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02/28/2005 9:38 AM

(OOC) Basically we'll be Jedi going around to many planets and killing the Sith.
If anyone would like to join, then please leave a message.

03/11/2005 11:30 PM

Ooc: I'll join.

Name: Ratu- Kaitu (Ratu)
Age: 23
Species: Twie'lek
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: 1 green lightsaber. (who cares about the hilt)
Background: Taken in by the jedi order and trained to be a jedi.
Rank: Jedi Knight
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: He's skinny, but not too skinny. and muscular.
Appearance: White skin. Tails drape over shoulders.
Skills: light Jedi powers

Ratu walked into one of the transports that was about to leave. "Sorry I'm late." So where are we headed?

ooc: sorry about the short post.

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03/13/2005 6:13 AM

Do we really have to follow the star wars universe, can't i just play some renegade merc that ran away from the sith and jedi honing his own force skills on an abandoned planet filled with marooned jedi, and taught the seventh level of jedi fighting style without falling to the dark or light side?

03/14/2005 10:16 AM

yes u can

03/14/2005 4:16 PM

Have you any idea how i would be unfairly powerful. If that's gonna happen your gonna have to get me some fair duels mehn.

Name: Alexandre
Weapons: Four praetorian hilt red sabers he got from killing off two foolish sith recruiters.
Style: The seventh jedi fighting style.

03/15/2005 9:57 AM


Name: Dilandu
Race: Human
Eye color: Black
Alignment: Neutral
Weapons: One double bladed red lightsaber. (Made by self)
Style: VII
Occupation: Sith Lord
Background: Taught on Korroban
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 140lbs.
Skills: light and Dark powers

Azrael what planet are you marooned on. We'll start by going there. Me and Ratu will basically come and take in Jedi who will serve our purpose.

03/15/2005 5:37 PM

ooc: o.k. you have me but I need some replies or there was no point in me joining this rpg site.

Name: sica
Race: human
Eye color: blue
Alignment: good
Weapons: none yet
Style: Tell me what you mean
Occupation: princess of algernon
Background:palace highlights
Skills: wiccan magick

Azrael, I am not so sure i should be this far without my protection, are you sure I will be safe or are trying to Make me feel safe when I really am not?

03/16/2005 5:05 AM

OOC: Yo Sillica, in what way do you define safe. By the way What planet was Mace Windu(Samuel L. Jackson) marooned on anyway, cuz that would be where I am. You guys sure in allowing me the seventh level of Jedi fighting style. Mace Windu took out an entire armada of droids and one super thumper vehicle with that very style.

03/16/2005 9:53 AM

OOC: Yeah it's fine Azrael. Here's my character's info.

Name: Dilandu
Race: Human
Eye color: Black
Alignment: Neutral
Weapons: One double bladed red lightsaber. (Made by self)
Style: VII
Occupation: Sith Lord
Background: Taught on Korroban
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 140lbs.
Skills: light and Dark powers

Mace Windu's home planent was Haruun Kal. I couldn't find the planent that he was stranded on though.

03/17/2005 12:07 AM

Was I right in using the seventh or was it eleventh? All I know is Yoda only uses the third level, lol, EL(Evil Laugh). Cool so, who's gonna start.

03/17/2005 9:49 AM

Yes the Seventh form is the last form. It is the most challenging to master. What do you mean " Who's going to start."

03/17/2005 9:57 PM

ooc:I would start but since I can't easily do that since I'm somewhat of a newbie, I'll let you guys start. I define safe as being untouchable. No harm will come to me because you will protect me.

Princess Sica starts to walk away from her protector and wonders to herself if it was the right thing to do to run from the palace, "after all the fight with father wasn't that bad. maybe I should return." She pauses in her stride and turns back. The man she ran into was only standing there looking around. "luckily", she thought to herself," this man seems trustworthy and I won't have anything to worry about with him by my side" She starts back towards him. " Azreal, do you know where we are? I am feeling that maybe it was a bad idea for me to leave the palace.... Azreal......AZREAL!"

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03/18/2005 3:16 AM

OOC: Yo Sica, my char's name on this thread is Alexandre, and how the hell did I end up in your palace when I was marooned on some planet called "whatever"? By the way, maybe you should start using punctuation and other bits attributed with grammar cuz girl you post was not fun to read. By the way, my name's Azrael_Adross, the angel of death, not Azreal. Maybe we should let Dark Elf start the thread cuz he was the one that started it. How the hell did wiccan magic end up in the Star Wars universe?

03/18/2005 6:39 AM

ooc: Actually, I ran away from my planet and ran into you. I told you I can't start things off so I'm sorry if you didn't like my post. On my planet wiccan magic can be used> I'm sorry I have no clue what your name is on this thread. Maybe you should start cutting a little slack to me I already posted that I was new to this. I did use punctuation maybe you should look again.

03/18/2005 10:03 AM

OOC: Sillysica please don't use wiccan magic. I'm not trying to discriminate against a religion or anything but, Lets just stick to star wars.K. Let's call the planet that Alexandre is marrooned on Uktan. We will call the town Wek'ean. Uktan will be a rocky planet. with a few plateus that have towns on them.

IC: (Somewhere near Uktan.)

It was a galactical beauty. Life in the stars was the way to live. *CRASH* An Asteroid hit Dilandu's Ship and sent it hurdling through Uktans foggy atmoshpere. The ship hit the rocky surface. *BOOM* The ship blew into thousands of large shrapnal blasts going in every direction. Their lied Dilandu. On the ground. Knocked unconcious. Lying their on the ground, ready to die.

03/19/2005 1:30 AM

OOC: Sorry Sica, its just that your post confused me a lot. I mean really, how the hell could one run away from your planet and in the next second bump into me. How the hell did you know my name before I even gave it. And I saw your post before you edited it, so nice goind since you changed it. Nice start really, but however, for this thread you gonna have to be a bit more Star Wars.


Xander stepped towards the cave's mouth as he peered into the night sky. He had sensed something wrong and found his speculation to be true. He smiled as he left for the inside of his cave, the fire he had made still danced while his master, Graigu lay beside it, asleep. The old man was his teacher of the force ever since he came to this planet to escape the recruiters. He hated every bit of their person's, the Sith were evil, and the Jedi were too good.

The rushing and burning craft that had crashed a great distance away posed no threat to him, In this planet no one is searched for. Let it be Sith or Jedi, once you've entered this planet forget your loyalties, for your only comrades would be the ones here with you. He knew this well as he began to return to his practice, he called forth his four lightsabers by his power and they began to float around him. He activated them and sat upon the hard ground. He then closed his eyes as the light blades began to revolve around him in easy revolutions.

As for the men and women who were on that crashing craft, May the force have no mercy upon them.

03/19/2005 12:40 PM

ooc: o.k. I give. no wicca. I will tell you that I'm not great at the star wars scene all I know is my dad is addicted to them.

Sica sat down across from xander and watched his practiced ritual with much enthusiasm. She had never seen a man who could elevate things with his mind. She was careful not to interrupt. However, her mind kept wandering to the crash and souldn't forget the blank look on Xanders face as he barely glanced that way.

03/19/2005 7:33 PM

OOC: Yo Sica, you really wanna know me don't you. (Greg ikaw na, linti daw agi ka imo ya sagi tabid sa akon) Its okay anyway, I'll bite.

IC: Alexandre paced forth through the countours of his mind as an intruder to his peace and soltitude was present. Sica was on of the few who were born here from marooned parents. He opened his dreaded eyes and threw a peicing look upon her. "Distance yourself girl, we may share cave, but not my space," he cruelly said.

03/19/2005 10:49 PM

OOC:can i join?

my bio

Name: namredips (no capitals)
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: 1 Purple Lightsaber
Background: Im sorry. but the republic database has no information on this human
Rank: Jedi padawan
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: avarage
Appearance: wears his robes with the hood over his head nearly all the time has greny-blue eyes and borwn longish hair
Skills: light-dark force powers

OOC:can sum1 please introduse me or something? i dont really see a chance to join in

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03/21/2005 6:33 AM

She threw him a withereing look but did as he requested and got up. She was pacing back and forth behind him when a thought came to her mind. "what if that ship that went down was carrying supplies for us. maybe... just maybe.... that ship was here for us." But even as she said it in her mind she knew it was futile to wish such a thing. There was no way she could back out of this mess now so she stopped at a small boulder and sat down. She was staring off into space when someone tapped on her shoulder. She flinched and turned around ready to fight.

03/21/2005 8:54 AM

namredips jumped back and missed the blow thrown at him and said "woah, take it easy, im not gonna hurt you"
i was in that ship, luckly i made it too an escape pod, my master {insert name here} didnt make it though"

03/21/2005 9:58 AM

OOC. who let nemredips in this forum. you can join namredips, but i'm intorducing you if that's okay w/ you. Notice I started the forum. I won't continue w/o namredips' response.

03/21/2005 12:22 PM

OOC: ok, being totally honest i didnt really understand you, and i dont think anyone let me in this forum, and sillysica introdused me, i think

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03/21/2005 2:17 PM

OOC: I had a use for you but i'll just use a droid.

IC: Dilandu was almost dead when his truty R2 unit came to save heal his wounds. This would take awhile, but he knew that he would be able to continue his journey. Hopefully his companion(and apprentice) Raishu was okay. Raishu had been put in suspended animation. After all that's what he had been in when he and his master traveled. He had slain his master, Sith lord Kakari on Korriban.

03/21/2005 4:45 PM

OOC: Yo, just would like to let everyone know that I'm still here and my kid is still playing with the sabers.

03/22/2005 9:49 AM

OOC: Cool.

After Dilandu was healed...

After a few hours of rest dilandu was in full form. Luckily none of his things were damaged. "Raishu," he said in fear. Hoping Raishu was okay, he went back to check on Raishu. " Whew," he said with a sigh of relief. Raishu was fine. Dilandu disengaged Raishu's suspended animation chamber.

*cough* " Oh my god where are we master!," Raishu said in shock.

" We are safe for now young one, that is all you need to know," Dilandu said relievingly, " We will continue our search for combatants.

So they headed north for awhile. " Whoa," Raishu said while looking down a side of the plateau."

" What is it"

" We....We're on.... a...a.......we're on a plateau Master."

" Oh good now we won't have to climb one then. Allthe towns are on plateaus, let's just hope there are friendly ones on this Plateau."

They traveled SouthEast.

03/23/2005 2:59 AM


*cough* " Oh my god where are we master!," Raishu said in shock.

He he, Jedi don't usually say OMG. I think they don't even say it at all or else, what use would the force be?

By the way, I'll post as soon as you guys call my character.

03/23/2005 5:03 AM

OOC: They don't but didn't have any time to rethink that phrase.

IC: A few hours later.....

Dilandu and Raishu soon reached a cave. IT was getting dark anyway, so they decided to go in. ( A different section of the cave that Alexandre is in) They werwe going to stay here for the night. They talked about their plan, just so they both knew that the other knew the plan. Also so that a mistake would be theirs and not understanding the plan.

03/23/2005 6:23 AM

ooc: how did I introduce you? I don't even know you.

03/23/2005 6:29 AM

" When will we be leaving this planet xander? I want to know where that shop came from and who was on it."

She might as well have been talking to a rock because he didn't even glance her way. Sica decided to go on her own to find the ship. She couldn't sit by and wonder anymore.

" I'm going to find that ship and I would appreciate it if you came with me"

She said. He glanced her way but still had no response for her so she got up and started walking away. Tears in her eyes from the fear she felt. She had heard the stories but how could there really be a terrible creature out there? There was no such thing as a creature who could teleport behind people and slay them from behind with their jagged fingers. There was no REAL creature called the Sith.... was there?

03/24/2005 8:21 AM

Ooc: introduce me anytime now! lol

03/24/2005 9:43 AM

Hearing footsteps elsewhere in the cave, Dilandu thought that someone else may be in this cave with them. Therefore he shouted, " Is anybody in here!!!!!!!!!." the echo went on for seconds. Maybe their were other jedi in this cave. Refugees, escaping discrimination. staying away from the locals who might think of sith and jedi to be the same thing. He waited a few minutes for a reply.

03/25/2005 5:22 AM

The disturbance came in more than one form. First the doting girl and next the essence of a powerful figure. He narrowed his eyes and stood recalling his sabers to him. He went over to his sleeping Master, and roused him from his sleep( Dark_Elf should control all the NPC's) saying, "Sir, I feel a foreign essence upon our abode or near it, can you feel it too. If so what may our course of action be."

03/25/2005 6:25 AM

Sica stopped when she heard xander say that.

"What do you mean by foreign essence? Could there possibly be someone here that we cannot see but only you can feel?"

She was nervous. She knew that to leave now would be futile but she would not get in their way so long as they did not let anything get to her.

" Maybe," she thought to herself," I could talk them into teaching me how to protect myself" but then just as the thought hit her she let it go." They would never agree to teach me the ways of anything and what do they care if I die?" It was disturbing to her but she knew that to defend herself meant even from her protectors.

03/28/2005 9:49 AM

OOC: Kool you can be my apprentiace if yoou would like. What should Alexandres' masters name be?

IC: Off into the distance, Dilandu heard the echo of lightsabers. he thought to himself that perhaps there were jedi on this planet. Possibly a master and apprentiace. He started to walk with Raishu where he had heard the noise.

( Alexandres' Master) " Let us wait for them. We may then better prepare ourselves if it is an assault. And will you please do something about that girl." He said. He then got up and grabbed his saber. Preparing for anything.

03/28/2005 11:00 AM

OOC:lol, i cant seem to find where my jedi is!!
i think i should be re-introduced

03/29/2005 6:16 AM

Sica knew that she was in the way of everyone but there was no way she was leaving now. She was so scared that she might die that she was willing to change her ways to help them get rid of whatever was haunting them. She turned to Xander,

" what would you like me to do? I can cook if you need sustenence. I am willing to go by your rules now, but will you please tell me if there truly is someone else in this cave with us? I keep hearing things, people talking. Could they be more jedi or could they be here to kill us?"

By now she was ready to rest. She was exhausting herself just by being so terrified which she knew was causing more of a burden than if she was just there, not talking, not wanting contact with human beings. So what was her next move?

03/29/2005 9:50 AM

Dilandu and Raishu were almost to the area in which the sound came. He was positive that these were jedi because he could hear the sabers. Wanting no harm toward these jedi, if they were jedi, he left his saber in it's hilt. When they entered the camp there was no sign of anyone. These jedi must have thought that they were a threat. " Come out, we mean no harm."

( Alexandres' master)

He whispered into the ear of his diciple, " do not show yourself, these may be tricks pf the sith."

Raishu then said, " Dammit master, we need to repair our ship. We don't have time to search for allies."

" We have all the time in the world." Dilandu said retortingly.

Alexandre started to show himself. His master pulled him back and said, " wait, let them continue with their conversation.

" If we're going to stop the Sith then we need to stop the sith," Raishu said.

" Gaining allies is the way to stop the ship, stop worrying about transportation isn't our worry."

" If you trust them then we'll show ourselves, this is part of your training. We'll see if you can make good decisions or not," Alexandres' master said.

03/30/2005 3:11 PM

Sica saw alexandre start out into the shadows then pull back.

"What is he planning on doing?" She thought to herself.He had told her to hide and not be seen but who were these people and why did xander appear to be so confused as to the status of their postion?

"Maybe he is going to talk to them and we will have more people on this mission with us."

She had changed from her earlier garb of a dress to a wife beater and some shorts. She was barefoot but that was not a hinderence. She felt much better having her hair out of her face as the cave was unusually warm. She had a good feeling about these visitors. She sensed she could trust them but the question was, did xander feel that way too.

04/03/2005 4:29 AM

Occupation:Jedi knight seteniel
Homeworld: Earth
Prophesised future:In the time of the jedis greatest despair a hero will come forth and he would be the son of the sons.
Lightsaber:Double-bladed blue
History: I was a smuggeler when i was young but a jedi master found me and declared me force sensitive.
During my trials the great masters of the order relised i was the son of the suns. I was becoming a master when my acadamy was bombed down by the sith but this only happened when the masters left for dantooine and strangely enought i was the only survivor of my acadamys students.
Clothing: Traditional Jedi Robes

04/03/2005 9:00 PM

OOC: Is it too late for me to join?

Name: Soman 'Darth Sellith' Socar
Occupation:Sith Apprentice
Weapon: Double-bladed sith lightsaber-Red
Lightsaber Form: Training to use IV (thats the acrobatic one right?)
Appearance: Pale Skin, Jet Black shoulder length hair, Red eyes, 5'10ft
Clothing: Normal Sith Apprentice Robes
History: Both of Sellith's parents were Jedi so Sellith was a force sensitive. When he was 10 his training began. When he was 15 he was a very skilled Jedi, then a disaster happened he recieved news from an unknown sender that both his parents were betrayed and killed by the Jedi Masters that were with them. This made Sellith angry that he became a threat so the Jedi cast him out of the acadamy. When he was cast out he searched for the Jedi Masters that were with his parents to get revenge. During his search he met a Sith Lord who convinced Sellith to join him and turned him to the dark side. By 17 Selliths rage made him to unstable and to strong for his master to control and Sellith killed him. Now at 18 Sellith is searching for enother stronger Sith Lord to finish his training.

04/04/2005 10:34 PM

Xander looked at his master's eyes and said," Done."

04/05/2005 11:12 AM

Sica was still waiting in the cave when he left. She knew that he was trying to desert her and started to feel like she didn't belong.

"Maybe it's time for me to leave this planet. I can find a ship to take me home." she said.

04/11/2005 10:16 AM

OOC: Sellith as a sith, do you want to stop the Sith(as my character does) or do you want to stop the jedi? That will determine how I enter you into our thread.

IC: The both of them revealed themselves from the shadows. " What kind of allies are you looking for?," Alexandres master questioned the two outworlders.

"We are looking for jedi that will help us destroy the Sith," Dilandu replied.

" If you wish to stop the Sith, then why do carry a red crystal in your saber. That would make you Sith, would it not?"

" You are correct, I am sith. However, I was only Sith trained. I have not been corrupted by the Dark side. My crystal is red because I show all that I have not killed any jedi. I do not hide my true self. This here is my apprentice and his name is Raishu. He is just completing his training."

"Alright, we will join your cause. Let us be on our way."

"There is just one problem. We need to repair our ship. Do you know of any towns that are near by?"

" There is one known town on this Plataue. My apprentice here will take us there."

04/11/2005 11:14 AM

OOC: I want to try and stop the Jedi and since your trying to stop the sith you as well :)

04/11/2005 8:33 PM

OOC: DArk Elf, that was a pretty crappy post. By the way, can you make something up with me leaving the thread cuz I'm having so much fun with the Feiry Pub thread on the RPGC Battlefeilds that I think I'm bored with this one already.

04/12/2005 9:36 AM

can you make something up with me leaving the thread

Can do.

Sellith do you want to take the place of Alexandre, except with your character. That way the story can go the same way

04/13/2005 6:51 AM

ooc: Can we make it so that I'm not talking to myself because it's getting a little old not having anyone to rp with.

04/13/2005 9:31 AM


Can we make it so that I'm not talking to myself because it's getting a little old not having anyone to rp with.

Uhhhh...... what do you mean? Do you mean other people posting?

04/13/2005 2:46 PM

Sellith do you want to take the place of Alexandre, except with your character. That way the story can go the same way

I could do that or I could kill his chracter? its your thread so you can decide.

04/13/2005 3:36 PM

I mean that no matter what I write noone has included me in any of it and I would really like some interaction. Maybe it's just me.. but I did warn people that I was new to role playing but I am also logged on in the worldbroadcasting system and I am telling you people over there actually include my characters in their posts.

04/14/2005 6:06 AM

hah, at least your in the stinking thing, im still waiting to get in :(, posted, no1 replyed, so asked to be re-introduced, never happened :(

04/14/2005 9:48 AM

OOC: Namredips Your going to be Sellith's Master. Post your character's description and then you'll be in. You'll also kill Alexandre in a lightsaber dual.

IC: Sica was near the caves entrance. All of a sudden, up in the Sky; A mysterious ship began its descent onto the Plateau.

Dilandu and the rest had just reached the entrance where sica was standing.

"Who's that? Someone of yours?," Raishu questioned Sica.

OOC: Your character and Sellith's are on the ship. Wait till then to start posting K.

04/15/2005 6:36 AM

"No that's noone of mine. I wish it was because I would love to see my mother again and be reassured that she was alright but I know that it will never happen now,I have made my choice. I have to let it go. I'm willing to learn your ways." She said to Raishu.

She was stunned that the ship looked like it was descending. She turned to Raishu,

" Do you have any clue who might be on it?"

04/15/2005 9:49 AM

"I have absolutely no clue of who it could be," Raishu replied.

By then the ship had landed about 5 miles away from the caves entrance. The group really din't worry about who it was too much. They only wonderd WHY it had landed.

Out where the ship landed.....

The door to the ship opened. Two mysterious figures walked out. They blended in with the darkness.

04/17/2005 4:38 AM

OOC: i already had done this but ok
Name: namredips (no capitals)
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: 1 Purple Lightsaber
Background: Im sorry. but the republic database has no information on this human
Rank: Jedi padawan
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: avarage
Appearance: wears his robes with the hood over his head nearly all the time has greeny-blue eyes and borwn longish hair
Skills: light-dark force powers

04/17/2005 10:13 AM

As the two figures walked toward them Sica let her hair down and started breathing heavy. She was nervous about this confrontation. What if they were the dreaded Sith she had heard so much about? What if they were people trying to fight the Sith as well and end up pitching their fight against them instead? Whatever happened she knew that she was going to stand her ground and not let her nerves get the best of her.

She turned to Raishu, " What is our course of action do we hide until they get here and we can assess them or do we attack them head on?"

To attack them head on could be very dangerous and she knew that but if that was what he wanted to do then she was behind him all the way. All she hoped for is that they weren't bad because if they were..... she shuddered at the thought of what might happen to them.

04/18/2005 9:44 AM

OOC: Sellith are you going to join in?


"We will see what they came here for," Dilandu replied for Raishu.

"Yes, We shall wait for them to make the first move," Raishu then said.

04/21/2005 8:44 AM

Sica nodded and looked back toward the ship. She was full of anticipation and could hardly stand the suspense. She knew that the danger the they were at risk with was great and yet the thought of the ship containing people who were on their side was almost more than she could bear. She turned around and headed toward a jagged rock just inside the mouth of the cave and sat down next to it letting her weight be lifted as she leaned back.
She watched Raishu and Dilandu as they conversed with one another and decided that if she was at any danger then she was around the right people, she could trust them and they could trust her but right now.... her stomach gurgled.... they needed food. She dreaded the thought of travelling out of the cave in search of the closest city in which they could find something to eat so she rose and asked Raishu,

"What will we do about food? Did you bring anything or will we be travelling?"

04/25/2005 9:40 AM

Raishu replied with, "I've got some in my pack. It won't feed all of us for very long so you'll have to go awhile without food."

Raishu handed Sica a snack.

04/26/2005 8:42 AM

She took the snakc from him in a flourish.

"Thank you." She replied. "When will we leave for a near village so that we can replenish our food stock?"

She looked back towards the figures moving around. They were engaged in some sort of ritual. At least it looked like a ritual from the distance they were at. She opened the package and started to munch on the trail mix that Raishu had given to her. It was dry and needed some more sugar but she wouldn't complain. She was so hungry that the taste didn't matter anymore, all that mattered was quieting her rumbling stomach.

04/26/2005 9:40 AM

OOC: Sica, how can you see five miles into the dark? By the way Alexandres' masters name is now Kive. Also, for the moment I will assume control Alexandre.

IC: Raishu didn't answer. He just stood in his place. Making no movement at all. Raishu didn't even blink.

Dilandu then said to Sica, "How the hell should we know? We don't even know the layout of the land yet.

Alexandre walk out of the cave. "I shall go and meet these visitors," He said. Before anyone could react, Alexandre ran off into the darkness.

"We will stay here until we know that the path is clear," Kive replied to Sica's question.

04/27/2005 8:50 AM

She sat stunned at the Crudness of Dilandru's reply to her. All she could think was,"What did I do?"
She watched as Alexandre ran out of the cave and saw that noone went after him. Kive seemed to know that she was troubled or he wouldn't have answered her.
In reply to Kive she said," O.K. Well Then I think that I'll just curl up on the ground and go to sleep. If we aren't in any real danger and there's noway we are going to move anytime soon then I shouldn't worry about staying up."
Sica yawned and sat down. She was just about to lay her head down when she heard what sounded like a piercing scream cut through the darkness like a butter knife cutting through a stick of butter. She hoped in the back of her head that it wasn't Alexandre since no one cared to go after him. She looked at the other two but Raishu was still in a trance like state and she couldn't read Kive's expression. When she turned her gaze to Dilandru she realized she gave no thought to what he thought. She no longer cared for his opinion. To her he just seemed childish. She was afraid that his fear was causing him to reject the few people he should get along with and that was meant that he was using reverse psychology on himself. That sometimes proved to be irreversible.

04/29/2005 9:39 AM

Dilandu to had heard the noise. He had noted that Sica had even heard it. He could see that she cared for Alexandre very much.

"I'll go see what it is," he said to sica.

"Raishu, don't follow me. Stay here and keep Sica safe from harm," Dilandu commanded to Raishu.

Dilandu then hurried off into the darkness.

05/02/2005 8:52 PM

She say something flash in Dilandru's eyes. She wasn't sure what to make of it but she was gratful for the gesture he made to go after Alexandre. It seemed as though he had finally decided to accept her .

As Dilandru rushed off Sica stood up, She walked over to Raishu and gently touched his arm. She sensed him stiffen and quickly removed it.

"How long do you think we will be here alone? I'm getting cold and my clothes are still soaked from the mud we landed in earlier."

Sica waited for an answer and at the same time she started to rub her elbows. She closed her eyes as if wishing for something to happen. The sounds of darkness felt as though they were closing in on them. The look on her face deepened into worry and despair without her realizing it. There was a presence around them somewhere, she could feel it. Could Raishu feel it too? He was watching her and she could feel it, she started to turn red and her eyes fluttered open. He was almost face to face with her.

"Maybe he will give me an answer now but why is he trying to read my soul?" She thought to herself," Raishu, are you o.k? Will you answer my question now or have I done something wrong?"

Sica hoped in her heart that she hadn't done or said anything wrong to upset him and she backed up a half an inch. Her hair had somewhat fallen out of her bun and was now lying softly across her face. There was no breeze but there was goosebumps on her bare shoulders anyways. She searched his face intensly for an answer or a clue telling her what he was up to. She returned his look with her own smoldering blue eyes. There was fire in his she noted and she started to get a funny sensation in the pit of her stomach.

It felt as though they had been locked in a contest for hours before she finally gave in and turned away. His gaze followed her and instead of giving him the satisfaction of noticing, she pretended to pull a long dark strand of her dark black hair off of her shirt.

Sica walked back towards the entrance of the cave and tried as hard as she could to not cave under the pressure of his stare.

05/03/2005 9:43 AM

OOC: Does anyone know what happened to namredips and Sellith? If they don't join in soon then I'll take possesion of their characters.

IC: Raishu then took his gaze off of sica when she had re-entered the cave. He then snapped out of his "trance like state" and lied down so that he could sleep.

05/05/2005 10:13 AM

ooc: I have no clue where they are. Wasn't it Namredips that complained so much about not being introduced? Besides that are my posts too long for you?

IC: She watched him lay down and his eyes close.

"That's just as well," She thought," I can prove to myself that I'm not the coward that Dilandru thinks I am."

She let him sleep and sat down on the opposite side of the cave so she could watch him and to make sure he would be o.k.

05/06/2005 3:30 AM

OOC: you told me to wait for her to post first!

05/06/2005 6:35 AM

ooc: for who to post first?

05/07/2005 6:16 AM


05/08/2005 6:05 PM

ooc: And we haven't heard from Sellith since so I think It would be ok for you to jump in. As for you Geo... you'll have to wait for Dark Elf to say you can join, He created this thread.

05/09/2005 10:15 AM

As for you Geo...

Uh...?? What? I'm confused...

namredips, Just post. Apparently Sellith isn't going to join in. Unless he does then for now I'll take control of his character,

IC: Darth Sellith saw off in the distance. A two red lightsaber coming in their direction.(Alexandre).

"namredips, take care of this nusience," Darth Sellith commanded of nemredips and he ran off.

05/09/2005 9:52 PM

Back in the cave, Sica and Raishu were sound asleep so they didn't hear the shouts of their fellow friends until it was almost too late.

"Wake up Raishu," Sica said shaking him,"We have company and I suggest we hide ourselves before they find us.......Oh wake up for crying out loud."

She looked to her left and saw the only water she had left. Knowing that it was his life or her thirst she quickly picked it up and promptly poured it out on him. He snapped awake in a bad mood and started to yell at her but she turned and ran. Once she looked over her shoulder to see if he followed and was relieved to see he did. There was a stone in her path. She didn't see it in time and tripped.

"OUCH!! That hurt! I don't know if I can stand please help me stand."

She extended her hand to Raishu and waited for a split second for him to react and help her to her feet.

05/10/2005 9:32 AM


Back in the cave, Sica and Raishu were sound asleep so they didn't hear the shouts of their fellow friends until it was almost too late.

Umm... No one has engaged in battle yet. So why post this?

IC: "What the hell are you doing?," Raishu yelled at Sica as he pulled her up.

05/10/2005 3:38 PM

ooc: You know, I'm doind what I can to make this a pleasurable post but I'm not having fun posting anymore. If everything I do offends you then I can leave. I posted that because there is nothing going on and there has to be action somewhere. No one said that it was battle or if someone was just showing up in a hurry.

IC: "I'm running away from the noises what is your problem." She yelled back at him."If I hadn't woken you up who know what might have become of you. I don't know who is out there but we need to hide until we know for sure."

Sica glared up at him. She was so frustrated that she didn't know where to begin so she just turned around and started to limp away. She didn't really care if he followed or if he stayed behind.

05/11/2005 10:15 AM


If everything I do offends you then I can leave.

It's not that dude. It's just that you came in a little early.(don't take that literaly)

By the way, for the moment I'm going to take control of namredips until he decides to post.

IC: namredips unleashed his purple lightsaber just as Alexandre reached him. Without a single word, they began their fight.

namredips took the first swing. Alexandre quickly parried the attack and swung his other lightsaber down toward his adversary's head. namredips jumped back and force pushed Alexandre.

Alexandre was flung back 10 meters or so. He quickly countered by throwing one of his lightsabers at namredips.

They traded blows for a fair amount of time.

namredips saw off in the distance another figure arriving. Alexandre took a glance and realized that it was Dilandu.

Dilandu closed in and he could see the two adversary's.

namredips took his opportunity and struck down his opponent.

Dilandu heard his allies final cries. Dilandu pulled out his lightsaber to attack this sith. namredips saw this coming and quickly turned and sprinted toward his master.

Dilandu didn't bother to follow b/c he knew that these sith weren't going anytime soon. He started back toward the cave.

Raishu too had heard the screams of Alexandre. Did Sica forsee this or something? Did she have a "link" to someone who was there? Raishu quickly deposited these thoughts out of his head.

"Sica, don't go. We should wait for Dilandu to return," Raishu said to Sica.

"I too once felt the way that you do now. I then met Dilandu and told him of how I felt. He told me that this felling is the force. I didn't believe him until he convinced me to train with him. He soon proved me wrong. I had opened my gateway to the force. I believe that you to could achieve such a great honor," Raishu siad to Sica sympathetically.

05/12/2005 3:13 PM

She stopped when she heard his words. He sounded sincere and she felt that maybe he wasn't trying to get rid of her after all. Her eyes closed and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She heard his steps and quickly calculated his position. She turned and found herself once again face to face with Raishu.

" I will wait for Alexandre to return and Dilandru as well. I don't want to study under Dilandru and I can tell by his actions that he feels the same way too. I don't know what this force thing you speak of is but I can assure you that a runaway princess wouldn't be granted this fortunate trait. I believe that you are just worried that the responsibility of my death might catch up to you and you don't want to be charged with it."

Her eyes glistened and her tilted chin spoke of defiance. The sweat on her forhead slowly dripped down her face but her gaze was unmoving.

" I don't know why you think that I have something special," Sica said shifting her eyes to the floor, " I think you just want me to stay."

The screams had disappeared and they hadn't noticed. The tension could be cut with a knife but something between them had changed. He no longer despised her and she no longer felt alone without a friend. They knew that they had become friends and that when Dilandru and Alexandre got back that things wouldn't go back to the way they were and there would be no arguing.She smiled at him through tears and touched his shoulder.

" I'll let you talk to Dilandru for me. I think he might be more reasonable with the suggestion coming from you and not me."

She let her hand drop and sat down on the ground again with her back to the cave's wall. Her ankle had started to throb and she unconscously started to nurse it with probing fingers. In the dark she could see the bruise and the swelling.

05/12/2005 6:36 PM

Lets play: this is my chacter info.

Name: Tyranio
Race: Human
Eye Color: Green
Alignment: jedi
Weapons: One blue lightsaber
Rank: Jedi knight
Background: Was found on earth by jedi talent scouts to posses even higher level of force senseability than anakin skywalker. has the ability to forsee certain future events and can leviaite for sort amounts of time hes alsoevery skilled with the lightsaber.
Hieght: 6'3"
wieght: 205lbs.
skills: light

05/13/2005 9:50 AM

OOC: Tyranio, just post something about you "stumbling" upon our group. Then you'll be in.

IC: "Don't worry, I will," Raishu assured Sica.

Soon after this was said, Dilandu had returned from his "Scurry".

"Master.. Where is Alexandre?," Raishu questioned Dilandu.

"He didn't make it. I arrived at the scene just as he was struck down by a Sith Apprentice," Dilandu replied,"One more thing, don't call me Master anymore. You have done more than enough to earn the title of Jedi Master. You are now free from my grasp."

Raishu's expression turned into a more joyous one.

He then turned to Sica and asked her, "Would you like to be atuned to the force under my leadership.?"

05/13/2005 9:34 PM

she was glad to see Dilandru return but was more anxious to see Alexandre. When he said that he didn't make it her mind went numb and she lost all emotional feeling in her soul except for extreme sadness, gloom, and depression. In the back of her mind she was definately happy for Raishu because he did more than enough to deserve it but the fact that Alexandre wasn't there to share the occasion made her sit down and almost cry.She stared at the cave's wall rubbing her ankle again without realizing it. She heard Raishu ask her something but it didn't register until he asked her again.

" What?" She said snapping out of her misery, "Of course I would love to study under you I would take much pleasure in it." She flashed him a smile that disappeared in a second as she returned to her half concious state.

" Dilandru, Is he really gone?" She asked hoping that he was just playing a cruel joke on her. " I can't imagine him being gone." She looked at Raishu for support, her eyes tear filled and her brows knitted.

05/16/2005 5:27 AM

OOC: damn, sorry i didnt post, was away for a bit :(

IC: namredips, who thought it wise to follow and spy upon
dilandu, when he saw there where more jedi, he wasnt quite sure, he didnt know the strength of the two jedi, he finally decided to report back to his master,
he sprinted stealthly back, but did not see a rock on the floor and tripped, he swore under his breath hoping that they hadnt noticed his fall

[Edited by namredips on Monday, May 16, 2005 5:27 AM]

05/16/2005 5:59 AM

OOC: That's okay namredips.

IC: "I'm not lying . He really is dead," Dilandu replied to Sica.

"Wait here Sica," Raishu commanded Sica as he headed o into the direction o the noise. or Raishu had heard the fall.

"He will train you well Sica," Dilandu assured Sica.

Raishu spotted the shadowy figure that was lying on the ground.

"Who are you and what were you doing?," Raishu questioned the figure.

05/16/2005 9:31 AM

" I believe you Dilandru, I just wish it wasn't so."

Tears were streaming down her face. When Raishu told her to stay put she looked up, startled, in enough time to watch him run away. She could think of no words at the moment. The one person who could like her for her was now dead and she was left with one friend and one guy who seemed to be warming up to her. Maybe it was for the better, maybe she should just let it go, She couldn't live her life based on the knowledge that he was gone. She slowly got up to her feet and lifted her chin. Her hand was brought up to wipe away the tears and hopefully all evidence she was crying.

" I know he will Dilandru. He seems to be a very good Jedi. I still don't know what he speaks of with the force but I'm sur I will be told it's meaning in time. Until then lets hope that he isn't in any kind of danger right now."

They stopped and looked toward the sound of Raishu's yelling. They turned o look at each other once and then Sica bolted in the same direction Raishu went. She picked up the canteen of water on the way. When she got to where he was she noticed a small figure huddled on the ground and ran up to Raishu's side.

05/16/2005 9:42 AM

OOC: One question Sica. Why do you always type Dilandru, my characters name is Dilandu. No "r". Just qlarifying that.

IC: Dilandu quickly followed Sica. He too saw the odd figure huddled there on the ground.

"Wait a minute.., Dilandu said, "This is the Sith that killed Alexandre."

05/16/2005 8:16 PM

ooc: sorry I guess I saw it wrong and it's been stuck that way in my mind. I'll change it.

IC: " This is the one who killed Alexandre? Why I oughta..."
She flung herself toward the figure on the ground ready to tear him apart limb from limb. Her heart was racing and her face was flushed in fury. She didn't hear anyone and didn't see anything in her path. All her focus was on was this pitiful creature. Her ankle was throbbing and the swelling was almost unbearable but she paid no heed to it. All she wanted was revenge.

" Once I get my hands on you I'm gonna kill you. You don't deserve to live you deserve to...." She yelled at the man and didn't stop to think about the impact of her words.

05/17/2005 9:36 AM

Raishu quickly grabbed Sica out of the Sith's reach and said,"Don't fall to the Dark side Sica. It will only lead to your demise. Do not follow the code of the Sith. You are better than that. I know you are."

05/18/2005 6:12 AM

Sica's stomache hit her throat when she was jerked back. She turned slowly to look at Raishu, giving him a glare.

" This thing killed the only man who cared to protect me. It killed the only one who I could really trust. Worst of it all, It killed one of your friends and your going to let it get away with it? I can't stand for it. I wont stand for it."

She walked away with tears in her eyes again and sat down on a rock. With her head in her hands she let her tears freely fall. She cried for a lost friendship, a possible romance, and her sad situation. She had made the mistake of falling in love with the one who had saved her from her fathers guards but knew that it was wrong and she had never shown it. Now she never would.

05/18/2005 9:32 AM

"As I asked you earlier. Who are you?," Raishu questioned the Sith.

05/18/2005 11:30 AM

the figure (namredips) grinned disturbingly, he raised his hand and pushed Raishu to the ground (using the force to do so), he then sprinted off...

[Edited by namredips on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 2:11 PM]

05/19/2005 6:10 AM

Sica sprang to her feet and rushed to Raishu's side.

"Dilandu, aren't you going to go after him?"

She knelt and started to check Raishu's forehead and the like looking for bruises, scrapes, cuts that needed to be cleaned, or anything else. When she didn't find any she stood up and looked in the direction the Sith had run feeling sorrowful that this thing had slipped out of their fingers. She directed her gaze at Raishu who was eye level with her ankles and not moving.

"You can get up now, you'r o.k. I couldn't see anything wrong with you."

She looked away again.

05/19/2005 9:42 AM

"No. If he's after us then he'll be back. He didn't seem so smart. Most likley a Sith Apprentice. If we kill him, then we can expect a Sith Lord," Dilandu replied to Sica.

Raishu still didn't get up. He wasn't even moving. It appeared that he wasn't breathing at all. Dilandu didn't seem to care about Raishu.

"I'm going to meditate now," He said to sica as a sat down.

05/19/2005 3:00 PM

Sica got back on her knee's and checked for Raoshu's breathing. He was still breathing and his heart was still beating. Maybe he was just exhausted. At any rate she stayed down there with him and left Dilandu alone not wanting to incure his wrath again. She layed down in front of Raishu on her side and leaned against it. Before she knew it she was asleep and dreaming about Alexandre. She dreamed of them laughing together and of him hugging her and lastly she dreamed of a small stolen kiss. A token of his interest in her. This was the only way she could confess her crush on him and now it was also the only way she could see him. She couldn't let Raishu die and prayed to her god's that they let him live. There was no way she could survive under Dilandu.
She began to murmur in her sleep. The owrds were unintelligible and she wasn't awake to explain them. The only word that was clear was the name she spoke. His name.
She awoke the next morning with a rough shake and arms holding her.

05/20/2005 12:50 AM

OOC: lol, wow you guys post fast, last thread i was in took around about a day for sum1 to post,

IC: at this time namredips had reached his master, "master, there are two people, a male and female, the male is a jedi, i am not sure about the female, what do you wish me to do?"

05/20/2005 9:33 AM

OOC: I tend to post between Mon.- Fri. I never get time to post on the weekends.

IC: "Kill the female," namredips' Master replied.

When Sica arose Dilandu and Raishu were still asleep.

05/20/2005 12:09 PM

"yes master" namredips said while running back to where the female was located

[Edited by namredips on Friday, May 20, 2005 2:08 PM]

05/20/2005 12:09 PM

"yes master" namredips said while ran back to where the female was located

05/21/2005 7:06 AM

She looked in the spot where Raishu and Dilandu were sleeping and decided it was o.k. not to wake them for a while. She went outside to get some fresh air when she realized that there were no sounds anywhere.

"That's strange," she thought to herself,"there are normally noises coming from the various insects around here."

She went back in the cave and grabbed her extra clothes. While outside she saw what looked like a brook and she had full intentions of changing and washing the clothes she was in. She put her hair up and with her back to the guys she took off her shirt and tossed it aside.

05/21/2005 9:17 AM

namredips approached, he saw the female and grinned, this would be easy he thought to himself, he walked closer making sure to avoid the sleeping males, having cleared the rest of the jedi, he now walked towards the female, he drew his lightsaber, and cursed its sound everyone should have heard it. his only hope was to take the female hostage, he was not good enough to take them all on.

05/23/2005 6:20 AM

She threw her shirt on the floor and picked up her other one. She had heard a sound outside and decided that the sounds of the animals were still there and she was just getting paraniod. She lifted her arms and put on her new shirt then she bent to pick up her skirt and put that on over her pants so she would have a cover on her before stripping off her pants and exposing herself to anyone.
She didn't hear the footsteps in the background and felt completely safe but for some reason a strange heat was in the otherwise cool cave. She gazed at the sleeping men for a moment and then started off toward the brook.

05/23/2005 9:34 AM

Dilandu suddenly awoke from his slumber. He jumped up from where he lay and drew his lightsaber. He looked to where Raishu had been meditating and saw that he was gone from his spot. Dilandu hid in the shadows. Awaiting the unexpected arrival.

05/23/2005 9:35 AM

Name: Darkre Viksan
Age: 13
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: A Single Hilted Blue Lightsaber, Crystal is Nextor
Background: A Jedi Padawan, Struggling along the path of the jedi
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Height: Small, Around 4 ft
Weight: Very Light
Appearance: Tanned Skin, Blonde hair cropped short, a single braid leads down my shoulder like most padawans.
Skills: Minor Lightside Powers, Does not Know the Dark Side

I Walk through the empty halls of the jedi temple, searching for somebody to play or spar with
"Hello?! Anybody here?"

05/23/2005 10:16 AM

OOC: Welcome Darkre.

IC:Sica turned around at the sound of a lightsaber being drawn and qiuckly calculated that there was trouble. She couldn't see anyone but knew that she should pretend that she didn't hear anything. She continued her walk to the brook confident that someone was following her. Secretly she hoped for the chance to prove herself to the men but she was scared and wished that it was Raishu or Dilandu.
She got to the brook and knelt by the waters edge. Her shirt fell in and she began to swirl it around in the water. The shirt began to look clean, clean enough to wear again so she took it out and started on her pants. She was completely sitting down now and was rubbing the stains out of her pant leg with a waterwashed stone. Although she was humming she was staying alert and listening for sounds. She couldn't hear any but things were silent again. It was eerie and she felt as though she were in danger.

05/23/2005 12:04 PM

namredips walked silently towards Sica, he knew he did have much time, he was a sith, allined with the dark side, but he never liked backstabing, and so he desided to give her fair warning, he threw his blaster pistol that he always kept just in case towards her and shouted "Defend yourself!"

[Edited by namredips on Monday, May 23, 2005 12:08 PM]

05/24/2005 6:18 AM

Startled, Sica turned around. She saw the man who was on the ground last night and all her anger and vengence came back with a blast. She looked at the weapon he had thrown to her and sneered.

"Do you expect me to trust any kind of weapon you throw me? I highly doubt that that weapon isn't rigged. I think I can take you on with my own kind of weapons."

She looked down to the ground again and picked up a giant rock. Sica took on the fighting stance and got ready. She was almost positive that this was her demise but she refused to let it show. Her face contorted into a look of pure hatred and she was ready to fight for Alexandre and her own life as well. It was obvious that there was noone there to help her so she said a silent prayer and waited for this sith to come at her.

05/24/2005 6:31 AM

"hah, as you wish, but first" he used the force to pick up the blaster and fired 3 shots into the water, he then tucked the blaster away, he quickly turned around to look for the others of wich there was no sign, he advanced, slowly and prepared to swing his lightsaber, he hesitated, knowing what would happen if he failed to kill her, he tryed again, but he could not do it, he drew his lightsaber, he did not know what to do, he didnt want to kill Sica, but he didnt want to facew his master wrath, and even if he did kill her the others would kill him without a second thought, he put his lightsaber away and thought for a second or two, not knowing what to do he decided to wait for a while to plan his next move according to what happened

05/24/2005 9:37 AM

OOC: Darkre what does your post mean?

IC: Raishu came out of nowhere and threw the Sith to the ground. Seeing this Dilandu rushed out and put his lightsaber's blade at the tip of the Sith's throat.

"Once again, who the hell are you," Dilandu questioned the Sith.

05/24/2005 10:02 AM

"i am namredips" he said is a eerily calm fassion "well, things could of gone worse if i had killed the female" he thought to himself "i didnt want to kill any of you, and i apologise for your companion's death, that was not my wish but it was my masters, he is most likely coming for me now"

[Edited by namredips on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 10:07 AM]

05/24/2005 3:41 PM

Sica let out a deep sigh of relief as Raishu dropped the sith to ground. She watched in awe as his lightsaber sparked in a mad rage and listened as Raishu questioned the sith again. The look in Raishu's eyes set a new flame in her mind. She had a new respect for him and found herself admiring him more and more.
Her mind flew back to This thing whose name was Namredips. She still had a hatred for him that only the gods could change. She still wanted to tear this man apart limb by lim and feed him to the surrounding creatures. She wanted to make him die just like he had made Alexandre die. Her mind started to toy with the ideas of how he could be killed. She didn't like how he could answer Raishu's question in such a calm fashion. He was much too at ease and that had to change. This man was going to kill her and now he was trying to shove the blame off onto someone else. It wouldn't be tolerated.

" I hope he is coming for you now you poor excuse for an existance. Once he get's here he will see how you failed to kill me and he'll kill you. It's what you deserve."

She looked at Raishu expecting him to agree with her. His gaze was glued to the figure. He wasn't going to let him escape again. For some reason she was very happy that he didn't die and felt very safe just being in his company. Dilandu was watching the sith too and when she looked at him, she saw his gaze unflinching, mercilessly staring Namredips down. She was lucky they saved her. She was lucky they cared enough to even watch over her. She would wait till they decided upon the fate of Namredips to show both men how greatly she appreciated their caring and their protection. The only question is what to get them and how much will she have to endure to get it to them. She decided she didn't care as long as they could protect her she was fine.
She now returned her gaze back to the sith. She was still glaring at him and was surprised to see his gaze on her as well.

05/24/2005 3:42 PM

OOC: Sorry that was kind of long.

05/25/2005 1:10 AM

"oh he will come for me, then after he is done with me, he will kill you all, one by one, very slowly, very painfully"
namredips yelped as the ligthsaber singed his chin

05/25/2005 9:37 AM


as the ligthsaber singed his chin

Um... I thought that I was controlling my characters actions.? Dilandu was only holding the lightsaber so that if he turned it on, the blade would cut through namredips.

05/25/2005 10:15 AM

ooc: whoops, lol kk then musta misread that thought the lightsaber was on

05/25/2005 10:26 AM

OOC: I'm not going to make a comment that but I do think that if someone types something that you don't like you need to learn how to play off it. It's o.k. and it's more fun for everyone involved.

IC: Sica took no heed of what Namredips had said and was amused when Dilandu gave the sith a look that would be embarassing to anyone.

05/25/2005 2:06 PM

Name: Enmity Sagan
Age: 18
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: Black Lightsaber (new style lightsaber)
Background: Struggles with his own path of life
Alliance: Nutral
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Appearance: Black Cloke, Black full fighting Suit, Grey Hair
Skills: Some minor Dark Side powers, Has some minor lightside powers from eairly childhood

OOC: hey put me anywhere and ill be happy

[Edited by Enmity on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 2:23 PM]

05/27/2005 9:29 AM


I do think that if someone types something that you don't like you need to learn how to play off it. It's o.k. and it's more fun for everyone involved.

Yeah but it's not nice to take control of anothers character movements.

05/27/2005 9:56 AM

OOC: i didnt mean to take control, i thought the lightsaber was on and the tip of the beam was at my neck

05/27/2005 10:14 AM

OOC: That's quite all right. You did nothing wrong. I just didn't use enough detail that's all.

05/28/2005 1:31 AM

OOC: kk, now with thisd behind us, can we get on with the rp?

05/29/2005 1:36 AM

OOC: i wont be avalible for the rest of today (going out)

05/31/2005 9:34 AM

OOC: I do realize that namredips won't be available.

IC: "Who is your master?," Raishu questioned namredips.

05/31/2005 10:04 AM

Sica stood by the side of Raishu and look down at Namredips. She was surprised that he looked hesitant and didn't answer the first time. He had such an air of arrogance that he seemed not to have a care of anything. The tension surrounding the two of them was insurpassable.

05/31/2005 11:36 AM

OOC: lol, sorry i fogot to post that i was back, also, ive fogotten my master name so im guessing

IC:"my master name, is Lord Sellith" namredips finally replied "i fear he will soon be upon us. I realise that it is totally stupid to even mention this, but we would have a better chance of survival if i where to help fight"

06/01/2005 9:48 AM

OOC: You don't need to add a new post. Just re-edit the other one.

Enmity, I'll add you in later when the time is right.

IC: "How are we supposed to trust you when you were just trying to kill Sica?," Dilandu questioned namredips.

06/01/2005 10:06 AM

Sica stepped in closer to Raishu and whispered to him, " Is he really trying to trick us into letting him go? He's not really going to fight for us right?"
Her blue eyes looked fearful and hr eyebrows were raised into a position of bewilderment. "Dilandu, we're not going to let him fight with us even if he was telling the truth right? Wouldn't it be too dangerous to even take the risk?" She looked down on Namredips but didn't really see him. In her mind, images were flashing about the future and all the disaster it would hold.
" Then again maybe he would be an asset to us. He does know the Dark Lord's ways backwards and forewards. He couldn't do that much damge could he? Maybe the constant threat of death would be enough motivation to keep he in line and on our side. I know it's not my call but I'm warning you that something bad is going to happen and soon."
"Namredips, Why are you trying to kill me when you claim that you want to join us? How can we trust you just as Dilandu said? I want to know why you killed Alexandre and why you wanted to kill me."

06/01/2005 10:35 AM

OOC: i had to add a new post becaus Sica asked me a question

IC: "i didnt want to kill you, i simply did as my master asked, for it would of been unwise to of done otherwise, and if you really dnt trust me, then take my weapons and keep somone to watch over me" namredips replied

06/02/2005 9:36 AM


i had to add a new post becaus Sica asked me a question

Nevermind. You just don't understand.

IC: "Then why threaten us?, Raishu asked namredips.

Dilandu seemd to be satisfied with namredips' reply. He also didn't want to disrupt Raishu's current thoughts,

06/02/2005 5:07 PM

Sica stepped aside out of Raishu's path to Namredips. She didn't want to be any closer to the two of them then she had to be. She knew that Raishu's distrust of this sith was well placed but she could feel the heat of his anger eminating around him and thought it unwise to stand in his way.
She took a side glance at Dilandu and was startled to see his face displaying satisfaction. Was he satisfied that Raishu was threatening to kill the sith without realizing it or was he satisfied for some other reason? She didn't ask for fear of invoking his wrath. She wasn't aware of her staring and lost herself completly to her thoughts.

06/03/2005 7:05 AM

OOC: im guessing your talking about

he will kill you all, one by one, very slowly, very painfully

IC: "i was not Threatening you, mearly stating a fact, i am also suprised why he hasnt found us yet, something must be keeping him"

06/03/2005 9:39 AM


im guessing your talking about

he will kill you all, one by one, very slowly, very painfully

No but lets not ponder on this.

IC: "And what fact is that?," Raishu quickly said in a furious voice. It was obvious that Raishu was getting very impatient with namredips' "games".

"I hope that the truth isn't revealed quite yet," Dilandu thought to himself.

06/03/2005 10:07 AM

ooc: whoops, i thought you ment threatening you verbally, i look a right fool now

06/03/2005 10:37 AM

wtf do I do here man

06/03/2005 11:27 AM

wtf do I do here man

ooc: Ummmmmm.......

06/03/2005 12:16 PM

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06/03/2005 3:26 PM

ooc: Thank you Namredips, My sentiments exactly. Sorry man not trying to pick on you but we can't help you in here. The community welcome wagon would be a better place. Let me see what I can do to explain it to you though. All you do on this site is role play. Role playing is a place for people who enjoy writing to get together with others and write stories interacting with characters that the person themselves play. It's really quite fun but be careful to watch out for jerks. I'm not naming names though because it could result in bad things. Have fun and good luck.

06/07/2005 2:57 AM

OOC: should i edit my post which says that i am 'mearly stating a fact' ?

06/07/2005 6:13 AM

ooc: I doubt it's anything to worry about. I don't think he'll be back here anyways.

06/07/2005 6:54 AM

should i edit my post which says that i am 'mearly stating a fact' ?

Why don't we just continue with the story

06/07/2005 3:42 PM

Why don't we just continue with the story

ooc: I agree. Who's turn is it?

06/08/2005 6:03 AM

OOC: It's namredips' turn. He needs to answer "And what truth is that?," Raishu asked namredips.

06/08/2005 7:24 AM

OOC: oops, sorry. im not entirally sure how to answer but ill give it a go

IC: the fact that if i didnt my former master would streatch my death over several weeks,
now, if you'll knidly get off me id like to start running while i still have a chance, i advice you do the same

06/08/2005 9:36 AM

"Wait a minute... So instead of recieving a punishment. You ran from it just to punish some jedi who are way out of your league?," Dilandu interjected.

06/08/2005 10:12 AM

Sica just looked back and forth between Namredips and Raishu. she didn't understand what dilandu said. His voice sounded far away. In her side there was an intense pain forming and suddenly her eyes went black. To all those who saw her there was no longer any color to her complexion. She looked deathly pale and her eyes were completely black there was no white, no more blue just jet black. Her mind started to go blank and she heard from a distance the sound of feet hitting the impacted ground. She could sense the presence of someone more evil than Namredips closing in on them. This presence was close. She came back to and turned to face Dilandu on her right.

"We need to leave. I hear someone coming please lets just take him prisoner and go somewhere else until we have this figured out. I know that there's something more evil coming for us and if we don't move now he'll be here to kill in about an hour."

She turned to Raishu on her left and knelt so that Namredips could hear her also.

"It could be our lives if we don't leave and I'm not stronge enough to chance it yet. Let's go somewhere safe for now please Raishu? I know that you can help me develop this thing you call the force but I would like to be given the chance to do so. If our new found friendship means anything to you, then you will trust me and we'll go."

Her eyes now ice blue and pleading. Her mouth was set in a serious line and her hair was wisping around her face. She trembled at the thought of not living past tonight and broke her gaze with Raishu. With her head bowed she mumbled to Namredips, "If I die I will come back and you will be my victim. Remember that you can't harm those who are already dead."

06/09/2005 5:18 AM

namredips couldnt understand what Dilandu said also, his face had now gone totally white with fear upon hearing what Sica had said, he also senced his master coming for him, for them.
"neither can you save them" he wispered to Sica, using the element of surprise, he threw Raishu off him, drew his lightsaber, and ran towards the direction of his master

06/09/2005 9:40 AM

" Sica, we will leave in just a moment," Raishu replied to Sica as he watched namredips run off.

To their surprise, Dilandu threw his hand up into the air and used his force choke on namredips.

"Now now, don't be running off. Not as we just began to trust you," Dilandu said to namredips as he was choking him, "You two go now, I'll catch up with you in the nearest town."

Before Raishu and Sica left. Raishu ran up to namredips and took the saber that had dropped from his hands.

06/10/2005 2:52 AM

gasping namredips said "i didnt know that you jedi could do that"

OOC: soz for short post

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06/10/2005 6:24 AM

Sica nodded her agreement to Raishu and stood silent. When Namredips had whispered to her she felt an overwhelming saddness come over her. It took all the strength she had not to start crying. Namredips had jumped up and took Raishu's lightsaber and a part of her wanted to run after him but she didn't. She only watched as Dilandu nearly killed him. Raishu and Sica then headed off to the nearest town. Sica was so scared that, unconscously, she grabbed his hand as they ran. She never looked back but only tried to will herself to see if Dilandu would be alright.

06/10/2005 7:17 AM

"Then there are many things that you do not know about me," Raishu retorted back at namredips. He still had his saber in his hand, but he stuck namredips' saber into his lightsaber hilt.

"Now, will you come wiht me, or shall I leave you here to die?," Raishu asked namredips.

06/10/2005 2:23 PM

namredips smiled "very well"
he looked at Dilandu "but do you mind telling me how you learned to do that?" he asked him

[Edited by namredips on Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:22 PM]

06/14/2005 9:05 AM

OOC: Sorry for the mix-up in characters last post.

IC: "Simple," Dilandu replied ot namredips," As a force sensitive, I didn't know what to become, Jedi or Sith, so I learned from both sides."

Dilandu displayed his light side power by healing namredips.

"Now, will you come with me or will you stay here only to die?," Dilandu questioned namredips.

06/14/2005 12:47 PM

namredips smiled again "very well, let us depart then" namredips the stands up ready to leave

[Edited by namredips on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 7:23 AM]

06/15/2005 8:43 AM

The two of them soon departed to the nearest town.

When Raishu and Sica had reached the town, the sun had already begun to rise.

"At last... we may rest in peace," Raishu said in a peacful way as he turned to smile at Sica.

Just as Dilandu and namredips were out of the caves view, Lord Sellith had entered the cave.

"Damn.. Where is that good for nothing apprentice of mine," Sellith said to himself. He then sensed his apprentice and set off in that direction.

06/15/2005 5:07 PM

Sica bent a little to catch her breath then turned to find Raishu smiling at her. A small blush crept into her cheeks and she looked away.

"Wow, I'm really glad that we're here now. I do have a question about where we are sleeping and how. I guess we'll wait till Dilandu gets here...."

She stopped in mid sentance and dropped to the floor clutching at her temples. A look of extreme pain came onto her face and her mind went totally blank. She saw a dark figure turn and look at her as if he could see her through her vision. She watched as he turned and headed off in the same direction they had. That was all she saw but when she came to, she was laying in a bed with a washcloth on her forehead. Immediatly she sat up and looked around. A sense of relief washed over her as she saw Raishu in the corner of the room they were in. She watched him quietly and layed back down. Her breathing had regulated and her pulse was no longer jumping all over the place. Her mind went from watching Raishu to thinking about what had happened earlier with Namredips. She could feel his master through him and no longer trusted him. She had to find a way to gently break it to Raishu without breaking their connection that to have Namredips along was to set themselves up for murder. How could she tell him that? She didn't want him to loathe her. It was more than that she knew. She felt something else.

She realized she was staring at him and decided that sleep was what she needed. She leaned her head to the side and closed her eyes.

06/16/2005 1:53 AM

OOC: im gunna use dilandu a bit (only minor stuf, such as walking with namredips) that ok?
namredips and dilandu had finally reached the town, namredips asked the locals where Sica and Raishu where, after getting an answer from a a short local he and Dilandu set off for them, upon reaching the small building that they where in, he walked in to see Raishu sitting in the corner and Sica sleeping on the bed he sat down on a nearby chair and said "did we miss much?"

[Edited by namredips on Monday, June 20, 2005 4:54 AM]

06/17/2005 6:48 AM

OOC: Last I knew, namredips and Dilandu were still on there way to Raishu and sica's location.

06/17/2005 10:22 AM

ooc: I thought we were alone too. I think you should talk to Dilandu and get to know his character a little while your on your way Namredips.

06/18/2005 2:57 AM

Her mind went from watching Raishu to thinking about what had happened earlier with Namredips. She could feel his master through him and no longer trusted him. She had to find a way to gently break it to Raishu without breaking their connection that to have Namredips along was to set themselves up for murder. How could she tell him that? She didn't want him to loathe her. It was more than that she knew. She felt something else.

She realized she was staring at him

i thought you ment staring at me

06/19/2005 5:14 PM


Her mind went from watching Raishu to thinking about what had happened earlier with Namredips.

I was thinking back. Past tense.

06/20/2005 4:46 AM

OOC: whoops, ok ill edit it then

06/21/2005 11:34 AM

ooc: Not a problem don't worry.

06/27/2005 8:04 AM

"No you didn't miss much," Raishu replied, "when we reached the town all we did was ask for a place to sleep and... here we are. Anything happen with you guys?"

Dilandu then moved over toward an empty bed a lied down so he could recvoer his stamina. It was mainly to elude the question though.

06/27/2005 12:45 PM

Sica watched as Dilandu lied down in a bed that was meant for Raishu. They had their own room right next door. She wondered why Dilandu had suddenly become fatigued and Namredips suddenly stopped trying to talk. She could sense that something had happened but didn't say anything.

"I guess it's time for me to let them know I'm awake." She thought to herself.

She sat up and tried her best to look bleary eyed. She shot a quick glance in Raishu's direction and another in Dilandu's.

"What happened? What did I miss?" She asked to noone in particular. "What time is it and now that we are in a town, Do we get to eat?"

Her stomache rumbled loudly in answer to the mention of food and she looked a little embarassed.

06/27/2005 2:09 PM

namredips looked at his watch, then cursed under his breath when he saw it was broken, it was stuck at 12:15, when he was choked by Dilandu, "you missed me and Dilandu arriving, and him falling asleep, on the matter of sleep, where is my bed?" he asked

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07/04/2005 7:46 AM

Age: 11
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lightsaber: 2 blue lightsabers
Background: Im sorry. but the republic database has no information on this human
Rank: Jedi padawan
Height: 4'8"
Weight: avarage
Appearance: Silvery hair, begginer in jedis, knows no evil.
Skills: light-dark force powers

Hello anyone here? Derk walked in nervously and drew his saber

07/04/2005 11:01 AM

OOC: Yeah we're here we're just waiting for someone to post. Welcome.

07/04/2005 1:52 PM

namredips automaticly drew his saber quickly and chopped his head off "take, THAT!" he taunted

:P sorry i couldnt help myself

IC: "hello, who are you?" namredips asked the newcomer

07/06/2005 7:45 AM

(i lost the name rogue101)

namredips automaticly drew his saber quickly and chopped his head off "take, THAT!" he taunted

am i really dead or are you playing

im am Derk a young padawan wanting to join you

07/06/2005 10:18 AM

OOC: <-----you see this? thats mean im talking Out.Of.Character the tags IC mean im tlaking In.Character
anything i say or do ooc means nothing ic, and what do you mean you lost the name?

07/06/2005 11:45 AM

OOC:Warrior, Don't worry about anything he does right now. It's not really him that lets you in here or not, it's Dark elf. In answer to your question, no your not dead yet he didn't kill you. When dark elf gets back we'll let you join from there. have fun.

07/06/2005 12:23 PM

OOC: whoops, i fogot about that, sorry, foget about my welcomeing post then

07/06/2005 1:45 PM

ooc: its ok

and i forgot my password and the email wouldnt work

07/07/2005 1:39 AM

OOC: oi! you stole my background and skills!!!

07/07/2005 1:11 PM

OOC: Namredpis, Do you know where Dark Elf went? Did he say he was leaving us?

07/08/2005 1:59 AM

OOC: no, he didnt say anything about leaving at all

07/26/2005 9:25 PM

OOC: Sorry that I haven't been posting. I haven't been able to reach a computer with internet access for sometime now. I'm on Vacation in CA, so I've been enjoying the waves. For now.. I'm back.

IC: "Raishu shot a menacing glare over at Derk. "And why excatly do you want to join us," Raishu questioned the so-called-Jedi.

OOC: Derk.. I'm just seeing how well you will hold up in this thread. (writing style and stuff like that) Just because you're being included for the moment doesn't mean that it will be permenant.

08/01/2005 1:08 AM

namredips stood with his hand on his lightsaber, ready for anything

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08/05/2005 8:20 AM

Sica must have been dreaming for she knew that they were not back at the palace. She knew they were still at the hostil. For some unknown reason she watched in silence as Raishu question the new person. She had not seen him before and was greatly intrigued by him. Maybe this one would help to defeat the sith lord and bring order back to her kingdom. Just maybe he would help or even be the one to make her acceptance among her people easier. At this point in he dream, she turned and glanced at Raishu and the look on his face made her doubt this newcomers acceptance with them.

OOC: Hey I live in Cali. I love being here. What part of Cali did you visit? Let's see, oceanside is great for surfing and so is Hunington.

08/30/2005 10:05 AM

OOC: BUMP, hey, have you guys fogotten about this thread? it has been inactive for a good week now

09/06/2005 12:08 PM

OOC: Well, if derk would reply we could continue. I was visiting San Diego and the towns around there. I was staying with my brother near Mission hill. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Street Scene.

09/08/2005 1:21 AM

OOC: i oculd chop his head off so we could continue if you like

09/24/2005 10:55 AM

OOC: sorry for the double post, but im womndering if everyone has forgotten about this. i think we can safely safe wossisface isnt going to continue

09/24/2005 7:39 PM

OOC:I think so too. There hasn't been any action in here for a month and I'm ready to continue. Dark, I live in San Diego. If your still there or coming back let me know. I could show you around.

09/27/2005 5:32 AM

OOC: Alright We'll continue. btw I'll probably come back to San Diego in 2 years to live with my brother for the Summer. Maybe we can try to get together then Sic.

IC: Raishu picked up the dead padawans head and examined it. It indeed had been cut with a lightsaber. "Why have yoyu just cut off this padawans head?" Raishu asked namredips.

OOC: Will someone please explain to me what is going on at this point in time. I'm a little confused\

09/27/2005 8:34 AM

OOC: firstly i didnt cut it off yet, secondly uhh, i forget my second point, ill just rp into it

IC:"i recognised him, he was one of my masters underlings, he had most certainly been sent to find us, i could not let him reveal our position" replyed namredips while deactivating his lightsaber. "we should move on lest my master sends anymore of his underlings to find us" he said after a while

09/27/2005 12:20 PM

OOC: I thought we were in the inn guys,

IC: Sica looked on with mild curiosity and listened in to namredips tell Raishu that the young padawan was evil. She decided that her safety was in good hands and didn't worry about it. She let the men talk about it and sat down. Her hands started messing with her hair out of sheer boredom.

09/28/2005 5:25 AM

IC: "We will be fine staying here for the moment," Raishu told namredips. Dammit he thought to himself.

Dilandu had then got up, "I will go out and search for some parts for our ship," he said to Raishu as he headed out.

Raishu acknowledged this and he climbed into bed and began to meditate.

09/30/2005 2:55 PM

IC: "i still think it is unwise" namredips muttered under his breath he sat down on the stool in the corner of the room occasionaly saying something under his breath

09/30/2005 5:37 PM

Sica watched as Dilandu left and raishu went to meditate. Thinking it unwise to watch hyim she stayed where she was. No sound escaped her lips. She starred unashamedly at Namredips trying to figure out what led them to believe he was good. He had tried to kill her after all was she really that desposable to them that they would risk it happening again that night? She settled down and turned her thoughts to food again. They were now in a town and she could eat but before that she would need a great deal of other things. Like a shower, and to wash her clothes. She hadn't brushed her teeth in a few days and she felt it was at the top of her list. She wondered if she would be able to find a razor to shave as well and with that thought left the room to ask the innkeeper if there was a convenient store nearby that she could purchase all her toiletries. She didn't think going alone would be a big deal so she didn't bother to interrupt Raishu and wasn't going to trust Namredips with her location. She shut the door as softly as she could behind her and locked it.

09/30/2005 11:35 PM

namredips got up and walked to Raishu and watched him for a bit, then he realised that Sica was missing, he went over to her bed, look around and under it he then swore under his breath, he went to the door and tryed it. It was locked, namredips then went over the Raishu and whispered next to his ear "Raishu wake up! Sica isnt here and the door is locked"

10/03/2005 11:14 AM

Raishu had awakened from his slumber. "Did you try unlocking it?," Raishu asked

Dilnadu was returning from his little quest as peered into the general store he saw Sica purchasing some items. He walked into the general store, hiding behind some shelves trying not to be seen by Sica as he watched her every move.

10/04/2005 12:26 AM

Sica gathered her purchases and headed out the front door of the inn. The streets were not at all crowded at this time of night and it made her decent down the street that much easier. She read the funny names of the shop and made small comments in her head as to how they were really pronounced. She had made the vow to be back before Raishu woke so as not to cause alarm and her steps quickened. She made her way to the bakery and stepped inside the door. The immdeiate rush of flour and risen dough made her mouth water and she stepped to the counter.

"Can I please purchase a loaf of sourdough bread?"

"6 dollars ma'am."

"Here you go."

"thank you."



She stepped once again into the night and was off back to the tavern.

10/05/2005 10:40 AM

OOC: i thought the starwars universe used credits, not dollars

IC:namredids gave Raishu a cold glare. "I dont have the key" he snapped, "unless you want to pay for a new door i suggest we find one" he said still maintaining the cold glare

[Edited by namredips on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 1:27 PM]

10/05/2005 9:19 PM

OOC: Well excuse me.....things need to be flexble. I already stated in the beginning of this thread that I dont really know the star wars scene. So shoot me.

10/06/2005 7:28 AM

OOC: lol, sorry i missed that bit. i joined late remember

10/16/2005 7:27 AM

OOC: BUMPITY BUMP, dont tell me your giving up on this thread.
Is dark_elf still away?

P.S sorry for double post

10/16/2005 12:37 PM

OOC: No I'm not giving up. I dont know where Dark is it's his turn isn't it?

10/22/2005 12:22 AM

OOC: should we continue without him? you take over his chars intill he gets back?

10/26/2005 7:30 PM

OOC:No I wont take over his chars because I'm not good enough. Hopefully he will be back soon. If not there is a great rp site that doesn'y consist of bulletins. Its www.worldroadcastingsystem.com It's great.

11/03/2005 9:35 AM

OOC: for goodness sakes, someone take his chars!
i suggested you because you've been in this thread from the begining, you know what they're like. I dont

11/03/2005 4:40 PM

ooc:I cant be three chars. I might be able to talk over one but I can tell you this if I do, I cant take over Raishu. Its easier to play two people who hate each other than two people who might have a friendship or whatever. however, I still dont know the story line so you'll have to be easy on me.

11/04/2005 9:16 AM

ooc: well how about something happens, like raishu blames wossisface for letting you go and they fall out, and when dark gets back it will all get resolved

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