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02/26/2005 4:40 AM

The air was thick with the pungent scent of solitude. A fine rain fell from the grey and blue clouds above, which obscured the light and cast an eery dimness over the graveyard in which Marcus currently stood. The head stone he stared at, simple, yet elegantly carved and engraved. Lost love and treasured friend..., read the writing on it. " You know, he wouldn't have wanted you to spend the rest of your days staring at a bit of stone, Borne. Rather you should be out doing some good in the world... ", a figure appeared, an odd and milky white colour to the persons skin. Of course, it was no person really, but a spirit of the dead.

" Leave me be Iain, just leave.... ", despite there being no emotion or definate tone in his voice, it was clear he did not wish to be disturbed at this point. " And miss an oppourtunity to see you fall into a pit of miserable self pity and guilt?....never! ", laughter with no soul, cold and humourless mirth. " Come on, we both know I would never allow this to pass without a slick gibe every now and then. The Borne, lost and alone in a world that will never love him, such a shame yet so enjoyable to witness. ", the ghost was once an old friend, since gone from this world but always hanging about, throwing sarcastic comments about and never missing an oppourtunity to gloat over Marcus when he was at his lowest. " Return to the Grim Lands, Iain, or I will banish you there..... ", it wiped the smile off Iain's previously smug face.

" Just try it, Borne. The last time wasn't so pleasent an experience was it! That poor old woman, all she wanted as to do a little haunting...but no, she was a nuisence and ought to be banished....sometimes I don't know where you get off. , Marcus rose a hand, and Iain visably flinched, now a fear in eyes replacing his frosty humour. " Ok, ok! I'm going....but I'll be around, waiting. ", without another gibe, the ghost left, leaving Marcus with his memory. Not the best of things to be left with, but it was all he had at that moment.

Was he alone? Surely there was someone else out there amongst the billions of living individuals that would have him. He supposed there was little point though, they all ended up dead because of him and what he was. Necromancers don't make the best of lovers or friends. It never stopped him trying...though perhaps it was time he did stop. Sighing heavily, he walked across the grassy earth, placing a hand on the grave stone, muttering under his breath. His finger tips glowed a faint red, electrical sparks jumping randomly and tiny shapes fluttered upwards, almost....like butterflies made of light and mist. " Well Iain, it was fun....take it easy. ", he nodded once and set off down the gravel pathway leading out of the Cemetary.

Minutes later, he was strolling down the high street, looking in the windows as the rain, now pouring, ran through his jaw length blonde hair and over his face in tiny rivlets, winding as they hit the contours of his chisled face. The only ones to brave the ran where those with umbrellas, a handy tool they were and perhaps one in which he should invest. The rain never bothered him, it brought a sense of cleansing, washing away the 'badness', dirt and filth. Marcus was more at peace in the rain, than in say...sunshine. Not that he was the dark and brooding type, no, he just preferred the rain.

Something wonderful passed his nostrils then, coffee, the smell of it smoothing away much of his concerns.

The cute little coffee shop on the corner, of course, a favourite abode of his and Iain's, now only his. In silence he walked in and sat down, ordering a cafe latte, two sugars.

What would the day bring, he pondered....

02/26/2005 8:22 AM

"Hurry up Gael !" scream a man from the back.

"Here is your latte sir."

Replied the young waiter. Examining the man drenched in rain as if he was drenched with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"Anything else i can get for you, before Cookie tears my head off
and serves it as the special today?"

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