore enemies around, I mean, there were barely any soldiers left earlier. How about you all go for a rest and we'll get a full new crew over here."
I hope this works.

04/27/2005 5:42 PM

After moments of studying the guards they scratched their heads and walked off. Jack had been passed out, snoring while the Wizard was off in to medical center. They slapped each other’s back, taking out their ale and drinking whatever liquid they could find.

Alexia looked around feeling a bit uncomfortable. “Why are they leaving while one stands guard?” She thought to herself. She had seen a smaller being walk around the tent talking of leaving but it was too muffled to hear much of what they were bickering about. Her head felt as thought she could burst and die but it was the medicine kicking in. She was forced to drink something she hated but Jack had told her it was for her own good. She had killed many things without realizing it and once she did she hated herself.

She didn’t notice a piece of brown parchment on the floor. Getting up quietly, she walked over, and kneeled on the floor, touching the parchment. A white flash came before her as her blue stone on her forehead gleamed bright as did her eyes…

Two men dressed in heavy black capes and armor looked at each other. One with blood stains all over their face while the other was ghostly pale as he was dead. The living man stood up and wiped some blood from his face, revealing hazel eyes and a wide face. His beard had been shaved as he disarmed his armor, crying for the dead man. Once done the man was shot with 12 arrows in the back, head, and neck as he fell over. The brown stained parchment was taken by a pair of boney fingers…the Wizard…

Alexia inhaled painfully staring at the parchment. She swallowed hard and tucked it away in her velvet sack. She would use it when she knew time was abundant. Right now, she had to deal with the ‘guarding’ situation. She walked towards the open flaps and peaked out; nobody. She sighed and sat back on her ‘bed’ and laid there, staring at the stars. She missed the open fields at night and the music of birds. Now she was living with men crying from wounds she had to fix and a tent which she was bound to. She sighed once more.

04/28/2005 5:44 PM

Dorimm looks around, confused, Why are all those guards leaving their post? He decides not to think about it, and starts to follow the loud snores he was hearing to the sleeping leader. I could take him out now, but that would leave me in a very bad predicament, unable to help the elf. Dorimm scratches his beard, thinking of what to do. His brain clicks, the halfling was standing at the tent all of the guards were recently standing post, he could get her out of here. Well done halfling. He mutters a few prayers to Clangeddin. He lifts up his hammer, and sends it down for a killing blow to the large leader's head...

04/28/2005 6:39 PM

Thaele peers around to see if anyone has taken much notice of the guards' absence, but sees no one looking his way particularly curiously. Not taking his chances that more guards are around the tent, the halfling walks around the tent once, acting as though on patrol.

As he makes it most of the way around the tent, a human approaches the halfling, "Hey, you need help guardin that tent from all the surrounding allies!!" The human laughs as he looks around, obviously very sure that there are no enemies anywhere near here.

Thaele laughs along with the man before making his excuses, " Oh yeah you know how it is, everything around here is more frightening that all that fiery stuff earlier. That really hurt."The halfling rubs his arm as though it had been injured and the man nods, his smile fading as he absent mindedly rubs his rear. Thaele continues, "But seriously, I'm fine, only takes one person to look after the tent, it aint that big. Tell ya what, in a couple of hours if you still want to help, you can come back and take my place."

This has the perfect affect on the human, who looks at the halfling in disbelief and then begins to howl with laughter as he turns and walks away. Whew, that was closer than I prefer to get, I better see whats goin on inside this tent before others get interested.

Thaele moves to the tent blap and squats down to be as unnoticeable as possible, his eyes roaming everywhere to make sure he is not being watched. When he is absolutely clear that he will be unnoticed, the halfling takes a step back into the tent, and turns around. He blinks for a moment, the light much dimmer in here than outside, "Miss elf," the halfling whispers, "are you ok? I saw you in the inn while the army was there and how you were treated... are you still in here?" Thaele blinks a few more times hoping his eyes will finish adjusting.

04/28/2005 6:39 PM

Jack moved quickly and threw a dagger towards the dwarfs arm. He was a fast learner and a wonderful learner in magic; setting up traps. “So you are the healer?” He spat in a bronze tin, grabbing his sword and saying a spell as the glowed red.

Alexia sat upright feeling something odd. She didn’t know what but it felt so different; like something stung her. She jumped out of the bed and walked out of the camp; the blue force field glowing brightly. She stomped her foot slightly, feeling her way; up and down, to find some sort of exit. She could see Jack’s tent; glowing orange as her blue eyes glittered.

04/28/2005 6:46 PM

Thaele watches as the elf leaves the tent, stammering as he tries to get her attention. He follows her out of the tent and looks over to jacks tent. That peculiar dwarf is visible at the entrance of the tent, his weapon in hand. Thaele's mind races, trying to decide if he should help the dwarf or try and get the girl out of here. After a moment he rushes towards the leader's tent, unslinging his bow and notching three arrows. The elf would be ok, the army was probably too afraid of her to do anything to her, but if the man was killed, and he killed all the clerics who can to ressurect him, then maybe the elf would find freedom that way.

The halfling yells out, " Dwarf get out of the tent!" As he yells he kneels down, sighting his arrows and preparing to launch them at the first sign of Jack.

04/28/2005 6:54 PM

Dorimm quick reflexes pull his arm out of the way, but not before getting a stinging scrape on his arm. "Dwarf, get out of the tent!" He wasn't sure he wanted to leave. That would leave him vulnerable to attacks from the army. Dorimm decides and quickly sprints and jumps out of the tent flap, hoping that the halfling knows what he is doing. He gets up quickly, preparing to defend against the large man and his army.

04/28/2005 6:55 PM

Her flashing blue eyes glittered to a light crystal one; as vision was appearing…

First it was blood and the same three arrows lodged into Jack’s neck, chest and guts. She gasped walking over to find the Wizard holding something of his; something of the ball. Angry at Alexia he had set something…

She inhaled away from her vision, banging on the force field screaming NO! But nothing escaped from the field. Alexia slumped to the floor and found her secret way out; looking awkward, she fit through the tight hole and got up. “No!” She called out running after the half-elf.

James’ anger surged through his mind as he could hear Alexia’s escape. “Bravo!” He called out as she stopped next to the half-elf. She blinked. “Well freaking done!” Jack charged, not after the dwarf and not after the half-elf but Alexia. Her eyes widened as she jumped back many paces.

04/28/2005 6:59 PM

Thaele turns, startled by the elf maiden as she comes running out yelling no. But his attention turns back to the charging Jack. It only takes a second for the halfling to take his aim. Taking his breath in and letting it out as he releases, the halfling's arrows fly from his bow towards Jack. Come on, com on! Thaele's eyes followed his arrows as they fly through the air, slowly seperating from one another.

04/28/2005 7:15 PM

Dorimm blinks as Jack charged right pat him. Jack seemed intent on reaching the elf. Dorimm quickly reached into a bag of holding on his side and produced a small hammer, throwing his 'dwarven arrow' towards Jack, hoping that if he couldn't catch his skull, that he may trip him up.

04/29/2005 1:02 PM

Jack had been hit, just like the vision! Alexia gasped in grave horror, slumping on her knees, shaking her head. Jack fell on his back with a loud thud that gave Alexia a shiver. She couldn’t breath as men rushed all around to find their leader dead. They all laughed in horror towards the young elf, groping and hastily taking her away by brutal force.

04/29/2005 1:09 PM

"Oh bloody hell, figures the men would do something like this. Hey Dwarf!" the halfling yelled across to the dwarf who had thrown the small hammer," It's time to get that elf outta hear!"

Not waiting for a response, the halfling notches four arrows and takes aim. He fires, striking several of the men around the elf down, and he draws two more arrows, notching them and taking aim. Thaele lets loose upon any of the men who come near the elf, not having time to move up to her aid as more and more of them come, forcing the halfling to continually reload his bow and fire upon them.

04/29/2005 2:59 PM

"Hey dwarf, it's time to get that elf outta here," the halfling shouts. Dorimm doesn't need further prodding. He lifts his hammer and cries at the top of lungs, "CLANGGEDIN, BLESS MY HAMMER TO STRIKE DOWN MY ENEMIES AND SPILL THE BLOOD OF EVIL!!!! YYYEEEAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!" He sets off in a frenzy, his eyes intense with an inner fire. He begins to run towards the men taking the elf away, swinging his hammer around with fury. How frightening this dwarf has become! He constantly screamed and yelled in a frenzy, "YEARGH!!! FEEL YOUR BODIES CRUSHED BY MY HAMMER!!" Dorimm 's hammer hits something, but he doesn't take note of the flying crushed body. He feels the evil soldiers splatter across him, but he is too caught up in his bloodlust! He lets out another scream and heads towards the enemies holding the elven maiden...

04/29/2005 3:14 PM

As blood dribbled down from her brow, cheek, and lip, she was in another world as her ice blue eyes didn’t have the ‘spark.’ Her vision continued in a riddle…

To hense a barbarian dies,
The dead will prevail with lies.

She blinked to find herself being carried off by a dwarf. Men crowded all around. Their bodies being flown to and fro but something didn’t seem right as blood splashed everywhere but they didn’t die!

04/29/2005 4:22 PM

Dorimm grabbed the elf by the arm and flings her off behind him, barely caring at all for her safety. He had entered a bloodrage! He knew that the creeping feeling of beastial bloodlust may overwhelm him, but he didn't care. His vision is blurred by sweat and he frothes at the mouth. This is an ability that is unique to his clan's church of Clanggedin, to enter a bloodrage. He felt the need to kill, to slaughter his enemies, to battle in the name of no god, but to sate his own rage. He bites so hard into his lip it starts to bleed, Blood, NO! Dorimm's rational thoughts were buried by rage. He continues to swing, feeling the spray of blood, destroying everything in reach.

04/29/2005 8:25 PM

“Stop killing.” She managed to say weakly, following the ‘little brute.’ It didn’t matter know. She had already tried once to pull away but it didn’t seem to work to her advantage. “Please stop.” She tried to say a little louder but the drunken men seemed to get louder and louder; shoving and pulling, yanking and groping. She closed her eyes tightly; it didn’t matter where she was going.

05/01/2005 10:47 PM

Thaele fires arrow after arrow at the men of the army, taking out any that come his way or try to sneak up on the dwarf. At one point the halfling runs out of arrows, but after a quick run finds a bowman's corpse and takes his arrows to replace his own. Firing to aid the dwarf he notices the elven maid say something. The halfling stops aiming at enemies to watch the sad look upon the elven maiden's face, and once again she says something, which the halfling understands from the movement of her lips, "stop killing.... please stop".

The halfling ponders for a moment this course, remembering well the explosions that were caused by this elf before. The halfling looks around and dives into a repaired tent, listening to the battle outside as the dwarf murders men one after another. The halfling sits down and draws the symbol of Miellikki in the dirt under the tent with his knife, completing the design by circling it. The halfling cuts his palm and drips his blood along the lines of the symbol, the lines becoming red. Thaele wipes his hand and then begins to chant, hoping Miellikki is with him this day as he prays for a day of peace, hoping that Miellikki will grace the area and stop all the anger of everyone here, hoping to stop all fighting long enough to get the elf and dwarf out of here without any further bloodshed.

Thaele had only seen this kind of divine gift work once before, and that had been performed by five high priests of the temple of Miellikki, but he had also been taught that the goddess of nature nurtures and protects his children in time of need. Well this was certainly that time.

05/02/2005 6:32 PM

“Please stop...” She croaked softly but another type of light appeared. It was black. It seemed like blackness surrounded her except for her heart which started to glow a bright white. She kept moaning the same words but as blood shed floated throughout bodies after bodies she could only help but feel the blackness and it’s charm. As the blackness seemed to suck in towards her ‘bubble,’ it lashed out to a powerful blow as the dead seemed to rise. She felt her body lift into the air as black stoned swords came from her hands as she looked to be slaughtering the living!

05/10/2005 10:41 PM

Thaele focuses on his chant, the spell to calm the emotions of all in the area his one chance to stop the sounds of death that came from outside. Unaware of the events taking place, the halfling would have to hope that his goddess would grant his spell the power to cover the entire area with the aura of peace and well being he was attempting to set into place. Thaele's conviction to grant peace to the area increases within his heart and he chants louder and louder, trying to gain the attention of his goddess.

05/11/2005 4:11 AM

There came a chant towards somebody. She couldn’t tell who it was but the chant seemed to give a rhythm her soul as the dead didn’t seem to rise any more but actually ash into dust. The blackness around seemed to paralyze as the blades disappeared and her eyes seemed to find its crystal glow. Still, she searched for that someone who chanted, letting her heart feel the pulse of his plea. "A Goddess?" She thought for a moment, trying to look through the careless faces all around.

05/14/2005 1:44 PM

Dorimm began to feel his bloodrage disappear, and all of his fury. Dorimm felt strangely calm, eerily calm. He looked around at the soldiers, all of them seemed calm like him too. Dorimm began to wonder what was causing this, but decided it wasn't important. He thought too of helping the girl, but then he decided that she was probably alright. Dorimm looked down at his bloodstained hammer on the ground. Apparently it had fallen down, along with his severed arm. He began to try and heal his wounds with his spells, but already felt his strength dwindling as his blood lef thim, and could not even call upon his healing powers. With a final shrug, Dorimm fell down on the bloodstained ground...

05/14/2005 8:26 PM

The battle sounds from outside fade away and the halfling hears little to no sound from outside, Mielikki must be granting his prayer, the area was calm and would remain for as long as he continued to cast his spell and for a short period afterward. Thaele decides to keep chanting in order to give the elf time to escape along with the dwarf, if they were still alive. Of course they were alive! Battle would have ceased long before his spell if they had fallen. And so the halfling continues his casting, knowing he will have to flee right after he stops.

05/29/2005 4:24 AM

OOC: I forgot that I didn’t post! Sorry it took so long!

After pointless minutes of lurking for a chanted voice, it faded away just like a small spark of intoxicating magic. The situation seemed to grasp her concept into a short-time focus as she looked around, ice blue eyes that drifted into her own little world of peace. Yet, there was no peace, only death. The Necromancer’s Gift of the living dead. Alexia was in a world between life and death while an old Necromancer held her spirits towards the living but made her mind float towards the dead.

The dead being ‘reborn’ into life gave their moans and cries of hate towards her as if a song of death was playing just for her. Anger swept into the heart of the elf as she looked around to see there blacken eyes and scared face. She had grown to learn to live with the death’s cry, as it was her punishment. Blood trickled down the side of her face as a short tipped dagger came across by a larger zombie.

Something seemed to pull her away. Magic! Fog seemed to cloud the place as the shadow bodies moved closer towards her, piling around her, praying that their master would seek the ultimate revenge upon her. Purple mist entangled the fog as it bound her body, squeezing the very existence she had left. A small speck of hope crawled into her motionless body. It was fed by a lust for death as the blood continued down her face. And until that hate grew she knew this would be the end of her torment.

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