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03/06/2005 4:31 PM

This thread contains Adult content, situations and/or Language. Please be advised.

Nothing.... such a difficult concept to describe. Even attempting to imagine such a concept is nearly impossible. One cannot imagine being deaf unless they were deaf, just as one who is deaf cannot imagine true sound. Same as sight, touch, taste... combining the lack of all these senses, one would have to be dead, or be driven mad.

Jadrek was neither dead, or insane, but nonetheless, he couldn't see, taste or feel anything around him... he couldn't hear anything besides the slow, steady beat of his own heart...

A beat that was sluggish in it's rythm, one slow agonizing beat per minute... for all he knew it was one per hour, or even day. The slumber he had been forced into was starting to break. His memories haunted his sleep, but he was sure that they would no longer drive him to the edge of sanity. Brief images flashed through his mind, images filled with blood and death, rage and fear. That heart-stopping moment that brought his mother's death, the howls of the wolves as one of their brethren killed another wolf, a taboo among the bonded packs.

Then finally the triumph in his own twin's eyes as he wiped away the blood that stained his sword, the blood that belonged to their parents. How Adrian even escaped and took their younger sister with him. A corruption had seeped into the Asuli people, such a corruption could mean the destruction of their entire race. Blind rage had driven Jadrek to murder several people, and nearly drove him mad.

His heart beat increased, rapidly acending to normal, as the last vestiges of sleep were thrown off. Violet eyes the color of the evening sky blinked open, and he stared into the darkness around him. A dim reddish light suffused the cavern, offering it a lurish glare. He blinked again and pushed himself up into a sitting position. He looked around him, to see only a plain, unfurnished room, save for the pallet he lay upon. Soot blackened his hands and clothes, giving him more of a clue as to where he was.

The volcanic chain that protected the Valley that he and most of his family called home, it was the first location that came to mind, for he knew that there was such a chamber there. His mother claimed that it had been used by the Drache family for centuries, that this little cavern was safe from the earth's savage blood, that it was warm and safe for one who wished to escape the world for a time.

Escape he had, even if he was coerced into it. He had to admit, everything that had happened would have driven anyone to the edge of sanity, and he nearly toppled over it. Electra... He forced himself into a sitting position and quickly remembered her face, a beautiful woman with the face of a porcelin doll, and an iron will. He stood, albiet shakily, and began to find his way out of the labyrinth of caverns.

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03/06/2005 8:57 PM

Gecko had been stuck in this hole for years now. Occasionally someone or some thing would stumble across him and he would slaughter it. He was forced to rub the blood in with poultices to generate the nutrients. With no moon, he had no ordinary food source. The scars running up his arm stood out as a dark gray over his black skin. He had no amusement but to move through the labrynth in a low loping run. He looked like an oversized goblin almost. He had just fed (as much as was posible with a rag), and was busily sprinting through the coridors. He shot around a corner and skidded to a halt. There was a person there. His eyes were built for the dark and the person's life force bubbled up off him. Everything around him showed up gray, which is why Gecko knew where he was going. He voiced his mental voice, grown rusty and screechy with disuse.

[Welcome to prison]

His weapons had been rusted in their slots, but Gecko's claws still served him well.

[Welcome to lair]

A thought sprang to Gecko's unstable mind. He would be plagued with this insanity for the rest of time.

[Do you know an........]

He sent a picture of a man walking througha door with bright glowing magic letters in a meaningless jumble.

[Free me, I spare life]

Gecko dissapeared briefly and hissed quietly.

03/07/2005 12:04 PM

Jadrek froze, and slipped his sword free with a hiss of steel against leather. He had gotten every fragmented image and word, the Asuli were made for such communication, their bond with the wolves demanded it. He frowned as he realized that Saia wasn't at his side, and sent out a mental call, which was answered almost immediately.

::Saia?:: The answering howl was sent in a mental undulation that made him flinch. An image followed it, a silver wolf with gray-blue eyes, and a face that was the last he had seen before his long sleep. Electra...

Nodding and sending off a feeling of acknowledgement, he turned his attention back towards this creature.

"Who are you? how did you get here? How do I know you won't attack once I show you the way out?" The barrage of questions flowed from his lips in a soft, musical like language that was common to his people, realizing his blunder, he repeated the questions in the language common to all peoples.

He could feel the beast within him straining against it's bonds, and the hunger coil in his stomach like a cold living thing. His jaw tightened as he awaited an answer to his questions.

03/07/2005 12:18 PM

Deep within the mountain chains, there lay a small castle town. The castle was once made of pristine white marble, veined in red. The people were once happy, peacful under the rule of the Drache family. fifteen years ago, the youngest son of the family slaughtered their Lord and Lady, drove his elder brother away and kept the young girl, Kyri, a prisoner.

Kyri had nearly lost her mind when her bond was severed from the wolf that had chosen her. However there was one among her brother's entourage that helped keep her sanity intact. She was nearing her change, and she was desperate to escape her bother's influence.

Meier stood at the doorway, his dark blue eyes sweeping over her sleeping form. Svelte and tall, she was the most beautiful creatue he had ever seen. He had to get her out of here before she changed, before Adrian forced her spirit into darkness. Meier was sent here to see what had happened to the Drache line, his own father coveted the position held by the family since the dawning of their race.

Meier had not expected to find himself in such a predicament, to fall in love with the youngest of the line, Kyri Drache. He knew that there was such a notion as life-mates among their kind, and it was becoming more and more frequent. Lady Ayeka and Lord Aidan Alucardt were a prime example.

He smiled at Kyri's coloring, the spitten image of her mother, and though Kyri had some human blood in her, he didn't care. He glanced out of the window and saw clouds rolling in, perhaps tonite would be the best time to try and run.......

03/07/2005 8:51 PM

Almost 10 years had gone by. In that time, she had made a home near the Drache cavern where her beloved slept. She had ceased her hunt for that time, she had a much more important task these days. She wasn't here alone, however. Her bonded wolf Sasha, and Jadrek's bonded, Saia, were with her. They had both been her constant companions in her solitude.

The half vampire turned from where she was watching the sunset on the small balconey of her home. Turning so quickly she dropped her wine glass, she strode into the house where both wolves had been lounging by the fire. Now, they were both fully awake, staring at each other as they spoke mentally. The Packsong. The howling and images that flooded Electra's mind could only mean one thing.

But she had to be sure...

"Show me again." she asked of Sasha as the knelt beside the silver wolf.

Green eyes met ice blue as image after image came from the wolf. Violet eyes, platinum hair. One transered word from Saia: Brother...

"Jade." the whisperd name slipped from her lips. The next minute, she was on her feet gathering her things and putting on her cloak. With both wolves at her heels, she tacked up her horse and was on her way to the cavern.

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03/10/2005 9:01 PM

Gecko snorted.

[Don't but I more then meets eye. Trifle not with angry Nightwalker. Where Exit?]

Gecko seemed to swell slightly as he said this. His eyes shifted to red in the dark.

[please. I tired of place. I hear of ancient weapon, I get lost. I want OUT!]

His tone was pleading and plaintive. He had once been a proud beast, but had been cast down to a gibbering lunatic. In all his reincarnations, this was by far the worse.

03/12/2005 10:28 AM

Jadrek's hand loosened from the pommel of his sword. He didn't care to be intimidated, if that's what this creature was trying to do, but he heard the plaintive plea in the tone of the mind-speech.

"Fine... I'll show you the way out." He turned, being able to see quite clearly in the gloom of the cavern. Jadrek made his way through the twisted caverns, taking each turn in a specific pattern. It didn't take him and Gecko long to reach a large area wtih a molten river in the middle. There was a narrow stone bridge high above the river that led to a downward sloping tunnel that would lead them out of the mountain.

Jadrek moved cautiously, previous experiance taught him to be on his guard in such an open area....

A snort and a rumbling growl made him freeze and stare around the cavern. In a far corner, where the river originated, covered with soot and ash, was a dragon. Not very old, but only two types of dragons could survive in this type of infernal enviroments. Reds and Golds.... with the soot and ash covering it's body, Jadrek couldn't tell which.

The smell of sulphur and oily flames permeated the cavern, making it impossible to tell which dragon it was. Jadrek turned and glanced at Geko, finally attempting a mindspeech of his own, not knowing if this creature could hear him on such a level that his own wolf, Saia, could.

::: Step softly, dragon is unknown, if red, we're in trouble... stay quiet...::: He sent images of a red dragon, and deadly oily flames...

03/12/2005 11:26 AM

It didn't take long for the Electra and the wolves to get the mountain cavern. It was now dark, the sun having completely set on their journey here. The vampress dismounted the black horse she rode, letting it stay near the mountain, knowing it wouldn't go far without her. She made her way toward the mouth of the cavern stealthly, Sasha on her right, Saia on her left.

Wait, came Sasha's voice into her head growling softly, Companion wakes, but has another with him. Unknown. The silver wolf sniffed the air, giving a slight sneeze at the scent of sulpher and soot she found. Then she tensed. Danger meets them, she sent. A creature of fire and wings. One you would call a dragon. Scent covered. Kind uknown.

Electra froze. Unsure how to proceed, she drew both her long daggers, but did not move any further inside the cavern.

"Saia", she whispered, "please see if you can reach Jade. Let him know we're here, and how he wants us to proceed."

03/12/2005 3:21 PM

Gecko caught the image of the dragon but he was already laughing at the implied message.

[no worry about me, worry about self. I too quiet to be heard by firelizard]

Gecko dissapeared with a flash of his eyes and his already silent footfalls became soundless

[go, I still behind you, I just not here]

Gecko was a master of stealth and sneaking up on lost plunderers and caravans of traders had been his bread and butter for most of his life.

[If dragon wakes, he find he bite more then he can chew]

He sent an image of himself suddenly growing larger and sprouting wings and a tail while throwing fireballs the size of a human in the fetal position at nothing. Gecko had never fought a full sized dragon before, but he had defeated wyverns, dragonoids and draconians without shifting to his demonic form, he wasnt confident in his ability to kill one unarmed and without the use of most of his offensive magic but he would certainly take it with him if need be.

03/15/2005 2:05 PM

Jadrek heard Saia's call, and nodded once to himself, though he kept his gaze warily on the slumbering Wyrm.

The dragon was indeed a gold dragon, one of the few who made their homes upon the continent. While it was good in nature, it was the guardian of these caverns. And it was a sudden pull of magic that made it open its eyes.

Jadrek's hand closed on the sunstone charm that hung around his neck, and cursed himself for not attempting to mask all magic before stepping into the cavern. As the dragon stirred, soot and grime crumbled and scattered to the cavern floor, revealing golden scales dulled by age and the grime of the cavern.

Auricanos wasn't young, but he wasn't ancient by any terms either. His emerald eyes fixed upon the pair, and he snarled. It was the human's magic that had called him into waking... with a long intake of air, Auri made two decisions... one, the human wasn't human.... and two... to get out of the caverns, such a creature had to either have an escort from the outside, one who spoke the correct incantation... or fight him to gain their freedom.

Auri's wings snapped open, and his claws scraped against the stone of the cavern. Jadrek froze, unsure just what this Gold dragon was doing here, and while they are quite intelligent, creatures of good or not, they didn't take kindly to their lairs being disturbed.

:: Saia! It's the guardian...tell Electra to hurry!!::

03/15/2005 3:10 PM

Having recieved Jadrek's message through Saia, Electra nodded firmly, and started making her way inside the cavern with both wolves in toe. Moving as quickly and quietly as possible, soon they found themselves at the brige over the river. The heat and soot in here was nearly unbearable.

They had gone as far as they could...the dragon - a gold -seemeed to be positioned between Jade and the three of them...

Damn! Electra silently cursed looking arround for a second route. Searching desperately, the vampress finally found her answer. If she stuck to the dark shadows of the walls, she'd be able to make her way around to Jade.

She mentally sent her plans to Sasha, who she knew would send it to Saia. With a few simple hand guestures from Electra, Sasha began to creep around the distracted dragon, staying low to the ground. Electra followed suit, pressing herself against the wall of the cavern, using her cat-like agility to guide herself. Last came Saia.

Guesturing to Saia, she told her to slip around the last few steps to Jade. She felt soft fur brush her legs as the wolf did as instructed. Sasha already stood by the male vampire, though her eyes ere anxious as she watched Electra's progress. Saia had made it as well, Electra was the last.

Holding her breath, the female Pureblood took the last steps needed to reach the opposite side of the dragon. Beside Jadrek now, she looked at him with a mixture of confusion and fear.

What now?

03/15/2005 7:18 PM

Gecko began stealthily moving around the side of the dragon, his eyes narrowed. He was locked onto the dragon's weak spots. The Eyes. His claws were built for this (although he didnt know it, all nightwalkers were) and he was creeping closer with complete silence. He prayed the dragon couldnt see through his invisibility spell, because if he could, Gecko would be a gooey black smear on the ground.

03/15/2005 8:12 PM

Jade had lost track of his 'companion' and immediately sent out a warning.

::: Don't attack.... Gold dragon is a guardian... He tests me...:::

The gold reared up to his full height, wings spread. The emerald eyes locked onto Jade, and then Auri let out a trumpeting roar.

Jade cried out, his hands against his ears, while both wolves howled in harmony. The roar was combined with a learned mental ability the dragon had learned from those who requested his help, the Elders to the Asuli, that even included Jadrek's own grandfather, the traiterous Adrian Drache, namesake to his own twin.

This ability was able to subvert the abilities inherant to all Asuli and Coriel alike, making Jadrek fall to his knees. The Gold ceased his roar and lowered his head, the heat roiling off of him was intense.

"Jadrek Rolan Drache... You were placed under my guardianship ten years past. Your hold on your sanity fragile as ice in a spring thaw. What say you to gain your freedom? Prove to me your mind is once again whole..."

Jadrek trembled on his knees... his eyes fixed on the stone below his hands, and once again saw all that happened before.... His mother, brutally murdered... her blood staining his twins' sword. The cold hatred in Adrian's pale blue eyes, his hair very near the color of the blood that stained both his sword and the ground.

Jadrek blamed himself for it all, unable to realize just how far gone Adrian really was. Their Twin Bond had been severed at a young age, and ever since then, Jadrek had always felt bereft of Adrian's presence. Saia was his only comfort... then Kyri was born. His little sister was a treasure to him. She was a tiny copy of their mother, blue-violet eyes, and golden blonde hair. As she grew older, he would brush her hair in the evenings, and she always enjoyed braiding his own platinum colored hair. He wore it long just like his father, who he inherited it from.

Kyri...dear Kyri. How could someone try to harm someone so innocent? Now on reflection he realized just how frightened Adrian himself must've felt when he was abducted as a child. Misery in his heart doubled.

"Why blame yourself for what you had no control over?" The dragon rumbled.

Reluctantly his mind wrapped itself around this question. Why? Why?

"He was my twin! I should've known his pain, his suffering!!" Jade cried

"Why blame yourself for what you had no control over?" Auri repeated.


this time the question held, and he did wonder why... He was only five... He had no hope to stand against what had happened...

"What if you were the one taken, and not Adrian?"

What if I??

His mind stumbled against this thought and sprawled. Thrown for the proverbial loop, Jadrek looked up at the dragon.

"I probably would be just like he is now... but I wouldnt' have given up on Mother... on... "

"On yourself? Adrian was a child, an extreemly impressionable one at that. Tayris was powerful, and it seemed to such a child that he was stronger than your mother. He thwarted her at every turn. And even though he betrayed and used Adrian... Those images didn't fade." Jade found that he could again move, and he stared up at the huge wyrm.

"It is time young Lord Drache... to put aside misguided blame, and lay it where it belongs. Tayris is dead, slain by your own hand... the root of the dischordiance is gone... now the rest must be dealt with. Your brother gave up on his mother, his family and worse... himself. Do not follow his path, blame yourself no longer."

03/15/2005 8:35 PM

Gecko was entirely tempted to gouge out the dragon's eyes and run. He could too. But it wasnt the garbled thought from the other person, but from the conversation. This was odd indeed.

[hurry jadrek, moon waits for me]

Gecko was fixated on the moon, oh its beutiful nourishing rays. If he had a mouth hed drool.

03/16/2005 1:50 PM

The Gold's roar split through Electra's mind and she cried out as well, crumbling beside Jade. She sweat with the pain, her hands clawing the stone beneath her. Finally, the roar stopped, and when she was able to move, her gaze went between Auri and Jade.

She knew his agony that this conversation, this test was putting him through. Memories and events that the sleep had dulled once again rushed to the surface. She longed to ease that pain, to help him through this trial, but knew she couldn't. So, she remained silent, now kneeling on the ground with Sasha beside her.

It was up to Jade now, his strength in himself.

03/31/2005 8:24 PM

Jadrek struggled with his innermost fears, as the dragon flooded his mind with what-ifs. As he knelt, trembling on the ground, Saia lifted her head and howled into the stillness of the huge cavern.

The huge gold hissed and shifted his bulk, tail snapping hard against the harden lava dome, sending chips of obsidion flying.

"If You cannot choose on your own, perhaps I can force your hand..." The dragon reared back as his tail once again slammed against the dome of obsidion that he stood upon, cracking it. The crack ran across the dome, and ran through the stone that Electra, Sasha and Saia stood upon...

03/31/2005 9:34 PM

As the stone beneath her feet began to crack, Electra's head shot up in alarm, and she immeditately began to look for somewhere to move too. Desperate, she scanned the area around her.

The bridge over the river was out - the dragon was still between them and the entrance. Creeping back along the wall seemed to be out too - with the cracked stone, she couldn't be sure the ledge was stable enough. The only answer was to go backwards, into the entrance way of one of the other tunnels.

Moving as quickly and as lightly as her agility allowed her, the vampire slid herself backward towards the tunnel Jade had emerged from to get to this point. Seeing what her mistress intended, Sasha began to move as well, pressing herself against Electra's legs as they stood just within the safety of the tunnel. Their only hope was the spreading cracks wouldn't reach this far back.

03/31/2005 9:46 PM

Gecko swore and jumped over a large crevasse. His spell dissipated and he appeared mere meteres out of the dragon's reach.

[oh no]

He jumped over a spreading crack and then another, finnaly landing beside the vampire. He rose to his full height and took a deep breath through his nose.

[was fun, do again?]

04/01/2005 8:36 AM

Saia hadn't followed Electra and Sasha... Instead the white and silver wolf froze in sudden panic... frozen in indecision... torn between self presevation, and the bond that was like a thick steel cord between her and Jade.

It was one thing for her to leave him when he was in his slumber, but now he was in danger, and to leave him when his need was so greate was a mortal sin in the eyes of the Pack. Her savage growls could be heard over the cracking of the obsidion layered floor.

The gold whipped his head towards the lone wolf, and a sulphurous blast of smoke billowed out of his jaws, a warning signal that Jadrek couldn't ignore.

"::Saia!! RUN!!::" His cry was backed with as much mental force as he could muster, staggering to his feet, forcing himself to resist the dragon's control. His mind turned to that day, so long ago, when Saia first chose him...

His uncle's black wolf, Nightshade, had two pups left of her litter, and they were brought to him and Adrian that fate-filled day that Adrian was abducted and changed all their lives forever. Two wolf cubs, one pale cream and silver... the other a reddish brown... Saia chose him first, their bond forming almost instantly...

Even though Saia heard Jadrek's command, she still couldn't bring herself to move... this threat was against not only her life, but against their bond... and she would rather die than see that broken.

Jade's reality re-formed as he saw the dragon's head rear back, his lungs filling with hot sulphurous air. His mind reasserted itself and broke free of the dragon's mental control. Not caring of the dangers around him, and only barely concious of the deadly claws and fangs of the dragon... he leapt the crevice, his arms open wide to catch the snarling wolf. They tumbled across the cracked dome, Jadrek's cloak smoldering, and then catching fire...

The dragon had let loose his stream of oily flames... only to have the gout of flame over shoot his target as Jadrek and Saia tumbled wildly out of the way. When the flames dissapated, Jadrek stood, and flung his flaming cloak off of his shoulders to be consumed by the lava stream only meters away.

Jadrek was angry now... his calm facade completely gone now. The sullen light of the flames made his eyes gleam a silvery gold, and his hand for the second time since his wakening, dropped to his sword pommel.

"IF it is me that you want... fine. Let the others out, If I cannot save my sister, then at least they can try. I am not my brother... nor am I responsible for all the evil he has wrougt upon my family. I will however bring him to some semblence of justice... one way or another...."

The dragon's emerald eyes fixed on him, he watched as the dragon inhaled again... and he stared in defiance at the creature.... only to stare completely dumbfounded as the dragon roared in laughter........

04/01/2005 11:37 AM

Electra looked over that the creature beside her and Sasha, with its black skin and mask. Neither had ever seen such a being before. Regarding it carefully, she replied, No, we're not doing that again...hopefully...

She caught sight of Jade jumping accross the cravice on the far side to catch Saia in his arms before the dragons flame got her. His cloak caught fire for a moment, and Electra cried out in fear, but they both managed to miss the dragons onslaught of flame. She sighed in relief as he disgarded his cloak, now on the other side of the gold, the entrance of the cave open to him.

She listened to his words to the dragon, proud of him for asserting control over his own mind again. Beginning to look for a way over, soot and smoke from the dragons attack and the lava made it hard to see, all the cracks in the stone made it even harder to move. Not sure if the gold would decide to attack again, Electra opted to stay where she was for the moment. She would need guidance to get across to Jade...

04/01/2005 10:07 PM

Gecko slumped, oh well. The smoke barely interfered with his sight and the Dragon's aura puzzled him. What had once been an intent engine of destruction was now laughing with mirth and had forgotten about murder. Gecko blinked and cautiously creeped out into the cracked chamber.

04/02/2005 9:37 AM

The dragon's laughter eventually dissapated and his gaze swept across the cavern. "Good... about time you stand up for your own mistakes and not your twin's. The only link you two share now is blood, and even that is diluted now. Your brother's evil is spreading, and your sister's sanity lays on the line as well. To loose her to such darkness is a sin in and of itself. I leave you with two things, Some information, and a gift...."

The dragon held out a claw, and pointed to the sunstone around Jadrek's neck. "Please give that stone to me for a moment." Unwilling to disobey, Jadrek slipped the golden chain over his head and draped it over the dragon's claw. A gold glow surrounded the pendant as the dragon whispered in his own ancient language. Using a hover charm he levitated the pendant six feet in front of him.

Taking a shallow breath, a short burst of flame engulfed the sunstone, and Jadrek held his breath, knowing how important that stone was to his existance... if he wanted to make any good time in reaching Kyri.

Fearing this gold dragon had incinerated the charm, he waited. THe flames died and the stone remained, still holding that golden glow...only now it was brighter than Jadrek had ever noticed it.

Reaching out, the Dragon returned the necklace. "IT was my understanding that this charm looses it's power over a short period of time. Now it will hold it's protection all day long, and recharge in the moonlight. guard it well." The dragon lowered his heavy tail to act as a bridge over the molten river, giving Gecko, Electra and Sasha passage across.

"Finally the information.... There is one within the court of your brother who wishes to defy him, and steal your sister away. He may seem callous and just as evil as Adrian, but this fellow Asuli is a friend, and will never allow harm to come to Kyri as long as he draws breath."

04/02/2005 1:46 PM

Electra watched the glow of Jade's sunstone for a moment, it did indeed glow brighter than usual. Being only half Asuli - her mother was human - she could walk in sunlight without aid. She still neededed blood every couple days as a full Asuli, and silver did make her ill, and large amounts of powdered silver are fatal. Now, with the gift the the dragon had bestowed on Jadrek's charm, it worked even better for him.

When the Gold lowered his tail, Sasha backed up a pace, unsure what the guesture meant. However with an encouraging nod from Electra, she stepped forward again, then quickly made her way across to Jade ands Saia. Electra followed, coming face-to-face with the male Asuli for the first time in 10 years.

04/03/2005 3:25 PM

((OOC: Warning: This post contains a long entry done in Italics, that describes the circumstances of Jadrek's imposed sleep. It also has some more explicit scenes...nothing over major just more racey wordings. It is also VERY long ;)))

Jadrek slipped the charm back over his head, allowing the sunstone pendant to lay against his chest. He watched, every nerve on edge as Electra moved closer. Before she reached him, the last hour of his memory before his sleep flooded his every sense....


Jadrek stared at his hands in horror.... Had he really done such a horrific deed? He could feel his face flush with shame and fury as he stared at the carnage around him. Saia whined, her ears laid back against her skull, tail tucked between her legs as she stared up at her Bonded. He couldn’t catch any coherent thoughts from her, only a jumble of confusion, madness and complete terror...

Despair clutched at him, tore at his heart, shredded his soul.... He had done this... His mind quickly groped appallingly at the memory of the moments of madness where he had caused the slaughter of five innocents. Immediately his stomach twisted and cramped, it was strictly forbidden for an Asuli to drain a victim past the point of death...

“Oh, gods... What have I done?” He moaned, falling to his knees, still staring at his bloodied hands as they began to tremble. He was slipping deep into shock, that he never heard the pounding of hooves behind him, never heard Electra and Sasha walk up to him. The silver wolf padded over to Saia, comforting the shaking V'yulsher wolf, temporarily shielding her from Jadrek’s mind.

Electra’s blue eyes widened in shock... the sight of Jadrek’s huddled form, slightly rocking back and forth, staring at his bloodied hands told her all she needed to know.. he had killed, without mercy, and that meant he was loosing his mind...

With an eloquent curse towards the one who had started him down this path, his own twin brother, she moved forward, cautiously.

“Jade?” Her soft voice hit him hard, and he startled, as if she had slapped him. He scrambled back, terrified that he would hurt her...

“Stay away... I’m no better than Adrian. No better than a Coriel.” There was no panic in his voice as he spoke, his voice was deadly even, and that frightened Electra more than if he were in hysterics.

“No, you’re nothing like that. Please don’t think that way Jade...” She said, taking another step forward. “You’ve been through quite a bit these last few months, a lesser person would have snapped long ago... If you were truly like them, you wouldn’t be acting like you are now... you would’ve struck me down as well....” Electra knew she was tempting fate now... if he were to completely loose what little sanity he had left, he would do just that. She may be older than he, but his bloodline was all the stronger, and she was unarmed.

Electra finally was within arm’s reach, and she laid a hesitant hand on his shoulder. “Please don’t do this Jade... Kyri needs you.... she’s lost and alone in the captivity of your brother.”

Jadrek’s shoulders began to shake as a silent sob shook his frame. “I can’t do this Electra, not alone... He has destroyed everything I have ever loved... and he has nearly destroyed me... I don’t think I can hold myself back anymore... the next time may be even worse....” He whispered, still staring at his bloodied hands.

“Taryn is dead, finally. The bane of your family is gone, slain by your own hands... will you let your brother win? will you allow him to corrupt Kyri?” Electra demanded, her anger growing.

“I cannot help her!” He cried, pulling away.

Electra’s grasp tightened on his arm, her fingers gripping his flesh painfully. “You can! And you will!” She hissed, angry at him now. She quieted suddenly, her gaze going towards Sasha and Saia. Sasha’s deep blue gaze told her more in that one look than what the packsong sang in her blood.

“But not now....your mind is fragmented Jadrek... to search for her now would be suicide... for you and her. Even with my help you cannot even try right now. The V’yulsher have spoken on this, and they say a deep, long slumber is your only cure as of now...” Electra spoke soothingly, all the while watching Jadrek cautiously. His trembling stopped, and he lifted his head, his beautiful gaze locked with hers, for one split moment, that gaze broke her heart. His eyes were filled with such pain and despair that she ached to hold him close, to banish all his misery...

Then his gaze hardened, as the beast that raged within them all broke free of Jadrek’s tenuous control. His eyes blazed feral gold and his face twisted in anger. The beauty of his face and eyes fled, as his sanity slipped, and Electra felt herself nearly frozen in shock... Nearly.

She did the only thing that came to mind. The moment he turned to face her, lips twisted in a feral snarl, she reached back, and slapped him as hard as she could. Caught off guard, Jadrek reeled at the force of her strike, and he stumbled back, hand covering his cheek. The madness slipped from his features, his eyes returning to their normal deep blue-violet...and he raised them to meet her furious stare.

“Ooh Gods... Electra I’m- I didn’t...” he stumbled over his words for a moment before falling silent. He glanced to the right to catch Saia’s gaze, and she licked his hand tentatively.

“You’re right.... I cannot go looking for her like this... I could end up killing her with my own hands... Oh Gods!” He moaned the words, and again fell to his knees. Electra was silent for a moment, and then nodded to herself, as if she had finally come to a decision of some sort.

“I’ll send you into the healing sleep you need, Jade... but I guess we’ll have to trust one another on this, as a blood exchange will be needed for me to even attempt it... I haven’t the sheer power to do so.” She moved closer and then sat beside him. She gently toyed with his hair, twining it in her fingers as she pulled it away from his neck. He turned his gaze towards her and she tensed, hesitating before continuing when he made no move.

Before she could make any type of protest, he drew her close, holding her against his chest for a long time. “I hope you can forgive me Electra.... you’re the only one beside my parents who was ever there for me... even now, when my sanity could slip at any moment, you trust me enough to do this blood-bond with me... I’m so sorry for this. I love you .” He said the words so simply, at the end that she sat there blinking stupidly. His gaze lowered, as if he hoped she had felt the same, and thought she didn’t when she didn’t speak.

she wrapped her arms around his neck when he did this, that he didn’t have time to register what she had meant. He winced when her smallish teeth bit into his throat, suddenly awash with the pleasure that flooded him from the act. ::I love you too, Jadrek:: That was definitely her voice that tore through the packsong. Without warning, the ancient words slipped from his lips in a whisper, but the words echoed through the packsong with a power that made all the voices within it go silent for several heartbeats in time.

“I claim you as my lifemate., I give to you all that is mine, and take into my keeping all that is yours, from now, till the end of our days....” He felt her shiver at his words, and she pulled away, sealing the wound with a touch. Their eyes met and he pulled her close, brushing her long black curls away from her throat. Her hands tightened around his shoulders as the white-hot heat spread through her body, the full influence of his mind flooding hers, making her gasp at the erotic fire that flowed wildly over her. She struggled for a moment, but as her blood mixed with his, she ascertained control of his mind, soothing the shattered fragments as he fed.

::Sleep Ashke, Sleep and heal. I’ll wake you when it’s time...:: As she spoke this over and over, it became a calming litany, as she felt Jadrek’s control slipping, his entire being fading into the slumber .... Saia whined as Electra eased him away, he was barely conscious enough to heal the wound on her throat. His fingers brushed her skin, and the incantation whispered almost unheard from his lips as the sleep completely claimed him.
His breathing slowed till it stopped, his heart beating strongly for a few more seconds before the pulse stilled under Electra’s fingers. His hand fell limply to his side, and she held it tightly as she waited for the last touch of his mind to fade from hers.

“Sleep and heal Ashke... I will be there when you wake...”

Jade blinked and the world once again regained focus. "Can you forgive me?" He whispered just loud enough for her to hear.

04/03/2005 4:00 PM

Adrian leaned out over the balcony rail, his long red hair fell loose over his shoulders as he stared down at the courtyard below. Kyri sat in the sun, having inherited their mother's ability to stand the sunlight without magical aid. While their bloodline was all the same, an Asulinsa mother and an Asuli father, the human blood that ran through their veins was minimal.

Kyri was very nearly a copy of their mother, from her hair to her eyes, from her tall willowy form to her high ideal personality. And every day Adrian was growing more frustrated with Kyri's resistance.

He watched her ride the black mare that was a decendant of the mare that their mother once rode so long ago; watched as she leaned forward, using the same unconcious technique to guide the animal. His gaze strayed to the Asuli who had joined him seven years ago, one who was given the task of guarding Kyri.

Meier Velkan was a strong man, dour in many aspects, but strong all the same. For the second time that afternoon he questioned his own judgement on placing Meier as Kyri's guardian. He had noticed the looks that had on many occasion passed between them.

Turning sharply, his cloak billowing out behind him, he retreated to his inner chamber. He ignored the study, the many rolls of parchemnt. He even ignored the very inviting fireplace. Instead, he turned to the furthest wall, where a heavy mirror was shrouded with black and scarlet silk.

Growling in frustration, he pulled the silk off hurridly, tearing the fradgile fabric on a sharb edge of the mirror.

For several seconds, the mirror remainded completely black, then a face materialized. At first glance it could have been his own reflection, but on a closer look, one would notice that this reflection looked older by at least a few years, and his eyes were a brighter blue than Adrian's. Hair was cut chort, kept neat as a pin, while Adrians' tumbled around his shoulders.

"What troubles you Adrian? It has been some time since you last disturbed my rest." The mirror rumbled.

"Many things trouble me Grandfather... The fact that nothing is happening like you said it would troubles me even further."

04/03/2005 5:22 PM

Seeing Jade watching her as she approached, seeing his eyes glaze over in thought, a kind of foreboding washed over her. Since the day she had forced Jadrek into the sleep, to save his sanity and soul, she had a deep down fear that her beloved would wake angry, resentful toward her. Logically she knew he understood why she had done it, after all he had not fought her on it....indeed they had made their hearts vow that night. But, still, alone on the dark nights, she feared...

Closing the gap between them, she looked deep into his eyes. Even after all this time, they still held regret. She lifted her pale hand slowly, carrassed hs smooth cheek as she breathed in his familiar scent. She smiled, a true smile that only Sasha and Jadrek himself had ever seen.

"There is nothing to forgive, Ashke," she responded for his ears only, "You are here and you are whole. I could not ask for more."

04/03/2005 10:03 PM

Gecko brooded silently in his mind. All this time and he was about to get real food. Gecko began pulling at his weapons, trying to loosen them and he began to move faster towards the entrance.

05/03/2005 5:40 PM

Jadrek watched as Gecko ran towards the exit of the caverns, and smiled, not quite sure what to make of this strange creature. Jade bowed in thanks to the gold dragon and turned towards Electra. "We had better leave..." He said and reached for her hand.

Outside, blessedly cool air, the moonlight bathed the land around them. Joy filled his heart as he stepped out of the cavern. He spun in a tight circle, Saia leaping at his heels, her howls and barks as exhuberant as he was himself. His own hunger for life itself was reflected in the joy that is incarnated by the night itself.

Another wolf howled, and the scent of blood traveled on the wind, and his hunger intensified. He turned towards Electra, and she saw the joy in his eyes, in every nuance of his being, then his joy turned to sudden pain.

With a strangled cry, he fell to his knees, a pain searing through his soul. At once a foul taste filled his mouth. It was coppery, and somewhat sweet, just like blood... but unlike the substance that gave his people life, it was foul, corrupt.... and fear filled his heart.


05/03/2005 5:59 PM

Electra watched as Sasha and Jarek played in the moonlight. She laughed, so happy was she to see her mate so free again. Sniffing the blood on the wind, her own hunger woke, remindinding her she had not fed in a couple days. She turned to Jade to suggest feeding, but found him on the ground.

At once, she was at his side. She scanned him for any pysical wounds, but of course, found none. "What is it Jade? What about Kyri?"

05/03/2005 6:26 PM

All Jadrek could do was struggle past the agony tearing at his soul, then as quickly as it had come, it vanished, and he gasped in relief. "Kyri... Somthing is happening to her..."

Kyri struggled in Meier's arms, as Adrian tried for the third time that evening to drink. The glass was filled to the brim with a viscious fluid that resembled blood, but made even Meier's stomach cramp. He swallowed hard as he held the girl in his arms, one hand curled up around her head, attempting to keep her still.

"NO!" She cried, and Adrian succeeded getting a portion of it in her mouth, and though she spat most of it out, Adrian was sure that she had to have swallowed some of it. The dark stains on her lips made Meier furious. Barely into her change, She still had some innocence about her, but now even that illusion was shattered by Adrian's cruelty.

"There... that wasn't quite so hard was it?" Adrian spat, obviously furious. He threw the glass into the hearth, his gaze hardening as the fragile thing shattered. "It wasn't much, but perhaps it was enough."

Kyri hung limply in Meier's arms, her sweat dampened hair fell across her forehead and nearly blocked her view of her older brother. Hatred was quite evident in her blue-violet eyes, the sickening taste in her mouth made her hate him even more. At fifteen, Kyri couldn't think of anything else in her life that she could possibly hate even more than her own brother.

Jadrek once told her that Adrian remarkably resembled their Uncle Touga, their mother's brother. But now Kyri knew it wasn't Touga's kind soul, or his bravery... Instead Adrian was more like his namesake, whom he also physically resembled. Adrian Drache Sr... Their grandfather. A cruel man surpassed only by his cruel acts. The horror that he bestowed upon the Drache name started over a hundred years ago.

Kyri trembled in Meier's arms, and she could feel something working it's way through her limbs, like a poison. "What did you do to me?" She gasped.

"Get her out of here..." Adrian snarled, and turned away from them. Meier didn't waste any time and cradled Kyri to his chest, glancing only once at Adrian's back. Suppressing the urge to attack the arrogant man where he stood, Meier could feel Kyri trembling in his arms and he quickly left the room.

05/03/2005 6:57 PM

She stayed there, knelt beside Jade as he was obviously struggled with something he couldn't see. As he relaxed, Electra shared in his sigh of relief.

"If something has happed with Kyri, we have to do something." Perhaps stating the obvious, but said with the determination and loyality of any family member. Electra herself had no siblings, let alone any that were so closely bonded as Jade and Kyri, but she held an affection for the teenager she had heard so much about. If something was wrong with the girl, they would help.

"Come," she said helping Jade to his feet. "We need to feed and figure out what to do. I have a home near here, it has everything we need. Including a store of blood from a donor."

She untied her mare and held it by the reins, walking it as she stayed with Jade. Sasha stayed even with her stride. Stopping, she remembred the other creature in the cave. Looking at the being, then at Jade, she asked, "Will he be joining us as well?"

05/03/2005 10:37 PM

Gecko was laughing in sheer insane delight. The moon soaked into his skin almost instantly, returning it from a peeling flat black, to a pebbly yet sheening luminescence. He suddenly pulled two daggers free of a dual sheath and looked in wonder at the phasing blades. With his other hand he pulled his glaive out of the clip, admiring again the runes on its handle and the wickedly sharp curve of the blades. Simultaneously, eight metal discs exploded away from gecko, homing in on a small insect and dicing it into ten pieces, before turning back and landing in the slots they had come from. Suddenly Gecko was restored from the gibbering insane beast of rusted armor and useless power, to his original proud self. The hunter in Gecko rose, driving him to an almost inslakeable blood lust which was accompanied by an isistant clamouring. The demon began to push at him. Gecko suddenly hurled a particularily murderous spell at a tree a few yards away, causing it to wither. He took four ddep breaths through his now rust free mask and exhaled a mental scream of triumph heard in the minds of all in the district. Gecko turned, remembering the people he had accompanied and rose to his full height.

[Where are we going? Will there be an arena of some sort? Or even a town?]

His thoughts were laced with insane images of destruction. Slaughtered towns, gutted husks of beings. The skulls on his armor seemed to have picked up a new glow and the wind seemed to be rustling his ropey hair.

05/04/2005 9:28 AM

Jadrek managed to slow his breathing, and fixed Gecko with a cool stare. "We will be heading for a town, but destruction is not our cause, or intention. If you plan on destroying everything in your path while we travel together, perhaps we should go our separate ways right now. Our survival depends upon stealth and anonymity."

He turned towards Electra and his eyes unfocused. "Adrian is doing something to Kyri... and I fear the worst. Death would be merciful for her if Adrian gets what he wants..." He closed his eyes in momentary grief, as if realizing for the first time that he may end up being the last of the Drache line.

Meier returned Kyri to the small suite of rooms that Adrian had provided for her. She was shaking now, and clung to him, the only kindess she had known since her imprisonment.

"What did he do to me Meier?" She gasped, and buried her tear stained face into his chest. His heart leapt and staggered a few beats as a vauge recollection leapt to the front of his mind.

"Oh Gods..." He muttered and he lay Kyri down on the canopied bed in the center of the room. "Adrian has been working for some time on how to turn an Asuli into a Coriel."

With a grim look on his face, Meier pulled out a sturdy sack from under Kyri's bed, and packed it with her few possessions.

"That's it. We're leaving. Damn the concequences. The wolves have been singing lately, the packsong filled with trepidation. If we don't leave now we'll never escape Adrian's influence. A new song has started, and I think that a new time is about to begin for better or for Ill."

Kyri pushed herself up into a sitting possition, feeling the effects of the vile concoction working through her system. "A Coriel?" Terror was thick in her voice.

"We'll find a way to counter it... one way or another. Adrian will pay for this." He slung the pack over his shoulder, and gathered Kyri into his arms again. "can you walk? Carrying you isn't an option right now."

Kyri pulled away from him and pushed herself to her feet. Standing made her feel nauseated, but she knew that to survive she would have to walk. Grimly she nodded and kept one hand tight on Meier's cloak.

He noticed how petite and slim she was. "Slip under the cloak, walk as close to me as you can. In the shadows of this place, it's slim that anyone will see you."

05/05/2005 12:06 AM

Watching Geko warily she hesitated to take him to her home, but realized she had no choice. Her home was at least an hour closer to the nearest town, and both she and Jde needed to drink before they did anything. Not to mention figure out where to go from here to help Kyri.

Touching Jade's shoulder, her mouth set in a determined line, she said. "Whateer Adrien has done, we'll find a way to stop it. We'll stop by my home quickly, first. We need to drink, and if your brother has anyway to know you have awakened, we'll be save there. I put protections around the grounds."

After twenty minutes, Electra's home back into view. It was a good size with a large stables behind it. As they got closer, the sounds of the horses could be heard. Walking the black mare inside and giving it some food and water, she then led Jadrek to another stall. Inside was a large smoke-grey stallion, with a lightening mark on its forehead in black. The animal nudged Electra's shoulder and she stroked its mane, then opened the stall and stepped inside so Jade could get get a look at him.

"I saw him and thought he would be perfect for you. I left naming him to you. Everything you need for him is here." She guestured to a wall of the stll where all the supplies needed, includling a black sattle, were stored.

Leading them inside, she closed the door. "Sarah?" Hearing no response and not finding the young woman in her room, Electra returned to the living room. "Guess she's not back yet. Please, hve a seat."

Going over to a large bar in the corner, she pulled two ice cold wine bottles out of a freezer bo and got two wine glasses down from a shelf. She filled each glass with a thick red liquid and handed one to Jade, as she sat down on th couch. Sasha ame over and nudged Electra's hand. The vampress patted the wolf with her free hand.

"Drink all you need, Jade. It's fresh. Doner's being few and far between in this seclusion, I learned to store the blood I was able to ge, making arrangements with a Mage to teach me how to make the rune of freezing myself. It's worked well."

She sipped at her blood, savoring the taste as it filled her system. Hearing the door open and close. she turned. Seeing a human girl of 18, with pale frekled skin, brown eyes and matching long hair, she smiled.

""Beloved," she said turning to Jadrek as she stood up and put an arm around the girl's shoulders, "this is Sarah. Sarah, meet Jadrek Drache, my lifemate."

Sarah looked at Electra in confusion. "But I thought...?"

Electra smiled. "He has awakened, my friend."

Dawning crossed Sarah's face. "Oh..." Then she smiled a small smile, and bowed to the male vampire. "Its nice to inally meet you, Lord Drache. Electra has told me any things of you over the years."

"Sarah, could you lay out the clothes I put away for Jade,please? There in the black chest. Just leave them on the bed in my room."

Sarah nodded, bowing to both vampires. She left the room.

Electra watched her go, turning back to her guests. She drained her wine glass and filled it again. "I also have your weapons here, just as you remember them.

Sarah has stayed with me soon after I put you in your sleep. She was being attcked by a pair of Coriel hen I found her at the age of 8. Her parents were already dead. I nursed her to health, brought her here, and she's been her ever since. She understands our way of life, and what things have been happening. Since her attack, she's been very withdrawn, finds it hard to trust. But she is extremely loyal to me."

Setting down her glass, she said, "Well, we should get going if you're ready. "

Leading her mate down the hall, they got to the master bedroom. Like the rest of the house it was well decorated and neat. A large bed stood in the center, with Jade's clothes laid out on it, though Sarah was gone. She showed Jade is chest of drawers, the balconey, the fire place, and the bathing room.

"That should be everything you need. Your weapons are stored in a case under the bed. I'll let you get ready and make arrangements with Sarah."

Kissing Jade on the cheek, she left the room. Going to Sarah's room, she knocked and entered. The girl was sitting on her bed reading. She looked up with a smile as Electra sat down beside her.

"You're going, aren't you?" she asked quietly.

The vampire nodded. "Jade's sister is in trouble and we need to go after her."

"I can come?"

Electra smiled gently, but shook her head. "I would love if you could but that would be selfish of me. You would be in danger. Adrien is evil, and has many working for him. Ones that would think nothing of killing you. Her at the manor, you'll be safe. You have everything you need. And if you need to call, you have the medallion I had the Mage create."

The teenager nodded, though her eyes were sad. She hugged Electra tight. Be careful, Electra." she whispered.

Electra returned the hug and assured the girl she'd be back. Then she left the room to make her own prepations. She paked her things, including all the bottls of cold blood, and fed the wolves. Then she went out and saddled both horses, gtting them ready to travel. She packed all needed supplies.

05/06/2005 5:05 PM

Gecko had dissapeared and hadn't made a sound, physical or vocal, since they had left the cave opening. He had traveled the trees, not even disturbing the shadows as he passed from branch to branch. His padded armor didn't even clank against the skulls around his belt or bone on his armor. Now standing out side and soaking in lunar light, he began to pick up thoughts broadcast from the inside of the house. He ignored them, wondering when he would kill next and what. Suddenly Electra exited the house. She did not see Gecko as he was a mere shade among the shadows now. The second her back was too him, he began to run after her in a sideways, low to the ground, lope that made him look like an oversized goblin. He made not the slightest sound, but when she finished saddling the horse, he began to scrape his claws on the inside of the barn.

[Where are we going?]

05/06/2005 9:06 PM

Electra turned swiftly at the sound of the scraping, drawing her long dagger from her belt. Then, seeing the black figure of Gecko, she sighed, relaxing a bit, but did not sheath her weapon entirely.

"It is up to Jadrek where we go speciically, since he can obviously tell something is up with his sister...but we are moving into the next town to see if we can gather information. As Jade said, its very important that we are careful doing this. So I ask you, Geko...we ask you...no needless or useless killing."

05/06/2005 11:40 PM

Gecko sighed. He needed to hunt badly.

[I'll try as hard as I can, but no promises]

He pulled himself into the rafters, balancing his weapons on them for cleaning. He rested against a supporting pillar and began to polish his glaive, giving it a sinister black shine. One of his own daggers fell from the rafter, landing on a hay bale. It's wickedly curved blade seemed to dissapear as Electra looked at it. Gecko leaned down and retrieved the blade with a long arm.

[Wake me before you leave please.]

05/09/2005 8:30 PM

Breck Nash stood up, blood dripping from his lips. He kicked the corpse in front of him. The lifeless body rolled over limply. He reached into his trenchcoat and took out a hankercheif to wipe the blood off his hands and mouth. Kneeling down to the corpse of the coriel, he pulled out the wooden stake that was imbedded in it's heart. The stake was stuck, so he put his big leather boot on the vampire's chest, and yanked out the wooden point with a sickening sound. After wiping it off with his rag, he replaced it into his trenchcoat, and threw the bloodied rag on the face of the vampire. He turned and left, the body still on the ground to be destroyed in the light of the coming day.

[i]Every day I get closer to them, I can feel it. Those vampire bastards will die for killing my family, every one of them![/i]

05/09/2005 9:56 PM

Gecko was suddenly awoken by a keening blast of emotion. The intensity of the rage could only be classified as a vendetta born hatred of something or someone. Gecko got disjointed images of dead bodies and quips of thought

[oser to th]

That thrilled him in their intensity of rage. He hwas glad he had met that fellow in the mountain, it had led him to interesting prey. He tried to contact the emotion's source, but was blocked by more throbbing anger. The demon in his head and body began to clamour, but Gecko slammed it down. Not now, not here.

05/10/2005 4:35 PM

Kyri clung to Meier's side, her light footsteps masked by his heavier foot-falls. She shivered with fever as she felt the heat rise in her chest, countered only by the heat of Meier's body.

It didn't take them long, as Meier knew several less-traveled passages, and no guard dared intercept him. Once they were outside, Kyri was assaulted by many different sensations.

The cool night air caressed her fever-hot skin, making her sigh with borrowed relief. Then in a rush that made her dizzy with shock, four wolves surrounded them. None acted hostile, so they weren't the ones who followed 'Bane. The large black and gray male met Meier's eyes for a moment before allowing his golden gaze to meet hers.

She couldnt' hear the packsong very well, in fact could only hear it as a soft hum rather than the full song. Two of the others stood silent, and the smallest edged towards Kyri, startling her.

Five years ago, Lyca was killed by Adrian's wolf, Blood-Bane. Her full connection to the packsong severed with his death. She could still hear it, but only faintly. Now as this small yearling wolf met her gaze, the packsong flooded her senses.

::I am Nya. You alone, I am a lone. Run together?:: The broken method of the yearling's mental patterns proved to Kyri that this yearling had never bonded with an Asuli.

"No time..." Meier growled, his deep blue eyes met the startled gaze of the yearling wolf, making her back off, tail low. "Come on... we're not out of danger yet."

The Alpha male, the dark wolf with gold eyes growled softly, and the other three followed him into the gloom beyond the castle grounds. Meier gathered Kyri into his arms and made his way out of the courtyard.

Jadrek had cleaned up, reveling in the feel of the water against his skin. He dressed with little thought, pulling on the suede leather trousers, and lacing the cuffs of the black silken shirt with ease. A black leather cord lay at the bottom and he bound his hair at the nape with it. he tugged on the boots with little difficulty and then turned towards the chest that held his weapons.

It all lay there as he remembered. A short horse-bow, with several woodden shafts, fletched with silver gryphon feathers. A pouch that held both silver and steel points, points that fit easily as needed.

A short silver-coated dagger, he took this in hand and tucked it into his boot. Finally, he pulled out a silver-coated sword that gleamed in the firelight. His breath caught in his chest as he lifted it out of the chest. He had lost his own sword, and had found his Mother's. At the time he didn't think, he needed a sword to survive, not realizing that he held his late mother's sword in hand.

THe blade was carved with ancient symbols. his mother swore by their power, though he never quite believed. Now he did, knowing that it was probably his mother's spirit who guided him to use the ancient blade to begin with.

He stood with reverance, belting the sword to his waist with ceremony and care. He would destroy his mother's murderer with her sword. Fitting. Hunger beat at him like a wild bird caught in a fradgile cage. And while the blood Electra gave him would help, he needed more... Ten years in sleep is a long time.

He turned, fastening his cloak to his shoulders with obsidion pins, and left the chamber, spurred by a lust for the hunt....

05/10/2005 5:15 PM

Hearing somone approach the stables, Electra finished saddling the horses, and walked them outside. Seeing Jade coming, she smiled. "Ready to move on? I packed everything we'll need..."

She trailed off, noticing the look in her lifemate's eye. Her eyebrows rose as she gave a crooked smile. Jadrek Drache wanted to hunt.

She slipped on her black trenchcoat. "Shall we hunt then?"

05/10/2005 5:33 PM

Nash wandered out of the forest, the sun soon to rise. By drinking the blood of his vampire victims, he life had been prolonged, and his strengnth and agility increased, but there were repercussions. He would not be destroyed by the sun, but during the day he became significantly weaker, and his sight became impaired. In the light, he was not much more than human. He needed to find somewhere to rest for the day. As he followed the path, a small village appeared on the horizon. Nash made his way toward it. He turned at a rustle beside him; his hand retrieving his crossbow from his back in a lightning-quick move. Something dissapeared into a bush. Nash walked to it slowly, crossbow at the ready. When he reached the bush, he slowly pushed aside the branches to reveal a trembling child, her hands covering her face.

"You scared me half to death, little girl! Are you alright?" Nash reached down to help the little girl out. She shrieked in terror. "Don't worry, I'm a friend!" Nash removed his coat and wrapped it around her arms. She looked up at him with her tear-stained face, eyes full of sorrow. "What are you doing out here, all alone," he asked her. Still, no answer. "Do you live at that village over there?" Nash pointed in the village's general direction. The girl slowly turned her head. When her eyes caught sight with the town, she screamed, grasped her head, and fell to the ground in the fetal position, twitching and sobbing. He reached down and held her, rocking softly, trying to calm her down. After a few minutes of this, she fell asleep in his arms. He was reminded of his sister... and of her brutal murder. After a few minutes of his terrible memory, he stood up, laying the girl on the ground.

[i]Why was she so afraid of that village?[/i] Nash scratched his face. The sky slowly began to light, the morning sun nearing the horizon. [i]I'll go find out.[/i] Nash gently picked up the girl, still wrapped in his trenchcoat, and set off toward the village.

05/10/2005 6:54 PM

Gecko hissed in sudden impatience. He needed to hunt. Even a bear or cyote would do. hunt. He pulled his glaive out of the clip, holding it in a familiar position. He had already locked his daggers into the under wrist clips, giving him two blades jutting from his wrists. He dissapeared and stole out the door, emerging near the two vampires. They were in the mood for a similar bloodhunt, although for different purposes. Still invisible, he spoke to them, projecting his telepathic voice as an actual one by mere mental trickery. The voice came from their left.

"You want to hunt Jadrek."

From the right

"I can see it in your thoughts, your mind."

From right between them.

"You missed the thrill, though not as much as I have."

From where Gecko actually was.

"The blood of the humans calls you to spill it and revel in your power."

From all the places at once.

"I know how you feel."
[But you can control it. I can't.]

Gecko appeared, slouched as usual, holding his glaive at his side and supporting it with his right.

"Once we reach your hunting grounds, I will leave you two alone to do whatever you wish, but if I do not hunt tonight, I will do something we will all regret."

05/11/2005 6:26 AM

once out of the courtyard, and into the small forest that surrounded it, Meier whistled softly, and was answered by a nervous snort of a horse. A sorrel gelding moved out of the shadows, and walked towards them.

Meier flipped the reins over the gelding's head, and then helped Kyri into the saddle. Once she had settled, Meier swung up behind her, one hand tight with the reins, the other around her waist to steady her.

He lightly slapped the reins against the gelding's shoulder, and the horse leapt forward, hooves kicking up clouts of dirt as it raced down the path. The path ran through the villiage, but was mercifully short. Several of the inhabitants scattered out of their way as the horse and riders payed them little heed....

Finally the open road, and with a silent signal from Meier, the horse's stride lengthened, and the four wolves burst out of the forest around them, acting as guard for the escaping pair.

05/11/2005 5:21 PM

Jadrek reached out and captured Electra's arm with blurring speed, pulling her close to him. He could hear, almost feel the ebb and flow of the blood in her veins, and in an instant was reminded of the taste of her blood. He restrained himself as he heard what he presumed to be Gecko's voice and satisified himself with a feather-light kiss on the edge of her jaw.

"So you can speak... after a fashion." Jadrek studied their companion with some thought. "We all shall hunt tonight then. But once our trails become one again, I feel proper introductions are due..."

He turned and greeted Ghost. The white stallion stood shoulder to shoulder with Electra's black mare, which bore resemblance to the mare his mother used to ride. Ghost was a prized battle stallion. Bred for his strength, obediance and endurance. Jadrek refused to geld him, knowing that doing so could break his spirit.

Ghost was gentle most of the time, and Jadrek had little problems handling him. He pulled himself into the saddle with ease, and guided the stallion out of the stable by touch alone.

05/11/2005 10:04 PM

Electra nearly purred with delight as Jadrek kissed her, the feel and scent of him so near again was intoxicating. Her blood sang in her viens as she remembered their last night together....

Geko's voice breaking the moment, she sighed inwardly as Jade stepped away from her to prepare Ghost. There would be time for them later.

Ebony nuzzled her arm. Turning, Electra stroked the mane of the black mare that now was as tall as Jade's mount. Once only a pony, the animal had gown into quite a striking sight.

The vampress mounted up, her trenchcoat flaring around her as she settled in the saddle. Taking up the reins, she led the way off the property.

05/12/2005 4:56 PM

the journey to the nearest town took less than a half hour, and Jade watched the sky lighten in the east. He turned in the saddle to look at Gecko. "Do you travel during the day? If so, you can meet Electra and I here one hour after sunrise. If you cannot, we'll ride on, but I doubt we'll ride past mid-day. You can catch up to us after night fall.

His gaze lingered on Electra for a long time, his eyes reflecting his hunger and need. "perhaps it would not be wise for you to acompany me just yet with this... My mind is...." He couldn't finish the sentance, and Saia whined.

05/12/2005 5:09 PM

Electra onsidered what Jade was saying, but shook her head. "I want to come with you. I can handle whatever happens. We've been seperated for ten years, I'm not leaving you again."

Her eyes gleamed with her own hunger. "Besides, I need this time."

05/12/2005 5:46 PM

Jadrek nodded, his thoughts speeding through his mind as he accepted her words. Jadrek dismounted and spoke a single word in the stallion's ear. The white battle horse snorted once, tossing his head, and locked his stance. Nothing short of a natural catastrophe could make the stallion move without hearing his master's call.

He slipped past the sleepy night watch with ease, Electra close behind him. The packsong broadened, allowing his mind to litereally scan those within the small town. His mind snagged on something out of place, the kind of 'prey' he had been taught from his turning to hunt.

Ahead of him, moving stealthily himself, was a man. The briefest brush aginst this human's mind made Jadrek's eyes narrow. Murderous was the only way to describe the human's thoughts. Almost instantly the beast within Jade strained against the tenuous chains that held it at bay.

Jadrek turned towards Electra, his eyes fierce and offering no leway. :: Stay here. :: He turned, and approached the man with a single word of greeting.

That single melodic word was enough to enthrall the human, and he turned towards Jadrek as if a man walking in a dream. The man stepped out of the shadows and into a patch of the dawn's twilight, and Jadrek was surprised to see this was no man, but a youth barely fifteen. Instantly his mind rethought the situation, and his own consciance couldnt' allow him to feed on the boy and leave him to die.

Feed he would, but not so that the boy would die....

The boy reacted as he wished, and Jade didn't hesitate to force his compliance. After an extremely brief mental struggle, the boy aquiesced. The blood hot and sweet in his mouth after ten years of slumber. He fed with calculation, taking enough to leave the youth weakened considerably but alive. Before he broke contact and healed the wound he had caused, he forced a strong compulsion into the youths mind... Hopefully once the boy woke he would re-think his chosen paths.

He carried the boy to the nearby shrine to Mishakal, knowing that the Clergy there would care well for the youth. His hunger slaked for the time being, he turned towards Electra and gathered her close.

"Drink from me Ashke. I do not think I can bear the thought of you feeding from another just yet..." He whispered softly in her ear, his lips brushing the edge of one ear.

05/12/2005 6:06 PM

Electra melted against her lifemate as his lips brushed her ear. Ten years was a long time to be without the one you love, even for a Vampire. She whispered words of her need into his ear as she moved his platinum hair aside.

Her teeth extended to delicate points, pressing into Jadrek's neck. She trembled with ecstacy as the fresh blood flowed passed her lips.

After a minute, her hunger satisfied, she pulled away and brushed her had over the wound to heal it. She stood silent for a moment, holding the male Vampire close.

05/12/2005 6:24 PM

Jadrek trembled at her words, not of fear, but of anticipation. White-hot ecstacy rushed through his veins as she bit deep. His heart lurched, and began to pound... taking his breath away with the intensity of the feelings the act invoked.

A spasm wracked his solid frame, enticing a startled gasp from his lips, his arms tightening around Electra's waist. A second spasm shook him clear to his toes as she released him. He clung to her like a man drowning, and it took him a few moments to calm his racing heartbeat and his gasping breath. His forhead rested on her shoulder for several moments before he moved.

He pulled back only to lean forward and kiss her. On her lips he tasted his own blood, and he pulled her close again, not quite sure if he could ever let her go...

:: Ashke ::

05/12/2005 6:33 PM

Gecko sat on the corner of a roof, watching the thin thread of people. as they wandered by the store. His own mind reached out and brushed those below him lightly, searching for a worthy hunt. Suddenly he stiffened, he had found one. The man was a warrior, and slightly off to Gecko's left. Gecko iscolated his thought pattern and send a few words to him and him alone.

"Hey buddy, c'mere."

The man turned, giving Gecko a face to opperate on.

"C'mon, I gotta show you something."

The man walked into the alleyway Gecko had projected his 'voice' to. Gecko followed closely on the roof. He suddenly, soundlessly, dropped to the ground. After a few short projections the man's aura turned from curiosity to anger. Perfect. They both went around a corner and Gecko reapeared.

"Turn around."

The man turned, but instead of a young jeuvinile human he encountered a Nightwalker standing at full height. The man let out a piercing shriek.


He drew a bastard sword and swung it at Gecko, who easily blocked it with his left wrist plate. The dagger sprouting from his right wrist slashed upwards, spilling the man's viscera and slicing through his sternum straight to his jawbone. The man bled to death in four quick seconds. Gecko picked him up by the head and jumped onto the roof easily. Once there, he pulled the man's head clean off and removed the skin, muscles and brain. After wrapping the skull in waxed oil cloth, Gecko turned his mind back to the crowd. Setting his trophy down, he returned to the hunt.


Gecko appeared where he had been told to meet the vampiress at egzactly the time he was supposed to. He was splashed with human blood and was carrying various skulls, spines and other random bones he would graft to his armor tonight. He had killed maybe five men in the time he had, and had reveled greatly in the chaos their dismembered and peeled bodies had created. The skins he had hung on a clothes line. The bodies he had hung from the roofs of different housing, quietly and cautiously when no eyes watched. He was ready to replenish his armor and weapon stock, and he thought he knew where his weapons were stashed. As for his armor, he wore the inner layer, but the outer layer rested in a bag over his shoulder. He leaned against a tree and gleefully remembered the cry of the warrior he had first killed.

05/13/2005 4:46 PM

Electra heard the mental message and leaned into deepen the kiss, pressing herself against Jade. Yes, she was his Beloved. Always and forever.

She never wanted to let him go. Ever. But they had important things to do. At length, she ended the kiss as she leaned her head on his chest. Still breathless and trembling with need, she foced herself to calm before speaking.

"Ashke..." she whisperd, "I never want this to end...But we must go....Kyri awaits..."

05/13/2005 9:04 PM

Gecko began removing armor plates and applying an odd blackish goo to them from a canteen. After cleaning the bones he stuck them onto the plates. A shoulder blade on his leht chest pice, a skull on his shoulder (with the back ripped out) and a spine running down his shin. Finnaly he was done. He rose and thought hard about where his weapon stash was. He realized he was just about standing on the damn thing. He walked about a hundred feet out of the clearing and began to excavate. He began to broadcast a thought beacon for the vampires in case they arrived whilst he was working.

05/14/2005 5:12 PM

Back at the clearing where Ebony and Ghost waited, Jadrek noted the position of the sun. "Gecko should be around here somewhere...."

Saia whined and moved forward a few paces, leading the group on. Jadrek could hear a faint hum disturbing the packsong, and followed Saia without question. Jadrek's hand looped around Ghost's reins and the stallion followed.

In a neighboring clearing, Jadrek spotted Gecko immediately, and was struck by the scent of human blood that permeated their odd companion. It made Jadrek feel slightly ill, and the beast within roared for release. Hunger stirred again, but he forced it back, refusing the need. Having offered himself as the vessel to slake Electra's hunger, his own had returned nearly full-force.

But there was no more time.

Saia turned and stared at her bonded, teeth bared in a silent snarl of chastizement. She didn't care for the way he was acting... as if he were damaged and didn't deserve comfort.

Jadrek stared back, his eyes narrowed for one second, and Saia looked away, unable to hold his stare.

The strain in his voice was noticable when he spoke. "We should move on. While we have not caused harm, the ruccous you have caused will draw many here before too long. I for one, do not wish to get into conflict with the locals."

Jadrek swung up into Ghost's saddle and the stallion snorted and pawed at the grass 'neath his hooves.

"We head north, deeper into the Kalkist mountains. My home is there... I have to find out what Adrian is doing."

05/14/2005 5:36 PM

Electra caught the note in Jade's voice, looked at him a second questionly, but didn't feel it right to comment in front of Geko. Sasha nudged the mistress's had and whined in concern. There was something disturbing the male vampire.

Electra nodded mentally at her bonded's assesment, but told her to leave it alone for now. The female had a feeling she knew what plagued her lifemate, but it wasn't the time or place to discuss such matters.

She swung into the saddle of her horse, taking up the riens as Ebony tossed her head impatiently. The mare didn't need to be told twice. She followed Ghost's lead north.

05/14/2005 6:36 PM

Finally, Nash had reached the town. The sun was almost out, and at it's first light he would be sapped of his superhuman stregnth. The little girl was still asleep in his arms. His arrival was greeted with the stares of the villages inhabitants; the street was clear, save for Nash and the girl, and the people's prying eyes peered through their windows. As he passed one of the small houses, the eyes glanced down at the child, and grew wide. A gasp escaped from her lips.

"Mai... Is that you Mai?"

The girl woke up in Nash's arms with a start at her name.

"Mai! It's my little girl!" The woman ran out of the house, arms open to embrace Mai. Rather than greet her mother with affection, Mai cringed and began to cry again, clinging to Nash as hard as she could. Despite her best efforts, Mai was taken by her mother, who started making her way back to the house, Mai in her arms kicking and screaming.

"Wait," Nash pleaded, confused, "at least tell me where the Inn is! I did bring back your daughter."

The woman stopped, turned around, and pointed dispassionately down the street. Then, Mai having almost wriggled out of her grasp, went inside her house. A series of clicks were issued as the door was locked.

[i]Maybe this was a bad idea,[/i] thought Nash as he made his way to the Tavern, [i]a bad idea indeed...[/i]

05/15/2005 12:18 PM

Gecko reached into the hole he had dug and pulled out a leather satchel about four feet long and one wide. He soundlessly shouldered the bag and began walking alongside the vampires.

[did you feed well?]

He was using his claws to knife blood out of a niche in he armor, flicking the flakes off to his left.

05/15/2005 6:21 PM

Jadrek couldn't help but feel irritable, and spoke without thinking. "Well enough I suppose." He glanced at Gecko taking in the odd assortment of bone armor. "What manner of creature are you?"

05/15/2005 6:34 PM

Electra cringed at the tone in Jade's vioce, feeling guilty for feeding from him so soon. After sleeping for so long, he no doubt needed as much blood as possible and she had taken from him.

Tossing a large pack over to her lifemate, she apologized. "I should not have taken as much from you as I did. In that pack is about thirty wine bottles of fresh blood. Please, drink your fill. It will help replenish what I took."

Looking over at Geko, she watched as he worked, her curiosity peaked. She rode silently, listening as the creature spoke.

05/15/2005 6:36 PM

Gecko finished the mild grooming and began plucking weapons from his satchel, speaking all the while.

[I am one of the last Nightwalkers. There are about a thousand of us left, thanks mainly to humans and trolls. I was raised in a nomadic village by a sorcerer who enjoyed using me as a pin cussion for various preformance enhancing spells. I don't think he expected the blood lust.]

Gecko looked at the vampire's aura. he hadn't hear irritation in his voice but it throbbed through his spectral finger print.

[Why are you agitated?]

05/31/2005 8:24 AM

Jadrek caught the sack that Electra threw at him, his hand clenching on it for a moment, anger sparking in his blue-violet eyes. Anger that was directed only towards himself. He nodded once, a sharp motion as he tied the sack to the saddle prow.

He had listend to Gecko's story, and while he didn't completely understand, judging by this creature's deadly abilities, he was grimly glad to have him along.

Gecko's next question left him unable to answer... not without loosing all of his carefully controlled composure.

His eyes met Gecko's and he slapped the rein's against Ghost's shoulders.

:: Don't worry about me. ::

05/31/2005 4:22 PM

Gecko nodded. Jadrek seemed pissed. And he could read why. He was depleted, and gecko stank of human blood. Nothing for it now. He pulled two katar out of his bag and sheathed them.

"Who is this... [Kuyri?][Kyuri?][Kruiy?] you keep thinking about?"

Gecko pulled a quarter staff out of the bag and clipped it parallel to his glaive.

"Your thinking about this entity quite a lot. Is he/she a child?"

He also pulled out a heavy looking weapon that hung from his belt. It looked like a sword with a handle on the back of the blade.

"I will help you save or find her in return for aiding me out of that cave."

06/01/2005 2:11 PM

Electra had noticed the flash of anger in Jade's eyes, but after a moment's pause she realized it wasn't at her. Processed inwardly, Jade;s negative emotions from before his Sleep still brooded in his mind.

You've done nothing wrong, Ashke. I know the difficulty you feel, but we are here for you - Saia, myself and Sasha. Always here your you. With her mental message, she sent the feeling of soothing and her devotion.

At Geko's mention of Kryri, Electra nudged Ebony to pick of pace to ride beside the other two companions. She knew that his sister was a sore subject for her her lifemate and hoped it wouldn't cause problems.

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06/06/2005 11:05 PM

Nash sat up in bed, squinting and looking around. It was still light out, but it was nearing dusk. It was almost time for him to move on.

Nash's mind kept returning to the little girl. [i]Why was she so scared?[/i] The girl's incident wasn't the only strange aspect of this town. Nash hadn't seen anyone in the tavern or the inn last night. Every room was completely empty. The only people he had actually seen in the town were the mother of the little girl, and the tavern owner. Even then, both of them had a strange air about them. It was their eyes, so blank, so dark, so empty. So cold. An icy cold drop of sweat creeped down Nash's spine, sending waves of trepidation through his body. Something was not right about this little village, and every time Nash attempted to figure out exactly why, he only came back more confused.

The last glint of the sun began to fade into the horizon. [i]I've got to get out of here as fast as I can,[/i] Nash thought. [i]But what about the girl...?[/i] Whenever he thought about the girl, he had a feeling in his gut that told him something was wrong. Something was most definitely wrong in this small town: something terribly, terribly wrong.

Nash got out of his bed, and got dressed. He reached under his pillow to grab his hidden dagger. He always had a weapon on him. Something rustled outside his window. By the time he turned, it was gone. [i]I have made a mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake.[/i]

06/28/2005 9:36 PM

"Kyri. She's my sister...and yes she's a child, rather she was a mere five years old when I had to be sent into slumber." his mind turned inward as he looked away from Gecko. Kyri... alone... at the mercy of his own twin. What hell she must be going through.... They rode on.

Kyri rested her head against Meier's back as they rode hard down the path. The horse was flagging, it's pace slowing. Meier cursed and reined the beast in, knowing that to run the beast to floundering would be a grave mistake. They hadn't the luxury of changing mounts anytime soon.

"We've got to stop..." He said softly, his blue eyes meeting Kyri's weary gaze. Silent and pale, Kyri nodded. He allowed the exhausted horse to stop, flanks heaving, sweat darkening its coat. He slid off and reached up to help Kyri down. Her hands felt feverishly hot in his, and he stared at her closely.

"Are you alright?" He whispered.

She shook her head. "I feel ill... What did Adrian give me?" She whispered, clinging to Meier as though one drowning. The sickening taste was still in her mouth, and her belly burned with it.

"I fear it was something that will forever change me..." She groaned.

"I can only slow it..." Meier said softly, he knew what Adrian gave her, but he wasn't sure the child was ready to hear it. "Take my blood... it can slow the process... Only by killing the source can we stop it's progress."

Kyri looked at hm for a long searching moment... then nodded, trusting him. His heart ached at that look... that complete trust. He said nothing as he gathered her in his arms, a lost child. He took a small, plain, steel dagger and cut deeply into his wrist. A sharp hissing intake of breath was his only reaction to the pain.

His bloodline was pure... no human blood diluted his, as his family could claim, as could Kyri's; direct blood line clear to the first of their kind, the Preistess Akemi. As Kyri drank his blood without protest, his mind turned towards the truth of Adrian's plans. To turn every pureblood on this world into blood-thirsty killers, just like the psycologically corruped Coriel. Akemi... this was all her doing. Her blood stirred insanity in any who drank of it... nowadays, only another pureblood could drink the blood of an Asuli, if a mortal drank of it, their minds lost their grip on sanity as their bodies changed, and thus was created the first Coriel.

While Akemi desired eternal life, she wasn't aware of her 'delicate' condition when she pettitioned the Dark Goddess for the gift. She completed the rite to become the first Asuli when she was in the first stages of her pregnancy. The child born less than nine months later was perfectly normal till he came of age. thus the true definition of Pureblood, or Pure-Born. Adrian Drache... he was the first true Pure-Born Vampire of this world.... and this child, Kyri was his granddaughter.

06/29/2005 9:39 AM

glass shattered periously close to the black mirror as Adrian raged. "Why did you not question him? How could you just let him leave!?" His normally pale skin was flushed with uncontrollable anger.

The wolfnari creature cowered before Adrian, knowing full well what he could do when so enraged. "Nothing seemed wrong! Till I checked in on Kyri and found her gone!" He whimpered, staying low to the ground. The wolfnari was a creature of legend, what many would call a werewolf. However this poor creature hadn't the luxury of returning to a human form. Forever locked in a vicious body, covered in fur, eyes that reflected any light source.

Delan's ears flattened against his skull as another glass trinket struck the wall beside him, peppering his muzzle with shattered glass.

"Get out! before I do something I may regret..." Adrian growled, the silver cast to his gaze made Delan scramble to his feet, racing out the door before the enraged Asuli could carry out his threat.

Still angry bryond anything he had ever felt before, Adrian paced, till the black mirror rippled and a voice echoed from the void beyond.

::: Do not anger yourself so... This can actually work to our advantage. With Kyri loose, and Akemi's blood racing through her body, she can further our cause much faster out there than in our hands.:::

"Just as we will continue from here." Came a soft, seductive voice. From the balcony, a slim form walked towards him, swathed in black silk and lace. Long black hair tumbled past her waist, dark blue eyes that burned with a silver gleam.

Adrian bowed in the presence of his elder...his great-grandmother. Akemi reached down, her chill hand cupping his chin. "Do not fret, young Adrian... our plans will come to pass..." She purred, her eyes fixing on the mirror. "All of our plans." Her voice held an edge of conspiracy that made Adrian shiver.

Just what had he been ensnared into?

"Go on, youngling... get some rest. We'll leave at sunset." She said softly, smiling. The smile chilled Adrian, but he nodded, and did as he was told.

Once he was gone, Akemi turned to the Mirror. "He grows too restless. He is a danger to our plans." She growled.

The Mirror rippled violently. ::: Do not take my one chance at returning to this world. I need him alive." Lord Drache's voice was laced with hatred. "He is much like his uncle, my betrayer son... so much he doesn't realize it.::: Silence reined for a few moments before he spoke again.

:::Keep a close watch on him....:::

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06/29/2005 2:15 PM

At Jade's mention of his Sleep, Electra's heart twinged momentarily with guilt. Poor Kyri, left at Adrian's mercy without Jade to protect her. But, then her mind once again went to that horrible night she had put her lifemate into his Sleep. He had truly needed the rest.

Still...Kyri all alone...The Gods watch over her in Adrian's evil.

With a word in Vampiric to her mount, she sped up her pace, prodding a faster ride.

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