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03/01/2005 1:00 PM

Epatopa awoke from his deer skined bed and made his way to the door of his small hut. He raised his hand to his forehead to cover his eyes from the two bright orange suns that beat down apon him and the lush grassy lands of Kundun. In the distance he could see a large,vast lake with a few small boats docked on the waters edge. To the east(perhaps two days journey by foot) lay a snow peaked mountain range, and all around him were a number of other small huts (similar to his own), the local market and a shop which sold weapons and amour. Epatopa was a tall wood elf and possesed a small amount of magical power, his main skills however lay with his bow which was made from the finest elven wood.

For several years Epatopa had heard tales of the Gown Of Anthium, which had the ability to make the wearer invisible, he knew that the quest would be long a dangerous and he didnt fully know the gowns location other than it was last known to be in the possession of Shirla the dark mage who resides in the well protected fortress, east, beyond the snow peaked mountains of Kundun.

Before He left on his quest he would need to recruit at least four other skilled members to join his quest, they would need a range of skills to aid them on their journey.

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