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02/27/2005 9:14 AM

This is only the story. Please give some feedback if this is a good possible Rp or not... :P

Setting: Magic, and technology are in this world. However, only certain parts of the world allow technology to function. (Sci-fi technology-Robots, lasers, etc.; Magic-All anyone has seen, no limit.)
Story: Mythical creatures are in most civilizations' histories, and most people kept them as myths. That is, until one day scientists, from the region called Truna, found and unlocked a Gate that was sealed for a millenium. Once the Gate was openned, thousands of creatures cam pouring out of the Gate. Griffins, Dragons, all creatures of Mythical origins were captured and are now used to get to the HighPlane, so that they can control and destroy the lesser region.

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02/28/2005 4:46 AM

I was reading this suggestion for an RP on this wonderful site on the extravagant world wide web, when I happened to notice one word that loomed out at me from the shadowy corners of cyberspace: MAGIC.

I'm in. Of course, I like to do a lot of roelplaying at once, so don't be too happy. However, don't be too sad, either. I may like it. Or not. In fact, why doncha just get a labotomy, 'k?

Sorry. That was rude.

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