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02/28/2005 2:34 PM

Silverfang looked up then lay down.

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02/28/2005 2:37 PM

Silverfang was laying down on the snow covered ground when she stood catching the sent of a moose.

03/01/2005 2:13 PM

(sorry back.) Silverfang stood and howled at Brownie another wolf that was near by.

03/01/2005 6:40 PM

five miles downwind, Kageki* heard the howl of a strange wolf. Her black ears twitched towards the sound, every hair bristling, her every nerve tingling with sudden adrenaline. The River tribe was further downstream, Ratha sent upstream to act as rear guard.

Because of her coloring, Kageki was the omega wolf of her pack, she was often surprised that she was selected for rear guard. Maybe they simply hoped she would run away. Kageki's fur was black and silver, her body and most of her legs, face and tail were silver, while her ears, paws and the tip of her tail were pitch black.

She raised her nose to the wind, scenting out two strange wolves to the territory, her pack leader, Iwayuuki**, had to know of the intrusion. she turned her silvery-blue gaze to the river feeling it's cool breezes waft across her nose, raised her muzzle and howled, every undulation an intricate meaning, a warning...

*Translation of my wolf's name. Kage means shadow, and Ki means Spirit, so definition of Kageki is Shadow spirit ;)
** Iwayuuki means Stone courage

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