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03/01/2005 7:25 AM

I want to start a new nightstalker story in the Dragonlance RP, to all those who are familiar with it are welcome, to all those not familiar, please refer to the following Link:

Nightstalker Series Information (http://groups.msn.com/threemoons/ayekadrache.msnw" target="_blank)

the character I will probably be using with be this one....

Name: Jadrek Rolan Drache

Race: Asuli (Pureblood Vampire)

Class: Fighter/ Low-level sorcerer

Nature: Lawful Good

Demeanor: Pathfinder/ Berserker

Age: Apparent: 22
Actual: 100

Height: 6’2” (approx 1.9 meters)
Weight: 170 (Approx 77 kilos)

Appearance: Looks much like his father, Aidan ”Crane” Alucardt. Same muscular build, and aristocratically carved features. He has his father’s wavy platinum blonde hair, and his mother’s blue-violet eyes.

History: Jadrek is the elder of Ayeka’s two sons, fraternal twins. His link with his brother (the kind that most twins have) was severed cruelly by Taryn when the boys were only five years old, when the twisted Coriel abducted his twin, Adrian and corrupted the boys’ mind.

Jadrek is a very quiet person, rarely speaks unless he has something important to say. He also has a short temper, and when it rages uncontrolled, very little can stop him. He consciously follows his peoples’ ideals on not killing those he feeds from, but he does have the blood of a few innocents staining his hands, the guilt over this is what makes him such a silent person, to the point of being a recluse.

Stories he has appeared in:

“Nightstalker II: Fate of a child”
“Nightstalker III: Loss of Innocence”
“Kiss of Death”
“Nightstalker IV: final confrontation”
“Nightstalker V: Brother against Brother”

Character insight: Jadrek is another of my more ‘tragic’ characters, but I haven’t really had the chance to develop his character. He is tormented most by the loss of his brother to the darkness of the Coriel. While his brother isn’t one of them, his mind is twisted, and he had proven to be a relentless killer. Jadrek mourns the death of his parents and has vowed to destroy his brother, no matter the cost to his own sanity. His relentless search for his twin and his younger sister leads him to the only one who could ever deter his actions. Electra, a half-Asuli whose compassion helps calm his all-consuming rage. He will attempt to ignore the needs of his own nature, refusing to consume the blood he needs for as long as he can, not caring of the dangers to himself and to his chosen ‘donor’, no matter how much Saia or Electra might chastise him for it.

03/04/2005 6:16 AM

no one huh?? *sigh* oh well....

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