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02/22/2005 5:00 AM

The topic is not what I'm planning on calling the RP, since it has the word "shoot" in it and I absolutely despise guns. Anyway...

I love fantasy. I adore fantasy. If fantasy were a tangible object, I may marry it. Alors, I have decided to create a fantasy RPG of my own. Well... Fantasy/Sci-Fi. (*gasp*) Imagine that! There's a section dedicated solely to that genre! Go figure...

My idea originates from a story I've written and am currently writing (a re-write, rough draft, whatever) dealing with a little thing I like to call Elementals. Elementals are people who have the ability to harness the one of the four natural elements (Wind, Earth, Water, Fire) as well as two that... really aren't. (Lightning and Animal.)

They live in a giant bubble (as vague and childish as that sounds) that lurks just beyond the gravitational pull of Jupiter. Inside of the bubble (it's a BIG bubble) is an HQ, if you will, called simply: The Base.

Inside of The Base there are many rooms, though not even I, the writer, know what they're used for as of yet. However, I have currently named a staff room (conference room), a large kitchen, a hallway with offices, and a circular room with access to different training rooms.

Outside of The Base, yet still inside the bubble, are floating apartment-like structures that the students will use as their bedrooms. Below, on the bottom of the bubble, is a giant forest.

There are five Elemental leaders, Marco Hadjai of Wind (notice my name), Jake Zeblin of Water, Cortina Howla of Lightning (I make up LOADS of my own names), Violet Nirophami of Earth, Spark Grout of Fire (Spark is just a nickname), and Stephanie Zallacksa of Animal. However, the Animal Elespirit (the entity that resides inside of the Elementals, enabling them to harness these powers) has only been recently discovered, and Stephanie is so far the only known Animal Elemental thus far.

If people enjoy my idea, and would like to participate as one of the mentioned leaders, just e-mail me ON THIS SITE and with the query of whom you'd like to play. In turn, I will send you more information about that character. I know, I know, it sound WAY too controlling, but these are my characters, and it's like seeing someone play my part in a play - I like them the way I have them, not the way anyone else does. If this doesn't sit too well with you, then remember that you can always make up one character of your own. Oh, by the way, I call dibs on Marco, he's modeled after myself.

And one other thing, that I've so stupidly forgotten about, is that there are different spells and dimensions for the corresponding powers. You don't have to be an Elemental, you can be solely a Spellcaster. However, it's Stephanie, in all of her technilogical genius, that will probably be telling the mainframe where to send you. There's a lot more to my story, but that would make this WAY too complicated.

Anyway... so... that's my idea...

You can at least say SOMETHING here...

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03/01/2005 5:03 AM

If nobody says anything... does that mean that it's a no-go?

(*looks hopeful*)

03/01/2005 9:06 AM

nobody says anything... does that mean that it's a no-go?

Generally speaking.....yes. But don't give up. Give this a few more days, see if it generates any interest, and then there still isn't any reply, I'll delete it, and you can start thinking up a new idea.

03/02/2005 1:48 PM

(*moans*) GAH! Now how'm I supposed to feel about the actual story? Would it help if I simplified it?

03/02/2005 3:37 PM

Maybe. But you don't want to make it something soft and dumb. Because then you attract all the wrong type of rpers. It's a catch-22 type of thing. Too complex, no one wants to join. Not complex enough, and people call it a dumb idea. It's a tough thing to figure out, trust me.

Anyway, I'd join it, but I'm currently involved in so many things, I wouldn't be able to give your thread the proper attention that it would deserve.

03/04/2005 4:21 AM

Wow. Thanks very much - that means a lot. (*faces audience*) I don't suppose there's anybody else? I can do it - I swear I can.

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