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03/12/2005 5:28 PM

…The LED lights flickered in the darkness, a slow progression of blue-green-blue, suspended in a void of nothingness. Alone and alien in a darkness and in silence like that of a long forgotten tomb they blinked their code. A sudden click and then the flash of flickering lights as they hummed to life along the floor of the room illuminated the bare grey steel walls of the chamber. The new washed out light illuminated the metal grating along the floor and the myriad of pipes and conduits that ran beneath and also the presence of a dozen capsules that lay along the walls of the chamber, six on either side, all standing at intervals of two feet apart and stretching six feet into the darkness beyond the wan light.

Lights blinked to life at the base of one of the capsules, small LEDs that flashed frantically as the capsule itself emitted a low hum and then a hiss as the airtight seal was broken and the front section slid up and into the gloom above revealing a tall pale figure of a man for a moment before he toppled from his standing position and fell heavily to the metal grating before the capsule where he lay barely moving, though breathing heavily and shivering, his body bathed in sweat though his skin was icy cold.

The figure opened his eyes slightly, the blue slits aggravated by what little light was present so that he had to blink rapidly a few times in an attempt to adjust to the light. His whole body seemed to ache, seemed drained of strength as he struggled to roll onto his stomach and then to his knees painfully, running a pale hand though his long blonde hair and then across his bearded chin, an expression of confusion on his face.

Where am I?…

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