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03/07/2005 2:15 AM

Tieflings are nice... honest!

03/09/2005 8:54 PM

Note: Due to some freak accident, which might've been on my part (I'm not sure), the first reply on this thread was deleted. I'm now reposting it.

Okay. This is the first roleplay that I'll be starting here at RPGC. Of course, it is of the Forgotten Realms, Thay, in particular. Now I hope that everyone wishing to join is at least semi-farmiliar with Forgotten Realms. If you have the Campaign Setting book, that's great. If you're just a little farmiliar with FR, don't worry, I'll help those interested in joining to fit in just like everyone else. After all, I know everyone isn't an FR master, and that's okay. I'm not either. ^_^

So, down to business then. The plot is of two adventurous Red Wizards attempting to raid a nearby keep. Seems simple enough, but things go down hill rather quickly. I'll be playing as one of those Red Wizards and all of the NPCs. I'll allow one other to be a Red Wizard as well. As for the other characters, You may choose any class you wish, with the exceptions of barbarian and paladin. Race is another important factor. Red Wizards may only be human. I'll also allow Shield Dwarves, Moon Elves, Half-Elves (1/2 Moon Elf 1/2 Human), Half-Orcs (1/2 Orc 1/2 Human), Lightfoot Halflings, and Rock Gnomes as long as they are of other classes than Red Wizard.

[b](Note: Drow, Half-Drow, Gold Dwarves, Grey Dwarves [Duergar], Deep Gnomes[Svirfneblin], Sun Elves, Wild Elves, Wood Elves, Strongheart Halflings, Ghostwise Halflings, Aasimars, Tieflings, Fire Genasi, Earth Genasi, Air Genasi, and Water Genasi, will not be allowed due to the location of the setting.)[/b]

Next, this is how I'd like the character bios to be set up:


Age: (Human/Half-Elf/Half-Orc: 16-30, Shield Dwarf: 40-120, Moon Elf: 110-170, Lightfoot Halfling: 20-45, Rock Gnome: 40-95)



Eye Clr:

Hair Clr:

Race: (Humans, Shield Dwarves, Moon Elves, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Lightfoot Halflings, and Rock Gnomes.)

Class: (Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard)

Alignment: ([Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil] This will be a Neutral to Evil campain. I may allow Chaotic Good characters as long as they have a really good reason for associating with the rest of the group)

Weapons: (Your character's weapon. Only three weapons per person max.)

Religion: (Not absolutely important except for clerics. If you wish to be a cleric, but don't know which deity to choose, simply notify me, and I will give you a list of the best choices.)

Appearance: (Clothing/Armor, tattoos, jewelry, birthmarks, etc.)

Background/History: (Your character's biography. Please try to make this at least one full paragraph [5 lines]. And I'd like for your character to have lived in Thay for at least one year prior to the beginning of this RP.)[/i]

Now for the description of Thay...

[i]Thay is a nation ruled by cruel wizards who rely on slavery to provide them with the wealth and luxury they need to support their magical research and dreams of conquest. The land is ruled by eight zulkirs, the most powerful wizards of the land. The zulkirs in turn choose the land's tharchions, civil governors who manage the mundane affairs of the realm and serve at the pleasure of the Red Wizards.

The Red Wizards form an elite class, the nobility of the land. Through the vast, regional beureaucracy, administered by their hand-picked tharchions, they govern Thay's laws, commerce, and society. Free Thayans fall into one of six classes: Red Wizards, bureaucrats, priests, merchants, and artisans or skilled workers-barely a step above slaves themselves. Neither priest nor merchants are especially common in Thay.[/i]
(Exerpt from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Copywright-Wizards of the Coast)

I'll allow up to five characters, and maybe six depending on the situation.

Finally, I hope you find this to be an interesting venture and join. It may look rather overwhelming, but it's really not. If you have any questions about anything at all to do with this RP, feel free to PM me.

Thanks, and I hope to get this started soon.

04/01/2005 11:05 AM

Name: Alexia
Age: 117
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 94 lbs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: White (to lower back)
Race: Moon Elf
Class: Rouge/Assassian
Alignment: True Neutral
Weapons: 2 Identical butterfly swords (Both are made with mithril blue and silver), and 1 short bow.
Religon: Varies
Appearance: White dress that is V-cut to her bellybutton. It is floor length with two slits to her hips on both sides. On her back is a brand with a triangle pointing down with a W in the triangle. She wears a black cape made of dragons steel (very light and warm :)). She wears her hair down, her ears are not so pointed, but a little pointed. She has long legs, her skin is very pale, and she wears a leather belt/sash for her swords.
Background: 'Born and raised into slavery she tried desperatley to escape. She didn't want to kill until something inside of her snapped. Rage surged throughout her mind, body, and soul. She lived to escape and kill until she was introduced to payment. She was skilled in her murders and even more skilled in the way she did them. Some were so horrible, she didn't want to see, and others were quick and painless. Nevertheless, she found her way around.
She escaped her cruel torchure and was hunted down by the last reamaining few. She then grew up next to a manipulative king. Taking advantage of the luxury, Alexia killed hte king and his whole family. Enjoying the loot, she became an outcast. Now she is called to adventure...

04/18/2005 2:15 PM

Name: Leohana Navarra

Age: 110

Height: 5ft 9

Weight: n/a

Eye Clr: Green/gold rimmed with black with slits for pupils.

Hair Clr: pale blonde with green streaks

Race: Moon Elf

Class: Rogue Sorceress

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weapons: Spelled twin blades. One is encrusted with an emerald and engraved with the image of a dragon on the blade and the other is encrusted with an amethyst stone with the image of a tiger engraved on the blade. She also has a small knife which is hidden inside one of her boots.

Religion: undecided

Appearance: Leo is tall almost 6ft. She is tanned with golden brown skin (uncommon amongst her people). She has medium length pale blonde hair streaked with green which ends about half way down her back which is braided in the typical Elvin fashion. She has leopard eyes which are black rimmed green/gold eyes. She has pointed teeth especially canines, (fangs) and pointed ears. She has a tattoo of a green vine snaking down her left forearm and small black dragon which curls down the right side of her face, she also has a tattoo of a lioness(her namesake) running across her back. She has a scar which starts below her right ear and runs across her throat ending by her left shoulder.
She also carries a large dragon tooth on a piece of leather cord round her neck. It was given to her by the grandmother. Her final piece of jewllery (if you could call it this) is two silver bands which are clasped one on each wrist.
Her clothing usually consists of knee high black boots in which she hides one small knife, a long black (which is spelled to make her unnoticed by humans and most other creatures/things what ever you want to cal them), her blades are normally on her back so she wears and strap underneath her clothing which holds them. She also wears a rough leather belt where she keeps various potions and other things.

Background/History: After Leo’s parents were brutally murdered in the raid of her home she went into hiding where she changed her name slightly to Leohano for many years when she posed as a boy in order to be taught how to fight. As Leo she learmt unarmed combat, how to fight with both sword and how to shoot which she combined with her knowledge of healing and herb lore. Though she excelled at shooting and fighting with swords. She did not do so well in unarmed combat being as she was a girl but what she lacked in strength she made up for in determination, agility and endurance. And she often found that if she dodged her opponent’s attackers for long enough she could defeat them by attacking them when they were completely drained of energy.
Driven by her desire for knowledge she sought out rogue sorcerers demanding that they teach her the arts of magick, and act which was seemingly unheard of amongst her people. Yet as a moon elf she possessed a strong hold of the powers of nature and so excelled at this area whereas her battle magick skills were something to be desired and she found that she could not grasp the simplest of things. An act which would later lead her to the life of an assassin.
Then at the age of 107 she began to seek out those which had killed her parents over 100 years ago and so take her vengeance.

04/18/2005 3:14 PM

Name: drake haurten

Age: 30

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 180 pounds

Eye Clr: blue

Hair Clr: black

Race: Human

Class: red mage

Alignment: lawful Neutral

Weapons: staff

Religion: undecided

Appearance: long black hair and a red mage hat over his head going over his eyes,
he also wears a red cloak and black gloves do to this mostly none of his pale skin is showing. Hanging from a rope wrap around his legs is a book with the words "DON'T OPEN!" on it.

Background/History: at the age of 7 drake ran away from home looking for his own adventure to unfold. till the age of 17 he went from town to town looking for an adventure. but at the age of 17 he join a group of red mages becuse he learned many spells going for town to town. after his brother died he searched and searched for who killed him. on the way he found a book with the power to open a dark gate... or that is at least what his uncle told him... from then own he protected the book form evil hands.

04/18/2005 10:30 PM

Name: Belthin Thunderbeard

Age: 102

Height: 4'5'

Weight: 186lbs

Eye Clr: Dark brown cracked with veins of gold like ore in a mine, the outsides of his iris a deep emerald, which fades quickly into the brown of his eye.

Hair Clr: His short dark auburn hair is too short to be anywhere near his face, but just long enough that the wind tosses his locks gently, and when the light shines just right, hints of a dark red can be seen. His beard runs thick around his his jaw and chin, hiding his throat. His beard is curly and smooth resembling a bass relief representation of clouds. (ooc:like the greeks did for their clouds, all poofy and rolling and round and whatnot)

Race: Shield Dwarf

Class: Fighter (barbarian if allowed)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral(if barbarian is allowd: chaotic neutral)

Weapons: A double bladed axe designed to be used in one hand, the blades etched with runes, flames, and a sword facing away from the hilt on every side of the axe's blade. Both handle and blade are made from a durable metal alloy. In his other hand he wields a round wooden shield, reinforced with metal bands. Around the sides of the shield are small blades, and a spike rises from the front of his shield, which is emblazed with a blazing sword. When the time calls for it, he can use his fists adaquetly from plenty of brawls and barfights.

Religion: Tempus

Appearance: A dwarf of no outstanding height, from a glance the only outstanding feature of this dwarf is his exceptional build. Even for a dwarf Belthin has wide shoulders and a great girth, attributed to his muscles which almost always bulge with the effort of one thing or another, be it combat, manual labor, or just showing off. He walks around with a dinged up, but well polished suit of armor, including; plate greaves, boots, armguards, gauntlets(all with a blazing sword etched into their faces and runes around their edges), and a breastplate emblazoned with a blazing sword on the back, and a dwarf's head, who's large cloudlike beard is emitting a bolt of lightning, on the front.Around the edges of the breastplate many runes rune in steady lines. Shiny chainmail covers his upper arms and legs, covering what the plate leaves bare. His helm covers his head well, a ridge coming down from the sides to cover his ears and cheeks, a small noseguard potrudes from the brow down between the eyes.

When the dwarf removes his helmet, a pair of smooth scars run across the right side of his face. The first scare starts just above his right brow and comes down over his eye and down his cheek, curving back along his neck smoothly. The second scar runs parallel to the first, just about an inch further to the right of the first. At all times the dwarf's attire consists of durable work clothing, be it leather or cloth, and is almost always white, black, or varying shades of red. A medallion hangs from a thick chain around his neck, the same blazing sword etched into it's surface as that adorns his armor.

(some traits are not visible, and/or not shared by the dwarf and may be discovered through the story, unless you want them stated here as well, in which case I'll edit my post)

Background/History: The Thunderbeard clan is the only clan of dwarves known to worship Tempus, the god of battle, who's symbol is a blazing sword. The clan looks out for it's own, and prides itself on it's advancements in making alloy metals, and their ability to focus on everything that angers them to enter a berserk-like state. Witnesses of the clan's battles have claimed that on the brink of death a member of the Thunderbeard clan can roar like a blast of thunder, releasing incredible strength, and bring the wrath of Tempus himself upon their foes.

Belthin Thunderbeard is the Son of Surlgam Thunderbeard, the general of the clan's military forces for nearly three centuries. As the child of a very important and experienced warrior, Belthin grew attached to and accustomed to combat long before he could read, write, or even speak proper sentances. Belthin adopted the fighting style of his father, using a double bladed axe designed for single handed use, and a deadly shield. After years of training within his village, defending against raids, and patrolling for threats, Belthin grew to great fame within the clan and surrounding areas for his combat skill.

One day a group of traders from the clan left to find new markets for their wonderous alloys, but only a tend ay later, a single member of the original twenty returned with a tale of ambush, wizardry, and enslavement. Only he had been able to slip away to retrieve aid. Belthin led a troop of fifty dwarven warriors towards the land that their kin had been whisked away to, a land called Thay. Shortly after arriving, the small militia split up, finding dwarves within the land who gladly accepted the dwarves, who began to scout around for the whereabouts of their lost kin, or the one responsible for their abduction. It has been 3 years now, Belthin works as a blacksmith, and each dwarf has become more or less settled into their respective positions, but their eyes and ears are always open, and they meet every now and then to discuss new information....

04/24/2005 6:19 PM

Is it just me or did the creator of this thread just up and ditch?! Oh well, thats pretty cruddy. Any of the moderators wanna step up and either get the story rollin' or get someone to get us a story goin. Cuz I was all ready to give Belthin some action, poor little Thunderbeard is all disappointed, see, he's cryin :'(

04/25/2005 1:01 PM

yeah. can we just start role playing without Alak or is there some sort of rule that i'm not aware of, other wise i offer to start it but as you have seen i'm not too good at starting threads

04/25/2005 1:17 PM

we can always just get up and goin (I suck at startin things off), but I was kinda lookin foreward to goin through his storyline. I'm wierd like that, most of the threads I'm in kinda have a direction to em, but this one looked like he was gonna give a particular goal to work for, focused ya know? But if someone gets things moving, Belthin Thunderbeard will be right there beside ya.

05/14/2005 8:12 PM

(OOC: screw it lol. I don't have a plot, since this isn't my thread, but I'll figure one out if need be. I just want Belthin to get used, I made him damnit!! :))

Belthin walks down the street of the town of Mercton, whistling an old smithing tune of the dwarves, ready for a day of hard work at the blacksmith shop. He passes by several shops, waving at the owners when they see him, shouting greetings to several. He had been here for several years, and had become friends with nearly every merchant and store-owner on the main street of the mid-sized town. The sun was just barely into the sky, the shops preparing for opening to the public, who would begin shopping in less than an hour's time. It was going to be a beautiful day, only a few fluffy white clouds in the already blue sky.

This day marked the second year that he had been living in his current home, the stone structure that he had built himself had become well furnished and comfortable over the past two years, the dwarf spending his earnings to get more comfortable in his current position. It was indeed a wonderful day, for he had also had an appointment later in the day to meet a man about a very large, and profitable order. The man had been impressed by the quality of Belthin Thunderbeard's craftsmanship, and had gone to his master with an example. Apparently he was a part of a guild of mercenaries, and the guild was successful mostly because they always equipped their members with the best equipment they could find or buy. If the man's master had approved, it could mean booming business not only for months to fill a hopefully large order, but also spread fame of the shop he was working at. How that would make the old dwarf happy, for most of the work was done by Belthin these days, not enough orders coming in to keep two dwarves busy all the time.

Belthin arrived at the smith's shop, where he found Domm Hammerstriker at work already filling the order they had recieved for horseshoes. "How goes it old one? Ye havin' trouble with that hammer today, with yer frail old bones?"

Belthin dived to the side, narrowly avoiding the hammer as it goes sailing passed him and hitting the wall behind him. Domm roared and charged Belthin, who was still off balance. Domm yelled as he picked up the younger dwarf and threw him outside into the street, "Frail old bones eh?! I'll show ye who yer talkin' to boy."

The young dwarf hops to his feet quickly, to find Domm charging him and nearly upon him once again. Belthin spins quickly, grabbing an arm with his left arm, and wrapping his right arm around the old dwarf's head, spinning and taking him down in a head-arm lock, forcing his face into the dirt. "Yep, thats what I said, an' thats what I meant. Yer frail old bones!"

The look of satisfaction turns suddenly to suprise when the old dwarf spins his whole body, his legs coming in between the dwarves, and pushing out against Belthin's chest. With a loud 'oof', Belthin goes flying several feet, leaving Domm on the ground. Both dwarves jump to their feet and charge each other, fists flying, both dwarves taking many hits to the face, chest, and belly. After several minutes of the combat, many people gather around and laugh at the battle, the situation not being an uncommon occurance, bets from many people flying into the air.

Belthin finally grabs an incoming punch from the old dwarf, pulls his arm wide, and jumps in with an elbow, catching the suprised older dwarf squarely in the jaw. They fall to the ground, Belthin's elbow in Domm's throat, and his good arm pinned to the ground. Domm manages to place several well aimed punches into Belthin's cheek, but the younger dwarf just puts more pressure down on his elbow. A few more punches and Domm ceases moving. Belthin leaps up to his feet, his arms raised in victory, the older dwarf coughing as he struggles to stand, still dizzy from the lack of air.

Belthin reaches down and helps the older dwarf stand, putting an arm around his shoulders and propping the dwarf up, a large grin on his face. Domm looked at him, one eye closed and starting to swell, "Bah! Ye got lucky this day Belthin. But by Moradin, yer gettin stronger wi' every day yer workin in me shop. One o' these days ye'll be takin me in but one swing!"

The young dwarf couldn't help but laugh at that statement, "Oh I won't be gettin' that strong Domm, ye'll be givin me trouble no matter how long I work at yer forge. Speakin o' which, we need to get to work."

Domm nodded and the dwarves return to the shop, Belthin putting on his smith's apron and stoking the second forge, his hammer ringing out shortly after as he sets his arm to work for the day. Whenever the man, or a representative of the guild came, he would put down his work and go talk business.

05/22/2005 4:15 PM

Belthin's hammer rings out as he hammers the final edges of his latest project, a shortsword ordered for the knighting of a halfling. It was an odd thought to the dwarf, that a halfling had become a knight, but then again, halfling's were curious creatures.

Belthin eyes the blade, ensuring that it is not warped or bent out of shape in anway, taking the typical dwarven pride in his work. When he is satisfied, the dwarf sets the blade in the barrel of water, which bubbles, hisses, and steams as the red metal enters the water. A moment later Belthin pulls the blade out of the water and examines it once more to ensure continued quality. The dwarf moves to the shops sharpening stone, and presses down on the pedal, the round stone starting to spin.

A woman from the front of the shops calls out to the dwarves, Domm busy at the other forge making horse shoes. "I've come to speak to Belthin Thunderbeard. I have business to discuss." The voice is commanding and confidant, moreso than the dwarf would usually expect.

Belthin turns a curious eye to the speaker, a human woman stands at the front of the shop, leaning against the wall, her gaze moving between the dwarves, who both look at her now. She is young and beautiful, long locks of honey-blond hair hang down passed her shoulder, bouncing slightly with every movement she makes, sky-blue eyes stare intensely at the dwarves.

The dwarves look at each other and then back at the human girl, her figure striking even the dwarves as attractive. But fortuneately for them, most of her appeal was lost upon them. "I'll be with ye in a few moments. I gotta finish this blade here."

The woman sighs and crosses her arms, her foot tapping," Fine, but please be quick about it. I do have other business to attend to after our dealings." With that the woman moves to the chair near the door and sits down, crossing one leg over the other to match her arms.

Belthin turns and pedals the sharpening stone to greater speeds, his foot pumping continually as he sets teh blade's edges agaisnt the stone. In short order the blade is sharpened and polished to perfection. The dwarf sheathes the weapon and turns to the woman, who sits impatiently, foot waggling in the air. "I apologize for the wait, but I do hate to leave in the middle of a piece if I don't have to. Now you say that you have some business with me?"

The woman nods, standing and pulling a parchment out from inside her pocket. "I have indeed, my associates and I want to place an order for many weapons, having been impressed with the sample we recieved. This is the list of required pieces."

Belthin takes the parchment from the woman and looks it over, handing it to Domm as he walks over. "This is a rather large order, and will take some time, considering there are only two of us here."

The woman nods in agreement before explaining, "Yes, that much we had assumed. That is why we have put it into the order in which we want the pieces completed, we will have men coming each week until the order is filled. We realize that such a time consuming order may be an inconvenience as well as a good deal, so we have made an offer we think will more than make up for it." As she finishes her statement, she pulls yet another piece of paper out of her pocket and hands it to Belthin.

The dwarves eyes go wide as he reads it, handing the paper to Domm, who's eyes go similarly wide. "By Moradin, I'd never expect to seee such gains in a small town such as this!"

The woman smiles and nods at the apparent acceptance of her order, "Well then, we shall send our first man in two weeks, to allow proper preperation and production to begin. I bid you good day my good dwarves."

The dwarves stare after the woman as she leaves and then at each other, suddenly breaking the silence with great cheers and shouts. The dwarves rush around the room, making room and moving old things out of the way. Belthin prepares his forge for the coldness of inactivity as he calls out to Domm, "I'll go right away to the quarry and buy the proper amount of ores. I should be back in two days time."

Domm nods as the younger dwarf leaves the shop, headed home to prepare for his journy to the quarry.

06/04/2005 8:11 AM

((sorry it took so long. i don't see how this is going to work but here we go...))

Leo watched the man that walked down the road. He was tall and broad, with small black eyes that darted back and forth. Fear showed clearly there as he drew his coat tightly around himself. This was the one she wanted. Slowly she crept up on him using the shadows to conceal her. When she was but and inch away she dropped behind and buried her dagger into his back. He cried out and begun claw at the unreachable blade. Leo whirled round so that she was facing him and stepped out from beneath the shadows. She looked deep into his eyes, searching for his final emotion, she found fear. Looking at him in disgust she drew her twin blades and sliced at his neck. He collapsed to the ground, beheaded; she reached and pulled the final stone from his pocket. It was a small flawless ruby. At a first glance there was nothing particularly special about it, save the tiny star that twinkled inside the red of the gem. She grinned and dropped into a small pouch concealed in her black cloak. The other five jewels which were also there clinked as the gem hit them. She allowed herself a small smile as she headed back to the village.

Leo looked up as the dwarf left the shop. “Excuse me dwarf!” she said approach him slowly; “You work with the smith in there? As a blacksmith! I would like to have two weapons embedded.” She reached into her cloak and removed the six stones. The winked at her in the fading light, “Here.. you see I want these stone embedded into two doubled bladed swords of mine and the blades engraved. Can you do that?” She placed the stones back into the pouch returning her gaze to the dwarf. “Well?”

06/05/2005 6:23 PM

Belthin looked the woman who had approached him, snorting slightly at the plainly obvious statements. Course I'm a smith, what does the lass think? That I hang around her fer the fun of it?. The dwarf forgets his sarcastic thoughts at the sight of the stones, they were truly interesting stones, rubies with tiny stars inside of them. Belthin hardly hears the woman as she speaks,“Here.. you see I want these stone embedded into two doubled bladed swords of mine and the blades engraved. Can you do that?” The dwarf blinks, having been staring at the odd stones, “Well?”

The dwarf ponders the situation, the stones are truly remarkable and would be fun to work with, but he had just started a large order that he had to fill. Belthin runs his hand along his beard for a moment pondering what to do, it finally comes to him. "Well lass, I just got a big order that I need to be fillin, and it could well take a few months time to fill that order. But yer in luck, I need to be takin a trip up to the mines north o'town, and I need to be bringin back a big load o'ore to fill that order. Since I be thinkin those stones o'yers aint cheap or easy to come by, I'll be havin to take some care in puttin em into yer weapons."

Belthin pauses and gives the woman an appraising look, "I'll tell ye what, if ye'll come wit me an' 'elp me get the ore I be needin back to town, I'll do yer work at a reduced price, and afore I start me other project. What do ya say? I doubt any other smiths in these parts'll do as good a job as me, but I'm sure thats why ye came to me." Belthin winks at the woman, waiting for a reply.

06/07/2005 11:50 AM

"I'll tell ye what, if ye'll come wit me an' 'elp me get the ore I be needin back to town, I'll do yer work at a reduced price, and afore I start me other project. What do ya say? I doubt any other smiths in these parts'll do as good a job as me, but I'm sure thats why ye came to me." The smith said and Leo looked at him in distaste. [i]I’m an assassin, not a miner. I don’t shovel ore around [/i] she gave an exasperated sigh and nodded curtly. If she wanted the job done she’d have to go along with the smith later. If he bothered her that much she could always kill him afterwards. She smiled to herself satisfied at this thought. She thought of the reason he had chosen to believe as the one that had made her come to him instead of one of the other smiths. If it kept him happy to think that she wasn’t going to tell him otherwise. Best he didn’t know her true intentions; he might start objecting like the others then who would do the work for her. No! She wanted it done as soon as possible before someone figured out what she was up to.

“How far away is this mine? I have things to do I can’t be kept busy down here.” She said coldly not wishing to start a conversation with him.

06/09/2005 8:55 AM

Belthin grins as the woman, obviously not caring for his proposal, speaks, “How far away is this mine? I have things to do I can’t be kept busy down here.”

The dwarf turns and gives a deep speculating look off to the northwest, "Hmmm, by me own guess, it'll take but a day to get there, if ye kin march as strictly as ye speak. Two or three days fer collectin me order o' ore, and atleast a two day return trip back to town. All this is of course dependant on if we get no trouble from bandits, monsters, or royal troops."

Belthin stops for a moment, considering those possibile problems he had just mentioned, not really thinking them to be much of a problem. "So it's me guess that ye'll just have to put yer important business on hold for atleast a week to have yer embedding an' etchin done." The dwarf grins again and turns back towards his house and begins walking away. "Now that's settled, ye'll be out her an houre afore sunrise in the mornin. If yer late, ye'll have to get directions from old Domm an' catch up."

With that, Belthin begins to whistle an old dwarven marching tune as he heads home to pack some supplies for the coming days. Well this is certainly an interestin' day, big order o'weapons, and an order to embed som mighty interestin stones. I'll have to take me book o'gems and see if'n I kin find anythin about stones wit' stars in 'em.

06/09/2005 10:43 AM

As the dwarf spoke Leo began to realize the full extent of the situation she had gotten herself into. She glared venomously at him but said nothing. “All this is of course dependant on if we get no trouble from bandits, monsters, or royal troops." For the first time Leo grinned as she spoke, “Don’t worry can deal with petty bandits and monsters!”

"Now that's settled, ye'll be out her an houre afore sunrise in the mornin. If yer late, ye'll have to get directions from old Domm an' catch up." The dwarf said and Leo regarded him coldly, “I’m never late!” she said before stalking off, clearly in a bad mood.

Leo reached the inn and walked up to the innkeeper. She spoke briefly to him and he nodded, pointing in the direction of her rooms. She nodded in response, glaring at all the drunks that were collapsed on the tables. She detested drunks and all those that associate with alcohol. It was a vile poison that dulled your senses. {i]maybe later on I’ll come back and kill them[/i] she thought to herself grinning wickedly walking up the narrow steps to her room.

07/12/2005 9:42 AM

Belthin prepared a pack of supplies to get to the mines, along with some extra supplies that the dwarf always took along, just in case. Four mugs of mead and two chickens later, the dwarf was sound asleep, snoring the night away until the morning would come.
The dwarf dreams all night of his home back with his clan, dreams of banquets and battles running through his head, the joy of eating and drinking with his kin and destroying monsters by their sides sending Belthin through the night.

The dwarf opens his eyes and yawns, stretching out his muscles while throwing his blankets off of his body. The dwarf mutters slightly and looks out the window, still about two and a half hours before dawn. The dwarf mutters for another half an hour as he dresses and eats breakfast, but begins to grin and whistle once his belly is full.

With the final preperations finished for his trip, mainly locking and reinforcing all the entrances to his house, the dwarf exits and locks his front door, using a ward that he had gotten in trade for a rapier made for some highly connected customers. With everything ready Belthin hefts his pack onto his back and his shield on his pack, his axe swinging from his belt.

Belthin arrives at the meeting place an hour and a half before dawn and leans against a wall, waiting for the given time to head out. She'll be here, that'n didn't seem to be the type to mess about an' miss 'er meetin' time.The dwarf chuckles to himself as he continues the t hought, May be that she's already about, skulkin' 'round the shadows to prove she's on time.

07/13/2005 12:58 AM

Leo watched from with her perch as the Dwarf approached meeting place. She had been there for sometime, waiting for him to arrive. He was early, very early and for a moment she was surprised but quickly regained her composer, she would not make that mistake again. She waited, just watching the dwarf, testing him, as time passed slowly by. She would show herself right on time. After all she couldn’t have the dwarf thinking she was eager now could she?

As Dawn neared, Leo quickly re-checked her belongings, making sure that her pack was tightly fastened and her blades secure. Satisfied she moved from the tree, keeping to the shadows.

“Greetings Dwarf” she called as she leapt down from her new perch atop the wall he was leaning on. As usual she was right on time, neither early nor late, “I am here at Dawn as I said; now I believe it time we left.” She said, gazing steadily at him, waiting for him to start moving.

07/13/2005 4:25 PM

Belthin starts as the figure leaps down from the wall, his hand moving instictivly to his belt for his axe, but he relaxes again when he recognizes the woman. The dwarf crosses his arms and tilts his head at the woman standing in front of him, " As ye telled me eh? As I kin recall it were me that telled ye to be here an hour afore sunrise. But no mind eh? We're here and now we're off."

The dwarf's feet kick up a little dust as he turns and starts off towards the road that will take them to the quarry. Belthin turns to regard his traveling companion as he walks, his mind still partially on the gems she had shown him the day before. "So where did ye come about them interestin' stones o' yers? I aint never seen anythin' like it before, an' I've spent my share'o time in mines I kin tell ye. If'n it be a long or interestin' story ye might as well be tellin', got plenty o' time ahead o' us."

07/14/2005 12:23 PM

"As ye telled me eh? As I kin recall it were me that telled ye to be here an hour afore sunrise. But no mind eh? We're here and now we're off." The Dwarf stated, arms crossed, causing Leo to glare at him, [i]was he suggesting she was wrong?[/i]. She opened her mouth to respond but thought better of it and clamped it firmly shut, grumbling slightly. Moving lightly on her feet she turned to follow him, making no sound as she traveled her feet tapping silently on the dusty ground. Her mind was in a turmoil, [i]how long can I keep up this masquerade and how long will it be before he starts to ask questions I can’t answer?[/i]

The Dwarf broke her train of thought as he spoke, “So where did ye come about them interestin' stones o' yers? I aint never seen anythin' like it before, an' I've spent my share'o time in mines I kin tell ye. If'n it be a long or interestin' story ye might as well be tellin', got plenty o' time ahead o' us.” She cursed silently under her breath; the dwarf had unknowingly answered her unspoken question. She was unsure of how to answer his question without arising suspicion, if she refused to tell him he might wonder why and she could certainly not tell him the truth. A lie seemed the best option but she was unsure of what he knew of stones and the like seeing as he was a blacksmith. So she opted for the truth, or at least part of it, enough that he would believe her but not enough that he would grow suspicious of her true nature.

“They’re not stones Dwarf, but gems I would expect someone like you to know that! But now you are rather too curious, what’s it to you where I got them from? Time had it when workers shut their mouth and did not pry into their employers business lest they discover something they wished they hadn’t and pay more than they realized for the knowledge!” It was a silent warning, [i]keep your nose out of my business or I may just have to kill you, just like I did the others[/i].
“But now back to the stones, I’ve been collecting them for several years. The first I got from an ‘old friend’ and the others from varies acquaintances.” Well that much was true, what she had failed to mention was that she had, had to kill them all for the stones but the Dwarf didn’t need to know that.

07/17/2005 10:36 PM

Belthin snorts and gives a deep chuckle, "Gems are stones girl, do ye think that diamonds an' rubies grow on trees? Gems come from mines deep in the ground, I seen 'em and pulled 'em from the earth meself, plenty o' times. An' I ain't askin ye about yer business as yer smith, but as a dwarf who happens to love stones. I never seen a stone quite like that an' I was curious about where they come from."

The dwarf nods at the lone sentry at the gates of the village as the pair leave, the plains around them rolling and full of tall grass. Far ahead of the dwarf and woman, several miles down the path, the grassy hills disappear into tall trees, the edges of a dense forest. Belthin turns to the woman and gives her a sideways glance, "If'n yer so protective of yer secret that ye'd kill me to keep yer secret, ye might as well just say so. Tis an insult to me if'n ye dance around what ye mean, I ain't a stranger to threats and I won't be offended. I'd kill ye to if'n my clan's metal working secrets came into yer possession, so I'll consider it even, atleast one secret apiece."

Belthin breathes in deeply and sighs contentedly as the morning air fills his nostrels, the promise of sunny travels making it seem a wonderful little walk. The dwarf looks up into the sky as the morning rays strain to be seen on the horizon, the grasslands soaking up the faint pink like a sponge. The dwarf's face glows as he grins at the beautiful morning, "Couldn't ask fer a better start, yer lucky ye didn't have to come along durin' a spring time storm, not that I'm doubtin' yer ability to handle it mind ye, just that it's much more pleasant to be out here in this weather." Belthin looks over at his companion and laughs, "Aww c'mon now, pretty lass such as yerself should smile a bit more often, makes for a more pleasant atsmosphere."

07/18/2005 3:01 PM

Leo nodded at the dwarfs words, “Aye, but though gems are stones, stones are not gems. We reserve the word Gem for a stone of great beauty. Therefore when you call a gem a stone, though technically you are correct, you do it injustice. You call it equal in splendor to these plain stones we walk on.” Though his words made her hate him more she could not help but respect the dwarf that traveled besides her, for he spoke his mind without care.

As they passed through the village gates, Leo looked ahead of them to the land before them. She supposed it could be called beautiful, but then Leo did not appreciate such beauty. She was not an awe struck child who gazed around them enthralled by what she saw, she had seen too much of the world and this was but one more pretty picture among many stored in her mind.
The dwarf began to speak again and she listened. “It was not a threat merely a warning but if you want a direct threat, then here it is, [b]stop asking questions about the [i]stones[/i] and sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong or I’ll kill you[/b]. Now I’m glad we got that sorted!”

“Aww c'mon now, pretty lass such as yerself should smile a bit more often, makes for a more pleasant atmosphere." He said after a while, but she just glared at him, “I’ll smile when I feel like it so don’t presume to tell me what to do!” She could feel the mood darken but that satisfied her better.
As they continued to walk, the silence stretched out between them. She sighed, she was trying, she really was, but it had been so long since she’d had a proper conversation with anyone. Still, she doubted the silence would last, to her he appeared a jolly dwarf he always has something to say and Leo was almost tempted to smile at that, almost.

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