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02/27/2005 11:22 AM

Note: If you want to know what this thread is, check out the OOC page.
Well, the Design of my and George's room is thus:
The door has a huge 1 scratched into it with a knife, which is how all the rooms are numbered.
The wallpaper has guitars, Our bed is a classic bunk bed, with me on bottom, and the sheets are for me and George, respectively, are black with manos hands and green with a sitar.
There's a nightstand which has a red lamp on it and George's drawer has his bookbag and insence, mine has my bookbags and a walking cane which i sometimes use to look distinguished.
There are two secret compartments built in the shelves. George's has his Ravi shankar collection, and mine has my music, and book collection, along with my glasses when they're not on my head.
There are also 2 wardrobes. George's has his robes and actual clothes hanging, and in the dresser has framed photos of him with the beatles, Ravi shankar, and Eric Clapton, along with an insence burner, cigarette lighter, and notebooks. Mine has polo shirts, Ts, and Dress pants hung with care. In the drawers, there are my wallets, the keys to my dorm and everybody else's dorms (since we're co-RAs), wallet, spare glasses, and a tape machine with blank tapes for recording our sessions.
On either side of the wardrobe is my and George's gear. (Variax, Harmony acoustic, and AC-30; Strat, J-200, Dynacomp, TS9, ans Bassman)
Now the backwall.
Left Backwall: There is a TV with a DVD and VHS players, and below it is our movie collections.
Center Backwall: There are two tables. One of which has a record player and our record collections, and the other one has a CD player with our CD collections. Between the two tables are our AC and speakers.
Right Backwall: It has a desk and a computer with a DSL connection.
There is a small wastebasket in the corner.
In the private bathroom, my stuff is marked with red manos hands on black and George's stuff is marked Green with a sitar.

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