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02/18/2005 6:36 PM

Krossus was walking home from his shift, just like any ordinary day, when he got his apartment his monkey flat mate told him he got a recent email. He logged on to his computer to check out the message.
Krossus Ironarm
meet me in Carthia on the temple of Waquay, 3:30 am, you have a week to assemble a team.

Krossus got up to go to the pub, he would need all the help he could get.
(OOC:Its not the best opening post but im tired ill edit it some other day mkay?)

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02/19/2005 7:00 PM

Elgowin watched al Krossus walked out the door, then sudenly used his tail to swin on the piipe to the fridge. As he took a beer out he looked for some food "Damn only meat"
He walked of to the computer and began to look at the email "Hmm this could be fun" Elgwin grabed his stuff and put it in a bag "he won't mind if i go for a climd" As he said this he jumped out the window and began to climb up the fires escape.

02/19/2005 7:11 PM

Zero walked along the highway.millions of cars pass by her then she crosses the high way dodging the cars,making most of the cars pile up. one of the driver yells at her to stay out of the road but all zero does is make a face that looks like this(:P) and give him the middle finger and continues on her way.after several hours she decides to stop by McDonalds to eat.

02/19/2005 7:20 PM

Elgwin watched as the girl coused such destruction just by crossing the road. He swung up to the drive through "Welcome to micdonalds can i take your... omg wtf are you!!!" the talking sign said
"I'll take a ceaser salad and a... ahh heck i'll just have a soda woth that" elgowin said as he tossed the beer can aside
"Um that will be $9.95"
"thank you" joe used the gutter to swing to the next window. "Thank you very much" he said as he grabed the food and swung to the roof.

02/19/2005 7:39 PM

Z'hana removed her ear protectors as she surveyed her damage to the target. Six shots. Right between the eyes. She was an expert marksman, but prefered using her stars over guns. However, there weren't too may places on this planet to practice one's star throwing skills, so the shooting range just had to do.

Deciding she was hungry, she walked out of the range, and saw a fast food place across the street. For some reason, cars were piled up in the middle of the road. Idiot drivers she muttered. Walking into McDonalds, Z'hana ordered her regular McRib combo and long with an M-n-M McFlurry. While waiting for her order, she saw some weird looking monkey thing fly by the window. While the guy in the drive-thru seemed stunned, she decided it was nice to have something out of the ordinary happen in her day. Grabbing her food, she went to sit at one of the tables outside the restaurant.

02/20/2005 4:32 AM

Zero sat at one of the tables eating a cheese burger with fries calmly as if she never caused any damage outside.a few people from the outside wreck came in and started giving her dirty looks.zero looks at them." what do you want?" "for you to pay for the damage on our cars" zero lied down on the bench she was in."not doing --"one of the people takes her by the shirt"look kid you'll pay for all the damages or i'll call the -"a blade goes thru the guys back"cops?" the guy falls over" now will you look at that i guess i don't have to pay you after all" says zero as she walks out.she then realises that she got blood on her shirt"aww man i just washed this 300 years ago!"

02/20/2005 7:32 AM

Joe looked at the dead body "OMG" he then looked at the girl "no way" he began to follow her "if she trys something like that again i'll be there to stop her" he said confidently

02/20/2005 7:46 AM

he began to follow her "if she trys something like that again i'll be there to stop her" he said confidently

"hmmm?" zero looks around .she had a feeling someone was stalking her. she spreads her wings and jumps high in to the air. she the n spots joe and picks him up by the back of his shirt" are you stalking me?"(shes floating about 1 foot above the ground now)

02/20/2005 8:03 AM

"what if i am?" he said bravely "besides by look the of your wings i might have something you would be intrested in" suddenly his courege went away. "Please don't kill me!"

02/20/2005 8:31 AM

zero just stares at joe." ....." she drops him to the ground." if you continue to stalk me i won't think twice about killing you" she flys off and sits on top of one of the buildings turning on her cd player.

02/20/2005 9:28 AM

Elgowin considered his options "god touchy arn't we, i'm just trying to help you" He began to swing back when he stoped he took out a piece of paper with the adress and phone number on it "you might be interested" he handed it to her and swung back to his apartment

02/20/2005 9:45 AM

zero looks at the piece of paper "....i'll think about it..."
Elgowin considered his options "god touchy arn't we, i'm just trying to help you" He began to swing back when he stoped he took out a piece of paper with the adress and phone number on it "you might be interested" he handed it to her and swung back to his apartment

zero looks at the piece of paper "....i'll think about it..."

02/20/2005 5:16 PM

Darliem stood upon a pile of rubble, in direct way of the moon. "AH HA! You think you had got me last time, eh, Arcinus? Not this time! I used my ingenious abilities of thought processing to manipulate the very tons of steel you buried me in-"

"Ya havin fun Monologin', buddy?" Scott snickered. Darliem could be a bit of a hassle if you're so drunk you can't stand up. A bit. "Alright, do you want to lose your other arm, or are you going to give up and just go away quietly?" One of his favorite quips at the man. A while ago, Darliem had been stupid enough to think that Marhin was a simple human with no magical abilities and could steal from him and the rest of the pub he was in.

In one deft move, Arcinus removed the fool's left arm from his sholder and shoved him with enough force to propell him straight though the establishment's wall. And for just that? Why, a night of all you can drink beers! Not to mention a place to sleep and help to get him there from his inabrated positon on the stool.

Darliem's face turned a very deep color of red. he squinted and muttered a few words, while rasing his right arm. Marhin yawned as a sudden blast of superheated air that would boil a normal human to a crisp emitted from Darliem's hand. With a look of boredom, Marhin knocked the blast to the left, forcing a huge block of concrete to melt.
Finishing up, Scott rolled his eyes and sighed.

Blowing on his fingernails, Arcinus muttered "Better think of something else..."

Suddenly, Darliem smiled, casting a gesture and issuing forth a long sentince from his lips. what the- Marhin frowned as a sudden image of a buring skull was launched right to Marhin. Scott's eyes widened in shock. The spell Darliem had just a Death's face spell, an unusally complicated spell for someone as incompitent as the begginer mage.

Still, Scott had no trouble deflecting the spell into one of the under construction building's iron support beams- the spell was stronger than the hot air spell but it was barely a spell worthy of an begginer aprentice. However,it did cause the building to sway and turn in a dangerous matter. Marhin was done joking around.

Moving at speeds granted to him thanks to years of physical training, Arcinus grabbed Darliem by his collar and left the construction site. He took out a laptop out of a pack he just stanched out of a pipe, and typed while the now bounded and gagged Darliem struggled at his feet. one of the few immortal friends Arcinus had aquired was Drossus Ironarm, a demon whose thirst for alcohol parralelled his own. Now, Marhin needed help.

02/20/2005 6:05 PM

zero looks at the piece of paper "....i'll think about it..."

Using her telepathic abilities, Z'hana merged her mind with the girl's as she read the writing on the paper. A date and address Z'hana read. Well, if I don't have anything better to do, I guess I'll show up. She frowned at her M-n-M McFlurry, which had started to melt in the sun. I wish I had Freeze powers instead she sighed as she took a spoonful of the melted stuff and slurped it down.

02/20/2005 6:05 PM

it was getting late and Zero had done nothing but listen to her cd player all day.finding a place to stay would be hard to find with only a few dollars in her pocket.she takes out the paper that Elgowin gave her."hmmm"she memorise the adress and flys over to his apartment.

02/21/2005 5:42 AM

"Listen!" shouted Krossus at the lady at Mcdonalds.

"Ive been fighting with you over the time for breakfast since breakfast!, now my monkeys gone, people are cuasing car accidents, and I just want to get my food and go home!" he shouted at the idiotic girl chewing her gum.

"Like, listen sir! if you like want to get food then here!" she says as she throws him a BigMac his way and stormed out the back. The manager looked at him and at his employee then walked after her, Krossus heard the whole thing.

"I cant like, take it anymore!, always with the jerks and old people, the little kids, and pervs who stare at my breasts!" she shouted hysterically

"I only looked a little bit!" Krossus shouted back.

"Taiquasha, pleaze, calm down." the manager said soothingly"Remember what I said to you yesterday?"

"Sit on my lap and guess my weight? PIG!" she said and got in her car. she sped out of the parking lot.

"Whoa......" Krossus said.

"That will be 7.50" the manager said walking back, a little shaken.

"For a burger!"

"Yes sir" the manager said camly

Krossus hated to do this but he was hungry, he reached in his Jacket and brought out Cain, one of his pistols, and pointed it at the manager.
"I think I found a coupon" he said camly.
"Here you go have a nice day!" the manager said quickly and walked out of the restuaruant.

Back at the apartment Krossus was having a good time online, chatting it up with a very friendly therapist from Texas through IM.(OOC: hint hint;)

FreindlyDemonGuy49: what r u doing?

WorkswithKooks101: nothing just chilling at home.

FreindlyDemonGuy49: kewl

WorkswithKooks101: yep

FreindltDemonGuy49: Crap lost that last IM could you send it again?

WorkswithKooks101: I said yes.

FreindlyDemonGuy: Still didnt get it.

WorkswithKooks101: I lost it too!, god its like theres an Im monster that eats these things!

FreindlyDemonGuy49: I got that and I totally agree with you.

Just then there was a knock on the door, Krossus turned his head from the screen, Elgowin was binging on Cherry Garcia, and wshing it down with some Tang.

*gonna need the leash tonight* Krossus thought *though last time it was pretty cool, we stood up drinking Tang and Xbox live was finally up and running, he he , fucking noobs* he smiled to himself.

He looked over at Elgowin.

"You gonna get that?"

02/21/2005 6:12 AM

After a loud blast a girl walks out of the dust. wiping the blood off her sholder.
"That was disgusting.....I Love my work"
Pulling a purple demon on a string.
"Let Me go you little~"
A blade landed in its head. Sung Mina looked around..
"....>>.....<<.....how did that one happen?"

02/21/2005 6:25 AM

Zero waits outside their appartment calmly,get alittle impatient. she could bust down the door with magic but then again she was banned from using magic since she they thru her out,and the people who live in side the apartment would probibly sue her if she did that.but thats when she realised the door was slightly open so she just walks in quietly.

02/21/2005 9:19 AM

Z'hana went into the restaurant to get some napkins, the blasted melted McFlurry had stuck to her fingers. As she stood at the condiments table, she saw the exchange between the manager and the customer. She calmly watched as he pulled out his 'coupon.' Now that's my kinda coupon Z'hana thought to herself.

Realzing she had nothing better to do, she decided to follow up and see what other kinds of mischeif he might get into. Following him stealthily, she watched him go into an apartment building. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the girl she'd merged her mind with at the restaurant. Looking up at the building, she realized she was at the address that had been written on the paper. Knowing this was more than mere coincidence, Z'hana morphed into a Chameleon and scooted in the building after the winged girl.
Blending in with her surroundings, she knew she'd be unnoticed, so she watched to see what would happen next.

02/21/2005 11:01 AM

Just then there was a knock on the door, Krossus turned his head from the screen, Elgowin was binging on Cherry Garcia, and wshing it down with some Tang.

*gonna need the leash tonight* Krossus thought *though last time it was pretty cool, we stood up drinking Tang and Xbox live was finally up and running, he he , fucking noobs* he smiled to himself.

He looked over at Elgowin.

"You gonna get that?"

Zero taps Krossus's shoulder "what are you doing?"asks Zero as she stands behind him.her wings and arms folded"oh and if your wondering how i got in the door was open "

02/21/2005 11:59 AM

He stood on the other side of the road, staring at the appartment building, cloaked in the shadows of an ally way so as not to be seen easily. Marcus preferred sticking to the dark places of the city, not that he was afraid of the light or the numberous people that populated the area...no, he just enjoyed the peacefulness that it often brought. Rarely was he set upon by rouges or murderers, besides he could take care of himself, despite his somewhat younger age. There was magic in the air, the smell of it like a rare and expensive vintage wine....another indulgence of his, Marcus enjoyed his wine.

With folded arms across his chest, and his shoulder leaning against the brick wall, Marcus surveyed the building with mild interest, though a sparkle of amusement danced in his already glittering blue eyes. Eyes which half closed for a moment and a murmured word fell from his soft lips, " Sarah, come here little one.... "

A small figure appeared beside Marcus, oddly translucent, with large blinking eyes and mass of thick black hair that hung in simple ringlets. The taller man knelt down, coming level with her head. " Would you do a little something for me, Sarah? I need you to go into that building over there and see who is inside....can you do that for me? For your Borne? ", she stared at him for a moment, then a large grin spread across her face. Without a word, she hopped across the road, a car passing straight through her. So oblivious to it all, those that die young often are....easier to use though, less demanding of something in return., she would not be seen, hopefully, few others had the gift to see the dead at will. No harm would be wrought either way. Some of the individuals within held his interest greatly, thought it was not entirely clear why, perhaps it was the power they radiated.

He shrugged his shoulders, and then waited as Sarah entered through a wall and began her wandering up and down the hallways, passing several people in their rooms, a slight chill seeming to wash over them as she did so. Few would pay it any special heed.

02/21/2005 12:38 PM

Krossus stared at Zero and yelled at Elgowin.
"Firtly CLose the door! its friggin cold, secondly who are you and how did you get in?"
Krossus couldnt see the chameleon on the wall.

02/21/2005 1:13 PM

Zero sweatdropped." im zero kinomoto and the door was open...."

02/21/2005 2:21 PM

Joe looked at krossos "Listen i read your email and figured you might need help... and then i saw her kill some guy and figured she would be perfect :)" He then went back to packing his stuff.

02/21/2005 2:42 PM

Arcinus pulled the empty magazine out of his Desert Eagle and looked at the decapitated target at the far end of the range. He was at an outdoor shooting range, one of a few in the Garden state. Dust rose slightly as the wind swirled around his feet. Scott set the semi-auto hand cannon down and sighed. It had been awile since human interaction without meeting someone who deliberately wanted to kill him and cause undo amounts of pain. Ah well, so is the way of the warrior.

Marhin sighed and pushed his hand though his shaggily hair. It was messy, but not beyond recovery. Sort of rugged, like the rest of him. Scott slowly put his gun on the wooden table set before you enter the dirt and target range. The tin roof covering the tables and other equipment of the shooters helped protect him from the harsh sun. The day after the incident with Darliem, and still no answers. He had given Krossus seven days to assemble a team, and Arcinus had hoped to have some type of idea where to go. Maybe Krossus would be on Xbox Live tonight.

One of the few things Arcinus truly enjoyed was the innovations that each generation came up with. In terms of communication, Scott thought the Live was as good as the telephone. Not only can you communicate with your friends, but a type of entertainment to challenge each other as a battle of superiority was present as well. maybe, if he was lucky, Krossus had already assembled a team. Darliem had given only one hour though a painful torture process learned from the English at one of thier interrigation processes in the Dark Ages. So far, the only clue he had was some distant island off the coast of New Jersey, someplace no ordinary human could see.

Marhin turned around and walked out, smashing his fist upon the back of his rental red Neon SRT-4 as he passed. Hopefully that would shake Darliem up a bit, maybe after a few hours trapped back there...

Arcinus started up the car and hit the gas, driving to the hotel he was staying in. He had all the equipment he needed for the Xbox hookup, he just needed to get to the hotel and set everything up with his wireless connector. It was a pain, but it worked and gave him fast DSL connections.

02/22/2005 3:07 AM

Marcus watched through the little dead girls eyes as she wandered about the appartments, and eventually coming across the ones he was interested in. She stopped, staring with strangely large unblinking eyes, once a dark shade of brown, now milky white. She opened her mouth in a silent wail, she often did this and Marcus did not as of yet know why, he merely assumed it was something to do with the way she died. " Thank you Sarah, you make go back to sleep now, I'm sure your bed is lovely and warm, Little One. ", there was a sensation of relief but also regret as Marcus unsummoned the little ghost. She faded from unsight and left this world to return to the Grim Lands.... a term he adopted instead of the After Life or Great Beyond. There was nothing 'Great' about the realm of the dead.

Standing once more in solitary silence, he pondered on his next move, deciding rather quickly. Taking a step forward, he crossed the road with the stride of a man enriched with confidence, one which many onlookers mistook for simple arrogance. It was far from it.

Entering the appartment building, Marcus made his way up the stairs, taking his time and seemingly taking a keen interest in the plaster work of the walls, which to anyone else would seem merely boring. Some had suspected Marucs was slightly 'absent minded', however none have ever found out the entire truth where he is concerned, and the majority gave up trying to. " I've looked at love....from both sides now.... ", he softly sang a song as he made his way upwards, the words of Joni Mitchell tune puncturing his thoughts.

Eventually, he came to the floor.

Traversing the corridor and coming across the open door, however, he waited outside, leaning against the wall and listening to the conversation inside.

02/22/2005 9:54 AM

Sung Mina walks into The McDonalds across the highway. She looked around and then got online...she stayed there...(1 hour later)...Sleeping standing up in a nifty skill she thought to herself. Then her little demon buddy puffed out of no where.
"Sung! Sung! Did you get the demon?..."
"It was saposted to be alive?...oops... ^^"
"Relax Chibi...you know what? Fries are not worth this torture! I wanna get wasted!"
"Sung Mina! You are of a Noble Demon Family! You do not Poison yourself with..."
Some random guy "The silver haired chick left after Family..."
20 minutes later He found her at a bar.
"Relax you little Freak!"
"But your only eig*muddle*"
"Stay in the damned bag!"

02/23/2005 11:42 AM

Joe stared at krossos wondering just what they would do on this "Job" he looked at him and held up a bottle "Should i bring wine?" he said as he zipped up his bag. He then put his pistols in holsters under his shirt, he then put his sheath over his back and pu t his sword into it. "and when do we leave?"

02/24/2005 2:17 AM

Borne let out a slow, methodical sigh.

He was bored.

Pushing himself off the opposite wall, Marucs touched the appartment door, the tips of his finger sparkling with tendrils of red mist, which vanished just as swiftly, and gently opened it, poking his head around the corner of the door, " Gentlemen, can I enquire as to whether you will be leaving this appartment today? Waiting out in the hall and eavesdropping in on your conversation isn't as much fun as I first persumed it to be..... but....in your own time, I would not dare to give out the impression that I am a 'pushy' person. ", he offered a small smile, a triumph amongst emotions for Marcus needless to say. Nodding, Marcus retreated from sight, and resumed his previous position, assuming himself by talking to, seemingly, thin air.

" Good neighbours then? ", something obviusly replied. " Ah, pity...who would have guessed....sorry, didn't catch the name? 'Rip your heart out and feast on your pathetic doomed soul'.....odd sort of name I must say. Oh well, you can go. ", he gestured, again to thin air, but for Marcus, another spirit banished from his sight, at least for now. He had no power to eradicate the dead souls, merely cause them to leave the material realm and enter the Grim Lands. They usually disliked the Land of the Dead, and so bore a unique hatred towards Marcus, understandable of course.

" Moons and junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way you feel...... ", the song obviously continued on in his head, as he merely hummed the tune.

02/24/2005 9:25 PM

Still perched on the wall, Z'hana watched the interactions in the room. She'd been about to morph into her human form, when another man looked in on them unexpectedly. Even in her Chameleon form, she snickered at his comment about eavesdropping and not wanting to appear pushy. She too was wondering why this motley crew of creatures had been mysteriously drawn to this apartment. Even on her homeworld, random circumstances were believed to be appointed events - so she knew she had entered into something of significance. She simply had no idea what it was.

She blinked her eyes repeatedly as she stared at him. Something was definitely different about him. She didn't know what, but she sensed something unusual within him. Curious, she scooted along the wall, careful to match the texture and color of her surroundings so her movements would remain unnoticed. Crawling along the doorframe and into the hallway, she heard a melody running through her head it's life's illusions I recall, I really don't know love at all . Suddenly finding herself distracted by the music (and trying to get the blasted tune out of her brain), Z'hana lost the focus required to maintain her Chameleon form. Slipping down the wall, she transformed back to her human form, and landed with a THUD on the floor, right next to the odd man.

Putting her best I Meant To Do That look on her face, Z'hana stood up and gazed directly into the man's eyes. Something about him unnerved her - and she liked that. It was rare for anyone to be able to cause her discomfort. Yes, she thought to herself appointed events indeed. Curious as to what he would do about a woman dropping onto the floor out of nowhere, Z'hana simply gazed at him, and awaited his reaction.

02/25/2005 5:15 AM

Marcus stared at the woman as she fell to the floor, seemingly from no where. She said nothing as her eyes remained on him....he gazed back intently, and silence hung in the air between them, tense, several minutes passing before Marcus spoke. " Oh, sorry...I thought you were wanting a stare out competition....guess I lose. ", he offered his hand to her, still with a mildly interested expression on his face, no surprise registering. " I was wondering what the other soul was....different to the others.... ", he nodded at the door, indicating those within the appartment.

" The name's Borne, Mam. ", he touched his head with his finger in a mock salute, " Care to tell me where you came from.....not often I have a woman fall out of mid air for me, though to be honest its never been a wish of mine. Anyway, a nice surprise. ", his hand was still out stretched, that same expression on his face, but his eyes bore into her, that feeling of seeing more than simple flesh passing between the two strangers.

02/25/2005 8:19 AM

Sung Mina was sitting at a table in the bar when some drunk jack-off started hitting on her.
"Hey A cute babe like you shouldn't be drinking alone."
Sung Mina looked up "How bout you go back to that table and you can walk away without a broken collar bone?"
"Yeah right!"
"you asked for it."
She leaped up into the air doing a round house then her heel crashed into his shoulder. "AH my collar bone!" >0
Sung Mina sat back down. Then realizing that The bouncers noticed her she slipped out the back door. She ended up in a strange apartment building.
"Where are we Chibi?"

02/27/2005 6:57 AM

Elgowin was very confused so he took a stickynote and wrote down 'gone to sleep do not disturb!!!! until were leaving' he put it on his door and went into his room.

02/27/2005 12:34 PM

Z'hana used her natural senses to take in the man standing in front of her. It was not uncommon for her to feel another person with her mind, but for some reason she refrained from doing that this time. As they stared at one another, she knew he was observing her as much as she was observing him. That in itself spoke much to her about who this man might be.

Smirking at his mock salute, Z'hana reached out her hand to take the one he offered to her. "Borne," she repeated, sealing the name in her memory. "I am Z'hana, and I came from up there." She looked over her shoulder toward the place where the ceiling and wall merged, knowing her answer was truthful in more ways than one. She decided not to comment on his observation on the 'different soul' but filed that bit of information away for further pondering. Holding his hand in hers a bit longer than most would, Z'hana permitted his gaze to rest upon her. She would only allow him to see what she wanted, though he would certainly see more than most.

Pulling her hand back from him, she glanced again at the door and back to Borne. "So what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" she asked with a sparkle in her eye.

02/27/2005 2:39 PM

Sung Mina started wandering the halls of this place. She was sure she could smell a monkey.
"Chibi, can you smell the monkey?"
"Like I have told you before, I don't have your sense of smell."
"I smell other things but I can't put my finger on it..."
Then she heard a noise and started to follow it.

02/28/2005 3:47 AM

So what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?

Marcus turned his head to where she pointed, raising an eyebrow. " I see. ", he was obviously satisfied enough with the answer, for he did not pursue it any further. " Oh, just killing time I guess, nothing better to do...least I don't think so. ", he paused for a moment, his facing adopting a far off look, but then he shrugged, " Something drew me here. Haven't the foggiest idea what, but its something to do with the folk inside that appartment, though first impressions are exactly high, so its making me have second thoughts. "

" So, I'm assuming you are far from the normal human. ", there was a glittering sparkle in his eyes, " Don't worry, I'm not exactly normal myself, and i tend to keep strange company. Though I have to say you're making a welcomed and much needed change in that area. ", his gaze glanced to the appartment door again, a suppressed sigh registering around his mouth before he turned back to Z'hana.

02/28/2005 4:59 AM

"Well now that we are all here...." Krossus said rubbing his head. He had gotten some weird recruits who have followed him home before but this was crazy.
"Lets get down to brass tacks, heres what we gotta do." he said displaying the email.
"When we meet him there we will get more information, for now we need to get ransportation but I think I got that covered."

He dropped his masking spell and shook himself, he hadnt been in his demon form in a while."Sory to rush this but there are still people we need to pick up." Krossus said to himself. "Everybody head down to the docks, my monkey will show you the way." he walked over and opened the door.
"What the hell are you doing?! put your pants on and wake up I got a job for you."

"The monkey looked at Krossus"God, fine what do you want?"

"Take these people down to the docks and pepare for a void shift, we are going to use Roran as our transport." Alright fine but where will you be going?"

"To the bar" Krossus said stepping out the door.

02/28/2005 4:45 PM

Z'hana felt herself nod at his admission of feeling drawn to this place. As she reflected upon how she'd come to arrive here, she realized that she too had been drawn. Like pawns in some cosmic game of chess she thought to herself.

"Sometimes," she responded in answer to his question regarding her humanness. "Right now, I'm actually pretty close to human" she said while looking herself up and down. "But," she continued, "yes, there are times I am indeed far from the normal human ."

Looking back over her shoulder, Z'hana heard some voices in the apartment. Sighing herself, she glaced back at Marcas. "Well, shall we?" she asked as she motioned to the door. "We both must have a part to play here, so we might as well get started."

02/28/2005 6:07 PM

Sung Mina saw the monkey and followed in a safe distance.
"See Chibi I wasn't lying!"
"ok ok you win..."

03/02/2005 2:15 AM

" We may aswell.... ", he shrugged. " I've nothing better to do anyway. ", Marcus gestured for Z'hana to go first. Always the gentleman. He stopped suddenly, his eyes drawn down a level at his side, seeming to stare at mid air. " What is it Little One? ", silence for several moments, and a sheer cast overcame Marcus' face, trouble in his eyes. " It can wait, but thankyou. Back to bed now.. ", he frowned, but it vanished as he regarded Z'hana again, " After you dear Lady, my mother always taught me manners must always be remembered and retained. "

A lingering concern clung to Borne's eyes, something had un-nerved him, not an easy task to accomplish.

03/02/2005 11:49 AM

Joe began to lead the gruep to the dock. He began to think aboat the time Krossus brought him to the docks, and that old lady beat him with her purse screaming 'demon monkey' the entire time. He put his head phones on and hit play, drowning out the bad memories with the suthing sounds of U2. As they got to the docks he looked to everyone "guys you have to be ready set up a perimiter no one comes but krossus and anyone who was sent by him. Now go!"

03/02/2005 12:18 PM

Krossus walked into the bar and looked over to see Scott munching on some beer nuts.

"Mmmmmm..beer nuts' Krossus said taking handful. He adjusted his eyepatch and sat down.

"You know youre not fooling anyone with that patch in your masking spell" Scott said calmy and sipped his beer.

"Yeah and we all know youre gay, but we say youre straight." he said smiling

"Thats it! beer drinking contedt right now!" scott said ordering 20 mugs.

"I dont know dude...." Krossus said rubbing his head.

40 BEERS LATER and some idle mission chit chat

"I love ya man!" Krossus said drunkenly

"Naw , naw dude I Love you" Scott said

"Hah! I knew it you are gay!' Krossus said smiling"Like 20 beers does anything to me!" Krossus reached in a pocket and threw some sand from the harbor on Scott, he began to mutter a spell under his breath.

Scott tried to throw a punch but the next thing he saw was waves hitting the beach.

'Well one down." Krossus said.

03/02/2005 12:26 PM

Elgowin began to patrol the beach when he saw Scott "Hey who the hell are you and what are you doing here"
Scott saw the monkey and looked at "me i was sent here by some drunk gay guy who got into a drinking contest with me"
"THats krossus ccome on" Elgowin began to walk away expecting him to follow.

03/02/2005 12:26 PM

Sung Mina,after getting her fill of stalking the monkey, went back to the bar.
She walked in to notice that the bouncer guy was gone.
"Yeah alright!...hey who is that?"
Krossus thought to himself 'hey I must be drunk cause I think I see some chick with silver hair...'
"hey Chibi does that guy have horns or is that just me?"
"yeah...he has horns and ofcourse you are going to go...Sung?"
"Hey or those horns real?!"
Sung Mina starts to tugg on Krossus's horns.
Krossus "Ow! Those are conected!"

03/02/2005 12:38 PM

Marhin belched. "Well, looks like that gay managed to assemble a crack team of fighters. *hic* yup." Arcinus had also forgotten about the mage apprentice in the trunk. Casting a very minor healing spell, Arcinus immediatly sobered up. "Crap. Monkeyman, I'll meet you at you boat-thingy. Or whatever. I've got a hostage in my trunk." And with that, sprinted up to a nearby parking lot.

looking around, he saw he was alone. Removing a powder from his belt, he drew an intracite circle on the floor. muttering a few words, Marhin was instantly teleported to his car. "Ah, abou-" And was ripped off his feet and torn into the sky. Somehow, the spell had backfired, and he was being tranparted into 1872. Along with the heaps of metal that were the remains of the cars. Landing hard on his rear, he felt the wind being knocked out of his lungs and he was gasping for air. looking around, he noticed he was in gettisburg after the infamous battle occured during the civil war. Suddenly, he was back at his car, gasping for breath.

Walking up to his neon, he started the engine and took off in the direction for the beach.

03/02/2005 1:01 PM

Zero followed joe to the docks and but went down to the beach to play with her sythe .

03/04/2005 5:03 AM

" Are we there yet?"
" Are we there yet?"
" Are we there yet?"
Sung Mina was getting on Krossus' nerves. A little bit more of this and he would put her back in the bar.

He was running along the rooftops of a series of apartments to the beach with Sung Mina in hot pursuit. He dived for a clothes line and swung to a fire escape platform, from there he bounced on top of the brick building and pole vaulted to the next with is staff. He jumped off the side of the building and landed on sidewalk across from the beach.

Him and Sung Mina walked across to go meet up with the others. Krossus greeted them breifly and waded out into the water.

"What hes doing?" Zero askesd after she stopped playing withe her scythe.

"Hes about to summon our transportation" Elgowin said "Everybody take a couple of steps back hell need some room." he said putting up his small hands in a backward motion gesture.

Krossus grabbed the talisman of his familair from around his neck and said a small prayer to himself. He put his hands in the water, the synbols on his jacket began to glow a soft blue. The water around it began to bubble and boil. Suddenly a large serpentine tail raised out of the water a few yards away from Krossus. Then a large head popped out a few feet in front of him. It was a sea dragon called Roran, Krossus' famillair and his passage to other realms. The dragon looked around at the rag tag crew akrossus had put together and spoke to him telepathically.
*Where to my friend?* he though in a strong Scottish accent.
*To the island with, as you like to call it"loud obnoxiuos demons" I told you they would have never seen a sea dragon like you* Krossus said petting the barbels on the creatures cheeks. His deep blue irridscent scales were sparkling with salt water, Roran had a long serpentine body woth legs that were web footed, his horns came out from the back of his head an stretched out on each side. Krossus had met Roran at Loch Ness(hes the cousin of the famous monster) and the to of them bonded instantly, when Krossus discovered that Roran could travel between realms, his merc business almost tripled. Roran looked at the group again(including scott who had just arrived).

"Well" he said "hop on" presenting his long midsection."Just grab a horn and hang on"

03/04/2005 11:57 AM

"Aw its so cute!!!" Sung Mina said.
She pulled Chibi out of her bag and she said "Look Chibi!
Isn't it cute?!"
"AH!! I don't want to Die!"
She began to laugh...
As did everyone else.

03/04/2005 12:12 PM

Elgowin was used to the site of Krossus's summon what he wasn't used to was the fact that it wasn't just him and joe there were a lot of poeple he didn't know if they would fit "all right everyone get on" jo said as he began to run twords the dragon

03/04/2005 5:49 PM

zero looked at the dragon she puts her sythe back on her back then runs and jumps on.

03/09/2005 3:22 PM

fashonably late as usual Arcinus thought to himself as he slammed down on the brakes. Hopping out, Scott made for the trunk, and flipping it open, he heard the muffled scream of his bound prisoner in the back. The car had turned 90 degrees to the left on the soft beach sand, and Dariem had gotten a good look at thier transport. And was appearently unnerved by the beast. "C'mon dumbass, were taking a ride." Marhin stated, trying hard to smother his glee at the man's fear.

Slinging the thing over his shoulder, Arcinus took off at a full sprint for the dragon now positioned in the water.

03/13/2005 12:23 PM

Sung Mina looked around at the asembled party.
Chibi still hiding said in a muffled voice "So what are we waiting for?"
Sung Mina turned to krossus and asked the same question.

04/09/2005 9:28 PM

He looks up from the ventalation shaft he was hiding behind as he heard an odd sound he looks at the chameleon and follows it as a ninja would steathily he watches all her movements and looks into the window that she had gone into

04/09/2005 9:33 PM

((void that last post from me i didnt realize how far you were into it))

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