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03/02/2005 2:26 PM

Aeryck Marco Hadjai sat in his room on his bed, flipping through the pages of his newest spellbook that he found in his office: [i]The Power of the Primary Element[/i]. Marco didn't think of wind as the PRIMARY element. After all, they were all incredibly important. Without Fire, there was no heat... without Water, there was no life in general... without Earth... we couldn't stand... and without Air, there could be no life. If it came down to it, Water and Air were the most important. But that wasn't important!

Marco slammed his book shut and flopped backwards on his bed, staring at his swirling, green ceiling. He loved the way the colors swirled... captivating... allowing him to get lost... That was why he chose it as his favorite color.

Sighing again, Marco sat up and slid off of his bed, raising his arms to the ceiling and stretching. Boring, boring, so boring. It was Saturday... hardly any of the students were here...

"I think I'll go find Stephanie," he announced matter-of-factly to no one but himself. Marco had an unusual habit of carrying on conversations with walls. Not that he ws crazy, but sometimes... there was no one better to talk to. Not since his parents had died, anyway...

"There's no point in feeling sorry for yourself, you know. EVeryone else's parents are gone, too - it's not just you."

Marco contemplated putting on his monk-like robe before going down to The Base, but decided against it since it was, after all, uniform for only the classes. However - he would take his nice, shiny, teacher's medallion that he had grown quite fond of.

Marco examined the medallion before he put it around his neck, starig at the triangular shape the gray jewles made, connecting the ends of the tornado. It made him feel... important.

"Well, you are: you're a teacher."

He opened the door to his bedroom, stepping outide onto his balcony and staring at the treetops so very far below. He hadn't done it in a while...

He stood on the ledge, turned around backwards, and fell off.

"WHEE!" He screamed on his way down, turning upside down and facing the trees as he fell faster, becoming more aerodynamic.

"Ha-ha! Too slow!" He yelled just before he hit the tops of the trees, commanding the ir to swirl around him and lift him higher and higher, back to The Base. He was flying faster than the recorded record, but that was because Stephanie had never actually allowed him to test his speed.

"What does it matter, Marco? You're The Key! You're meant to be more powerful than the rest of us. Leave the record-breaking to normal Elementals," she kept saying.

Marco had gone from living alone, a hermit, and unable to do anything special because he was unusual, to not being able to do anything unusual because he was special.

He landed finally in the parking lot with all of the transporters, but doing so excessively forceful and thus losing his balance, crumpling to the ground.

"Owowowowowowowowow!" He moaned, grabbing his ankle. After a few momens, the pain ceased and he was able to stand up.

"I love being an Elemental." Elementals were physcially capable of sustaining around ten times as much damage than regular humans.

He meandered his way through the sea of transporters and opened the door, walking into the MR - Mainframe Room - and gazing around at the gargantuan size of it. It always reminded Marco of a wharehouse, but the only thing was the mainframe smack-dab in the middle of it.

"Stephanie!" He called. There was no answer. "Cortina? Jake? Violet?" Still no answer. "Spark?" He was getting desperate for social interaction, calling for Spark.

He sighed hopelessly and took off for the Conference Room, hoping maybe he'd find them in there.

03/21/2005 11:54 AM

*a boy of about 17 is sitting in the large chair in the middle of the table and sits there not saying anything waiting for someone to come and talk to him*

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