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02/24/2005 5:08 PM

Hi...I'm pretty heavily into tabletop RP, but I've never played on a forum before. I'm mostly looking for more places to have experiences as a player instead of a GM, to get ideas and learn about how to tell better stories. I'm pretty busy though, so I was wondering what kind of time commitment this takes? How frequently does one need to post? It might not be an issue since I'm starting to become fond of this board and will probably visit frequently anyway.

02/24/2005 7:01 PM

Well that really depends. Some people are hyper posters (like myself) and can post a few times a day. Other people may post once a day, others every few days.

02/24/2005 7:09 PM

Yeah, I'm with Exile - it depends on the thread, who is in it, etc. You can poke around some threads & tell how often they get activity...that should give you some idea as to the time commitment with posting. If you see a hyper-posting thread, then coming in once in a while probably wouldn't be appreciated. But you can always ask in the OOC portion of a thread to see what everyone thinks. And besides - once you get wrapped up in a story, you'll be surprised at how you're able to make time to come here & post & find out what's happened since your last log in. :)

04/26/2005 2:44 PM

I wouldn't reccommend coming into a thread right in the middle with no intention of finishing it, or otherwise exiting from the game with no real reason. Remember that the other players are people too, and if you decide not to play, tell them or something, so they can be sure to kill...er... get you out of the game in some way. So if you DO decide to become serious here, just try and get involved at least for a LITTLE while. It doesn't take long to post either, depending how long it is. Some people (kalia_majere) can post things that take a fairly long time to write, and others (some noobs) post things that take about 3 seconds to write. One important thing, though, if you post, make sure your post is [i] legible! [/i] I cant begin to count how many times I go to read something, and it looks like this.

the boywalked down teh stret adn desided toflu then he went homeadn ate a donut

When this is much easier to read.

The boy walked down the street and decided to fly. Then he went home and ate a doughnut.

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