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02/25/2005 12:08 PM

Joe stepped into his room and looked at the blood stains on the wall 'what the hell' he said as he walked over and ran his finger along the blood. Sudnely he felt a sharp pain in his arm as he watched it transform into the blade as he looked at the deranged flesh that suounded the blade he 'no i didn't tell it to come out' sudenly he looked at hs other arm as it transformed 'No, no!!!!!'
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
"Huh" Joe looked at his arm, it was normal "Just a bad dream" he said as he turned his alarm off. He got out of bed and walked over to his closet and otook out his uniform. He looked at the patch UMBRELLA marked above the writing there was a red and white parisal. As he put his uniform on he heard his phone ring. Joe looked at the phone, It was iether two people His boss calling to say that he needs to come to work at once, or his mother wondering why he never calls. At the moment he was more scared of his mother. He picked up the phone "Hello?"
"Report to the training area now!" The voice said then it hung up.
"Nice guy" Joe said as he walked out of his house, he stared at his Navigator the sun reflected off of the white exterior "huh same old job same boring day" He turned the keys in the egnition and began to drive off to work.

02/27/2005 11:39 AM

Carlos revved up his engine on the 2004 Ford Crown Victoria. The car was stationed at the entrance of the 9th precinct of Slint City. The building was an old brick building, and was the original precinct before Umbrella had sunk it's claws into the town. Few people, including Carlos, knew the existance of the White Umbrella division that had created the original viral disease that had infected the hapless inhabitants of Racoon City. Those who did know what was really going on in the umbrella factory about 40 miles outside of the suburbs fled town as soon as they could. After all, everyone discovered what happened that fateful autumn in 1998.

Knowing little of the details, as most Americans did, Carlos just thought the company had been submerged by a larger pharmaceutical organization. Now, he just rode in silence next to his partner, a blond, 5'10", 145 pound Casey Briggs. Casey was a good cop, like Carlos, however she could probably be very high up in the hierarchy if it wasn't for the corruption spreading amost the police force in Slint city. Nowadays, they weren't promoting anyone who wasn't a rich white male above the age of 40, and they thought couldn't keep a secret. But for all Carlos and the other grunts, it was because Casey was a woman. Carlos sighed tenatively, and switched on thier police lights.

Casey had become more depressed of late, and unfortunately she wouldn't open up to anyone. At barely 26 years old, that usually wasn't a good thing. She was prone to emotional outbreaks, and had bit off just about everyone's head at least one inside the police beuracracy. At the rate she was going, Casey Briggs was going to get fired, and that would be a instant death sentence to the girl. Everyone of her predicesors in her family had been in the force, and Carlos doubted if she could stand the pressure of finding a successful life, and would without a doubt allow the depression consume her-

"HOLY SHI-!" Carlos shouted as a huge black shape darted right infront of the Ford. Slamming on the brakes, and felt his head being pulled forward toward the steering wheel. His head was mere inches away before he was violently yanked back into the headrest. Casey was very good at analizing shapes and figures upon split seconds, and instantly turned to Carlos and babbled speedly "Oh my god, did you see it? It was a dog, but it was slimy, not normal, decayed, ohmygod,ohmygod," As soon as Carlos realized Briggs was panicked, Carlos started to worry. No matter what happened to her personally, one defining image in Carlos's mind was that Casey never buckled under pressure. "Cas, are you sure?" He said shakily, trying to get a grip on what happened.

"Yeah, I just- yeah." Briggs sighed. She just had a scare, but still. Getting chills, Carlos pushed down on the acceleration and they sped toward the night, to the what will be known as the infamous Hell Factory.

03/02/2005 12:33 PM

Mark woke up slowly to his alarm.


he hit the snooze button.

5 minutes later


Mark gets up and slams the snooze button again.

5 mintues later.

Mark pulled out his pistol and began to aim at his alarm clock when he saw his wife by it.

"Oh mornin hun, could ya unplug that for me?, and make me some coffe Im thirsty." and with that Mark put his head back on the pillow.


"Okay Okay! her names Sally, ive been seeing her since we have been married but its purely sexual....oh my fucking god!"Mark exclaimed looking at the clock.

"Shit im late!" Mark said slipping on a pair of cargo pants(hes undercover) and petting on a black T Shirt that says "You laugh becuase im different I luagh becuase youre all the same"



Mark had shot the radio but the richochet had hit his dead wife in the arm.

He ran for his Mazda Z as he started the car his family began to walk throught the door towards.

"Oh, they must want to say goodbye before I got to leave' Mark said he got out of his car and went to go hug his son.

"Alexei are you wearing lipstick again?"

03/04/2005 12:39 PM

Joe walked into the lobby "hi i was called to come here"
"Second door on the left" the receptionist said. As Joe walked into the empty room he closed the door behiend him. Joe looked at a folder on the table in the midle of the room. IIn the folder contained pistures of creatures all grotesc in their own way as he contnued looking he saw a picture if himself then he looked at his arm "Oh god" He left the room he needed air. He walked into the elevator and pressed the buton for roof.

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