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03/12/2005 9:09 PM

"It was morning. My sister and I were sitting on the roof of our small house, watching the sun rise. We always watch the sun rise. The sun is the most beautiful part of Kirnam, in the country of Reth. The sun brings the day, and The Great One brings the sun for us.

This sunrise was the most beautiful we had ever seen. It was beautiful, but strange. Rather than it's usual golden color, the sun was a mysterious, dark, blood red.

That's when They came.

They came from the North.

They came in the hundreds, in the thousands.

The men left to fight them, but all were killed. There was no stopping Them. Even our father, the greatest warrior in the village, died at Their hands.

My mother took us and ran, as did many others. We tried to escape, but They were so fast, that very few families could. Only two families other than ours managed to escape the town.

That night, the skies glow red as our town was burned to the ground. We stopped to sleep, but They had followed us.

"Run, my children, run!" My mother screamed, tears running down her face. Her knuckels were white on the spear she wielded, as she fought of the first of Them. She fought them as we got away. We too afraid to look back.

We never saw her again.

So we ran, as fast as we could, as far as we could. We never stopped. We never looked back.

Even now we run, knowing that if we stop, They will kill us.

They will never stop, thus, we will never stop."

- Exerpt from the prophecy "The Children of the Red Sun," as told by the Rethian prophet, Gaius

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03/13/2005 1:11 PM

The night was descending, and Nihaj decided to get some firewood. After all, the stories always felt more magical when told over a fire.

It was the night of the great moon again, when The Elders would gather around the fire to tell the tales of Gaius, and when the fruit of the Kamyr tree was eaten. Nihaj didn't care for the prophecies, and unlike the others, he believed them to be no more than stories or legends that The Elders told to keep the children quiet and amused. Not that Nihaj didn't honor The Elders, he just felt like the stories were a bit of a strech on reality.

Ever since he was a little boy he had a slight disdain for the Rethian culture and religion. He used to play tricks on The Elders, moving their walking sticks, or hiding their "magic" powder. He just couldn't get himself to believe in magic, or in The Great One.

This great moon brought the story of the eyes of Sallah. Each Rethian was born with normal, brown eyes, but on their first sight of the sun their eyes changed colors to the golden orange that mirrored the sun's.

Tonight Nihaj's favorite Elder, Tantol, was telling the legend. Tantol was a short, skinny old man, the oldest in the village. His voice was raspy and quiet, yet carried a certain power and wisdom that Nihaj just couldn't ignore. Tantol had a charisma unlike anyone else, and whenever he spoke, Tantol commanded attention.

Everyone in the village was gathering around the large bonfire, drinking the juice from the Kamyr tree. It was a sweet, thick juice from a fruit that only bloomed once every great moon. It was said to be a magical fruit; to have a slight hypnotic affect on the drinker. Everyone was making smalltalk when The Elders formed a circle around the fire. It became suddenly quiet as Tantol began to speak.

"At the birth of the world, there was only darkness. A world without light that was ruled by demons. The Great One watched the people suffer in the darkness, and devised a plan to rid the world of darkness. Unknown to the demons, The Great One was creating the sun.

When the sun was finished, The Great One hid it in the Xindaar Mountains to the east, so he could rest. A demon stumbled upon the sun, and as touched it, it was so hot that he threw it upward into the sky. In a flash of light, the creatures of the earth were shown the light of day. The Great One awoke, and knew that, like the demons, the suffering people would be blinded by the sun. Therefore, he gave them the eyes of Sallah to protect them, and to mark them as the people of the sun.

Now, every day The Great One brings the sun, he gives the newborn Rethians the eyes of the Sallah to mark them, to protect them. This is why we have eyes of Sallah."

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03/15/2005 8:24 PM

Seth settled in the tree and observed the people below. They were frontier Rethians. And Seth hated them. He wanted to go down and skin them all, but he was running on recon duties. The main armies were stationed a few hundred miles away and seth didnt want to risk their fury even here. He would watch. And wait.

03/17/2005 1:37 AM

The story finished, there was movement in the crowd. A large, burly man walked up to the musician's mat and sat down. His chest and arms were ridden with deep scars. He was obviously one of the hunters. He picked up a long, wide, string instrument called the telis. Nihaj had always wanted to learn how to play the telis, but the 4-stringed instrument took years of training to learn. Instead, he had picked up the bone flute; a choice he regretted.

Nihaj recognized the man as Kirak, the lead hunter. The man began to play his telis, softly strumming to the rhythm of the drums. Despite his tough appearance, Kirak was a very gentle man. A deep resonace eminated from the belly of the telis as he played, making the air thick with it's sound. The rhythm was infectious. The combination of the music and the hypnotic Kamyr fruit had most of the tribesmen captivated, and the crowd began slowly undulating to the rhythm. The dance was about to start. Nihaj didn't enjoy the dance. He thought it was a waste of time and energy. He got up and turned to leave, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't go so soon, son. This is the night of the great moon, a time to be with your tribe."

Nihaj lowered his head, and turned around. "Father, I wish to leave during the dance."

"You will stay."

"Yes, father." Nihaj sat down, sulking. His father patted his shoulder to comfort him.

Nihaj's father was a large man, mostly muscular but a bit heavyset in his old age. His father was one of the makers of clothes in his tribe, too old to be very useful during hunts. His face was round, and his eyes seemed a bit too close together. Nihaj sometimes felt ashamed that his father was not a hunter, as were many of the fathers of his friends.

The music was now in full swing, the rhythm beating into the chests of the tribe. The crowd slowly began to rise, as if being pulled upward by the strings of a puppetmaster. Even Nihaj began to fall into line as the tribe began to slowly circle the fire. The rhythm still grew stronger, each beat shaking the earth beneath and the sky above. Beat. Beat. They could feel it in their bones, in their spirits. Then the chanting began.

"The great moon comes to us
And we dance to celebrate
To celebrate the moon
To celebrate the sky

From which all life is born

The great moon comes to us
And we dance to give thanks
We thank the great sand dunes
We thank the deep blue river

From which all life is born

The great moon comes to us
A gift from The Great One
Who created all that is
Who created the great sun

From which all life is born"

03/18/2005 9:20 PM

Carried through the rest of the of the night by the Kamyr juice, Nihaj awoke the next morning in his bed; his head was still pounding with the rhythm of the talis. He rolled over to look see that his father had already left the hut. Nihaj realized he didn't know what time it was. He reached down to get dressed, but had apparently fallen asleep in his clothes. He got up and walked outside.

Like always, he had woken just the sun was about to come up. He turned to the east to watch the sun rise. The purple mountains were now silouetted with the yellow light of the morning sun.

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03/21/2005 9:12 PM

After the sun had risen, Nihaj started toward his father's trading hut. He nodded to the populous as he travelled through the market, often stopping to talk or to check out fresh produce. The temtem root was especially fresh. Nihaj made a mental note to buy some on the way home.

Before he had reached his father, Nihaj spotted Alia. He stopped in his tracks; she was the most beautiful girl in the village. She turned, and faced Nihaj. His heart stopped, and his face flushed red.

[I]She's looking at me![/I] he thought, mind racing. [I]Talk to her! Say something![/I]

"Has The Great One brought you a good day, Nihaj?" she asked, smiling.

"Yes, well, umm... How..."

Nihaj's face turned even redder, and an akward silence rang in the air. He nervously shifted his weight.

"Oh no! I forgot I had to help grandmother with her clothes today. I have to go. Goodbye, Nihaj."

Blew it. Again. [I]How many times have I failed at talking to her now? At least eight...[/I] he said as he moped toward his father's booth. There was a sudden, dull silence. Nihaj turned to see people silently looking and pointing toward the northern horizon. He could barely make out a figure receding into the horizon.

"Who was that?" someone next to him asked. "From the North..."

A murmor spread throughout the crowd. The legend. [I]They came from the North[/I]. Nihaj mechanically recited in his mind the words he had heard many times; the words of Gaius. [I]A stranger from the north.[/I] Nihaj realized what he was doing, shook his head, and continued. [I]It's just a story. Just a story,[/I] he kept repeating to himself.

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03/22/2005 8:00 PM

Seth had been dispatched again. He was to leave all weapons behind and scout the village. He had put on a tunic and trousers and entered the village. As he walked, he noticed nothing remotely warlike about the people. There were murmurs as he passed, his hair and eyes. everyone seemed to have darker hair and brown eyes. he was bleached and gray. A girl approached him and he brushed by her. She spoke from behind him in an odd toungue. Seth turned and spoke in limited Rethian.

"I dont speak your language."

That was most of his vocabulary. He wished he could say more, as the girl had a rather charming appearance, but he had seen prettier in his homeland. He turned to go but she said something else.

"I'm not from here. go away."

He had one more word. north. If he said it, he would be lynched from an oak in both lands. The warlord had promised him that. He continued walking. she said another few words. The insinuation at the end of them signified a question. He ignored it. His mission was to analyze the place's defensive capabilities and bug out.

Behind him the girl was looking at him with a strange expression. She had only heard that dialect once. In school. She had gotten most of the message though, he was a traveller. That explained the hair and the... eyes. Some thing clicked in the back of her head and she suddenly murmurred.


That explained the pallid complexion and lighter eyes and hair. She said it a little louder.


03/22/2005 9:24 PM

OOC: The Rethian eyes are orange, not brown :P Not a big problem though.

Nihaj had found his father, and was helping him cure the leather for the sampa - the traditional garb of the Rethian - when everyone in the marketplace started migrating toward someone; Nihaj couldn't make out who it was. Apparently it was something really interesting, so he got up to see.

Nihaj gasped. [I]A Northerner...[/I] he thought, [I]I had heard their skin was white, but he looks like a ghost... No wonder our legends say not to trust the Northerners.[/I]

Kirak, the elder, stepped out into the circle.

"Who are you, Northerner, to enter our village? Why are you here?"

A girl spoke up, saying he didn't speak Essopus, the language of the Rethians.

"So he doesn't speak." Kirak walked a circle around the Northerner, examining him like he would a fine horse. He stopped, and looked the man in the eyes. "Let him go. He has no weapons. He is of no harm to us."

Kirak waved his hand, never losing eye contact with the Northerner. A path opened up through the tribesmen.

"You may leave."

03/23/2005 10:55 PM

Seth cocked an eyebrow and tapped his forhead with two fingers. It was a sign of respect he had been taught, but then again it might have been an insult. he would never know. He brushed by the villagers and noticed the blacksmith. He wandered in and noted the weapons were smaller and stouter. more like broadswords then the long swords cleavers and katanas his kind used. He didnt believe a weapon like this could take a mans life, because another man couldnt lift it. The blacksmith was staring so Seth left. Gawkers were frowned upon by the warlord ancestors.

03/29/2005 9:07 AM

Rayson knelt over the body of the gazelle he quickly drew his knife and drove it down into the animal’s head easing it’s pain. His arrow had not struck as true as he had hoped the gazelle had not died instantly but had struggled on, it had taken him ten minutes to catch up to it and finish the job. It always hurt him to have to kill an animal for food but on these long trips through the plains he sometimes had to. Rayson pulled out his knife and began to cut out the arrow after removing it he checked it’s shaft for cracks and finding none he cleaned it and replaced it in his quiver. Then he began the grisly project of skinning and cleaning the gazelle.

After several hours of work Rayson had all the valuable parts of the gazelle cleaned and ready for transport he went back to the tree where he had left Flarin his mother’s horse. He found her right where he left her she looked up at him when he came near and smelling the blood on him her ears went forward listening for danger but seeing his face and body language she came forward and placed her head on his shoulder. Rayson wrap his arms around his friends neck and buried his face in her mane, feeling her strength flow into him, he wiped his eyes and led her to the body of the gazelle to began the loading process.

03/29/2005 6:54 PM

Seth stepped into the clearing (OOC: This is becoming a trend with this one) IC: and glanced at Rayson and hsi kill. Locals. Seth went right by him and pulled his gear out of a hole made by a root. He strapped the sword on over his peasant clothes. He stuffed his black robe back into the backpack which was full of Nephlian deviltry. He didnt even look at Rayson the whole time. If there was a knife headed for his back, Seth would teach him in the true arts of death. With a rattle, he strapped a bandolier across his chest (running perpendicular to his sword belt) and adding a line of throwing weapons to his arsenal. Another belt went around his waist, this one loaded with dynamite. The fat red tubes looked incredibly sinister. He turned, gave Rayson a powerful glower, and left the clearing.

04/03/2005 3:05 PM

Nihaj turned to his father. "Who was that?"

"That was a Northerner - not to be trusted. Kirak, why did you let him go?"

Kirak looked as if he didn't hear. He looked up to the sun with an emotionless face.

"Kirak! Why did you let him go?" The words rang up and down the now silent town square. Kirak very slowly turned to face the crowd.

"Prepare your weapons. Now is a time of war."

04/03/2005 10:23 PM

Reports began to filter in. The Rethians were beginning to arm and prepare for war. The warlord was incredibly displeased.

"They weren't supposed to know we were coming Seth. NOW THEY'LL RESIST. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? LOSSES! THEY ARE GOING TO FIGHT!"

"I'm sorry, they recognised me for what I was."

"well great, they weren't supposed to see you. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

"I wasn't my lord."

"Your lucky I dont order you hanged. You didn't even bring me very much information. Your going back. Find more out, I want capabilities, I want town layout, I WANT ARMOURY LOCATIONS. STAY IN UNTIL YOUR BURSTING WITH THINGS TO TELL ME."

"Yes sir."

So thats how seth found himself walking into town, very bedraggled and wearing tattered cloths. He had provoked a fight with someone at his camp and now looked like he had been severely bashed. He limped along, pausing to spit blood every now and then. His disguise seemed to be working. People were buying it. He suddenly collapsed in the middle of town, groaning as he hit the ground. He feigned unconciousness.

04/07/2005 8:11 PM

Alia was running, pulling Nihaj behind her. She said she had something to show him. They arrived at her house, the house of Kirak, the elder. Alia was Kirak's granddaughter. Although Kirak had no children of his own, he had adopted Alia when she was a little girl. Her mother having died in labor, and her father who dissapeared, she was taken in by Kirak.

The house of the elders was the only true structure in the village; it was made from sandstone bricks. It was also the largest house; half of it for the elders, and the other half serving as a hospital. This is where Alia led Nihaj.

"Where are we going?"

"We're almost there." They slowed to a walk.

"You're sure this is acceptable?"

"Just shh!"

They entered the 2nd room of the hospital. In the cot on the floor was the shape of a man.

"We found him in the marketplace, he was unconcious. He looks as though he was lost in the desert."

Nihaj frowned. "But look at his skin! He is a Norther-"

"Shh!" Alia cut him off, covering his mouth with her hand. "Don't be so loud! Grandfather might hear us," she whispered. "Besides, just because he is a Northerner doesn't mean he didn't need help."

"You're right."

"'To help another is the greatest act of all.' So says Gaius," quoted Alia.

"I hate those sayings," Nihaj responded, "they are all so empty."

"How dare you?" Alia suddenly realised she was yelling, and blushed, covering her mouth. "Sorry," she whispered. "I wonder what his name is?"

Nihaj's eyes opened wide, and his mouth moved as though he was trying to say something. All that could be heard was an akward silence. Alia slowly turned around to see her grandfather, Kirak, staring at them. His eyebrow cocked, his very look spoke of his agitation.

"Now what are you children up to?"

04/07/2005 8:17 PM

Seth rose to a sitting position, holding a hand to his ribs. He grumbled at the pain and looked around the room. The two girls and the old one seemed to be in the middle of a small conversation but Seth was indifferent to that. He tried to stand and fell over. He tried again, using the wall as a support.

04/09/2005 2:47 PM

Nihaj had found his father, and was helping him cure the leather for the sampa - the traditional garb of the Rethian - when everyone in the marketplace started migrating toward someone; Nihaj couldn't make out who it was. Apparently it was something really interesting, so he got up to see.

Nihaj gasped. A Northerner... he thought, I had heard their skin was white, but he looks like a ghost... No wonder our legends say not to trust the Northerners.

Katra wandered through the streets, nodding to the bypassers. She had been "living" in the city for about a week now, leaving only to get food and rest. Since her skin was fairly close to theirs, she blended in quite well, talking to complete strangers without them even giving a second thought as to whether she was a native or not. She continued through the streets until she came upon a large crowd. She listened to the gossip that had already begun to spread through it, when she heard the word. "Northerner". Her eyes widened. She had not seen a Northerner in quite a few years. She tried to get closer, but the crowd was too tightly packed. No amount of rudeness would get her through there. She decided to let it work itself out and find him later.

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04/09/2005 10:11 PM

(OOC: Nihaj is a guy? oh i misread that post where nihaj and Alia bumped into each other and though nihaj looked up to Alia)

04/10/2005 12:48 PM

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"No no no, you must rest," Kirak urged. He turned to Alia. "Get the nurse, Alia! We do not want him to further his injuries."

"Yes, Grandfather." Alia left.

Nihaj stood by the doorway, staring at the man. He had a look of mistrust in his eye. [i]He's a Northerner! Why are we helping him?[/i] "How did he get hurt so badly?"

"I don't believe he speaks our language," Kirak said, turning to the man. "I am Kirak." He taps his chest. "Kirak." He points at Nihaj. "Nihaj." Finally, he points at the man, his face expecting an answer.

04/10/2005 1:27 PM

Katra sat outside the room in a tree. The leaves had moved just slightly so as to hide her from view. She giggled a little to herself as she watched the men talk as if Seth was a mere newborn. She then pointed to herself and whispered "Katra".

Having seen her fill, she allowed the branches to go back to their original position. She jumped from her current tree to the next, and continued doing so until she reached the edge of town. She then jumped out, ran to the forest, and dissappeared into it.

04/10/2005 9:12 PM

Seth got the gist of it. He ponted at himself and spoke.


His elevated senses picked out the whisper from the window, but not egzactly what it was. He looked at the elder.

"I do not speak your language. I go..."

He pointed at his head then at Alia's mouth, miming that he wanted to learn Essopus.

04/12/2005 6:07 PM

Rayson rode into town and stopped at the supply seller’s tent he traded the raw meat for some that was jerked and some other supplies that he needed as he left he saw a man being carried to the healer’s tent Rayson didn’ see much of his face but what he did see told him that this was the same man he had seen in the glade, where were his weapons?
Rayson didn’t trust this man there was just something about him. Rayson moved over to the healer’s tent and found a comfortable spot where he could see the door and hear what happened inside.

04/18/2005 3:33 PM

The nurse finally came, and put the man back into his bed. She gave him a blanket behind his back so he could sit up. Nihaj scowled at the Northerner. [i]My whole life I have been told not to trust Northerners, and yet here we are, saving his life.[/i] He turned to Kirak.

"Why haven't we killed him?"

"Why would we need to kill him? Did not Gaius preach that 'To help another is the greatest act of all?'"

[i]Ugh, him too. Damned Gaius, who the hell was he? Why do we follow his sayings as law?[/i] Nihaj's thoughts were interrupted as Alia returned with a bowl of soup. He inhaled the aroma of the soup; a thick orange liquid. Nihaj loved the smell of fresh, warm Panta soup, named for the underground vegetable that resembled a gourd. It was one of the few true vegetables that grew in the harsh climate of the Rethian planes and deserts. Alia handed the soup to the nurse, who began to spoonfeed it to the Northerner. She, too, seemed to hold some contempt for the Northerner. [i]"Ruin will come from the North;" so says Gaius.[/i] The prophecy made nearly everyone hate all Northerners. It was helpful to keep possible spies out of Reth, but it also resulted in a completly racist society. Was that what Gaius wanted?

Muttering in thought, Nihaj was surprised to see Alia smiling. [i]She really is a good soul,[/i] he thought, [i]so pure in mind and body. I guess she has Kirak to thank for that.[/i]

All the while, it was as if noone had noticed that the man had motioned at all, or at least what he meant. Nihaj turned absentmindedly to the window, then back to the room. He whipped his head back around, thinking he had seen someone, but there was noone in the tree. [i]Hmm. Must have been the wind. A trick of the demons.[/i]

04/18/2005 6:36 PM

Seth sighed and accepted the soup. It was strange. It had a hot taste to it. Seth hated spice, as most Neph did, but he ate it anyways. He had no idea of the local customs. He saw Nihaj making eyes at the girl and jotted that down in his head. Possible hostages were good to have. He motioned again that he wanted to learn their language. The faster he could listen, the faster he could spy.

04/19/2005 6:07 PM

Rayson sat by the entrance to the tent listening to what was happening inside, he couldn’t believe that a northerner would be out here in the plains by himself, it just didn’t make any sense, but he couldn’t know for sure what was truly happening, so he thought best not make any rash judgments. He moved over to a near by tree, drawing his sword and honing stone, he began to refine the edges on his sword and arrows. He leaned his head back against the tree, closing his eyes and began to relive his life, waiting for what would come next.

04/19/2005 7:27 PM

Sylvanus began to feel bored. She had done nothing interesting since leaving the village. She decided to go back and check the progress of everything. She once again sat in the trees, this time concealing herself a little more.

04/23/2005 8:10 PM

Nihaj's stomach suddely issued a deep growl. Only then did he realize he hadn't eaten all day. Both Kirak and Alia turned at the noise.

"You should go eat, Nihaj," Kirak advised. "Alia, go with him. I will stay here."

"Yes, Grandfather."

Nihaj and Alia left to get food. As they left, Nihaj glanced at the tree, but other than a few birds, it was empty.

04/24/2005 10:31 AM

Something had sparked Sylvanus' interest. She wanted to know more about the Northerner, but it seemed as though she would gain no information while the others were still there. She decided she needed some excitement, however miniscule it may be. She made up her mind and began to follow Alia and Nihaj.

04/26/2005 7:31 PM

Seth gave the old man a long piercing look. He was trying his best to be inscrutable here, and he was doing almost TOO well. He spoke up hesitantly in essopuss.

"I..... l-le-arn. I learn?"

He was beating his brains out just doing that. His head was beginning to ache.

05/02/2005 7:28 PM

Kirak smiled at Seth's effort. Suddenly he doubled over, coughing uncontrollably, twitching and convulsing. He stopped. Blood trickled between his fingers.

"Now that the other's have gone," Kirak said in the tongue of the Nephlians, still facing the ground, hair hanging in front of his face, "... I may talk in your tongue." He slowly lifted his head. His hair was shielding most of his face, but one could still make out the features. It had changed. The color was gone, replaced with a cadaver-like pale. The skin had become cold and clammy. Red blood was dripping from the mouth, slowly trickling down the chin. But the most striking change was in his eyes. There was a strange, new light in Kirak’s eyes - or, rather, a lack of it. His eyes had become those of the insane; fully dilated, painful and empty. The pupils had become so big one could barely see the orange iris characteristic of the Rethians. This is how his eyes became when he entered the trance of The Elders: when he saw through the eyes of Gaius. The deep, dark holes of his eyes seemed to carry every answer to every question ever posed by man. They stared through the skin, deep into the soul. There was no escaping the omniscient presence of the eyes. Gaius himself was looking through these eyes, staring Seth in the face. Kirak’s voice had also changed. So had his mannerisms. He was no longer hunched over, standing at his full height. He seemed a giant. His voice became smooth and deep, far deeper than the rest of the Rethians. Kirak - or whatever he had become - walked over to where Seth was sitting. It towered over him. It reached down to Seth, wrapping its hand around his neck. Its hand was as cold as a dead man’s. It looked into Seth’s eyes, and he could not move. He could not speak. The eyes…

It spoke again.

“You will learn. Kirak will see to this. You are essential to Gaius at this point. Do not tell the others of this meeting, lest He become angry at your insuboordinance.” As he said the great prophet’s name, a cold breeze surged through the room. Kirak’s long, white hair waved in the arctic wind. No, this was no longer Kirak. It was something else.

The body convulsed again, more lifeblood escaping through the lips. The nurse heard the coughing this time, and came in to see what was the matter. Upon seeing the blood, she rushed over to Kirak.

“Kirak! Are you alright?” He looked up, his eyes having returned to their normal, beautiful orange state. His face was once again flushed with blood.

“I’ll be fine, Nia,” He assured, wiping the blood off on his handkerchief. He turned to Seth, all memory of their encounter seemingly evaporated. “I think he wants to learn our language, Nia. Did you hear how hard he was trying? I’ll begin lessons tomorrow.”

Smiling, Kirak turned around and walked out of the door, as though nothing had happened.


Nihaj and Alia were browsing through the various foods in the marketplace when Nihaj suddenly felt freezing cold. He couldn’t move, shudders taking over his body. His blood emptied from his face, and his heart filled completely with terror. Everyone else seemed unaffected.

“Nihaj, look at how fresh these Kaestas are. I know how much you love Kaestas.” Alia was still looking at the dried meat. “Nihaj, are you even listening?” Suddely a gasp echoed through the marketplace. She whirled to see what was the matter. Nihaj’s face had become ghost white, and he was caught in a fit of trembling. He collapsed to the ground, seizing and foaming at the mouth; he made a sickening choking sound. She screamed and dropped her basket. Fruit and bread rolled around in the dirt. The entire marketplace became silent, as everyone watched Nihaj, too stunned, too afraid to act. Only Alia tried to help, tears streaming down her face. Just as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped.

Nihaj became still and silent at last. Slowly, Alia helped him up. He looked at her, color returning to his face. He smiled, and then his eyes grew wide as he lurched forward, reaching his hands to his mouth. Blood spewed forth, flowing through his hands. It slowed to a trickle, and he stared at his hands, now soaked in blood. His hands quivered as he stared, horrified, at his blood-stained hands. He looked past them at Alia, who fainted. Nihaj was no longer consumed by terror; he was now only confused. A few of the townspeople came to help, escorting Nihaj to the hospital. Alia was carried home.


Nihaj sat up in bed that night, unable to sleep. The memory of the incident still stood sharp in his mind. He could still remember every detail.

During that time he lost consciousness, he had a dream, a vision. He saw himself in the village. That morning the sky was red, as red as the blood that had soaked his hands just a few hours ago. There was no one but him in the village; at least, no one alive. The streets were strewn with corpses, of Rethian and Northerner alike, resting with each other in the peace offered by death. [I]There are no enemies among the dead,[/I] Nihaj had thought, recounting the Rethian proverb.

He began to walk through the ghost town, taking special care not to step on any bodies. He recognized some of the faces of the fallen: Yyen, the hunter; Anji, the midwife. Neither women nor children were spared; it was a veritable massacre. Nihaj stopped and glanced down. Sprawled out on the ground was a very familiar face. Recognition hit like a brick to the abdomen. Even his father had been killed. The circumstances of his death appeared to be gruesome, his face eternally locked in a terrible grimace. It must have been painful.

The silence shattered as a rustle sounded from behind Nihaj. He whirled around, his dagger gleaming in the red light.

“Alia, what are you doing here? It's dangerous.”

A sudden flash of light, a pain in the abdomen. He looked down. He saw a dagger, a Rethian dagger, had been plunged into his stomach. He followed the dagger to the hand holding it, up the arm, and to the face of his beloved Alia. Alia had stabbed him. A malicious smirk was smeared across her face, the smile of a bloodlust finally satiated. Her eyes… her eyes were black; the eyes of Gaius.

That was when Nihaj came to, his hands covered in blood.

[I]What does it mean? Why Alia?[/I] He didn’t get to sleep that night.

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05/03/2005 5:20 PM

Seth was shocked, insuboordination? He had recognised the prescence of an equal in the room (OOC: I'm assuming northerners think they are gods) but he answered to none. Still his father had been afraid for the northerners, fearing the gods would smite them for their arogance. Now Seth was beginning to wonder if his old man had been right. He laid down, coughing as the now set rib poked at him. He began fiddling with a small bone charm hung from his neck. Inside it's hollow orb was contained a small sharp point, maybe he had been wrong to leave his gear outside the village.

05/04/2005 1:52 PM

After noticing the event at the market with Nihaj, Katra had decided it was time for a visit to her Goddess. She went to a more secret part of the forest, where she had made a small altar as a tribute to her Goddess. She closed her eyes, going into a light trance. She prayed to her diety, the Goddess of the Earth. After a few minutes, she came out, knowing what she had to do. She went back to the town in search of Nihaj.

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06/20/2005 12:42 AM

The village was bustling with activity. Kirak had said it was a time of war, and like clockwork the whole town sprung into action. Spears, daggers, everything was being manufactured at neck-breaking speed. Even Nihaj's father, a tailor, was using his finest cloths for the basework of Reth armor.

Nihaj wondered at Kirak's reasoning for alerting the town. Other than that one Northerner, he hadn't seen any Nephlian agression, or heard of it for that matter. But then again, he had seen many northerners in his dream...

Nihaj shook his head. [i]There's no way that could be real. That can't happen.[/i] It had felt so real...

Nihaj stepped out of his bed, still groggy from his sleepless night. He had work to do. Everyone had work to do. This was a time of war.

06/22/2005 10:41 AM

Seth looked out the window the next morning, smiling. The village was changing, preparing for conflict. This was funny. Their pathetic army didn't have a chance against the elite warriors of Nephla. He felt he had healed sufficiently to allow him to punish his body. With little grunts, he began doing one handed pushups in the corner, wincing at the occasional lance of pain. Thus began his morning workout.

06/22/2005 8:34 PM

Rayson jump he had fallen asleep it was morning now and the town was bustling with activity, he stood up stretching he yawned ‘well best go check on Flarin’ he thought. As he walked through the town he tried to figure out what was going on ‘well no matter I’ll find out after I see to Flarin’.

He reentered the town and saw that all that bustle wasn’t just the start of the day he stopped a man in the street “ excuse me sir but what is going on here” the man looked at him “Are you deaf boy, it’s war we are preparing for war, go see Kirak in the town squire if you want to help” he walked away Rayson stood there for a second ‘war’ he raced off to the center of town

06/29/2005 6:56 AM

(OOC: rayson. I don't mean to be a jerk, but PLEASE DEAR GOD CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR!
I can't understand a thing you write without at least five to ten minutes of concentration!)

Katra ran back into the city, searching for Nihaj.

"Nihaj! Nihaj!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. Mabye, if he heard her - goddess willing - he would come find her, making her search easier. She eventually ran by a street, and saw Nihaj's girl friend walking down it.

[i]Better than nothing, I guess.[/i] She thought to herself. She ran towards her, waving her hands. Katra didn't know her name, but mabye she would notice anyways.

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