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11/04/2005 2:28 PM

ooc:That will work but do you want Riashu to stay with us or Dilandu?

11/05/2005 2:39 AM

OOC: well dont get rid of any, rethink it.
raishu is out loking for something, lets not bring him back and leave him for when dark gets back.
you do dilandu and wossyerface

11/05/2005 3:28 PM

OOC:Dilandu and sica?

11/06/2005 1:55 AM

OOC: yars, you do them, if dark doesnt come back at all then we will either kill Dilandu off, or leave the planet without him

11/06/2005 4:01 PM

ooc: Ok I'll let you go ahead and post then and I'll find out where dilandu left off.

11/07/2005 8:35 AM

OOC: ok

IC: "we have waited long enough! namredips" said loudly while pulling out a lightsaber
"lets go find sica before my master does" and with that he cut the lock off the door and kicked it down.

11/08/2005 5:38 PM

Dilandu woke to find the room empty. At first he brushed it off thinking he hed woken up before everyone but as time passed he realized the other were not there. His mind went to Sica. The little brat had Raishu under her finger. What if he was so pre-occupied in her presence that he didn't notice that something was askew? But if someone had attacked why had he not been killed. No something was not right here. He got to his feet after lying in the bed for so long and made his way to the door. There was no lock and the sign of someone dephasing the door was evident. He examined the lock then stepped outside.
Sica walked around oblivious to those in persuit of her. She started back to the hostel and decided that she wasn't going to let anyone know she had left. She knew that Dilandu would chastise her, Raishu would be disappointed, and the new freak who she didn't like could starve. She clutched the bread next to her chest and walked down the street and turned the corner.

11/09/2005 8:18 AM

by this time namredips had reached the market where sica was, "anyone seen a girl? She has long honey brown hair that curls at the end and reaches to her waist. She's tiny yet tall and has big blue eyes
when no one answered he asked again, but thisd time he drew out his saber. suddenly he was the center of attention, namredips grabbed the bakery owned, put his face right up against his and growled 2i need to find her, where is she?"
the baker, frightened for his life blubbered "she recently bought a loaf of sweet bread, she went that way"
"thank you" namredips said normally while putting him back, he then ran off in the direction the baker had pointed

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11/09/2005 7:55 PM

ooc: She has long honey brown hair that curls at the end and reaches to her waist. She's tiny yet tall and has big blue eyes. She looks fairly delicate but has the strength of a gymnast.

IC: After turning the corner a sudden bullet of pain ran down her side and forced her to kneel. Her breath left and her eyes closed in agony. She rested there for a few moments before returning to the world around her.
Dilandu had sent out a call to her physical side demanding to know her present location in hopes of stalling Sica long enough for him to find the group. He shut his eyes and concentrated on finding the frequency of her pain and found her by the side of a building knelt down and clutching her side trying to regain her breath. He opened his eyes but kept his mind locked on hers and exited the room on his way to catch her.

11/10/2005 10:16 AM

OOC: i said rough :P
IC: after running for a while he came to a fork, "damn" namredipe exclaimed, he hadnt seen sica who was by the side of a building regaining her breath, "where is she?"he asked the world in general

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11/10/2005 5:40 PM

OOC: I just gave a quick overview. Sorry.
IC: The buildings support and cool bricks gave Sica just the comfort that she needed. Her fear of the sudden pain gripping her insides made tears fall from her eyes. There was a heavy hand on her shoulder and she looked up, straight into the face of Dilandu. Tears now streaming from the mix of pain and resentment of only having the solice of her most hated friend.
Dilandu removed the pain from her side and lifted her to her feet. His thumbs wiped the tears from her stained cheeks.

11/12/2005 3:10 AM

OOC: np
IC: namredips turned around and saw sica with dilandu
he frowned, "you could of told me you knew where she was" he said to dilandu

11/13/2005 3:09 AM

IC: Dilandu turned and glared at Namredips.
"What do you mean? Do you mean to tell me that she was not with you and Raishu?"

He looked back to Sica who was glaring at Namredips too. She wasn't coming close enough for him to help her.

Sica turned around and slowly made her way back to the hostel. She was angry and upset. The air around her screamed out for others to leave her be in peace. Dilandu followed only half caring about the other man. His mind was on Raishu. He had found Sica, run into Namredips but now where was his friend? Where was the one who had taken on this impossible female? He worried and sent out a feeling of happiness to him wherever he was.
Sica made her way through the crowded doors and back up to the room. She closed the door behind her and headed straight for the small shower located in the back of the room. With the door locked and the water running she stripped down and sat on the shower floor allowing the steaming water to hit her stomache.
Dilandu followed her in the door and up to the room. When he saw her disappear into the shower he sat on the bed and sighed.

11/14/2005 2:12 AM

Is it too late to join?

If not, here's my character.

Name: Alfenris Talkar
Race: Bothan
Force: Rogue Jedi
Fighting style: custom 1 double 1 single
Sabers: 1 red, 1 purple, 1 blue
Force: dark and light
Age: 32
Current location: This planet skydiving (sorry, cant remember what planet)
Background: Was brought into the Academy as a force sensitive, but flunked because of a brawl with another padawan who called him "puppy". Left the Academy and trained alone in an abandoned space station. Now travelling the galaxy seeking the thrill of extreme sports and battle.

Need anymore info?

11/14/2005 9:00 AM

OOC: not sure if we can let you join, GM (dark) doesnt seem to be here

11/14/2005 11:52 AM

ooc: Lets let him join and he can play your "master". Or one of his minions. Whichever. It will spice this up a little.

11/14/2005 6:57 PM

OOC: Can I join as a villian? I just wanted to ask before I did and screwed up your plans.

11/14/2005 10:32 PM

ooc: yes you can. We can have two villians who were both sent by Namredips "master" but they dont know about each other. Oh this will be fun.

11/14/2005 11:51 PM

OOC: Thanks, just tell me when to jump in

11/15/2005 3:35 AM

ooc: well read through the text and get a feel for the small details that Namredips made in reference to his master and judge what you think your "orders" would be I guess. Then post. your not with us so you can be like a sideline in a story until it ties together.

11/15/2005 8:17 AM

OOC: what fun :P
IC: namredips followed sica and dilandu back to the lodgings, muttering under his breath "all that running around, and he knew where she was all along, pah" then realisation dawned across his face. "i wonder what they will say when they see the door" he thought to himself

11/15/2005 3:30 PM

OOC: I am sorry but I didn't catch what planet you guys are on, or I couldn't find anything talking about his master. Sorry, I am a bad skimmer, but none the less, I shall join anyways.

Name: Gandu Hoss
Race: Human
Eye color: Dark Green
Hair: His bald head is covered by a small black wool hat.
Alignment: What side he's on depends upon who pays higher.
Weapons: Two pistol-type guns(or whatever the laser thingies are called I don't know specifics to well...), and two large canon like laser guns. He also has a few various lightsabors that he has claimed from previous "engagements."
Occupation: Mercinary
Looks: He appears to be a massively obese man. That is because he is a massively obese man. He wears a dark brown shirt without sleeves that is tightly tucked around his enormous belly. Metal plates adorn his shoulders, covering pale skin. A vest with many pockets is over his brown shirt. He has black pants that fit very tightly around his tree-trunk like legs. Heavy black leather boots cover his giant feet. Over all of this a long, thin robe loosely covers his body.
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 632lbs.
Skills: He has suprisingly fast reflexes for a man of his size. And a powerful force to be reckoned with. His strength is unparalleled.
Bio: He runs a small band of mercinaries. He is a feared icon through the galaxies. If someone wants someone else to "disappear." They call Gandu. He's the best in the business. And he'll do whatever you ask of him...for a price.

OOC: is that good? I will post just as soon as I figure out what planet we are currently on and some other minor details about the man who hired me, or should I bring in another masked entity? Who knows, but things are about to get interesting either way!

11/15/2005 4:06 PM

OOC: Namredips, tell him all about what you envision your master being like. I think we're on just some planet. we never really gave it a name. It started out as a crash here so we dont know where we are.

IC: Dilandu's hand pressed on the small of Sica's back and he gently pushed her towards the door. Once at the door he paused and looked at the handle. The memory of what the inside looked like came flooding back and he grabbed Sica's arm.

"Did you break the lock to get out girl?" He demanded roughly. He glared down at her in contempt and his lips pulled back into a pencil thin line.

Sica wasn't used to this rash treatment of her and tended to clam up. Fear of this overwhelming character filled her and she found herself once more crying out mentally for Raishu.

"No I didn't maybe you should ask someone who has a weapon on them." She replied in a cool and collected voice to veil her fright. She stood straight up rising to her full height and glared right back at him. She pulled her arm away but did not back away.

The moments passed like ages before they glanced away at the same time and turned their heads to Namredips.

11/15/2005 4:32 PM

OOC: I'll fill in the blanks later, but I shall post now just to get things moving.

IC: Gandu Hoss, the man that rivaled none in size, stood on his two massive legs, leaning against a wall made of strong red brick. He held in his hand a red fruit, which he was commonly seen with after being confronted to lose weight to increase his efficiency. 'Lose weight!' he thought to himself. 'I'm fine just the way that I am.'

"Sir!" A smaller man wearing a brown cloak and a red, clothe hat ran and bowed lowly in front of Gandu. And there the man stayed waiting to be acknowledged before speaking any further.

"Well," Gandu spoke harshly, the kindly demeaner of his 'gentle giant' appearance burned into that of a heartless murdurer. "What is it?"

"We spotted one of them, sir. He was spotted in the bazarre."

There was silence. Then Gandu let out a grunt. "Hardly a lead."

"But sir!"

Gandu waved a hand in silence and sent the small man, compared to him all other men were small, back to his post.

"So..." Thought Gandu aloud to himself. Pondering his situation over the small, half eaten fruit that lay in his fist. "The crash didn't kill them. This may be a tad more challenging than what I once thought."

Just before the small man got out of sight, Gandu let out a mighty call, "Hey! Get back here!"

There were continuous lines of, "yes, sir" and "right away, sir." When the man was back at Gandu's feet, the giant began to speak again. "Tell me, did they still have those Jedi with them?"

The small man gulped very noticeably. "Yes, sir. They did." He heaved a sigh and began speaking again, this time in a more controlled tone. "The girl bought something from one of the vendors. I could have gotten her then, but she ran off too quickly for me to get to her. So I followed her, of course." Gandu nodded in approval. "When she finally stopped weaving through all of those alleys and streets and such, a man stopped her. I am guessing that it was her companion. There was a sort of dispute between two of the males and then she ran off crying. She seems to be the typical female type."

"Good, good." Gandu uttered as he stroked his chin thoughtfully, then taking a bite of his tasty fruit, he bid the man to continue.

"Well, after doing some digging, I found that the men with her are apparently trained and skilled with the lightsaber. I wouldn't doubt if they can do all of those weird mind tricks also."

Gandu paced back and forth. "Well...You just worry about the run away. We have distinct orders to keep her alive. If she dies, we don't get the money. And if I don't get the money, I get very upset."

"But, sir!" The man said numbly, almost in a whimpering voice.

"What is it now?" Gandu said, almost annoyed of the pathetic underling.

"What about the jedi?"

Gandu pondered this for a long moment, then taking a bite out of his apple, he replied. "I will take care of those stuck up brats. They will be taught a lesson. Just like all of the others. Now get back to your post and don't bother me again unless it is so important that it would be worth your own life! Do you understand?"

The small man stood and saluted Gandu, "Yes, sir!"


Gandu took one last bite of his fruit then tossed the remaining core unto the ground and pranced into the bizarre. He found himself another cart of fruit and picked a piece off of the vendor's shelf and trudged away, ignoring the pleading salesman and continuing on his way through the crowd, his eyes always scanning and watching for his soon to be victims.

OOC: Sorry if there are any errors, and I apologize for the long post, lol.

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11/15/2005 11:50 PM

Afenris, more often known as Fenris, was flying. Or as close you could get to it. As he plummeted out of the sky at impossibly high speeds, he relaxed and began slowing his body down. He really shouldnt be doing this, as he needed to find his aprentise. He just couldnt resist. As he rocketed down, he felt a blip in the force. redips was here. He sent out a replying ping.

11/17/2005 9:35 AM

OOC: Firstly, jedi cant fly. They can jump high, but NOT fly, secondly im not evil

IC: "it was me" namredips said, i broke the door to get out, i couldnt find a key and you where not helpfull" he look over his sholder and saw a small man wearing a daft red hat, "ive seen him before" he thought to himself, but dismissed it and looked back at Sica and Dilandu

11/17/2005 8:55 PM

OOC: You know namredips, You could try not sounding so stuck up. Maybe he didn't know.

IC: "Well you should have asked someone instead of making a rash decision." Dilandu said to him. He could have cared less about the man Namredips saw, his attention was completely focused on their safety and his own anger managment. He was angry that this man he had taken in had jeapordized the safety of all of them and for a brief moment he wondered if Nampredips had done it purposely to get rid of his friend Raishu. He turned and followed Sica into the room not looking back to check if he was being followed.

Sica turned the shower on and gathered two towels and some toiletries. She picked up her previous outfit and decided to wash it with her things as well. Noticing that Raishu's things were still there, she bent to pick up one of his cleaner shirts. She laid it at the foot of the bed and stripped her clothes off. She then wrapped one of the towels around her and headed back into the bathroom. The door closed behind her and the running water sound diminished a little.

11/17/2005 10:29 PM

OOC: Jedi CAN fly. They simply slow they're body... It's not really flying, more floating.... AND im not evil either, just middle. A rogue Jedi is Niether (e.g. Kyle Katarn, Jedi Outcast). OOk, so I'm not He's apprentise... Goodie for him. I may be away for a little bit, so if you could hold a spot for me for a bit that would be great..

11/17/2005 10:29 PM

OOC: Jedi CAN fly. They simply slow they're body... It's not really flying, more floating.... AND im not evil either, just middle. A rogue Jedi is Niether (e.g. Kyle Katarn, Jedi Outcast). OOk, so I'm not He's apprentise... Goodie for him. I may be away for a little bit, so if you could hold a spot for me for a bit that would be great..

11/17/2005 10:29 PM

OOC: Jedi CAN fly. They simply slow they're body... It's not really flying, more floating.... AND im not evil either, just middle. A rogue Jedi is Niether (e.g. Kyle Katarn, Jedi Outcast). OOk, so I'm not He's apprentise... Goodie for him. I may be away for a little bit, so if you could hold a spot for me for a bit that would be great..

11/18/2005 6:32 PM

OOC: Let's not fight. Fighting is bad. Lol, I sound like a tree hugger.

IC: Gandu Hoss approached a building were his "assignment" lay inside. One of his men had previously pointed it out.

"Well," He said with evil excitement, "I have found teh little pricks."

He scanned his surroundings from a consealed location, even though he wasn't really consealed with all of his girth. As he carefully scrutinized his environment, he noticed that the door was now without a lock. It appeared as if someone has broken it. 'Did someone get here before me?' He thought to himself. That is when he saw commotion inside of the residence trhough a window.

"Perfect." He mumbled under his breath.

He quietly pulled out one of his favorite weapons. His cannon (OOC: it isn't an actual "cannon" it is justa REALLY big gun). (IC:)He pulled it up and aimed at the window where he could see one of the jedi.

"This is my favorite part of the job." He gawked. He pointed it directly for the man, then fired his first shot.

11/19/2005 6:56 PM

OOC: I dont know how long we can hold it but we will try.

IC: Dilandu heard the shatter of the glass and allowed his Jedi reflex to take over. He flung sideways just as the whiz of the bullet flew past his ear. The bullet found a target in the closet door and immediately He used mind control to keep Sica from exiting the bathroom. He dropped to the floor and grabbed for his lightsaber. He calmly stood and at the same time the buzz of electricty in the saber sounded. Whoever had shot that bullet had not yet entered the building.

11/19/2005 7:22 PM

OOC: what do you mean by keep it going? @_@ confuzzled @_@

IC: Gandu silently cursed to himself, he didn't like missing. "You are one lucky jedi." He said to himself as he came out of hiding. He heard the distant buzz of a saber and knew that his targets were now angered.

"So..." Gandu muttered as he approached the building. "He wants a fight does he? Well, let's just see how much of a jedi this guy really is!"

With that, he fired his blaster cannon and blew the door completely off, and some of the wall, and stood there in the broken doorway.

"Hello, chumps!"

11/20/2005 11:47 PM

ooc: LOL, ok sorry. i was away for the weekend, but im back now

IC: namredips who had not yet entered the building had dissapeared before thr fighting started, he saw the huge man standing in the door way and snuck up behind him
"that wasnt a very nice thing to do" he whispered in his ear as he drew his lightsaber

11/21/2005 4:19 PM

Gandu Hoss let out a small chuckle, his massive body not flinching. His large body slowly maneuvered his way to face the other man, leaving his back to his prior targets. He sized up the shorter man now before him and laughed some more.

"Well, we have ourselves a party!" He then stumbled in a fit of giggles, almost falling over, but then quickly regaining balance.

But then, as soon as it had come, it stopped, the emotion being replaced with one of hate and utter despise.

"A jedi!" He shouted, taking a thundering step towards the lightsaber wielder.

"You all need to be taught a lesson!" He then pulled out his other cannon, and pointed both of them at the smaller man, and gave him

"Say good-bye!"

Then the shots fired.

11/21/2005 11:53 PM

namredips dove out of the way, but not in time. His right leg was hit and bleeding, he fell to the ground "GO!" he shouted to Dilandu "take sica, protect her, ill slow him down" and with that he drew his lightsaber and used a force power to heal his leg, it didnt heal it compleatly, but it stopped the bleeding and some of the pain. now he was ready to fight

11/22/2005 2:52 PM

"Hmph." Gandu scolded himself for his inaccuracy.

"You jedi are all the same!" He yelled as he threw his cannons back over his choulders were they fell silently back into their holster-like straps.

"You all need to be taught a lesson in humility!" He threw his cloak to the side and pulled out two lightsaber and flared them up. They were both orange, Gandu's favorite color which is the only reason why he kept them.

Right before the battle began, the giant stood unmoving, staring down his enemy. He scowled at the smaller man. He then took a thundering step towards the youthful looking fellow before him.

"Do you know who I am? If you did, you'd have no idea what you are up against, boy!" Gandu wasited no time in beginning is terrifying charge towards the young man, lightsabers flashing.

11/22/2005 4:56 PM

Dilandu crept up silently behind the massive man and quick as lightning removed the mans guns. He tossed them quietly under the bed and pulled out his lightsaber. Without missing a beat he swung at one of the giants arms in hope of de-arming him.He saw Namredips on the ground and bleeding. He could not help the young child if he was in ny hopes of defeating this enemy. He gave Namredips a small helpless look and was back in the game. His feet shuffling like a calm dance and his breathing stilled. He waited for a split second while all the rolls on the giant made their way towards him. He shoved his saber foward and was rewarded as it struck something not altogether solid but nonetheless fleshy.

Sica Heard the commotion outside the bathroom doors and decided it was only the two males trying to fight for their territory. The thought put an instant loathing feeling in the pit of her stomache and she went back to soaking in the warm water.

11/22/2005 5:27 PM

Gandu shouted in agony, stumbling backward clutching a section of his massive stomach. He fumbled down the stairs, his lightsabers still in his hand, but not turned on. He was slowly making his way backward, away from his enimies.

"You tricky jedi scum!" He shouted in a menacing voice. He lifted his hand from the patch of damaged skin to reveal a burn wound from where his body had connected with the end of the lightsaber.

"You landed a lucky blow..." Gandu said, weazing, and breathing heavily.

"But now you fools are right where I want you!"

The giant rose two fingers to his lips and blew out a loud whistle that resounded through the air and off in the distance.

The man slowly lumbered his way to a standing position, all in silence.

Then the quiet was gone as the clutter of movement could be heard all around them. Men appeared on rooftops and out of alleyways, some with lightsabers, others with guns.

"Welcome to my little trap, jedi." Gandu said coldly, no longer nursing his wound.

The man took a step towards them, a puff of smoke rising where his massive foot had landed. "This didn't have to be so bad. But you jedi always have to take the hard way, don't you."

He then turned from them, walked to the edge of the alley and leaned up against a wall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a red fruit and took a bite.

"Let's see you get yourselves out of this one shall we?"

He threw the fruit at the jedi and the guns all began blasting, and the lightsabers went flashing.

11/22/2005 11:48 PM

IC: namredips swore then got up and ran towards dilandu, when he reached him he used a force power he was working on. "Force Shield" the blows rained harmlessly on the shield, and h emade his way towards the house with dilandu inside, but the shield didnt hold for that long, as they where nearly there it gave out, and once again they where in the line of fire. He pushed ilandu in the houseand then dived in with im, but wasnt quick enough and again was hit twice in the ledgs and once in the back, he let out a scream of pain as he landed on the floor by the bed, wrything in agony for a short time but then he stopped moving all together. dead? no but not far off

OOC: namredips is now unresponsive intill you get him to a doctor, you can use my (as in pick me up. etc) in your text now

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11/23/2005 6:32 PM

"Hold your fire!" Gandu shouted. He took a step towards the house and laughed.

"You cowardly swine!" And with that, the big man left. He walked down the alley way and out of sight into the large crowd of people in the bazaare. He took one last look back and chuckled.

"I think that they have learned one heck of a valuable lesson today. One that they'll not soon forget."

He laughed menacingly one more time, then went off looking for another shirt to replace the one that now had a massive burn hole around the stomach region. Hed be back. But he didn't want to fight a weak a enimy. He wanted them at his finest. And besides, he needed new guns.

OOC: I am going to be at my granny's house for te holiday for the next three days, so I'll be back on when I get back, that is why he left the fight, so you jedi are off the hook, gyarr har har!

11/23/2005 10:39 PM

IC: Dilandu rushed to Namredips and murmured a healing chant as he covered the wounds in soil from the potted plant outside the door. He crushed up herbs and set them abloaze as he rushed out to find a doctor. On his way out he lost mind control over Sica and she was allowed to come out of the bathroom.

Sica stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her hair then one around her body and stepped out of the bathroom allowing a small trail of fog to escape. She noticed Namredips on the bed and saw the state he was in and turned back into the bathroom allowing the door to close quietly behind her so she would not reveal her presence to whomever was out there.

11/24/2005 8:58 AM

IC: namredips moans, opens his eyes and looks around the room, everythign is blurry to him, hsi head is spinning, half the wall is missing.
he looks down and sees that he is covered in blood.
He crawls towards the bed and props himself up, picks up a blaster and points it at the door, ready for anything that came through it

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11/27/2005 3:46 PM

IC: Sica held her hands to her ears and closed her eyes. A tear rolled down her face as her back slid down the door bringing her knees to her stomache. She cried for loss of Raishu. She cried for Namredips near death on the bed. She cried because she didnt know where Dilandu was. She was scared. Very scared. She looked up and saw the glass in the mirror begin to crack and new she needed to get away from it. She stood slowly watching the glass and the ever growing crack and reached behind her for the door handle. It was too late, the glass shattered and showered her in slivers. With blood running in streams down her face she rushed out the door. She fell onto the bed next to Namredips and layed near his deepest wound, tears still gushing and falling onto his bare skin.

Dilandu kept going. He pressed on towards the hospital that loomed up ahead. His mouth was dry and his throat burned with the hunger his stomache felt. The fight took it out of him and he knew he was weak to begin with. The doors opened to let him through and he grabbed the first nurse he passed. Using mind control he led the nurse out and around to an ambulance. He placed in her head the words to tell the paramedics and they both climbed in the vehicle on their way to collect Namredips and Sica.

11/27/2005 11:13 PM

IC: namredips looked across at sica cover in blood and swore under his breath, he then used the force to heal her slightly, it only made a few of the wounds stop bleeding and she still needed a doctor, he grabed another blaster and forced it into her hands

[Edited by namredips on Sunday, November 27, 2005 11:14 PM]

11/28/2005 11:49 AM

IC: Sica gripped the blaster tightly but still cried. She was oblivious to the few wounds that had healed and stopped bleeding. She sat up and looked over on the balcony. She saw a potted plant that had come out unscathed during the battle that had oviously taken place there. As she began to calm down she noticed that the pot had started to break and the cracks were enormous.

The ambulance pulled up outside and Dilandu stayed in the vehicle. Still controlling her mind, he led the nurse and the paramedic to the room. They opened the flimsy door and rushed in to find a man and a woman on the bed. The woman sat looking horrified and stunned. She was bleeding from several cuts on her arms and her face. She was topless and olny a towel covered her lower half. The man looked to be in critical condition. Not even conscious. The paramedic ran to their side and tried hard to get the woman to lay down.

11/28/2005 12:45 PM

IC: namredips hears the paramedic say "hold in there, your going to be all right." and manages to swear quietly before passing out

OOC: sillysica, you can move namredips around (as in to hospital) intill he regained conciousness (i know i've just misspelt that)

11/29/2005 4:11 PM

ooc: I was planning on doing so.

IC: Dilandu stayed in the vehicle and through the nurses ica's damage and then willed her to look at Namredips. They both looked bad but he knew Sica would be ok. He told the nurse to bring out Sica first so that there was someone with her at all times. Then they would be allowed to get the younger man. The nurse lifted Sica and wrapped the sheet from the bed around her in hopes to keep her more covered. With her face twisted in such a state of shock it was impossible not to feel the goosebumps that had claimed her arms. She put one of Sica's arms around her neck and held her as she slowly made her way out the door and to the ambulance.

"Get the yound man on the gurney and follow after me." She ordered to the paramedic.

Sica was blindly aware that the nurse was taking her out of the room. Away from the breaking pot and the shattered glass. She was unaware that she was drawing in the nurses strength in hopes of her body healing. She closed her eyes tightly for a second and opened them trying to bring herself back to a state of pure consciousness. Then she was outside. The ambulance in front of her and Dilandu pulling her in next to him. She looked at him. Lost in his eyes. She was spacing out and she saw another fight. This time it was Namredips protecting her and Dilandu trying to kill them. She came back to the present just as Namredips was strapped into the back. She turned and knelt at his side. Her arms were thrown around him and she whispered in his ear.."please dont sie. Dont leave me here with him. I'm so sorry. So sorry. Dont go. Stay with me." Soba rakced her shoulders and she was pulled away from him.

Dilandu watched as Sica went into another vision. He didnt know what she had seen but knew that she was scared. He saw her go to Namredips and pulled her off of him as soon as it registered that she was crying. He tried to hold her away from the bleeding man. Luckily the hospital was just up ahead and the nurse was putting a sleeping agent into Sica to try to lessen the impact of the trauma thet she had went through. The door opened and Sica and Dilandu were taken out first. Dilandu made to fill out paper work and replenish his body of nutrients, Sica taken to a room and was placed in restraints. namredips was rushed into ER but on the way was taken into Sica's room so the nurse could fill out her share of the paper work. Sica who had not yet fallen under the full spell of the sleeping agent saw Namredips and was aware of the nurse.

11/30/2005 9:05 AM

IC: namredips look around from where he was, he could see sica, and the nurse was doing some paperwork, he was then rushed off, his head spinning, the lights over head roaring past, the door to ER opening, the bright light over the operating table blinding him, a mask put on his face, everything spinning, bluring, fading.
namredips passed out

11/30/2005 9:34 PM

OOC: ok well, I guess I'll do a quick operation on you as another character since we seem to be the only ones back from the thanksgiving holiday. What do you want done on you? Give me some Ideas and I'll take it from there.

12/01/2005 8:51 AM

OOC: well, me legs been fried, my toroso isnt a pretty sight, lets try something like, nearly dies, but at last minute somethign happens and is ok, also ties in with (if you want to) sicas new vision in the abulanse, when she starts crying over namredips

12/01/2005 4:00 PM

OOC: I wish we had someone else here who could play a healer. I'm not good with the surgery thing. I guess I'll try anyways but it may not be good. lol

IC: The paramedic rushed Namredips into the prep room where the nurse shot him up with numbing solutions and sleeping agents. She gave him a drug to flush out everythin in his bidy, all the toxins and such. She cleaned his wounds and cut his clothes off replacing them with a hospital gown. After an hour in the prep room the doctor was ready to operate. Namredips sped down the corridor on the gurney and was immediately croosed to the table when he was pushed in the door. He had lost an ample amount of blood and was still gushing. His pulse was getting faint and his skin was turning blue.

"Should we go through a blood transfusion to replace the lost blood?" The nurse asked.
"No, he will live." was the answer she got.

The boy was in for 4 hours while the nerves in his stomache and legs were re-connected and the skin was taken from his inner thighs to cover the massive wound his stomache had obtained.

Namredips was going to die. Sica felt it. She felt his pain and felt his tears. She felt the groggy awareness he had as he slowly woke from the sleep in the middle of his operation. She screamed for Dilandu. He was the only one she knew who could help. He came at once.

"You have to control Namredips mind. Keep him asleep. Hes waking in the middle of surgery. He's going to die Dilandu. He's not going to be here anymore."

She was hysterical, momentarily lost inside her own sorrow. So lost she forgot that the reason she needed Namredips around was so that when Dilandu turned, She had someone strong to help her. Her sobs racked her body and her tears were turned to salt. All at once the windows shattered and the TV sparked. She had no idea what was happening.

"I can only try Sica but make no mistake its not for you that i keep him controlled."

He forced himself to center into Namredips head and keep him under hypnosis and paralysis. He too felt the extent of the wounds Namredips and recieved and saw how Sica was right about him dying. He hoped the nurse would be able to save his life. He had been inside her head. He knew what she was capable of. If only he had a way of controlling her mind as well...

The nurse looked at Namredips legs and decided that a mixture of saliva and dirt would be the most efficient at healing them. She slipped out slowly and grab a handful of dirt from the potted plant right outside the restroom. She also took with her a styrofoam cup in which she placed the dirt. She took out a piece of gum and chewed on it for a while, spitting into the cup every few minutes. She couldnt fill it alone and stopped to think who else she could get to help her. her mind immediately went to the girl. Sica. She had been awake enough to know what was wrong. She was in tears over his body. She slipped into Sica's room and saw all the broken glass. She was glad for a reason to take Sica somewhere private.

"I think I'm going to move her to another room so she doesnt hurt herself on this glass." She moved Sica and on the way explained the situation. Sica also added her saluva and when the cup was full of mud, the nurse quietly slipped back into the operating room. The doctor ordered a small coffee break and everone left but the nurse. She skillfully packed Namredips leg in the mud and put a brace around it. It would sit there overnight and be healed in the morning. She didnt know how she knew but she knew.

OOC: If thats good then I'll keep going...if not..help me.

12/08/2005 8:21 AM

OOC: you'r doing fine, keep going, i wanna be walking about soon.

12/09/2005 4:00 PM

IC: The rest of the procedure was nerve wracking and on the edge. A constant swarm of doctors flooding in and out changing places so the one doctor was never there for too long. The surgery lasted all night. It was early in the morning before they even started on his legs. They worked on the one that was not convered by the brace, reconnecting tissue replacing lost skin no one even realized the other leg was supposed to be worked on as well. After the grueling task of repairing Namredips leg, they removed the brace expecting to find another time consuming task. To their great surprise, his leg looked as though it had been unscathed in his battle. They played with it and moved it. His joints moved easily. He would have no trouble working this leg.

Sica had been in his mind. Knew he was dimmly conscious of the doctors, of the lights, of the small pains he felt when they touched a sensitive spot. To her agony, she felt when he had completely woke and felt the searing stab of the scalpel removing skin from other places of his body to be used in covering up the places were his skin had been unsalvageable. She cried and Dilandu forced Namredips mind to close again.

Dilandu was tired of Sica and Namredips. He wanted them gone. They were nuisances and he was better off without them however until Raishu returned he would have no hope in losing them. He watched Sica fall back asleep and turned his mind to hers, To her dreams, to what she was thinking. He saw her fear of him. Her vision of what he would become and what he would do. He smiled and turned back to Namredips. He hated keeping Namredips under so he crept into the recovery room and performed a healing chant that healed Namredips from the inside out. In the morning he would be able to walk out a free man. Until that time, Dilandu was going to have a little fun and returned to Sica's room careful not to wake her. He unsheathed the small knife he had with him and cut a lock of her hair and placed it in his bag. Turning, he left the room and went to the small cot the nurse had kindly set up for him in the waiting room.

OOC: ok its morning, you can walk, jump in.

12/10/2005 2:07 AM

OOC: yaaay!

IC: namredips, awoke and looked around, he was in a uncomfortable bed and there was a curtain around him, he swung his legs around and got up, testing them, "hmm, the doc did a good job" he said to noone in particular, he looked down, he was in a hospital gown. "my..." his hand went to his side, there was no lightsaber, "gotta find my gear, then i'll meet up with sica, i hope she is ok" he meaningfully strode out of the curtain, compleatly forgetting he didnt have anything on underneath and that these hospital gowns didnt have a back on them, so he didnt know why people where laughing at him as he walked past, he found a nurse "exscuse me" he said beckoning her closer
"you shoulndt be out of bed!" she gasped
"my dear lady im fine, where is my equipment?" he replied
"its in a safe box, you'll have to go to reception for it" she told him
"thanks" he said walking away ignoring the sniggers of the nurse.
After much confusion he finally managed to reach reception, "ahh my good lady" he remarked
"im nobodys good lady" she snapped back
"look, all i want is my stuff back, ok?" he growled
"how do i know that this is your stuff?" she questioned
namredips sighed, he held out a hand and the safe depositbox flew into his hands, the door opened and out of it he grabbed a lightsaber, he turned it on. "because i can do that" he said smartly, walking off to the changing rooms.
After he got changed he walked out of the changing room and said "now, to find sica. Maybe i should use that weird jedi trick to find her" he shuddered "no, not after what happened last time, i'll ask that nurse over there. hey, excuse me"
"im looking for my friend, her name is sica"
"oh, you're the one they brought in with her, you where in quite a state, how are you feeling?
"im fine thankyou, but where is sica?"
"oh, she is in room 14 block A"
"thankyou" namredips said walking off, towards block A
after a while, he came to room 14 and opened the door

OOC: sorry for the long post, just had to get it out of my system :P

12/10/2005 6:09 PM

OOC: Mind if I join?

Name: Saya
Age: unknown (looks abput 20)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lightsaber: ice blue
Background: raised by the Jedi, background before then unknown
Rank: Jedi Knight
Height: 5'7'
Weight: Below Average/scrawny
Apperance: Waist length silver hair, ice blue eyes, triangle tattoo between eyebrows, pale white skin

OOC: Do you want us (Including namredips) to jump right it? Or does someone else who's been on this thread longer want to stick us in?

12/11/2005 12:37 AM

OOC: dunno, sica you been in this thread since beginning, i count you as temp GM while dark isnt here, and what do you mean

: Do you want us (Including namredips) to jump right it?

im already in

12/11/2005 5:37 PM

OOC:I dont mind if you want to go ahead and join in. Namredips, what kind of character do you think he should be? I dont think that post was too long. I love reading posts like that there is so much to write back to!

12/13/2005 12:01 AM

OOC: well he is a good guy, how about we have him a enemy to me in the short term, but likes you, with that we could even kill off dilandu if you want

12/14/2005 1:49 PM

OOC: Well he can definately take on that role but we cant kill Dilandu off yet. I built a story behind him...There is going to be a fight sooner or later in which he turns against us and then we can kill him.

12/15/2005 8:20 AM

OOC: oh goodie, lol noob on noob action, :p

btw its your turn

12/15/2005 9:56 AM

IC: The door opened and Namredips came in. Sica was passed out on the bed with a bandage on her head and a swollen eye. She was dimly aware that her privacy had been invaded but had not the strength nor energy to find out who it was. Her head did not turn, her eyes did not focus, and her body remained locked into one position. Her lips parted and slowly took in a deep breath before asking who it was.

"Namredips, is that you?"

Her breath caught as the realization that it could possibly be Dilandu and she could possibly be killed in her helpless state. She stayed still. If it was death, she was unsure of how to take it. The anticipation shook her enough to make her open her eyes. She did not turn toward the intruder but kept a somewhat steady yet unfocused gaze at the open window and the sunlight streaming across her. A small tear found the corner of her eye and dwindled down her cheek to land without a noise on the pillow.

12/15/2005 1:35 PM

IC: "yes it's me Sica, are you all right, there was a fight, then i was hit, then it was over, then you came out of the bathroom covered in blood, then... then i was in hospital, what happened?

12/16/2005 3:00 AM

IC:She turned her head slowly to him and painfully looked up at him. Her hand crept along the sheets needing comfort.

"The mirro broke, the plant in the pot busted, and the t.v. shattered. Things around me wont stop breaking and I keep getting this re-occuring vision where Dilandu turns on us. He tries to kill you first and then me...I dont know why but all of a sudden the mere fact that we depend on him scares me."

She spoke softly but Dilandu had acute hearing. Excellent hearing. These visions were visions of his own. He deliberatly gave Sica them. He knew she wouldnt be able to keep her mouth shut. The little whore was such a gossiper. He waited a little to allow the steam of his anger to subside and walked casually into the room. Giving a mere glance to Sica, he headed straight for Namredips.

"What on earth are you doing up so early boy? You couldnt possibly be healed so fast. Maybe you should lie down and rest a few more days. I am going to make the trip back to the hostel and claim our belongings. Make sure you dont leave while I am gone ok children?"

He looked pointedly at Sica, able to read the thoughts running through her mind as though they were coming in clear on a screen. Holding her gaze just a few seconds more he left.

Sica looked at Namredips. Scared, anxious, and cold.

12/16/2005 8:41 AM

IC: namredips just watched as dilandu left, everything had happened in a blur, he wasnt quite sure what had just been said, he got a grip on himself and looked around, he saw Sica, she looked scared.

"Dont worry, i'll protect you" he said sitting down in the chair next to the bed, "how are you feeling by the way?"

12/19/2005 6:14 PM

OOC: I may take some time in between replies because I'm on break from college and am not always in a great internet spot soo....jut warning you.

IC:"I think I am ok Namredips but there is something you have to realize about Dilandu. He is not what you think he is and he will not remain as tranquil as he appears to be now."

Dilandu was there in her head. He knew she was going to warn Namredips so he compelled her to sleep. Her will was strong and she fought him hard but in the end he won out. She feel asleep. He continued on the road to gather the belongings left behind and he hoped that he would find something useful in their things.

Sica felt tired suddenly but didnt want to sleep until Namredips had been forewarned. She struggled to stay awake and signaled to him to bring her a pen and pad of paper from the top desk drawer on the far side of the room.

12/20/2005 6:24 AM

IC: namredips quicky rushed the pen and paper to her "what is it?" he asked

12/20/2005 1:47 PM

IC: She weakly took the pen and paper and wrote WATCH OUT. It was all she managed before falling powerless against the sleep that threatened her. She hoped Namredips could get it but if not she felt that even though he was reckless in his methods he might be able to hold Dilandu off until reinforcements showed up.

Sleep overcame her and in her mind she saw Raishu. She wanted him to come back. She needed his presence to kep her alive and well...

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12/20/2005 1:59 PM

IC: "watch out" namredips mouthed to himself, "she must mean dilandu" he thought in the privacy of his mind, "Then i will not stray from sicas side, i will not alow any harm to come to her" and with that, namredips positioned himself behind the door alowin gan immediate advantage over anyone who came in

12/21/2005 5:23 PM

IC: Dilandu went through the drawers and ruffled through the many pointless treasures that were kept in there. It was a mix of Raishu's items and Sica's items. In one corner was the bag that held the few belongings of Namredips. He picked up the bag and emptied the contents onto the bed. He didnt see anything that looked that useful to him so he casual stuffed everything back into the bag. He pulled out the drawer and proceeded to empty out those contents onto the bed. He found the amulet that Raishu had normally worn around his neck and the diamonds that had originally come with Sica when they had first found her. He confinscated both and put the rest of the belongings into a napsack that he threw over his shoulder. He left the room and paid the bill then started back for the hospital.

Sica tossed and turned trying hard to relieve herself from the nightmares. She saw everything Dilandu took and felt his every thought. Him holding her under with mind control allowed her to have a constant contact with his mind. A sweat broke out on her forehead and her face contorted with agony.

12/31/2005 9:25 AM

IC: namredips had noticed Sica's agony but still remained behind the door, waiting for Dilandu, if he left then he would have no advantage over him, namredips being a trained assassin knew this all too well

OOC: just remembered the assassin reference myself, when i was first introduced

01/08/2006 9:51 AM

OOC: helloooooo, anyone here?

01/10/2006 12:20 AM

OOC: yeah I'm here. I just got back from the break we got from the University. So now I am back my friend...lol.

IC: Dilandu stepped back inside the hospital doors again and looked about, memorizing all the details he could see. He walked forword with caution and stepped into the elevator with all the belongings of the group. With a smirk and an evil hooded look, he pressed the button to shut the doors and the button of Sica's floor.

Sica screamed but did not wake. She sweated profusely and cried. The agony and torture that Dilandu was deliberatly putting her through was excruciating and meant as a means to draw out Namredips.

01/13/2006 4:46 AM

OOC: I'm back. Would somebody please fill me in. That way I don't have to read every page.

01/13/2006 11:20 AM

OOC: OMFG!!!!! ITS DARKELF!!!!!!111oneoneoeneo

ok, after you left, we got sica back, but then where attacked by mercs, i was hurt badly and sica wasnt to good either, Dilandu is now a badguy, sica is still in hospital and im guarding her by hiding behind the door (my imagination had run out at this point) and dsilandu is trying to draw me out, also sica trusts me now and maybe digs me *wink wink nudge nudge* :p

IC: it pained namredips to see sica suffering so, but he could not leave his position, he would not, but he could not ignore her anylonger, he left his position and join sica by the bed, shaking her, wishing he has learnt more about how to use the force to heal, he pressed the button to call the nurse and tried to wake sica up

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01/16/2006 8:42 PM

OOC: hey hun welcome back...Digs you? Come on Namredips...even you know thats just hopeful thinking lmao. Anyways yes...we decided that Raishu either got lost on his quest to get me from the market or was taken. He's not here. You can go ahead and bring him back. That would be great. Dilandu is a badguy and he's trying to kill both of us..mainly Namredips and looking for the medallion I have that proves I'm the princess on that planet bringing us back to my background.

IC:Sica screamed and grabbed onto Namredips. Tears fell to his shoulder as she gasped for air and sobbed uncontrollably. Her mind had been released and she was awake and scared. She realized that Namredips had left were he should have stayed and cried. "Why did you leave? He's going to get us now and we have no way to protect ourselves. Namredips you should have left me. I saw what he's doing and he's in the hospital in the elevator. I dont know if he's here yet." Her voice was shrill and held a note of panic. Her eyes contained a look of sheer fear and her skin turned clammy and white. She looked sickly and tear stained cheeks drew up the picture of horror.

Dilandu steeped out of the elevator and onto the floor. he had released Sica's mind as soon as he saw Namredips leave his place. That young child was a fool and had yet to prove otherwise to Dilandu. He couldnt believe he had befriended the kid when he had tried to kill Sica yet he didnt want to save her then either. It didnt matter. With raishu out of the way and the two cowards defensless he had a clear shot of taking their lives and claiming his riches. Raishu had been dumb to see Sica as something other than a whore. He would not make that mistake. He paused outside the door and listened to the intense crying taking place behind the door. he laughed inwardly and set down the bags to remove his weapons and hole them at the ready. He was not niave enough to believe that they would not make an attempt on his lofe when he walked in the door. he would not join with Sica's mind knowing that if he did she would pinpoint his location as well. To hold her asleep would be a dead giveaway to Namredips.

01/16/2006 11:53 PM


...Digs you? Come on Namredips...even you know thats just hopeful thinking

curses, oh well, btw dark, if you planning on brining Raishu back you better hurry up, i wont last this fight for long, i have NO fighting experience, but ill do it my best

IC: namredips got up from the bed after comforting sica, went to the nearby phone, and used the internal phone system to call for security, he knew they wouldnt stand a chance but he needed all the help he could get.
He then stood in front of Sica's bed, shielding it from the door, and drew his lightsaber
"bring it on!" he whispered under his breath

01/17/2006 4:48 PM

OOC: Lol your cute Namredips. Dark do you want to take over Dilandu again?

Lets pause till he answers. If he wants to he can take over.

01/17/2006 11:45 PM


Lol your cute Namredips


but if he takes dilandu over then i'll have NO CHANCE WHAT SO EVER IN FIGHTING, but yeah lets see if he wants to take over, might make the plot more intresting because then he can move Raishu quicker

01/18/2006 9:23 AM

OOC: Am I mistaken in thinking your C has a thing for mine? lol. It was his character to begin with so if he wants to take Dilandu back he's more than welcome to. However if there is no reply from him by thursday, we'll continue.

01/18/2006 9:24 AM


Am I mistaken in thinking your C has a thing for mine?

it wasnt intended, but hey, go wiht the flow :p

if he wants to take Dilandu back he's more than welcome to


01/20/2006 1:15 PM

OOC: its friday, he has missed his chance to take control of him, SEND HIM TO THE SLAUGHTER, my first battle should be fun

01/22/2006 1:58 PM

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01/22/2006 8:59 PM

OOC: Sorry I was gone for the weekend. Let me pick it up.

IC: Sica held her breath as the silence all at once seemed to scream. The lights everywhere went out and she felt beads of sweat make their way down the valley between her breasts. Her breathing was heavy and very slowly and carefully she removed the tubes from her arms. Swinging her legs around she sat on the edge of the bed never taking her eyes from the door. The silence seemed to last an eternity and was oddly long.

Dilandu popped all the lights and used his powers to shield them and the sound they would make from all ears. It was a taxing action to put up a sound shield but it was done soon enough. All his gaze turned back to the door. Her eyes burned holes through the wood he felt it. He reached his mind to see his attack.

Sica stopped breathing and shifted her eyes to Namredips. She felt Dilandu's next move. Him sharing her mind had made her a sensitive to him. She flipped her gaze between the door and Namredips. She knew this was going to be bad.

The time had come and he made his move. Her gaze had heated the handle and expanded the wood so it was about to shatter. He kicked in the door with a swift foot and immediately dropped to one knee with his saber raised.

The door burst open and for a split second time stopped. She jumped up as he dropped to his knee and took stance. Taking her stance brought her directly to Namredips side.

"You know you have been nothing but a pest since we picked you up Sica, what makes you think your able to beat me?"

"I dont have to think. Two of us one of you, I think that answers it."

"Raishu is no longer here to take his place by your side honey. You knew he would never be able to stay with you. Falling for him was without a doubt the worst thing you could have done."

"Yes but unlike you I still have the ability to feel something other than anger, jealousy, rage, and hatred. I think that places me one step ahead of you. If he were here he would be able to take you out. You would never have defied him."

"Newflash girl. He was under my charge not yours."

Sica's eyes flashed red and anger overcame her. Her fists clenched and her urge to drop kick him was almost too much to control. For once in her meager existance she found herself grateful her father had forced her to take a defence class. Her gaze never left Dilandu and she reached her mind out for Namredips. All around her glass was breaking and wires were sparking. They did not deter her from her position.

He never saw her in such a mood. Even when that kid had tried to take her life from her she had not looked so angry. This was going to be fun. He was lucky to have found her weak spot early. Knowing that Raishu was a subject to make her rash was in his favor.

01/23/2006 8:50 AM

IC: namredips silently pulled Sica back behind him, and said "i wont let you hurt her", a glint of determination 'glinted' in his eyes, namredips was determinted to keep sica safe, no further harm was going to come to her, he hadnt felt like this since...
since that day, "as long as blood flows through my vaines i can fight, as long as i can fight i will protect her" he boldly said, and still with a glint in his eye, he Kicked Dilandu, knocking him through the thin walls of the hospital, he then jumped through the hole after him, lightsaber at the ready

OOC: kicking was like martial artist kick, only kicked him through the wall because i didnt want to fight inside, wasnt ebough room

01/24/2006 2:38 AM

IC: Sica didnt want to be held back from Dilandu. She felt it was her due right to fight him for what he cause to her and Raishu. She watched as Namredips kicked Dilandu through the wall and out into the hall. She let him jump though and stayed behind for only a few seconds wondering why he was becoming so protective over her.

Dilandu landed on his back and flipped onto his feet. He was already pointing his saber when Namredips came through the wall. He swung at Namredips as fast as lightning whil at the same time twisting his body out of harms way and putting himself closer to the room.

Sica jumped out behind Namredips only to come inches away from a lightsaber directed towards removing the limb off of Namredips. She unsheathed the knife she had placed under the bed for emergencies and crept beside Namredips on his left. She held her stance and rushed at Dilandu.

OOC: Sorry if that last one was too long but it was the introduction. Probably lame I know but still. I wanted to know if after this fight scene you want to randomly "part ways" and meet again a few years down the road in another thread. I am in. E-mail me.

01/24/2006 9:19 AM

OOC: yeah sounds good, why are you planning on dying?

IC: namredips spotted Sica rushing Dilandu, and screamed "NO!" he lept at her and tackled her out of Dilandu's reach, "stay here" he commanded "your no match for him"
he then got back up and took a backhand slash at Dilandu

OOC: also are we allowed to wound people directly? or do they have to take the hits?

01/24/2006 11:51 AM

OOC: They have to take the hits. I cannot tell you that Dilandu did anything to you unless you decide it was ok for your c to be harmed. I am not planning on drowning, I am planning on killing off Dilandu and us parting ways only to bump into each other in another thread. One by Thanis.

IC: Sica was once again thrown to the side and landed on her back on the ground. She rolled out of the way as Dilandu's heavy figure loomed down towards her. She covered her eyes as tears stung and sabers clashed. Her mind reeled as she felt the next attack on Dilandu.

Dilandu rushed at Sica as she was tossed like a rag doll to the ground by the one who claimed to protect her. He reached out to grab a fistful of hair as a slash from namredips brought him to his knees. He lunged forward to bring namredips to his equal ground. His saber stabbed forward and his bleeding nose ached dimly.

Sica opened her eyes as she heard a scream. She turned to see Dilandu going for Namredips leg and a nurse off to the side who had gotten past the shield. She elbowed Dilandu's temple in an attempt to prevent him from hitting his target.

01/24/2006 1:05 PM

OOC: Sorry, I lost power for a few days. I had no way to get onto the internet. I would gladly take over my two characters. BTW where's Raishu? I forgot.

What I find most interesting though, is that you took the plot just like I wanted it to go. (With a few minor execption of course)


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01/24/2006 1:15 PM

IC: Dilandu felt this attack coming on. Using his "Sithly" powers. He through Sica away with a force throw.

He rose his saber above his head. He was about to throw a final blow to namredips.

As Dilandu was coming down on namredips, a mysterious jedi intercepted the blow with his green glowing lightsaber.

Dilandu then ran off, seeking the need to meditate. (He left no trace of where he coyuld've gone)

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01/24/2006 3:02 PM

OOC: TBH that post is seriously lacking in rp, no offence ment, severe attack of 'imagination loss' maybe? :p

IC: namredips faced this new jedi, with his lightsaber still drawn, "who are you?" he asked threateningly

01/24/2006 4:02 PM

IC: "Raishu!" Sica cried. She rose to her feet and with tears running she flew in between Namredips and Raishu. She glanced at them. Raishu was still locked in combat with Dilandu and Namredips was standing at the ready. Her emotions flew. Her best friend was back. Someone she trusted. All she could think of was what would happen now. She threw one more look and fled back to the room. She grabbed her personals and changed in the restroom that was provided for her comfort. She didnt know why but she could not stay to watch this fight any longer. It was her fault. She had to go. She finished packing what little she had taken out and threw one last glance through the hole at the men she held dear fighting. She hoped Dilandu got his just desserts. That bastard deserved it. With that she jumped through the window, landing on her feet on the ground.

OOC: What do you mean we took it where it needed to go? And who's post lacked the RP? I try so if it was mine I'm sorry Namredips.

01/25/2006 4:41 AM

OOC: Dilandu (in my mind) was a sith anyway.. That' what I ment by "you took it where it needed to go. Sorry about the lack of rp. I have to get back into a certain state of mind.

Sica, I don't understand your post. Could you clarify it plz?

01/25/2006 9:18 AM

OOC: i dont quite get it either, Dilandu ran away, nwo im asking who the 'mysterious jedi' is, and no it wasnt you i was talking about sica

01/25/2006 4:16 PM

OOC: Whats not to get? I left. I got upset because I was being held back and so I left you guys to fight. Was I mistaken thinking that the "Mysterious Jedi" was Raishu? Or did I miss a conversation that said you werent bringing him back?

01/26/2006 4:41 AM

OOC: RAishu's not back "YET" Key word, YET. If I recall correctly, Raishu didn't weild a green lightsaber.

01/26/2006 8:46 AM

OOC: oh ok, i missed part about sica being gone, so the mysterious jedi isnt Raishu?

IC: namredips' head turned to Sica as she yelled "RAISHU", he face looked back at the hooded figure and said "thats not Raishu, for one thing he didnt have a green lightsaber, i ask again, who are you?"

01/26/2006 12:33 PM


so the mysterious jedi isnt Raishu?


IC: "I am Kairn, a Jedi Master in the Resistance," Karin replied to both of them,"So...no, I am not this Raishu that you speak of."

Karin quickley put his lightsaber away as to not alarm the others.

01/28/2006 5:18 AM

IC: namredips kept his lightsaber raised, "what do you want?" he asked, while circling round to get between him and sica

01/30/2006 4:45 AM

IC: "I sensed a disturbance in the force," Kairn replied,"it lead me ghere. Where I found you two battling a Sith lord."

01/30/2006 7:56 AM

anyway, on with the show

IC: namredips wisely decided to keep quiet about his past, he turned off his lightsaber and holstered it "you intervention is apreciated, (OOC: lol, cant spell) (IC:) i doubt i would of lasted much longer, have you seen another jedi around here, his name is Raishu, Sica can tell you more"

01/30/2006 4:49 PM

OOC: Congrats to you Namredips. I dont know if you want me to edit that last post of mine, but I left. You didnt let me fight, I got mad and I left. If you want me to stay I will edit it but I'm confused on what you guys want.

01/31/2006 4:47 AM

OOC: Sica, it's okay that you left. It adds more to the RP enviornment. You get to do what you want (given some limits though). Don't worry.

Congrats to you Nam.

IC: "No, I have not seen another jedi here. Last I knew, I was the last of the jedi on this planet," He replied. Kairn looked around and sat down on the ground.

02/01/2006 9:01 AM

OOC: thanks!

IC: " damn, we need to find Raishu, where is he?" namredips exclaimed looking around, "come to think of it, wheres sica?"

02/01/2006 10:18 PM

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IC: "Damn!" namredips exclaimed, "i wonder where he is, more importantly, where is sica?" he said, walking off into the dark building

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is this topic still going or what, would someone please reply?

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No I know that I'm not in this thread anymore

03/02/2006 8:14 AM

i buggered off when your back was turned

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rrrrrrrrrrr.. Commies

03/15/2006 10:17 AM

i take offence, not commie (although i never saw why its 'better dead than red') im british, our country is run democraticly (which means the minority vote wins)

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Hey man I was tired of the whole disappearing act. Join us if you want. It would be cool to have you.

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presto chango *dissapears*

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