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03/09/2005 6:26 PM

In a city not very far away, quite a short while ago...

It was a chilly, cloudy Saturday morning, for Spring. The station was almost empty. The gray sky that hid the sun gave it all a strange melancholic mood. He heard the distant sound of the metro (which probably isn't the best term to use, since it was partly underground only; it mostly rose above the streets) approaching. A few people turned their heads to see it arrive to it's destination.The sudden wind it carried blew his jacket back and made his black hair dance to the silent music of the air. A beeping sound was heard and the mechanical doors opened. Many people walked out without saying a word; only rushing to wherever they were heading. He then walked in and took a seat beside a man who didn't have the best aspect, but little did he care, he was only going to downtown. The beeping sound was played again, and the doors closed.

Now, the carriage was filled with the sick quiet that was norm. Only interrupted once or twice by friends. As for everyone else, they spoke to no one. So he, not caring about them, just immersed himself in thought and the sight of the city outside the large windows.

Thinking about the night's "gig", he almost didn't notice the way the man beside him was counting some money. When he did, he noticed that the man was counting fifty-dollar bills, and quite a few! There's only a few occupation which pay that much in cash, and from the man's looks, he had a very good idead of which it was. He had first guessed that the man was simply of... lower class. As he noticed what the man was, Anthony became a bit nervous.

His mind was quickly taken to other issues; the metro had stopped. This happened occasionally, when there was an incident. There was a soft murmur of disapponited voices, but then, everyone patiently waited. Anthony kept gazing out the window mindlessly, looking at the top of a building.

03/28/2005 11:02 AM

Rab sat on the couch, his feet propped onto the table before him. He held the remote in his hand, flipping through the channel pointlessly. Suddenly, he stopped changing the channels, finally he had found something to watch. The Griffins or more commonly know as Family Guy. Quickly, he turned the television and stereo down. He had been rocking out to some of his favorite bands: Silverstein, Rise Against, Saosin, and Straylight Run.

Advertisement. Rab grabbed his cell phone to remind Anthony to bring some food back. He hit the voice command button, telling it to dial "Anthony" and sat it down on the table before him, waiting for his friend and band mate to answer.

03/29/2005 5:19 PM

Anthony studied closely the large heap of clothes atop the building, wondering what it was. His inspection was suddenly interrumpted by the familiar ring of his cellphone. It took him a few seconds to realize it was his cellphone ringing.

"Hello." he answered in his usual calm tone.

03/29/2005 5:52 PM

"Uh.." Was the only thing Rab managed to utter when Anthony picked up his cell phone. He searched through his memory for the reason he had called, his train of thought quickly getting back on track.

"Yeah... We need some..." he said into the speaker phone as he thought about what they needed. His eyes quickly scanned the messy apartment and lingered on a familiar object, the refrigerator.

"We need some food," he replied enthusiastically into the speaker. "Dude. We need some food, stop by the grocery store on your way back."

Rab cut the phone off and began scanning the television channels once again. There was nothing good on. Sluggishly, he got up and stretched then made his way over towards his guitar. He turned the volume up before he started practicing, he always loved to hear himself play.

03/30/2005 12:20 AM

Anthony was about to tell Rab about the train getting stuck, but only managed an, "OK." before Rab had hung up. He stored the cellphone back in his pocket, and returned to his boring examination of the building next to them. To his surprise, he found that the pile of dark clothes had moved, or changed, revealing a man, a man with a gun. He stared at the sniper for half a second, trying to understand what he was seeing. It took him half a second more to react.

"Duck!" he screamed, to no one in particular, as he threw himself at the floor. At first, he looked up, only to find that only a few people had done as he said. Before he could get up and apologize, there was a loud bang. Everyone else threw themselves at the floor and screamed. The next few moments were full of sound. More shots and screams invaded the carriage. The window, even though it wasn't glass, hurt just like it as it was pierced by a bullet and shattered all over the floor and on top of him.

Then, there was what seemed like an eternity of silence, as everyone waited for something else to happen. The man, previously described, that had been sitting beside him, clutched at his leg as it bled profusely. He crawled across the floor, towards the doors on the other side. Before everyone could calm down, the man pulled a sword from his jacket.

"No one sound the alarm, or I'll blow your head off! All of you," he said as he pointed the gun to the people on one side of the carriage, "move to the other side! Now!" Slowly, the people obeyed him, and Anthony found the floor around him much more crowded. The last he saw of the man, he drew a knife and stabbing the otherwise automatic pulled them open. He simply jumped off.

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