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03/03/2005 9:46 AM

IC: ( the setting is in a Menzoberranzan meeting house" "I Dozer have just been givin a task by Lloth, the only one who can truthfully be called a god. Lloth has commanded me to start taking over the surface. We know that we can can defeat the surface dwellers b/c Drizzt(the traitor) has survived up their for oh so long. I have come to tell you that any followers are welcome. If you wish to join, then speak up know."

03/03/2005 1:55 PM

Jhaelae'Irr chuckled to himself at Dozer's statement. Lolth was being quite benevolent, hand-delivering a message to a male. The rogue drow had never seen such a display of fealty from a male in all his relatively short life. He was only 60, afterall. There had to be some sort of personal agenda attached to this "message" that Dozer had recieved, but at that moment, Jhaelae'Irr didn't really care. He'd long heard stories of the traitorous Drizz't Do'Urden, and had so longed to meet him. Perhaps this war that Lolth called for would bring him that chance. He walked up, his black leather armor perfectly contouring his body, his shoes making not a noise. "If the Arachnid Maiden calls for my blade, then I have but to heed her beckon." he said from the safety his low-cowled cloak provided him.

03/04/2005 9:44 AM

Chapter 1: Beginnings

" Glad you could answer the call of the Spider Queen." Takes out a strange looking vile. " This vile allows me to summon any demon from the Abyss. I have many more to use, in order to help us take over the surface. You may be wondering why Lloth chose me , a mere male, to spread her message. If you would like to hear the tale tell me so.

03/05/2005 6:29 PM

Jhaelae'Irr smirked. It was like Dozer had just read his mind. Perhaps he had.... "Please," he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, "enlighten me."

03/07/2005 2:29 AM

Adeht was excited by the prospect of destruction. He loved everything about the destruction, the way it hissed off your tongue and then ended abruptly like the lives taken by it. Hearing this drow not only speak of it, but propose such a realistic and tangible plan brought an uncontrollably wild and overjoyed smile to Adeht's face. It was just too beautiful, the means and ends were both that of death, suffering and of course unrelenting destruction. His eyes shimmered with a dark, chaotic flare of glee as he blurted out, "Yes, I as well, I am very interested in joining your group to... carry out Her bidding."

03/07/2005 9:52 AM

" I was just doing my own task. You see, I am the weapons master of a lower house. Though I'm very strong and agile, the higher ranking Drow didn't like me. For I am way smarter than them all. I wasn't taught to speak common, but I can speak it anyway. I helped tear away at house Baenre. I was the one that helped Errtu. I have wanted to kill Drizzt after all his Traitorious acts. I have sought vengeance for Lloth. I want to drench my hands with his blood. As I understand it, Lloth saw into my heart. Saw how much I wanted to kill Drizzt. Saw how smart I had become. She knows that I will not fail her.If I do, then she knows that I will accept my punishment. Therefore, she brought me to her and told me to do anything that I had to do in order to kill Drizzt. You know plan and you are My followers. That is myn story. Let us see if it has a happy ending or not." Dozer explained while laughing in an unmistakingly evil tone.

03/07/2005 4:37 PM

Jhaelae'Irr frowned. Perhaps Dozer was telling the truth. But with all the seeming holes in his story, Jhaelae'Irr doubted it. He did however, enjoy the thought of meeting Drizz't. He didn't know if he wanted to kill the renegade Drow, at least not yet. Perhaps he'd meet with him in secret. After all, Jhaelae'Irr was a formidable scout, and would probably take point in this campaign that Dozer had been delivered. He retrieved a coin from his purse and flipped it across his fingers idly, passing it under his fingers and bringing it up to begin the circuit again. "Very Well," he stated, "Let us see what The Spider Queen has in store," Jhaelae'Irr's lips curled into a devious smile. He'd see what someone had in store, at any rate.

03/08/2005 1:32 AM

What a cocky little bastard, was the first thought into Adeht's mind, but he quickly lost himself once again in the fantasies of charred skin, exploding bodies, and screams of terror... of course the best part of the fantasy was that it all was because of him and his powerful spells of carnage. He didn't care much about this Spider Queen mission business, because it more than likely held little truth, all that mattered was that he could quench his insatiable thirst for murder and pain.

"Yes yes, enough with boosting your ego, get on with the plan so we can be off." Adeht stammered, perhaps too eagerly.

03/08/2005 9:15 AM

" Right. Let's just get to murdering every innocent soul that doesn't serve our Queen. We shall start in Caradoon. Were there could be many to serve as Lloth's slaves. To serve her for our purpose. We shall set off for Caraddon. Through the many forests, killing many wood elves. We shall start a war. A war against all races. With this war we can easily damage each race. Making them all endangered. Wherever we are, there will be massacering. What the Hell?" said Dozer as he looks over at the opening door.

" You Bastard you!" said the odd looking Drow," Don't listen to a word he's saying. Lies All Lies!!"

" You lie," Dozer quickly retorted back at the Drow. Before the Drow could say anything, Dozer took out his hand-bow and shot the fool. The fool then ran off... to DIE DIe Die die. Dozer then said, " You can either trust me and come, or you can just leave Lloths will behind you and DIE. C'mon, Let's go KILL KILl KIll Kill kill."

03/08/2005 12:09 PM

Jhaelae'Irr was beginning to have second thoughts. He was quickly becoming surrounded by apparently insane bretheren of Lloth. No Worries, however. He was sure he could semble some sort of plan of it, or at least find an escape route if things got too ugly. He smiled again. At this rate, Dozer's mission seemed clandestined for either monumental success or devastating failure.

03/09/2005 9:55 AM

" We shall leave for the surface in exactly 1 surface day," Dozer announced, " We will meet here then and b on our way." He thought to himself, " Lloth Tlu Malla; Jal Ultrinnan Zhah Xundus."

03/11/2005 1:15 PM

Jhaelae'Irr grinned and turned to leave. He figured he'd best gather some supplies before this precarious trip was to begin.

03/12/2005 5:19 AM

A little disappointed that the massacre would not begin today, Adeht lets out a deep sigh and let's the feeling go. Besides, there are a few supplies he should get, contingencies that is, because this fellow seems out of his mind. Not in the same way as Adeht, because Adeht has no delusions of grandeur... he knows the likelyhood of the drow's story about Lloth's mission being true is very slim indeed. Nonetheless, Adeht feels that he could still use the situation to his advantage, he is a little blood-crazy, but certainly not insane.

03/14/2005 10:05 AM

Dozer could see the dissapointment in his fellow companions. After all He wouldn't reveal some secrets to them, Secrets that might help their thoughts about him. He did what he had to do. " Wait their is something that I need to tell you." They both turned around. " Your probably wondering which house I come from. I will tell. I came from house Baenre. I am brother to Jarlaxle Baenre. I was always training. Matron always dispised me. I thought that she would sacrifice me. Then Drizzt came, which had saved me. I was next in line to become a weapon master. Except that Matron Baenre went to far with her insaness. That's kinda where people leave me. Lloth has faith in me. As long as she does, then you won't leave." Dozer said before dimissing them. He even thought of himself to be crazy sometimes. But he was ready to face anything. Even death.

03/14/2005 2:31 PM

Jhaelae'Irr smiled at the attempt from Dozer to keep his aura intact. At least the drow tried. As for him being the brother to Jarlaxle, perhaps Jhaelae'Irr would ask Jarlaxle about it the next time he saw him...

03/15/2005 4:11 AM

Adeht's reflexes got the better of him and his eyes rolled as if to say, "I could give less of bugbear's hairy ass." but somehow he managed to hold his tongue to his comments. It mattered little to Adeht whether or not Dozer's intentions were true to what he said, nor his honor as a Drow. He would watch his own back as he always had and always would.

03/15/2005 9:43 AM

Chapter 2: The longroad

24 hours later...

At that time Dozer started out for the Gate into the Underdark. He had always wanted to see the surface. Wanted to feast upon a variety of races. He didn't care what the others thought. No way, he was a Damn Drow. He knew that he could redeem himself if he would kill Drizzt. There was no way to tell where the Traitor was. So he had to rip through every part of the Surface. Luckily he had been able to persuade a few more Drow to accomponey them. Although they wouldn't travle up to the surface, They would need all the help they could to make it through the underdark in one peace. Like Matron Did. Everyone knows that Matrons know best. When he got to the Gate, none of his allies were there. So, he would wait.

03/15/2005 2:32 PM

Jhaelae'Irr watched from the shadows as Dozer arrived at the city limits. At least the drow was on time. He clung to the shadows tightly, watching Dozer as he waited patiently. After a few minutes of watching, Jhaelae'Irr decided to step into the open. He kept his cowl lowered, but figured Dozer would know who he was anyways. "That makes at least two of us, eh?" He said, stepping gingerly out of the shadows.

03/15/2005 5:11 PM

Adeht arrived shortly after Dozer, but before reaching the Gate, he had cast invisibility over himself so as not to be seen. Ever cautious, ever paranoid in his daily life. He still wasn't sure whether perhaps one or both of the two men would turn to be treacherous and kill him when he wasn't looking. Once he saw Jhaelae'Irr arrive, he dispelled his invisibility,

"Didn't think I would miss out on the... fun, did you?"

A wicked smile crossed his face, giving him the appearance of the obscure, evil wizard he was.

"If everyone is ready, I would sure like to be going, I do not like to stay in one place for too long when it is this... peaceful."

03/16/2005 9:46 AM

"Then lets be on our way then," Dozer said impatiently. Before the group started to head out, he put on his Piwafwi. As soon as the group left, the gates were resealed. Dozer only hoped that they woyuldn't have to deal with illithid's. Or for that matter, Hook Horrors. Then again, they wouldn't be much of a match for their blood thirsty group.

03/16/2005 1:00 PM

Jhaelae'Irr brought the cowl of his cloak down low around his face. "I'll take point," he signaled to the other two, then he moved up several paces in front of the group without a sound.

03/17/2005 10:01 AM

IC:Trusting Jhaelae'Irr's judgement he didn't try and stop him. With that in thought Dozer sent two party's of 5 Drow to check the side routes. Nothing would stop the Drow from reaching the surface. Stoping the rest of the group until Jhaelae'Irr would return and give them the news.

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03/22/2005 9:58 AM

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03/24/2005 3:00 AM

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03/24/2005 9:45 AM

OOC: I'm talking about a spot check. I'm wondering if Jhaelae'Irr passed or not. If he did, what did he see.

03/24/2005 10:43 AM

OOC: my fault on that one fellas. I wasn't aware that I was making my own checks. Still new to forum roleplaying

IC: Jhaelae'Irr continued on the path for what seemed like eons. There were no threats about, but things did seem eerily uneventful. He remained vigilant, however, just as he had at the arms academy. After a few hours of walking, he came to a split in the tunnel. He went back to the troupe. "There's a split in the path ahead," he said to Dozer, "Which way should we proceed?"

03/24/2005 2:52 PM

IC: Taking some time to think, Dozer came to a conclusion. " We shall proceed to the right. As I remember the left leads to another part of Menzoberranzan." The group headed right. After what seemed a few hours, a mysterious group of Dark Elfs attacked the group. " May Lloth condemn them. They are probably from Breagan D'aerthe."

They would slaughter the traitors. Mercilessly. None would escape. Dozer leaped behind a rock pillar, just barily escaping the path of a poison Dart. Dozer took out his hand bow and begun the counter-attack.

Dozer cocked one dart and shot it at a male drow. Hitting his target, the male fell down on top of a spiked shaped rock. The male was impaled.

OOC: Their is an upper trail in the cavern.(ridge)

03/24/2005 7:38 PM

Jhaelae'Irr unsheathed his twin daggers and melded into the shadows. He snuck around to the back of the attacking group and waited for an opportune moment to strike. One such moment occurred when a drow stumbled a bit on an uneven rock. Jhaelae'Irr pounced on him, stabbing into both of the doomed drow's lungs. "Such...clumsiness," he thought to himself. "These can't be the soldiers of Breagan D'aerthe," He jumped back slightly to dodge a quiver from an unseen assailant, but he could judge the shooter's position from the tradjectory of the dart. He let fly one of his daggers and was satisfied when he heard the thud of a corpse falling to the ground. Indeed, these couldn't be troops of Breagan D'aerthe.

03/25/2005 3:58 AM

Adeht disappeared to nothing with a sinister smile on his lips as he chanted his invisibility spell once again. There really was no reason for him to get involved after seeing how easily his companions had dispatched the first few unlucky Drow. Of course he did not trust them or anyone else for that matter, so he decided to keep their gauge of him as clueless as long as possible. It pained him slightly however to miss out on the killing, but Adeht knew the virtues of sacrificing small things for something much larger. He would show his power when the time came, but no sooner. Keeping people unsure of his potential usually kept them far more wary of him.

03/25/2005 6:52 AM

" Another wake coming from the left," Dozer said hastily. Indeed, these couldn't be soldiers of Breagan D'aerthe. Whoever sent them, didn't train them well. Dozer took another shot, he missed his target. It jumped out of the arrows path. Instead it hit an invisible target. Most likley a weakling. Dozer would take them all out, until the female showed herself.

03/25/2005 9:17 AM

Jhaelae'Irr retrieved his thrown dagger and melded back into shadows. Again an opportunity showed itself, and again Jhaelae'Irr pounced, and another corpse lay on the cold ground. Jhaelae'Irr looked to his left, seeing four drow in the least coming towards him. He summoned a globe of darkness between them and him, and waited for the first one to come through so that he could send a dagger flying through his skull...

03/25/2005 5:58 PM

Adeht tried very hard not to make any sounds while he stifled his growing laughter. This was better than watching any kind of theatrics or planned torture... Although he kept ready to send a deadly firey orb towards anyone who made an advance on him.

03/28/2005 9:40 AM

Seeing the globe of darkness. Dozer made a dive for it. Hoping to lure a few drow into it, so that the others would have multiple targets. Before he went throught the globe he shot another arrow at a bowmen on the top ledge. The bowmen fell off the ridge.

03/28/2005 3:42 PM

Dozer's brave, if perilous, plan had succeeded. And he dove out the other side of the globe as the foolheardy drow had been lured in. The first one popped through the other side, and found a dagger where his eye had been. He quickly fell over dead. Jhaelae'Irr Drew a short sword from its sheath on the back of his belt and reversed the grip on his remaining dagger as two drow came on with a bloodthirsty look about them.

Jhaelae'Irr was immediately put on the defensive. These drow were fighting much more savagely than the others had been, but still with the same lack of skill. Their hands seemed impossibly fast. Jhaelae'Irr's years of vigorous training at the arms academy saved him as he parried attack after attack. The ferocity of the drows' attack was astounding, and Jhaelae'Irr's arms grew tired. He knew he'd have to find an opening, and quick. Fortunately, the duo was quite predictable.

On the anticipated break that Jhaelae'Irr had found in their routine, he tripped one of the drow and threw his dagger into his chest. The doomed drow sputtered and coughed a cloud of blood before his body went limp. The other drow backed off, with a gleam in his eye. Jhaelae'Irr rolled and retrieved his dagger from his most recent victim, and came into a fighting stance, only to see his opponent throw down an empty potion vial.

Jhaelae'Irr watched as the drow's muscles bulged, threatening to tear the very skin that covered them. The veins in the drow's neck coursed with blood and his overall form grew larger. "Damn," Jhaelae'Irr said out loud, "Bull's strength." The drow came on and Jhaelae'Irr prepared for one of the most difficult fights of his relatively short life. He parried and dodged attack after attack, but after a while, his arms grew sore and tired, and one of the drow's blades slipped through, striking a blow to Jhaelae'Irr's thigh. Jhaelae'Irr stumbled away from his opponent and turned his back, a seemingly fatal flaw. The drow predictably came up over Jhaelae'Irr's hunched form and prepared for the final blow, but the effects of the Cat's Grace spell cast on him was wearing off, and his movements were slower now. Jhaelae'Irr reversed the grip on his short sword and thrust it back into the drow's abdomen, stopping the would-be assailant in his tracks. He then spun around and shoved his dagger into the wounded drow's neck, severing his spinal cord and toppling the corpse to the ground. Jhaelae'Irr retrieved his short sword and dagger and quickly found refuge behind a rock to tend to his wounded leg.

03/29/2005 10:06 AM

IC: WM stands for weapons master. Would it be alright if I controlled the NPCs?

IC:Turning around to see Jhaelae'Irr go behind a rock. Dozer had decided to lead the attackers away from Jhaelae'Irr's hiding spot. Unluckily just as he was finishing this wave of attacks off, another wave came in, this one included a High priestess of Lloth. The Priestess had her whip in her right hand. Dozer took on one of the attackers. Apparently this was a weapons master. The master had a two 5 inch daggers. He and Dozer would dance. Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right.... It seemed like an eternity. As they danced, thye were trading off attacks. Each of which the other always seemed to parry. Both of them looking for the others weakness. Neither of them could find any distinctive vulnerablity of the other. This would be a match of witts. About 15 minutes into their dance, Dozer took a swing for the WMs legs. The WM parried that to. This would also be a match of endurance. The WM took both of his daggers and swung them for both of Dozers temples. Dozer ducked and thought to himself, " This is a clumsy WM." I'll just have to make him slip. Before he could continue his dance he had been hit by the Priestess' whip he had been knocked unconcious. To Dozer's advantage though, one of his companions had only put up a globe of darkness where he stood. Dozer fell to the ground. hoping that the globe would last until he healed enough to fight again. Although before he went unconcius, he went into a trance. A trance that would mend his wounds.

about 10 minutes later....

Dozer felt healed enough to fight once more. Dozer put his Scimitars into their sheaths and pulled out his hand-bow. Then he got up and leaped right out of the globe of darkness. He sought out the WM and charged him. The WM catching a glimpes of his adversary's movement, then turned around only to take an arrow to the face. The WM stumbled back into the wall. Barily able to move the WM ran up to the ridge. Dozer knew that he had to follow the opponent. Dozer then climbed up the side of the ridge, meeting the WM up there he shot another arrow into the WMs face. This one went into the weapons masters eye. With that blow blood was squirting everywhere from his eye. " Now you die, Dos elg’caress," Dozer screamed. Throwing his bow to the ground, Dozer unsheathed both his scimitars and charged the WM. The weapon master did nothing to prevent this attack. All the WM said was, "Dos ultrinnan." That was it. Dozer drove the scimitars into the weapons masters gut. Blood was flying in every direction from the weapon masters' body. Dozer justb kept slicing and stabbing the body of that stupid fool. Even thought Dozer knew that the fool was dead. He just kept on stabbing at the body. After the body looked like scraps Dozer
leaped behind a rock so that he could once again fall into his trance.

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04/11/2005 9:57 AM

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04/13/2005 1:24 AM

A sudden look of remembrance stretched across Adeht's face as though he had just remembered something very important. He reached his hand into a hidden pocket in his robe and produced a small leather drawstring bag. With the excitement of a small child receiving his first practice weapon, Adeht plunged his slender fingers through the opening and pulled out a piece of dried fruit. Adeht stood there with his bag of goodies and enjoyed watching the bloody entertainment unravel before his eyes.

His eyes followed each frenzied dodge and parry. His eyes grew wide with anticipation as the attacking Weapon Master nearly drove his daggers into Dozer's head. Egged on by the suspense of impending bloodshed, he was also slightly disappointed the Weapon Master missed... not because he disliked Dozer, but merely to satisfy his thirst for death. Adeht was never very big on honor, so when the Priestess struck Dozer from behind, he was both glad that someone had landed a blow, but also prepared to stop the attackers from killing Adeht's companions.

With every contact between weapon and flesh, Adeht was both minutely satisfied and thirsty for more.

A feeling of comfort and certainty swept through Adeht like a wave of gently warmth. He was once again reassured that he had chosen a very easily attainable joy, one of infinite supply. Yes death was an ancient but everlasting part of the world.

04/18/2005 9:48 AM

Dozer, plenty healed, jumped right back up into the action. He was slashing opponents left and right with his blades. There was blood everywhere. Dozer saw a glimpse of the Priestess. He thought of going straight for her, but he decided to hack at the weaklings instead. He would wait for the priestess to make the first move.

04/20/2005 1:42 PM

Jhaelae'Irr stayed where he was. He knew better than to stand toe to toe against a Priestess of Lolth. Something was going abhorriously wrong here. Why would a Priestess of Lolth be attacking someone on a mission from Lolth? Unless this was some sort of contest, one of the two was a farse. Jhaelae'Irr decided it far more likely that Dozer was lying, but his mind was always open to suggestion. He stayed in his hiding place and watched events unfold.

04/21/2005 9:42 PM

Adeht was amazed that the attacking Drow had not found him in his invisible hiding yet, or perhaps they just wanted to let him think that. Either way, he was getting a little antsy just watching the battle and decided to do something about the Priestess, at least that would be a kill worth the effort.

He already had a sequence of three spells ready to be used in rapid succession, and he began his chant to set them off.

After only a moment of speech, Adeht lost his invisibility, and stream of fiery light flew from his fingers, scorching the Priestess rather severely. Immediately afterwards, a mystical arrow cut through the moist Underdark air, leaving a trail of poison in it's wake. The arrow struck the already stunned Priestess in the side and injected it's acid poison into her. Of course after such an open attack, his third spell was to remove him once again from the danger. A dark stone doorway flickered into view directly behind Adeht, and he quickly stepped through it. Once through, he was again invisible to the world, at least momentarily. With this opportunity, he ran behind an outcropping of rock and cast another more permanent invisibility upon himself.

Adeht couldn't help but allow a small titter of laughter escape his trembling lips. Inflicting pain allows made his whole body shake with joy and excitement.

04/25/2005 9:53 AM

Seeing the priestess get hit by that stream of attacks, Dozer leaped around to the priestess' back. He took up a short sword that was lying on the ground, and chucked it for the priestess' spine. Before the projectile was within a foot of the priestess, She whipped around and slammed her whip into the sword. It slammed into the ground.

Quickly the priestess sent her whip toward Dozer. Dozer parried all of the whips' heads except one that clipped his shoulder bone. After the Priestess withdrew her whip for another attack. She instead snapped it toward one of Dozers companions. Dozer quickly darted for the shadows. When he reached the shadows he heard the dying scream of that unfortunate companion.

04/25/2005 10:55 AM

The unfortunate drow had been not 5 feet from Jhaelae'Irr when the priestess struck him down. Jhaelae'Irr quietly skulked around to the other side of the rock to get a good view of the priestess. She was quite charred. Jhaelae'Irr was suprised that the priestess was still even moving. Oh well, he thought, I'll finish that soon enough. He unsheathed a dagger, spoke a short mantra, and hurled the dagger at the priestess. Mid-flight, the dagger transformed into an arachnid. It landed on the priestess' thigh and quickly burrowed into her flesh. Her screams were dilluded a bit by the damage already done to her larnyx. The spider burrowed up her thigh, and through her abdomen. The priestess began spewing blood from her mouth and nose. Her screams grew still louder. The lump under her flesh that was the spider stopped at her bosom and sank in, eating her very heart. She fell to the cavern floor, spasming horridly, blood flowing from every opening in her body. Jhaelae'Irr sighed. He'd payed so dearly for those two daggers, and now he only had one left.

04/26/2005 9:52 AM

Dozer had heard the last of the Priestess' voice. Without even looking over to where the priestess lie. Dozer could tell that she was dead.

When Dozer had finally killed off the last of the attackers, he fell to his knees to heal.

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04/29/2005 2:53 AM

Crackling laughter resonated through the cavern in the wake of death screams and the splash of blood hitting the stone. Shimmering back to reality, Adeht allowed his invisibility to fade. He clapped his hands together like a child on his birthday, accompanied by a not-so childish grin.

"That was fantastic! It was just like the illusions my Father, Deht wove when I was young. Well, of course until I had to kill him, but nonetheless that was spectacular."

Noticing his injured companion, a look of sympathy crossed his face, it almost seemed heartfelt.

"Alas my friend, I cannot help your wounds. I keep little in the way of healing about me, you understand... Mine is usually the hand dealing death, not the reverse. And I suspect when the time comes to bite the arrow so to speak, I won't have magic to bring me back. That is the way it should be in my mind, those blasphemous healers deserve a traitor's death."

Adeht waited for instructions on what they would do next.

04/29/2005 9:54 AM

"I understand Adeht. I'll be fine anyway. I have a high endurance. I will be able to go on, but we may rest here if you like. What say you," Dozer told and questioned Adeht.

04/30/2005 10:24 AM

Jhaelae'Irr went about retrieving his dagger and searching corpses for anything useful. On the body of the Priestess he found a map leading to the surface. How curious...

He returned to his companions. "Take a look," he said, "I think our priestess was after the same thing we were."

05/02/2005 9:45 AM

"Huh... That's odd. What city do you think she's from? It may be possible that Lloth has given this journey to a drow in each of her loyal cities to carry out her request. This may be a test from our queen. That or this female was on her own quest. Or possibly, she swiped it from a corpse.," Dozer stated in shock and amazment.

05/02/2005 7:25 PM

Jhaelae'Irr went back to closer inspect the corpse of the priestess. He noticed a peculiar marking on her shoulder. It was a mark from Skullport. But why would a priestess from Skullport be all the way out here? Jhaelae'Irr pondered for a moment before turning away from the corpse. He decided some questions were best left unanswered...

05/03/2005 9:49 AM

"So Jhaelae'Irr, what city is this Priestess from?" Dozer asked. Dozer had noticed his companions hesitation to look away from the corpse.

"Adeht, I am once again fully healed. We may continue our Queens bidding now," Dozer notified Adeht.

05/03/2005 7:10 PM

Jhaelae'Irr shrugged. "I'd guess Skullport. It looks like you've attracted some unwanted attention, friend." He rose and headed back towards the other two. "So when do we leave?"

05/04/2005 12:20 AM

Adeht's newfound respect for the drow that just fought a spectacularly enjoyable battle dwindled slightly at the prospect of all the confusion.

"Where did your plan to wage a path of destruction to and across the surface go? Did the battle damage your brains? I see no reason whatsoever that a silly group of pitiful fighters should deter us from our previous course. Onward! To the surface! Unto the [I]real[/I] killing."

05/04/2005 9:50 AM

And so the group had once again set off on their course. For the battle was but a mere distraction from their ultimate plan. Every here and there the party faced one or two monsters.

After awhile Dozer estimated that they party had at least a two days walk from their current position.

Although, Dozer wasn't sure if they'd find any Mind Flayers or not. Dozer oviously hoped that they wouldn't.

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05/10/2005 5:23 PM

Jhaelae'Irr looked to the map he'd taken off the Priestess' body. The group was in the clear, leaving all major cities of the underdark races behind, and too far out for any patrols of significant size to trouble them. He looked to Dozer. "Rest easy, we've but a day before the surface."

05/11/2005 10:17 AM

Hearing the good news Dozer replied with, "Then we shall rest here. Then we won't stop until we reach the surface."

A few hours later...

Dozer and the rest of the group had awoken.

"Let us be off," Dozer then stated to the group.

He looked behind him only to find that 10 of their soldiers had been assassinated.

"Damn it,"Dozer cursed,"Something or someone is out there."

Dozer preformed a spot check. He saw a sinister looking figure lurking 15 feet away from their encampment.

He pointed it out to the group and said, "I think someone should go check that out."

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05/17/2005 9:42 AM

Dozer had sent one of his underlings to go and check out the figure. He heard the underling scream as it was running back to the group.

"What is it?," Dozer questioned the frightened Drow.

"Illithid's, there here," the Drow replied.

Dozer's face soon switched to a look of horror.

"Everyone get up, the Illithids are here. We cannot afford to allow the Underdark to consume us," Dozer yelled in a booming voice.

He turned and unsheathed his two weapons. Ready for battle.

05/19/2005 6:32 PM

Jhaelae'Irr saw the illithids and cursed immediately. He started thinking about any random thing he could as he melded into the shadows.

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