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03/09/2005 11:42 AM

Before we begin I would like to state a few rules:
1. No powerplay/godmode or TCing.
2. No one-liners, literacy (high lit. preferably) is required.
3. KNowledge of the drow and their customs is greatly appriciated.
4. Have fun and try and help each other out if possible... ^^x

I would also like to ask a fellow drow to take up another household or a job as a mercenray for my plot idea. First person to ask receives.


Beyond the twisting catacombs of stalagmites and stalactites, the Underdark housed a dark and sinister race of kindrance to the peach complected elves of the surface realm. These creatures, of course, are the drow. AT a time devoid of peace and harmony, the dark elves with their ebony skin and white hair roam the darkened world beneath the mountains, in their female-dominated soceity of Menzoberranzen.

Houses wage wars frequently, and the most spoken war to come echoes off the dark lips of many a drow at this time. The up and coming war between House Gallgoth`eri and their next target.

Ahh yes, house Gallgoth`eri, home to a very young and fresh matron, not even in her hundreds. Young Athyli Gallgoth`eri, noble and youngest of the four Gallgoth`eri sisters, and first to graduate from Arach Tinilith with request of her matron mother to lead their house to the victory they had been striving for for so many years...

With skin of purest, deepest ebon, and hair of fine and silky silvery white, her crystal blue gaze pierced deep into the darkened hearts of her servants and bretheren, while a surprisingly kind nature shown through.

Scolded at for such kindness, forced to lie down with the noble males in order to concieve the child that would add further grace to the house, young Athyli bit her tongue and simply followed orders, as she had done for all he rlife without delay.

The household was now abustle with anticipation of the upcoming attack, the guards on end and awaiting any attackers that might breech so called impregnable defenses as other priestesses of the damnedable spider queen rejoiced in the latest news of the child matron.

All but a few months had passed since the begingin of her rule. Said to be guided by Lolth herself, few dare disobey or upset the girl, despite her secret hatred to the dark goddess. But she found both joy and remorse in this latest discovery, for the child was with child herself.

High in her throne made of adamantine and silver, she sat, wearing an intricate spider-web patterned gown and matching headdress, she shown only slightly to her burden of a bastard child. The fathe rlong since lost in yet another mishap the household had taken place in.

Stress ran high for the girl, her temples rested between her fingers and she closed her impeccable, bright gaze and sighed, wishing for once to be alone in this god forsaken place, and not have the anxious priestesses and clerics rushing about at her every movement...

What she wouldnt give to regain a childhood devoid of such hells.

03/10/2005 6:55 PM

No one walked openly in the streets of Menzobarranzan, or had for quite some time now. But that didn't mean that the city was dead by any means. One simply had to know where to look, and Jhaelae'Irr knew where to look. He sat alone in a secretive room in an otherwise empty Festivity Hall. His contact was running quite late. And by Narbondel's Light, he was probably in bed, all cares of his meeting vanished. Jhaelae'Irr was just about to leave when the male arrived.

"Good to see you, Dhar'zhad." Jhaelae'Irr said. He met Dhar'Zhad with crossed arms. "I apologize for my tardiness," the drow said, "personal matters had to be attended to." Jhaelae'Irr smiled. "It is alright. Tell me, do you have the information I seek?" "I do," said Dhar'Zhad. "It would seem that the young matron Gallgoth`eri is preparing to wage a house war, hence the relative inactivity on the streets. Every house is preparing their defenses, and every renegade drow is trying to sell their blades to the highest bidder. What about you?" said Dhar'Zhad, "Where do your loyalties lie?"

Jhaelae'Irr smiled. "That is none of your business." He tossed a bag of gold coins to his informant and rose to leave. Dhar'Zhad was too busy counting the gold to feel Jhaelae'Irr's dagger pierce his right lung. "I would advise you not be late to your next meeting," Jhaelae'Irr whispered, "it wouldn't be prudent to anger Lolth." Jhaelae'Irr couldn't help but chuckle as he retrieved his gold and cleaned his dagger off. Surely Lolth would devour his soul as soon as she would Dhar'Zhad's. After all, there weren't many drow out there that paid fealty to Mask....

03/14/2005 12:13 AM

After his first venture to the Underdark met with little success of finding a purpose, Sigg began lending his skills to people in need, and of course those needy people must pay for his services. While sulking in the local tavern for near the entire day, wondering what he should do next. The thought of returning to the surface occured to him daily, but the screams of hate had not yet died out in his mind's eye, thus he stayed in the Underdark yet another day. As he stood up to leave to his sleeping quarters, he was approached by a hooded figure whom remained completely anonymous. The figure handed him a note and left with the same steady swiftness they entered.

Breaking the wax seal on the note, Sigg opened it and began to read it. It was a more or less vague request for his presence at house Gallgoth`eri with the Matron Athyli. Little more was said other than to be there as soon as possible. This did not entirely surprise him, he had often received such letters from Matrons or other persons in need of his service. However, usually it was much more anonymous, often he did not even know who he was working for. This caused his eyebrow to raise slightly, otherwise it provoked no further reaction. He would leave immediately, he knew not to keep people such as these waiting.

Sigg briskly walked through the back alley shortcuts he knew, his cloak wrapped tightly around him. His paranoid eyes darting in every direction to be sure no one was watching him. He hardly noticed these somewhat obsessive actions of paranoia anymore, he had lived with them a long while, gaining more as he bore witness to more treachery.

Reaching the grandiose gates of house Gallgoth`eri, Sigg was told to wait there as one of servants skittered towards where he supposed Matron Athyli was. Sigg waited patiently.

((OOC: I didn't go any further in case you don't like the way I did it, I can still change stuff.))

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